The Naked Walk To My Mare



This story contains elements of BESTIALITY that may offend you! If you aren’t into this sexual practice, do NOT read my story and do NOT leave a judgmental comment!

The Naked Walk To My Mare

When I lived in a Southern state some years back, I discovered a horse breeding farm with approximately forty mares bred there that was remote and without anybody living on the property. It was like a dream come true for me as I had an insatiable desire to mate mares. The farm property had several large buildings, a huge main barn, and a long building some distance away with many stalls. The access road to the farm was 1/8 mile long, and there was a gate at the entrance. It was perfect as I could easily see or hear anybody approaching the farm from the main road.

Very late one summer night when the air was warm and the humidity high, I left my house and traveled to my usual parking spot at a business off the main road about a half mile from the farm. Dressed in dark clothing, I quickly got out and hastily made my way across the road and into the ditch and carefully looked around to make sure I hadn’t been seen. I climbed over the barbed wire fence into the first field and walked quickly and quietly into some trees. I spent a few minutes listening for unusual sounds and determined the coast was clear.

There was a half-moon that night and no clouds, so I could see quite well and easily made my way across the fields in front of the farm. Crossing two more fences, I came to a gate at an access road to the area that was about 100 yards from the outlying long building where the mares being bred that week were stalled.

After climbing over the gate, I looked around and decided to take my clothes off there instead of in the stall. It was an exciting idea because I’d never done that before, and I knew the risk of being caught was small as the main gate to the farm was closed, and there would be quite a bit of noise made in opening it. There were also many escape directions I could go anyway.

I had built up a little sweat in crossing the fields and climbing the fences, and the humidity added to my dampness. I untied my laces and stepped out of my shoes onto the relatively clean gravel road and took off my black thin sweatpants. Throwing these over the top of the gate, I then stripped off my black T-shirt and threw that over the top as well. At this point I debated keeping my boxer briefs on for the walk to the building, but quickly decided to shed those too.

The excitement of what I was about to do was building in me, and as I lowered my briefs my dick started to become a little engorged. Letting them drop to my ankles, the warm humid air washed over my privates, and I shivered slightly. I stepped out of the briefs and threw them over the top of the fence with the rest of my clothes. Gathering up my clothes, I carefully rolled them up and put the roll at the bottom of the corner of the gate.

I stepped back into my shoes, laced them and started making my way to the stalls. It was exciting walking naked to the building, and my dick swung back and forth with each step. The air caused to me to sweat a little more, and I could smell my sex-fueled body odor, and this really turned me on. My dick grew a little more as I got closer to the building.

It was completely quiet around the farm except for occasional sounds coming from the stalls. I walked the rest of the way to the building and approached each stall to find the mare with the #34 tag on her. She had been my favorite for some time as she was big, gentle, very mellow, and had a beautiful cunt.

After looking in several of the stalls, I found her in one of the stalls at the back of the long building. I greeted her through the open stall window and then left to get some grain from one of the bigger buildings that had a hefty sized grain hopper. This area of the farm had a light on a pole, so I maneuvered my way around the lighted area through the shadows. There were several big buckets by the hopper, so I opened the small door of the hopper and poured some oats into one of the buckets.

It was strange making my way around the farm without any clothes on, and I suddenly thought that it was quite a distance to my clothes if something should happen.

I made my way back to the stall and poured the oats through the window into the feed trough that was just below. This elicited a response from #34, and she nickered eagerly. Opening the door to the stall, I moved in with the bucket and she had already started on the oats.

I set the bucket down and started to pet and caress her. As my hands moved over her large body, she turned to me and sniffed me. My sexual scent was really strong now and she sniffed all up and down my body, concentrating mostly on my armpits and crotch.

At this point I was getting really horny to mate her but took some more minutes to caress her and talk softly to her. She returned to eating and I knew it was time to take things further.

I stood at her side and slowly stroked her. Trailing my hands over her back and down to her huge belly, I slowly caressed down towards her nipples. She didn’t move a muscle, as I had come to expect. She accepted me 100%. My hands gently cupped her nipples, and I bent down under her to gently take them each in my mouth.

I stood back up and caressed around her huge buttocks area, and then slowly moved my hands back towards her treasure spot. As my hands made their way under her tail, she immediately raised it up and out of the way. Moving behind her, in the dim light I could see her wink her vulva as I barely touched the side of her cunt. Good, I thought, she is already ready for me.

Mare #34 always had a nice clean vulva, so my usual routine to clean it a little was discarded. I looked carefully for any really nasty stuff and determined she was very clean tonight.

I moved closer to her rear and immediately felt the heat from her sex. I used my fingers to caress around and up and down her vulva, slowly preparing her for pleasure. I traced my fingers down the slit and briefly penetrated the entrance. The inner part of her vulva was hot and very wet with her juices. As I probed her, her response was to wink her entire vulva out at me. My response was a thickening of my male member.

Now I took two fingers and wet them and poised them at her entrance. I slowly moved my fingers into her canal. She winked strongly and I began moving them in and out. Each time my fingers were deep inside her she winked and gripped them with strength. I was beyond excited now and told myself to calm down.

My naked body could feel the heat from her body, especially the area under her tail, which was still up and to the side. I bent forward and took in a big sniff of her vulva. The smell was strong and pleasant. I stuck out my tongue and licked the slit of her vulva from bottom to top. Her taste was sweet and strong, like the sweet hay she ate every day. I probed the entrance with my tongue and relished in her mare scent. I’ve always liked going down on mares. She winked again and I got the full taste of her mare juices.

I alternated licking the outside of her slit and then the inside as she winked her pussy into my mouth with nearly every touch of my tongue. Mare juices drained around the sides of my tongue. Up and down I licked her, and by now my dick was fully erect.

I stepped away and cleaned off my mouth. She was still eating the oats and seemed to be enjoying my advances. I caressed her body some more, and then found the bucket I had brought and set it upside down behind her. I was confident she would accept me as she had never fussed about my sexual act with her at any time.

I stepped up on the bucket behind her, steadied myself by grabbing onto her flanks, and moved my hips forward to let my now throbbing and anxious male member make contact with her hot slit. The heat coming off of her vulva was amazing as it touched her, and I slowly started to rub my cock up and down her slit. She winked her vulva and my dick slid into the slit, but not into her vagina just yet. Her juices lubricated my tool as I moved it up and down inside her slit, and she continued winking, enveloping my cock each time.

After several minutes I pulled back and then leaned forward as far as I could over her rear. This allowed my erect dick to be at the right angle to enter her. The head of my penis made contact with her slit, and she winked in response. As soon as that happened the head of my dick entered the outside of her hot wet canal. When the tip entered her, it was immediately enveloped by her velvety lips. I shivered at the slippery hotness and slowly pushed into her.

The ample juices of her vagina felt absolutely incredible, much hotter than the outside air. In fact, I shivered again and a surge of pleasure went up and down my body. I stood up straight, looked down in the dim light, and could see my member disappear into her as I moved my hips forward. When I pushed all the way into her, she winked fast and strong, gripping my cock as if she owned it.

Her response to my penetration turned me on even further, and I started to slowly move my rock hard cock in and out of her. She continued winking with each thrust, and within a short while winked on the out-stroke as well, as if she didn’t want me to pull out. Double winks always turn me on further, so I slowly started increasing my thrusts.

Mare #34 had been eating oats all through my preliminaries, but now stopped and lowered her head in a relaxed state. Her ears pivoted to listen to the sounds of my lovemaking with her, and she stood completely still for me.

Slowly I increased the speed and strength of my thrusts. Soon there were slurping sounds as my cock and her vagina interacted with her juices. In and out I pushed and pulled, and my hips started to make contact with her rear. The sounds in the stall increased as I began to increase the intensity. With each thrust I was getting hornier and hornier.

My hips started to hit her rear as I picked up speed, and she began to rock forward and backward, but never moved as I sped up my lust. In and out, in and out, and with building energy I thrust myself into her.

Sounds in the barn started to fade away as my total concentration of the connection with her cunt overtook me. I now began to desire to give her all of me as deep as I could penetrate into her vagina, and to plant my seed into the deepest part of her.

Mare #34 at this point moved slightly and widened her stance, her vulva lowered as a result. The new angle was even better now and I could thrust into her much easier. I clung onto her hoping she was not going to move away, but she stayed perfectly still after that, and I could feel her winking increasing in intensity.

I pressed my hips and cock forward as far as possible as I fucked her with complete abandon. With the deeper thrusts, I felt the tip of my dick extend further into the canal and into an area filled with liquid. Her winking grew stronger and the inner fluid leaked out as I thrust. My lower body was soon wet with her strong smelling juices, and I frantically held onto her flanks as I neared my peak.

Faster and faster I fucked the mare, and she continued clenching my cock with her winks. With several strong final thrusts I reached my limit and thrust my hips forward with all of my strength, jetting my man juice into the mare. I pushed against her with all my strength, cramming my hips and dick against and into her in full orgasm. My vision blackened slightly as experienced an intense climax. I stood tight against the mare while several contractions of my manhood pulsed seed into the mare. Time stood still, and all I felt was the total sexual connection with this mare.

Finally the pulsing from my cock subsided and the intensity of the moment began to lower. I still stood crammed against and in the mare, but gradually my member began to soften in her. The mare was still winking occasionally, and it seemed she didn’t want to let me pull out. But reality is reality, and my manhood receded and was soon pushed out of her canal.

I stood against her for a minute as she winked against my crotch, her vagina expelling some of my juices as well as the rest of hers, and then slowly backed my hips away from the mare. Semen dripped from my dick, and semen continued to drip from the mare. I looked down in the dim light and my dick and crotch were totally drenched with our love making. The strong smell of semen and mare juices filled the air in the stall and mingled with my own strong body odor and that of the mare.

I stepped off the bucket and watched as her slit continued to wink and drip. As I gathered my mental and physical faculties again, she moved away from me in the stall and began to pee. When she was through, I moved over to where she had peed and added my own pee to hers.

I was a mess, drenched with our juices and smelling like I’d actually crawled inside her. I looked at the mare and approached her head to pet and caress her, thanking her softly for our love making. She returned to eating.

After spending some time with her, I took the bucket and went to the mare wash station where they wash the mares prior to inseminating them. I thought to myself, wow, I just bred another horse, but not like they do here during the day! I removed my shoes, crouched down over the drain grate and hosed myself off with the water set on warm, spending significant time on my crotch and lower body. I was covered in sweat though, and soon hosed off my entire body. After that I put my shoes back on, washed the bucket off and returned it to the hopper area. I had nothing to dry myself off with, so I had to air dry on the way back.

I walked back to my clothes, relishing in the euphoric afterglow of the intense experience. I dried myself off the rest of the way with my T-shirt, but I realized I would definitely need a shower at home as I still smelled strongly of mare and semen.

Making my way through the fields I marveled at the night and the adventure. I crossed the road and quickly got in my car and drove home. I was feeling total ecstasy at my night excursion. After a thorough shower, I slept like a rock.

I returned many times to that farm in both the day (on weekends) and night, and especially to #34, my favorite mare, and will always remember The Naked Walk To My Mare.

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