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Jane Rosten is well known at the university for throwing some of the best parties. Unfortunately throwing amazing parties does not count as part of the curriculum. Her academic advisor just informed her that she isn’t on the track to graduate next year. Now she is on her way to her professor’s office to talk about extra credit or at least something that will bump her grade up. If she remembers the rumors correctly Professor Reed is very understanding. Sadly, the next professor she has to visit is not. Professor Griffin is notorious for not giving any wiggle room for climbing letter grades.

Jane takes a deep breath and walks into the older woman’s office. “Professor Reed, I-” She stops dead in her tracks as the door closes behind her. She didn’t expect for the teacher to have company and the company just so happened to be Professor Griffin. “Oh, P-Professor Griffin. I’m so sorry. I forgot to knock.” Erin Reed licks her lips and smirks at the young woman. Jane Rosten was one of her most promising students in her first year of college until the young brunette got sucked into the party scene. Her popularity grew as her class attendance and grades diminished. She always kept an eye out for the good looking students anyhow.

Carol Griffin looks at the woman over her shoulder and sighs softly. It’s not that she doesn’t like the young brunette. Jane has always been one of her favorite students to talk about with Erin. The young brunette has started a few hot make out sessions and eventually further between the two of them. She had met Erin on the redhead’s first day of teaching and they had hit it off right then. Eventually Carol had asked the woman on a date which went horrible yet the night ended in sex which they both agreed was too enjoyable to put a stop to. Neither wanted any type of serious relationship but decided to continue their friendship as friends with benefits. Erin was just about to go down on her when the young woman had walked in.

“Well, this is actually good that you’re both here. I need to talk to you both about extra credit.” Jane notices the blonde roll her eyes and quickly tries to save herself. “Or maybe something else to bump my grade?” She asks hopefully and bites her lip in concern. Erin squeezes her thighs together underneath the desk as she watches the young woman bite her lip. Carol hums in debate before sliding off the desk and turning to look at the brunette. She glances at her friend and raises an eyebrow.

“Why should we bump your grade?” Carol asks and stalks forward to study the young brunette. Jena swallows roughly and glances to Erin before sighing deeply.

“At this point I’m not going to graduate on time. I know I messed up. I just need the opportunity to get back on track.” She looks hopefully at the blonde in front of her. Carol reaches out to push a strand of hair behind the brunette’s ear.

“What are you willing to do for us?” Carol whispers and smirks a little. Jane swallows hard and tries to calm her suddenly rapidly beating heart. She glances again to Professor Reed who has leaned back in her chair to watch them with dark eyes. She finally notices the hot sexual tension in the office that she should have noticed when she first walked in. Professor Griffin wasn’t sitting on the other woman’s desk for no reason. Despite the slight nervousness and maybe fear she feels in this moment she can’t help the fact that she is fighting the urge to squeeze her thighs together in hope of some type of friction.

“What do you want, Professor Griffin?” Jane asks softly and looks back to Professor Griffin anxiously. Carol moves forward until Jane is forced to step back and step back again before she finally stops from the door behind her.

“We want you to go down on us.” She husks and reaches over to flick the lock on the door. Jane releases a light laugh at the blunt words and looks over to see the redhead eagerly leaning forward to hear her answer.

“You’re serious?” Jane questions and sucks in a breath as the blonde cups her chin.

“Yes or no.” Carol tries not to smirk too happily at putting the young woman in such a compromising situation. Jane looks at the blonde lips before back up to her cold blue eyes.

“You both promise to raise my grade?” It’s ridiculous that she is even considering this. However, if she doesn’t graduate then her parents will kick her out. She doesn’t have many places to go. Erin stands and walks around to the two where Carol has now released the young woman’s chin to instead slightly drop it down to graze her chest.

“Of course, Jane. As long as you follow through with your side of the deal and you promise to never speak of this?” Erin raises an eyebrow as she comes to lean against the door next to the brunette. She watches as the young woman turns to look at her and her friend’s hand gently caresses her neck- Carol’s eyes filled with hunger.

“Never.” Jane husks and starts to breathe heavily from the blonde so softly touching her skin. Erin bites her lip and nods her head to Carol before leaning in to kiss the brunette.

“Good girl.” She husks and smiles as the young woman gasps from the blonde starting to kiss her neck. “Have you been with a woman before?” Erin asks as she moves to stand behind Carol and starts to unbutton her blouse. Jane nods her head and reaches up to slide her fingers in blonde locks to keep the woman’s lips against her neck. She is at a loss for words at this point. Also, she doesn’t think the two women would care to hear about her drunken lesbian activities as a young freshmen college student. Her eyes slide shut when Professor Griffin starts to nibble at her ear and a moan escapes her. The woman’s hands start to slide underneath her t-shirt so Jane reaches down to grab the material and pull it off- reluctantly stopping the blonde from kissing her neck. Carol stares at the young woman’s body and licks her lips.

“Fuck me.” Erin whispers and pulls the blonde’s blouse down her arms to toss to the floor as they both look at the student in front of them. It is no secret how hot the brunette is yet neither of them expected what they are seeing now. The young woman is wearing a lacy half cup bra which makes her beautiful breasts full and perky. Her tan skin glows even in the low lighting of the office. The six pack abs are certainly a surprise- one that is not a downfall to either of the older women. Carol bites her lip and groans softly. Jane in response blushes and looks away. Erin reaches around her friend to grab the brunette’s hand and pull her farther into the office.

“I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with you Jane.” Erin smirks and leans back against the desk as Jane comes to stand between her open legs. She pulls the young student into a delicate kiss before continuing with a much deeper one. Carol follows them to stand behind the young woman and slowly undress her with a delighted smirk stuck on her face. Erin starts to take off her own clothes as Jane becomes more eager to touch her. She reaches out to grope the young student’s breasts and moans softly along with her. Jane whimpers against the redhead’s lips when the other professor moves her hand just an inch away from her pussy. Carol smirks and nibbles at the brunette’s neck to drive her a little more crazy. Once she notices Erin is only in her lacy thong that has a noticeable wet spot on the crotch she pulls her hand away from Jane who nearly groans at the loss.

“Why don’t you show us what you’ve got Jane?” Carol husks into her ear and places a hand on her shoulder. Jane bites her lip and happily kneels down in front of Erin. She grabs the woman’s underwear to pull it down her legs and reveal her pussy. She’s slightly shocked to see that the carpet matches the drapes and smirks at the professor before leaning in for a taste.

“Just seeing her between your legs is making me hot.” Carol whispers to Erin as she comes to stand beside her friend- pushing the hair out of Jane’s eyes so their star student can look up at them. Jane hums happily and reaches up to grab the woman’s thighs to pull her closer. Erin closes her eyes and leans back as her jaw drops from the pleasure. “Is she good?” Carol husks as her lips start to trail across her neck and chest. Erin moans softly and nods her head then turns to look at the blonde with dark lustful eyes.

“Her tongue is nearly as good as yours.” Erin husks with a soft smirk knowing that Carol likes competition and hates her reputation being questioned. Carol knows the naughty redheads plan but falls into her trap nonetheless. She clenches her jaw and reaches up to grab a fistful of silky red hair to jerk the woman’s head back. Erin gasps and arches her back with the movement. She likes it rough more often than not and her friend knows just how to push the right buttons. Pushing the limit of pain and pleasure with a pretty schoolgirl between her legs is sending shocks of pleasure all through her body. Jane, slightly shocked to see the blonde use such a rough hand, nearly stops at the movement but the other teacher’s body shivers and she knows the rough move was for fun. She keeps an eye on the blonde who is now whispering to the redhead while twisting and pinching her rock hard nipples.

“Don’t forget who you’re loyal to Erin. I would hate to embarrass you in front of our guest. Remember the last time you made me jealous?” Carol whispers as her fingers give the closest nipple a slightly harder pinch than before. “You soaked the sheets after I made you wait all night just to cum.” Erin groans as her body writhes at the feeling. She can’t seem to keep her breath steady or her body still anymore. There’s too many feelings. The brunette eating her out very skillfully, Carol’s hands pulling her hair and twisting her nipples, and the blonde’s hot breath washing across her ear and neck as she speaks dirty things to her. The mention of the time Carol made her beg for release is a memory she loves very much. Hot arousal shoots through her as she pictures that night in her head. She whimpers and starts bucking into the brunette’s mouth in the hope of cumming. She doesn’t want to wait any longer.

“Yes.” Erin mutters under her breath.

“You liked that, did you? Just thinking about how you writhed and screamed when you finally reached your orgasm has you dripping wet.” Carol husks into her ear as her hand roughly palms the red head’s breast and she jerks her head back even farther. Erin moans louder and attempts to nod her head. Jane moans against her teacher’s clit and eagerly sucks on the little nub. That has the woman nearly shaking in pleasure but she’s not over the edge yet. Jane feels her own wetness pooling inside her panties. She is so aroused that the wet lace rubbing against her lips make her want more. She carefully and discreetly kicks off her shoe and moves the heel of her foot to rest against her pussy. The pressure is so delicious she cant help but groan against the woman and work harder to make the redhead reach her peak. She then starts subtly rocking against her own foot for pleasure. Erin is finally starting to crack. A few more strokes on her clit, a few more words, a few more tugs on her nipples and she will be blissfully over the edge.

“I-I’m gonna cum.” Erin gasps and turns her head just in time for Carol to crush their lips together. They might have an office at the end of the hall but the walls aren’t sound proof. The red haired woman writhes, gasps, and moans as she rides out her orgasm. Jane whimpers and grinds her hips down until she feels herself falling over the edge. She covers up her moans by continuing to eat out her teacher. Erin is in far too much hazy pleasure to realize what Jane has done but Carol spots it as clear as day. She releases the redhead but easily wraps an arm around her waist to make sure she is leaning against the desk. Jane finally tears herself away from the redhead and leans back as she lets the aftershocks course through her body. Carol narrows her eyes and swiftly cups the brunette’s chin- smirking when the young woman looks at her with wide eyes.

“You just had a fucking orgasm, didn’t you?” Carol asks with a raised eyebrow. Jane’s cheeks flush bright red and try not to look at the smirking woman. She doesn’t get embarrassed easily but this particular situation is easy to be embarrassed by. Erin is back to her normal self and huffs happily with a smile. “Come here.” Carol takes the young woman’s hand to help her onto her feet then leads her around the desk. “Sit down. You’ll pick up where Erin left off.” She pulls the hem of her skirt up to her waist and then her panties down to her ankles. Jane tries to hide her excitement as she sits down and the blonde curls her finger to motion her closer while she climbs to sit on the desk. Erin eagerly starts to transfer items from her desk to a different table so she has enough room for her idea. Jane licks her lips and runs her hands up the blonde’s thighs before pulling her closer. She leans in to finally touch her lips to the blonde’s hot pussy. The taste of her has Jane eagerly diving in deeper. Carol groans softly as she arches her back, thrusting her hips forward and smirking over at Erin who is watching them intensely.

“Fucking hell. I wish we had a bed in here. I have too many dirty thoughts going through my head right now.” Erin mumbles mostly to herself. Carol looks back to the young woman between her legs with a devious plan and reaches down to tangle her fist in brunette hair.

“She isn’t as good as you say Erin.” Carol connects her eyes with Jane and raises an eyebrow. If she’s right, then the young woman has the same competitive complex as herself. She intends to bring that fire out in her. Jane furrows her eyebrows at the challenge and immediately sends a rough flick of her tongue to the blonde’s clit. Carol huffs softly with a smile on her lips as she lets her head fall back with her eyes closed to enjoy the feeling. The delicious feeling of a woman eating her out with desperate desire. Erin stands behind Carol and reaches around to grab her by the chin.

“I want you to tell me exactly what she’s doing to you.” Erin whispers excitedly as her lips gently press against the blonde’s. Carol nods her head and leans forward at the redhead’s persistence. Erin climbs on top of the desk behind the blonde with her legs placed on the outside of the long tan legs surrounding the brunette’s head. She leans in to place soft kisses along her neck and reaches around to grab her boobs. By now Carol isn’t as calm as she had been just seconds ago. Erin knows first hand that their young student’s tongue is skillful.

“Fuck.” Carol mutters as she arches against the hands on her body and the tongue between her legs. She shakes her head as she makes room for the lips on her neck. “S-She’s, um, sucking my clit.” She whispers as Erin pinches her nipples in just the right way. Erin looks down toward the brunette who has looked up at them when Carol started talking. Her own pussy starts throbbing with want at the sight of dark brown eyes looking at her from between her friend’s legs. She gives the girl a wink and brings her lips to the blonde’s ear.

“I know how good that feels. Especially when she starts using her tongue to flick you off as well. What else is she doing Carol?” Erin husks with a pointed look to their young student. Jane easily picks up on the hint and slides her tongue against the professor’s throbbing bud while sucking her gently. Carol moans louder and drops her head back. Her toes curl inside her heels as her hand makes a fist in dark chocolate locks.

“Her tongue… is licking my entire pussy.” Carol finishes the sentence with a small whimper of surprise when Erin bites down on her neck. These two women are driving her crazy. She has never whimpered for sex but she just did. Erin smiles and reaches down to tease her fingertips across the blonde’s heated thighs.

“Oh yeah. Her tongue hits you in all the right places, doesn’t it?” Erin asks her friend who only nods in agreement. Suddenly, Jane stops and pulls away. Carol immediately snaps her head up to look down at the woman in confusion. She’s about to ask the brunette where she thinks she’s going but the words disappear as she sees her student slide two fingers into her mouth. Erin was confused as well until she saw the brunette’s fingers slide in her mouth. A shot of lustful heat settles right between her legs as her body flushes red. Jane smirks around her fingers before pulling them out to place at Carol’s entrance. She leans back down to gently use her tongue on the woman’s clit while sliding her fingers inside. Carol gasps softly and closes her eyes at the unbelievable feelings of those fingers entering her. The fist she has in Jane’s hair tightens as her hips grind down to take her fingers deeper. Jane moves slowly at first before picking up speed. She knows that if she curls her fingers at just the right time and spots that she’ll coax a very passionate orgasm from the blonde. Her first time with a woman was with a true lesbian so needless to say she knows all the tricks to make a woman cum just how she wants. Erin bites her lip as she watches the brunette. She’s shocked by how fascinated she is by the young woman. If they play this right then they might be able to add a third person to their friends with benefits deal.

“Her fingers are deep inside my pussy. Fuck…Erin, I’m going to cum.” Carol moans desperately and turns her head to crush their lips together. Erin moans into her mouth and brings one hand up to caress her neck. Jane releases her own moans against the blonde’s pussy and fucks her harder. Carol arches her back grabbing the desk and pulling Jane’s hair as she reaches her orgasm. Erin tries to kiss Carol through her orgasm but the blonde convulses so hard she can’t help but curl around the brunette between her thighs- moaning wildly as she does. Carol groans and pushes Jane’s head away from her with a smile. “Fuck.” She pants out and shakes her head. Jane licks her lips then her fingers with a very pleased smile. She runs her hand up the blonde’s thigh and moves closer.

“How was that?” Jane looks between the two women. Erin smiles at the young woman’s eagerness for praise. Carol takes a deep breath and leans back into Erin.

“It was very good Jane.” Carol glances to Erin over her shoulder then smiles at their student. “You’re free to go. We’ll post your grade by the end of the day.” She smirks deviously when the brunette’s smile falls.

“I, um, right. I should go.” Jane stands up with her eyebrows furrowed in disappointment. She assumed the older women would be interested in fucking her next but she suposses that wasn’t their deal. Erin narrows her eyes at the blonde and grabs Jane’s wrist when she starts walking around the desk.

“Or you could help us off this desk so we can fuck you.” Erin smiles and pulls the young woman in for a kiss when she sighs. Carol slides off the desk then helps Erin off as well before leading Jane to sit on top of it.

“Come here.” Carol grasps her student by the chin and pulls her into a kiss. Jane eagerly moves her hands to her professor’s ass and squeezes. She moans softly when the woman reaches between her legs to cup her pussy. Carol teases her clit slowly and softly until she has Jane panting and moaning. The girl is squirming and nearly bucking for more of her fingers but she keeps herself as controlled as she can. Suddenly, Carol pulls away and Jane’s eyes fly open as her lips follow the ones just against hers.

“W-Why’d you stop? It felt good.” Jane whispers softly in confusion. Carol takes a step back and leads the woman off the desk to turn her around.

“Bend over and stop asking questions.” Carol whispers into her ear then roughly presses the brunette against the desk. Jane moans and looks to Erin who is watching them from the other desk. She glances down to spot the redhead’s hand restlessly running across the skin of her thigh. Erin smirks when she notices her student watching and spreads her legs wider to start playing with her pussy. Jane moans louder and arches her back for Carol. The blonde teases her so easily it drives Jane crazy that those fingers aren’t inside of her or on her clit. Suddenly Carol’s free hand is jerking Jane’s head back by her hair so she can whisper in her ear.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.” Carol husks and nips at her student’s neck. Jane melts at those words and nods her head.

“Please fuck me.” Jane begs softly and pushes back into her teacher. Carol easily thrusts two fingers inside of the brunette’s hot, wet pussy. All three of them moan. Erin has had enough solo play and swiftly moves in front of the young student on the other side of the desk. Jane grabs the redhead’s hand coated in cum and takes them into her mouth as her eyes lock with her teacher. Erin feels the dominant side of herself peeking out at the act. Carol smirks and twists her fingers inside of the young woman- drawing out a long moan. Erin pulls her fingers from the brunette’s mouth and slowly wraps her fingers around her throat. She pauses to make sure the action isn’t unwanted. Jane hums loudly while she begins rocking into the blonde behind her and closes her eyes. Erin tightens her grip and leads the young woman to lean back into Carol as she climbs onto the desk. Without removing her hand from the brunette’s throat she places herself on the desk with Jane standing between her sticky thighs with Carol still fucking her from behind.

“You like that?” Erin husk against the woman’s lips and her other hand cups her breast. Jane nods as much as she can with the hand around her throat. Erin’s eyes look at Carol who is smirking while watching her fingers slide inside the young woman. Erin presses her thumb up against the woman’s chin to tilt her head up and expose her neck. She brings her lips to tease the brunette’s flushed skin while her fingers pinch the woman’s nipple.

“I think you want another finger. Don’t you? You want to be filled with Professor Griffin’s fingers.” Erin growls into the sweet girl’s ear. Jane can’t help but drop her jaw and release a breathy moan at her words. Carol moves in closer until the brunette’s thighs are pressed against the desk and her other arm wraps around her student’s stomach. Her fingers slide out just enough to add a third finger before sliding back in. Jane lets out another moan and grinds as much as she can onto those fingers inside of her.

“Good girl.” Carol husks into her other ear while Erin’s teeth nibble on her earlobe. Jane whimpers at the sensations and reaches out to grab onto something. One hand grabs the blonde’s arm around her waist and her other hand clenched down on the redhead’s thigh. Erin chuckles softly and tightens her grip yet again on the woman’s throat.

“You think that feels good?” Erin whispers as her fingers teasingly trail down the woman’s ripped abs. “You should have her take you with her strap on.” Jane gasps in surprise at the thought. The ideas and pictures that flash across her mind make her groan and helplessly grind harder into the blonde. Carol’s own mind gets overthrown by pleasure and dirty thoughts with her student. She thrusts harder and faster. Erin smirks at the two women trying desperately to fulfil their dirty minds. She loosens her grip slightly and starts to rub the brunette’s clit with two fingers. The reaction is exactly what she wanted. Jane is desperate for more and struggles to decide having more fingers inside of her or rubbing her clit. She’s rocking back and forth desperately trying to reach her orgasm. Erin tightens her grip again and forces Jane’s mouth down onto hers. She pulls away when she thinks the young student is close.

“Don’t you fucking cum. Not yet. Hold it baby.” Erin demands while her fingers slow down. Jne whimpers but nods her head. She attempts to hold her breath in the hope that it will slow her orgasm. “Fuck, I can feel how hot and wet you are. You’re taking her fingers so good. Just like that. Tell me when you can’t hold it anymore.” Erin whispers torturously as her fingers pick up speed again. Jane cries out and lasts only three more seconds before caving.

“Plu-Please. Gonna-uh, cum.” Jane mutters against the redhead’s smirking lips.

“Do the honors Carol.” Erin husks and tightens her fingers so they are constricting the brunette’s blood flow and not her windpipe. Creating a euphoric experience on top of her climactic rush. Carol moves her free hand back to the brunette’s hair to jerk her head back just like before.

“Cum for us.” Carol growls deeply into her ear. At hearing those words Jane feels the flood gates open. Her eyes roll back in her head as her knees go weak. Carol bends the brunette over enough to keep her from falling completely to her knees. Erin quickly covers the brunette’s lips with her own at the first load moan that comes from the student- both hands slipping to her breasts in order to prevent overstimulation but stay close. Carol leans back with her hips still pressed tightly against the young woman’s ass with her fingers buried deep inside of her. She pants heavily as she watches her friend and student kiss and writhe. Jane finally pulls herself together enough to stand on her wobbly legs and gasp for breath. She smiles and releases a chuckle with the shake of her head.

“I’ve never…that was…no words but thank you.” Jane leans in for one more kiss from Erin then leans back enough to kiss Carol over her shoulder. She moans softly with a shiver when the blonde pulls out her fingers. She pulls away from the kiss and eagerly leads the blonde’s fingers into her mouth to suck them clean. Carol moans while Erin stares in awe of their student. Once those fingers leave her mouth she smirks. She’s about the offer another round when her ringtone starts to go off. She pulls herself away from the two women to find her phone in her jeans. It’s her friend that she was supposed to meet for lunch.

“Shit. I, uh, have to go.” She scrambles to pull on her clothes. Erin and Carol casually pull on their own as well. She finishes putting on her clothes and faces the two women again. “I know I did this for the grade but I would really like to do this again.” She moves to Erin and easily starts a kiss so heated that Erin nearly forgets that the young woman is supposed to be leaving and starts to slide her hand back into her pants. Carol knows the redhead is getting caught up in lust again and easily pull Jane into her own kiss- much to Erin’s dismay. Jane smirks when the blonde pulls away and she lets her hand fall down to the older woman’s ass.

“I would really like to see how hard you can make me cum with your strap on.” Jane then glances to the redhead. “Both of you.” She pulls away and walks out of the office quickly. Erin smirks and leans against her desk with her arms folded smugly. Carol shakes her head at the woman’s happy smile while her own spreads across her face.

“We have to now.” Carol says matter of factly while starting to clean up their mess. Erin chuckles and starts to clean as well.

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