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Tara 2 – Walkthrough


In Tara 1, you meet Tara when she is hitchhiking and you provide4 her with a rid3e that culminates in her joining her best friend Natalia.  You park the car and join Tara and Natalia in the lobby of the Moorcock Hotel where you will all be spending the night.

There are a number of opportunities for sex and a number of possible endings.  The opportunities for sex include:

  • Sex with Madison.
  • Sex with Maria.
  • Sex with Madison and Maria.
  • Sex with Tara and Natalia.
  • Sex with Maria, Tara and Natalia.
  • Blowjob from Tara and Natalia in the elevator.  You need to bring tara_lust to >70 and natalia_lust to >60.
  • Blowjob from Zanya in sauna.
  • Sex with Zanya in changing room.

Please note that there are multiple ways of getting to many of these opportunities.

There are a number of endings.  Achieving each will require differing paths.  However, there is some commonality early in the game.  The varying  paths will be identified when each decision becomes important.

Scene 1 – Intro Lobby

We pick up with Tara introducing you to Natalia.

Natalia:  “Hello Santa, it’s nice to meet you…”

YOU:  “Wow! Tara said you were hot!”  +10 natalia_lust

Natalia:  “Tara has just been telling me about all the fun you had on the journey up here…”

YOU:  Smile at Natalia  +5 natalia_lust

Tara:  “Natalia! I told you not to say anything!”

YOU:  Keep listening  +5 tara_lust

Tara:  “You’d better check in to your room and then we can decide what we’d like to do…”

YOU:  “I’ll check in later.”

Tara:  “Okay then… What shall we do now?”

YOU:  “I want to get to know you both.”   Add 5 to natalia_lust

 Alternatively, “Do you want to come up to my room?”   Add 5 to tara_lust.  Either way, you end up in the bar.

Go to bar.

Scene 2  – Bar

Your main goals in the bar are:

  1. Meet Zanya and increase zanya_lusst with an eye to joining her in the sauna later.
  • Add to tara_lust and natalia_lust to unlock an optional elevator scene later

Go into bar with Tara and Natalia.

Natalia:  “Let’s get some drinks…”

YOU:  continue  add 1 to bar_girls

The girls will find a table while you get the drinks.  Any answer to what kind of drinks to get will do.  You approach the bar and add 5 to zayna_lust.

Zanya“Good evening Sir. What can I get for you?”

YOU:  “What cocktails do you have?”  and set the cocktail variable

Zanya will tell you what cock tails are available.  When she says, “Or my favourite A Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall…?”, aadd 5 to zanya_lust.

Zanya:  “Has that given you any ideas?”

YOU:  “Yeah, it’s given me a few ideas.”  And add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “So what can I get you?”

YOU:  “Three Screaming Orgasms please.”  Sets variable cocktail2

Zanya:  “I’ll just be a moment preparing your drinks… I’ll bring them over to your table.”

YOU:  “Get one for yourself too.”  Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “That’s very kind of you Sir. I’d love a Screaming Orgasm. Thank you!”

YOU:  Smile at her  add 15 to zanya_llust (tests the cocktail2 variable)

Zanya:  “So are you enjoying your stay?”

YOU:  any answer

Zanya:  “Well if you need somebody to show you around then let me know.”

YOU:  Smile and nod your head  set the zanya variable

Zanya:  “There’s plenty of things I could show you if you want me too…”

YOU:  “That would be great thanks!”   add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “You’re welcome. I’m Zayna. May I ask your name Sir?”

YOU:  any answer

Zanya:  “Thanks for the drink….”

YOU:  “It’s my pleasure Zayna.”  Add 5 to zanya_lust

Leave the bar and increment clock.  You will now meet Eric.  Nothing useful happens here.  You then join the girls at the table.

Tara:  “So yeah, it was really hot!”

YOU:  Listen to them talking   add 5 to natalia_lust

Tata:  “Well we’ll have to see what else happens tonight.”

YOU:  Keep listening  add 5 to tara_lust

Listen until;

Natalia:  “We normally do everything together.”

YOU:  Keep listening   add 5 to natalia_lust

Listen until;

Tara:  “Yeah…”

YOU:  Look up Tara’s skirt   add 5 t6o tara_lust

You sit down with Tara and Natalia and Zanya delivers the drinks.  A random number of bar conversations now ensues.  These conversations provide opportunities to raise tara_lust and natalia_lust even further.  There are several opportunities to get them to show their breasts.  The three possible conversations include:

  • A discussion about sex and what the girls like.
  • A story about Natalia and how the girls met.
  • Questions about you as a photographer and nude models.

The conversations are random (or less so if you edit barconvrandom.htnl).  Ideally, the conversations would occur in the order listed.  This is especially true because the last topic leads to you and the girls leaving the bar (you do have the option of not doing this together).  The conversations take the form of a “truth or dare” game.  If the girls decide not to answer a question, they will have to do a forfeit of your choosing (although they may decline under certain circumstances).  Each forfeit will be increasingly risqué.  This walkthrough will deal with each conversation in the order listed.

Bar Conversation 1 – Discuss Sex

Tara:  “I know, let’s talk about sex! There’s plenty to talk about there!”

This sets the variable barconv1.

Tara:  “Why don’t you ask us about sex?”

This increments the variable barconv.

The girls now explain the overall rules.

Natalia:  “What do you want to ask us?”

YOU:  “Do you prefer men or women?”

Listen to them talk.  This answer will lead to a forfeit.  See Bar Conversation Forfeits below.

You can also discuss threesomes.  But there is no real advantage or increases along this route.

Bar Conversation 2 – Discuss Natalia and how the Girls Met

Tara:  “Let’s talk about Natalia!”

This sets the variable barconv2.

Tara:  “I think you’d find her very interesting!”

This increments the variable barconv.

Tara tells Natalia that you will be very interested in learning more about her.  She tells you to make it naughty and that Natalia will have to do a forfeit if she does not answer.

Natalia:  “Okay. I’ll play… What’s your first question?”

YOU:  “How do you know Tara?”

Alternately, you can ask her favorite color and then progress to asking about the color of her panties or bra.  This will lead to a forfeit.  You can also generate a forfeit by asking how old she is and say that she has to answer truthfully.

Natalia:  “So yeah. We met at college about three years ago…”+

YOU:  “Tell me more about this fieldtrip…?”

Alternately, you can generate “Forfeit 3” by asking “What did you study?”  Follow this until Tara says that Natalia has to tell or get a forfeit.  You answer, “Yes. Forfeit!” and forfeit 3 results.

They will tell you about a fieldtrip.  They will tell you how happy Natalia was when she found Tara’s dildo hidden under her pillow. 

Tara:  “Yeah but the look on your face when I walked in on you!”

YOU:  Wow!  What happened next?

Natalia:  “I’m not really sure we should tell you the rest.”

YOU:  “Please tell me.”

Alternately, you can say, “Has to be a forfeit then!” which will result in a forfeit.

The action generated by your< “please tell me.” Response will depend on natalia_lust.  If it is greater than 61 they will tell you the full story of Natalia’s first lesbian encounter with Tara.  If it is less than 62 it will result in a forfeit. 

Bar Conversation 3 – Discuss Your Job

Tara:  “I know, let’s talk about what you do YOU!”

This sets the barconv3 variable.

Natalia:  “Yeah you’re a photographer aren’t you?”

YOU:  any answer   This increments the barconv variable.

Natalia:  “So does that mean you get to work with loads of really hot girls?”

YOU:  any answer

Natalia:  “I’ll bet they are all gorgeous! Do you do any nude photographs?”

YOU:  any answer

Tara:  “Oooh that’s pretty sexy. I’ve always loved sexy nude photographs.”

YOU:  “Have you ever done any modeling?”

Tara: “No not really I guess… How about you Natalia?”

Natalia:  “I don’t know… I mean I’ve done some amateur work…”

Tara:  “She means if having naked photos taken by an ex-boyfriend counts!”

YOU:  “That sounds interesting…”   Add 5 to natalia_lust

Natalia:  “Yeah I guess… Shall I tell you some more about it?”

YOU:  “You should definitely tell me more.”   Add 5 to natalia_lust

Tara:  “Have you still got some pictures on your phone?”

Natalia:  “I might have yeah, but I can’t show him those… Well maybe some of them…”   Add 5 to natalia_lust

Tara:  “Knowing Natalia I’ll bet some of them are a bit naugthy…!”

Tara:  “How about the… y’know…”

Natalia:  “Stop it you’re embarrassing me!”

Natalia:  “I really must apologise for my filthy minded little friend here!”

YOU:  “So, can I see some photos then?”

Natalia:  “Oh err, well I don’t know… What do you think Tara?”

Tara:  “Yeah go on show him a few, you look hot!”

Natalia:  “Alright let me find them…”

Tara:  “Let’s have a look, I’ll help you choose what to show him.”

Tara:  “That one is really good!”

Natalia:  “Let’s see what the professional thinks…”

Tara:  “She looks good doesn’t she?”

YOU:  “You look incredible Natalia!”   Add 5 to natalia_lust

Natalia:  “Thanks, you can have a look at the next photo if you want…”

YOU:  Look at next picture

Tara:  “What do you think?”

YOU:  “Really hot!”   Add 5 to natalia_lust

Natalia:  “I’m glad you like them!”

YOU:  Look at next picture

Tara:  “She looks sexy doesn’t she?”

YOU:  “You are so hot Natalia!”   Add 5 to natalia_lust

Natalia:  “Thanks, I should really delete some of them.”

YOU:  Look at next picture

Natalia:  “I think there’s some pictures of Tara on there too?”

YOU:  “Yeah this one is very hot!”   Add 5 to natalia_lust

Tara:  “Oooh! Let me see it!”

YOU:  Look at next picture

Natalia:  “Come on I want to see too!”

YOU:  Hand phone to Natalia

Tara:  “I can’t believe you haven’t deleted those!”   Add 5 to tara_lust

Natalia:  “Here take a photo of us!”

Natalia:  “Smile Tara!”

Tara:  “Take another one of me!”   Add 5 to tara_lust

Tara:  “Hang on one moment!”

Tara:  “Quick take a photo before someone comes in!”   Add 5 to tara_lust

Natalia:  “I’d better have that phone back off you before Tara strips off!”

Tara:  “Oh shit! that was close!”

Tara:  “Not bad…”

Tara:  “You’d better not post it up on your Instagram like you did last time…”

This sets the photos variable.

Tara:  “Natalia loves taking sexy pictures on her phone.”

Natalia:  “Yeah, don’t be shocked if I get it out again!”

Tara:  “Ha! Yeah… Come on let’s go!”

Tara:  “Well  YOU… What shall we do now?”   Increment clock

Natalia:  “It’s up to you  YOU…”

YOU:  any answer

Tara:  “Err… I think you need to check in before you can go up to any of the rooms…”

YOU:  any answer

Natalia:  “We’ll finish our drinks and be right through.”

Go to check-in and set inv_maria variable.

Bar Conversation Forfeits

Throughout the bar conversations forfeits may arise.  These are typically as the result of the girls either being unwilling to answer a question or concluding that they have not answered the question in an acceptable manner.  Forfeits will increase in the degree of “risqué” behavior as they mount.   The first round of forfeits will allow play to resume and continue bar conversations.  The second round will end bar conversations and the girls will be ready to move on to a new location.  If you do not wish to end bar conversations, you should avoid the second round of forfeits.  However, if you are ready to move on too, the second round of forfeits can be entertaining.

On the first forfeit, you can choose from:

  • Have Natalia down her drink – she becomes drunk and natalia_lust will crash.  This is not a good choice.
  • Have them kiss.  Not a bad choice.  This will quickly end this conversation route.  A new random bar conversation topic will be started.
  • Have Natalia touch Tara’s breasts.  Again, not a bad choice.  This will also effectively end this conversation route.  A new random bar conversation topic will be started.

On the second forfeit, you can choose from:

  • Have them show their tits.
  • Take their tops off.
  • Have Natalia give you a kiss.

It should be noted that the girls will want to leave the bar after the conclusion of any of these choices.

A third round of forfeits can be reached as part of Bar Conversation 2.  Your choices here are:

  • Natalia should down her drink – she becomes drunk and natalia_lust will crash.  This is not a good choice.
  • Natalia should kiss Tara.
  • Natalia should kiss you.

Scene 3 – C heck-in

We are now at the first decision point.  If your goal is to have sex with Natalia and Tara, simply check-in and not ask Maria to show you your room.  If you have enough tara_lust (greater than 70 – you will likely add 5 more to tara_lust before the test is made), they will strip for you in the elevator (setting the variable naked).  After stripping, if natalia_lust is greater than 60, you can get a blowjob in the elevator and take pictures.  You would proceed to your room for more sex (even if the girls did not strip in the elevator).

If your goal is a different sex ending, you will need to lose the girls at this point.  The check-in provides this alternative path.  Here you will check-in and have Maria show you your room and leave the girls.

Go to the front desk to check-in.  Meet Maria at the desk.  When she says:

Maria:  “You are booked into one of our executive rooms Sir.”

YOU:  Smile at her    And add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “The rooms are very nice here. I’ll just get your key…”

Maria:  “There you go, you’re on the third floor…”

Maria:  “Would you like me to show you to your room sir…?”

YOU:  “Yes thank you, that would be great.”   Add 5 to maria_lust

You are now about to suffer a decline in tara_lust and natalia_lust.  You will also ditch those two.

Tara:  “So… What shall we do now?”

YOU:  any answer  Minus 10 from natalia_lust

Tara:  “Oh okay… We’ll see you later then I guess…”

YOU:  “I won’t be long.”   Minus 5 from tara_lust

Natalia:  “We’ll be in the bar. Don’t forget about us or we’ll have to come up and find you…”

YOU:  any answer

Scene 4 – Elevator with Maria

You and Maria will now ride the elevator up to see your room.

Maria:  “This way please Sir. We’ll take the elevator.”

YOU:  “Thanks for this…”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “You’re welcome. It’s all part of the service…”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “My name is Maria, by the way.”

Maria:  “This is the third floor. Your room is this way Sir…”

You will now follow Maria down the corridor to your room.  When she asks;

Maria:  “Is there anything else I can help you with Sir?”

YOU:  “Can you show me the room please?”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Yes of course I can…”

Maria:  “Please follow me…”

Scene 5 – Room with Maria

Maria will now show you your room.  You can ask her about the Internet connection and/or have her show you the bathroom.  DO NOT ask her to, “Yeah, show me your tits!”   This will crash maria_lust (-50) and this will not be good later on.

After Maria leaves, you can either step into the bathroom and take a shower, tamper with the shower or go back downstairs to meet Tara and Natalia again or possibly Zanya.  If you wish to go back downstairs we will pick this discussion up in the next section. 

If you go to take a shower you will cause Maddison to knock on your door.  This can easily lead to sex with Maddison.  You may wish to put this off so that you can attempt a threesome with Maddison and Maria.  We will now explore the Maddison dialogue and the “bail out” point with Maddison will be identified when it occurs.  Note:  There is an easier way to have a threesome with Maria and Maddison which will be explored in Option 3.

First you step into the bathroom.  You then step into the shower.  You are now at another decision point.  You can:

  1. Have sex with Maddison.
  • Have sex with Maria.
  • Have sex with Maria and Maddison.
  • Have sex with Tara, Natalia and Maria.
  • Go down to find Zanya and have sex with her.
  • Have Tara, Natalia, Maddison and Maria naked.  This may not end as expected.

Option 1 – Sex with Maddison.

This option is the easiest to achieve.  Turn on the shower and exit when you are done.  There will be a knock at the door and you answer it.

Maddison:  “Hello there, I thought I heard you arrive…”

Maddison:  “Can I come in for a moment please?”

YOU:  “Of course, please do…”   Add 10 to madd_lusst

Maddison:  “Thanks YOU. I’ve been waiting for you to get here…”   Add 5 to madd_lust

Maddison:  “Nice room, are you settling in okay?”

YOU:  “Yeah, how about you?”   Add 5 to madd_lust

Maddison:  “I’m much happier now that you are here.”

There is a possible bug here.  If you click on the image of Maddison, you will add 5 to madd_lust and go back to where Maddison says, “Nice room, are you settling in Okay?”  You can repeat this loop as many times as you wish and rack up additions to madd_lust each time.  However, we will pretend that this does not exit.

YOU:  “I’m glad you’re here too Maddison.”   Add 5 to madd_lust

Maddison:  “I just wish that you’d got here a bit earlier YOU.”

Maddison:  “You know Eric right? He’s been so sleazy with me all evening…”

Maddison:  “…buying me drinks and trying all his corny lines on me.”

Maddison:  “I only brought him along because Ellie couldn’t come.”

YOU:  any answer

Maddison:  “I know right! He’s got no chance of ever getting his way with me.”

Maddison:  “And to top it all off, then I caught him chatting up my cousin Maria.”

YOU:  any answer

Maddison:  “Oh yeah… I should have said. She works here!”   Sets the variable cousin

Maddison:  “She probably checked you in!”

Maddison:  “I would have introduced her earlier but you were so late getting here!”

Maddison:  “I’ve told her all about you… She said she couldn’t wait to meet you.”

Maddison:  “I’ll make sure you get to meet her tomorrow…”

Maddison:  “Anyway, enough about everyone else…”

Maddison:  “I came here to talk to you…”

Maddison:  “Can you spare me a few minutes before you go to bed?”

At this point, if you wish to bail on Maddison, you would say, “It’s probably best if you leave.” And follow up with any answer (you will subtract 10 from madd_lust). Maddison will come back any inconvenient time aft3er you take another shower (e.g. when Maria is about to give you a blowjob).  But to tell the truth, you really don’t need this option unless you change your mind later about a threesome with Maddison and Maria.

YOU:  “I’d love to spend more time with you”   Add 5 to madd_lust

Maddison:  “Great! Shall we sit down?”

YOU:  Sit down with her

Maddison:  “I’ve been thinking about you all day…”

Maddison:  “…mostly about some of the things we’ve got up to together…”

Maddison:  “I mean, the things you do to me…”   Add 5 to madd_lust

Maddison:  “It’s enough to make a girl blush!”

Maddison:  “Well, lucky me, it looks like I’ve got you alone in a hotel room doesn’t it?”

Maddison:  “What’s the matter? You look a bit tense…”

YOU:  any answer

Maddison:  “You did know I’d be staying here right?”

YOU:  any answer

Maddison:  “I know just what you need to help you relax…”   Add 5 to madd_lust

Maddison:  “…I’ll just get a little more comfortable.”

Maddison:  “…just lie back on the bed and I’ll give you a nice massage.”    Add 5 to madd_inf

Okay, it is pretty straight forward from here.  To maximize madd_alust, have her give you a blowjob and finish with fucking until you both cum.  You will max out madd_lust.  She will go for a shower to clean up afterwards.  If this is just sex with Maddison, you will likely have a second round and then go to sleep.  If this includes Maria in any manner, pick up with that option.

There is another possible end scenario.  It is possible that Tara and Natalia will knock on your door while Maddison is in the shower.  You can invite them in a drop your towel.  They will strip and Maddison will come out of the shower and get upset.  She will send them away and leave as well.  You can then go back downstairs and either follow Zanya (for a Zanya ending) or go back up to your room and shower (and possibly get Maria to come up to your room.

Option 2 – Sex with Maria.

This option really not too difficult.  There are several ways to get here.  This method is the most straight forward.   To get Maria to come back upstairs you need the shower to malfunction.  Once you have entered the shower, do not turn it on.  Instead, if you click to the left of the screen you will see a tamper with the shower option.  Select that instead.  (If you have already had sex with Maddison, you can turn the shower on normally and get the same result).

Once you leave the shower, you should be able to call room service via clicking on the telephone.  This will summon Maria.  After you answer the door:

Maria:  “Hello Sir. How may I be of assistance”

YOU:  “I was about to take a shower…”

Maria:  “A shower Sir. Oh okay… I see you have found a towel…

YOU:  “There’s something wrong with it.”

Maria:  “Is there…? Oh the shower! Sorry! I’m not used to seeing guests wearing nothing but a towel!

YOU:  “Sorry if I’ve embarrassed you.”

Maria:  “Oh that’s okay Sir. I don’t mind when the guests are as good looking as you are…”

YOUDO NOT click the drop the towel option at the bottom of the screen.  Click near the upper part of the screen (or on Maria’s face).

Maria:  “So anyway, may I come in Sir?”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “So you are having a problem with the shower are you?”

Maria:  “The knobs sometimes get a bit stiff…”

Maria:  “I don’t mind checking to see whether you’ve got a stiff knob…”

Maria:  “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but you’re a photographer aren’t you?”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “That sounds like a great job!”

Maria:  “I’d love to be a model. It sounds so glamorous!”

Maria:  “Do you think I could be a model?”

YOU:  “Yeah, you are very pretty.”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “You really think so? I’d do anything to be a model!”

Maria:  “Maybe we should meet up when I’m not working and talk about it…”

Maria:  “You could take a few photos of me…”

Maria:  “…I think I’d like you to be my Photographer Sir…”

Maria:  “I’ve heard that you have a lot of talent.”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “Oh erm… Just somebody I was talking to…”

Maria:  “Anyway… Errr, the shower…”

Maria:  “I’m sure it’s nothing really Sir…”

Maria:  “I’ll try and see what the problem is.”

Maria:  “Hmmmm. It looks like it’s dripping water too…”

Maria:  “I’m really sorry about this Sir. I’ll just take a closer look at it if you don’t mind.”

Maria:  “It is just a stiff knob. It’s not been switched of properly. I should be able to fix it…”   Subtract 20 from maria_inf

Maria:  “Oh shit!”

Maria:  “I’ve just been totally soaked! My uniform is dripping wet!”

Maria:  “I can’t go back down to the front desk like this. I’ll get fired!”

YOU:  “Quick! Take off your blouse.”

Maria:  “You’re kidding right? I can’t do that…”

YOU:  “Don’t worry I won’t look.”

Maria:  “Do you promise not to look?”

YOU:  “Don’t worry you are safe here.”

Maria:  “Really. You are really kind Sir. I won’t be any trouble…”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “I really appreciate you helping me like this. I hope you don’t mind too much.”

Maria:  “Did you want to take a shower? Please, don’t let me stop you Sir.”   Add 5 to maria_inf

Maria:  “Maybe afterwards we can talk about my new career as a glamourous model…”   Add 5 to maria_lust

YOU:  Step into shower

YOU:  Turn on shower

YOU:  Finish showering

YOU:  Step out of shower

Maria:  “Hello Sir. I hope you don’t mind. I had to take off my clothes to let them dry…”

Maria:  “I hope you don’t mind me getting a towel from the bathroom while you were showering.”

Maria:  “I hung my clothes up in there too… They shouldn’t take too long to dry…”

Maria:  “I promise that I didn’t take a peek while you were in the shower…”

Maria:  “Well maybe just a little… It felt a bit naughty!”

Maria:  “You’re probably used to seeing naked girls in your job though right?”

Maria:  “I have an idea…”

Maria:  “You could take some photos of me while I’m here Sir…”

Maria:  “Just for a few minutes while my clothes dry.”

Maria:  “What do you think Sir? You can see if I’d make a good model…”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “Great! I’ll pose for you!”

YOU:  Get your camera

Maria:  “How do I look?”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “Great! Shall I carry on?”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “I don’t really know what to do… You’ll have to tell me Sir.”

YOU:  any answer

YOU:  Take photo

Maria:  “I think there’s a problem here…”

Maria:  “…It’s this towel… Not exactly sexy is it?”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Is that better?”

YOU:  “Wow! I like this!”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Great! I feel much sexier like this.”

Maria:  “Tell me what pose you’d like.”

YOU:  any answer

YOU:  Take Photo

Maria:  “How am I doing?”

YOU:  “You look amazing!”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “This makes me feel really sexy.”

YOU:  “Yeah, you are really sexy!”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “That’s good to know…”

YOU:  Take photo

Maria:  “I like being your sexy model Sir.”

Maria:  “Can I see the photos please Sir?”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “Oh wow! They look really good!”   Increment clock

Maria:  “Do you think I’m sexy Sir?”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “I want you to kiss me Sir…”

YOU:  Kiss her   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Mmmmmmm”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “…that was really nice…”

Maria:  “…and a bit naughty too…”

Maria:  “I think I want to be even more naughty Sir…”

YOU:  Drop Towel   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Oh Sir! You dropped your towel!”   Addd 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “I’ve dropped mine as well!”

Maria:  “Let me get that for you…”   Add 5 to maria_inf

YOU:  You pop a boner and Maria falls in love.   Add 20 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Oh my goodness!”   Add 5 to maria_inf

Maria:  “Wow! You have have a big erection Sir!”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Oh my goodness! She was right… You have got a lot of talent!”

Maria:  “Please can I touch it Sir?”

YOU:  any answer   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Oh you are really nice and hard.”

Maria:  “Is that because I’m here Sir?”

YOU:  “I’m all hard just for you”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Oh Sir, you have got such a lovely big cock.”   Addd 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Would you like me to suck it for you Sir?”

YOU:  “Yes, that would please me…”   Add 10 to maria_lust

Maria:  “Mmmmmmm…”   Add 5 to maria_inf

KNOCK KNOCK   Subtract 5 from maria_inf

You may now be at a decision point.  If you wish to only have sex with Maria (or possibly Maria and then a foursome with Maria, Natalia and Tara), tell her to ignore the door and continue (that is how this will proceed).  If you want to have sex with Maddison and then a threesome with Maria and Maddison, tell her you have to answer the door.  This scenario will pick up in the next section.

Maria:  “Oh shit! There’s somebody at the door!”

YOU:  “Ignore it and keep going.”   Sets the no_maddison variable

Maria:  “Oooh yeah… Now where was I?”

Enjoy your sex with Maria.  When you are finished, she will want to clean up, allow her to do so.  Now, if you have done everything correctly, Natalia and Tara will knock on the door.  Pick this up at Option 4 (below).

Option 3 – Sex with Maria and Maddison

The option again starts with Maria in your room.  Pick up at the point where she is about to give you a blowjob and there is a knock at the door.

KNOCK KNOCK   Subtract 5 from maria_inf

Maria:  “Oh shit! There’s somebody at the door!”

YOU:  “I’d better answer it.”

Maria:  “I’ll get in so much trouble I’m found in here with a guest!”

YOU:  any answer

Maddison:  “It’s me Maddison. Open the door!”

YOU:  any answer (but not the onscreen Open the door)

Maria:  “Maddison!? Oh shit!”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “Sounds like she needs to see you.”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “I’ll hide in the curtains until she’s gone.”

YOU:  “Good idea!”   Add 5 to maria_lust

Maria:  “I cant wait to have some fun with that nice big cock of yours Sir…”

YOU:  any answer   Sets the maria_closet variable

The curtain closes on Maria.  Now pick up at “Option 1 – Sex with Maddison”.  You will want to maximize madd_lust, so take a blowjob and finish by fucking her all the way through.  When Maddison goes to the shower to clean up, resume the flow here.

YOU:  Go to the curtains

YOU:  Pull back curtains

Maria:  “Is Maddison still here Sir…?”

YOU:  any answer

It is possible that Natalia and Tara will knock on the door.  Tell them that you are busy.  We will explore inviting them in as Option 5.

Maria:  “Was that the door?”

YOU:  any answer (including the onscreen Close curtains)

Maria:  “Okay Sir…”

YOU:   Check the bathroom door

YOU:  Close the bathroom door

YOU:  Go to the room door

Knock Knock

YOU:  Answer the door

Tara:  “Hey there, we just had to come up and see your room…”

Natalia:  “I see you’ve stripped down to just a towel…”

Tara:  “So can we come in?”

YOU:  “Sorry girls, I’m busy”

Tara:  “Really? Oh… Bye then…”   Add 11 to no_girls

Maddison:  “Was that the door?”

YOU:  any answer

Maddison:  “You should have come in and joined me in the shower…”

Maddison:  “We could’ve got all soapy and slippery together.”

Maddison:  “Shall we go back through to the bedroom?”

YOU:  “Yeah, I’d like that.”

Maddison:  “Come on then sexy.”

Maddison:  “Why don’t you sit down on the bed…?”

YOU:  Sit down

Maddison:  “You’ve got me feeling so horny YOU…”

Maddison:  “Maria! What the hell are you doing in here!”

Maria:  “Err… Hey Maddison…”

Maddison:  “What…?! Why are you hiding? Why are you naked? I don’t…”

Maddison:  “…Wait a minute… Did you know that Maria is my cousin YOU!”

Maria:  “It’s not his fault Maddison.”

Maria:  “I just couldn’t resist it…”

Maria:  “After all the sexy things you told me about him…”

Maria:  “…I just had to see for myself…”

Maria:  “…so I played the innocent girl routine to get what I wanted.”

Maddison:  “You wanted to sneak in here and have sex with YOU while I was in the shower?”

Maria:  “Well yeah, I guess… I just wanted to have what you have…”

Maria:  “I mean she just doesn’t shut up about how good you are YOU.”

Maria:  “And then watching you two… you know… doing it… It turned me on so much I just couldn’t wait any longer”

Maddison:  “What?! You were watching us? How long have you been in here?!”

Maria:  “I hid behind the curtains when you knocked on the door.”

Maddison:  “So she’s seen everything we’ve done this evening! I’m not sure how I feel about that…”

Maddison:  “You know she’s my cousin right? Isn’t that a bit weird for you?”

YOU:  “Not when she’s hot as you Maddison.”

Straight forward from here.  Any answer will do.  You will need to play this ending multiple times to see all of the possible permutations.

Option 4 – Sex with Tara, Natalia and Maria.

This option occurs after you have had sex with Maria.  If everything went well for you in the Bar, Natalia and Tara will come up to see you.  They will knock on the door while Maria is cleaning up.


YOU:  Go towards the door

YOU:  Check the bathroom door

YOU:  Close the bathroom door

YOU:  Go to the room door


YOU:  Answer the door

Tara:  “Hey there, we just had to come up and see your room…”

Natalia:  “I see you’ve stripped down to just a towel…”

Tara:  “So can we come in?”

YOU:  “Of course, please be my guest…”

Tara:  “Nice room. Thanks for letting us see it…”

YOU:  Drop your towel

Tara:  “Oh my goodness!”

Tara:  “What do you think Natalia!”

Tara:  “I think we are a bit overdressed…”

Tara:  “I don’t think he’ll mind us getting more comfortable”

Tara:  “Well YOU you’ve got two horny girls in your hotel room… What do you want to do with us?”

Maria:  “Oh my goodness! I didn’t realise you had company Sir…”

Tara:  “What are you doing in here?!”

Maria:  “Erm… Room service…?”

Maria:  “Are these two girls friends of yours YOU?”

YOU:  any answer

Maria:  “Well it’s nice to meet you I guess…”

Tara:  “So what were you planning to do next YOU?”

YOU:  “Why don’t we have some fun together?”

Maria:  “I’d love to join you but I really need to get back to work.”

Tara:  “I’m sure you could spare a few more minutes…”

Tara:  “And we can help you service this guest.”

Maria:  “Well… The customer experience is very important to me…”

It is pretty straight forward from here.  You may wish to play this ending multiple times taking each ending to the natural conclusion (there should be four endings).

Option 5 – Sex with Zanya.

There are a number of ways that you can reach this option.  One option is to have sex with Maddison (option 1).  While she is in the shower, Tara and Natalia will show up.  Invite them in and drop your towel.  They will strip.  Maddison will come out of the shower and send them away and then leave herself.  You can then go back downstairs and go through to the bar.  You will see Zanya walking away.  Follow her.

Zanya“I thought I heard someone! Are you following me Sir?”

YOU:  “No of course not!”

Zanya:  “Well you scared me sneaking around like that.”

YOU:  any answer

Zanya:  “You’re the guy from the bar aren’t you. Thanks for the drink!”

YOU:  “Yes, and you are welcome.”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “It was YOU wasn’t it?”

Zanya:  “So what are you doing wandering around this late at night? Can’t you sleep?”

YOU:  “I came to find you.”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “Really? Well I did say I’d be happy to show you around…”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “I was about to use the sauna. It’s a great way to relax.”   Sets the variable sauna_invite

Zanya:  “You’re welcome to join me if you want.”

Zanya:  “It’s this way, follow me.”

Zanya:  “Wait out here a moment. I’ll just get changed. Meet me in the sauna.”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

YOU:  After Zanya has entered the Leisure Suite, be sure to take the onscreen option to Go straight into Leisure Suite

YOU:  Watch her undress

YOU:  Watch her undress

YOU:  Watch her undress   Add 5 to zanya_lust

YOU:  Keep watching   Add 5 to zanya_lust

YOU:  Keep watching

YOU:  Keep watching

YOU:  Keep watching

YOU:  Keep watching

YOU:  Look through door

YOU:  Enter changing room

YOU:  Undress and enter sauna

Zanya:  “You found the sauna okay then… Come a little closer so I can see you.”

Zanya:  “Please, take a seat. It’s so relaxing in here isn’t it?”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “It’s nice to have some company for once…”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “Nobody ever comes in here at this time of night.”

Zanya:  “That’s why I love it in here after a long shift.”

Zanya:  “I’m just going to lie here for a while. Let the steam take away all my stress…”

Zanya:  “Mmm. That feels so good.”

YOU:  Look at Zayna’s body   Add 5 to zanya_lust

YOU:  Look down

YOU:  Look at Zayna’s body

YOU:  Look down

Zanya:  “I don’t mind if you lose the towel… It’s much more relaxing if you are completely naked.”

YOU:  Remove your towel

YOU:  Look at Zayna’s body

YOU:  Look down

YOU:  Look at Zayna

Zanya:  “Oh…?”

Zanya:  “You appear to have a big erection…”

YOU:  “Can you blame me?”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “Well you can’t just sit in here with a big throbbing cock…”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “You can jerk off if you need to…”

YOU:  any answer

Zanya:  “Go ahead, I don’t mind. It’s just another way of relaxing.”

Zanya:  “As long as you don’t mind me watching! I love watching…”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “Especially when it’s such a nice big fat cock like yours.”

Zanya:  “Does that feel good YOU?”

Zanya:  “I know what will feel even better…”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “Let me give you a hand with that.”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “Mmmm, you have such a lovely big cock.”

Zanya:  “Oh yes. You feel really hard.”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “I love stroking a nice big hard cock.”   Add 5 to zanya_lust

Zanya:  “You know what else I love…?”

Zanya:  “I think you’ll like it too.”

Zanya:  “Mmmmm”

Zanya:  “Mmmmm mmmmm.”

Zanya:  “Mmmmm mmmmm.”

Zanya:  “Your balls feel really heavy… What do you want to do about that?”

YOU:  any answer

You can end your blowjob any way you wish; as a facial or in her mouth.  You can ask to fuck her, but she will have her own way at this point.  When you leave the sauna, Zanya will be waiting in the changing room.

Zanya“Hello again. Had enough of the heat?”

YOU:  Talk to her

Zanya:  “Back up to your room is it now?”

YOU:  “No I’m still not sleepy.”

Zanya:  “Really? Me neither. You’ve only made me even more awake…”

Zanya:  “Any suggestions…”

YOU:  Kiss her

Zanya:  “Mmmmmm”

YOU:  Finish kissing

Zanya:  “That was nice…”

YOU:  Finish kissing

Zanya:  “What’s your next move?”

YOU:  Remove her towel

Zanya:  “Hey!”

Well, as she said when you first met her in the bar, her favorite is sex against the wall.  Go on up to your room and lie on the bed.  You have had a good day.

Option 6 – Four Naked Women In One Room

Play the Maria and Maddison scenario (Option 3).  When you get to where Maddison is in the shower and there is a knock at the door, invite Tara and Natalia in.  Drop your towel and let them strip.  When Maddison come out:

Maddison:  “What the hell is going on in here!?”   Zero madd_lust

Tara:  “Who the hell are you?”

Maddison:  “I’m his boss! What the fuck are you two doing in here!”

Maddison:  “Maria?!”

Maddison:  “You know she’s my cousin right?!”

Maddison:  “I can’t believe this… I’m not even going to attempt to get an explanation out of you this time.”

Maddison:  “You are clearly still horny after what we’ve already done this evening…”

Maddison:  “…and you’ve got me feeling so hot too…”

Maddison:  “I knew Maria wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off you after what we talked about today…”

Maddison:  “You’d love having all four of us wouldn’t you…?”

Maddison:  “…and I think you’d probably like that too.”

Maddison:  “Sorry girls, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave…”

Tara:  “What!? We can’t stay?”

Maddison:  “No, you need to leave.”

Tara:  “Bye YOU, I hope you aren’t in too much trouble.”

Maddison:  “You are the one who is in trouble Maria!

Maddison:  “I can’t believe you’d sneak in here and try to have sex with him!”

Maria:  “What do you mean!? You practically told me I should earlier on!”

Maddison:  “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Maddison:  “I didn’t mean it literally!”

Maddison:  “I think you should go…”

YOU:  “Calm down Maddison.”

Maddison:  “Don’t tell me to calm down!”

Maddison:  “Don’t make this worse by trying to pacify me!”

Maddison:  “You need to leave.”

Maria:  “Okay Maddison… I’ll go. I’m sorry.”

YOU:  “I think she should stay.”

Maddison:  “You want her to stay do you?”

Maddison:  “I think I see where you are heading YOU .”

Maddison:  “Get on the bed for us.”

Maddison:  “Do you think you can handle both of us together?”

YOU:  any answer

So you get to have your way with Maddison and Maria.  If you thought that you could really have all four, you have to wait until Tara 3.

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