The Bite part 3



Please read part 1 and part 2!

“Umm… I might need a little break…” I looked down and for some reason my cock was still completely hard. My balls still felt super fucking heavy. “Besides… your face looks like you’re covered in lotion. Maybe we should jump in the shower first?” I wasn’t even sure her small frame could TAKE my cock, not to mention she said at some point during the previous madness that she was a virgin. In my current state, this would certainly not make for a pleasurable first time for her.

“Would you mind if I clean the floor first please, Master?” She requested.

I looked down and saw entire puddles of cum and drool on the floor next to the couch. Shit. There was a lot… and if I had to guess, her version of cleaning meant licking it all off of the floor. “Uhhh… maybe later?”

“But master I can’t waste any! Please?” She begged. Her lower half was beginning to squirm again. She was like the energizer fuck bunny and still completely fucking soaked from squirting inside her panties.

My cock jumped at the sight. Was she totally addicted to my cum? Wait… was that actually possible? Could it also be because of the bite I got that was letting me control her. Wait no… she mentioned that she had snuck into the bathroom years ago and stolen condoms. That was kind of creepy, but also really fucking hot that she had always wanted my cum that badly. Why was my cock still so hard? She was still in the same position waiting for my approval to “clean up”. I got an idea…

“Stand up” I said. I wasn’t surprised when she immediately stood at attention, her tiny tits bouncing slightly as she did. She had an amazing thigh gap and her wet panties left little to the imagination, but I didn’t have to settle for imagination anymore. “Turn around, and take a step to your left.” She was now facing the couch. “Without bending your legs, bend over and put your face into that wet spot you made on the couch. Turn your head to one side so you can breath.”

She did exactly as I asked. She was occasionally moaning and breathing heavily again. I walked up behind her and realized that sexual positions were going to be difficult because of our size difference. She was so tiny that my cock was well above the highest point on her hips while she was bent over. “Take your panties as far down as you are able to in this position, slowly… and then cross your arms behind your back.”

Her hands were trembling as she slowly peeled her panties down first over her ass, and finally exposed her pussy to me (and likely anyone else) for the first time. She was completely freshly shaved and her outer lips were swollen and glistening with wetness. Her tiny pussy literally resembled a peach but with zero fuzz. I took a step back and noticed she didn’t appear to have a landing strip or any other pubic hair at all.

“Master, I’m a virgin, please start slowly?” Her voice was tense as she asked. She got her panties to about her knees and they fell to her ankles when she let go to place her arms behind her back. I noted symmetrical dimples on each side of the small of her back caused by the muscles there. Fuck she was so skinny and hot.

“I have no intention of fucking you… quite yet.”, I left her wondering what I was up to. She let out a surprised gasp and waited.

I walked forward and she moaned repeatedly as I rubbed the backs of the fingers of my left hand up her thigh, slowly up her perfect tiny ass, and placed my hand palm down on the small of her back. I placed my thumb and middle finger on the dimples. She was trembling. I suddenly grabbed both arms grasping them together tightly with one hand, using the leverage to press her face down into the wet spot on the couch. She let out a surprised squeak. I then spanked her right ass cheek HARD. She squealed and raised herself up onto her tip toes. I then slapped her left ass cheek and she lowered her feet and raised them again. She inhaled making a hissing sound followed by a whispering, “yessssssss…”.

“Are you enjoying this, Tiny Slut??”

“YES!!!! Master! YES!!!!” She squealed!

She wasn’t flinching away at ALL!

“How often do you shave your pussy?”

“Every other day, Master!”


“In case you might see it!”

“How long have you been doing this?”

“4 years, Master!”

She was on her tip toes constantly now, trying to stay as close as possible to my right hand spanking her. I noticed her pussy was glistening with wetness.

“What made you start?”

“Hearing you fuck my sister for the first time!”

Fuck yes! I had always secretly hoped she had heard us fucking. Wait..

“How did you hear us??”

“I put my ear to the door!”

Hot! I continued my other line of questioning…

“What did you do after shaving the first time?

“I snuck into her bathroom to see if there was a used condom while you slept, Master!”

“And then??”

“I took it back to my room, Master!”

“And then what did you do??”

“I rubbed it on my pussy, Master!” speaking of her pussy, it was so wet now it was dripping down her right leg in a line that I had a difficult time not focusing on.

“And did you cum?”

“Not then, Master! After!”

“After what, Tiny Slut??” each slap was now causing her pussy to drip on the floor.

“After putting it in my mouth and rubbing my shaved pussy, Master!”

“Why did you put it in your mouth, Tiny Slut?”

“I wanted to pretend I was licking your cum out of my sisters pussy, Master!” She sobbed. I hesitated at this revelation slightly before spanking her again.

Wait… I thought, “Have you tasted your sister’s pussy before or since then?” I slapped her less hard this time because I was trying to process what she was saying.

“Yes, Master.” She said quietly. I could understand why. I slapped half heartedly.

Hang on, I thought, “Has SHE ever tasted YOURS??” I slapped very hard this time, trying to coax the answer out of her. Her knees buckled suddenly but she immediately locked them straight again.

“Yes, Master!” She sobbed

I felt like the one who had been slapped now. I was in complete shock! My cock was still rock hard. What the fuck was wrong with me?? What the fuck was wrong with all THREE of us??

“How many times have you licked each other’s pussies??” I could tell she was struggle to keep in this position without collapsing but I HAD to know more.

“Dozens and Dozens, Master!!”

“When… was the last time??” I almost didn’t want to know.

“Last week, Master!” She sobbed. ‘What. The. Fuck??’ I thought. The last time Kellie and I had sex was last week! If she was getting some at home… Why would she need…? A question was forming in my mind. A suspicion I couldn’t shake suddenly.

“What day?”

“Tuesday, Master!” holy. shit. She was trembling and on the verge of collapse.

“What time??”

“Late at night, Master! 11pm I think…”

“Why?” I demanded, but I thought I already knew. I didn’t spank her. I was dizzy from what she said and my ears were ringing. “I’m finished. You can relax now.”, I said.

She collapsed and rolled off of the couch into the fetal position. She was breathing heavily. Her willpower was astonishing. She proved that earlier tonight by nearly impossibly taking my large cock all of the way down her tiny little throat.

She whispered just loud enough to for me to hear, “I just needed your cum… She… just brings it to me… please don’t be angry with her… It isn’t her fault that I need it. She only wants to help me. Please master… can I clean it up now?” She had collapsed on purpose into the direction of the now slightly drying pools of my cum from earlier. Her face was several feet from the closest one and she was completely focused on it.

“Yes, Kristin. You can.” My cock was still rock hard as I watched her crawl over on her hands and knees to lap up my cum. Her pussy was facing me as I sat on the floor several feet away.

Shortly after moving out of her sister’s house four years ago, and then moving in with me, Kellie had gotten on the pill. She had always claimed that she had trouble sleeping after sex, and most of the time afterwards she would head over to her sisters house late at night to “catch up.” I couldn’t believe how long they had carried on this deception. But this seemed like an actual addiction or possibly even medical issue. I wasn’t angry, I decided. I whole heartedly felt sorry for her. For both of them.

I got up to look at my phone on the end table where I left it. It was just after 12:30am and I had a message that was from 11pm.

The text message from my wife read:

Thank you for helping my sister. Please stay the night and help her as much as possible. I’ll be over late morning so that the three of us can talk and we can answer all of your questions. I’m sorry we deceived you for 4 years. I hope you’ll forgive me. Please be kind to her. She really needs our help now more than ever.

Kristin was just finishing lapping up the puddles of cum on the floor making mewling noises while she worked. Her perfect little ass was high up in the air with her hand and arms stretched out far beyond her head while she completed her task, searching for every drop of semen on the floor.

With her amazing thigh gap, I could see her pussy was still dripping down her leg and I decided to give her some additional relief. I approached her from behind and cupped her perfectly smooth shaved pussy in my right hand. She made a squeaking sound and whimpered, “ohhhhh, MASTER!”, I began rubbing. “That feels SO gooooooood…”. I inserted my middle finger slightly into her pussy. Fuck… she was TIGHT! My cock twitched for the hundredth time that night. I wanted to fuck her for sure, but this was going to take a lot of time. I had all night, I realized. I gave her pussy a series of 5 light slaps and she gave a delighted series of high pitched squeaks.

I took my hand away suddenly and she made a slight whine of displeasure. “Stand up.” I told her. She stood immediately facing away from me. “We’re taking a shower.” I said and put my hands on her shoulders from behind and led her to the bathroom.

Continued in chapter 4

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