Working For Mr. Green


Chapter 1 – I Got A Job

My name is Shirley. I am 34 years old and have been married to John for 16 years. I have a 15-year-old daughter Betty, who has a best friend Susan who stays with us often. Susan is also 15. We are basically a happy family, but debit is beginning to wear us down. About a year ago we bought a rather large mobile home and put it in an expensive mobile home community. We also bought an extra car for me since my husband worked long hours. I was looking for work, but since I did not graduate from high school I had not been successful in qualifying for anything.

We were a modern couple. I had my tubes tied after the birth of my daughter due to complications at her birth. We have gotten involved with swinging because my sex drive had gone through the roof. I had fucked some interesting men, and for some reason never worried about contracting an STD. My husband John is a good man but is really terrible when it came to fucking. He suffers from premature ejaculation. No matter what he did, he could not last very long. This left me sexually frustrated most of the time. I think that this is why my husband suggested swinging in the first place. It was for my benefit because he knew he could not sexually satisfy me.

I mentioned to one of my husband’s coworkers, who was also one of my swinger partners that I needed to find a job. The next day his wife, Mary Jo, called me and told me she knew of a job that I might be interested in. She said she could call a friend of hers, but that she would have to tell him that I was a swinger. She asked if that was Ok. I told her to go ahead since I really didn’t care if people knew I fucked around.

The next day I received a call from Mr. Green who owned Green Enterprises. He asked me some basic questions and then asked me if I could come in for an interview. I agreed to meet him the next day and got the address. I was excited but tried not to get my hopes up. I dressed for the interview and since miniskirts were in, I wore one of the only two I owned.

I am slender, almost skinny. I weigh right at 108 pounds and stand five foot two inches. My measurements are 34B-24-35. I have dark brown hair, almost black, that comes down between my shoulder blades. My tits are perky with no snagging yet with small, pink areolas and nipples that push out about three-quarters of an inch when I get aroused. My husband says I have a tight cunt. I don’t shave my cunt, so there is a dark bush between my legs. I have a great ass, as I keep getting told.

I arrived at Mr. Green’s on time and introduced myself to his secretary. We took an instant dislike to one another. Her name was Della she was fat and middle-aged. She looked at my miniskirt and was very critical with her comments. I had just about decided to leave when Mr. Green came out of his office. He was about forty and very good-looking. He told me to come into his office so we could start the job interview. You could tell this did not make Della happy.

Mr. Green and I talked for a while and he asked me about my family and the usual interview questions. After I had answered all his questions I thought we were through when he asked if my husband and I were swingers as Mary Jo had told him. I answered yes we were. What about a pregnancy risk he said. I said I had had a tubal ligation a couple of years ago. He looked at me and asked if I would take off my clothes and he quickly said he just wanted to see how I looked. I stood up and took my blouse off, then unhooked my bra and took it off. Mr. Green said my tits were small but beautifully shaped. I then slid my miniskirt and panties off. He said I was absolutely beautiful. He had me turn around a couple of times. He told me to sit, but not to put my clothes back on. We just sit there for a few minutes while he looked me over several times. He asked if I could work overtime on Fridays and I said yes. He finally said that he would give me the job, but there were several conditions that I would have to agree to.

First, I could only wear miniskirts to the office with no panties. I told him I only owned two and he said he would take care of that. Second, Della wanted to start going home at 2:00 and that after she left I would have to be totally naked at my desk (which I found out had a see-through glass top). Third, I would fuck him on any Friday that he asked. He said this would be overtime and I would receive overtime pay. Fourth, he had two partners and I would also have to fuck them when they came in to report on their activities. Again he said this was overtime and the partners may give me a bonus. He said before I made up my mind that the job paid $200 a week and for fucking there would be a bonus. Now my husband only made $175 a week. I thought about it and realized that if I said yes, I was just a whore (but well-paid). I thought about what we could do with the money and that I often fucked other guys for no money. The money would keep us from losing our home and it would allow me to spend more money on my teenage daughter.

I said that I needed to be sure that he and his partners did not have any sexual diseases. He said that they didn’t, in fact, he liked to watch others fuck so when the partners had finished he would also fuck me to show me that nobody had any diseases.

Remember, I sitting in front of him and totally naked. I was sure he was going to ask me to fuck instead of giving me a job. He totally surprised me when he told me to get dressed. He said to be back at 8:00 in the morning to fill out the paperwork and begin my job. Only then did he ask if I could type and take dictation? I told him I could do both. He said that was good. I got dressed and thanked him for giving me the job.

When I got home I called John and told him everything that Mr. Green had discussed with me. I didn’t know Betty and Susan were listening on the phone extension. We talked about it for several hours. He said he would support me no matter what I decided. I had a difficult time going to sleep. When I woke up to get the girls off to school I finally decided we needed the money too badly for me not to take the job. Our finances were so bad we were going to lose our home. I also liked to fuck and suck cocks so getting paid for what I usually did for free would be great.

I arrived that morning in my other miniskirt and Della was a complete bitch. She went into Mr. Green’s office and I could hear her arguing with him. Finally, I heard him say that remember she worked for him not the other way around and that she wanted him to let her work for 30 hours a week and still get paid for 40. She came out of his office with a red face. I had just filled out all the forms when Mr. Green asked me to come into his office.

He asked me if I knew what a confidential agreement was. I said no and he explain that I would have to sign a contract that forbade me from telling anyone what my job was or what I did for Green Enterprises. I agreed and signed the agreement. He then explained that he had two company divisions. One was his car lot sales and the other was running several crews involved in lawn care and janitorial services. He told me that Della handled the car’s paperwork and I would be responsible for the paperwork for the crews. He said that the crews were undocumented aliens that had crossed the border from Mexico. He said he had twenty crews and each crew had a foreman. On Fridays, the foreman would come by early in the morning with a list of how many hours each member of the crew had worked. My job was to calculate the total hours for each crew member and multiply that times two dollars. I was then to go to the money safe and take out the right amount of money and put that in an envelope marked with the crew’s number. Around 5:00 the foremen would come by to collect their envelopes and I was to make sure they signed a receipt. I realized then that I would be naked at my desk when they came by to get the envelopes. Mr. Green saw that I had realized how it would be. He smiled and said he would instruct the foremen that no rude or disrespectful actions would be tolerated. I have to admit that being looked at by several men while I was naked was beginning to turn me on. In fact, my cunt was starting to tingle and I felt myself getting wet. He said the rest of my workweek would be general dictation, typing, and filing.

The first day was spent learning my way around the office. At 2:00 Della left and per our contract, I took off all my clothes. At first, I really felt self-conscious sitting at my desk completely naked. Mr. Green came out and looked at me, the just nodded his head. At 5:00 I put my clothes on. When I knocked on Mr. Green’s door and told him I was leaving. He asked me to come into his office. He was holding a box and told me not to open it until I got home. When got home and opened the box there were six miniskirts inside.

The next day was Friday. Early that morning the foremen came in and gave me the list of workers and their times. I started calculating what each got paid. I had everything ready by 5:00. I was sitting at my desk completely naked when I heard footsteps in the hall. I got really nervous. The twenty men walked in and there I sit completely naked. Each walked up and said their crew number and I handed each their envelopes and they signed a receipt. They all looked me up and down but said not a word. I was getting really turned on having them look at me. I was very aroused and wet.

After they left Mr. Green called into his office. He was naked and was standing with a hard-on. He told me to lie on the couch. I was already wet and getting wetter. He kissed me and then kissed my tits. He slowly worked the kisses down to my cunt. He licked my clit till I was ready to explode. He then placed his cock at my cunt entrance and slowly push in. God, it felt so good. He was a little bigger than John and thicker. He filled my cunt completely. I had fucked a lot of men, but given the circumstances, I was on fire. He hadn’t been in me, but a few seconds before I had my first orgasm. It was like an electrical shock. My cunt clamped down on his cock and my spasms tried to milk the sperm out of his cock. He lifted my legs until they were up by my shoulders so he could go deeper. It didn’t take long for my second orgasm. I lost count of how many times I had cumed. He was grunting, and I was screaming, he drove his cock in me as far it would go, and I knew he was filling me up with his cum. We lay like this for several minutes before he withdrew. There was a box of tissues on the table and he took one and handed the box to me. It took several tissues to soak up all the cum. He went to his desk and withdrew an envelope and handed it to me. He then said goodnight and I went back to my desk to get dressed. I looked in the envelope and there was a brand new 100-dollar bill. I had a smile on my face as I realized I was now a whore. I knocked on Mr. Green’s door and said goodnight.

I called John as soon as I got home and told him in detail what I had done at work (again I did not know Betty and Susan were listening).

The next week went exactly like the first week. On Friday after the foremen left Mr. Green called me into his office. I had been daydreaming about him fucking me again. He was already naked. He told me to bend over and put my hands on his desk. He walked up behind me and started kissing my neck while one hand fondled my tits and the other played with my clit. I was moaning and had to put my head on his desk. As his cock entered my cunt it was as if I had been struck by lightning. My whole world was focused on his cock. It was taking all I had to keep on my feet as his cock kept going in and out. I was getting paid and had a big cock in me, what else could I ask for. I had a series of orgasms, each one bigger than the last. With one final push, he kept it deep in me filling up with his cum. He asked if I ever sucked cock and I said it depended on the cock. His cock was still inside me but was getting smaller. He asked what about fucking your ass? Again, I said it depended on the size of the cock. My answers seemed to satisfy him. Finally, he slipped it out. As his cock slipped out and a mixture of my juices his cum started running down my legs. He when into his washroom and when he came out he handed me a wet washcloth. After I cleaned myself up he handed me another envelope and said goodnight. I got dressed and went home.

Monday Mr. Green told me that one of his partners would be by the next Friday and he wanted to make sure I could work overtime. I told him no problem.

On Friday after the foremen had left I heard footsteps in the hall and in walked one of the biggest men I have ever seen. He stood at least 6′ 5″. He was dressed in jeans, a cowboy hat, and boots. He walked up to my desk and looked me over. He said my name is Tom. He asked my name and told me to stand up and slowly turn around. He said I was beautiful. By then I was so wet it was running down my thighs. He then went into Mr. Green’s office. About 30 minutes later Mr. Green called and asked me to come to his office. As I walked in he and Tom were already naked. My eyes got wide, as I have never seen a cock that big. It was not real long, maybe 6 inches, but his garth was huge. It also had a very dark purple head. My first thoughts were I could never get that thing inside my cunt. He must have sensed my thoughts because he said he would take it slow. He leaned over and kissed me and started playing with my tits. With that, he walked over to the couch and motioned for me to follow. He lay back on the couch and I straddled him with a knee on each side. He reached down and spread my cunt lips and slowly inserted his cock into me. It felt like a tree was going into my cunt. He lifted my ass up and brought it back down. It hurt at first, but my cunt started stretching and getting enough juices that I was soon going up and down on my own. My first orgasm caused me to scream and I think I must have had a least a dozen before I felt him cum. It seemed like he kept coming for a long time. Finally, he stopped and I slowly lifted myself off him. Immediately, about a gallon of cum and cunt juices run down my legs. Mr. Green handed me a wet washcloth and a box of tissues. I spent a few minutes stuffing them up my cunt. Meanwhile Tom and Mr. Green were talking to each other. Mr. Green told me to remember our contract and to remove the tissues. He told me to bend over his desk and he started fucking me. I was sore and I knew he knew it. He was quick and again I stuffed tissues up my cunt. He told Tom he had to do that to show her that we had no diseases. At that point, I was so sore it didn’t matter. Mr. Green handed me an envelope and told me goodnight. Tom came over and said I was the tightest cunt he had ever fucked and he really enjoyed it. Although I was sore I told him I enjoyed it too. It was really the truth. When I looked in the envelope there were five 100 dollar bills. I was smiling all the way home.

When I got home I told John all that had happened that day. I finally realized Betty and Susan were listening. I started to fuss at them until Betty said she and Susan often masturbated to what I had said. I realized both girls were horny. When I described Tom’s cock both girls were licking their lips. I asked if they were virgins. Both said yes, but they had broken their cherries with my dildo (mine is 8 inches long and pretty thick). Let me describe the girls; Betty is just like me at 5′ 4′ her measurements are 32B-20-33 and weighs around 100 pounds. Her tits are small but perfectly formed with pink areolas and small nipples. She has long brown almost black hair and her bush is the same color as her hair. Susan is 5′ 5″ her measurements are 35B-23-35. Her tits are nicely formed with large dark areolas and nipples. Her hair is dark brown and long, reaching to the middle of her butt. Her bush is also dark brown. Her skin tone is light brown. Both girls are extremely beautiful even at 15. When they go to the pool in their swimsuits every male stares at them.

The next Monday Mr. Green told me his other partner Larry was coming by Friday and again asked if I could work overtime. I said yes.

Friday went as usual. A little after 5:00 in walk Larry, all 5′ 4″ of him. Where Tom was all muscle, Larry has soft features. As he walked up he looked only at my cunt and said you’ll do. I took an instant dislike of him. He didn’t offer his hand or anything polite. He went into Mr. Green’s office. I knew I would not like fucking him, but I had agreed to the contract. After about 45 minutes Mr. Green called me into his office. Just as I imagined Larry was flabby and his cock couldn’t have been more than 4 inches long and not very thick. He told me to lie on the couch. As I lay there I knew I was not going to get any enjoyment. I had no sooner laid down than he was on top of me trying to find the entrance to my hole. I finally had to reach around and grab his cock and direct it to my cunt. I have a tight cunt (many have told me so), but I could hardly feel him inside me. Not only that he had bad breath and terrible body odor. All I could think about was getting it over with. After about a minute he finished and pulled out quickly, something I hate. He squeeze my tits and said I was a good fuck. It didn’t take many tissues to clean up his cum. Mr. Green looked as though he knew I had not enjoyed it. Again, as before I assumed my bent-over position on his desk as he fucked me. I was enjoying him fucking me and it seemed it lasted only a few minutes. Another envelope was given to me. It only had 150 dollars. Not only was Larry repulsive, but cheap. I felt dirty after fucking him and couldn’t wait to get home and take a shower.

The following week at around 10:00 am about a dozen men burst into the office waving guns. They told me I was under arrest and handcuffed me. I was put into a squad car and taken to jail. I was placed in a room with my hands handcuffed behind my back. A little while later a man came into the room and introduced himself as Arthur Thomas the assistant district attorney. He had my handcuffs removed. He said I was in big trouble and would most likely go to prison and lose custody of my daughter. His intent was to scare me into confessing everything and it worked. I was crying and really didn’t understand what was going on. He said that Mr. Green was running a criminal organization and that I was an accessory. He said if I told him everything he would have the charges dismissed and I could go home. I didn’t even think about a lawyer. I told him everything including the fucking. After everything I had said was typed up and I signed, he said I could go. As we walked out of the booking area he asked if he could call me. He was extremely nice-looking. I said yes and although my information was available to him I gave him my phone number. He escorted me to an area where I could call John who came and picked me up.

Chapter 2 – Girls Lose Their Virginity

I was terribly upset. I had lost my job and the extra income. I also now had a police record with fingerprints and a mug shot.

Things went downhill from there. We lost our home. Mr. Green, Tom, and Larry were all found guilty and were soon to be sent to prison. I don’t know what happened to Della and I didn’t care.

We were in the process of moving out of our home to an apartment when I got a call from Tom. He said he was sorry that I had gotten involved with Mr. Green. He then asked if he could stop by as he still had about a week before he had to report to prison. I hesitated but finally said yes. Betty and Susan were thrilled since they would get to meet Tom. He arrived a couple of hours later. As I let him in he put his arms around me and gave me a deep kiss. It was then that he noticed the girls. I introduced them. Both girls were looking at the bulge in his jeans which do not go unnoticed by Tom. He looked at me and I just told him that I had told them all about him. He just looked at me and the girls. I was horny and so were the girls. I told the girls that Tom was going to prison and may not see naked girls for a while. I then took my clothes off and told the girls to take theirs off too. Very quickly we were naked. Tom then took his clothes off. He had a tremendous hard-on. Both girls’ eyes were locked on his cock. I told them we needed to go to the bedroom. Once there I laid back on the pillows. I was horny and very wet. Tom’s enormous cock slowly enter my cunt. He was very slow so as to give my cunt time to stretch out. I was in heaven with each thrust I was moaning and getting close to my first of many orgasms. I was screaming when I felt his first spurt of cum. This completely pushed me over the edge my cunt kept contradicting until I had completely emptied his balls. I was covered in sweat and completely satisfied.

I told the girls to go get a couple of wet washcloths. When they came back I told them to clean Tom’s cock. My daughter was cleaning his cock and Susan was cleaning his balls. It didn’t take long before Tom was hard again. I asked my daughter and Susan if they wanted to lose their virginity to Tom. Both said yes. I told my daughter to go get the jar of petroleum jelly. I asked Tom if he wanted to fuck them. Tom’s cock said yes, but he said he was afraid his size could really hurt them. I said let’s try and told my daughter that she would be first. As she laid back on the bed you could see was scared to death. I applied a liberal coating of KY Jelly in her cunt and a liberal coating to Tom’s cock. She was so small laying under Tom’s huge frame. I helped guide Tom’s cock to her cunt entrance and he slowly pushed into her. She asked him to stop several times so her cunt could stretch, which he did. I told her to spread her legs open as much as she could and try to relax. Tom again moved into her. She cried out but told him not to stop. After a couple of minutes, Tom was buried deep inside her up to his balls. She had tears in her eyes but a grin on her face. Tom slowly started fucking her and after a few thrusts, she started thrusting herself back into him. They soon had a good rhythm going until she had her first orgasm. She could really scream. He buried that big cock as far as it would go and I knew he was cuming in her. Tom had to stop thrusting because her cunt had locked down on his cock so tight he couldn’t move it. A few minutes later she relaxed enough for Tom to gently pull his cock out. It took a few minutes to clean her up. I helped her off the bed and Susan took her place.

I wiped his cock off the best I could. I leaned down and put my mouth on his cock head and started running my tongue around the head and into his pee hole. There was still some liquid and I sucked it out. I think the lubricant spoiled the taste. He got hard again very quickly.

Susan got the bed and immediately had her legs spread wide. I think Tom really liked what he saw. He sucked on her tits and played with her clit until she was thrusting her hips up at him. I put a lot of KY Jelly in her cunt and on his cock. He start to slowly enter her when she suddenly thrust up and took the whole cock in her cunt all at once. That was all that Tom could stand he started fucking her as fast as he could. She moaned and yelled as she met each of his thrusts with one of her own. It wasn’t long before Tom emptied his balls into her. He collapsed on top of her but, quickly move to her side.

After we had cleaned up Tom, he asked if he could have gotten the girls pregnant. I told him they were both on the pill. After we had something to drink he took my daughter back into the bedroom and from what we could hear fucked the hell out of her. This went on with me and the girls until Tom said he couldn’t get it up anymore. We were also very sore. Tom thank us and gave each of us a kiss and left. Later we found $3,000 dollars in the bedroom. We divided it up between us.

The next couple of weeks were spent getting everything moved into the apartment. It was also the time that Susan came to live with us full-time. Susan and her parents were constantly fighting. One day her mother asked me if Susan could come live with us on a permanent basis. She said she would pay for food and clothing. After talking it over with John and the girls we agreed. John laughed and said he was going to have a constant hard-on with three beautiful women in the house. Little did he know it was going to be more than he thought. It started when Susan spent most of the day totally naked. Soon Betty and I went around naked all day too. Poor John, but he did get to fuck quite a bit. A couple of months later Susan asked if we would adopt her. I talked it over with her mother and she agreed. We now had two teenage horny daughters officially. I knew life had just gotten more complicated.

Chapter 3 – We Became Escorts

We had to let the house, and the second car go back. The collection agencies were hounding us day and night. I had been searching the internet about becoming an Escort. Both girls thought this was interesting. One day as we were talking about what we needed to know when the phone rang. We had been getting harassing calls from collection agencies. So I answered the phone in a pissed-off voice. The voice said “Mrs. Dodson?” I hesitated because I seemed to recognize the voice. He said this is Arthur Thompson formerly with the district attorney’s office. I remembered now as the cute guy that interviewed me in jail. I said hello to Mr. Thompson he said to call him Arthur. He said the reason he called was that he would like to visit me. I said what you really mean is like you would like to fuck me. He was quiet for a few seconds then said yes he would love to fuck me. I gave him directions.

It was about an hour later when there was a knock at the door. I had changed into my see-through Teddy. As opened the door I thought his eyes would fall out. I smiled as told him to come in. The door had just shut when he gave me a deep kiss and his hands played with my erect nipples. We walked into the living room and he stopped when he saw the girls. I mean really saw, as they were both completely naked. I said let me introduce you to my girls. I told him that this was Betty and this was Susan. I think he was in complete shock. I took his hand and lead him to the bedroom. I took off my Teddy. His eyes were all over me as he quickly stripped. He had a nice cock. It wasn’t overly long or thick. You could tell he worked out. We kissed as his hands played with my nipples and clit. I lay on the bed with my legs wide. He kissed my neck, nipples slowly worked way to my clit. He worked my clit until I was moaning and very wet. We started fucking with long deep thrusts. I had my first orgasm, which was quickly followed by even more. It took him about 10 minutes before he started filling me up with cum.

We heard a noise and look at the door to the bedroom. The girls watching us and playing with their cunts. I looked at his limp cock and told the girls it would be awhile. Arthur started laughing. I told him while we waited maybe he could help us out. He said about what? I told him I was thinking of becoming an Escort. He said that I was crazy and that I could get killed, or hurt badly. I said we had thought about it and we would need a pimp. It finally dawned on him that I kept saying we. He looked at the girls and asked how old were they. I said 15 and we needed his advice. I asked if he would be our pimp. He said no, but he knew someone who might take the job. He then said that the guy he had in mind was a guy he had defended a few months ago. He said that the guy’s name was Cecil, and would probably want to sample what we had to offer before agreeing to be our pimp. I said I didn’t see a problem. Susan had been playing with his cock and it was hard again. She pushed him back on the bed and straddled him. She was riding him for all it was worth. Betty and he were kissing and he was playing with her nipples. When they finished we went back to the living room. He tried several more times to talk me out of what I was planning. After he left we talked over what we had learned and I asked the girls if they still wanted to become Escorts. Both said yes.

Late in the afternoon Arthur called and said he had talked to Cecil and that he wanted to meet us. He suggested we meet him at a local restaurant. When we walked into the restaurant it was easy to tell who Cecil was. I thought Tom was big, but Cecil was bigger. I introduced myself and my girls. We were dressed in shorts and halter tops. He looked us over. He said we couldn’t talk there. We went outside and sat in his car. We talked about what we needed from him. He finally said he would get a motel room where we could work out the details. He asked me for my cell phone number and said he would call me. We went home to await his call. The girls were wondering, if like Tom, he had a huge cock. I was wondering the same thing. In about an hour he called with the motel’s address and room number. The motel was not in the best part of the city and I was concerned. I knocked on the door and he let us in.

He didn’t waste time and told us to strip. When we were naked he slowly looked us all over. He cupped Susan’s tits and stuck a finger in Betty’s cunt. Neither girl reacted much to what he did.. He then unzipped his pants and pulled out a monster cock. It was at least 10 inches long and probably 4 inches in diameter. He looked at me and said suck my cock. I got down on my knees and put my lips around the head of his cock. He grab the back of my head and forced almost the whole cock down my throat. I couldn’t breathe. He finally pulled out and I collapsed on the floor. Susan spoke up and said she would suck his cock. She dropped to her knees and took the cock head in her mouth. She tried to go down the shaft but gagged. Cecil pull her off his cock and said she did not know how to do it. With that, he completely stripped. He was huge and I felt very tiny beside him. He took my hand and jerked me to him then lifted me up off the ground. He just about threw me on the bed. There was no foreplay. He shoved the entire cock into me. No lubrication and it hurt. I thought he would drive his cock through me into the bed. We, or rather he, fucked me for a few more minutes before he got off. He then motioned for Betty to get on the bed. He was more gentle with her than he had been with me, but you could still tell it was hurting her. Finally, he pulled out of her and told us the gather around. He said I will be your protector. You cunts are going to make his company a fortune. I was confused, and ask what company.

He said his company would check out potential clients and process payment. No actual money would ever be exchanged. If the customer liked what he got he would later add a tip to his account. This was done so that the cops could never prove you were a prostitute. It was consensual sex. He said he would get someone to make fake identification cards indicating Betty and Susan were 17, which was the legal age of consent in Texas. He also said no drugs; no excessive drinking, condom usage mandatory and we would have to be medically checked every month for STDs. He held up his phone and repeated the rules. He then put all three together and asked us if we agreed, and we all said yes. There would be no signed contract or paper trail. So I and my daughters all became officially became Escorts that day. We all started to relax. He then said for Betty and me to go watch TV and motioned for Susan to join him on the bed. I watched as he spread her legs apart and started eating her cunt. He was getting her wet so he wouldn’t hurt her as he did us. Finally, he rose up and slid his cock into her. It didn’t take too long before they had a good rhythm going. Susan screamed when she had her first of many orgasms. With a final thrust and grunt he buried his cock deep in her. After that, we all got dressed and left.

I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure out how to tell John that his wife and daughters were now officially whores with a pimp.

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