The Bite Part 2



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“Stand up!” I commanded. Kristin did, with what seemed like a satisfied sigh. The inside of her thighs were glistening with pussy juice and her panties looked like they were just sprayed with water.

“Go get some ice water, and bring it back here.”, she made a whining sound of complaint. “Fucking DO IT!”

She smiled and then squealed in satisfaction and did a joyful skipping motion towards the kitchen. She returned shortly with a glass of water and presented it to me cheerfully.

“I didn’t say it was for me.” She lowered it slightly with a questioning look on her face. “Pour it slowly all over the front of your shirt.” She practically shivered in anticipation and began pouring and squealing with delight as she did it. A quarter of the glass was ice, which clattered on the wooden floor during the process. Her shirt was now practically translucent and her perfect tiny tits were completely visible through the fabric. I noticed that the areolae were quite puffy, taking up maybe 1/4 of her total breast size. Her nipples looked painfully hard now. She finished emptying the glass on her shirt.

“Now get down on your hands and knees and without using your hands, get four cubes of ice into your mouth, and then stand at attention.”

It took her a little bit, but I can’t describe how hot it was watching her crawling around slurping up ice cubes while trying to keep the ones she had in her mouth. Once standing, I told her to pull the front of her panties open and spit the 4 cubes of ice into her panties. “Fuck yessssssss” she sighed as the ice cubes started to make contact with her pussy.

“Now get down on your knees.”, I said. She collapsed to her knees immediately. “You’re permitted to grind your pussy on the floor. Look up at me while you do.” She spread her knees and feet apart while kneeling and proceeded to put her ass on the ground, then leaned forward to make her pussy rub the ground while keeping her head upturned, making eye contact with me. She began moaning in relief. The ice in her panties would melt pretty quickly, I guessed!

I stood up, towering over her. God damn she was tiny. I knew my erection would be visible to her now, especially through my thinnish linen pants with no underwear on. I took off my shirt and noticed her eyes locked on my cock. “Oh shit! Your… cock… looks… massive!” She seemed concerned.

“Put your hands behind your head and lock your fingers together. Get your cunt off the ground and kneel up straight!” She complied quickly. “Now walk on your knees toward me.” She awkwardly did so. As she approached I realized that even straight up on her knees her forehead was lined up with my balls. “Pull my pants down.” I commanded.

“But I can’t move my hands!” She reminded me.

“I know that!”, I shouted. “Use your teeth! And don’t bite me!”

She began biting my pant legs on either side of my crotch in alternating attempts to pull my pants down. It was awkward but was getting the job done. However, my cock was caught in the waistband and the rubbing was getting uncomfortable. Finally she bit onto a section of pants and dragged her face all of the way to the floor and my cock popped free. She looked up and gasped. “That is fucking HUGE!! There’s no way…” she mumbled in shock. “But… please let me try…?”

My cock was quite big, even massive, considering her extremely tiny size. It looked like it was even maybe an inch or so longer than normal somehow, and I was normally over 7 inches long. The problem was, I wasn’t a fan of the extreme downward angle I would have to sustain while she was kneeling. Fuck this. “Stand up.” She stood up and kept her hands behind her head. Get closer but don’t touch me yet. She could only get within 9” of me since my cock was pointed straight at her tiny tits. There was precum forming at the tip. She was looking down at it licking her lips unconsciously.

“You’re permitted to bend down and touch the tip of my cock with your tongue ONLY.” She immediately bent just slightly and licked the precum off of the tip of my cock. I was in heaven. “MMMmmmmm…” she moaned as if it were the most delicious thing in the world. She continued lapping at the tip and was rewarded with more precum every few licks.

“It’th tho goopth!” She was having troubling with her consonants with her tongue out.

“Shit… that IS good”, I replied, continuing, “You can stop licking when you need to answer me. Have you ever even sucked a cock before?” I demanded, more than a bit curious about the response.

“No… but…”, she answered between licks.

“But what??” I demanded.

“I’ve practiced…” “on plenty of things…” “but they weren’t…” “this…” size…” she finished. I flexed my cock unexpectedly up and let it slap down on her tongue, to which she giggled “ah! ah!” Excitedly to while licking again.

“Let’s see what a cock stuffed in your mouth looks like.” I said with a grin. “Give me your best blowjob.” She looked up at me and smiled gratefully with her hands still behind her head. She opened her mouth, stretching her lips around the large head of my cock. She kept her lips tight around the head of my cock and only went about an inch further before bringing her lips back to just around the tip and repeated this about 10 times. All the while she continued licking at the tip with her tongue while giving frustrated little moans. I was confused and aching for her to go further down the shaft. Maybe she wouldn’t be very good at this, since it was her first time. Suddenly I realized she couldn’t go much further because I hadn’t told her to stop licking the tip!

“You can stop licking the tip and focus on the blowjob.” I wasn’t ready for what happened next… she immediately jammed half of my cock into her mouth until the tip rammed the back of her throat, pulled back to the tip and rammed back down again making a satisfied “gllgggghhh!!”, followed by a “mmmMMMmmm!!”, as she traveled back up to the head of my cock. Then rushing back down for another “gllgggghhh!!” sound as she did this over and over again. She was using the hands at the back of her head to help thrust her mouth down on each descent!” Fuck. Me. This was amazing.

Every 4-5 trips downward she tried harder and harder to get further down, but wasn’t having success getting more than halfway. She had a very determined look on her face. Pretty soon the the sounds turned into a more disappointed sounding… “mmm hmmm?”, sound as she travelled back up, followed by “GgllgghGGG!!” sound when she thrust back down, moving her head from side to side trying her best to get it deeper down her throat without any success. Her brow was furrowed in concentration. Amazing. I needed a break or I was going to cum soon.

“Take your mouth off of my cock.” I said finally. She pulled her mouth off of my cock taking in a big gasp of air and leaving a thick strand of saliva connected between the tip of my cock and her lower lip. She proceeded to make a slurping sound and pulled the drool back into her mouth. She licked the tip several times searching for more precum, as she made eye contact with me, checking to see if I approved. I definitely did. Kristin was being a bit sneaky, technically she wasn’t using her mouth, only her tongue.

“Help me!” She paused licking briefly, sounding disappointed and frustrated.

Shit… I had neglected her. “Take your hands down and do what you want with them.”, I allowed.

She immediately wrapped both tiny hands around my cock and began stroking as she licked. Each hand only covered about a 3rd of my cock’s length. I had assumed she would begin an assault on her on her poor soaking pussy.

“HELP me!” she pleaded again.

“Help you, what?” I asked confused as to what she was trying to get help with now.

“Help me… please?” She whined, misunderstanding.

“Help you please, what?” I asked again, not understanding. What did she want??

I didn’t get it. Neither did she apparently. “Help me please… MASTER?” She replied.

NOW THAT was fucking hot! Still… we weren’t understanding what the other wanted! “What do you need my help with, slut?” I finally asked, really enjoying the titles.

“Please HELP getting your huge cock down my tiny throat! I want it all the way down!” She added with a pout. “Put your hands on the back of my head? Force it down my throat, Master!” Holy. Shit. My cock twitched and I nearly came all over her pretty little face.

I grabbed the back of her head and jammed my cock in. “GggglllllllgggggGGGG!!!!!”, she stuck her tongue out as far as possible. Fuck. This was super hot but the tip of my cock felt like it was jammed against a soft, wet wall. Her face was getting progressively darker shades of red. I pulled out to let her breathe. “Huuuhhhhh!!!”, she inhaled… smiling ecstatically, followed be an exhaling, “HARDER!”

I jammed it back in HARD. No luck. I grabbed the hair around the back of her head and pulled it back from her throat an inch or two and started fucking her face hard with a series of grunts for about 10 thrusts before pushing down hard again. Still not getting in. I resisted the urge to just cum! I couldn’t take much more, she obviously couldn’t either.

“Let’s try another angle.” I decided. “Sit down on the couch and take your shirt off.”

She immediately complied and took the cold, wet tank top off without much struggle. Jesus, her tits were perfect. They were like large lemon halves perfectly attached to her chest with almost zero sag, followed by nearly plum sized areola capped off by half inch perfectly round nipples that were thrust out and hard. She arched her shoulders back and her chest out trying to make them look bigger but it had the opposite effect, stretching them flatter against her chest. “I’m so sorry my tiny tits aren’t big enough for you, master!” She complained.

I immediately kneeled down and began sucking her left tit trying to get as much in her mouth as possible, sucking less and less in as I let me lips close around the areola followed by her nipple which I nibbled gently on before letting it escape my lips with a slight pop. “They’re the most perfect, perky little tits In the world!” I said as I moved to the right one and repeated the process. She was panting hard and nearly squealed with delight at this but reminded me, “Master. Please. Try and get your cock down my throat again? You told me you would try another angle. You said to give you my BEST blowjob, and I haven’t done my best yet!”

“Ok, but I’m worried I won’t last very long before cumming… have you ever tasted cum before?”

“I’ve tasted your precum!”, She said proudly. She hesitated, “Also… I’ve had your cum before, Master. It is delicious.” She admitted.

“What? How??” I replied shocked.

“You used to fuck my sister in her room here before she moved in with you.” She said hesitantly. “There was plenty of cum YOU WASTED in the condoms.” She said accusation-ally. She sounded miffed like I had wronged her…

Uhhhh… wow. Just wow. I felt my aching balls that seemed to be twice their normal size and said, “Fine! Lay on your back with your head off of the side of the arm of the couch. You’re about to get a load of cum straight from the source.” I finished.

“Please don’t finish down my throat, master? I’d like to taste as much as possible. Finish in my mouth instead… please? I want to taste as much as I can before I swallow!” She said as she lay back off of the arm of the couch.

She was breathing so heavily I was worried the would hyper ventilate. Her hair spilled down as she threw her head back. I walked around the side of the couch and as my cock got close to her face she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and tried to touch her chin with it.

I moved forward and started slapping the head of my cock on her tongue, her cheek and even her nose, causing her to begin moaning again. Finally I put the head in her mouth and she closed most of her lips around it, keeping her tongue out at far as possible. I began pushing while watching her neck with interest. Would she be able to take it? She seemed much too small. I got to the halfway point which was her previous record. I immediately notice her making swallowing motions with her throat as I applied forward pressure. Her throat began to bulge out. I got another 1/2 inch in and suddenly her throat barrier gave way. The side of her throat expanded and I was suddenly more than 3/4 of the way in! She placed her hands on my ass and began pulling. I grabbed her tits which were pointed straight into the air and kept slowly pushing. There were still 2 inches left, but her throat didn’t look like it could take anymore, and her neck and face looked beat red. I got scared I was hurting her. I pulled out.

She immediately drew as much air in as possible and said, “Master!! Did I take it all?” There was a bunch of slobber pouring out of her mouth and off of my cock all over her nose and eyes.

I hated to disappoint her. She was trying so hard… but I didn’t lie. “There were still 2 inches left.”, I admitted. “It’s ok, that was fucking amazing!”

“Please master! Again! Push harder!”, she begged, pulling at my butt.

Jesus. “Fine. Rub your pussy with your right hand while I do.”, I said. She needed some relief.

“But Ma—- mmmphgggggGGG” I managed to interrupt her by thrusting right up to her throat barrier. She used her left hand to try to pull me further but I had other plans. I pulled back out several times and thrust back in half way beginning to fuck at her throat opening. I watched as she rubbed herself furiously with her right hand.

Finally I was ready for another attempt. I attempted to warn her by pausing with the head of my cock just past her lips. Giving her a second to break through her nose. She was frigging herself like a crazy person and moaning uncontrollably. Finally I slowly but forcefully pressed forward… right up to her barrier and kept pushing. I watched her neck and she began making the swallowing motion again, and stuck her tongue out of her mouth as far as she could along the shaft of my cock. The barrier gave way for the second time and I was immediately in another few inches. Only two inches to go, just like the first time.

This time, Kristin had other plans. She thrust her heels down into the couch and launched her body towards me HARD. Since she was only 90lbs, and I was over 200 AND leaning into her, there wasn’t any other possibility but for my cock to cram the remaining 2 inches into her throat. smashing my balls against her nose and eyes. She immediately started searching my abdominal wall above my cock with her tongue and must’ve realized it worked. Her entire lower body began spasming as I heard a sound like a wet towel splashing around. Her panties were completely soaked again and containing it, but she was squirting like a firehouse. I pulled back slightly making sure not to pull out of her throat and thrust back in repeatedly. Her throat was like a fucking vice and I was about to cum.

She had slowed her convulsing while I continued to thrust repeatedly and I finally shouted to her, “fuck! I’m going to cum too!!”, as I pulled out of her throat leaving the tip of my cock in her mouth as she lapped at it. She began making high pitched, muffled yipping sounds as I stroked the shaft of my cock and began to feel the cum rushing from my swollen, oversized balls.

“Stop! Turn over!” I growled. In an instant, she turned over onto her stomach and pulled herself forward slightly keeping her face slightly off of the edge of the arm of the couch and looked up up at me with the most lustful expression I’ve ever seen.

“Fill my mouth with cum, Ma…”, I assume she was going to say ‘master’, but I interrupted during the first syllable with the most volumous stream of cum in my life. “Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!” I shouted. The following feeling was more akin to an occasionally interrupted stream of urine than the previous orgasms in my life.

The first steady stream of cum filled most of her mouth. She closed her mouth to begin swallowing as quickly as possible and tried to move closer to get her mouth around the head of my cock.

My cock jerked and the second stream partially went up her nose before I redirected to her forehead and hair. She finished swallowing the first stream and opened her mouth just in time to receive the third. She had tilted her face up as far as possible and kept her mouth open to try and catch as much as possible but her mouth was nearly full again. She closed her mouth to begin swallowing and closed her eyes just in time for me to completely cover her left eye and eyebrow before finishing on her right.

Finally I put my cock on her tongue and she wrapped her top lip over the head and began drinking as if it were a straw. She kept swallowing and swallowing as I began to slow down but she just couldn’t keep up with the volume, and cum began to erupt from first her nose and then the corners of her mouth. More was still bubbling from the tip. But it had slowed down enough for her to swallow in continued gulps as it continued to spurt into her mouth. She was using her tongue to try and get as much cum as it could reach but her entire face looked like a white mask with just a mouth hole at this point.

Kristin was making tiny mewling sounds as her tongue continued to find more cum dripping within it’s reach. “Thaaaaank you, Master…” she moaned as she continued licking. “Soooooo gooooood!”

“Holy shit!”, I replied. I felt dizzy… “That was… the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had! I’m so sorry… you’re completely covered…”

“Can I clean myself off, please?” She whimpered. Her right hand was buried between her body and the couch and she appeared to still be rubbing herself. I heard a repetitive squishing sound as she did.

“Absolutely! Let me get you a towel… Fuck… that was unbelievable…” another drop fell off of my cock onto the floor as I looked around for something. I turned back around to see Kristin using her left hand to scoop cum from her eyes into her mouth and continuing to moan as she did it. Wow. She really couldn’t get enough!

“Can you fuck me now please, Master?” She said, licking her fingers. “I promise to do my best to take it all.”

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