Tricks and Treats found in the Dark. Teen Sex Stories



All works of fiction. No ages mentioned so make what assumptions you want. Happy belated Halloween.

The Halloween party had gone on too long, screaming kids flashing strobe lights and fog machines had drove me to drinking early and inviting some of my own friends over for an adult after party. Penny had promised that her friends and her would stay upstairs for the remainder of the night and too many drinks in I saw them slipping down the back staircase headed for the sprawling maze that had been set up for the party in our large backyard.

“Those little shits.“ I thought to myself as I saw their costumed silhouettes running into the maze. 
“They’re probably just playing hide and go seek” said my friend Darren as I vented to him on the back balcony overlooking the maze. My daughter Penny was at the age where she needed supervision but was very independent. She thought she was too cool for us and so were her friends. But a deal is a deal, they were supposed to be in her room by nine.

Trying to lighten my mood Darren said, “want to scare them?” 
Taking another swig of my drink I thought I couldn’t have come up with a better idea myself. Donning our demon masks from earlier we crept down to the maze and went inside. Having constructed the maze myself, I knew it better than anyone and we jumped out and scared the girls, who screamed running through the narrow pathways to get back to Penny’s bedroom.

Darren having quite a few drinks more than myself grabbed a small sexy silhouette by the waist and as he laughed he put his hand over her mouth.

“What do we have here? A sexy little black cat? It’s OK kitty, we’re not going to hurt you.”

He slurred his words as he whispered them into her ear. The lighting was bad but I could see a beautiful trembling face, with cat-like features painted onto it in black ink. She wore a small collar with a bell around her neck and fluffy black ears topped her head in a headband. Her newly budding breasts were perky and press together in what must be a new push-up bra. A thin waist and newly forming hips were packed together in a firm lean body that was made all the more appetizing by the black skin-tight leotard she was wearing.

I realize two things in that moment, first I recognized her. She was Penny’s friend Harmony. Penny’s very sexy friend Harmony. And secondly I knew due to our masks she definitely did not recognize me.

I was unsure of what Darren was going to do next, but I quickly looked up to Penny’s room to see that her lights were off. The girls are probably feigning sleep in case any of us went to check on them.

The fog from the fog machine swirled around our feet mixing with the actual fog cutting through the crisp air. I appraised Harmony from head to toe. She was trembling and wriggling in Darren‘s grasp. I looked up at Darren who smirked and simply said, 
“what do you think? Do we find this kitty’s home or do we keep her around to play for a little bit?”

My answer was to walk towards the porch, away from Darren and Harmony. I watched Harmony let out a breath, and then I turned and said, 
“Let me turn the motion lights off. Make sure everyone’s tucked in bed.”

On my way back I stopped by the garage and grab some duct tape. She was a little thing so I didn’t bother grabbing anything else to pin her down, I just need to make sure no one could hear her cry. On some level I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but on another level I thought I couldn’t have deserved this more. Screaming girls always running in and out of my house, me always doting on Penny’s every wish. What was left for me? What did I get for all of the hard work I did? Disobedient brats not following the one simple rule I had for them. Not an ounce of respect.

When I got back out to the maze the scene had only changed ever so slightly. One of Darren’s hands was cupped firmly over Harmony‘s mouth, the other was dipped into her cleavage, his large hand groping her while grinding his crotch into her back. Her whimpers were so quiet I almost thought of not bothering with the duck tape but aired on the side of caution, pulling out some of the role and ripping it with my teeth.

As I walked up to Darren he muttered “good thinking”, before removing his hand long enough for me to place the tape over her lips. This close I could see her eyes were large and green and wet with tears. Dark chestnut curls cascaded down just a little past her shoulders. I removed a tear from one of her high cheekbones in order to prevent it from smearing her lovely cat make up. I would be doing that for her.

On cue Darren began to rearrange her kneeling and resting her stomach on his thigh so her ass was round and up in the air. Quickly flicked her little black cat tail off to the side. Without another hesitation he slapped her open palmed on her plump little ass. She let out a whimper and wiggled, this time more furiously, which only made Darren laugh and repeat the action again.

He looked up at me, “you in on this or what?”
Unsure of even where to begin I kneel down and began massaging her breasts myself. They were firm and round and full. I began to pinch and prod her nipples and felt them peak under my fingertips. With another nod at Darren he slapped her ass one more time and she squealed through the gag before he flipped her over and splayed her on the lawn grass holding her wrists as she wiggled to get up.

“Shhh pretty kitty, shh” I crooned in her ear as I got on top of her. My immense form overshadowing her entire body. My hand pulling the spandex to the side revealing her pussy.

“Ooh a nice smooth kitty aren’t we?” I said as I began to work my fingers against her clit.

She moaned quietly looking away, eyes shut tight against my touch. When I felt the slightest trickle of wetness and slowly remove her her spandex jumper and kissed down her collarbone, then chest, brushing and suckling at her nipples before moving down her stomach and ending at her hipbones to lick the wetness between her slit. Darren let out a groan as he watched me, using one hand to hold down her wrists he began to rub himself over top of her with the other.

The sweet nectar between her legs felt like my own private Halloween treat, and as her legs quivered beneath me I began to part them and undo my belt.

“Uhh-!” She whined beneath the tape. “Uhh-uh!” Her body raised beneath me, her chest arched in resistance as I rested my body to fit against hers, my thick shaft pressing against her opening. Spreading her legs, so that they rested raised on either side of my arms. I nudged the tip of my head into her wet opening and circled its warmth before pulling back and thrusting in like a battering ram takes down a castle door.

Her scream could be heard through the tape but she was muffled by Darren’s quick hand pressing down over her mouth. Harmony’s tight little body ripped beneath me as I jammed my cock in full force. The tension of her body squeezing all my nerve endings into pure ecstasy. I began to work on her, gaining a rhythm with my thrusts to match her small “uuh-uh-uhs” and the light jingle of the bell on her collar. Her body felt to fragile in mind it was as if she were a doll.

Darren began pressing and squeezing her tits while jerking himself off, no longer bothering to hold her now limp body. Her hands stayed raised above her head as if he had never let go.

My breathing became more labored my thrusts more sporadic as I took every inch of my cock and beat into her with my whole body. When finally I felt the rise of my orgasm I leaned into her, flexing her legs entirely into the splits. Sweat dropped down onto her body and I felt myself burst into her, filling her with my seed.

I rolled off of her in a moment of pure elated exhaustion, before Darren said in a husky voice, “put her over your knee.”

Knowing he was an ass man through and through, I had seen this coming and I lifted her shuttering body as she breathed deeply through her nose trying to catch her breath. Once her ass was raised over my knee I began petting her hair, it was so soft and silky. I picked out the small twigs and leaves that have gotten caught within the strands. Readjusting her cat ears I turn to see Darren was ready, pants down and all 8 inches of his hard cock prone.

Slapping her ass again, he began spitting into his hands and then, inserted first one finger, then two into her puckered asshole. The red welts on her ass from the spankings tensed at his invasion, and he began working his fingers in and out. She reached her hand back to protect herself but I clamped her wrist down to the ground with one hand and continue to pet her hair as she writhed on my lap, crying.

She grew silent as his head pressed against her ass cheeks and with force he started to press himself inside of her. Once the tip had made it in he pulled back out and I heard her release a deep breath from her nose, her gasps intermingled with tears as he began the action again this time pressing further and before releasing and then repeating. Intermittently slapping her and gripping her hips like handlebars he slowly worked his way inside of her before beginning a steady pulsing into her body. For what felt like eternity it was silent except for the erotic sound of skin to skin contact slapping together and her groans of
 “Uh-uh-uuuh-uuh” as I pet her while she was ridden like an animal.

With each pulse she shuttered against my leg as if to break but he kept at it until his finale thrust in which he forcibly rammed all of him into her body and she let out a small cry before going limp. Fainting from the pain. Cum oozed out of her red beaten cheeks and using his tie Darren wiped her up and pulled her leotard back into place.

Slowly, as to not wake her, we removed the tape and carried her up into the bedroom where all of the girls lay splayed in different sleeping bags. Setting Harmony in the empty one, I kissed her lips, sliding my tongue into her mouth as she groaned and stirred. Her body looking small and broken, hair mussed, cat ears askew and face paint smeared. We left her, shutting the door behind us.

Darren smirked at me upon us exiting downstairs. The adult party still in full swing we knocked glasses and toasted to tricks and treats found in the dark.

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