Time Stopping App: Chapter three


For the next few hours Kevin and I just sat in his room playing a bunch of different games. Just like always we played some coop games and competitive games. Usually I was the one to always beat Kevin but today, he was kicking my ass. Though I knew exactly why and it was because I still had Ms. Lopez in the back of my mind. The whole scenario kept playing back in my mind in how good she looked and felt. Also filling her up and how good that felt, though I was still worried about that.

“Got you again!” Kevin yelled with an excited look on his face, snapping me

out of my thoughts.

“Yeah yeah, I’m just having an off day but next time your definitely going down again” I snap back at him with a grin. He grins back and we both laugh a bit before hearing a knock at the door. Then Ms. Lopez opens the door and smiles at us.

“Seems like you boys are having fun! Just wanted to check on you two and see if you needed anything” she asks with a sweet smile.

Both me and Kevin shake our head before I speak up though wanting to hear an answer, “Are you feeling okay still Ms. Lopez? You seemed a bit off earlier and it got me worried.”

I see the look on Ms. Lopez change for a second before she warmly smiled again and answered, “I’m okay, my stomach just got upset was all. You’re very sweet though for worrying.” Her smile grows a bit but I could still see something was bothering her due to her eyes. Now I knew she must have seen or at least felt the cum inside of her. She’s probably more confused than anything but there’s nothing she could do to know it was me either so I just tried to relax. Still

Seeing her there tempted me to do it again with her though I don’t know if I’d want her to start getting really freaked out.

I decided not too and she leaves after doing her check up on us. Me and Kevin go back to playing when my mom calls me and tells me she will be coming around in an hour to pick me up. It’s at that point where Kevin and I stop playing and decide to just chill for a bit while also packing my games up. We talked about our typical stuff which included some games, anime and school stuff. As we did though I started thinking if I should tell him about the app. Part of me felt like I shouldn’t but the other part felt like I should since he is basically a brother and we have shared everything with each other. Plus even though it’s mine to use I still have the rule to allow other people to be unfrozen as well. Another reason would be for the fact that we have talked about this type of thing before and the things we would do so I’d feel bad for hiding something like this from him.

Without realizing though I heard the doorbell ring and I went to check the time. It was definitely my mother here to pick me up so I had to push that thought back for now. I could always tell him tomorrow or something after thinking it over more.

I heard my mom and Ms. Lopez talking downstairs as I made sure I had everything packed. I then got up to head downstairs and Kevin followed. As we came down I could see them catching up a bit and laughing like they always do. They’ve become close friends due to me and Kevin and it always made me happy seeing my mom have a friend like her so things really worked out. After a few more minutes of them talking though my mother said she did have to get going since she had groceries in the car and called to me. I started heading out and said goodbye to Ms. Lopez. She gave me another hug which instantly got my dick hard as I remembered earlier but didn’t want to do anything about it now.

The car ride home was pretty uneventful with my mom just making more small talk with me about my day and hers. Eventually we pulled up to our house and she backed into the garage to make it easy for us to get the groceries in. As we parked she told me to go get Ariana so she could help out as well.

I hopped out the car and grabbed two bags of groceries before calling out to my sister “Hey Ariana! Get down here and help with the groceries.” I stood still for a second and a moment later I heard some footsteps coming down the stairs. As she came around the corner she had a slight annoyed look on her face but it wasn’t aimed at me so I didn’t care. Without saying anything she passed right by me and I couldn’t help but look down and see her perfectly round ass in some short shorts that had part of her cheeks hanging out. Again my dick rose up in excitement and I followed behind her to keep a good look for a few moments before getting back to the groceries.

Me and Ariana helped haul in all the groceries as my mom was inside organizing them and putting them away. The entire time I could barely keep my eyes off my sister though as her ass swayed back and forth with her steps. It didn’t help either that she was wearing a tight fitting shirt that was getting pushed to the limits cause of her bust. Just seeing her like this didn’t help at all as my dick was just throbbing in my shorts. As we went to go get the last bit of groceries, she went first and had to bend over to get some of the bags that slid back. As she did I got a perfect view of her ass cheeks as her shorts rode up between them more and that is what made me lose it.

I needed relief at this point so I quickly pulled out my phone and opened the app before pausing time. Everything went quiet again as I stared right back at Ariana’s perfect ass. My cock throbbed in excitement even though I knew it shouldn’t because she’s my sister. I didn’t care at this point though as my other head had taken control and after losing my virginity today it feels like my dick only wants more.

Now with time frozen I stepped out of my shorts and let my hard cock out before stepping up behind Ariana. I slap my cock on her soft ass making it throb again in anticipation. My hands reach up for her shorts and as I grab the sides I hesitate for a moment thinking about how I’m gonna fuck my sister and if I really should. Another twitch of my cock pushes that thought out of my mind though and I pull her shorts down leaving her ass in just a tiny white thong. The sight is amazing especially with her perfectly round cheeks and I have to get two full handfulls and squeezing. I let out a groan myself as I get to feel just how soft they are and now I know I need to get between them.

I reach again and this time pull her thong to the side exposing her glistening pink pussy. She didn’t have fat full lips like Ms. Lopez but her pussy was just as perfect. I couldn’t help but lower myself down to get a better look. As I did I could really see her slick juices covering her pussy and her folds. Without even thinking i move my head in and take a sniff. Her aroma quickly fills my nose and it’s intoxicating. It’s a smell of something sweet yet erotic and it causes my dick to twitch over and over again. With the smell filling my nose though I couldn’t stop myself from sticking my tongue out and licking her pussy. Her juices fell onto my tongue, letting me taste a slight sharp sour taste but it was delicious. I didn’t even realize myself as I began licking again and again. Her sweet juices kept flowing out onto my tongue making me lick and lick more. My tongue started sliding in between her folds and moving all over as I wanted to taste every inch of her. Before I even realizing it i felt a rush of her juices come out and flow all over my tongue. Her taste was just so intoxicating too that I had to swallow it all down.

After that rush though I had to pull back and it was then I realizing I probably just made my sister cum. For some reason that made me happy knowing I was able to please her body at least. It was now though that I wanted more so I stepped back and stood up before stepping in again to put my cock right between her cheeks. I took a hold of my cock and rubbed it along her pussy coating the head in her juices. Now I was ready and with my new knowledge, I was able to easily align myself and begin to push into her pussy.

There wasn’t much resistance but that didn’t mean it wasn’t tight. In fact it was tighter than Ms. Lopez yet it’s like it was sucking my cock in as I pushed forward. Just in a few moments my groin pressed against her ass making me realized I was buried all the way inside her. I just held myself there as I enjoyed how tight and warm she was while also feeling her pussy clamp down every few seconds too. That little extra feeling is what made me know I wouldn’t last long but I was fine with that. Not wanting to wait anymore, I took ahold of her hips and began thrusting in and out of her pussy. Each time I pulled all the way back before her pussy sucked me right in causing my body to slap against hers. This also made her tight ass jiggle each time which only added to the stimulation. With each thrust too, my mind started to go number and number until I was thrusting inside her tight pussy with reckless abandon. I couldn’t think straight and only focused on the pure pleasure and stimulation around my cock. It wasn’t long before I started to feel a building up happening and I knew that I was close to cumming.

I kept thrusting inside Ariana’s tight snatch until I felt like I was gonna blow. I didn’t want to make the same mistake with Ms. Lopez though so In a moment of clarity I was able to pull out just before my cum started splashing across her ass cheeks. I took a hold of my cock and aimed it at bitch cheeks wanting to get my cum on each as well as a little bit on her thong. After the few quick moments, I was spent again and let out a moan/sigh of relief. My head tilted back as I tried to catch my breath for a moment. Eventually though I got myself together and took a step back before looking down and seeing the mess I made.

Seeing my cum across her ass it was easy to tell I shot a lot out just like I did with Ms. Lopez. There were long streaks of cum on both ass cheeks which made my deflating cock twitch a little. I couldn’t help but smile at the mess I made and quickly moved my hands in to rub the cum all over her ass. Soon enough the cum was rubbed into her enough leaving only the little bit on her thong. I thought of cleaning it but something excited me about just putting it right up her ass cheeks again and that’s what I did. As I slide the thong back to place I noticed my cum was lined along her pussy and asshole which made me grin. I then reached down and pulled her tight shorts up, making sure they rode up her ass like before if not a little bit more for my view. Now all I had to do was put my shorts back on and once I did I made sure to stand back to wear I was before pulling my phone out.

In a moment I pressed the play button and not a second later I saw my sister start to spasm a bit as she let out a pretty loud moan that even surprised me. Still I didn’t want to give myself away and quickly stepped up beside her while putting my hand on her and asking “Sis are you okay?”

Ariana stayed bent over for a second as her body squirmed and her legs moved around a little. She then looked up at me with a blushed face like she was embarrassed a bit. Still she nodded her head and squeaked out “yeah, just gotta rush to the restroom.”

Just like Ms. Lopez she used the same excuse before rushing out of the garage and into the house. I started to feel bad because we do get along well and she is so caring but I really couldn’t help myself. Plus seeing her like that I knew I made her cum which made me happy. Not wanting to bring attention to myself though I grabbed the last of the bags put the trunk and headed inside with them to see my mother with a slightly concerned look.

“Is she okay? What happened?” My mother asked worryingly as she stared between me and the direction Ariana ran off to.

“I think so, looks like she had some stomach cramps cause she kinda bent over and held her stomach. Then she just said she needed to the restroom.” I said while trying to play things cool. My mom did give me a weird look though almost like she didn’t believe me but she then shrugged her shoulders and went back to putting away the groceries.

“I’ll go check on her once I’m done. Thanks for bringing in the groceries sweetie” she sweetly said and with that she was back to a loving face. I didn’t want to stay around any longer in case she asked more questions so I quickly headed off upstairs to my room. As I went up there and passed by the restroom I heard some weird noises and slight moan. It was definitely my sister in there and I wondered what she was doing. I stopped for a second and listened in, as I did I could her a wet noise usually followed by a small moan. It didn’t take much longer for me to realize she must be touching herself. That started to perk my dick up again but just as the thought came I started to hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Not wanting to get caught I quickly headed to my room and closed the door before hearing my mom call out to my sister to check up on her.

Not wanting to push things further I just went to my bed and sat down. I looked at the time and it was already getting late. Once I realized that, it came to me how tired I was and I let out a short yawn. I decided to end my fun for the day and just get ready for bed so that tomorrow I could have more fun. The thought of pausing time so I could sleep did come to me but I didn’t want to be up all night with nothing really to do so I decided against it.

After about 20 minutes I was ready to bed and went to lay down. As I laid there I thought of all the fun I had today and the excitement I experienced. Just in one day it was already amazing and I couldn’t wait to continue tomorrow.

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