The Shower Thanking



My wife agreed to help her sister

My wife has agreed for us to watch her sisters baby so her and her boyfriend could go out for the evening.

They came by and dropped off the kid and we had a great time. My kids and hers playing while my wife and I supervised. No big deal, everything was going good.

We knew they would be coming by around 10pm to pick up, and before that, my wife had fallen asleep on the couch with her daughter, as mine had gone to sleep way earlier in the night.

I got a text from my sister in law saying that she would be coming by to pick up soon, and I text back saying that I would be upstairs in the shower, because I had

to get my things ready for work the next day.

I went upstairs and got undressed and got in my shower. While the water was running down, I heard the door open and I said, “hey babe, everything go ok with the pick up?”

And who I heard back was not my wife.

“Hey it’s me, your sister is asleep down stairs” she replied.

Immediately my head shot out of the water stream and I asked, “oh shit, what the hell are you doing here? Where is your boyfriend? I’m naked and in the shower, give me a minute and I’ll be right out”

“No, no, it’s ok you don’t need to rush, I just came to uhhh thank you guys so much for watching her.. my boyfriend got a little too drunk and had to take an Uber home way too early. To be honest the night was a disaster, so I really just wanted to come up and say thanks”

“Yeah no problem…” I replied, confused.

Now let me describe my sister in law. I have always found her incredibly sexy, and said that if I wasn’t with my wife, I would be with her for sure.

She is 5’3” with long black hair, beautiful face with very soft features, and a killer body that bounced right back after the baby. And her ass… her ass is absolutely amazing. Never seen one nicer in my life.

I’ve been caught by her staring multiple times, wether it be at the pool when she wears her small bikinis, or catching her in yoga pants where he cheeks are hugged by every inch, bouncing in the crease of the cheeks as she walks in by. And my favorite, during 4th of July when she was wearing the tiniest white shorts where both ass cheeks were hanging out.. accentuated by the heels she wore that night, showing off her strong, toned, tanned, beautiful legs.. man she was sexy as hell.

“Yeah I just needed to get into my sisters closet so I could grab some clothes to change into, I don’t want to wear this dress anymore”, she said.

As she walked past me, she didn’t even look my way, which made me grateful, as my cock was starting to grow.

She got into the closet and me thinking how absolutely bizarre this was, I continued my shower.

She came back out and went to the sink, which was directly in front of my shower and she turned the water on to wash her hands, she had clothes she put on the counter top.

Looking in the mirror, she looked at me and I looked at her.

“Wow.. I’m sorry to look, but I couldn’t help it. That’s a fucking nice cock you have there. My sister is a lucky bitch to ride that monster every night”

“Uhh this isn’t really appropriate” I said, as I tried, helplessly, to cover up my 7.5” growing Dick with my hands, exposing my balls in the process.

“Not appropriate? Come on. I see the way you look at my ass whenever I come around.. just let me… thank you.. for watching and always helping me out” she said.

“What are talking about? Thank me how. I don’t look.. ah… ok maybe once, but it wasn’t what you thought…” I said.

“Not what I thought huh? So you weren’t trying to check out my round, sexy, fat ass?” She said as she dropped to her elbows on the counter, still looking at me through the mirror.

“Oh my.. this is crazy… yeah maybe I was. It really is super nice” I came back with.

“Mmm I’m not gonna lie it kind of turns me on to see you look at me. A married man, checking me out.. wanting me… needing me… wanting to fuck this ass with that

Big. Hard. Cock.” She said, with her finger around her mouth, pulling her lip down and showing her perfect white teeth, curl into a lustful smile.

“Oh my gosh.. this isn’t happening” I mumbled out.

“It’s fucking happening.. stroke yourself for me.. jack your hard cock off for me.. think of how sexy I am, bent over in your bathroom, as I pull up my dress and show you.. That I’m… not… wearing…. any…. parties…. mmmm my pussy is getting so wet watching you jack that big dick.. keep going… yessss mmmmm..

At this point I grabbed my wife’s conditioner and squirted a huge glob into my hand and started jacking off, gripping my dick hard, to simulate what I thought would be the feel of her tight ass around my cock.

“Yeah lube that Dick up. You’re gonna need it to shove it in this tight… tight… sooooo incredibly tight.. asshole of mine. I don’t even let my boyfriend do it.. but I’ll do it for you… I’ll let you fucking pound my ass as hard as you want…. making me scream your fucking name.. fucking me like an anal slut…. Like a fuck slut.. on your marital bed.. where you sleep every night.. fucking me from behind…” she said, spreading her legs and shoving fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

“bend me over, and fuck me doggy style.. pulling my fucking hair all the way back so I’m facing you.. kiss me while you fuck me.. then push my head forward and grab my hips.. slamming into my ass… mmmm nice and hard, how I fucking want it. How I fucking need it. Spank me. Turn my ass red. FUCK ME.. OH YESS FUCK ME.. SPANK MY FUCKING ASS AND TURN IT RED. LEAVE YOUR HAND PRINTS ON MY ASS. MAKE ME SCREAM. MAKE ME CUUUMMM. IM CUMMING NOW. OH MY GOD. MY HAND IS SOAKED. MY PUSSY IS GUSHING. GIVE IT TO ME. GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING CUM…. but not in my ass” she suddenly stopped finger blasting herself.. turned, and got on her knees and started to crawl to the glass door of the shower

“Gosh you’re so sexy pumping that cock.. I don’t want to waste your cum in my ass.. though it would feel sooooo fucking good… I want it… all…. over…. my… face…”

She said, finishing with a step closer after every word. Popping up to her knees and right at the glass. She opened her mouth..

“Shoot it all over my face, sir.. please…. make me look like a fucking cumwhore.. a worthless fucking slut.. a dirty… princess… cumslut”

As she finished that, she opened her mouth, and I erupted… all on the glass.. wishing it was on her face… one.. two… three… four… shots of cum splattered into to the glass.. my sexy little minx of a whore sister in law on the other side. Moaning.. rubbing her hands on her face and through her hair…

“Oh fucking give it to me. Cover me. Make me a cumslut.. shoot it all over my face. Into my opening mouth.. ahhhhhh…. mmmmm yessss let me rub it in and wear you. Paint me. Drench me. Look at it running down my chin onto these sexy titties”, she said as she pulled her tits out right at the end.

I finally stopped cumming. My cock still rock hard. Sitting under the hot water..

Chills through my entire body..

“Mmmm thank you for that… and for being such a good person and always helping me out” she said as she suddenly opened the door to the shower.. swiped her finger into the cum on the glass, and slowly inserted her finger into her mouth.

“Oh how fucking delicious…let’s keep this our secret.. maybe we can do it again…

I’ll get my daughter and let myself out.. don’t worry about me”

As she walked away.. I turned the water a little hotter.. not knowing how this happened… wishing it would happen again..

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