Tom’s parallel world – 1. Stories with Anal


Tom, eye’s shut, slowly came to his senses. His head hurt, badly…

What The Fuck happened ?, he tried to remember events, the wind blew up quick, the howling driving rain, the tent flapping in the wind.

Yesterday he had walked along the cliff top, like many other nights he found a great spot, just off the coastal path, away from the cliff’s edge. He had Pitched his small tent, one of the few things he actually got out of his failed relationship with that bitch.. she had screwed him over BIG time… he had nothing to his name except what was in his rucksack… thank goodness he had avoided a shared bank account, although she had begged him to share his money, after all “he worked for her father.” She had argued many times.

So when she got bored and preferred his best mate, he had no idea of how long he had been deceived, but once he caught them, it had deteriorated fast, he lost their apartment (no need for it to be in both our names, she had also said…), lost his job and there was no way he was going to return to living with his parents..


He had only meant to walk for a few days, to clear his head. That was weeks ago, he found the peace and tranquility rewarding, no pressure, no nagging. Once he had reached the coast, he decided to follow it, Wild camping, with the odd night in a camp site, to shower and shave.

He had met a few other walkers along the way, the one pair of gorgeous female students, was promising, but they preferred each other.

He opened one eye, seeing the tent had collapsed around him. Bright sunlight was promising, so he opened the other, y’up tent down. He lifted his arms, to raise the tent enough to find the zip, then tried to crawl over.

“Whaaaat…?” he definitely wasn’t on hard ground, the floor of the tent wasn;t supporting his weight on either arm or elbow. He reached the zip, opened up and sort of more fell out, than crawled out. Into a bush.. A small fight with thorns and branches had him stood in a thicket of bushes, tent perched on the top.. “Whaaaaat ?” he thought again… Where was the clearing from last night ?… that wind must have blown the tent clear off the ground…

With his head banging, he must have hit something hard when the tent was flung around in the air, he gathered his tent and belongings into a ball and climbed out of the bush thicket onto what should be a cliff path, but it wasn’t, there was the cliff edge, but not the path that was there last night.

He unraveled his ball of tent on a wide flat spot, emptied his belongings out. Ate what was left of the scraps he had, crisps and cheese and some of the water. Slowly packed everything into his rucksack and gathered his thoughts. The day looked promising, just like yesterday, the sunset was a beauty, early spring, so one to enjoy with the promise of more to come over summer.

The sea looked calm, no wind and some clouds in the sky but nothing to hint at the storm overnight last night. Whilst definitely the same view, things didn’t look or feel quite the same, Tom put that down to his headache. Oh well, there is a cove a mile or two up ahead, with a village and pub, he’ll feel better after some pub grub.

Tom walked on, rucksack on, hoping the fresh air would clear his head a little, came to a spur of land and a breeze brought a sweet aroma to his nose, just a hint, what could smell that nice, not overpowering but encouraged him round the bend in the path. Feeling a little light headed, he saw cottages close by, edging the cliff, with the cove extending out beyond, tucking inshore to a few houses and a beach. Then the land curved around and turned back out to sea. Creating a picture perfect view, very twee, so rural, almost biscuit tin lid perfect.

As he walked, now downhill slightly, he smelt the sweet aroma again, stronger now almost intoxicating, he could see a body stretched out in front of one of the cottages, maybe that was the source of the nectar, he thought. As he got closer, the body stretched out over the lawn sunbathing, became more defined, even though it was laying facing away downhill, the body curved like no other, legs tucked up underneath, arms outstretched in front, head resting on arms… lovely curves down the spine, arching to a beautifully rounded arse, smooth and blending, Tom felt his blood rising, his head throbbed, as now did his penis… he was transfixed as he walked closer.

His vision was blurring slightly, feeling somewhere between tipsy and drunk, but as he walked on, feeling as if a magnet were pulling him forwards, blinking, the blurring eased and he realised the beauty sun bathing was naked, why not, with no one else around, well except for him, his blood rose and he had to scratch his balls and adjust his crotch to allow his penis to extend, rather than being trapped, double up in his grubby under wear.

The shape was gorgeous, the closer he got, the more he appreciated the beauty, the stronger the magnetic field felt and the more he wanted to dive in and celebrate this beauty. It looked to be his height, curves showing a slim torso, which gave away it’s breathing, swelled and relaxed, then a tail flicked from hiding behind it’s one side to the other – A TAIL !!

” What ?” Tom stopped short and gasped . The body’s head immediately turned upon hearing him, sitting up, getting up onto arms, the top half of the torso rotated round, showing it to be a beautiful female form, with a pair of wonderfully rounded breasts curved in front of her.

She was shaped like a cat, must be some form of brilliant cat costume he thought, to try to convince himself of some explanation but that didn’t explain the tail. Then a breeze brushed by, ruffling her fur, causing her to shiver slightly, rippling her fur. Tom was transfixed. How could she be a cat, from her size she isn’t much shorter than himself. She was naked except for her fur, Tom blinked, rubbed his eyes, not believing what he was seeing, this beauty was a cat, those ears flicked and rotated with her tail, her luminescent green eyes were deep and inviting.

“Hi, sorry I didn’t see you “ she said breaking the spell,

“I, I.. I ‘m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” stammered Tom, not believing what his eyes were showing him and his balls ached for, his penis was now a ram rod, trying to burst out of his shorts.

“Hi, I’m Sarah “ she said, as she extended a paw,

Tom stepped forward, extended his hand , replying “Hi, I’m Tom, very pleased to meet you “ and as they softly clasped hands, an electric like shock ran through Tom, his balls almost exploded and he gasped. Embarrassed at his excitement, he looked down at their hands. Shocked, recoiling at what he saw, he exclaimed brutally “thumbs – cats don’t have opposable thumbs, you just spoke – you aren’t suppose to talk, nor just have one pair of tits ”..

She immediately changed, looked furtively around, surprised, almost terrified, “come inside, quickly, has anyone seen you ?, who else have you spoken to ?…” she asked in quick succession. She pulled him to the cottage behind, through the low door, so low Tom had to duck, before she closed the door behind him, she looked back outside, looking all around, checking to be sure no one had seen them.

“Good grief, in all the years I have lived here, I just assumed these were fisherdog stories, fairytales they made up to scare puppies and kittens..” she exclaimed, “ you have to be careful, such talk could get you into a lot of trouble, the dogs in the village would tear you apart if they even thought you had said that, there are stories of them feeding blaspheming humans to the mermaids…” Sarah said, pausing to let it sink in.

CATS, DOGS, puppies, kittens and now mermaids, thought Tom, shocked and now starting to panic, I knew Cornwall could be isolated but this ??…

Sarah went on, but talking almost in a whisper, slowly “Tom, where you come from, are…..Dogs and cats……pets ? “. Stunned, Tom slowly, carefully, deliberately nodded yes.

“Never, ever, but never say such a thing, there are stories of humans repeating this and they are never seen again. These are dangerous words, even said in private.” instructed Sarah sternly.

“B , b, b, but, you have seen humans before ?” asked Tom, stammering in shock.

“Yes, we all live together, happily, in harmony in this world and I say this world, because if these stories are true, you are not from this world…” replied Sarah, in a serious tone “you walked following the cliff path, did you stop overnight between here and Church Cove?”

“Yes, I camped in-between, on the cliff top coastal path, last night a storm whipped up, I woke with a thumping headache and still inside my collapsed tent , but now perched on top a bush” replied Tom.

“So the stories are true, every 7 years, we have a storm, like no other, just local, between here and Church Cove village, west of here, the fisherdogs warn people not to stay out after dark on the coastal path. There are tales that once in a generation, a human appears during these storms. The ones that appear go mad, not understanding their new situation, one jumped off a cliff into a raging sea and rocks beneath with madness. Some rage about pets, neutering and castrating, the fisher dogs take them away, take them out to sea and they are never heard of again, they are never talked about, I thought it was all hearsay, fable, fantasy, but we are on dangerous ground. “ said Sarah, still in low tones, as she moved around the room, checking the windows for unseen prying eyes, pulling curtains closed.

Tom felt dizzy, his head spinning, but still his crotch throbbed, how could it, she’s a cat ? he kept admiring this beautiful creature in front of him, as she spoke, he could see every change of expression, fur moving, flowing around her body movements and he found it intoxicating, exciting, horny and that tail, the sexiest thing ever, as it swished and curled.

He had never felt such wanton lust, he strained to see her breasts and between her rear legs at every opportunity, smelling that sweet aroma, wanting to bathe in her, in that smell…His knees felt weak, with all the blood pulsing round his crotch, balls aching, penis throbbing, it was all he could do to remain standing up.

Sarah saw this, she hastened over to him, “are you ok, sit down, you look dizzy”, she pointed at one of the woven basket seats, one in each corner with back rests, with thick cushions, very retro. Tom dropped into one, very comfy, larger than a normal seat, more for curling up in, he thought.

“In answer to your question, yes, some padded animals developed opposable thumbs in our evolution, cats, dogs, some rabbit species, with a few exceptions, like rodents and hoofed animals, cows, horses etc. we evolved together and after a few problems back in the dark ages, we now live in harmony with humans. Yes I can speak, like you we enjoy sex for pleasure, only have a few siblings, I am unusual being single, with 3 kittens as triplets, hence just one pair of breasts.”

Sarah accentuated this by raising up on her rear legs, opened her front legs, puffing her chest out, to proudly show her white underbelly, with her two lovely rounded breasts, not just pink teats, like domesticated cats back on Tom’s home world, but lovely, not too small not too large…

Tom’s eyes nearly burst out of his head on stalks, if his dick could have, it would have unzipped itself from his shorts, it was bursting pushing hard at the seams..

Being this close, his eyes were focusing better now. Sarah was definitely a cat, mainly white, but with a light beige coloured , faint tiger like pattern all over, which explained why he thought she was a naked human early on, her underbelly, tail and ears remained plain white. Her eyes were hypnotic, definitely cats eyes, luminescent green.

“You look hot, flushed, can get you a drink ?, I would say milk , but I would expect you want something we don’t have, like tea or coffee, I’m sorry…” sarah apologised.

“It’s ok, water would be ok, thanks…” said, as he watched her, turn, dropping back onto all fours, almost doubling back on herself in the small room, slinked out through another low doorway, showing her lovely round rump, tail raising, giving Tom a glimpse of her anus and vagina (well not being a cat lover, he was in uncharted territory, normally allergic to cats but this was different, more powerful in a completely unexpected way). He felt an emptiness once she was out of sight.

She returned just as smoothly, with a glass of water in paw, slinking through the doorway on 3 legs as well as 4 Tom admired. With her re-appearance Tom felt that wave of desire again, the emptiness now gone, replaced with lust.

Once she was through the low doorway, from what must be the kitchen, she rose to walk on her rear 2 legs, just like a human, but smoother, ballet like, the higher room ceiling allowing for this.

He was close to just pulling his dick out and masturbating openly, he was swooning.

Sarah looked down, admired his bulging shorts and seeing his anxious discomfort, concerned she stammered “er… are you ok ? you’re not allergic to me in any way are you, as you seem to be…. Oh ! “

Now, it was Sarah’s turn to be startled, as she realised what she was seeing,

“ You…. you,…. you’re attracted to me, sexually ?.” Tom nodded in reply, trying to beg, but unable to speak “.. I’m in heat, this isn’t suppose to happen to humans, you aren’t suppose to sense my sweet heat hormones – it’s why I am up here at home, being on heat, in the pub, where I work , would just send the dogs into frenzy. I’ve even sent my 3 kittens to stay with friends, it doesn’t happen often but when it does, being single, you have to almost isolate….”

As Sarah spoke and reality dawned on her, here she was, in full heat, with a male, who no one knew about, who was new …to everything.

Subconsciously she curled her tail around, over her back, stroking his neck and cheek with the tip, he shivered with excitement. She came in close, thankfully he had a tidy beard and a little hair, naked human skin is a little too much nakedness, thankfully humans wear clothes, but they would be so much nicer with fur…She was now starting to run on automatic, her heat taking over…. Tom was now almost prey.

Tom looked, almost in horror, as she dropped down onto her front legs her then lowered, head bent down to his crotch, “ you can stroke my ears” Sarah said, tilting her head down to offer Tom her ears, Tom reached his arms forward, his hands touched at the base of her triangulated ears, one each, she purred quietly, he brushed his hands round, following up to the tips, her purring increased. He repeated, keeping his stokes slow and soft, her fur was soft and silky. “Perfect Tom, just like that” Sarah confirmed. He felt his penis almost burst, he looked down, at the top of her head, he could feel her hot breath on his crotch, her front paws smoothly came up his thighs, found his zip, pulled it down and loosened his belt.

She brought her rear around the side of the chair, almost bending herself double, tail in the air, the sweet smell was stronger than ever, not a sickly sweet smell but something light but powerful. “now my tail, in the same way Tom” Sarah whisperingly asked… Tom moved his right hand, from her ear, to her tail alongside him, starting at the base, wrapping his hand around it, softly, like the first stroke of a wank, slowly, softly pulling upwards to the tip, Sarah purred louder, deep inside… Tom’s left hand continued to twirl and stroke her ear.

Sarah’s paws pulled at Tom’s shorts, he raised his bum for a second, Sarah pulled them quickly down to below his knees and now he was in his boxers, he felt her exhale on his crotch, her warm damp breath was like velvet, his dick was stretching his boxers out, with a damp patch of pre-cum… Tom’s hand returned to the base of Sarah’s tail, as he was about to start another stroke upwards Sarah falteringly whispered “time to go lower, under my tail, I need you to….” Tom drew his hand down the base of her tail, stroked her anus, she shivered , her tail quivering now, “ lower, maybe another time, I hear you humans like that, but lower…” Sarah purred, she was now almost panting. Her mouth opened, Sarah looked up smiling open mouthed, showing razor sharp teeth… She lowered onto his bulging boxers, Tom whilst at the height of excitement was now terrified, what passes for sex here ?…

Toms right hand was now, just slowly lowering below her anus, a little patch of fur and then a wet patch, his middle finger found the slit, as the first finger slipped in, Sarah’s teeth snatched at Toms boxers and with a twist of her head, his boxers split and tore open, his sprung loaded dick flicked onto her nose.

Faster than he could see, she engulfed his throbbing member with her mouth, no teeth thankfully, just lips and tongue wrapped around… His body quaked, her tail was now quivering continuously and her purring was deep, vibrating his dick and his fingers… Her tongue was like no humans, part rough , part soft, as she flicked it up and around, alternating, then the rough lapping down to his balls and back up to the tip, her lips now deep onto his pubic hair, fully immersing his penis.

Well that was it, Tom’s load exploded into Sarah’s mouth, The pressure that had built up just couldn’t be contained any longer,

Tom felt as if rivers of cum came out, he thrust his hips up and she pushed her head down , her lips pushing down on his crotch, Tom’s finger pushed hard quivering into her pussy (do they call it that ? or is it a “human” Tom pondered for some ridiculous moment). One finger quickly became 2, inside a well lubricated tunnel that vibrated with her purring, that echoed onto his dick and balls. The Sarah sucked, jeez Tom thought he would be sucked inside out… she was incredible.

Tom kept vibrating and pumping his fingers, Sarah stopped sucking and released his now limp dick, resting her head on his lap “keep going, please don’t stop” she pleaded “use your thumb, find the hard spot “, Tom, using his right thumb searched the damp lips of Sarah’s vulva, hard whilst pumping from the wrist, then he found it, as soon as he tweaked it, Sarah convulsed,

“meaow” she screeched, purring rapidly, “in time, faster, harder, please , please…” pleaded Sarah again, Tom adjusted his hand hold, matching her rhythm, keeping his thumb flicking what must be her G spot, as Sarah’s head came off his lap, bringing round her rear, tail and bum onto his lap, stretching her head and body out in front, front paws out stretched on the floor, thrusting her hips, using her rear legs, her tail vertical in the air, showing her anus to him, the sweet aroma was now so intoxicating his vision was blurred, he could feel his penis re-building. Sarah started to slowly rhythmically walk her rear legs, on the spot, adding to the movement in her vagina

Tom stared at her anus and couldn’t resist, it was calling to him, all he had to do was lean forwards, his nose hit the base of her tail, she quivered again, he pushed his tongue out and immediately tasted the sweet aroma he had been smelling since he had walked around that spit of land this morning. His brain nearly exploded, he had to have more, he pushed his tongue deeper, licking around the outer ring then back inside.

Sarah body convulsed, “meaow” she screeched again, her rear was thrusting backwards, as Tom’s tongue and fingers pushed forwards, her purring was now augmented by panting and heaving breathing, then she doubled up, in convulsions like electric shocks, vibrating and screaming, juices flowed down her vagina, spraying over his hand, arm and T shirt. Coming to a final spasm and Sarah held mid thrust.

The strength of the wave of sweet aroma coming with Sarah’s cum juices hit Tom like a base ball bat, he could just sit there stunned momentarily ecstatic, feeling himself cum too, just with the pleasure of pleasuring her and receiving the chemical rewarding high, better than any alcohol or drug. He had never felt similar or had ever had anyone react like that ! He withdrew his fingers, now realizing he was soaked with cat cum.

She slowly came down, relaxing, exhaling, sliding her rear down his lap, slowly caressing it over his now rejuvenating dick, teasing it by brushing her wet vulva lips and anus along it’s flaccid length.

Then turning around to face him, with a smile, she brought her head back to face his, bringing her lips up to his, kissing him, not a peck, an open mouth, a lovers kiss, holding it, whilst wrapping her front legs around , her paws to the rear of his head, Tom did likewise, bringing his hands up behind her ears, her tongue went in deep, again rough but in a nice way, her lips were exotic , Tom felt his penis starting to fill again and Sarah purred in response….

“well, if I knew that humans were like that, I would have tried one sooner “ Sarah whispered , as she pulled back and winked at him, with those deep luminescent green eyes.

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