Triple Play. Part 1. Stories with Anal



Adam meets Missy and Chris on a dark stormy night. Can he choose just one?

This is a story I wrote for Amazon, but it isn’t selling well. I’d love to hear your feedback and help me make it a best seller! The story is quite long and I’ll add parts over time. I could really use the wisdom of the readers here!

Another boring party, another bunch of boring people. “Jeez,” I thought to myself. “I’ve got to find another job.”

Picking up my 5th tray of champagne, I made my way through the crowd, picking up bits and pieces of a dozen conversations, none of which I could have cared less about. This group was just another ultra-conservative right-wing presidential support group trying to make sure their petty interests didn’t get squashed in the upcoming election.

Across the room though, a woman had the complete attention of several men. They were laughing at a woman who was obviously very passionate about what she was saying. The woman continued to make the men laugh, and she was in complete control of the whole lot of them, as if she’d cast a spell.

I’d seen this happen before at parties. One special person, invariably female – captivating a whole audience – invariably male. Almost intrigued enough to care, I wandered in their direction, offering full glasses and picking up empty ones. One of the men was eyeing the woman with disbelief. “Surely you don’t expect to make any money writing about things like that, do you?”

“Why not?” the woman responded. “Just because it is going to be based on a real story and not be full of sex and lies? Surely there must be people who are as fascinated with history as I am.”

“I’ll tell you one, thing. Whether you like it or not sex does sell.” said the tall dark-haired man standing next to her. “Really? For starters, I DO like sex,” said the woman with a wink. “But Bob, if sex sells somebody’s got to be buying. How much do YOU have to pay to get laid these days?” The crowd erupted in hoots and howls as the man blushed. “Damn it Missy, that’s not what I meant,” he tried to shout over the guffaws of the others.

I stopped to see where this was headed. Missy slyly took a sip of her champagne and smiled. Something about the way she held her glass with just the tips of her fingers. Her eyes burned with, what- Intensity? Fire? Passion? Whatever it was I wanted to be able to do that. Control a group, making them hang on my every word. I was watching an artist and it looked like it was time for the second act. Her glass was almost empty so I used the opportunity to slide in next to her and offer her a full one. She graciously accepted my glass with one hand and held the empty one out with the other. Our fingers touched and sparks flew between us. I was instantly turned on! We made eye contact and the signals were not my imagination.

Okay, now I was really intrigued!

Missy looked around the group. Bob spoke up again. “Well Missy, if you like sex, why have you always ignored my advances? I’d be glad to show you what a man I am.” Missy closed the gap between them and leaned right into Bob’s face until their noses were just inches from each other. Bob swallowed hard and tried not to look down at Missy’s cleavage, but he didn’t manage it for very long. Everyone noticed the quick glance down into her bosom. “BUSTED!” hollered one of the other guys. Everyone hooted and hollered again. “Alright,” Missy said breathily. “The next time I have a spare two minutes I’ll definitely call you!” That time it took several minutes to calm them down.

“Well gentlemen, it is time for me to go, but first I need to ask the caterers a couple questions about next week’s event. If you’ll excuse me…” and with that she motioned me to follow her into the kitchen. Like a lost puppy I followed at her heels.

“Can you help me take the rest of the food over to my office? I really have to get some things done tonight yet, and my staff would appreciate me feeding them.” Shit, that is NOT what I was hoping for, but I thought at least this way I might get a chance to spend some more time with her. “By the way,” Missy asked. “What is your name?”

“I’m so sorry!” I stumbled. “I’m Chris. I’d be glad to help, but the pleasure was all mine,” I replied. And I meant it. “I did notice the control you had over that group you were with. How do you do that?”

“Oh that?” she asked. “It was nothing. The way to control men is to make them think they are God’s Special Gift to Womankind. But as attractive as you are, you already know that, don’t you?” She winked and gave me that sly smile again.

“I know what it feels like when it happens,” I replied. “Just not sure I could call it up at will. You were really working them hard.”

“I know, but those people control a ridiculous amount of money in this little town and I want WAY more than my fair share. I just have to convince them that my needs were their idea.” She smiled.

We were loading the packages into her van when she suddenly stopped and snapped her fingers. “Oh hell, I have one more errand I have to run yet so why don’t you just ride with me? I’ll bring you right back, I promise.” Like I had any desire to do anything else. And besides, she smelled good. Really good.

We got in and started off. The country club was about 20 minutes outside of town. No sooner had we gotten the doors closed when it started to DUMP ice-cold rain. “We just dodged that bullet,” Missy laughed. “I’d have hated to see you all wet.”

I almost said “I’d love to see YOU all wet,” but held my tongue. But I was thinking of using my tongue to see if she WAS wet, at least in some places. I squirmed in my seat, suddenly aware that it was getting awfully warm in the van.

We got about 10 miles from the country club when the van just quit. “God, I hate this thing,” Missy said with despair in her voice. “Can you fix it?”

“What the hell makes you think I know anything about cars?” I asked indignantly. I wouldn’t even know how to get the hood open.

“I’m sorry, it was just…oh, never mind. We’ll just have to wait for a car to come by. Shouldn’t be but an hour or two…” She let the words and their meaning drift off into the windy night. Suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh, working its way towards my waist. I looked over at her and she leaned over, and then kissed me ever so softly. I almost had an orgasm right then and there. I couldn’t breathe, the van was spinning and all I could do was look at her incredible brown eyes. I broke the kiss and gasped for breath, my heart racing.

“I know I’m a little older than you are, but I hope you find me attractive still,” she said.

“Uh, oh yeah, you are really pretty,” I said, which was true. “I…” I was going to say something witty, but there were fingers running along the top of my black pants, slowly working their way down into my crotch. I knew I was going to come if she kept it up. Her fingers were finding wisps of pubic hair and I wanted her to unbutton my slacks and continue. She could sense my need. “Are you okay with this? I just find you sexy as hell.”

I blushed and turned away from her gaze. She gently pulled my chin around and kissed me again. My pants came undone like magic, and I could feel her fingers probing, searching. I threw my head back and arched against her hand. When Missy finally slid a finger across my slit I came in shuddering gasps, clenching my legs around her hand so she couldn’t take her finger out of me until the spasms subsided.

Just then we saw lights in the rear-view mirror. Missy got out into the pouring rain and waved at the oncoming SUV while I tried to regain the power of speech. The truck pulled up alongside and rolled down the window. “Looks like you ladies need a hand.” Missy looked at me, then at the driver. He was tall, blonde and nice looking. In short, just what we’d ordered. Only not short.

Missy said “Can you take us in to the campus? I’ve got to get this food back in the fridge before it spoils. I’ll deal with the van in the morning. If I get really lucky the damn thing won’t still be here by then!” I got in the back, Missy climbed in up front.

“Hi, I’m Adam. And who do I have the pleasure of helping tonight?”

“This is Missy and I’m Chris.” We all shook hands. His were huge. Always a good sign.

“We were at the governor’s dinner tonight and the damn van quit as soon as it got good and dark. Thanks so much for stopping!”

“No problem. I have to drive right by campus on the way home, but I’d have probably taken you to Chicago if you’d asked!” He winked at us. We both rolled our eyes, but then again he was cute…

Missy wasted no time asking Adam to come up with us to her office. “Thank you so much for rescuing us back there. We would have been soaked in seconds walking back on foot.”

“Looks like you’re both still pretty wet,” Adam said, then looked at us funny, wondering if we’d catch the double meaning.

“As it turned out, we were both wet when you GOT there,” Missy said with a wink. The double-take on Adam’s face was priceless.

“Oh! Maybe I should have given you some more time before stopping to help. Sorry if I interrupted something!” He laughed and looked at us with renewed interest. I could feel him checking out my 5’3″ frame, but it was Missy’s boobs that truly captivated him. I coulda slapped him. I may only be 110lbs soaking wet, but once properly motivated I can outlast any man on foot, on a bike, in the water or in bed.

“Penises,” I muttered. “Why do they always have to be attached to a MAN?”

“What was that?” Adam asked, not sure he heard what he thought he heard.

“I think I left the Pinochet in the Van,” I said in as straight a face as I could muster. Missy said,

“No problem. Let me see what I can find.” She went through a door and came back with three glasses and a bottle of white wine.
“Jeez,” Adam exclaimed. “I wish I could keep a wine cellar in MY office.”

“Why not? What do you do?” I asked.

“I have a small garage and a race team.”

“Really? Wow! Are you a mechanic or a driver?”

“Both, actually. I told you it was a small operation. It seems I’m pretty good with my hands, though.” He winked and took one of the glasses. Yes, his hands looked fine. Long, strong fingers, huge palms. I was thinking of how they would feel against my breasts and elsewhere. I had to shift my weight as suddenly my panties were way too tight.

He was leaning against the corner of the desk and I could just make out a growing bulge in his pants. Funny, I hadn’t noticed it before. Missy came over and stood right beside me with her hand around my waist. I leaned back on the bookcase for support. God it was hot in here! Missy ran her fingers over my back, from my waistband to my shoulders. It sent chills coursing through my body. More and more of them were headed south. I knew I was getting wet again. I needed to come again, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to manage it; but the two people in front of me were my best bet in a long time.

And it had been a long time. My parents were Chinese immigrants, and we have the typical neighborhood Chinese Restaurant with bad décor and silly music. But the food is wonderful and accurately Chinese, something you don’t find very often. Our clientèle included most of the well-to-do in town. My mother is incredibly sexy, all 4’10” and 95 lbs of her. But she carries herself like a cat, and all that sensuality just flows from her like a gift. Men are just dumbstruck by her presence, a lot like Missy. I guess I learned some of it too, as I’m always getting attention from men, but they usually end up being jerks.

At least men are easy to figure out. If they aren’t horny they’re hungry. So if your man isn’t chasing you around the living room, make him a sandwich! If you want conversation, talk to your girlfriends.

I’d been in a couple relationships, but nothing serious. Jon was the ‘artist dreamer’ whose liberal arts education let him despise the materialistic life he’d never be able to afford. He was a decent kisser but just couldn’t last long enough to satisfy me. He’d get all worked up, (consisting of me coyly smiling at him) climb on top of me, grunt and roll off just as I was starting to get into it. As soon as he’d go to sleep (25 seconds after the grunt) I’d roll over and pull B.O.B. (my battery operated boyfriend) out of my nightstand and diddle myself to sleep. But it wasn’t completely satisfying because I always had to be quiet. Jon had a supercalafragilistic ego that would just be CRUSHED if I told him I’d never had an orgasm with him. Well, I’d had plenty next him, but he wasn’t conscious at the time. Does that count then?

What I wanted now was for someone’s tongue to explore my most intimate folds. My panties were getting very wet and I could feel the moisture beginning to run down my thigh. There was no way I was going to waste it.

I took Missy’s hand and walked over to where Adam was standing. I leaned up against him, entwined my fingers with his and pulled his arm around me. Missy did the same on the other side. I slowly encouraged his hand towards my nipple. When the palm of his hand hit it I gasped. He slowly cupped my breast and squeezed gently. Yup, he was good with his hands! Oh God, this was going to be good!

I ran a finger down the front of his shirt. “Missy, I think it is time we properly explain to this gentleman just how appreciative we are of the ride he gave us. Care to help me return the favor?” I could not BELIEVE those words had just come out of my mouth! I’d never been this bold before in my life, but Damn if I was going to let this chance slip by. I’d been Miss Goody Goody my whole life, but tonight I wanted to fuck somebody silly. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Ole Adam was going to have the night of his life. And then he could do with Missy what he wanted.

Missy and I made tracks down to Adam’s belt, which we proceeded to unbuckle. I slowly got down on my knees and inch-by-inch unzipped his pants. We were all breathing so hard it sounded like an exercise room. My heart was pounding so loud I’m sure they could hear it too. Under his jeans his white cotton briefs were stretched tight by his erection. Wow! It was huge!

“Yes!” I thought. Now, if he can only control himself…

I brushed my cheek against the smooth fabric and Adam jumped, or rather part of him did. I did it again. Just when my cheek touched the fabric-covered tip of his penis, it would jump and smack me in the face. I laughed and looked up at him. “You’re so beautiful,” he said looking down at me. “I can’t believe how tiny you are.” I smiled meekly and turned my gaze away. But my hands kept searching out his hardness. I pulled the waistband of his shorts out and he sprung out of them. This thing stood straight out from his body a good 8″. It was thick and veiny and bobbed up and down with his heartbeat. I sat there with my legs folded under me and watched it waving in front of me. I reached up and cupped his balls, heavy and full. Pursing my lips, I slowly took the head of him into my mouth. Which was about all I could get in! It felt so good, and tasted marvelous. There is something about the smell of a working man. mmmmm. Working back and forth with my lips, I massaged his balls with my left hand. The other I used to unbutton my pants. I wriggled my hand down to my wetness and slid two fingers inside. I moaned on Adam’s dick, which made him gasp and thrust into my face.

Suddenly I felt hands enveloping me from behind, and then I felt Missy’s wonderful breasts pressing into my back. She was on her knees behind me and her hands were roaming all over me. I was in heaven. Between the alcohol, lack of sex and the sexy people in the room I knew I was close to coming again.
Just then Missy put her chin on my shoulder and pressed her lips to my ear. “You have to learn to share!” She took hold of Adam and leaned forward, pinning my head to his hip. She took him into her mouth, inch after inch! My ear was pressed against Adam’s inner thigh with my nose right at the base of his cock. Missy’s lips kept getting closer and closer to his stomach. I couldn’t believe it! She took almost the whole thing down her throat. I reached out with my tongue and flicked it across the base of his cock. His balls jumped as his sac tightened. I could just run the tip of my tongue around the edge of Missy’s lips as she wiggled her head side to side. I could see the head of Adam’s penis inside her cheek as she rubbed back and forth.

“God Missy! Where on earth did you learn to do that?” I asked in astonishment.

“Yes,” Adam panted as sweat beaded up on his forehead and chest. “Who taught you that? Can you teach Chris here? How about my wife?” He stood there panting, trying to regain his composure. We all laughed.
“So you like that, do you?” Missy asked. “Let’s just say I have been blessed with a large mouth and no gag reflex. But the key is practice. Care to help me keep my form?” She winked up at him.

“Anytime, anytime.” he wheezed.

Missy went back to where she’d been, with her face impaled on his rod. She worked up her speed, until she was going from just the tip to having her nose buried against his pubic bone. She grabbed my hand and encouraged me to massage his balls. Then she took my middle finger and pressed it against the base of his balls, slowly sliding back towards his ass. She was really getting into the blowjob and saliva was everywhere. She scooped some up and ran it over my finger, then pressed it against his asshole. His eyes got really wide, but he started thrusting into Missy’s mouth and his breathing got really ragged. I worked my finger into his butt, and when I curled my finger forward and touched his prostrate he bellowed and came. Missy pulled his cock out of her mouth. Adam’s knees buckled and he grabbed both our heads for support. We quickly kissed each side of his cock, so he could thrust between our lips. His first spasm shot over Missy’s shoulders, landing on her feet behind her. As more and more semen oozed out of him, we took turns lapping it off the end of his cock. Every time we’d lick the end he’d spasm again.

Eventually Adam quit coming and he slowly went soft. Missy grabbed my face and kissed me hard. I could taste Adam on her and it drove me wild. Our kisses became more and more passionate and our hands roamed each others bodies. I lay down, and Missy crawled on top of me, crushing her huge hooters against me, flattening mine completely. She grabbed my hands and held them over my head, then kissed my neck. I could feel her mound grinding into mine, making me so wet I could feel it running down the crack of my ass.

She teased me as she went further south, unbuttoning my blouse and spending time on each freshly exposed nipple. When she got to my stomach every touch of her lips made my skin crawl. Little gasps of pleasure escaped my lips and I was lifting my hips off the carpet to meet her eager mouth.

She worked her way down to the top of my folds and ran her tongue back and forth right across the top of it, just barely touching my clit. I was panting and moaning like mad, wanting more. FINALLY she planted her face on my muff and used her tongue to part the tuft of long hair I left behind when shaving. She worked her tongue into me and sucked my nub between her lips. I grabbed big handfuls of her hair and shoved my crotch into her face. Waves of ecstasy rolled over me and I came again. I slowly became aware that I’d already had two crushing orgasms; Missy hadn’t yet. Time to turn the tables.

I rolled Missy off me and lay beside her on my side. I motioned for Adam to do the same. We each undid a few buttons and sucked the exposed breast. I took his hand and ran his fingertips down her leg and back, then undid her pants and helped wiggle her out of them.

She was completely clean-shaven, which was a serious turn on for me. Apparently it was for Adam too, as he made some low growling noise in the back of his throat and eased his face down onto her stomach. Missy parted her creamy thighs and Adam settled between them, inhaling her fragrance and stroking her with just his fingertips. Missy grabbed his hand and shoved two of his fingers deep into herself. It didn’t take long for him to figure out what she liked and continued in long strokes.

After a while I reached down and took Adam’s hand and put it on my thigh. I reached over and grabbed Missy’s face, pulling her towards me until we were facing each other on our sides. I wrapped my arms around Missy’s neck and thrust my tongue into her face. Our nipples found each other and sent electricity coursing between us. I could feel her mound pressing against mine. All of a sudden Missy’s eyes got wide and she groaned sending wonderful vibrations through my lips. Adam had slipped his hardening cock between Missy’s thighs and was pumping the tip along her moist folds. As he got harder it got closer and closer to my clit, eventually just parting my lips as he thrust his hips against Missy’s buns from behind. The tip was all lubed up from Missy and the softness of the tip felt wonderful but I desperately needed more. I just needed to let Missy get hers first! I prayed to the Gods that Adam would have one more erection for me.

I reached down between my legs and ran my fingertips along the underside of Adam as he thrust towards me. I increased the upward pressure until with one thrust I sent Adam deep into Missy. She cried out and then pushed back burying him deep inside her. They built up a rhythm with our mounds touching on the upswing. I was thrusting against Missy, grinding our pubes together while Adam pounded into her from the back. Our sandwich got sweatier and sweatier with everyone moaning, groaning and thrashing around. I think we all came at the same time. I wasn’t sure whose hands were whose, but they all left trails of sparks against my skin.

Eventually we all calmed down and stopped panting. “Oh my God!” Adam wheezed. “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt!” Missy just lay there with a silly grin on her face. I got up and went looking for the bathroom, which was attached to the office. I opened a door looking for a towel and realized it was a small stand up shower. I smiled and turned the water on full force and got in, letting the steamy spray work my shoulders until they started to relax. A hand started to wash my aching crotch and when I opened my eyes Missy was there. We embraced under the hot water, letting our tongues and fingers roam. I reached behind her and cupped her cheeks, spreading them so the water could run down the crack of her ass. She breathed heavily into my ear but I could tell she was looking over my shoulder. I glanced behind me to see Adam standing there watching us. Missy turned me around to face Adam, grabbed my chest and pulled me back against her.

Adam stepped into the shower and leaned against me, making me the middle of the sandwich. As he slowly got hard again (Good boy, Good boy!) his erection worked its way up between my thighs until the tip of it was against my folds. I arched my back away from Missy, riding the top of his pole and smothering it with my wetness. God, it was so hot! I could feel the warmth radiating through my crotch. Then Missy ran her hands down the outsides of my thighs and bent my knees while picking me up. With me dangling in her strong arms, Adam leaned forward and Missy, with agonizing slowness, lowered me towards Adam’s throbbing cock. She thrust her hips back and forth, brushing the tip of him along the whole length of my lips. He found his way home and Missy let me settle down onto him. My eyes got really wide as I accepted his girth. My body stretched to accommodate him and the sensation literally took my breath away. God, it felt so good to be full! I looked down and…shit! I only had half of him inside me. I leaned my head back on Missy’s shoulder and grunted.

“Ugh! Oh God, that feels so good! Please give me more! Please…” Missy let me settle some more and then Adam started thrusting. I thought my lungs were going to come out my throat, but I wanted to feel all of him inside me.

“You are so tight!” Adam exclaimed. I squeezed PC muscles, hanging onto him and making his eyes bulge out. I had my arms around Missy’s neck, my legs around Adam’s waist and with them taking most of my weight I could swivel my hips, letting Adam touch me in places I’d never been touched before.

Finally I got to the point that he was completely inside me and I was able to breathe again. I rocked my hips, Missy bounced me up and down and Adam thrust wildly, pinning Missy to the wall with me in the middle. I gathered my long hair and twisted it into a big braid, letting the ends fall between us, tickling our pubes. Adam was grunting loudly, I was screaming with pleasure and Missy tried not to slip and fall down. I picked my knees up to my chest and put my tiny feet on Adam’s shoulders, allowing him deeper access than I’d ever felt. I could feel him banging the bottom of my cunt and the sensations sent me into the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. I saw colors I didn’t know existed, heard my voice make sounds I’d never heard. Adam bellowed again and emptied into my spasming body. I could feel the warmth spread inside me as jet after jet erupted from him. The spasms rocked my cervix and sent me over the edge again, riding wave after wave of pleasure. I never wanted it to stop! Adam kissed me like a man gone mad, crushing his lips against mine, stuffing his tongue into my mouth, searching out mine. We wound them together for what seemed like hours. Slowly Adam withered and fell out. I put my legs down and tried to stand, which didn’t work. I sank to the floor and leaned back against the wall, letting the warm water beat against my chest while I caught my breath. I looked down between my legs and my lips were still distended from the pounding I’d received. They were yawning open and Adam’s seed oozed out of me, then the water washed it down the drain leaving white trails on the tile. I looked up at Missy. “Thank you,” I said silently.
“No, thank you two!” Adam kissed Missy, then proceeded to soap her up and rinse her off with the spray wand. After soaping her crotch he held the spray there, playing the water jets across her clit. “Oh! Right there, right there!” They were in their own little world, so I stood up, got out and dried off.

In a few minutes I heard Missy come again. They emerged with silly grins on their faces and soon we were all getting dressed, but there was a huge silence in the room. None of us quite knew what to say. Adam spoke first. “Um, I really need to get home. My wife is going to wonder what the hell happened to me and I don’t need any more crap from her right now. Is there any way I could see you two again? Or is this just some magical thing that happened, never to be repeated?”

I looked at him with my big round eyes and gave him my best puppy-dog look. “I certainly HOPE I’ll see you again. But I have to tell you you’ve set the bar pretty high. Lord knows what you do on your SECOND dates!” Missy laughed.

“I’ve never done anything like this before either but I’m game again. Leave me your number and we’ll try to figure something out.”

And later on that week we did…

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