The Bite



Multi chapter story

The call came in at 9pm one night. “Ethan, I’m so sorry to call so late! Is Kellie awake? I tried calling her first.” The call was from Kellie’s sister, Kristin who sounded a bit distraught.

“No, she’s been asleep for a bit, is everything ok?”

“Ummm… yes. I’m super sorry to bug you. It’s just that something is in my backyard! I hate having to call!”

“Yikes, like a person?”

“No! It sounds like an animal but definitely not a cat!”

“Shit! I’ll be right there!”, I responded and grabbed my keys heading for the garage. I had just finished a swim and had put on some linen pants and a tshirt, but hadn’t put on any underwear. Fuck it, I thought. Priority was to get over there quickly. Thankfully she lived only 5 minutes away.

I’d always had a bit of a thing for my sister-in-law. I didn’t blame myself too much… Although a year younger than my wife, they were practically twins and my wife was extremely attractive to me. Kellie was extremely fit (more like ripped) from her daily workouts, and had muscles rippling pretty much everywhere on her 125lb body. Her breasts were 34b and she had a very flat stomach and was about 5’5”.

The only major difference between them was that Kristin had blue eyes and was MUCH more petite at under 5’ and around 95lbs (I guessed) with very small but perky breasts that I estimated to be about 28a. I had definitely noticed her lithe figure almost every time I was around her. Despite being in her early 30’s she looked like an 18 year old. I knew I was in the minority of guys in the world that are into petite girls with small breasts, but the smaller and more petite the better, in my opinion.

The other thing that I found slightly arousing was that according to my wife she had never had a boyfriend. She seemed a bit self conscious about her size and was too suspicious and private to even consider online dating.

As soon as I finished the short drive and got to the front door, Kristin opened it wearing a robe that briefly swung open as she backed up to let me in, momentarily revealing a VERY tight white tank top and some very hot looking baby blue boy short style panties. Her hair was a bit damp and she looked like she had just gotten out of the shower. I froze for a second at the doorway and thought to myself, god damn she is fucking CUTE. At 6’4” and over 200lbs I dwarfed her completely. I had hugged her a few times in the past and she barely came up to my chest without standing on the tips of her toes.

As I walked in, I immediately asked “Is it still there?? Did you get a look at it? What is it?”

“Yes I think so! I shined a light and saw the reflection of some eyes close to the ground! I’m so sorry to have to call you, but this is a bit scary!”

“No problem at all! Uhhh… flashlight?” She handed it to me. I tried to sound brave, but based on her de***ion I wasn’t looking forward to scaring off something wild in the dark. The porch light was on, and squinting out of the back window and shining the light I couldn’t make out anything at all from where I stood. “Do you have a broom inside?”

“Yes, in the closet, I’ll get it.” She rushed into the pantry and forgot to hold her robe, exposing what was underneath briefly again, which I was grateful for. She was back almost immediately and handed me the broom.

I felt a bit ridiculous armed with a flashlight and a broom, but definitely didn’t want to appear to be cowardly, so I opened the door and headed into the backyard.

I swung the flashlight in an arc to look around and still didn’t see anything. After taking a few steps and feeling more confident it was probably just a cat, I decided to start on the left and check out the perimeter of her decent sized backyard. She still had the door open, so I spoke back over my shoulder just loud enough for her to hear, “close the door just in case!” Which she did.

I made a full round through the yard and didn’t see anything so I headed back toward the back door. As I did I heard a rustling sound behind the shed in the corner of the yard, but at that exact moment I also noticed Kristin standing at the back window about 15 feet from me with the robe open again. Unfortunately I noticed the horrified look on her face as heard a scurrying sound behind me and almost simultaneously I felt a searing sharp pain on my back left calf.

“Fuck!!!”, I shouted in pain while swinging the broom hard behind me and trying to swing around. At that exact moment I swung around, I took a step hitting the broom and fell to the ground. The flashlight landed exactly in the direction of the thing scurrying away and I briefly caught site of something that looked about the size of a cat… only bigger and with completely black fur. It was sickly emaciated looking but sinewy. The thing ran to the corner of the yard.

Kristin opened the door shouting, “Oh my god!!!”

“Stay there!”, I turned and shouted at her and she immediately froze with a concerned look on her face.

Turning my attention back to the creepy weird cat thing I noticed it turn around away from me and jump up on top of the block wall in one quick motion, jump down the other side of the wall and then ran down the alley away from us. What seemed like an eternity was actually probably under 30 seconds.

“Ughhhh…” I groaned, rolling into a sitting position. Grabbing the broom I started to prop myself up and looked in Kristin’s direction and she was standing exactly where she was before. “A little help?” I said a bit embarrassed at having to ask. She seemed to snap out of it, immediately rushed over, and helped stabilize me as I got up. “Holy shit! Are you ok???”

“I don’t know yet, help me inside.”, I groaned.

She got me to a chair at the kitchen table and I sat down in one of the chairs. “Your leg!!”, she noticed the lower area of my left pant leg had more than a little blood on it. She helped put my left heel on another chair and then pulled up the pants to check out my leg.

“Maybe we should get your pants off…”, Kristin hesitantly suggested. Sounded like a good idea but I realized I never put any underwear on after my swim.

“That’s ok… uhhhh… no need.” I said as I pulled up the left linen pant leg up above my knee.

“It really bit you! What the hell was it??” She exclaimed.

“Uhhh yeah… and… I have no idea.” I said, examining the bite mark. It was a pretty nasty bite similar to a dog bite and the area around it was already a bit inflamed. It hurt. It was bleeding but not horribly gushing blood. Shockingly, Kristin took off her robe and wrapped it around my leg. It didn’t hurt badly enough for me to not appreciate the sight before me as she kneeled down wrapping my leg. Now fully exposed I could really get a good look at her in the skin tight tank top and panties. She looked up at me and noticed me staring at her and suddenly had a shy, embarrassed look on her face. Fuck she was hot. My cock started swelling a bit…

“Let me get something to clean the bite!”, she stammered and ran off to a closet to get a first aid kit. The closet was in the opposite direction of her room so she had little choice but to return without covering up. I averted my eyes as she returned to try and make her more comfortable.

“I… I should go get dressed…”, she said shyly as she unwrapped the robe that was now covered in blood from my leg to begin cleaning the bite.

“That’s ok, don’t get dressed. I’ll look away. Thanks for cleaning my leg. I’m sorry about your robe.” I said and then inhaled sharply through my teeth as she applied something to the bite. As she continued putting ointment on for a minute or so the thigh above the bite soon got strangely tingly despite the bite being on my calf closer to my ankle and I started getting dizzy. “Uhhh… I feel weird…” I said. Somehow I felt drunk.

“Maybe we should go to an urgent care! Or… the hospital?”, She said while finishing wrapping the bite and looked a little bit concerned at me. “Are you ok? Maybe I should call 911 or the fire department?”

Now the strange tingling was at my chest and neck. “No don’t call anyone. And don’t be ridiculous, I don’t need a hospital or urgent care. It’s just a little bite and it doesn’t… look too bad…” I said and then slumped back into the kitchen chair and passed out.

When Ethan passed out Kristin nearly had a panic attack. That stupid neighbor’s exotic cat was creepy during the day but even more terrifying at night. She felt a little bad making it seem like some “creature”. She first checked to see that Ethan was breathing… thank god he was. She must’ve put too much of the aphrodisiac gel she had gotten on the internet onto the bite and way too much had gotten into his bloodstream. It probably wasn’t meant to be used on cuts! She knew she shouldn’t have set these events in motion by calling Ethan to “confront” that stupid giant exotic cat. She especially shouldn’t have used the gel, but she really needed to see if Ethan would try something with her.

Since the moment he got to the house, she was having trouble controlling her excitement. She had always fantasized about Ethan, but this was her exact recurring fantasy nearly coming true.

She had been ashamed her entire adult life for fantasizing about being made to completely submit to someone and being commanded to do anything a man wanted. Her guilt about her fantasies of being dominated kept her from dating or even trying to meet someone.

Even though she thought there was no way Ethan could be attracted to her pathetically small tits, hips with practically no curve to them, and such a small ass, she felt so slutty walking around half naked around him. Continuing to do so was really turning her on, and he seemed to be looking at her body a LOT. Maybe he didn’t mind her awful petite body and was actually attracted to her?

Ever since she took off the robe to put it around his injured leg, she knew she should run into her bedroom and get dressed. But he had specifically told her, “don’t get dressed.” That seemed to unlock the beginning of every fantasy she had ever had… and now even though she knew she SHOULD get dressed she couldn’t… more importantly she knew she WOULDN’T until he told her she could, or he left. If she was being honest with herself, she wanted him to give her more commands. Many many more… fuck she was getting horny just thinking about what dirty, slutty, things he could make her do if he was willing to command her, and then she got an idea. What if she could convince him that the bite somehow gave him the power to command anything of her? If the aphrodisiac wasn’t enough to get him to “take advantage” of her, pretending the bite gave him “powers” would HAVE to be enough if he was attracted to her at all! She started pacing back and forth in the kitchen while coming up with her plan and realized her tiny virgin pussy was practically sloshing with wetness at each and every step. Fuck, her panties were drenched!

She absentmindedly ran her left hand up chest and rolled a nipple between her fingers through her shirt, while taking her right hand and sliding them into her panties and began rubbing for 15-20 seconds while staring at the outline of his semi hard cock through his pants. She had an almost uncontrollable urge to pull Ethan’s pants down right then and there and suck him until he filled her mouth with cum. She was dying to know what cum tasted like.. He stirred a bit, startling her out of her trance. She quickly ran into the bedroom and decided changing out of her soaking panties before he awoke didn’t constitute “getting dressed”. Thankfully she had another pair identical to the ones that she was wearing. She finally knew what to do… she just had to try and keep her fresh panties from getting soaked in the process.

What Kristin hadn’t realized was that she was supposed to wear GLOVES while applying the gel, and her right hand had been absorbing the multiple applications of aphrodisiac ointment as she was applying it to Ethan’s bite, and her hand was still covered in it as she played with her pussy! Since she was half of Ethan’s body weight she was completely unsuspecting of the affect it was going to have over the next few hours.

I awoke in the same spot with my head tingling. The only other immediate feeling was my testicals seemed to ache. When I opened my eyes everything was blurry for a brief second and then everything came into focus… The entire room seemed very detailed. Kristin was standing in front of me still in not dressed and seemed distraught. She looked flushed. “Shit, that’s embarrassing. How long was I out?”

“Oh thank god you’re awake! I didn’t know what to do! Almost 20 minutes!”

“Shit… sorry… did you call anyone?”

“No… I wanted to… but… I couldn’t. You told me not too…”, she said.

“Ok. That’s ok… I’m sorry I upset you by passing out. You’re still not dressed…?” I looked away slightly.

“No… I couldn’t get dressed… you… told me not to”, she said quietly and in a bit of a sultry voice. Weird… I didn’t mean for her to not get dressed while I was out. 20 minutes seemed like plenty of time for her to run into her room between checking on me. I looked at the clock, it had only been 45 minutes since I arrived. It wasn’t quite 10pm. Somehow it seemed like it had been hours.

“Did the bleeding stop?” I asked still a bit unsettled from being unconscious.

“Yes! And it looks… well look for yourself”, she said as she kneeled in front of me with a proud look on her face. My cock had somehow gotten half erect while I was out and suddenly lurched at the sight of her on her knees half naked removing the bandage. She leaned back a bit giving room for me to see it before wrapping it back up. I regretfully returned my attention to my leg.

“Doesn’t look too bad now! It doesn’t even hurt. Glad there’s no more bleeding… I don’t want to ruin any more robes.“, I chuckled. “Are you sure I was only out for 20 minutes?”, I said, looking back at the clock to verify the time.

“Yes! I kept checking on it every few minutes. The bleeding stopped completely a little after you passed out. I’m glad it doesn’t hurt! That was really scary!” She almost laughed with relief.

I decided to put some weight on it and tried standing up. Kristin moved to help me up but I waved her off, trying to avoid contact without her dressed. My leg felt completely fine as I walked from the kitchen to the living room and sat down in a more comfortable chair. I felt great despite my head slightly tingling and my balls aching slightly even more than when I awoke. They felt oddly heavy. Kristin had followed me into the living room.

“How does it feel?” Kristin asked in a curious voice.

“Totally fine, amazingly!” She was standing in the area just inside the living room after following me from the kitchen. “Have a seat.”, I said, since she was just standing there awkwardly. Kristin suddenly sat on the floor exactly where she was previously standing. ‘That’s odd’, I thought and gave her a questioning look. “Uhhh I didn’t mean there! Stand up.” I said with a chuckle.

Kristin stood straight up and put her shoulders back pressing her perfect tiny tits out slightly making them strain against the fabric of her tight tank top. Her nipples were hard and seemed to be very large for such small breasts, I thought, while trying not to be obvious about noticing. She looked like she was standing at attention. Weird!

“I meant sit on the couch”, I said out loud, a bit confused, gesturing to the middle of the couch absentmindedly while having a really hard time not staring at her.

“Ok.” Kristin said, and immediately got up and went to sit exactly where I had gestured, instead of the closest cushion, waiting for me to continue. Weird. I looked at her quizzically and then realized my mouth was extremely dry.

“Hey… ummm… I’m sorry… but could I have some water?”, I asked. “Yes…” She immediately jumped up and practically sprinted to the kitchen but said what sounded like the word “…master!” under her breath before she left the room. What did she just say?? She soon returned with a glass of cold water. She looked flushed.

“You should probably drink some water too, haha.” I said and she immediately drank some quickly out of my glass before handing it to me. Wow that was taken fairly literally I thought… wait a second… “have a seat.” I said gesturing to the arm of the couch, and sipped at the water, while eyeing her and growing a bit suspicious. She sat down on the arm of the couch. Uhhh… ok. I thought. Is she messing with me by doing exactly what I tell her to? “Ummm… stand up for a second.” She stood up immediately at attention again with her shoulders back and seemed to be breathing a bit heavily. “Have a seat.” I said gesturing to the far left cushion on the opposite side of the couch. She immediately sat exactly where I told her to and put her shoulders back again. Her face seemed a bit more flushed and she licked her lips almost seductively. Was she getting turned on by me telling her what to do?

“Are you feeling ok, Kristin?” I asked tentatively.

“Yes… I was just concerned about you… and now.. I can’t seem to… ummm… Stand or sit where I was intending to.” She said breathing heavily.

“What?? What do you mean?”

“I don’t know! I just wanted to sit on the couch a few minutes ago but immediately sat on the floor instead! My mind was thinking I would sit on the couch, but my body just immediately sat on the floor!”

“Ummm… yeah. I noticed that. And… that you drank the water you brought to me when I told you to have a drink, too…”, I finished.

“Exactly! I wouldn’t normally do that… and didn’t mean to do it! I just did.”

“I’m worried that you’re… uh… literally doing everything I say! Are you messing with me?” My cock twitched as I thought about the possibilities. But… shit… get your mind out of the gutter, Ethan.

“No! I swear! This is impossible, right? I just… can’t seem to… stop from doing the things you say. This feels like some sci-fi novel, but maybe the thing that bit you is… causing… all of this?” She suggested.

“Jesus… uh.. you’re right. That is impossible. Thanks for having a bit of fun at my expense, weirdo…”, I laughed. How are you feeling?”

“Horny.” She replied without any hesitation at all. “Oh my god!!! why did I say that?? Shit. I’m so sorry.”, she practically moaned in frustration. My cock wasn’t just partially hard anymore.

“Ummm I’m sorry. This is crazy. I can go. Do you want me to leave?” I said a bit disappointed. I was very curious about what was going on…

“NO!”, she practically shouted. “Please don’t go… I mean… please stay…” she whimpered.

She seemed to be squirming a bit in place where she was sitting… “You look uncomfortable. Are you ok?”

“It is just an itch. It’s nothing.” She said quickly.

“Well scratch it already!” I said while thinking about what to ask her next.

She immediately moved her hand to her crotch and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry…” she whimpered while continuing to scratch “her itch”, “I… cant… stop…” she whined.

“Uhhh… stop.” I said a few seconds later than I should have, after snapping out of it. She gave a disappointed sounding moan and stopped but kept her hand in place, not moving it. My cock was now very hard, which wasn’t surprising at all considering what she was doing. I crossed my legs trying to conceal my hard on. My balls were starting to get very uncomfortable.

“Yikes… I’m so sorry, I don’t know what is happening or why… but if I don’t leave now, I’m going to have to be very careful with my wording.”, I said. Messing with me or not, she was definitely just doing everything I said.

“Uh huh…” she said biting her lip. She started squirming again. She was breathing very heavily and was flushed. I noticed her hand was still in place on her crotch, only not moving. Her nipples were clearly rock hard.

Fine. I decided to play along… “Ok… ummm… move your hand away from… or… uhhh… put your right hand down beside you.” I said.

“Mmmmm… hunhhh” she whined in response. But she did as I asked and we both noticed her panties were more than a little wet. Through the wetness, the outline of her tiny pussy was hard to not stare at. “Oh my god, I want to die! This is so embarrassing!”, she whispered.

Fuuuck… I was finding it very difficult not to just tell her slide her panties to the side to let me lick her to orgasm. That would definitely solve the immediate problem… I noticed she was rubbing her wet fingers together. She was practically panting now.

She looked like was being tortured. I decided to try something to help her. “Ummm… ok… let’s see… I want to try and help here…” as I considered the perfect thing to say to help. “Ok I’ve got it! Stop being horny.” I finished, pleased with myself that I could finally end the awkward situation that I would be masturbating over for the next 10 years.

I waited a few seconds and watched her response closely. She was still breathing heavily. “Uhhh… is that any better?” I finally asked.

“Define better…”, she moaned

“Uhhh… are you any less… errr… horny?” I asked.

“No……” she whined. I noticed she was now trying to rub her pussy into the couch cushions by moving her hips in a circular pattern. “I don’t know what is wrong with me… please… help me… pleeeease…?” She began literally crying in frustration.

“Maybe I should… uhhhh… let you continue to get some relief and go into the other room to give you some privacy…?” I didn’t know how I was going to stand up without revealing my massive hard on. “Or… uh… let you go into your room and then offer some helpful commands from here?”

“Noooo…. please… it needs to be you. I just need… your help… please!!! Please… I feel like I’m on fire!!”

My cock felt like every ounce of blood in my body was trying to make it’s way there… it was getting to be rather brutal. My balls felt like they were swollen and weighed 10lbs each. If I didn’t come up with a solution soon I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from giving some seriously fucked up commands.

Wait, I thought. It isn’t my fault she is so horny. I didn’t give any commands that would make her this way. She was moaning and whimpering with every breath now. Fuck it I thought, all of my willpower expensed. I would play along, help her get off, and then neither of us would ever say another word about this weird shit to anyone ever.

“Ok fine. Tell me what to do to help you.” I finally agreed.

“Pretend I’m your slutty little slave that follows any command!”, she blurted out.

Fuuuuuuck. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I didn’t pass out earlier. I must’ve died. And this was actually heaven. If she wanted this so badly, time to give her what she wanted. She could also use a bit of punishment for fucking with me like this. Time to stop being nice and just use her to relieve mySELF. Ok. Here goes…

Please see chapter 2!

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