Void Club Chap 19. Sexy Super Mario


As usual, Sylvia is with you, and you’re looking for the Wizard while standing on some sort of brown brick ward off. You are in the kingdom of the mushrooms when she notices a massive dick. To speak with the Princess, you must travel to a large, dark castle. You see that this location has a few Princesses, so you decide to pit them against one another to see who can fuck you first. Bowsette won’t let you off until you take her out on dates, so Princess Peach wants your cock in her mouth. However, Princess Peach will pretty much do whatever you want, including jerking you off with her tail. When Princess Bowseette shows up, you get to fuck her too, but first you have to give her gifts and take her out to dinner. At the conclusion, you bring them back to your club to serve all future clients.


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