The Hike


“Oh hi, Adam … Nothing much … I’m great … thanks … How are you doing in college these days?” when Tracy answered her phone. She hadn’t heard from Adam for a few months since he went to college. They had been going steady since high school, but he had put their relationship ‘on hold’ because he wanted to ‘meet’ people in college.

“… Hiking?” She hesitated, not wanting to seem too eager to jump when he called, but she did miss him, so she replied, “Sure, I’ll go hiking with you on Saturday. I’ll be ready when you come to pick me up. About nine?” Maybe he had a change of heart and wanted to see her again. If so, she was willing to go with him.

On Saturday, they drove up to the mountain, then started up one of the upper hiking trails. He was taking her further and further off the main trails until there was no one else for miles. It was a clear day with a blue sky. It was still early spring, and after a couple of miles they hiked into the forest snow line, the untouched white crunching under their boots.

Along the way, Adam hadn’t said much, just minor chit-chat about his classes and such. Tracy waited to see if Adam was going to say anything about the two of them. They were alone this far off the main trails, and the snow only showed the occasional animal tracks. They hiked further into the trees.

“Tracy, I miss you,” Adam walked next to her and put his right arm around her. This is what Tracy was hoping for, so she snuggled close to him. Walking further he turned and kissed her on the cheek, moving quickly to her mouth for a full kiss.

Tracy missed Adam too but he was the one who had wanted a break. Tracy thought back to the many times they had spent with each other in the back seat of his parent’s car, or in his room when his parents were out. As they continued to walk, he reached over with his left hand and began to caress her breasts inside her jacket.

“Oh Tracy, you feel so nice,” Adam said as he continued to play. He’d missed Tracy, particularly her 5’7”, tight body with lovely firm tits high on her chest. Firm but soft too as Adam remembered. She held onto his belt with her hand and let him caress her.

Adam, of course, wasn’t satisfied just playing with her boobs over her shirt. He popped a couple of her shirt buttons open to slide his hand inside her bra. He found the front clasp and slipped her bra apart so he could play with her bare breasts.

Tracy wasn’t complaining as she always enjoyed Adam’s caresses. He was fondling her breasts and rolling her nipples.

When they reached a small clearing between the trees, Adam turned and with both hands unbuttoned the rest of her shirt buttons exposing her full breasts in the sun. He cupped them in his palms and stoked the sides with his fingers, while his thumbs drew lazy circles around her areolas. He rolled her sensitive nipples slowly, and they pebbled up with the stimulation.

Tracy let out a gasp as Adam bent down to take a nipple into his mouth. He gently tugged her nipple with his teeth and trailed kisses from one to the other. “I miss these beauties,” he said.

Tracy reached up and threaded her fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck to pull him toward her. ‘Is Adam coming back to me,’ she wondered.

Adam’s arms went around Tracy and lifted her shirt loose from her pants. Then both of his hands started squeezing her butt. She always did have that cute butt he liked to play with, as they seal their lips together in a deep open-mouth kiss. Adam sensually ran his hands up and down her body, giving a quick pinch to her nipples now and then.

His hands went to her front to open her belt and lower the pants zipper. He inserted his right hand down inside her panties in search of her pubic mound. He caressed the soft hair as his fingers traced over her outer lips. Tracy noticed she was beginning to moisten as Adam played with her.

With the zipper opened there was more room for Adam to slide his left hand down to her butt cheeks. One hand in front now fingering her pussy with the other in the back playing with her butt. Her pants and panties began to slide down her legs. With a slight nudge of his hand, she parted her legs wider to give him room to play.

His middle finger traced along the crease between her lips. Pushing slightly, his finger went between her lips searching for the warm moisture inside. Curling his finger he gathered some pussy juice and then spread it over her clitoris and circled it. Pushing back in deeper he was searching for that magic G-spot, adding another finger to the search.

Meanwhile, in the back, he was pushing her pants along with her panties off her butt. Tracy was standing there with all her clothes open letting Adam caress her. It was still all very quiet when she looked around.

Nothing but trees around them. Just as well, as her pants and panties were, by now, down around her ankles as Adam was finger fucking her and sucking on her boobs. There was a slight chill in the air, but his hands did feel good on her exposed body. As far as Tracy was concerned, Adam was still her boyfriend and she wanted to please him. Letting him play was part of him coming back to her.

Adam was of course using all the tricks he knew to get her hot and bothered. He knew once he got her pussy dripping, he could do whatever he wanted to her. She was always kind of sexually submissive once she was hot, and she was at that point now. He laid her jacket on the snow along with her shirt. Loosening her boots, he lifted her feet one at a time, her pants and panties joined the layer of clothes on the snow as her boots were loosely put back on.

Looking around, he saw that their clearing was well hidden behind the trees and far from the trail. “Oh, Tracy I need you,” as he gently helped and pushed Tracy down on her back on top of her clothes in the snow. Luckily the snow wasn’t too deep, but she did sink down with her body weight into the snow.

Adam knelt down to spread her legs apart then dropped his head to her pussy to lick and suck the way he knew she liked. His tongue separated her lips as he thrust in as far as he could. Flicking his tongue upwards to lick around her clit. Adding the fingers back in, making circles inside her pussy, tickling her G-spot … all the tricks he knew would make her desperate for him.

Adam had her naked where he wanted her. He opened his belt and pulled his zipper down, then reached inside to pull his cock from his underwear. He rubbed the head of his cock along her slit, spreading moisture over her pussy, and brushing against her clit. Easing forward, he thrust his cock into her.

It had been a while since he was inside a pussy. Tracy’s warm and moist pussy felt so good around his cock. He plowed into her with deeper and deeper strokes. Even though he was resting his upper body on his elbows and arms, the thrusting of their hips was driving Tracy deeper into the snow.

She tried to wrap her arms around Adams’s neck to hold herself off the snow. She even wrapped her legs around Adam to get them off the snow. The more they rocked back and forth, the more snow spilled over from the sides onto Tracy. It was just too cold.

“Adam let me up. It’s too cold here,” she said. At first, he didn’t want to because he just got into her pussy, but when she started pushing on his chest, he finally gave in and they both got up from the snow.

Looking around, Adam saw a fallen tree with the tree trunk about waist height off the ground. He pleaded and maneuvered Tracy over to the tree. “Tracy, I REALLY need you now.” He knew she was still wanting him from how her moist pussy was molded around his cock.

Brushing the snow off the trunk, he laid Tracy’s belly down across the tree trunk, and, spreading her legs apart again, he pushed his cock back inside her pussy.

Tracy’s submissive side was showing. She let Adam have his way with her, enjoying the feel of his hard cock in her pussy. His cock in her pussy was making her hotter. At least she was off that damn cold snow.

She braced herself off the trunk with her arms, but that left her breasts hanging and swinging free as Adam fucked her from behind. She gave into him, kind of wicked fucking outdoors like this. She was getting into it as Adam continued driving his cock into her.

When her body dropped down from time to time, her boobs and nipples would scrap against the tree bark sending a thrill through her. Adam reached forward to play with her boobs and pull on her nipples to keep her excitement high.

Entering Tracy on that first stroke was just as exquisite as he remembered. His cock head pushed against her tight opening. Resisting at first, but then yielding open to allow the head to pop inside her. As he pushed further inside, her cunt expanded to accommodate the rest of his cock. He could feel every nook and cranny as she molded around him.

Adam always liked to prolong this wicked feeling as long as possible by seesawing into Tracy a little bit at a time. Once he was ‘all in’, he pulled his cock almost out, just to feel her tight cunt clinging to his shaft, then pushed it back in again, again and again.

Tracy cooed and moaned as her body adjusted to this invader. She shuddered and involuntarily clamped down on his cock to add to his excitement.

‘Was he crazy wanting to take a break from Tracy when he went to college,’ Adam thought, as his ‘little head’ was doing the thinking for him. Now with Tracy across the tree trunk and with him entering from the rear, a new set of sensations ran through him as his upturned cock pushed into her down-sloping cunt. Again, more exquisite friction rubbed across his cock-head.

Tracy was getting even more into it now that she is no longer lying on the cold snow; Adam is even kind of covering her. It felt good to have Adam’s cock back in her pussy again. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the delightful motion of being made love to.

Once in a while her back would drop lower which caused her hard nipples to drag across the bark. That little pain with the pleasure added to the passion that was building within her.

Adam was finally getting what he had hoped for when he asked Tracy to go hiking with him. He needed to get his rocks off as he had not had much luck at college. Calling Tracy was just perfect to end his dry spell. ‘How he missed her sweet pussy,’ he thought as he stroked into her, balls deep.

Meanwhile, a little further down the mountain, Sam and Harry were hiking up the same trail. They saw two sets of fresh footprints, with one set smaller than the other. When they saw the tracks veering off the main trail, they decided to follow them.

Walking further they saw the tracks disappear into the trees. How interesting they thought as they quietly followed the footprints. Then through the trees, they saw a glimpse of two people in a small clearing. Their tracks had given them away.

Looking through the binoculars, Harry saw a guy with a naked girl talking intently to each other. He told Sam what he saw, then, to their surprise, the guy bent the girl over a tree trunk and began to fuck her from the back. There wasn’t any fighting or screaming, so they figured it was just lovers enjoying each other in the great outdoors.

Sam and Harry looked at each other and smiled, thinking how lucky they found them like this. Voyeurs at heart, they silently moved across to the side, behind some trees, to get a better view of the couple.

As they got closer they saw a young couple around college age. The girl was naked while the guy still had his clothes on. Standing between her legs, he had his hands on her hips while she was on her belly across the tree trunk. She was holding herself up with her arms, with her boobs swinging delightfully in the sun every time he plowed into her.

Sam brought his camera out and took a few shots of the couple fucking. From this distance, the zoom lens really showed the details of her breasts and ass as he played the lens over the girl taking several pictures. Her pendulous breasts were swinging back and forth, her hips pressed against the tree. Those long beautiful legs split apart by the guy standing between them.

They could not see her face from this angle. After watching them for a little while, Sam and Harry got hot too. Putting the camera away they backtracked quietly and approached the couple from the rear.

From the corner of his eye, Adam saw some movements in the trees. Turning a bit he saw two men watching him and Tracy going at it. He started to panic but wasn’t ready to stop just yet. It felt too good inside Tracy’s warm and wet pussy.

The men were smiling as they walked closer, so Adam took a huge chance and did not stop or make any sound. Sam and Harry noticed the guy had seen them but had not stopped fucking the girl. Cautiously they slowly and quietly walked up behind them for a closer look, all along watching for his reaction.

Adam knew they were coming closer, but did not let Tracy know there were people behind them. The snow had cushioned their steps and now they were just behind and beside him watching them fuck.

Harry was standing off to the right side with Sam on the left, watching her swinging boobs as the guy continued to fuck the girl without even missing a beat as they approached. After a few minutes of watching, Harry couldn’t contain himself; he reached around to help himself to Tracy’s right boob.

Tracy felt the hand under her breast as relief from the rough bark. In her state of mind, she did not realize Adam’s hands were still on her hips. Adam was going to say something, but again something inside him stopped him. He looked at Harry and then followed his hand to Tracy’s breast. Sam saw what had transpired and he helped himself to Tracy’s other breast. Both Harry and Sam were smiling as each had one of Tracy’s full soft breasts to play with.

When Sam and Harry started to play more roughly with Tracy’s tits, she suddenly noticed the change and looked back to see two strangers, each with one of her breasts. Tracy was startled, screaming, “Let me up! Let me up!”

Adam held her down and said “Relax Tracy, just stay where you are and enjoy the fun.” Sam and Harry added their free hands to help hold Tracy down and then joined in to caressing her exposed body. In her weakened, passion-driven state, Adam’s assessment was right, she was both too far gone and too submissive to resist much.

All those hands caressing Tracy were affecting her. She enjoys a lot of foreplay and a very slow build-up to the climax. For her, Adam needed to play with her more. But he seemed to do just enough to get her going, then rushed to get into her pussy.

So when Sam and Harry joined in to caress her, she was fulfilling a long-term desire. They started with her breasts, rolling her nipples, running their hands along her sides, caressing her face, and playing with her hair and the back of her neck. Then, going down lower, rubbing her belly around to her hips. They stroked her long legs, continuing to her thighs, then searching for her clit.

Those hands on her were exactly what she needed. Sam and Harry did what Adam had never done in preparing Tracy for sex. With continual reassurance from the men, Tracy faced forward again and closed her eyes to focus on the cock fucking her pussy, and the hands caressing all over her body.

Adam, seeing the men playing with Tracy, was fulfilling a secret fantasy he had of sharing Tracy with others. Excited, he stepped up his speed, driving his cock into Tracy harder and harder.

Tracy didn’t want to fight the feelings, even if she could, and gave in, enjoying the attention of these men who seemed to desire her so intensely.

Harry was clearly delighted the couple didn’t stop and the girl seemed to accept their presence – even welcomed it. He walked around the tree trunk until he was in front of Tracy.

She still had her eyes closed when Harry reached forward to cup both of her breasts in his hands. He caressed them, weighing them, then rolling her hard nipples between his thumb and forefingers.

Sam did not want to be left out of the action and reached under Tracy to caress her belly and finger her clit.

Tracy was enjoying so many sensations all over her body at the same time. She decided to let go and enjoy this new experience and couldn’t suppress her moans.

All three guys were enjoying themselves playing with her at the same time. Harry pulled out his hard cock, and started to jack off in front of Tracy. Pre-cum coated the head of his cock, making it shine as he slid his hand up and down the rigid shaft.

Tracy opened her eyes and saw Harry’s long cock just in front of her face. She stared at it as Harry took a step forward and rubbed it on her cheeks and then across her lips. Tracy stuck her tongue out to lick the tip of his cock, then opened her mouth to take him inside.

Harry was in heaven feeling her warm and wet mouth around his cock. He put his hands beside her head and fed more and more of his cock into her mouth.

This was the very first time Tracy had two cocks in her at the same time, and the feeling of being used from both ends made her almost delirious.

Tracy had made a conscious decision to lean down to take Harry into her mouth, which dropped her breasts and nipples down against the tree bark. At first, it was rough but somehow the pain turned into new stimulation for her. This pain mixed with pleasure was turning her on, bringing out the hidden pain slut. Sam’s hand on her clit wasn’t idle either, and she felt the waves of pleasure mounting in her.

Adam in the meantime was getting more and more excited watching the two men playing with Tracy. This was something he had enjoyed in porno movies, which he seemed to be watching more lately. This was not a movie and he is right in the middle of it. Never had he imagined he would be doing this with Tracy.

Despite his desire to prolong the fuck, that thought just took him over the top and he couldn’t stop himself from ejaculating deeply into Tracy before collapsing on her back.

Tracy hadn’t got there yet despite having a cock in her pussy, another in her mouth, and strong male hands touching her everywhere. The different sensations were making it difficult to focus on one which would make her cum. When Adam pulled out, Tracy moaned, “Not yet!”

Normally Adam would only be only good for ‘one shot.’ If Tracy hadn’t cum with him, they were done, leaving her hanging. Luckily this time, Sam had already taken off his pants ready to take Adam’s place.

As Adam stumbled back, he watched as Sam step up to plunge his cock into Tracy’s welcoming, just fucked pussy. His fantasy was coming true. He watched as if in slow motion as Sam’s cock split Tracy’s pussy lips apart. They stretched around Sam’s cock to accommodate his impressive girth, as he pushed his rod all the way in with a single thrust. This was way better than porn Adam thought.

Harry, following Sam’s example, loosened his belt and dropped his pants, somehow managing to keep his cock inside Tracy’s mouth. Luckily he was wearing wide-leg pants, as he stepped out of them still in his boots.

Once Sam took over, he looked at Harry and they began synchronizing their strokes into Tracy. Sam and Harry had done this before, ‘spit roasting’ the girl between them.

Tracy was relieved her pussy was full of cock again – she was so close and would do anything just to come. Sam and Harry would alternate: as one cock pulled out, the other cock would push in, pushing and rocking Tracy between them.

Just as Tracy was getting used to their rhythm, they would switch to both cocks pushing into Tracy at the same time, then pulling back out in synchrony. Both ends of Tracy were filled and then emptied. Back and forth they switched rhythm on Tracy, taking her where she had never been before.

Having two cocks in her at the same time was so exciting. There were times after sucking on Adam’s cock, when Tracy would continue to suck on her fingers when Adam was fucking her from behind, and now she had the real thing. She moaned weakly around the cock impaling her mouth..

To kick it up a notch, the two friends switched; Harry would pull out from Tracy’s mouth, and walk around to replace Sam’s cock with his own. Sam would then take over in Tracy’s mouth. The emptiness when they withdrew was frustrating, but the feeling as the new cocks impaled her, more than made up for a few seconds with nothing in her holes.

Round and around they went double-teaming her. Whoever was in front would play with her boobs, teasing her nipples mercilessly, while the one at her back continued to torment her clit and sometimes slap her butt, mixing pain with pleasure. They were driving Tracy crazy pushing her higher and higher toward her climax.

Adam in the meantime had gotten hard again; the scene he was watching was guaranteed to make anyone hard. He stood to the side masturbating, watching the two men have their way with Tracy. He looked at one cock going in and out of Tracy’s mouth, then at the other plowing in and out of her pussy, amazed at the way the men were enjoying her together.

Tracy was tasting herself with every switch of the cocks in her mouth. She was getting used to the thrusting cock in her mouth, and little by little she let it go deeper toward her throat.

So many new sensations for her that suddenly, and almost without warning, her whole body tensed and she came hard on both cocks, her body shaking. She would have fallen down if she hadn’t been put across the tree trunk.

The men didn’t slow down to let her rest. One orgasm rolled into another, then into the next one, until she was coming continuously for several minutes. Tracy squirted for the very first time in her life. Her juices squirted forcefully past the cock still thrusting inside her and ran freely down her legs.

Her saliva mixed with her pussy juice on their cocks. Wet around her lips and dipping down her chin. There were marks on her as they mauled her boobs and as her nipples were pinched and pulled. Both men’s cocks glistened with her juices as they continued fucking her from both ends.

It was such a sexy and dirty sight as Adam ejaculated over Tracy’s stomach, a stream of cum that set Harry off.

Harry shoved his cock into her mouth and blasted his load down her throat. Tracy swallowed as much as she could but some overflowed from her lips.

Sam followed close behind, almost lifting Tracy off the tree trunk while driving hard and deep into her.

That was too much for Tracy, and she came once more feeling Sam’s hot cum blasting inside her. There was so much cum inside Tracy that it leaked out and ran down her legs.

The two men rested on Tracy for a couple of minutes, while a fucked out Tracy passed out completely, draped across the tree.

Sam moved off Tracy and put his clothes back on. He took his camera out for a few more shots of the slutty girl covered in their combined juices. Harry wiped his cock on Tracy’s face, so Sam took a picture of that and had Harry put his cock back in Tracy’s mouth for another shot.

Harry held Tracy’s head up for a close-up of her beautiful cum covered face with her eyes still closed. There were strings of cum running down from her lips. Sam got a close-up of Harry kissing Tracy on the cheek.

Harry then lifted Tracy up by her shoulders for a face and torso shot showing her boobs, red marks, and all. Sam came in again for a close-up while Harry pulled and rolled her nipples for the picture. They laid her back down across the tree trunk for a few more shots from the front and sides.

Tracy looked like a deer, a doe actually, that had been hunted and tagged then draped across the tree trunk.

Moving to the back they had the best view with her legs still spread, pussy gaping and cum trails running down her thighs. Sam moved in for several close-ups capturing all of the details.

Harry was there again helping to pose Tracy. He held one of her legs up so her pussy gaped open even more. Spreading her butt cheeks apart both her swollen pussy and asshole were captured by the camera.

Since Adam was standing there looking dumbfounded with his cock still out, they handed the camera to him, so both of them could get in the picture with Tracy.

Kneeling down beside her, they kissed her butt, then each of them took a leg and spread her apart. They had Adam take pictures of the two of them with close-ups of Tracy’s spread rear end in all its glory.

Harry took his finger to check Tracy’s loose and gaping cunt hole. Sam added his finger there too. They made sure Adam was still taking pictures for them. Sam added a second finger and Harry followed. Sam said “Here is our trophy shot,” as he picked up Tracy’s leg again with his free hand to spread her leg wide. He asked Harry to do the same from his side. Then they gently pulled her cunt lips open with their fingers. Once again having Adam take pictures and close-ups for them.

Sam kneeling on the left side of Tracy with Harry on the right. Between them, Tracy’s rear, still laying on her belly across the tree trunk. Sam’s left hand and arm are holding and pulling on Tracy’s left leg. Harry doing the same with his right hand and arm with Tracy’s right leg. Sam reached over his left shoulder with his right hand. His index and middle fingers are on the left side of Tracy’s cunt. Harry did the same with his left hand pulling and spreading her open. Big smiles on their faces as they looked into the camera.

They asked Adam to be sure to focus clearly on ‘the pink’ with cum still dripping out. In fact, both sets of lips were red, swollen and still well coated. Adam took several shots and close ups of the ‘trophy’ as they called it.

With that, they let her legs down. Sam smiled at Harry and said “We missed one,” as he rubbed his finger around her asshole. “Maybe next time if we play it right,” as he smiled, leaned forward, and kissed it.

“We already have our trophy shot for the contest,” Sam winked at Harry. Collecting his camera Sam posed Adam for a few more shots.

Adam had gotten hard again, so Sam had Adam fuck Tracy for the camera. Since Tracy was still out, Adam gently opened her mouth and placed his cock inside for more shots.

After that Sam and Harry thanked Adam for letting them join in sharing the girl with them. They shook hands and then Sam and Harry walked back down the path from whence they came.

Adam was still in a state of sexual euphoria and shock, not knowing what to do next. Checking on Tracy, and seeing she was still ‘resting’ on the tree trunk. He picked up their jackets and laid them on top of Tracy to keep her warm. Inspecting Tracy, he confirmed it was just well-used. Nothing was torn or bleeding, which eased his mind.

Since he was still hard, he went behind Tracy to finish the job. “Wow, this is how sloppy seconds feel,” Adam thought. Tracy’s pussy had that silky feeling, of a very loose and very wet fuck hole, and it was only a minute or two before he was getting his rocks off inside of her again.

Rubbing her back slowly woke her up from her ‘nap’. Using his hands he wiped as much of the cum off her face, body, and legs. As she revived, he helped her in getting dressed. All the activities before had put a light sweat on her, but now she was getting chilled so getting back in her clothes was essential.

She was sore so they took a slow pace down the mountain. Adam kept looking at Tracy, unsure how she would take the events of the past couple of hours.

“How could you, Adam, how could you let them have me like that? How could you encourage them and join in?” Tracy complained.

“Sorry, Tracy. I lost it the moment they started to play with you – you looked so hot, so sexy.” Adam didn’t say that it was one of his fantasies to see Tracy taken like that.

They were silent the rest of the way back down. Adam decided not to mention the camera and the several dozen photographs Sam and Harry had taken of her naked and fucked.

He reasoned that since she had passed out, there was no benefit from telling her, particularly as he had even helped to take pictures for them. The silence continued as they drove back to Tracy’s apartment and left her at the door.

He tried to call the next day, but Tracy refused to talk to him. He called again, but Tracy did not answer. He knew Tracy was done with him.

Stupid boy didn’t appreciate her, took her for granted and now he had lost her forever. He felt briefly sad, but then he recalled the time on the mountain, and his cock hardened. Memories were the only things he has now.

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