The Hotel: Room Service


I was naked on my back, rubbing my little clit, when the phone rang on the nightstand beside the bed.

I reached out with one of my pussy juice soaked hands and snatched the cordless phone off of the receiver.

“Hello?” I said breathlessly, answering.

“Miss Donovan? This is Claire from Guest Services,” a perky female voice said on the other end of the line. I circled my clit a few times, teasing myself and then tapped my button gently.

“Yea? Oh yea…” I moaned, breathing heavily into the phone, not bothering to hide that I was diddling my happy clitty.

Her voice lowering to a sexier tone Claire spoke again. “Yes, that’s exactly what we’re calling you about, that little pussy you’re playing with. We noticed that you may be in need of a bull this morning.”

“Oh?” I asked, intrigued, lifting my fingers to my mouth to suck off the juices. I tasted so good.

“Yes Miss Donovan, we can see here on your room cameras that you’ve been playing with your pretty pussy for about an hour now. You’ve been putting on quite the show.”

“Mmm I love my pussy,” I groaned.

“Yes, we can see that,” chuckled the girl.

I arched my back and pinched my nipple with my free hand, sucking in a breath with the quick burn. I always did love an audience when I was fucking.

“You’re watching me?”

“We watch everyone, you never know when someone might need a helping hand. Just like yourself.”

“You have a helping hand for my pussy?” I asked, sliding a finger into my pussy, I loved being finger fucked.

“That’s a good girl, finger that wet pussy,” she purred into the phone. “We thought it might need more than a good finger fucking though. We noticed that the last two mornings you’ve taken to fucking a stranger in the lobby before heading out for the day. Isn’t that right? Your cunt needs some good cock every morning doesn’t it?”

“Mmm yea I’m ripe for a fucking, I asked the first dick if he wanted to see my tits and he said yes. Things progressed from there.”

“Yes we saw that he spent a significant amount of time sucking on them before he bent you over by the elevators. You’ve got some great titties. Did you enjoy that?”

“I came on his cock if that’s what you’re asking. Oh fuck,” I whimpered, my pussy clenching on air as I came for the third time that morning, my hips humping in the air.

“Cumming on cock is so much better than an empty pussy, don’t you agree Miss Donovan?”

“Yes Claire,” I dutifully responded, taking some time to play with my breasts again.

“The second man we noticed you rode on the lounge couch next to his wife,” the woman shared. “She didn’t seem to mind.”

I chuckled, twisting my nipples back and forth with my free hand. “I asked him if he wanted to fuck and she didn’t even stop reading her magazine. So I moved my panties to the side, he unzipped his pants and ta-da, I got a nice load before my meeting.”

“Yes housekeeping said you left quite the cum stain on the couch. Do you prefer an audience?”

“I don’t mind being fucked in public if it gets me some cock,” I shared honestly.

“So are you in need of a good hard fucking this morning too?”

“Yes please,” I panted. “I was going to go down to the lobby to find some cock to fuck but it’s the weekend and I slept in and then my clitty wanted rubbing…” I moaned, my fingers slipping over my clit again.

“Perfectly understandable, that’s why we have room service,” she explained. “Now, would you like me to send up a nice bull cock to fuck you?”

“Mmm yes please,” I sighed. “That would be so helpful.”

“And where would you like that cock?” she said seductively. “Show me.”

I opened my legs wider and spread my pussy lips apart.

“My cunt,” I whimpered.

“Mmm look at that pretty pussy,” she crooned. “You want to have your cunt fucked?”

“Oh yes please!” I cried as I rubbed my clit some more.

“Well I have a nice fat cock available if you’d like,” she said.

“Mmmm how fat…?” I whispered.

“So fat it might hurt a little at first,” she replied honestly. “You’ve got a tight little pussy that needs a good stretching, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes,” I panted, “tell me more.”

“It’s eight inches in length with a nice sized cockhead,” she cooed. “Guaranteed to rub your cervix just right.”

“Fuck yea,” I moaned.

“And he’s got some nice big full balls for you too,” Claire tempted.

“I need it!” I begged.

“Show me where you need it,” she demanded.

I quickly slid two fingers into my pussy, my body bowing with the penetration as I fucked them in and out of my cunt hole.

“That’s a good girl, I can hear how wet you are from here. You just get that cunt nice and ready for him and I’ll send him up to your room for you,” she said. “Any other requests we can take care of for you? Want me to come up and suck on your titties?”

“Ooh fuck my pussy needs cock, does he have to wear a rubber?” I moaned.

Silence met me on the other end of the line. Desperate for raw cock I asked again.

“Claire? Please don’t make him wear a rubber,” I begged.

“My my, what a dirty girl you are. You want it bareback?” she said, her voice husky.

“Yes please,” I whimpered. “I want it bare.”

“Aw you want to get a bareback pounding?”

“Please!” I plead, “when I take cock I like it raw in my cunt,” I gasped, my hips pumping. “Just like nature intended.”

“Mmm yes we noticed you never made the other two men wrap it up. We’ve got ourselves a little naturalist creampie whore here, don’t we?”

“Oh yes…” I sighed, pinching my hard clit. “I love it raw.”

“Mmm I might just volunteer myself for clean up duty afterwards. Would you like that Miss Donovan?” Claire offered. “I’m known for my very long and very thorough tongue.”

“Oooh but I like being full all day…feeling it drip out of me,” I explained, panting.

“We can make that happen for you,” she said efficiently. “Where do you want his load?”

“Deep,” I moaned.

“Deep?” she asked innocently. “Deep where? Show me baby.”

I sunk my fingers back into my pussy, trying to reach the back of my cunt. “Deep in my pussy,” I whimpered.

“Ok Miss Donovan, we’ll make sure you get pumped nice and full of cum by some thick, bare cock ok?”

“Fuck yea, please hurry,” I begged again, sweaty and poised to cum again.

“I want you to stay with me on the phone throughout your fucking ok? That way if you need anything else I can get it for you,” she instructed.

“Mmm okay,” I replied, lost in my own sexual haze, excited that I’d have an audience again.

“Good girl, until he gets there just keep playing with your pussy. Keep yourself nice and wet for him,” she explained. “He’s not there for foreplay, he’s just there to fuck the shit out of that needy cunt.”

“Oh fuck I need it,” I whimpered.

“I know baby, I know. He’s going to be there any second and let himself in. You just have to make yourself ready to be mounted. Ok?”

“Ok…” I sighed.

“Good girl, bring your knees up to your chest for me. Good, good,” she praised. “Okay now let them fall apart nice and wide. Excellent. He’s going to want to fuck you deep in that missionary position.”

I heard the door to my hotel room open and turned my head to the side to see him enter into the room.

“Oh fuck yes, please…” I whimpered. “Are you here to pound my pussy?”

“Yes, that’s him. You ready for some cock baby?” Claire said in my ear.

I nodded, unable to verbally respond. The man was tall and built. Tan, with dark short hair and green eyes. His shirt was already on the ground and he was pushing his pants and boxers down to the floor. Stepping out of his shoes and kicking off his bottoms he pumped his thick cock in his hand. I could already see a bead of pre-cum on its head. My mouth watered, he was beautifully hung.

“You want it raw?” his low voice asked as he crawled onto the bed.

I nodded again, letting my legs relax and fall open more.

“That’s a good girl,” I heard from the phone again. “His cock is thick, it’s going to stretch that little pussy open. Make sure you stay relaxed for him ok? That way he can get in nice and deep for you.”

I nodded, the heat from his body meeting mine.

“Nice cunt,” he commented casually as he stared at my puffy, soaked pussy.

I spread my lips open again with my hand, showing him my greedy hole. This was the most vulnerable I could be, and the dirtiest. Alone, naked, on my back, legs spread open in submission, holding my cunt open for him to fuck. I was panting with need. He leaned closer and I felt his cock head fit itself against my cunt. He moved his hips back slightly and then he pushed his dick into me. I gasped and rose up off the bed, his cock merciless as it thrust into me. I felt the initial pop of my cunt hole wrapping around his cock head and the slow burn of his dick pushing through my tight walls. There was nothing that felt better than a good cock taking control of your cunt.

“That’s it baby, take that cock,” Claire said in my ear. “He’s going to go balls deep, no no, don’t fight him,” she said as I pushed at his chest when the burn got too strong.

He kept pushing, stretching open my little pussy, using his weight to keep me pinned to the bed.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned when I felt his heavy balls resting against my ass, his cockhead nestled against my cervix. A perfect, just a little too big to be comfortable, fit.

“I know, I know. He’s going to pound you now, so just lay there and hold on,” she explained. “Let him do all the work. Just let him rut.”

I placed my hands on his shoulders and looked down to where our bodies met. He pulled out his cock and I could see it coated with my creamy juices. My fat pussy lips were hugging his thick cock, not wanting it to leave. He shoved back in until he bottomed out into the back of my pussy and pulled it back out again to the tip. He long dicked me like that through two cums, Claire cheering me on while the bull remained silent. Nothing but grunts of what I assumed was approval coming from him. The heavy wet slap of his body into mine and our breathing filled the room.

“Your pussy cums beautifully Miss Donovan. I can see it clutching at his dick when I zoom in, feel good baby?” she panted. She sounded like she was turned on by watching us fuck.

“So. Good.” I panted back.

“Good, I’m glad. How’s your pussy? Sore yet?”

“A little,” I said, not used to a professional bull’s size, stamina or roughness.

“I’ll bet, your cunt is pretty red from what I can see,” she said. “When you want him to fill you up just say ‘fill me’ and he’ll unload ok? Fuck I can’t wait to see that creampie, you’re gonna gape from him for sure.”

“Fuck yes,” I cried at the thought and came again on his cock. My pussy rippled and I felt my juices trickle down over my asshole. I was sloppy wet, my titties bouncing on my chest, my face and hair sweat drenched as he pounded into me.

As I came down from my orgasm I reached up and twisted my nipple, enjoying the small bite of pain.

“Fill me,” I whimpered to the man on top of me.

His head snapped up and met my eyes for the first time.

“You want my load slut?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, arching my body into his again so he could press deeper inside of me. I could feel his cockhead rubbing against my cervix, right where I wanted his cum.

“Where?” he grunted.

“Cunt,” I panted. “Deep in my cunt.”

He grunted and hunched his body into mine, his dick as deep as it could go as he thrust in with just his glutes. I felt his balls slapping against my wet asshole and started to pulse my pussy around his cock, trying to milk out his cum. I couldn’t wait to feel him spew his cum. I loved the feeling of a cock cumming inside of me. It was the best part of rutting.

“Please,” I begged. “Fill me up!”

He placed his hands on my knees and pushed them back towards he bed. He spread me as wide as I could be and thrust his cock deep inside my cunt. I felt his cock swell slightly and then winced as I felt the painful pressure of his cockhead against my cervix. And then…heat and the rhythmic pulse of his shaft. He was cumming.

“Fuck yes!” I screamed, my pussy triggered into a massive orgasm, shaking with its intensity. My body instinctually needing to milk as much cum from him as possible.

“Oh yes, good girl!” I heard faintly from Claire, he and I out of breath from or climaxes.

My body limp and finally sated, I laid there unmoving as the bull pulled himself off of me. His cock making an obscene sucking noise as my pussy released its hold on it. Some warmth flowed out of me and I reached down to catch his cum. I used my hand to rub it into my pussy lips and clit as he got dressed next to the bed. Without a word he left and I closed my eyes. A nap sounded so good after a fuck like that.

“Eh hem Miss Donovan?” Came from the phone.

“Mmm yes Claire?” I said lazily, still rubbing the leaking cum into my used cunt.

“Would you like to schedule another servicing the same time tomorrow?”

“Actually, what do you have available for this afternoon?”

Thank you for taking the time to read this little dirty story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Over the years my writing has improved and my mind just got dirtier. If you’d like to read more of my work, head over to and let me know what you think!

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