The War of Siblings. Erotic diary



Every wild emotion I had ever experienced in the grip of puberty flooded my mind at the same time. I was livid with rage, aghast with shock, stunned into immobility, hate for my brother boiled in my blood. He was going to pay for fucking my best friend. I used to be Daddy’s Little Angel, before the force of nature overwhelmed me. I started puberty and in the years since then, my body changed radically, my personality shattered into about six different girls, some of them very unpleasant, some as sticky sweet as caramel. I hated the world, my parents, my life, school, most of my friends and more than anything else, my big brother. He was the vilest bastard that Satan ever spawned and I know his only mission on earth was to be a major asshole to me. Carson and I had been fighting a War of Siblings ever since I could remember, I plotted often on how I could get rid of him forever without going to jail. Carson is just two years older than me, something that he has been reminding me of since I could totter on my legs. I absolutely hated it when he called me ‘baby sister’, ‘little girlie’ or ‘midget bitch’, especially since I wore bras and proved that I am a woman every 28 days.

Marilyn, my BFF in the whole world and I spent many hours in our rooms whispering about sex. We hadn’t tried anything with boys but both admitted to frequent play in the dark hours of night alone in our beds. I confided in her and she with me about experiments and thoughts. We even teased and played with each other sometimes when we stayed over together, nothing serious but a few light touches and strokes here and there. She told me about finding a sex toy in her mother’s bedside stand and using it. I detailed how I rubbed my clit with a brush handle. My best friend and I passed the days with increasingly colorful sexual fantasies while time flowed as slowly as cold molasses through the boiling ravages of puberty.

One day I skipped dance practice after school so I got home an hour early. As I went past Carson’s bedroom I heard scuffling and a girl making sounds that could only be one thing, I’d uttered some of the same noises when I fingered myself to a climax. Since nobody in our family was supposed to be home yet the bastard hadn’t closed his bedroom door, I stopped next to it and peeked carefully into the room. I saw my brother’s naked ass bouncing between a pair of young, smooth female legs. They were facing away from me so I couldn’t see who he was fucking but their legs were open wide enough I could see his erection plunging into her and his balls slapping her body at every stroke. As I stood behind the mating couple an extreme range of emotions and thoughts raged through me. I was repulsed by my brother’s nakedness. I was drawn to the sex act. I was curious as to who she was. I felt repelled by spying on them. I felt compelled to spy on them. The sight of his butt disgusted me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his bouncing balls.

Her legs were moving restlessly, knees bending and flexing as she slid her feet up and down his legs. She planted her feet on the bed and arched her back which allowed him to put his hands under her ass and clutch her to him while his erection did its work. I heard soft breathy words urge him, “Faster, OH, gaww —, fuck me harder!” Carson’s ass became a blur of motion as he did her bidding, fucking her with a force and energy that was echoing around the room as applause to the action on the bed. Not only was I transfixed, I realized that I was getting turned on; the temperature between my legs was growing rapidly, I felt my girl swell and begin to sweat slickness, my heart was thudding, I felt feverish. I’d never seen the sex act before, not in a movie, on the computer, or in real life, so the reality of what I was watching slammed into my guts and twisted them with a need for relief. The longer I stood and watched my brother fuck the girl, the stronger the need for a boy of my own grew.

All of a sudden Carson stopped slamming her long enough to roll over to his back, holding her in place so that she ended up lying over him still pinned to him by his cock. She pushed up off his chest to sit on his lap and started rolling her hips, I could see his cock sliding in and out of her. I still couldn’t see her face but I recognized the tousled dark brown hair and the bracelets on her left arm. My lungs stopped working, my knees turned to water when I realized I was looking at the back of my best friend.

My big brother was fucking Marilyn.

Every wild emotion I had ever experienced in the grip of puberty flooded my mind at the same time. I was livid with rage, aghast with shock, stunned into immobility, hate for my brother boiled in my blood. How in the hell could they be doing this? She was MY friend, not HIS! Everything I ever had or wanted he got first or took away from me, and now he was taking my best friend too. The carnal feelings that had been building in me evaporated in an instant as I tore away from the bedroom scene and fled to my room.

I hid in my bedroom and hated the world. I hated Carson, but most of all I hated the conniving little slut who called herself my friend. She lied to me! She was having sex and didn’t tell me. She was hiding it from me as if I were some stranger she shouldn’t talk to. Not only was she doing it, she was doing it with my brother, and she knew I hate my brother! God, the little tramp was dead to me for sure. I spent the rest of the day and night in my room. When mom called for dinner I refused to come out, I didn’t even leave to go pee or anything. I stayed in my sanctuary and sulked all night, I had lost my best friend, even more reason to plot against Carson.

The next day at school I was sullen, moody, but that was not unusual for my age. Marilyn caught me just outside our first class together, “Hey, where you been? I tried to call forever yesterday but you never picked up.”

“I don’t want to talk so fuck off,” I told her brutally then went to class, leaving her in the hall confused by my rejection. I could tell by the way she watched me at school that day that she wanted to talk but had sense enough to avoid me. Every time I saw her the only image in my mind was her legs held high while my brother’s big cock slid in and out of her treacherous cunt. How could she do that to me? She knows I hate my brother. I wanted revenge on both of them, especially her.

It came as a dream, almost a nightmare as I fought with Marilyn over Carson. A dream where I confronted the bitch about fucking him. She told me how great it was with him as if she had experienced a gazillion cocks before, and he was the best. She was madly in love with him forever and would fuck him until his balls fell off, nothing in the world could separate them. That’s when my dream tripped over the answer, I knew how to drive them apart. I didn’t want her as a friend anymore, but she wouldn’t want that son-of-a-bitch when I was done. She had to catch him in bed with another girl. Simple.

It was detestable what I plotted. I despised myself for even thinking it, but I knew when Marilyn discovered Carson fucking some other bitch, he would be history. I was going to sacrifice every bit of self-esteem and pride I ever had but I knew what I planned was the only way to force them apart. I had to make sure Marilyn found Carson fucking another girl, and I had the right girl in mind.

I turned on my charm, one of my puberty driven personalities; the sugar-sweet nymph rose to the surface when I faced my brother the next Saturday. “Hey Carson, I have to go to the mall, can you drive me? Please?” My best fake smile rode my lips, an invitation to normalcy between us.

“I guess, do I have to go by and pick up Marilyn too?”

Fucking Bastard!

“No, I haven’t seen her since Tuesday, I don’t know what she’s doing.” I knew he had seen her twice since I caught them screwing, he couldn’t hide that from me, “I need to go buy some stuff so if you take me, I’ll buy you an ice cream at Baskin Robins.

My brother was eighteen so he could borrow mom’s car to drive around. We took off for the mall where I hoped I could start my brother on the path to Hell by cheating on Marilyn.

She was waiting for me at the ice cream shop. When we went in, she squealed with delight then threw a hug on me as if we were long-lost friends. We weren’t really friends, but I knew her from school where she had asked me a few times if I would introduce her to Carson. The lure for me was is that she isn’t a mental giant. She has an awesomely cute body for a sixteen-year-old, but her IQ was less than the number of guys she fucked. I knew that she would flop to her back for any boy with a stiff dick so I was setting it up so my brother would be fucking her, then invite Marilyn over so she could catch them. I hated the fact that I was using the mentally deficient Zelda as my tool for revenge, it made me feel slimy, but it had to be done.

My brother is no different than any other boy in their teens. As soon as he saw Zelda his libido went on full alert. She must shower in pheromones because he stiffened up so fast, he looked like a 5’11 hard-on. For her part, Zelda had been thinking about Carson for a long time, and even long before he learned her name, she was ready to fuck him. I told my brother I needed to buy some underwear and as I imagined, he said he would pass. Watching his little sister fingering bras in a store was not high on his list of thrills. What was thrilling him was the not too subtle messages Zelda was broadcasting, she needed only an hour or so of his time and she was angling for it. I left them alone after telling Carson I could take the bus home. I ducked around a corner near the ice cream store and waited. Sure enough, it wasn’t ten minutes later that Zelda latched onto Carson’s arm while he led her away.

Before I talked my brother into taking me to the mall I’d called Marilyn and asked her to meet me there. The timing was critical, I needed to meet her just after I left Carson so she and I could catch the bus that went back to my house. If I guessed right, we could be home a few minutes behind my brother and the dimwitted easy blonde. I was pretty certain she didn’t need a lot of foreplay so there was time enough for him to be deep between her legs when Marilyn and I came in.

We came into the house giggling over some bit of gossip about Penni who thought she was the Queen of Volley Ball then went toward my room. As we went past Carson’s room we heard the unmistakable sounds of a girl in heat and enjoying it. Marilyn stopped dead still next to his door then began to burn bright red as she realized what was going on behind the thin wooden door. She looked at me with huge questioning eyes then twisted my brother’s doorknob and shoved it open hard enough that the knob dented the wallboard.

Zelda was lying over the edge of the bed, face down, with her feet on the floor, her skirt over her ass, and panties at her ankles. My brother was standing behind her with his big prick hammering in and out of her pussy. She had a pillow over her head and was making so much noise she didn’t realize that her afternoon tryst had just become a carnival show. Just as Marilyn screamed in rage, my brother pulled his cock out of the hot little cunt and started spraying her ass with cum. He turned to look at us just as his stiff prick spurted a final glob of goo to the floor.

Marilyn threw a volley of verbal abuse at my brother so thick and disgusting that he recoiled from the impact of the words. She spun on her feet and fled the room then ran for home. Carson looked back at the girl on the bed who had pulled the pillow off her head when Marilyn started yelling at him. Zelda didn’t seem at all upset, she stood up then turned around and rubbed her ass on the edge of the bed, wiping the mess off her butt then pulled her panties up. I was still standing quiet in my brother’s room, saying nothing but enjoying everything, ecstatic that my plan worked so well. Carson put a curse on me with his eyes as he guided his afternoon delight to the car. He knew fucking well I set him up.

Carson didn’t avoid me, he didn’t harass me and he never said a word. He acted as if I was a picture on the wall, noticed once then forgotten with familiarity. Marilyn wasn’t coming to my house because he was there, so I hung out at hers often. She didn’t know that I’d seen her and my brother fucking so I asked her why she got so upset when we found him screwing Zelda. She made some lame excuse about how she thought boys were always taking advantage of the dimwitted girl and it pissed her off. Three weeks after wrecking my brother’s sex life with my best friend, I turned seventeen. Our parents threw me a party for a few close friends. They told Carson to get lost, he couldn’t hang out while I celebrated, he could wish me happy birthday and have cake after they all left. He was fine with that, he had no wish to be in a house full of ‘mindless twats’ as he told our dad.

It is said that revenge that slowly simmers and grows over time is so much sweeter than a quick thrust of retaliation. I expected Carson to pop off on me because of how I set him up with Zelda, but he didn’t. Gradually as the weeks passed, I began to relax. I shouldn’t have, my brother was cooking with a need to get back at me, to humiliate me as much as I did him with Marilyn.

It happened six weeks after my birthday. It was a Friday; our mom and dad were going to someone’s birthday party and I was getting ready to go to the movies with Marilyn. I was taking a bath so I wasn’t aware of when they left, but the realization they weren’t home came when Carson threw open the bathroom door then marched in and confronted me, “Hey midget bitch, we’re gonna play together tonight.”

I was covered only by a thin layer of iridescent bubbles, “Get the fuck out! Goddamn it Carson, I’m naked!”

My brother is much larger than me so when he reached down and grabbed my arm and lifted me out of the water I couldn’t resist. He jerked me up then pulled me from the tub until I was standing in front of him. I was livid with rage, “Leave me alone you bastard! You touch me again I’ll tell everybody in the whole fucking world you molested me!!”

His smile was evil, it caused a chill of fear to shiver down my spine, “Then I guess I’ll have to molest you, so you won’t be lying.” With that, he wrapped his arm around my waist, lifted me off the floor then carried me kicking and screaming to my room. I lashed out at him with my hands, kicked at his legs with my heels but I could have been assaulting a brick wall. Carson threw me onto my bed then quickly straddled my hips to hold me down while he did his dirty work. He pulled a roll of duct tape from somewhere then tore off a long chunk. He captured both my wrists in one hand then bound them with the tape to a pole of the headboard. Once I couldn’t hit him, he strapped another piece of tape over my mouth to shut off the vile language cascading from my tongue. He twisted around so his ass was sitting on my tits then bent down to tape my feet to the end corners of the bed. He must have been practicing his moves in his mind for weeks because within a minute of being thrown to the bed, I was naked, bound, gagged, and livid with hate and anger.

I couldn’t believe that my brother would do this. I knew he despised me for what I had done with Marilyn and Zelda, but I never even had a hint that he might take his revenge by raping me. Even though he is an evil son-of-a-bitch, I never thought he could go this far. Carson got off the bed then stood quietly with a shit-eating little smirk on his face while I thrashed helplessly against the bonds. I couldn’t yell so the noises I made were muffled, they didn’t sound anything like the threats and pleading that my tongue was trying to form. I promised him anything in the world, I threatened his life, I begged forgiveness, but all he heard was “hummh, ammon, mmmmmmmmmmn!!

Carson sat beside me then began to talk as he looked at my wet naked body from head to toes. He spent too much time looking at my tits and between my legs but I was too enraged to be embarrassed. “You look pretty fucking pissed all trussed up like that.” He put a hand on my stomach causing me to flinch, “Actually you look pretty fucking sexy like that, I never guessed. Have you ever been laid?” The question surprised me, but I shook my head, “Too bad, some boys are missing out on some nice looking tail, you should open your legs, let some guy in, I bet you would like it, most midget bitches do.” I reflexed at the hated term and tried to hit him but the gray tape kept my arms over my head. Carson bent over and pulled a sports bag up and set it beside my head, “Let’s see what we have in here, shall we?”

He pulled out a yellow latex household glove and held it up. The palm and bottom sides of the fingers had little bumps on them, the only thing I could think of was tiny bubbles like on bubble wrap. The next out of the bag was a bottle of clear lotion, body oil that he opened and held under my nose. Lilacs. “That’s enough for now,” he said and put the bag back on the floor.

“You fucked up my fuck life. That cute little retard was fun but now Marilyn won’t even talk to me. She was awesome and I really enjoyed doing it with her. We did it nine or ten times then you came and fucked it all up. I know you expected me to get back somehow and now I will, you just don’t know how yet. But don’t worry, I’m not going to stick my dick in you; that would be totally absurd and pervy and it would probably rot off from the acid in your pussy.”

Carson stood from the bed then took four pictures of me on my cell phone then punched in a number and sent the images to somebody. I was shocked with embarrassment that he just shared photos of me nude and bound to my bed. What the fuck was he doing!! Who was getting my pictures from my phone!?

I heard a buzz on the nightstand and turned my head to see his phone light up. He snatched it up then showed me the screen. There I was, tied, gagged, nude, and staring into the camera. “Now you won’t say anything to anybody because after your boyfriend tied you up and took some pictures, at your request of course, you sent them to me. That’s pretty fucking slutty. Just think, you sexting with your own brother. What would all your friends think of that?” His face turned menacing, “You say a fucking word to anybody about this, and I’ll send these pictures out on every social media account you have. You understand?” OMG, I hated Carson! If I could cut his balls off and feed them to the hogs, I would have gladly done it, very slowly. I nodded my understanding. “I’m going to take the tape off your mouth but if you start yelling or screaming it goes back on. Okay?” I only stared at him, “Okay, little girlie?” Another detestable nickname! I wanted the tape off my month so I nodded my agreement not to yell or scream.

It hurt when the duct tape was ripped from my lips but my relief made the hurt acceptable. As soon as I could move my mouth, I asked him as calmly as I could, “What are you going to do to me?”

My big brother looked me from head to toes and avoided my question, “You have a really hot body girl, are you sure nobody ever fucked you, did you lie?”

I snapped back, “No! Most of the boys I know remind me of you so they’ll never get it with me.”

“Too bad, because Marilyn and that blonde head case both like it a lot. You look like you would enjoy good long fucking too, I know a lot of guys that would volunteer to give you one or two.”

“Fuck you asshole.”

“No, not me. I don’t want my dick to rot off, and putting it in your skank hole would do that for sure.” Carson picked up the knobby glove and slipped it on, “Get ready girl, it’s time you paid for screwing with me.” My heart started slamming in my chest, the terror in my gut almost made me vomit but I choked it off, trying bravely to face whatever my brother was planning. He said he wouldn’t fuck me, but lying to me was one of his favorite pastimes. I prayed to any god that would listen that my parents would come home and catch him before poked me with his dick.

Carson picked up the bottle of scented oil and sprinkled some on the glove then smeared it over the palm and fingers. He smiled evilly then put the oiled glove over the junction of my legs. He pressed his hand against my body and another tremor of fear rippled through me. I didn’t protest out loud, I knew it wouldn’t do any good. I decided to save my breath until someone could hear my screams, my brother began to stroke my body with the oiled glove.

At first, I steeled my mind from the activity between my legs, I shut off all thought and retreated into a mental shell, a turtle hiding from danger. I could feel nothing physical, Carson’s hand between my legs was blocked out. That lasted until the bumps on the finger pads of the glove brushed across my clit. The shock was instant, it was as if I had touched live electrical wires. My body jerked, my legs tried to pull up but the tape kept them in place. My eyes flew open and I was looking directly into my brother’s smiling face, “You felt that didn’t you mini-bitch.” That was a new term, ‘mini-bitch’, he pressed on my tender button again and got another instinctive hump of my hips. His smile got wider.

I tried to fight the rise of feelings in my womb. Carson was stroking my cunt grinning like a happy dog while he massaged my body with the oiled knobby glove. I was still hoping for someone to come home, for rescue from my rapist big brother, but it was a forlorn hope that grew more distant as time crawled to a stop. I knew I would be tied up forever with my hated sibling using me anyway he wanted. Just as the clock stopped, Carson bent his long finger and pressed it into my virgin hole. It wasn’t far enough to hurt but it was a heart-stopping surprise. He penetrated me partway then withdrew, rubbing over my clit on the way out. He did it again and those fucking bumps on the underside of the glove rippled over the sensitive nerve endings on the way in then vibrated my clit on the journey back out. The sensuous thrill that shivered through my loins collided with the fury that erupted in my mind.

“Goddamn it Carson, you miserable cocksucker! Stop now or I’ll cut your nuts off and feed them to the cat!” He stroked me again and my legs betrayed me; my thigh muscles vibrated, letting him know my body was reacting to the hand doing its dirty work.

“I’m not going to stop until you get off. You think you are being violated and maybe you are but, in a while, your cunt will like the violation, I promise. You’ll know why Zelda and Marilyn and almost every other girl in the world do what they do. You really do have a sweet-looking body, I never noticed before because of your ugly face.” He plunged the offending finger deeper into me, that time it hurt and I knew he had broken through my virginity.

My brother started finger fucking me steadily and even though it hurt, my body started getting hotter. My mind recoiled against the finger rape but I could feel my lust building. I’d fingered myself many times but what he was doing with the slick bumpy glove far surpassed any self-inflicted pleasure. It took maybe five minutes before I accepted the abuse and gradually succumbed to my situation, the pain was gone. The longer Carson fondled my cunt, the stronger my lust became. At some point, I crossed the border between repulsion and need. My brother must have sensed when I went over the line, because he started probing gentler, deeper, while his second hand moved up to cover a breast. I didn’t object to the hand on my tit, in fact, I had begun to wonder why he wasn’t feeling me up. I caved in to the dual stimulation and just seconds after he twisted my left nipple my climax burst loose and shot my body full of small explosive contractions as my cunt started to flow. I came in a series of strong convulsions, crying out as I bounced on the bed.

Carson got off the bed, shed the glove then snipped the tape holding my arms with a pair of scissors. My brother walked out of my room, leaving me naked, free, and awash in the afterglow of the strongest orgasm I’d ever had; when he turned through the door, I noticed that his pants were tented over his groin. As I lay there staring at the ceiling one thought crept into my foggy mind; my brother didn’t rape me. But what startled me acutely was the next unbidden thought; I was kind of disappointed he didn’t.

I didn’t know what to do. I knew what he did to me was immoral and illegal, and if I hollered loud enough somebody would throw his nasty ass in Juvie for a while. If nothing else dad would kick him to the curb and I would be alone in the house, he wouldn’t be around to hate anymore. But that was just wishful thinking. I didn’t yell; first, because there wasn’t anything I could point to. No DNA from sperm, he didn’t fuck me. No bruises on my body, he was careful when he taped me up, the pictures incriminated me, not him. It would be his word against mine and since I had been railing against Carson for years, my parents wouldn’t have believed me. But I had to get even. No fucking way was I going to let him get away with manhandling me so easily. I didn’t avoid my brother, I unabashedly stayed in his face when we were home. I was plotting the next battle in our escalated War of Siblings and the way he acted around me let me know he suspected I was up to something.

It took me over a month to plot, plan, and set up my attack. Our mother told us they were going out on a Saturday after dinner and wouldn’t be home until late. I acted cool, calm, and nonchalant during dinner even though it was my night for revenge. I’d found someone on Evergreen Boulevard to sell me a roofie: tasteless, colorless, and strong enough to knock Carson out for a while. My brother drank his milk at dinner not knowing he was sucking down a knock-out drug. Since our parents were leaving as soon as the dinner mess was cleared, they would be gone before it hit Carson. Ten minutes after they left, the bastard flopped over on the sofa and conked out.

It was my turn.

I rolled him like a drunk bum off the sofa to the floor then worked him around to my satisfaction. After I had him on his back I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and jerked them off, underwear too. I used his trick and bound his ankles with duct tape then wrapped the tape around the legs of the coffee table. The T-shirt was next, I cut it with scissors from hem to neck then bared his chest. I wrapped his wrists together with tape then tied them to the bottom of the Lazy-Boy with another strip of tape. Just because I was feeling deliciously wicked, I cut up small squares of tape and stuck them to his hairy legs and a couple in his armpits. When he pulled them off, he would be pulling wads of hair off too. When I was done, I sat back and looked with great glee at my somnolent brother, mostly naked and bound like a gift. I took an inordinate amount of time looking at his limp cock and hanging nut sack. I’d never seen a boy’s works up close before, but I wasn’t impressed. I took several snaps of him on his phone and sent them to mine then sat back to watch TV while I waited for him to wake up.

It took him over an hour before he opened his eyes. He looked fuzzy, he sounded confused, “waa ta fuc?” He rolled his head and saw me sitting on the sofa, my heels resting on his stomach, “Wadahellaryudoincunt?”

I smiled down at him then stood upright on his chest, I wasn’t heavy enough to crush him, but he was laboring to breathe. I held the knobby latex glove and a bottle of baby oil for him to see then stepped down and went to my knees between his legs. I put the glove on then dribbled oil over his cock and in the hair around it. Carson’s eyes were focusing better, I could see anger and a little fear growing as I began to rub the oil into his thighs. I worked up to his balls and began to caress a set of nuts for the first time in my life. My touch was light and tentative at first but when I noticed his balls pull up to two hard sacks under his prick, I knew I was having an effect. I grabbed his testicles and squeezed them firmly, “You raped me, you tried to humiliate me but you only pissed me off big brother. Now your love life is going to stop because you won’t want any girl when I am done.” My heart smiled with malicious delight at the look of hate and fright he gave me.

I squeezed his balls hard enough to cause him to grunt with pain then pulled on them like I was trying to rip them off. Carson lifted his head to watch what I was doing but I put a hand on his forehead and pushed it back down, “You look down there again asshole, I’ll put tape over your eyes!” Carson folded. His entire body deflated back to the rug; I had won the right to fuck him over anyway I wanted. I grabbed his cock and stroked it and enjoyed the feeling of it growing firm in my fist. When it was hard and standing tall from his pubic hair, I let it go then dribbled more oil over the end of it, down his balls, and the crack of his ass. I looked my hated big brother in the eyes, “This is how mini-bitches get even with rapists.” I slid the latex covered middle finger down the crack of his ass then jammed it brutally into his nether hole. He jerked at the violation of his butt, kicked his legs, and swore through grinding teeth that he would break every finger I put in him, so I rammed a second finger into him and watched him squirm. I began to thrust my fingers in and out of his butt while I grabbed his boner with the other hand. I stroked Carson with both hands and in moments he started to quiver, his legs began to flex, his stomach was jumping with minor convulsions. It didn’t take more than three more minutes before my brother groaned out loud and his erection started flowing like a fucking fountain.

I was new at this domination stuff so I guessed he’d had enough. I backed off and sat beside Carson watching his milky discharge flow in rivulets from his stomach down his skin to the floor. For a fleeting instant all I saw was millions of nephews and nieces dripping to the rug and I almost felt bad for them. Almost. As I looked again into my brother’s face, I knew I was doing his spawn a favor, he would be a heinous father. I jammed my gloved finger into his ass again then pulled my hand out of it. I took one more picture, the yellow kitchen glove hanging between his ass cheeks. Carson was wary as I picked up the scissors and snipped the tape holding his left arm. I dropped them on his chest then retreated to my room, leaving him on his back with a deflated rubber glove hanging from his butt. I figured he would be too fuzzy and humiliated to retaliate so I glowed with proud confidence as I left him.

I was going to meet Marilyn but I had splashed body oil on my jeans so I needed to change before I left. I was standing on one leg pulling up clean pants when my bedroom door slammed open and Carson stumbled through it. My brother was still wearing only the ruined t-shirt and the squares of gray tape, his cock flopped loosely from his groin, he was carrying the rubber glove. “You fucking little cunt! Now you gonna pay for being my sister!” He grabbed me by both arms and threw me onto my bed then fell across me, holding me down while he caught his breath. I started to fight him, beating him on the head and neck with my fists but it was useless, he was immune to my hits, deaf to the hostile promises of death and dismemberment running from my mouth. Carson twisted around and managed to pull my pants off the one leg they covered, then he reached under his stomach, grabbed my panties, and in one adrenaline filled yank, tore the crotch apart. My panties were ruined, my pussy uncovered for his abuse. I managed to get a hand on his bare ass and dig my acrylic nails into him hard enough to break the skin in two places. My brother grimaced with pain then twisted around and sat up on my thighs, he pinned my arms to the bed with his left hand holding my wrists.

Carson sat on my legs and glowered into my eyes, and strangely I wasn’t afraid. I was defiant, I was enraged, but I wasn’t scared of my big brother. He held the glove that had recently been in his ass and asked, “You want a taste of my butt?” He held it by the middle finger, the one that I had left in his asshole, and pressed it to my lips. “Lick it mini-slut, kiss my ass!”

“Fuck you Carson, we are even now, you fucked me over, I got you back, let’s call it even, get off.”

The anger in his eyes was replaced by amusement, I was wary of the unexpected change, “Not yet, I’m the big brother here, and until we die that will always be. By the rules of Nature, I get to be dominant, to be the leader. I have to get even, it’s like a law or something.” At least he had stopped swearing at me.

“What are you going to do now? Finger rape my ass like I did yours?”

“No sweetheart, I’m going to fuck you, just like I did Marilyn. I’m going to split your thighs with my cock and screw you until you faint from exhaustion, and as an added bonus, you might even get pregnant; man, that would be fun, listening to you explain that to mom and dad.” He added, “When I leave here, you’ll be so humiliated, so embarrassed, you’ll never show your face in public again.” The look in his eyes brought the fear back to my heart. I struggled again to throw him off but it was a feeble attempt, like trying to push against a tree. “Look at me mini-bitch, my cock is getting hard again, check it out.”

As much as I wanted to look away, his words magnetized my eyes and they drew down to see his prick swelling, getting fatter and longer. It took only moments before it was standing long and hard from his groin and my heart started thudding with low-key dread. Carson said “If you fight me, I’ll tape you to the bed again,” then he moved around until he was lying on my stomach, his legs stretched down between mine. He rocked his hips and I felt the end of his hard cock press into my pubic hair. I tried to pull away but he put an arm over my windpipe, “Stop it!” I resigned my body to my brother.

Carson probed with his erection until he found the entrance to my body then pressed into my virgin cunt.

It was tight, even though his big prick was covered with the body oil I’d put on him earlier, his push through my virginity was painful, “Stop it Carson, goddamn it that hurts!” My brother pulled the end of his prick from me, looked around and spied my bottle of body oil.

“Grab that bottle,” he told me, “put some more on me.”

I looked up at him, “Do it yourself, you’re raping me.”

He looked down, “Get it or I’ll go back in just like this.”

I had to accept my fate; I grabbed the bottle then splashed a dose on my hand then reached for my brother. I oiled him up liberally then fell back to the pillow. He pushed down on me again but when he penetrated my pussy, it was smooth, easy, and painless. When his groin bumped into mine, he stopped and looked into my eyes, “This feels real fucking good Sis, you got a nice cunt.” My brother started thrusting in and out.

Carson had broken through my virginity when he finger raped me, but this was my first hard-on ever. Despite the circumstances, in spite of who was fucking me, my stomach began to churn with tickles and thrills but I had to vent my protest, “You said you would never do this, you wouldn’t fuck me and now you lied! You evil son-of-a-bitch, get your cock out of me right now and I’ll forget this ever happened!”

He looked down on me, “Yup, I said that, but that was before you screwed my ass.” The hard prick inside my cunt began to thrust deeper, faster; my pussy began to warm and loosen, I wasn’t so tight anymore. My brother held me down and fucked me for maybe ten minutes before he started to glow red in the face.

I was new to sex but even my untrained eyes could tell he was getting ready to cum. I got scared and begged, “Don’t finish in me Carson, I don’t want to get pregnant!”

He looked into my eyes, “No problem little sister,” he pulled his thick heavy erection out of me then sat up over my stomach, his balls were pressing on my tits. Carson leaned forward, put the end of his boner against my lips, then bumped his hips. I twisted my head to the side but he grabbed my hair and held me still and said, “Take it or I’ll knock you up,” then forced the head of his cock between my teeth. As soon as he was past my lips, he started shooting streams of cum into my mouth. I felt my tongue awash in the flood, sperm dribbled around the end of his cock down my chin and over my neck. I almost threw up but managed to keep from hurling on myself. I tried to bite his cock but he jerked my head back causing my toothy grip to slip off him. The last shot of cum that squirted from the hole in his prick splashed partly into my nose and across my left eye. Carson got off me and smiled wickedly, “Don’t fuck with me again little girl, if you do, I’ll screw you until you have triplets.”

I rolled to my side and gagged the crap out of my mouth then wiped his mess from my face, “No you won’t you stupid fucker, I’ll ruin your sex life forever if you even think of anything like this again.”

As he left my bed he smirked, “Okay, whatever.”

What the hell could I do to him? He raped me, he used my mouth as a garbage pit, he pissed me off even more. My brother wrestled and raped me easily because he is so much bigger than me, I couldn’t just beat him down so I had to be sneakier. If I wanted to mess him up, I had to immobilize him somehow, like I did with the drug. The War of Siblings paused only long enough for me to plan my next assault.

Two weeks after cumming in my mouth Carson came in late on Saturday night, drunk and reeling from wall to wall. As soon as I saw him, I knew this was what I was waiting for, our parents had left for the weekend so I had my drunk brother all to myself.

He ignored me completely as he went to his room. I followed him and watched through the open door as he pulled off all his clothes then laid down, in moments he was asleep. My heart was skipping with delight as I went to the garage and got a long coil of white nylon rope. I returned to Carson then wrapped him up with the rope by looping it over his body and under the bed several times. When I ran out of line I stepped back and studied my handiwork, he was strapped across the legs, stomach and chest to the bed. When he woke up he wouldn’t be able to move anything but his head and fingers. I moved to him and grabbed his loose balls, held them in my hand, wondered if I should cut them off. I didn’t.

I pulled off all my clothes then sat next to my sleeping brother and began to fondle his cock. The longer I played with it the longer and thicker it got until Carson had a full-grown erection. I bent over his lap, slipped the end of it through my lips and started blowing my brother. I watched his eyes as I mouth fucked him and saw when he opened his eyes. He twisted his head then looked down on me, his eyes were bloodshot, flooded with alcohol. When he recognized the girl sucking his cock as his little sister, he tried to move but discovered he was tied down. “Fucking little bitch, let me up!” He humped his hips which caused the end of his erection to press against the back of my throat.

I spit out his boner and replied, “Not yet my dear loving brother, you raped my pussy and my mouth, now you gotta pay.” I squeezed his cock and dug my nails into the sensitive skin of it, Carson jerked again then I kissed the end of his prick.

“What the hell do you think, that a blow job is payback? Go ahead mini-slut, suck it dry!”

I stroked his cock lightly, making sure it was strong enough for me then got up and over his lap. I lowered my cunt onto his big cock, sliding down on it until my pubic hair tangled with his, “I’m going to fuck you Carson, but I need you to tell me when you are going to cum, when you do, I will suck it and you can shoot it all into my mouth again.” I was lying but he didn’t know that.

I started rolling my hips, sliding on the big erection in me. In spite of what I was doing and who I was doing it with I was getting seriously turned on, the longer I fucked my tied-down brother the hotter I got. I was beginning to think that he would never cum when he started to turn red and thrust up as far as he could against the rope, “Now bitch, suck me off now!”

I lifted my body off his lap, reached between us then wrapped my fingers around his throbbing cock. I jerked on it about three times before he lost it. When the first stream of hot fluids gushed from the end of him, I held it close to my pussy. Carson groaned and bucked as he fired five strong shots of ball juice over the lips of my cunt and in my pubic hair. As soon as he relaxed back to the bed I got to my knees and shuffled up his body until my crack was over his face. I lowered my cum soaked pussy to his mouth, “Lick it off Carson. Lick it clean or I will rip your balls off completely.”

He tried to twist his head away but I grabbed him by both ears and held him still, “I’m not kidding you son-of-a-bitch, lick your cum off me or I’ll stab your nuts with those scissors.” His eyes shifted to the left, to the scissors on his nightstand. I would never have done that, but just then he believed me. Carson tentatively stuck the tip of his tongue on my pubic hair and started to clean my body. He slurped up the mess from my groin then I shifted until he could lick my cunt. As my brother ate his effluence from the lips of my body I started to heat up again. The longer he suckled and licked the hotter I got. Just about the time he dipped the end of his tongue into me my lust crested as a muscle cramping orgasm. I grabbed his hair in both hands and pulled his face even closer to my body as I convulsed and moaned out my rapture.

I fell off my brother and lay gasping at his side. Carson looked at me the asked, “Clean enough baby sister?” I reached between my legs and found no residue from his nuts, just wet pussy hair from his mouth. I saw a smear of cum on his cheek and in a moment of pure lust, I licked it off him. I untied the rope, gathered my clothes then left my brother alone again, I didn’t bother putting anything on before I fell to sleep.

The next morning just as I was waking up Carson slammed open my door, he was naked, sported a long hard cock again, and carried the rope. He stopped by the bed looking down on me, his intent was clear. His eyes traveled up and down my nakedness then announced, “I’m going to screw you then cum in your ass.”

I leaped up from my bed and tried to run but his left hand lashed out and grabbed my shoulder then he threw me face down on my bed. I screamed for some god to intervene but as I yelled, I knew my protest would be useless and I couldn’t fight him off; but instead of fear, a new feeling flushed through my body, anticipation. Daddy’s Little Angel had completed the transformation into someone less angelic. I warned my brother, “You better tie my legs apart or I’ll kick your balls to hell and back.” I spread my legs then pretended to fight him while I waited to be tied to my bed. As he wrapped my left ankle with the rope my butt hole began to tickle and I knew that our War of Siblings wouldn’t end soon, it would be long and inventive.

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