Time Stopping App: Chapter one


I felt a warmness on the side of my face before my eyes slowly started opening letting the bright light into my eyes. I quickly closed my eyes back shut and let out a sigh “ughh forgot to close my blinds again” I grunted to myself. I let myself relax as I gained more consciousness and then started to reopen my eyes using my hand as a shield this time to protect them. I slowly sat myself as I felt my body ache slightly probably from shifting around in my sleep too much. My eyes started adjusting to the light as I took in the view of my room before reaching over for my phone and clicking it on to see that is was 10 a.m. Saturday.

After resting for a minute I stood up and stretched out before walking over to my closet. I grabbed some shorts and a shirt throwing them on hastily before walking over to my mirror. I stared back at myself seeing my short blonde hair in a mess. Then down to my light brown eyes with bags under them. I rubbed my eyes a bit before looking down the rest of my body and sighing. I’m about 5’5” and while not fat I’m definitely not skinny either. I guess this is what happens when you prefer staying inside and eating junk food. I let out another sigh thinking that this is probably why I haven’t had much luck with girls. I pushed the thought out my mind though as I started to fix my hair just a bit so it wasn’t such a mess.

Once satisfied I walked away and headed to go close my blinds but as I looked out to my backyard I saw my older sister, Ariana, laying on a pool chair tanning. I know I shouldn’t but my eyes couldn’t help but gaze over her amazing body and I felt my dick start to twitch a little.

See my sister was pretty much the opposite of me. She loved being outside and was a very outgoing person. She was a few years older than me but even with our differences we got along great. We teased each other a lot like siblings do but overall we had a deep bond. Still even that bond couldn’t stop my taboo of thoughts I had of her. To be fair she really did have an amazing body and cute face. She had blonde hair like me but was much longer and wavy. She had sparkling green eyes that were always so mesmerizing. Plus she had one of the cutest smiles to round off her face. If that wasn’t enough though her body was something else, she has a tight, 5’2”body partly do to her still being young and the other part to her love of swimming. She didn’t do it for a sport but still it helped out a lot. Her real assets were her massive DD tits though. They were my main focus of a lot of my fantasies though I’m sure a lot of other guys were the same. Her tight body only made her tits seem even bigger. The rest of her body was great as well have a small but round and perfectly shaped ass. Then even her smooth and soft legs were sexy.

Bzzt My phone buzzed taking me out of my trance causing me to come back to reality. Now though I could feel myself sporting a fully hard erection that stood just at 5 inches. I stared at my sister for just another few seconds though before closing my blinds and walking back over to my bed sporting a tent pole. As I grabbed my phone I saw a notification from an app I’ve never seen before. The notification just said “open me” so I slid the notification causing the app to open. A big circle logo came on to my screen with the letters TS in the middle. The app took a minute to load before finally opening up to a white background with 4 buttons on the screen. In the top left there was a small button with an icon of a book. In the top right a button with an icon with a gear. In the bottom middle a button with a persons outline icon and right in the center a big button with a pause icon on it. “What the…” I whisper to myself as I stare at the app. Bzzt my phone vibrated in my hand as a pop up box came up on the app.

“Congratulations! You’ve been ***ed as the lucky user of this app! Make sure to read the user manual before using and enjoy!” I read over the notification and was just even more confused. Still I just existed out of the pop up and stared at the app again. My guess was the user manual was gonna be found within the top left button but I’ve never been much of one to read manuals before using things or playing games so instead I just hit the pause button in the middle.

The button icon changed to a play icon but as I stared at the app it seemed like nothing happen. I then looked up and around my room and it still seemed like nothing changed. I scratched my head in confusion but then just started to laugh a little as this must be some weird joke app. I just sat the and stared at the app for a moment and decided to just close it and delete it. As I was getting ready to though I stopped for another moment as something just felt off. I looked around again but everything looked fine but that’s when I noticed how quiet everything was. Usually I’d hear something going on whether it be in the house or outside like a neighbors dog barking but right now I heard nothing. I just stayed sat down for minute just focusing on trying to hear anything but I didn’t.

Something immediately came to my mind but I needed to make sure, I laid my phone down and quickly got up to head to my window. I opened up the blinds and just looked out the window and stared looking around. As i did it seemed like nothing was moving as if everything was frozen in time. “No way” I thought before turning around and grabbing my phone again. I then opened the app back up and quickly pressed the book icon opening up the user manual.

“Welcome to the one and only Time Stopping app!” The words were splashed across the top of my screen. Then as I scrolled down I saw a table of contents stating different categories for basic rules, guide, limits and general info. I just ended up sitting there and reading through all of it. It took a while but I did get through it and now understood what this app was which made me jump up in excitement and yell “hell yes!” For a moment I got embarrassed but then as I looked around I realized I still had time stopped and let out a relief sigh. Taking in all the information I had just read I now backed out of the manual and stared at the big play button and smiled. With just this app I had full control of stopping time for everything.

Once time was paused everything freezes except for me but I won’t age either. I also heal at an accelerated rate while time is stopped. It goes beyond that though being able to cure me of sickness and even regenerate lost body parts if that were to happen. All objects will keep their general physics in place when I touch them but once I let go it’ll go back to being frozen completely solid. If I want to though I have to ability to unfreeze objects I touch with a simple verbal command. I’m able to do the same with people but I can also unfreeze them using the persons outline icon on the app. Pressing it shows a list of people in my vicinity that I can unfreeze or freeze from there. There are plenty of other things I could do but for now I kinda wanted to just explore instead of thinking about it. As I looked at the app I pressed the person icon popping up a list of people. It included some of my neighbors and also my mom and sister. As I stared at my sisters name though I thought about her outside and immediately got hard again thinking of her body in her bikini. With that thought in my mind I just smirked to myself though as I finally had a power that all guys have thought of having before and I just realized what I could do. I got up and locked my phone putting it in my pocket before leaving my room and heading for my backyard.

As I stepped outside I could fully realize the effects of the app. Even though I should have been feeling the heat of the sun I didn’t and as I looked around I saw some leaves and birds just frozen in place through the sky. Still I shook my head and tried to focus on what I came out here to do. The tent in my pants made it pretty easy for me to focus on that so I turned my attention back to my sister and walked over to where she was on the pool chair. As I got to her and stood above her I couldn’t help but really just admire her body now especially in the tiny black bikini she was wearing. It didn’t cover much and it seemed like her tits were just spilling out the sides of the top. My cock twitch a bit at the sight and for a split second I started to feel a bit bad since she’s my loving sister but my other head over ruled my thoughts. Plus it’s not like she would ever now about this so I admired her body before slowly reaching a hand out and taking a hold of her massive breasts. It stood rigid but as my hand came into contact with it, her breast became so soft yet firm. I started giving one a bit of a squeeze and my cock kept twitching at the feeling, it was my first ever time feeling some tits and it was better than I imagined. My other hand reached out instinctively and now I started to knead both tits in my hand just enjoying the soft ample flesh in my hands.

Just with this it felt like my cock wanted to burst but I still wanted to do more. As I looked down at Ariana’s body I stared between her legs and thought about reaching down there too but I still felt a tinge of hesitation and decided for now just to stick to her tits. So I just started pulling her bikini top to the side and down until her hard pink nipples came into my view causing me to let out a slight moan of excitement. My dick twitch again at the sight too and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out again and playing with her nipples. I rubbed and pinched them in between my fingers just enjoying the feeling of how hard they were compared to the rest of her tits. Her tits were just perfect in my mind and so I decided to do something I’d always have dreamed of doing.

I pulled my shorts down letting my cock spring free out into the open. Without wasting time I moved and straddled my sister’s body so the my cock lay right between her tits. Now my cock was pulsing with excitement as I knew what I was about to do. As my hands reached down I paused for a second staring at my sisters face and thinking if I should really do this but just then my cock twitched and took back control. I looked down and built up some spit before sending it down right on my cock and between her tits. Then I reached my hands up and pressed both her tits together around my cock and the warmness just enveloped my cock. Without missing a bit I began to thrust between her tits making them jiggle in my hands with each thrust. I was in pure pleasure as the sensation around my cock was 100 times better than my hand and the sight was better too. Looking down I could just admire her beautiful tits as they hid my cock between them so well. With such a strong sensation though I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I did thrust after thrust humping her ample chest to my pleasure but after only a couple minutes I felt myself at the edge. Still I didn’t want to stop and kept going as I moaned loudly feeling the first rope shoot out of my tip. It was quickly followed by ropes after ropes being shot between her tits until I had to stop thrusting. As my body started to lean back twitching from excitement I let go of her tits and was able to look down at the mess I made. I had shot 7 ropes of cum and it was clearly the most I’ve cum too as the whole valley between her breasts was covered in my spunk. The sight was even able to make my deflating cock twitch a bit but I knew right now I was spent.

I slowly got off of Arianna and just admired the sight for a second. It was amazing and something I wanted to remember so I pulled up the camera on my phone and snapped a few pictures of her chest covered in my cum. Once that was done though I needed to clean up this mess before unfreezing time otherwise she would definitely freak out. I saw one of her towels but I didn’t want to just wipe up my mess either. So instead I reached out and began to rub my cum all over her chest. It was exciting to feel see my cum covering her tits and nipples as it was slowly pressed into her skin. After a minute of rubbing, my cum had settled into her skin and gave it a nice glisten but that was it. I could feel my cock start to come back to life at the sight but I knew I should stop her so I covered her tits back up with her bikini top. I did my best to make sure her body hadn’t moved much and then quickly put my shorts back on before heading back inside.

I went up to my room and sat down with a loud exhale finally coming down from the excitement. I then started to really think about what just happened and a smile grew across my face as I now had an amazing power that I’d have lots of fun with and couldn’t wait to use. For now though I pulled my phone back out and opened the app up and pressed play.

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