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Anna 1.0.1 Walkthrough

There are a number of possible “desirableЃh endings. This walkthrough will explore:

Full sex scene without ЃgsportЃh ending.
Full sex scene with naked yoga and shower (sport ending).
Endings with dildo.
Ending 1 and 2 start the same. Ending 3 requires a different path. I will only take the path as far as needed and pick up the differences later.
Note: Hardcore requires that you keep your INF greater than 430 and less than 600 (ideally you will be in the 580-590 range) and you will want wine at the restaurant and wine at the night club. If you do not meet these conditions, you will not get into AnnaЃfs apartment. You can always leave a generous tip at the night club to reduce your INF a little. You can also shave a little at the end of the movie and by failing to compliment her in the park if necessary.
Note: Hardcore requires a lust of 260 or less to avoid the Ѓgdamsel in distressЃh sex ending. Stop early in the photoshoot to hit 260 exactly. When you can, insert your finger in her ass. Pick up the dildo and attempt to insert it. She will take some convincing that it is not too big and that she will like it. Try to put it to her pussy. She wonЃft let you (but if you donЃft try she will stop you inserting it in her ass). Once the dildo is in the ass you will switch to your cock to have anal sex.
The beginning has you going home and spotting Anna.

Greet her and offer help.
When she asks for help take the onscreen ЃgShould be easy enoughЃh.
Introduce yourself as her new neighborЃc?
When she greets you take the onscreen ЃgKiss her handЃh and then tell her it is from an old movie.
Follow her and offer advice to make it less of a mess. Then say, ЃgMaybe I have plushies everywhere!Ѓh
When you put the box down she will tell you to be careful. You can;
Tell her ЃgIЃfm scaredЃh and progress to watching her in the mirror while she showers (dead end really).
I will do my best (take this option).
When Anna says that you can finish moving the boxes, ask her about after moving the boxes.
Ask where she moved from.
Ask why she moved.
After she says that she had outgrown the town, say, ЃgI know what you meanЃh and then that it is not your home town either.
After moving boxes, she will ask what you want to do now. Suggest getting a drink.
If you want the dildo (Ending(s) 3), go back to your apartment.
Tell her to get comfortable.
Offer to get her a drink and select beer.
She will fall asleep.
Touch her knee.
Caress her thigh.
Caress her other thigh.
Touch her shoulder.
Grasp her leg.
Ask if she wants to do this again.
When she says, ЃgSitting and drinking>?Ѓh you say ЃgNo.Ѓh and ЃgA nice date without the box moving.Ѓh
When she says, ЃgOK, see you later.Ѓh Take the onscreen kiss her cheek option.
She will now have the dildo when needed.
Suggest the bar.
Buy her a beer.
Ask how she likes it here so far.Ѓf
She will ask if you mean the bar or city. Click on the soccer game on the left-most TV screen (ЃgOleee!Ѓh).
When asked if you only watch or play, say, ЃgActive, of course.Ѓh
She will ask, ЃgWhat is your favorite activity?Ѓh Say, ЃgAny contact sport. What is yours?Ѓh
When she says that she likes individual activities, you say, ЃgNo wonder you look so good.Ѓh
Ask if she wants to do this again.
When she says, ЃgSitting and drinking?Ѓh you say ЃgNo.Ѓh and ЃgA nice date without the box moving.Ѓh
Say, ЃgCan do!Ѓh and then ЃgByeЃh.
When asked how you prepared, get the green bottle of booze.

If you go with a trinket, you will get a slightly different dialog at the restaurant and the jade figurine gets you 30 more INF.
If you go with the red rose, there is a slightly different picture in the bedroom scene and you get 30 more INF.
The jewelry is all bad and reduces your INF.
If you donЃft get the booze, you are likely to end up providing aid to Anna (in the form of sex) when you return to her apartment. Fewer options in the sex scenes, but still a happy ending.
Pick up Anna and say, ЃgNice… to see you again.Ѓh and then ЃgThis is for you.Ѓh
Go to restaurant.

Go to your table and order wine.
Look at the menu and order.
Do not combine option 2 for the first course and option 1 for the second if you want any of the anal options later.
Anna will reply that you can skip desert. Ask her what her favorite place is.
Tell her that you prefer the city and ask what is so great about nature.
She says that you have obviously never had sex in the grass. You say that with an argument like thatЃc
Ask if she has a hobby.
Ask if she has a job and then say, ЃgAnd if not?Ѓh Then ask, ЃgDo you practice your oral skills often?Ѓh
After dinner, suggest that you go to a movie.
What movie are we going to see? Choose the Horror movie.

The movie starts: look at Anna and then look back at the movie.
The movie is in its first third: look at Anna, hold her hand and then look back.
The movie is in the middle: look at Anna, get your hand around her, take a better look, kiss her, break the kiss and look back at the movie.
The movie is ending: look at Anna and leave.
What did you think of it? I enjoyed it.
Suggest going to the night club next.
At the Night Club:

Look at the waitressЃfs butt as you go to your seat.
Sit at the booth and order wine.
Inspect ChloeЃfs butt as she walks away.
Say ЃgThank you.Ѓh To Chloe when she delivers the drink.
Resist looking at her butt again.
Anna: “You know she is doing it just to get a good tip, right?” You say, ЃgAnd from what I have seen, you would give her a nice one.Ѓh
Anna: “Hmm… She is… easy on the eyes…” You ask, ЃgYou do not mind girls?Ѓh
Dance with Anna.
Dance closer
Put your hands on her hips
Lean for a kiss
Continue kissing
Break the kiss
Turn her around
Kiss her neck
Move your hand up
Push her against you
Move your hand to her tit
Squeeze her nipple
Stop teasing her
Keep dancing until Anna wants to return to the table.
Waive for the waitress and give her a nice tip.
Anna: “We really should head home.” You say, ЃgWanna go through the park?Ѓh
In the park:

Sit on bench.
Look at Anna and tell her how beautiful she is in this light, and yes, even when she is blushing.
Anna: “What are you thinking about now?” Kiss her. Then kiss her neck.
Anna: “And this is very… nice.” You say, ЃgThe lighting here is really great. I would like to see more.Ѓh
Offer to take photos.
Offer to use her phone.
You can choose either ass or breasts. In this example we will use the ass.
Turn around. Take the picture.
Turn to the side. Then, ЃgNo, move a little forward.Ѓh Take the picture.
Better, now stick out your ass a little. Take the picture.
Lean against the lamp. Should be better. Take the picture.
Great. But letЃfs try a different angle. Take the picture.
Nice. Why donЃft you lift your skirt? Take the picture.
Why donЃft you lift the skirt all the way up? Take the picture.
Do you mind if I take a picture of your behind from behind? Duck and Zoom. Take the picture.
That is enough.
Anna: “I think we REALLY should go home.” Or we can have sex in nature.
Anna: “Tempting…Ѓh Ok, letЃfs go home.
At AnnaЃfs apartment:

I enjoyed it too.
Anna: “Wanna come in?” Yes
Anna: “What do you think?? Drink to it.
Help her to the couch and join her.
Offer to put on music and then (onscreen), look into her eyes. Tell her how beautiful she it.
Kiss her. Stroke her thigh. Kiss her some more.
Anna: “Enough kissing.” Kiss her neck. Reach under her blouse.
Ask, ЃgAre these natural?Ѓh Anna: “Yes. I am a nature loving girl.” So you keep everything natural?
Anna: “Why don’t you check for yourself?” Unbutton her blouse and remove it.
Fondle and kiss her breasts. Then reach under her skirt.
Anna: “I prefer it this way. Do you mind?” Yes. Punish her by teasing her clit.
Keep teasing her.
Anna: “Hmmmm. AAAh. Don’t stop!” Stop teasing her and remove your hand.
Anna: “Now I am horny as hell! I can tease you too, you know!?” Let her tease you.
If you want the sport ending: Wait I have a better idea.
Anna: “REALLY?” You said you love sportsЃc
Anna: “Restricts movement…” How about a naked yoga?
Watch her exercise and then shower with her. Have sex.
Anna: “That was fun. Wanna have more in the bedroom, or have you had enough?” Onscreen option, Move in the bedroom.
More sex.
For the Ѓgnon-sportЃh ending:
Take the onscreen ЃgLet her workЃh option.
Would youЃc? Go faster or slower.
Would you give it a little kiss?
Anna: ” A little kiss and maybe a little more.” Enjoy
Onscreen option to go slower.
Why donЃft you get naked? Anna: “At this point… Why not, I quess.”
Watch her remove skirt.
As she stands in panties, onscreen option to rub your hand up her thigh.
Onscreen option to touch her pussy (through her panties).
Anna: “I canЃLt hold it anymore!”
Do as you are told and suck her nipples.
Anna: “Do you want to fuck me here, or do you prefer the bedroom?” I prefer more foreplay.
Anna: “Alright. I will decide for you and pick the couch. It needs a first run anyway.” I would like to play with your tits some more.
Anna: “You know, you can play with them while fucking me hard!” Or we could try something different.
Anna: “What do you have in mind?” You can masturbate for me.
If she has the dildo it will come into play here. If not, she will use her fingers. (The dildo has an extra oral component.)
Enjoy the view. Stop her (do not let her orgasm).
I canЃft wait any more! Come over here!
Fuck her and then from behind if you wish.
From behind you will have an option to touch her butthole.
Touch her butthole.
She will stop you. Say ЃgButЃc.Ѓh
Anna: “Alright, but only one finger!” Use only one finger.
Only do the anal option once. She will become enraged and throw you out on a second attempt.
If you are playing Hardcore and have the dildo you can go for the anal scene.
Get the dildo,
Tell her that it is not that big.
Tell her the you think she will like it.
When she says OK, try to put it in her pussy.
Then slowly put it in her ass and fuck her ass with the dildo.
Switch to anal sex.
Have sex.
Go to the bedroom and have more sex.
You may repeat bedroom sex as many times as you wish.

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