Teen Sex Story. High School Nerd – Monday


Henry pulled me by the hand up the steep, narrow stairs. Our footsteps echo on the bare wooden stair treads. A few of them creak as we step on them. At the top, he stopped and produced an old fashioned skeleton key from his pocket. The lock clicked, and the door swung inward on squeaky hinges. We stepped into a cool, dark space that smells a little musty. It is completely dark and I cannot see a thing. There is a loud click of the old light switch, and a single bulb hanging from the vaulted ceiling, thrust a yellowish illumination around the room.

Henry broke into my thoughts as I investigate the space. “I used to come up here to control the curtains and lighting during plays and events. The stage is immediately below us.” Looking around the room, I see boxes with labels such as ‘Costumes: Shakespear’, ‘Set fixtures: Robin Hood’ and so on. Stacks of extra chairs and a few desks sit in one corner, and a cart with cleaning supplies. An old leather sofa sat near the wall and a small area rug in front of it.

I took Henry, our high school’s most notorious nerd, by the hand and led him to the sofa. I sat and pulled him down next to me, crossing my legs and tugging down my short skirt. He looked at me curiously. “Well, Jasmine, you said that you wanted to come someplace private to talk. This is the best place I could think of. Is this OK?”

“This is just perfect, Henry.” I said, turning slightly toward him, trying to figure out how to begin.

A half hour ago, I sat in the school cafeteria with a few of my friends from the cheer squad. Talk turned to boys, and we talked about the ones that we would like to make out with. Most of them were the jock type, guys on the football or rugby team. I had my share of experiences with jocks, and they always left me wanting more. They are self centered and are mostly interested in bragging about themselves, showing how strong they are, showing off their little dicks, or emptying their balls. I didn’t have much to say. Then talk turned to guys that they definitely did not want to make out with. They mentioned three or four guys, then someone mentioned Henry’s name. Several of the other girls nodded in agreement. That’s when I had to speak up.

“Seriously?” I asked. “You don’t like Henry?”

The girls all tittered at that. Sandra, the girl that brought his name up initially, said “He’s such a geek!” she said

Linda added, “He’s so shy. He would probably piss his pants if you tried to kiss him.” They all giggled at that.

Then Lacey said, “He looks like a dork! He wears those thick, Coke bottle glasses, and he will not even make eye contact when he talks to you. He probably has no idea how to kiss a girl.”

I was incensed, “He’s sweet! At study period he helps me with my studies. When he explains things and forgets who he is talking to, he becomes poised and unselfconscious. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh. It’s true, he could care less about sports, but did you know he is a runner? He may not be all buff and everything, but he takes care of himself. The reason he is so shy is because of the thick glasses he used to wear that made him look so weird. But he got Lasik surgery! Now he just wears some cute little wire frames, and when his eyes fully heal, he already has contacts.” We all looked across the cafeteria to where Henry sat, eating by himself. Then I moved my head in closer to the other girls and said conspiratorially, “And have you noticed the bulge in his pants? I think he is really packing!”

The other girls laughed and covered their mouths. Linda says, “He probably stuffed a sock into his pants to make it look like he has something. Well you just go ahead, Jasmine. He’s all yours. I will know that you have kissed him when I see that he has pissed himself.” And the girls erupted into fresh snickering.

The halls are full of the usual chatter as we move to our next class. Are the girls right about Henry? He is such a nerd, he probably hasn’t ever kissed a girl. But he is smart and funny, when he is not in a crowd. He’s not hard on the eyes, since he got rid of those awful glasses. And he is always thoughtful, courteous and has a positive attitude. It makes me wonder what he would be like as a lover. I enjoy his company when he helps me with my school work, but I had never thought of him in a sexual way, until now.

Walking into study hall, I see Henry at a table alone, as usual. Walking over to him, I bend over, place my palm on the table, and whisper, “Is there somewhere that we can go where we could be alone and talk? He looks up and I note that his gaze drops down. I realize that the angle is about right for him to look down into my top. Is he copping a glance at my boobs?

He licked his lips, met my gaze and said “Yeah. I think I know a place. What’s going on?” Without answering I took his hand and pulled him to his feet. He was not one to play hooky from any class, not even study period. Out in the hall, he continued to hold my hand as he led me to his private place. He seemed to like the contact.

Now sitting next to Henry on the couch in the musty room above the auditorium, he looks into my eyes. He looks so innocent, so naive. “This place is perfect, Henry.” He looks so much better without those thick glasses. I can tell that he is rapidly gaining self confidence.

“Did you do OK with that math assignment that we worked on last week at study period?” He asked.

I don’t think he has a clue what this is all about. “Henry, have you ever kissed a girl, before?”

He looked down, and in the dim light I could see that he is blushing. “No. Not really. But that’s not because I haven’t wanted to. Girls were freaked out by the glasses that I used to wear. Now that they are gone, they still pay no attention to me. It’s like I’m invisible or something. When I try to talk to them, I end up saying something to embarrass myself. I guess I just don’t know how to talk to girls.”

He continued looking down, unable to meet my gaze. In a timid voice that I could barely recognize as my own, I asked, “Would you kiss me?” A look of shock came over him and he looked into my eyes with amazement. Before he could say anything, I stood and pulled Henry to his feet. Moving up to him, I put my arms around his neck and move in for a kiss. He is tall, and I had to come up onto the balls of my feet to meet his lips. I press my body into his, noticing his warmth. Our first kiss is brief, testing. Pulling back I look into his startled eyes and feel his hands settle on my hips. I like this. I feel safe and connected when I’m with him. His eyes are wide with awe and wonder. This time, he took the initiative and bent to my lips. We kissed with greater passion and heat. I felt his strong hands pull my hips into his. Now I could feel his package pushing against me. It is obviously growing. This time when we pull apart, he is beaming.

“Jasmine. That’s amazing!” he says, breathless.

I say, “You are a surprisingly good kisser!” pulling his head in for another kiss. This time I pushed my tongue, through his lips. He did not hesitate. His tongue met mine for an intimate dance together.

The sound of voices comes to our ears. Someone is in the assembly room, near the stage. We pull apart and listen. Footsteps can be heard coming up the stairs. I panick. We will be caught! Henry grabbed my hand and holding his finger to his lips for quiet, beckoned me to follow him. We quickly move around behind the couch and got down on the dusty floor. I stop breathing as the door creaks open and two pairs of feet clomp across the old wooden floor boards.

“Anybody here?” An older female voice called out. We kept quiet, not daring to breathe.

An older male voice says, “Old Joe comes up here to get cleaning supplies and he always forgets to turn the lights out and lock the door.”

The female voice says, “You remember how we used to come up here to kiss and make out?”

The male voice, “Stella, that was before you got married.”

Then the female voice, “Shall we try it again? Just for old times sake? I would like to see if you still have the energy you had fifteen years ago.”

The male voice. “Ms Bradberry will be waiting in my office. Maybe some other time.”

There is a click of the light switch, and we are left in darkness with the sound of retreating footsteps, stairs creaking under their weight.

I put my hand over my mouth to stifle my giggles. I hear Henry moving in the dark toward the light switch. He bumped into something, grunted and continued until I heard a click and once again the old yellow light bulb came to life. Returning to me, I met him half way. He looked to continue our kissing, but I have other plans. When we meet, I put my hand out and placed it flat on his chest. He stops short, looking surprised and disappointed. From his chest, I trailed my hand down across his abdomen, taking hold of his belt. Pulling him closer to me, I unfasten his belt, then the button holding his jeans. Unzipping the fly, I ask, “Have you ever had a blow job?”

I look up at Henry’s face, and he looks a little pale. Swallowing hard, he just shakes his head. I slid his jeans down around his ankles. He wore black boxers with little red hearts all over them. He has good taste for a geek. Sliding them down to join his jeans, I noted a penis that is an impressive length, even flaccid. I trace a finger lightly along the underside, watching it twitch and grow. Smiling, I say, “Well you better hold on, ’cause I am about to rock your world!”

“Just one request,” he says. “Could you take your top off for me? That would really make my day!”

“You greedy bastard,” I teased. “You want to see my tits, too, huh?”

“Oh, yeah!” he said. “Today is my lucky day!” I stood up, flung my long hair over my shoulders, and unbuttoned my blouse. Looking into his light blue eyes as I did so, I licked my lips. I flung my blouse onto the couch, and reached around to unfasten my bra. My boobs spilled out and Henry grinned broadly. I jiggle them for him, then cup them in my hands and press them together. Henry swallows hard. He is obviously burning with desire.

It would have been fun to let him play with them, but we only have about fifteen minutes until our next class begins. I am determined to make him cum. So I squat before him and find that his dick has grown appreciatively, probably from watching me remove my top. Grasping one of my boobs, I rub the head of his penis with my nipple. It tickles me in a good way. Then, taking just the tip of his dick in my mouth, I suck hard, and run my hands up and down his considerable length. Henry let out an extended groan and thrust his hips toward me. Taking him out of my mouth, I see my pink lipstick on the head of his cock. I lick it, and the lipstick just smears. I stroked just the moist head of his cock, rapidly with my hand, and noted that the lipstick is now gone. Looking into his face to gauge his response, it is obvious that he is in heaven.

Turning back to the dick in hand, I suck him back into my mouth, and bobbed my head, up and down his shaft. It hit the back of my throat, but is still only half way in. I augment with my hand, bobbing faster. The soft head of his cock bumping the back of my throat causes my mouth to water. The stroking begins to get sloppy, and makes wet sounds. After a bit, I had to give my mouth a break. Stroking with both my hands, it gave me a chance to look into his face. He is definitely loving it. He reaches down, strokes my breasts with the back of his hand.

Going back down on him with my mouth, I renew my vigor, knowing that we are running out of time. I can feel him swell in my mouth, and he calls out in warning. “Oh, baby. Watch out, I’m going to cum!”

Pulling him out of my mouth, but stroking with my hands, I say, “Go ahead. Give it to me. Shoot your load in my mouth.” I took his tool back deep inside my mouth, waiting for him to explode. Henry didn’t disappoint. With a long groan, he began to shoot ropes of spunk into my mouth. I tried to swallow, but just couldn’t keep up. Cum ran out around my lips, and down his shaft, spilling onto the floor. I continue to suck the best I can, and when he stops shooting sperm, I can feel his body shudder.

“Wow!” Henry says. “You are amazing!”

I stand quickly, reach for my bra and say, “Glad you enjoyed it. We better put ourselves back together and get to our class.” He reached for some paper towels from among the cleaning supplies, and handed some to me.

Walking together down the busy halls towards the next class, Henry asks, “So, I have to ask. Was that part of some dare or a bet, or something like that?”

I want to be honest with him. Who knows, this might bloom into a meaningful relationship. “It started out something like that. Some of the girls were making fun of you, but I couldn’t join in. I realized how kind you are, how you have helped me with my studies, and I think you’re cute. Then I thought about what dicks the popular boys are, and it occurred to me what a catch you really are. I wanted to get to know you better. Our experience this afternoon did not disappoint. I’m looking forward to more exploration with you.

Turning a corner, we meet the girls from my cheer squad. They slow and watch in awe as we walk past them. “They did it, didn’t they?” I hear one say under her breath as we walk past them. I smile as I looked up at Henry. “We sure did,” I thought to myself.

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