Vdategames Crystal Part 3 walkthrough


Note that this is only a very rough guide. Since this game is very open, there and many routes to sexual content.

Each location has some naughty activity to unlock. The best strategy is to leave the place with the activity until last.
ie to unlock naked dancing in the strip club, visit everywhere else first.

When Crystal is in her first outfit, try to strike a balance of increasing her mood and increasing her daring. Once she changes outfit, just focus on the naughty responses to increase her daring.


“Hi, gorgeous. Sorry, Erica. I’m talking to Crystal.”
“It’s OK. I’m a bit…err, ‘shwmith’ too!”
Any response
“Are you OK? I mean, really OK?”
“But, then she started over compensating?”
“Have you talked to her about this?”
“I could give you a massage.”
“He missed you. He likes thinking about the wilder times you had togther.”
Any response
“You’re clearly in a horny mood. Let’s do it tonight!”
“I don’t think I need to. By the sounds of it, you already want it.”
Any response
“When you’re talking like that, how could it not?”
Any response
“Nice. Let me see the view from behind too.”
“Perfect. I love seeing that ass in leather pants.”
Any response
Any response
“Great! Let’s get some drinks to celebrate!”
“To hot sex!”
“Yes! Hopefully, it’ll finish with a ‘huge release’ for me too.”
“We have to visit the strip club at some point!”

Classy Bar

Exciting drink : pick cocktail
classy : red wine
Strong : burbon and cola
“You think you have a chance then? I’m asking supportively.”
“I’d rather have a sex party to celebrate. Just the two of us.”


“Life is an endless cyle. We live, we die. Others are born and take our place.”
“The rigid form of the floors meets the curve of the flexible red tower?”
Say anything to Violet
“Aren’t you excited to try the pill at the hotel later?”
“Maybe we’re supposed to make our own title.”
“Interesting. We probably shouldn’t interfere with it though.”

Small store

“How about a drink?”

Lingerie store

Note : any of the outfits can be picked. Below is just one good example.
Pick fourth option
“Yep, and I can totally see your nipples through that.”
“I’d love to buy it for you.”
Pick fifth option
“That is one of the hottest things I have ever seen you in.”
“Of course. I’ll enjoy tearing it off you later.”
Say anythign to the clerk


“Good. It’s my women I like dirty.”
“I’ll have what she’s having.”
“Oh? What are you imagining doing with her?”
“Damn. You just went there!”
“Sounds hot. Imagine all the crazy positions you could do with the furniture!”


It’s impossible to fail this segment.
Just be nice to Erica if you want to get max points.
Talk dirty to Crystal whenever possible.
“That is…so…fucking…hot.” when she changes outfit.

Strip club

Strong = Martinis
Refreshing = Mojitos
Fruity = Banana daiquiris
Get Crystal a lap dance if her pints are still low. Persuade her to go on stage if her daring is high.
“Hi, Ashley. I’m null, and this is Crystal.”
“Yeah, we’re local. How about you and that ass Crystal can’t stop staring at?”

Dirty bar

“A bit of both, I think.”
“Sounds like your describing a woman.”
“We could try something naughty.”
“I dare you to strip naked and prance around.”


“Cool choice.”
“Yeah, It’d be fun to have frantic sex to the beat though.”
“I bet you could dance to it naked.”
“Now, I’m imagining you doing it naked.”
“Just imagine it. Your naked body with everyone staring.”
Any response

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