The Old Crone


I had always been intrigued by the old lady that sat in the corner of my local pub. She was there in the same spot each time I went. I was usually with friends and we’d have a few beers together. She smiled at me one night and I wanted to go over and talk to her. I decided against it though as I couldn’t face the merciless ribbing I would get from my friends. However, on this particular night I was on my own.

I didn’t go over straight away. I stood at the bar and drank my pint. I could feel someone looking at me. She was smiling at me. I smiled back at her then quickly looked down at my beer. I was still too embarrassed to go over. What would people think if I started chatting up an old lady? I was only 21 and she must have been 70 something at least.

I downed a few more beers and finally plucked up enough courage to go over.

‘Do you mind if I sit here?’ I asked.

‘Not at all young man, I was wondering when you were going to come over,’ she said impishly.

I sat opposite her at the small table and noticed she had hardly touched her drink. She definitely didn’t look any younger close up. The black head scarf and frumpy looking clothes didn’t help. She did have a twinkle in her eye though. Underneath the dowdy exterior there was a certain kind of mischievousness about her. She had a playful flirtatiousness that most women her age didn’t have.

‘What’s a nice young man doing talking to an old crone like me?’

‘Don’t you have a girlfriend?’ she continued.

‘Just thought you looked a little lonely and no I don’t have a girlfriend,’ I replied.

‘Those young girls don’t know what they’re missing!’

I remember my cock twitching as she said those words. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on by an old granny. As we continued chatting I began to notice her large plump breasts. She asked me how old I was, I told her.

‘That’s a very good age, I won’t tell you how old I am,’ she laughed.

We chatted for almost an hour. I couldn’t believe how attracted I was to her. I’d never been turned on by a woman this old before. What was it about her that was so special? Why had I been imagining what she looked like naked?

When she gently touched my thigh my already semi erect cock became almost painfully hard against my jeans.

‘It’s getting late young man, would you like to walk me home?’ she asked.

‘Yeah sure,’ I replied.

‘Splendid, I don’t live very far away.’

I think I managed to hide my raging hard on as I left the pub with the old woman. Although I do remember getting some strange looks. I didn’t care though.

It took about ten minutes to get to her house. It was a very ordinary 1930s semi detached house.

‘I think you should come in for a night cap,’ she said casually.

I accepted her offer and followed her inside. I remember the house feeling cold and like it hadn’t been lived in.

‘Actually, shall we skip the the night cap and go straight to the bedroom?’ she asked. ‘That’s what you want isn’t it young man?’

‘Yes it is what I want,’ I stammered.

I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Before I could say another word she quickly knelt down in front of me and began to undo my belt. In no time at all my jeans were around my ankles, revealing the large bulge in my boxer shorts.

‘Ooh looks like you’re very horny,’ she purred.

She quickly pulled down my boxer shorts and gripped my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. Her touch was ice cold. She then ran her tongue along the length of my shaft. She took her time when she reached the swollen head of my cock, savouring the pre cum on the tip.

‘You do have a beautiful cock my dear, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a nice young hard cock.’

When she had finished admiring my cock she stood up and began to take off her frumpy clothes. The clothes quickly fell away and revealed that she didn’t wear underwear and had a very hairy pussy. She had a curvy body of an older woman, maybe someone in their mid 50s. Her large tits didn’t sag as much as I thought they would and looked relatively perky.

‘I hope my ancient body doesn’t turn you off?’ she said coyly.

It definitely didn’t turn me off. In fact I was even more turned on. It was a struggle for me not to just spunk all over her tits right then.

‘No I really want you!’ I blurted.

‘Good, follow me.’

I quickly got out of my clothes and rushed after the old lady with my enormous hard on still raging.

When I got to her bedroom she was standing next to a small double bed. I walked up to her and put my hands on her tits feeling her hard nipples and kissed her on the lips. My rigid cock pressed into her soft belly as we kissed passionately. When the kissing stopped she pushed me onto the bed with a force that shocked me.

I laid on my back and she climbed on top of me and guided my rod into her hairy wet pussy. She rode my cock vigorously and it felt like she could fuck me all night long if she wanted too. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with her. That a woman of her age could move her hips the way she did was incredible. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. I held on to her waist tightly and cried out loudly as I ejaculated deep inside her. It was probably the most intense orgasm of my life.

‘Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Give me all of your cum,’ she cried. ‘I need more!’

I could feel her body shake and her thrusts became even more forceful as she began to orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned in ecstacy.

Back in those days I could still stay hard after I came. When she had finished her orgasm she continued to fuck me.

‘You still have more for me don’t you young man?’ she gasped.

‘Yeah, I’ve got loads!’ I replied confidently.

‘Lets see how many times I can make you cum!

‘Can I take you from behind?’ I asked.

‘Of course you can my dear.’

She climbed off my dick and got on all fours beside me. I loved the sight of her big tits and belly hanging down as she knelt. I rammed my still rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy and fucked as hard as I could. After 10 minutes of intense fucking I shot another load of spunk into her and she orgasmed again. I tried to carry on fucking her but I could feel my cock going soft and she felt it too.

‘I think someone is getting a little tired, you should rest for a moment.’

We laid next to each other and kissed. She gently caressed my chest.

‘You’re a great lover young man, you make me feel alive again. I almost feel guilty about taking you away from all those lovely young women,’ she said with a smile. ‘They wouldn’t appreciate you like I do though, and they’d never make love to you as good as I can. Only an older women can truly appreciate a young man’s virility. Enjoy your youth while you still have it, but don’t take it for granted. There will be a time when you won’t have it and wished you did. That time maybe sooner than you think.’

At the time I didn’t fully comprehend what she was saying to me. It wouldn’t be until years later that I understood what she had meant.

We made love three more times that evening. By the end I was exhausted and fell asleep in her arms. I slept very deeply and woke just as it was getting light. She wasn’t with me. I called out but there was no answer. I found my clothes and began to search the house. The decor looked like it hadn’t been updated since the 1950s. There was little furniture and no food at all in the very dated kitchen. The back garden looked like it hadn’t been attended to in decades and was completely overgrown. It was all very strange.

I decided to go home and come back another time. When I did there was no answer. I called back several more times and still no answer. I decided to ask a next door neighbour if he knew the old woman. He told me she had passed away six months ago and that he didn’t know what was happening to the house.

I was completely stunned by what he had said.

‘How could I have slept with a woman that had died six months ago? Was last night all a dream? It felt so real.’

I went back to the house a few more times and continued going to the pub in the vain hope I’d see her again. I never did.

A few months later I moved from the area and I began to forget the strange old lady. I even started seeing women my own age. It wasn’t until my 25th birthday that I began to notice a change.

For years I’d always had a very healthy sex drive and had plenty of stamina to keep the ladies satisfied. I started to notice my erections weren’t as hard as before and my refractory time was a lot longer. I went to my GP and told him my problem. He said there was nothing to worry about.

‘It’s just what happens when you get older I’m afraid, try doing more exercise and cut down on the drinking.’

I decided to stop drinking and push myself harder in the gym. It had little effect. As the years went by things got worse. My muscle tone seemed to decrease every year no matter how much I exercised. I used to have a great body, now I just looked flabby.

By the time I was in my late 20s I was struggling to get a decent erection. It became a regular occurrence for me to go soft during sex. This completely ruined my confidence with women. I thought that I must have had some kind of testosterone deficiency. I did lots of research online and then went to see a specialist in the matter.

They did all kinds of tests on me and found that there was nothing wrong. My testosterone levels were as they should be. I was thoroughly depressed and started drinking again.

I resigned myself to the fact that I’d never have sex again. My desire for sex and ability to have it was now zero. I knew that all men lose their sex drive as they get older but couldn’t understand why I had lost mine completely at the age of 30. Then I thought back to that strange old lady I’d slept with. Everything started to go downhill for me after that moment.

‘What if she was some kind of witch that drains the life force from men by having sex with them?’ I thought.

I scoured hundreds of different websites about witch folklore. I found out that a life force draining witch does exist. Apparently a young man’s sperm de-ages the witch. Unfortunately once a young man has had sex with such a witch he will begin to lose his virilty and will age prematurely, sometimes even dying at a young age.

‘At least I’m not dead yet,’ I laughed to myself.

I then started looking at some very obscure witch forums on the dark web. I asked if there was any way I could counteract the effects of sleeping with a life force draining witch. The answer was a resounding “no”.

Years went by and I lived a generally happy and healthy life. A completely sexless life but things could’ve been a lot worse. It wasn’t until I was nearly 40 that I saw her again.

I was having a few drinks with some friends in my old local pub when I noticed her sitting in the same place she was all those years ago. She looked about 20 years younger. I went over to her.

‘Hello dear, I almost didn’t recognise you, you’ve gotten quite chubby haven’t you?’ She laughed.

‘I’m glad you find it funny,’ I snarled. ‘I haven’t been able to get it up for over ten years because of you!’

‘I’m so sorry dear, maybe I can help you get some lead back in your pencil, meet me at my house tonight.’

I met her later that evening at the same old house and she definitely helped me. In fact I still regularly visit her to this day. I can happily report that my erections are now nearly as strong as they were back in my heyday. My sex drive and stamina are also improving day by day. Even starting to see a bit of muscle tone. I must be one of the lucky ones. Surely it won’t last forever but I’m going to make the most of it while it does.

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