Time Stopping App: Chapter two


I sat back down on my bed and just let out a breath of air. The excitement of the whole situation and what I just did started to leave my body leaving me to really take in what happened. As I stared at the app on my phone I couldn’t help but just smile to myself realizing the power I had at my fingertips. I now have the power to live some people’s greatest fantasies and the best part is it was only for me.

Thoughts in my head started racing in my mind of all the things I could do with this power. I could learn so much without any time passing, get fit, mess with people, and the biggest thing on my mind was losing my virginity. I know I could have lost it with my sister, Ariana, but I did not want to start with her. Now my mind filled with all the people who I could lose it to soon.

Knock knock The sound of some knocking on my door broke me out of my thoughts as I called out “Who is it?”

My mom slowly opened the door and peeked her head in a bit. Just seeing her face made me question if I should lose it to her, she has long blonde hair and sparkling green eyes just like Ariana. Her face was a bit more narrow than my sister but it made her look more sexy than cute. She had a gorgeous smile as well with full lips that would make any guy fawn over her.

With my mom’s head poked though the door though she smiled at me and just asked “Are you still going to hangout with Kevin today?”

I was a bit surprised not by her knowing but the fact that I totally forgot I was gonna go to Kevin’s today. He has been my long time best friend to the point of almost being like my brother. My mom basically treats him like family too with how close we were. I smiled back at my mom and just excitedly answered “Yeah I am! Will you still drive me over there?”

Her warm smile never left her face and she just nodded “Of course, I do have to run some errands today though so you will you be ready to go in about 15?”

The soft tone of her voice just makes me smile as I reply “Yeah I’ll be ready, I’ll meet you downstairs.” With that she retreats her head and closes the door. I then hop up in a bit of a panic feeling like I’m not gonna be ready to go in just 15 minutes. I need to change, clean myself up a bit and pack a bag of games and such. I end up freezing deciding what to do first but I eventually look down and see my phone and all of a sudden start to relax. I reach down and grab it closing the list of people before hitting the pause button. Everything around goes quiet again which causes me to let out a sigh of relief.

With time frozen I just take my time cleaning myself up a bit to make sure I’m not a total mess. I then throw some clean clothes on, which is just shorts and a shirt. With that part done I grab one of my bags and start to put in some video games and making sure to grab some cables and chargers before being completely done. With everything I need being done I head back to my bed and grab my phone unfreezing time. I decide to just relax in my bed and scroll through some Internet forums with my new found time before I have to head on downstairs to go.

I go and wait by the garage as I wait for my mom until I hear her call out “I’m coming!” After I heard that she came around the corner and I couldn’t help but stare a bit. The temptation of losing my virginity to her came back as I stared at her body in a tight fitting shirt with some jeans. She was only 38 but still had a perfect body. It was tight and toned from all the yoga she would do and that would only accentuate her curves. She had full D cup breasts, that even with the bit of sag I’ve seen, they’re still perfect. Then just going down her body she had her tight stomach followed by wide hips that gave to a perfect bubbly ass. While Ariana did have a nice ass it couldn’t compare to my moms. The tight fitting jeans she wore only seemed to show it off more and seeing her in this outfit did make my dick twitch.

I had to shake my head as I saw my moms lips move but heard nothing. She then stared for a second before saying “Are you okay sweetie?” with slight concern in her voice.

I shook my head again before smiling at her, “sorry, I’m okay. I think I just zoned out for a bit.”

Her concerned look was washed away and in came a little laugh “off in your own world again, well come on i can’t wait around for your day dreams to end.”

Laughing a bit with her I then opened the door to the garage and let her go out first in a way to be a gentleman but also to get another look at her ass. It was very tempting to just say fuck it and pause time but I decided to control myself for now and just let time go.

The ride over to Kevin’s house was short while me and my mom made some small talk. As we got there she parked the car and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before sending me off. I got out and headed up to the door before giving it a quick knock. A moment later the door swung open and Kevin stood in front of me with a huge grin.

Just like me Kevin was an introvert and also a a bit of a nerd so it’s why we got along so well. Looks wise though we were pretty different. He had short dark brown hair along with hazel eyes and a more narrow face. His skin was a light brown due to his Mexican heritage. He stood at 5’6” with a very slim build that I made it seem like a harsh wind would blow him away. He also wore glasses, though at least he had ones that fitted well on his face.

Seeing him though a grin spread across my face too as I stepped up and did a little handshake with him. Once I was fully inside though he closed the door and immediately we heard his mother call out “Is that Jake?”

Me and Kevin both laughed knowing how his mother is before calling back out “Sì mama!” His answer was met with the sound of some dishes being moved around and a moment later her appearing around the corner.

Ms. Lopez stood in front of us and I couldn’t stop my boner from going all the way up at the sight of her. She was easily one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. She had medium brown curly hair that sat right around her shoulders. Followed by her light brown eyes that were connected by a perfectly shaped nose. This just lead down to her beautiful thick lips that have given me some dirty thoughts before. All of this sat on her beautifully rich brown skin. While her face was amazing too she truly had a perfect body too. She had a very curvy body that held both full c cup tits and a thick ass connect to some wide hips. While my mom was curvy she still didn’t have the figure of Ms. Lopez.

She stood in front of us wearing a low cut blouse and some tight jeans which just showed her body off even better. My dick just started twitching at the sight of her and it wasn’t helped when she smiled and came closer to me to give me a hug. “Oh come here! I’m glad you were able to come!” Her voice was filled with happiness as her body pressed into mine and her tits mashed against my chest. The feeling of it all made my dick get rock hard again and once that happened I knew she would be the one to take my virginity.

Part of me wanted to wait and also felt guilty since it was my best friends mom and also like a second mother to myself but I couldn’t control myself anymore. Once she let me go I said hello to her while acting like I got a message on my phone. As I pulled it out I quickly opened the app and froze time. Everything stood still and I just smiled.

Without wasting a second I quickly moved in on Ms. Lopez and reached out for her tits grabbing the perfect handfuls. I reached into the opening just to get a better feel of her bare breasts as she wasn’t even wearing a bra. My cock twitched at the sensation of her soft ample flesh in my hands. I could feel her nipples start to harden a bit due to the effects of my touch along with the power to let things move more naturally to my touch. I couldn’t help but start pinching them and pulling at them a bit. My fun was cut off though as I felt my dick throb inside my shorts. Excitement filled my body and lust took over my mind as I knew what was gonna happen.

With these thoughts I just had to start taking her blouse off. I was still careful not to rip it as I peeled it off her body leaving her bare chest out in the open for me. I was able to look at just how good her body and tits were. She had just a little bit of fat on her body but it filled her out nicely. Then her perfect dark brown nipples were right in front of me and I had to move in and start to suck on them. My mouth went back and forth between them just enjoying the taste of her all while my hands moved down to start unbuttoning her jeans. Once they were unbuttoned, I pulled them down slowly off her body as her sexy black bikini cut panties came into my view. As I kept pulling them down I could clearly see the mound for her push lips in the panties followed by her sexy thick thighs. The sight of her body like this was almost too much for me as I could feel my dick twitch rapidly while releasing precum. I felt almost close to cumming too but I had to hold it in until I got inside of her.

Once her jeans were off, I pushed them to the side and just took a step back staring at her body in just her panties. It really was an amazing sight but I wanted to do more than stare. I quickly stepped back in and grabbed the sides of her panties before pulling them down in one fell sweep leaving her bare body for me to behold. My eyes immediately were glued to her crotch though as I saw a nice bunch of trimmed hair leading right to her pussy. The lips of her pussy seemed to be just as full as her lips on her mouth which only excited me more. I wanted to take my time and explore her body now but I knew I wouldn’t last if I did that so instead I just grabbed her and moved her body over a bit. With time being frozen everything became a lot lighter which made it easy for me to move and position her against a wall. I then bent her over a little causing her rounds ass to stick out while exposing her holes. I took a good look and grabbed my phone taking a few quick pics before putting it away and taking my shorts off.

My dick stood stiff as it twitched with excitement. I didn’t wasn’t anytime getting up behind her and pressing my cock against her ass which sunk in from the pressure because it was so soft. I let out a small groan of pleasure as I rested it there for a second. After enjoying the feeling though I moved it and put it between her cheeks and started pushing it against her pussy. I could already feel it was a bit wet which was turning me on more and I couldn’t wait. I started to thrust but instead just slide right against her inner lips. I then backed up and tried again but the same thing happened.

In that moment it came to me that I didn’t know where the entrance to a pussy was and I just felt kind of stupid. Still I wasn’t gonna let this stop me so I stepped back and crouched down so Ms. Lopez’s ass was in front of my face. I licked my lips a little as I grabbed two handful of her cheeks and spread them revealing herself to me. I could easily see her tight brown asshole which made me think for a moment of putting it in there but it wasn’t the right time yet. Instead I moved my thumbs in to spread her pussy lips and it was then that I was able to see her hole. “It’s much lower than thought it would be” I said to myself before standing back up.

With my new found knowledge I stepped back up and aligned my throbbing dick with her pussy. Then I started to thrust in and this time it started to slide inside her hole. I immediately felt a warm and wetness surrounding my cock as it sunk deeper and deeper into her. This feeling I’ve never felt before was truly something else and I just had to moan all the way until I was buried inside her. For a moment I waited just wanting to enjoy the new sensation as it made my dick twitch and throb violently. At this point I knew I wasn’t gonna last long either so I just decided to grab a hold of her hips and start thrusting. With each thrust I pulled all the way back and slammed back in causing her ass cheeks to jiggle back against me. I could feel ever little feeling around my dick too sending me into an overload. The feeling was all too much and I was only able to last about a minute before I pushed deep inside her and started letting my seed fly. I pumped a few ropes into her before I felt my balls empty and I had to pull out. As I did my dick flopped down and I could see a bit of my cum leak out before freezing in time.

A smirk grew across my face as I saw the beautiful sight in front of me. I just took it in as I started to breath to catch my breath from the intense orgasm I just had. However, after a few moments my head started to clear and I realized what I had done. “I really just filled my best friends mom with my cum” I thought to myself in a panic as I got back up. I stepped closer to her body to get a better look and as I did, it was easy to tell I wouldn’t be able to do much to get it out of her. All I could really do is hope and pray so with that I cleaned myself up a little and put my shorts back on before dressing Ms. Lopez back up. Once I did, I tried my best to position her back to how she was so that nobody would be too suspicious. I then tried my best to remember how I was positioned and I think I got myself about right.

I hesitated for a moment but then clicked the play button. I had a smile on my face as I stared at Ms. Lopez but all of a sudden she started to squirm a bit and let out a moan. She quickly covered her mouth and looked at me and Kevin embarrassed. Kevin quickly stepped forward seeing his moan lean over a bit and with worry asked “Are you okay?”

Quickly I decided to play along and put on a worrisome face too and asked “Ms. Lopez what’s wrong?”

She took a moment and I could still see her shaking a bit as she tried to compose herself. “Sorry, I just got a really bad chill. I’m gonna excuse myself but make yourself at home Jake.”

She had put on her best smile before walking off in a bit of a hurry. I felt a bit bad not knowing that would happen but it also excited me too seeing the look of pleasure on her face as she moaned. As I looked over to Kevin though he still had a slightly worried look on his face so I lightly slapped his arm. “I’m sure she’s okay, looks like maybe her stomach just got upset” I just said casually.

He perked up a bit and just nodded before looking towards my bag and asking “so did you bring the games?”

I just smirked and nodded before tapping him again causing us both to race upstairs to his room. In the back of my mind I still worried a bit about Ms. Lopez and my cum inside her but there’s nothing I could do about it now.

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