Vdategames The Academy Part 1 WALKTHROUGH


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Scene 1: Outside the Academy
As you approach the Goodhead Academy you will see Amy and Lola outside.
You can talk to them or ignore them and skip to scene 2.
Interacting with them gives opportunities to raise or lower your influence level.

Scene 2: Entering the Academy
Go through the doors and talk to Bridgette. She introduces Jodie.
Opportunities to raise or lower lust and influence levels based on your dialogue choices.

Scene 3: Stairs – Meet Annie
Bridgette explains door entry codes and takes you up the stairs.
You can talk to Annie as she passes, continue looking at her or just continue up the stairs with Bridgette.

Scene 4: Outside boardroom – Meet Didi
Bridgette introduces Didi and you enter the boardroom.
Scene 5: Boardroom – Meeting with Principal Valentine
The Principal explains your role to you and you get to ask a few questions.
You can raise or lower your influence levels depending on your choices.
NOTE: Asking about dating students, and checking out Bridgette’s cleavage are both good ways to lower your influence level.

Scene 6: Academy tour with Bridgette.
After the meeting Bridgette shows you around.
First she shows you the canteen where you see Amy, Laura and Lola.
You leave the corridor and approach Genevieve and Isabella.
If you step aside and let them through the door first you will be able to talk to them later in the canteen. You will also gain influence by doing so.
Next Bridgette talks to you outside the changing rooms. Listen to her and ask questions.
NOTE: Express interest in what Bridgette does to raise her lust level. You can also get a reflected upskirt image by checking out how clean the floors are.
Bridgette then shows you the gym and you get to see Megan working out.
Finally you make it down to the Media Department.

Scene 7A: Media office
Enter the office with Bridgette. If her lust level is high enough she will agree to remove her jacket.
If not she will finish the conversation and leave.
Once Bridgette has removed her jacket you will be able to ask her for some help so that she stays longer.
While she helps you you can take a good look down her top.
NOTE: If she catches you looking then compliment her to raise her lust level.

Scene 7B: Media office
When Bridgette leaves you can have a look at the computer. Click the camera icon to open the CCTV software.
There are four camera feeds, but you can only unlock feeds one and two in this episode.
Look around the office to find the codes for the feeds and other clues.
The code for feed one is located on the notepad in the desk drawer.
The code for feed two is underlined in red on the ‘Blind Bob Window Cleaning Company’ flyer on the notice.
Input the codes by clicking on the computer screen, then by using the on screen keypad.
You can only unlock feeds one and two in this episode so there is no point trying to unlock feeds three and four.
Once unlocked, feed one will show the empty storeroom and feed two will give a ‘FEED ERROR’ message about replacing the transmitter battery. If you see this message then you have successfully unlocked the camera feed but will need to replace the battery later in the game.
NOTE: You need to successfully unlock both camera feeds to continue the game. You can try inputting codes for as many times as you need until you get it right.

Scene 8: Heading up the stairs and meeting Sebastian
Once you have unlocked both camera feeds you can leave the office to try to resolve the dead battery situation.
You meet Sebastian spying on Megan outside the Gym.
Talk to him and hear what advice he has for you and then he leaves.
Wait and talk to Megan or leave and go to the changing room.

Scene 9A: Girl’s changing room
If you did not speak to Megan you can enter the girls locker room and take a look around.
You will hear Megan enter and you can hide in the corner.
You can spy on her but it’s risky and easy to get caught by Megan at several points.
NOTE: To spy on Megan and not get caught use this sequence from gym55.html:
Hide in corner : Take a look : Keep looking : Keep looking : Keep looking : Stop looking : Keep Hiding : Take a look : Move into changing room : Move closer : Keep watching : Leave quietly
If you get caught, Bridgette and the Principal will be waiting in the corridor and you will get fired. (ENDING 1)

Scene 9B: Girl’s changing room
If you did not speak to Megan you can enter the girls locker room but Megan will see you.
Leave immeadiately and Bridgette and the Principal will be waiting in the corridor and you will get fired. (ENDING 1)
Stay and try to touch Megan and Sebastian will intervene. (ENDING 2)

Scene 9C: Men’s changing room
If you don’t enter the girl’s locker room you can go into the men’s locker room instead. This has no effect on the game.

Scene 9C: Outside the changing rooms
If you played it safe and not got yourself fired you return to the Media Department where Bridgette suggests you go to lunch.

Scene 10A: Canteen – Maria
Enter the canteen and talk to Maria.
Your responses to Maria will raise or lower her lust levels.
NOTE: To raise her lust make sure to compliment her and make it clear that you are happy to see her. This is important for later scenes with Maria.

Scene 10B: Canteen – Megan
Talk to Megan.
She is not really interested in talking to you and suggests you talk to Maria’s friends.

Scene 10C: Canteen – Annie, Genevieve and Isabella
Talk to Annie and her friends.
They will only talk to you if you stepped aside for Genevieve and Isabella during scene 6.
The conversation will end and you will be able to talk to Maria’s friends.

Scene 10D: Canteen – Amy, Laura and Lola (Maria’s friends)
Talk to Maria’s friends.
This conversation reveals a little of the back story between Holly and Maria.

Scene 11: Meet Jodie outside the changing rooms
Leave the canteen and meet Jodie in the corridor.
She asks for you help with something. You can reject her and continue to the next scene but this will limit outcomes later in the game.
Agree to help her and go into the changing room with her to look at the smoke detector.
There are several opportunities to annoy Jodie and not help her. Again this will limit outcomes later in the game.
NOTE: To fix the problem and the hidden CCTV camera you need to go to your media office to get a battery and a screwdriver.

Scene 12A: Meet Lola outside the gym
Leave Jodie and see Lola outside the gym.
Flirt with her or ignore her and continue to your office.

Scene 12B: Media office – take what you need
Pick up the battery from the desk drawer, and get the screwdriver from the box below the notice board.

Scene 12C: Meet Annie in the corridor
On your way back up to the changing room you meet Annie in the corridor.
You can stop and flirt with Annie or ignore her and continue back up to the changing room.

NOTE: If you speak to BOTH Annie and Lola you take too long to get back to the changing room and miss the opportunity to help Jodie.

Scene 13A: Help Jodie and fix the CCTV feed
Meet Jodie outside the changing room then go in and activate the CCTV camera by replacing the battery.
Leave and enjoy the praise from Jodie, then continue the game by returning to the media department.

Scene 13B: Get back too late
If you spoke to both Lola and Annie you waste too much time and arrive to see Sebastian talking to Jodie. This outcome means that you fail to activate the CCTV camera by replacing the battery.
Enter the changing room to resolve the situation. Interrupt Genevieve and Isabella showering together. Gets you fired shortly afterwards. (ENDING 3)
Leave without going into the changing room and return to your office. Principal Valentine will eventually come down and fire you because she thinks you installed the CCTV camera. (ENDING 6)

Scene 14: Return to your office
If you activated the CCTV camera by replacing the battery you can watch CCTV feed two.
Watch and listen to Amy, Laura and Lola naked in the changing room.
Bridgette will knock on the door and talk to you about helping out with a studio photography session tomorrow.
If you choose the “I’ll have to see if I have enough time.” dialogue option, you can follow it through to ask her for a blowjob.
This path won’t result in a blowjob and will eventually lead to you getting fired later in the game. (ENDING 5)
Avoid this option if you want to complete the game.

Scene 15: Talk to Bridgette and Didi in the corridor
Leave your office and talk to Bridgette and Didi.
If you asked Bridgette for a blowjob in scene 14 then the conversation will be terse and brief.
If not you can flirt with Bridgette, ask about Didi, or ask about Sebastian. Each path will reveal information which may be useful to the overall story, but won’t really effect your achievements in part one.

Scene 16A: Talk to Amy and Laura in the corridor
When Bridgette leaves, Amy and Laura approach you.
You can ignore them and return to your office or wait and talk to them.
There are several conversation variables in this scene and several opportunities to end the conversation.

Scene 16B: Get Amy and Laura to tell you more
If you stay and talk then raise their lust levels by first asking about their workout, then about Maria and Lola.
If their lust level is high enough they should tell you the full story of how they found out about Holly and Maria’s relationship.
Raise their lust even more by flirting and talking about showering.

Scene 16C: Amy and Laura dance in their underwear
If you sustain the girls lust level you will get to the point where they ask “And what were you thinking of doing with us?”
Respond by saying “You can show me what happened in the showers” and they will agree to show you more.
Choose “Come to my office” and the girls will do a sexy dance in their underwear for you.
Principal Valentine interrupts you and you will get fired. (ENDING 4)

Scene 17: Didi checks on your progress
If you are in the corridor Didi will approach you for an update.
If you are already in your office working on your report Didi will come in and ask you for an update there.
You can have a brief conversation with Didi, you can flirt with her a little, but she may refer to you asking Bridgette for a blowjob if you did so earlier in the game.
Do some work on your report to progress to the next scene.

Scene 18A: Maria
Maria come to find you in your office.
You can turn her away and continue to find your ending or complete the game.
If she stays you can let her show her new underwear.
Any earlier misdemeanors will dictate whether or not you are interrupted at this point by Principal Valentine coming in to fire you. (ENDING 7)

Scene 18B: Maria
Maria will stay unless you tell her to get dressed and leave.
She will undress and give you a blowjob under the desk.
At this point either Principal Valentine or Bridgette will knock on the door.
The Principal has come to fire you no matter what you are doing to Maria.
Maria/Bridgette Variable 1: If you fuck her Maria’s face and look down when Bridgette is standing in the doorway, you will get found out. Maria will leave upset and then the Principal will return to fire you. (ENDING


Maria/Bridgette Variable 2: If you fuck her Maria’s face and Bridgette doesn’t see her. Maria will leave upset and you will be able to continue to complete the game.
Maria/Bridgette Variable 3: If you let Maria suck your cock Bridgette won’t see her. When Bridgette leaves you can continue the scene with Maria.

Scene 18C: Maria
Continue to the sex scene with Maria
Options for doggy style, missionary, anal, more cock sucking and making Maria orgasm.
Scene can climax with the following:
Cum on belly and tits
Cum in her pussy
Cum on her face/mouth and watch her swallow

NOTE: At this point you may get interrupted by a visit from Principal Valentine if you have any outstanding misdemeanors from earlier in the game.
Depending on what you are doing/have done with Maria will determine you ending. (ENDINGS 9, 10 and 11) If you try anal sex Maria will make lots of noise. The Principal fires you no matter what you have done earlier in the game. (ENDING 12)

Scene 18D: Maria
Complete the sex scene with Maria.
She will get dressed and leave very happy.

Scene 19: Leaving the Academy
Head for the exit and meet Principal Valentine.
Have a conversation about how to remain professional.

Scene 20: Collect your code from Jodie
Head for the reception where you meet Jodie.
Talk to her and get your exit code.
This is one of six codes you can use at the part of start two.

play the game here: https://sexonphone.net/virtual-date-game-the-academy-part-1/

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