Taking care of Mom



A dream comes true for three horny teenagers when they CUM together to help a grieving widow.

Scott Jackson is an eighteen-year-old high school senior. Jamal Williams and Billy Thompson have been his closest buddies since the first grade. The three of them are like brothers and go everywhere together. They were each over six feet tall. Scott, 6’ 2” and Billy, 6’ 1” are both, Caucasian but Jamal, 6’ 3” is a mixture of white and African-American giving him a medium chocolate complexion. Jamal’s mother is white, and his Dad is African-American

They played high school sports together. They also rode bicycles together, fished, and hunted together. In the summertime, they took turns sleeping over at each other’s house. They felt so much at home at each other’s house; it was like each boy’s mother was a mother to the three of them. For each mother, it was like having three boys instead of just the one they gave birth.

The three boys preferred to spend most of their time at Scott’s house playing online video games because Scott’s Dad had a super-fast commercial internet connection. Scott’s Dad was a Detective Sergeant assigned to the Organized Crime Unit, and he needed a fast internet service to access the police department’s crime database from home. He didn’t mind the boys using his super-fast internet to play their video games because he knew they didn’t have the necessary passwords to get into the crime database. Jamal’s Dad was also a police officer and worked with Scott’s Dad.

Jamal and Billy insisted that they spent more time at Scott’s house because of the super-fast internet. At first, Scott thought it was indeed the fast internet until he realized his friends were lusting after his sexy Mom. They would get erections every time they got around Scott’s gorgeous Mother. When Scott finally called them on it, they didn’t deny that their main attraction was to his beautiful mother.

All three of the boy’s mothers are young and beautiful, but Scott’s Mom is a real MILF. She is a tall, slender blond with long shapely dancer’s legs. She usually wore her hair in a ponytail, and most days, she wore very tight blue jeans that clung to her sexy curves and a cotton knit Polo shirt that displayed her 36C breasts in the best possible way.

The first time Jamal and Billy referred to Scott’s Mom as a MILF, he got angry with them, but then he realized she was, without doubt, a MILF. From that day forward, Scott began to pay more attention to the way his Mom moved, smiled, or bent over to pick something up. She was tall and slim, almost athletic. Scott began to look at his mom and notice specific things about her. He could see how poised and confident she was. Scott noted her elegance and charm and began to admire the curves of her body. Her boobs are magnificent. Her waist is tiny, and her butt was full and round. He often fantasized about she would look nude when he masturbated. Scott’s mother had a gorgeous face with full lips, high cheekbones that complemented her stunning blue eyes. She never wore much makeup, and she didn’t need much if any. Her long luxurious blond hair framed her face perfectly. Scott noticed that when his friends came to his house, his Mom’s nipples would get hard and poke through her shirt. She was flattered when she felt their eyes feasting on her. Scott would also get an erection when her nipples poked out and would often retreat to the bathroom to take care of it. Scott was a typical teenager with raging hormones that caused him to have lustful thoughts toward his Mom. He tried every trick he could think of to steal glimpses of his Mom’s naked body, but he was never that lucky.

As Scott and his two best friends grew older, Scott got to the point where he thought nothing about his friends commenting on how hot his mom was. The older Jamal and Billy got, the more graphic their details became about what they’d like to do TO and WITH Scott’s Mom. Scott was always, like, “Hey Dude, that’s my Mom you are talking about!” They refused to believe him when he would swear that he’d never looked at his Mom in that way.

Jamal and Billy were right about Scott, though. He did think about all the sexual things he would like to do with his Mom, but he never admitted it to anyone. The older Scott got, the more he fantasized about sucking his Mom’s tits, licking her pussy and sliding his cock into her pussy or even her ass. However, he couldn’t let Jamal and Billy or anyone else know that he felt that way towards his Mom.

Scott loved his Mom and respected her. She has a smile that lights up the whole room and a contagious laugh. She’s the sexiest woman Scott knew, and he would never do anything to lose her respect, but if given half the chance, he would fuck her in a heartbeat. She’s absolutely stunning with long, tan legs that Scott often fantasized about being wrapped around his waist as he rammed his cock in and out of her wetness.

Scott’s Mom is 5′ 7″, 36C-28-36 with large crystal blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair that encircled her oval face. Her blond hair flowed down across her shoulders and her back. She had curves that drove men wild, just thinking about them! And she wasn’t bashful about showing off any of her attributes. She insisted that she dressed provocatively to please only Scott’s Dad, but Scott felt sure his Mom enjoyed the attention she got from other men as well. He knew she enjoyed teasing and flirting with Jamal and Billy until they got notable erections, and then she would giggle and waltz away.

She frequently wore low-cut tops on hot summer days, and you could be sure to find her wearing Daisy Duke denim cut-offs most any day during the hot summer. Scott’s Dad, Cody, loved to see his wife dressed like that, and he couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Cody enjoyed slipping up behind his wife and kissing her on the neck while caressing her breasts or pinching her on her firm round bottom. Scott liked seeing his Mom and Dad, acting like teenage lovers. It was apparent they had a deep love for one another. And both of them seem to have healthy sexual appetites.

Many nights Scott would lay in his bed and masturbate while listening to the playful giggles and the lustful moans coming from his parents’ bedroom. Scott’s Mom was always in good spirits and full of playful energy. He’d never seen her sad until that cold wintery day when the Chief of Police and the Police Department’s Chaplain came to their door with news of his Dad’s death.

The Jackson family had always enjoyed a world full of joy and happiness until that day, Scott’s dad, Sergeant Cody Jackson, was shot and killed while serving a search warrant. After that sad day, everything changed. Scott’s mother, Beverly, retreated into a bottle of liquor and shut out the world. It was as if her husband’s death had sucked all the life out of her. The night before, Sgt. Cody Jackson’s funeral hundreds of police officers and other well-wishers came to the Jackson home to attend his wake. Friends and neighbors brought enough food to last a month or more. Unfortunately, they also brought enough liquor to last Scott’s mother a life-time. Scott’s mother got drunk that night and every day after that.

For all practical purposes, Scott had lost both parents that day. He lost his Dad to a criminal’s gunfire and his Mother to alcohol. Jamal and Billy also felt the loss of Scott’s Mom. They loved her as much as Scott did, and they always called her Mrs. J. They vowed to help Scott take care of his Mom during her period of mourning. The city awarded Scott’s Dad a full pay pension because he was killed in the line of duty. That meant his family would continue receiving his full salary, so their monthly income would remain the same as when he was alive. The city also allowed them to keep the super-fast internet as part of his pension.

It snowed most of the day of Cody’s funeral. After the cold graveside service, another large crowd of police officers and well-wishers came to the Jackson home to eat, drink, and console his Mom. Scott’s Mom was still so intoxicated from the night before that Scott doubted, she was even aware of who was in her home. She guzzled whiskey the whole time and appeared to be numb from the alcohol and her husband’s death. About nine o’clock that night, Jamal and Billy’s mothers took charge and convinced the crowd to leave so the grieving widow could go to bed.

The two mothers cleaned up the mess while Jamal helped Scott take his drunken Mom upstairs to bed. She was in an alcohol coma and limp as a rag doll. Scott managed to hold her and pull the covers back on her bed. He gently laid her on the bed. He removed her shoes and started to cover her up when Jamal spoke up.

“Hey, Dude, you can’t let her sleep in her clothes. That would be very uncomfortable.”

“You don’t expect me to undress my Mom, do you,” Scott screamed at Jamal? “She’s my Mom, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking her clothes off,” Scott added in a softer tone.

“Look, Scott, if it bothers you so much to see your Mom without clothes, then leave the room, and I will remove your Mom’s clothes so she can get the rest she needs,” Jamal offered in a contrite tone.

Scott was shocked at Jamal’s offer to undress his Mom. He didn’t want Jamal or anyone else to see his Mom with her clothes off, but Jamal was right that it would be uncomfortable to sleep in her clothes. Jamal could see the agony of indecision on Scott’s face.

“I promise to be respectful,” Jamal assured.

Scott thought about Jamal’s suggestion a minute and then reasoned that it would be better for his Mom’s comfort if they did remove her dress and bra, but not her panties. He looked at Jamal and said,” Okay, I will undress her, but I will need your help making her comfortable, but don’t you dare start perving on my Mom.”

“I promise to be respectful, Scott. Just tell me what you want me to do,” Jamal replied.

“Okay. You stand behind her up by the headboard, and I will lift her into a sitting position. When I get her situated, I want you to unzip the back of her dress so we can ease it off of her shoulders and down her arms,” Scott instructed.

Scott held his Mom steady on the bed while Jamal moved behind her and nervously unzipped her dress. Scott noticed Jamal’s hands were trembling as he pulled the zipper down. Scott was just as nervous as Jamal appeared to be, but he was able to conceal it from his friend. Scott directed Jamal to hold her in that sitting position while he pulled her arms free of the dress. Once the dress was clear of her arms, Scott started to lay her back down so he could slip the dress down her legs and off, but Jamal suggested they also remove her bra before laying her back down. Scott was a bit hesitant to remove her bra but thought about it a second and then reluctantly agreed that she would indeed be more comfortable with the bra removed but not her panties. Jamal unhooked her bra from behind and moved the straps down her arms and off.

Suddenly Scott was staring at the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. They didn’t have much sag to them at all, and the pinkish brown areolas were about an inch in diameter with blackberry size nipples at the tip. It took his breath away, and he could feel his cock stirring in his pants. Jamal stepped around in front of Scott’s Mom and looked at her breasts. He sucked in a deep breath and whispered faintly, “Oh my God, they are beautiful.”

It took Scott a minute to realize that Jamal and he were both perving on his Mom’s breasts. Scott tossed her bra and dress in a chair near her bed and quickly laid her back, covering her naked body with the top sheet. They both stood silent, gazing at his sleeping Mom. Jamal glanced at Scott with a puzzled stare waiting for him to say something. It took Scott a minute, but he finally said,” Don’t you dare tell anyone we saw my Mom naked.”

“No problem, man. This is strictly between you and me,” Jamal replied.

They turned off the light in his Mother’s room and closed the door. When they returned downstairs, Scott found that Jamal and Billy’s mothers had packed all the leftover food into Ziploc bags and had the house spotless. They gave Scott a group hug, and then everyone left Scott to care for his grieving Mom.

Early the next morning, Scott came down to cook breakfast for himself and his Mom. He was surprised to find his Mom sitting on the sofa in the family room. She was wearing a sheer nightgown, sipping a glass of wine and staring at the Christmas tree. He thought she would still be sleeping, considering how drunk she had been the night before.

“Why are you awake so early, Mom. And why are you drinking wine so early in the day,” Scott asked her?

“Sorry, I guess I am a little sad,” she finally admitted. “This will be our first Christmas without your Dad.” She took a deep breath and exhaled a big sigh while staring at the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.

Scott sat down on the sofa by his Mom. He was surprised to find that her nightgown was so sheer, he could see right through it. Her nightgown left nothing to the imagination. He wrapped his arms around her and said, “Christmas will never be the same without Dad here to celebrate with us. We will have to be strong and carry on with our Christmas traditions as if Dad were still here. I know he would want us to celebrate Christmas as we always have.”

“We have always celebrated Christmas with your father. We’d gather around the tree and open our gifts on Christmas Eve,” Scott’s Mom said, confiding in him as if he was her priest or her psychiatrist instead of her son.

Scott could see the deep sadness in her eyes and hear the suffering in her voice. He didn’t know what to say or do, so he remained silent and let her talk.

“I miss him so much,” she said with a soulful pause. “Don’t you miss your Dad, Scott?”

Scott was deep in thought and did not hear what his Mom was saying. He sat there staring at the Christmas tree and reminiscing about happier Christmases.

“Scott! Did you hear what I said?”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I was daydreaming about happier times and didn’t hear what you asked me.”

“I asked you if you missed your Dad.”

“Miss him? Sure, I miss my Dad,” Scott said, staring at what he could see of his Mom’s hard nipples through her thin nightgown. His cock was hard, but she wasn’t aware of it or his staring because she was staring down at her wine glass. She seemed to be in her deepest thoughts. Scott needed to adjust his hard cock but didn’t want to draw his Mom’s attention to his erection.

“Mom, I miss Dad, but we have to be strong and move on with our lives as if he were still here,” Scott said as he embraced his Mom and kissed her on the forehead.

She sighed and wrapped both hands around her wine glass as if it was a warm mug of hot coffee. Beverly hung her head and shoulders low, mumbling something incoherently as if Scott was a bartender, and she was soulfully confessing her woes. Scott thought maybe, she needed a potent anti-depressant or psychological grief therapy from the police department’s psychologist.

His mother looked at him and said, “I want to thank you and Jamal for being such gentlemen when you undressed me last night.”

Scott was shocked at her statement and asked, “Weren’t you passed out when we put you to bed? How were you aware of what we did if you were passed out?”

“I wasn’t passed out. I was just in what is called an alcohol coma. I was dizzy and sleepy, but I could hear what the two of you were saying.”

Scott was embarrassed to learn that his Mom heard them talking about her beautiful breast. He knew he had to change the subject, but what could he talk about that wasn’t awkward. It was uncomfortable for him to think about it, and probably too soon after his Dad’s death, but he thought that maybe she just needed to move on with her life. She needed to get out and meet new people and eventually start dating again. She’s young and beautiful and should have no problem finding someone to love her and put happiness back in her life, he thought to himself. Scott knew he was too young to discuss her sexual wellbeing, so he offered to make her an appointment with the department’s psychologist.

Unfortunately, his Mom rejected the idea of seeing the psychologist and chose to drown her sorrows in a whiskey bottle and began drinking herself into a stupor each day. Most days, Scott would come home from school and find her still in her nightgown passed out on the den sofa. During the Christmas break from school, Jamal and Billy came to Scott’s house every morning to cheer him up and assist him with taking care of his mother. They would play video games in Scott’s bedroom, and then take turns checking on his Mom every hour.

Within days of his Dad’s death, the wolves began to gather and seek ways to comfort his beautiful Mom while plotting to take her to their beds. Both married and single men tried to take sexual advantage of his gorgeous grieving Mom. Jamal, Billy, and Scott made it their mission to protect his Mom from those predators. Scott, along with Jamal and Billy, successfully chased away the philanderers.

Since his Dad’s funeral, Scott’s Mom spent her drunken days lying on the den sofa in her nightgown and sometimes just a thin silk robe. Scott tried to ween her off of the hard liquor but was not successful. She chose alcohol over good wholesome food. Scott was beginning to worry about her health. Scott had turned away all would-be suitors except for Dan Holbrook, a close family friend and hunting buddy of his Dad. Dan and Cody had been friends since high school. They played football on the same team, hunted and fished together, and double-dated together on the weekends. Scott trusted Dan and encouraged his Mom to spend time with him since he was his Dad’s best friend in High school and college.

Beverly had been a cheerleader in high school, and Dan was the first to ask her out on a date, but it was quickly apparent she only had eyes for Cody. So, Dan reluctantly yielded to her choice and faded into the background but never gave up his initial love for Beverly. After graduating from college, Cody and Beverly got married. Dan never married and never missed an opportunity to be near Beverly. He had a way of inviting himself to many of the Jackson family gatherings.

Now that Cody was out of the picture, Dan had renewed hopes of taking Beverly to his bed. Dan knew he had to approach her not as a suitor, but as a family friend first. Scott thought it was a blessing when Dan was able to get his Mom to stop drinking. She began smiling and singing every day after Dan came back into her life. They went out on several dates, and Scott knew by the way she was acting that sex was probably back in her life, and it made a big difference with his Mom’s demeanor. Everything was slowly returning to normal until Scott found out, the hard way, that Dan had ulterior motives.

Scott eventually learned that Dan planned to befriend him first and then work his way into his Mom’s bed permanently. Scott wasn’t ready for Dan to replace his Dad. Dan sensed Scott’s reluctance and started inviting Scott to his hunting lodge in the mountains. They began spending an occasional weekend hunting, fishing, and doing men’s activities. Scott’s Mom welcomed Dan’s kindness toward her son, and Scott enjoyed bonding with Dan. Within a month, Dan had worked his way into the Jackson family’s routine, and hopefully, a permeant spot in Beverly’s bed. However, she wasn’t ready to allow Dan to move in with her.

Dan was invited to dine with them several times a week. He always made it a point to spend time with Scott first while Mom prepared a delicious meal. Scott and Dan would shoot baskets in the backyard or surf the internet for hunting and fishing gear. It was a proper bonding technique, but it cut into Dan’s time that he would rather spend with Beverly.

Dan decided he needed to find something to occupy Scott so he could be free to pursue his Mom romantically without Scott’s interference. Dan began to quiz Scott about his interactions with girls his age. Scott readily admitted he was inexperienced when it came to girls. He was more or less afraid to talk with girls for fear of making a fool of himself. Dan introduced Scott to internet porn, telling him that was the best way to learn about what girls liked when interacting with boys.

Scott became addicted to porn and spent hours surfing various porn sites. The porn sites filled Scott with questions that Dan was more than happy to answer as long as it remained their little secret. Their new routine was to watch porn together in Scott’s room while his Mom prepared dinner. Dan found it more enjoyable than he’d ever expected to teach Scott about sex. He taught Scott how to masturbate, and it wasn’t long before they were masturbating together while watching porn. Dan was surprised to find he was becoming sexually attracted to Scott. He had never thought about being with another man. Scott enjoyed the time spent with Dan and was beginning to feel like an adult until Dan suggested mutual masturbation. Dan urged Scott to jack him off while he would, in turn, stroked Scott’s cock. Scott had never touched another man’s cock and told Dan he wasn’t comfortable touching him.

Dan backed off, but never gave up trying to get Scott to touch his cock when they masturbated together. It was taking all the fun out of their secret bonding, and Scott decided that the only way to stop Dan from pestering him was to give him a quick handjob. Scott didn’t see any harm in giving Dan a quick handjob. It seemed like a small compromise as long as it would stop Dan from pestering him.

It only took Dan about three minutes to shoot his wad when Scott jacked him off. Cum spurted everywhere. Dan grabbed the back of Scott’s head and forced his cock into Scott’s mouth and made him swallowed his cum. Scott thought he was going to vomit but managed to swallow Dan’s nauseating load of cum. Dan realized he had made a grievous mistake and urged Scott to keep it a secret. When Mom called them to dinner, she knew something was wrong, but Scott kept telling her it was nothing. He was embarrassed to tell anyone he had swallowed another man’s cum.

After dinner, Scott helped his Mom clean up the kitchen, and Dan went home. She asked her son a few more times what was wrong, but each time he told her nothing was wrong. Scott convinced her he was tired from a long week at school. He retreated to his bedroom instead of watching TV with his Mom. Later that night, she went to Scott’s room and crawled into his bed and held him tight. He finally broke down crying and told his Mom what Dan had forced him to do. She wanted to call the police and have Dan arrested, but Scott begged his Mom not to call the police because he would never be able to face the embarrassment of having everyone know that he’d let a man cum in his mouth.

The next morning Scott’s Mom contacted Dan and told him if he ever came near either of them again, she would have him arrested and prosecuted. They never heard from Dan again, but Scott’s Mom resumed drinking and went back to her old routine of drinking all day before passing out on the sofa in her nightgown and robe. Scott was able to get his Mom to switch from hard liquor to wine. She seemed to function much better by drinking wine or beer. His Mom still got drunk but was able to function better on wine instead of whiskey. However, the downside to drinking wine or beer is when she fell asleep on the sofa, the wine made it difficult to wake her up. Some nights Scott would cover her with a blanket and let her sleep on the couch.

She also stopped bathing and never changed out of her nightgown. Scott soon learned that the only way to get his Mom to bathe was to get into the shower with her. He had to do it before she fell asleep from the wine. Out of respect for his Mom, Scott wore his swimsuit in the shower. The first few times they both got into the shower, she kept calling him Cody and tried to pull his swimsuit down and grab his cock. As much as he would love to have sex with his gorgeous Mom, he vowed never take advantage of her while she was in a drunken state of mind. The swimsuit helped, but she still thought he was her dead husband, and she would call him Cody and squeeze his cock through his swimming trunks. Scott would slap her hand away at first, but then quit pushing her hand away and let her play with him through his trunks. He reasoned that it was a necessary evil in order to bathe her regularly.

His Mom would sometimes beg him to tweak her nipples and do other sexual things that she and his Dad had done together in the shower. Scott still couldn’t bring himself to violate his Mom sexually while she was in that drunken condition. She was his Mom, and he loved her. It took a lot of will power for Scott not to give in to her solicitations. He would soap her body well and massaged her tits; occasionally pinch a nipple. She seemed satisfied with that, and he convinced himself that it was a normal part of bathing her. He’d also use a washcloth to scrub her little brown butt hole and pussy well. He reasoned it wasn’t sexual as long as the washcloth shielded her from his bare hand, but he drew the line at penetrating any of her orifices. She was always drunk during her showers, and he vowed that penetrations would never happen while she was drunk. If he ever had sex with his Mom, he wanted her voluntary consent, and Scott wanted her to be sober enough to enjoy it.

Most afternoons, Scott would come home from school and find his Mom still in her nightwear and asleep on the sofa. Jamal and Billy would help him clean up the empty bottles of wine and then go to Scott’s bedroom to view porn sites that Dan had introduced Scott to. They occasionally play video games. It wasn’t long before the boys gave up gaming and graduated to masturbating while surfing internet porn. They found a porn site that had a middle-aged blond woman who looked very much like Scott’s Mom and the site featured mother/son incest stories and pictures. It wasn’t long before they were masturbating together while fantasizing about doing all those things to Scott’s Mom.

The three boys would each take turns going downstairs to check on Scott’s Mom every hour. It would usually take about fifteen minutes to check on her and then return to Scott’s room. When Jamal went down to check on her, he found her sprawled awkwardly on the sofa with one tit exposed. He knew he shouldn’t, but Jamal couldn’t resist the urge to open her robe and get another good look at her nude breasts. He shook her to make sure she was asleep, but she only mumbled some gibberish that didn’t make sense, so Jamal opened her robe and found that she was wearing only a pair of yellow bikini panties with white lace around the top.

Jamal checked to make sure no one else was around and started fondling her breasts. He had seen her naked breasts one other time; the night he’d helped Scott undressed her for bed, but he didn’t get to touch them because Scott was there. Jamal lightly raked his fingertips over her nipples, and they immediately stiffened. He leaned down and sucked her stiff, left nipple into his mouth, and swirled his tongue around it a couple of times before moving to the right nipple, giving it similar attention. Mrs. J moaned and writhed, but didn’t wake up. Jamal pulled his shorts down, releasing his ten-inch chocolate brown cock. He stroked his cock while carefully removing her yellow panties, He held them to his nose and inhaled her delicious aroma and then stuffed her yellow panties in his pocket to use later when he got home to masturbate. He wanted to stick his tongue in her vagina, and taste her but knew he had already taken too much time, so he closed her robe, pulled his shorts up and hustled back upstairs.

Jamal and Billy helped Scott take his Mom up to her bed before going home. Scott was hungry for a snack before going to bed and wished he still had some of the food that friends and neighbors had brought to his home the night before his Dad’s funeral, but that had been eaten months ago. Scott’s mother was in no condition to prepare a meal, so Scott had taught himself to cook for the two of them. He checked the fridge for something to eat but found it and the pantry almost empty. Scott made a note to go grocery shopping.

After dropping Billy off at his house, Jamal pulled Mrs. J’s panties from his pocket, held them to his nose again, and breathed in her feminine aroma. His dick got so hard he was tempted to pull to the roadside and jack-off with them wrapped around his cock. It took willpower, but he managed to make it home before satisfying that urge. He promised himself that he would taste her delicious pussy tomorrow.

The next morning, Jamal couldn’t wait to get back to Scott’s house. He had some vivid dreams about eating Mrs. J’s pussy and was anxious to make the dream become a reality. He picked Billy up earlier than usual and arrived at Scott’s house around nine o’clock. Scott was in the kitchen, sipping a cup of coffee.

“I didn’t see your Mom on the sofa when I came in,” Jamal said.

“She’s still in her bedroom. I checked on her before I came down, and she seemed to be sleeping off her wine from yesterday,” Scott replied. “We can look in on her again before we go to my room to play video games.”

Jamal and Billy followed Scott to his Mom’s bedroom. She was still sleeping peacefully. Scott placed his hand on her forehead and said, “She doesn’t have a fever or anything. I guess the wine and the fact she doesn’t eat much has her worn down.”

Scott closed her bedroom door, so they wouldn’t disturb her if they got too loud playing their games or watching porn. The three boys paraded to Scott’s room and got wrapped up in a brother/sister incest video. Jamal kept checking his watch every 10 or 15 minutes. He couldn’t wait to check on Mrs. J. He had so many fantasies cluttering his mind he couldn’t concentrate on the video.

The three boys were stroking their cocks as they viewed a video that showed a big sister deep throating her little brother’s cock. Scott noticed that Jamal was fidgeting and checking his watch. Scott stopped the video and said, “I notice you keep looking at your watch, Jamal. Do you have someplace you need to be?”

“What?” Jamal answered and then flashed a guilty face. “What are you talking about?”

“Well…you keep looking at your watch, and your mind is not on the video,” Scott replied.

“Oh, no, I don’t have to go anyplace. I’m just worried about your Mom. She doesn’t usually sleep this late.”

“Well…if it will make you feel any better then go check on her,” Scott suggested. “If she’s awake, then try to talk her into going downstairs and eat something. I cooked her breakfast. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave.”

Jamal was out of his chair in a flash and hustled down the hallway to Mrs. J’s bedroom. She was shoving two fingers in her soaking wet pussy and on the verge of climaxing on her fingers. She stopped when she heard someone at her bedroom door. She put her hands to her side and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. Jamal opened her bedroom door, quietly stepped in and closed the door behind him. Jamal called her name as he stepped up to her bed. Mrs. J could feel his presence near her bed but didn’t stir. Jamal reached out and shook her shoulder. She still didn’t move. He sat on the edge of her bed and gently stroked her blond hair, pushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered in her ear.

She was lying on her back in the middle of the bed, and his soft loving voice made her pussy even wetter. She hoped he didn’t smell her arousal. Jamal noticed she was still wearing the same silk robe from the night before. He opened the robe to find she was still panty-less because he had taken her yellow panties home with him. Her legs were slightly open, and he could see her glistening wet pubic hairs.

Jamal brushed his fingertips through her damp pubic hairs and then brought his fingers to his nose and smelled her scent before licking the moisture off his fingertips. Mrs. J felt a wave of excitement move through her body when he touched her but didn’t stir at all. He quickly slipped his gym shorts and boxer shorts off and climbed into bed with her. It thrilled him to contrast his dark-colored cock against her white skin. Jamal rubbed the head of his drooling cock against her naked thigh, leaving a wet trail of pre-cum on her leg. He leaned closer and moaned softly in her ear. “Do you like the feel of my hard cock against your thigh? Would you like to feel it inside your beautiful pussy?”

Mrs. J continued to act as though she wasn’t aware of his presence. She felt him linger over her, his hands on either side of her as he supported his weight. He positioned himself between her thighs and pressed his hard cock against her wet vagina. Jamal slowly lowered himself until his lips touched one of her nipples, sending an electric thrill through her as he licked and sucked, her already erect nipples into solid, little nuggets. She couldn’t help moaning with delight and arousal as he alternated between her right and left tit, sucking, licking, and driving her crazy.

Jamal kissed her neck below her ear then trailed wet kisses back down her body, spending more time sucking each nipple then finally kissed his way between her legs. He placed a tender kiss on her pussy. Mrs. J’s pubic hair was silky soft and was wet with her excitement. Her clitoris was hard and poking from under its hood. She had a pretty pussy as far as Jamal knew, but he hadn’t seen but one other pussy in his short lifetime. He had seen his mother’s pussy once when he walked in on her as she got out of the shower.

Jamal spread Mrs. J’s labia with his tongue and licked her pussy lips with the same passion he’d seen on the porn sites he had bookmarked on his computer at home. He sucked her clit into his mouth and roughly swabbed his tongue over it, causing tingling electrical waves to rush to her pleasure centers in her brain. Mrs. J couldn’t take the stimulation any longer and put her hand behind Jamal’s head and was soon grinding her pussy onto his mouth as she climaxed.

“Holy fucking shittttt, you’re good at that, Jamal.” She squealed. “Oh fuck, I love it, what did you do to me? My whole system is in shock. Please don’t stop…give me more; fuck me, take me in any hole, and give me pleasure. I don’t care. I need you in me right now!”

Jamal was startled by her sudden outburst. He gasped as he wiped her pussy juices off his mouth with the back of his hand. Jamal thought he was in trouble until he saw the lustful grin on her face. He knew by Mrs. J’s smile she wanted him to continue, so he crawled up her body to latch on to one of her tits again. She stroked the back of his head as he nibbled and chewed on her right tit before moving to the other tit. With her encouragement, he left her nipples and moved up slightly to kiss her properly, for the first time. It was a tender, devoted kiss. A kiss that told her that she was in the hands of someone who loved her. His thick lips were soft and inviting, his tongue soft and sweet against her tongue as they kissed with increasing passion. Jamal’s arms held her tight to him as they tasted each other’s mouth.

“Jamal, I need to feel your hard cock inside me now,” she whispered in his ear.

“Are you sure, Mrs. J” Jamal barely breathed the question?

With her quick nod, Jamal sat upon his knees and lifted her legs over his shoulders, positioning himself before slowly leaning forward, placing his hands on her hips as he slid his thick, rigid cock into her tight, wet pussy.

“Ohhh fuck that feels so nice, Jamal,” She grunted as he began to enter her welcoming pussy slowly.

Mrs. J gasped in fulfillment as Jamal skillfully slid his teenage cock in and out, filling her to completion. Her pussy stretched to accommodate his ten-inch length and thick girth. When he was in her up to the hilt, he began to slide back out again. Mrs. J gasped again at the sensations racing through her body. Her pussy muscles squeezed his cock as if her pussy was trying to prevent his cock from leaving the wet warmth of her sex.

Her young lover pumped his hard cock into her, and she pushed back against him as much as she was able, considering her movements were limited by the fact her legs were draped over his shoulders. She lifted her pelvis to meet his thrusts as much as she could in that position. He soon realized that the position she was in inhibited her movement, so he dropped her legs off his shoulders. His cock piston into her, his hands now holding and squeezing her perfect buttocks, pulling them apart as he fucked her tight pussy. He then moved his hands from her ass to her perfect breasts, rubbing and squeezing her nipples and making her head spin with arousal, increasing her need for an orgasm.

Mrs. J wrapped her supple legs tightly around Jamal’s waist, urging him on, and pulling him into her as deeply as possible. He could feel the muscles surging in his sides and stomach as he pounded into her wet vagina. His rhythmic pounding raised her off the bed with every thrust as he hammered his thick cock into her. Every thrust drew her orgasm closer and closer.

When it finally came, Jamal was barely able to place his hand over her mouth before Mrs. J screamed in pleasure. With her final release, her fluids sprayed out of her pussy to coat her young lover’s cock and balls. She soaked the bedclothes beneath them. Her convulsing pussy squeezed him so firmly it triggered his orgasm.

With a gasp and a muted intake of breath, Jamal’s cock produced a muscular twitch inside her. His sperm jetted out of him to coat her womb with his creamy, hot spurts filling her up with his cum. The feel of his cock swelling and twitching inside her triggered yet another wave of orgasmic delight. A tidal wave of pleasure that threatened to overwhelm her as it thundered and surged through her.

“Th… that was fucking amazing, Jamal. Thank you.” She said, catching her breath.

“Yes, it was amazing.” He breathlessly agreed.

She pulled him closer to her and said, “Promise me one thing, Jamal, when you leave this room what we just did never happened. I never want Scott to know about our coupling. I don’t think he would be able to handle what you and I just did.

“He will never hear it from me, Mrs. J,” Jamal assured her. “Does that mean we will never do it again?”

She kissed him tenderly on the lips and said, “No, it doesn’t, Jamal! I’m not going to walk away from the best fuck I have ever experienced, but we will have to be very discreet.”

Mrs. J vowed to herself to stop drinking herself into a wine coma. She wanted to be sober enough to enjoy sex with Jamal in the future. She drank only one glass of wine each day, just enough to smell like she had been drinking. She also splashed wine on her face and torso to complete the allusion of being intoxicated. The rest of that bottle of wine was poured down the drain to appear she had consumed the bottle.

Jamal was able to have sex with Mrs. J one more time before going home that evening. He promised her he would not let Scott know that they were having sex together, but his excitement was so intense he had to share his conquest with someone. On the way to drop Billy off at his house, Jamal was as fidgety and giggly as a small child on Christmas morning. When Billy asked him why he was acting so strange, Jamal’s excitement bubbled over, and he told Billy everything. Billy didn’t believe him, so Jamal fished out the yellow panties he’d taken off Mrs. J two days before. He offered them to Billy for verification. Billy held her panties to his nose and inhaled the lingering aroma of Mrs. J’s pussy.

“This doesn’t prove you fucked her,” Billy challenged, “It only proves you stole her panties.”

“Do you want to smell my dick? I’m sure her amora is still on it!”

“No, thank you,” Billy groused.

They rode the rest of the way to Billy’s house in silence, passing her panties back and forth, savoring her aroma. Both of them in deep thought. Before getting out of the car, Billy turned to Jamal and asked, “Do you think she will let me fuck her?”

“Maybe,” Jamal replied after a brief pause, “She made it clear she wanted to fuck me again.”

The next morning, Billy was waiting on his front porch for Jamal to arrive. Billy was on his feet and moving toward the street before Jamal was even able to turn into the driveway. The excitement on Billy’s face spoke volumes. All the way to Scott’s house, Billy bombarded Jamal with questions about how he should initiate sex with Mrs. J. Jamal repeated how he had accidentally triggered her lust and suggested Billy play it cool and wait for Mrs. J to respond to his sexual overtures.

Jamal parked in the driveway and entered Scott’s house through the garage door and found Scott in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. Billy asked, “Where is your Mom, Scott?”

“She’s asleep on the sofa in the den,” Scott answered.

“Has she been drinking this morning,” Jamal asked?

“I don’t know. Mom was there on the sofa when I came down at eight o’clock, and I haven’t heard a peep out of her.”

Jamal walked into the den and stood by the sofa. He gazed down at her and said, “She seems to be resting comfortably. I don’t think we should disturb her.”

Mrs. J opened her eyes and winked at Jamal. He understood her message and winked back at her. She closed her eyes again, and Jamal joined Scott and Billy as they went upstairs to Scott’s bedroom. They played a couple of video games before switching to a porn site. Billy said he was going down to the kitchen and get a glass of orange juice. He volunteered to check on Mrs. J while he was down there. Jamal knew what Billy’s real purpose was and gave him a knowing smile.

Mrs. J heard someone coming down the stairs. She adjusted her robe, so one nipple was exposed and pretended she was asleep. The first thing Billy saw was the exposed nipple. He gasped. His heart was beating ninety miles an hour, and Billy could hardly draw his next breath. Billy’s head was spinning, and he felt as though he was going to faint. He had to sit down on the sofa next to Mrs. J. It took him a minute to calm down and collect his thoughts. Mrs. J didn’t stir or give any indication she was awake.

Billy reached out to touch her exposed nipple, but his hand was trembling so badly he pulled back and just stared at her. After a couple of minutes, he was able to collect his wits and wet his index finger with his saliva then slowly circled her nipple with it. Mrs. J didn’t move, but her nipple hardened under his touch. Billy gingerly opened her robe and found that she had nothing on under it. Mrs. J’s blond bush was elegantly groomed, and her luscious pussy lips were so tempting. Billy’s hands were trembling again with anticipation. He raked his fingertips through her silky blond pubic hairs. He gently inserted his middle finger into her vagina and felt her warm wetness as it clasped his finger. He brought his finger to his mouth and then sucked her moisture from his wet digit.

“Oh, so nice and sweet… I love the way you taste, Mrs. J,” Billy mumbled to himself.

Billy had heard older boys talk about how pleasing it was to a woman when she had her pussy eaten. He had never done it, but now was the time to try it. Billy crawled between her thighs and rammed his tongue into her pussy and began to alternately rake his teeth across her clit and chew on her sensitive lips. He was a bit too eager and rough. Billy was literally trying to eat her pussy, and it caused Mrs. J a lot of pain. He was nowhere near as good as Jamal. Finally, she gave up acting like she was asleep and had to force Billy to stop the assault on her sensitive vagina.

Billy was shocked and embarrassed when he realized that Mrs. J was conscious. She ran her fingers through his hair and said, “Billy, Honey, you are destroying my poor little cunt. I will teach you how to eat pussy another time, but right now, I want you to fuck me!”

Billy sat up with a startled expression on his face. He didn’t know what to say, so he knelt there with a blank expression.

“You do want to fuck me, don’t you,” She asked?

Billy nodded his head.

“Well come on then, do it. Show me what you can do, Honey.”

Billy stripped his clothes off and knelt between her legs. He stared at her pussy. It was apparent he had never fucked anyone. Mrs. J wrapped her hand around his virgin cock and guided his cock into her. If she hadn’t already been so wet, his seven-inch cock probably would’ve hurt. He wasn’t skilled at fucking either, but his long cock reached deep inside of her, and his eagerness and energy were incredibly pleasurable. Billy fucked her fast and hard. He didn’t know how to pace himself, and Mrs. J knew he wouldn’t last long. Billy never even attempted to kiss her but concentrated instead on her boobs. Just as Mrs. J predicted, he came far too early, but at least he came in buckets. She felt his cock jerking over and over as it shot his cum into her.

It felt wonderful and wicked, and wild to be fucking this virgin young man, but she realized that he wasn’t a great lover. Just young and eager. Still, the feeling of that nice long teenage cock stroking in and out had been worthwhile. He just needed to settle down and relax. She sucked him back to hardness and then lovingly taught him how to please a woman.

Scott soon realized that Billy was taking an unusually long time with his Mom and sent Jamal to check on him. Jamal had a good idea of what was keeping Billy from returning, but he wasn’t about to share his suspicions with Scott.

Mrs. J allowed Billy to rest a moment, then she pushed him onto his back and mounted him cowgirl style. She rode him, rubbing her tits in his face for a while before pinching his nipples. He almost climaxed again when she stimulated his nipples. Billy’s cock felt good in her pussy, but it was apparent he wasn’t going to make her cum anytime soon. She was elated when Jamal came into the den.

“Oh, thank God, Jamal. Get your clothes off and show Billy how to make a woman cum,” She pleaded.

Jamal wasted no time stripping while Mrs. J pushed Billy off of the sofa and took his place, spreading her legs for Jamal. Mrs. J spits in her palm as Jamal positioned himself to enter her wet pussy. Mrs. J reached out, lathered her spit over Jamal’s large cock. Even though she was super moist, he eased his cock in slowly, causing her to cum before he was all the way in. Jamal tickled her butt hole with his middle finger as he rhythmic sawed his cock in and out of her drooling pussy. That triggered a series of electrifying orgasms, causing her to squeal loudly. Jamal tried to silence her screeching squeals with his free hand covering her mouth.

Scott heard her cries and went to investigate. He was shocked and angry when he witnessed his two best friends ravaging his Mother. Jamal was shoving his large black cock in and out of her pussy, and Billy was sucking one of her taut nipples while tweaking her other nipple.

“What the hell are you two doing to my Mother,” Scott screamed. He shoved Jamal off of his Mom and ordered his two best friends out of his house. His Mom was pleading with him not to blame Jamal and Billy. She admitted to her son that she had initiated the sexual contact with the two boys. And she said that she wanted to do it again. Scott was in no mood to listen to her.

Jamal and Billy left immediately, and Scott stormed to his bedroom and slammed the door. His Mom begged him to come downstairs and let her explain. He was confused and angry. He was mad at Jamal and Billy for violating his Mom, and he was mad at his Mom for letting them fuck her, but at the same time, he was aroused and had a painfully hard cock that needed attention. He couldn’t get the image of Jamal sliding his big cock in and out of his Mom’s pussy. The thing that angered him most was the look of ecstasy on his Mom’s face as she willfully fucked his best friend.

Scott remained in his bedroom for the rest of the day. He didn’t come downstairs for lunch or dinner. His mother was heartbroken that her son would not allow her to explain her actions. She took a long hot bubble bath and prayed that her son would forgive her transgressions with his two best friends. She dried herself with a towel, put on a sheer nightgown. She spritzed her neck and breasts with perfume and boldly made her way to her son’s bedroom.

Scott was lying naked on his bed with his back to the door; his laptop opened to a porn site that featured videos of young men having sex with their Moms. He was slowly stroking his cock. Scott didn’t realize his Mom was in his room until it was too late. His Mom saw what he was watching before he had a chance to close his laptop. It made her pussy wetter and gave her renewed hope that she could repair their shattered relationship.

She slipped off her nightgown and joined Scott in his bed. She held him close and said, “Scott, Honey, please don’t be mad at Jamal and Billy. They recognize my need for sex and fulfilled my desires. Please don’t shut them out of your life; or out of my life,” she pleaded.

Scott ignored her at first, but when she embraced him and pushed her naked tits against his youthful naked body, he reacted as any hormone-charged teenager. His stiffened cock was so hard it was painful. He turned to face his Mom, waiting for her to take charge.

Scott’s Mom kissed him on his lips and straddled his waist, pushing her hot wet pussy down onto her son’s eight-inch cock until it was buried entirely in her pussy. The lips of her vagina were actively clenching at the base of his thick throbbing cock. Her drooling pussy maintained a steady gripping sensation on her son’s cock as she sat there, breathing deeply, adjusting to the girth of her son’s manhood. His Mom’s tits were lifting and falling with each deep breath she took. She felt Scott’s hairy balls against the soft delightfulness of her tight pussy. With a squeal of satisfaction, she squeezed Scott’s hips with her thighs, while running her hands up and down his hairy chest and stomach, pausing to tweak his nipples. Her pussy was tightly clasping his cock with hot wetness.

“Do you like this, Honey?” she asked her son in a raspy seductive voice. “Is it what you thought it would be like?”

Scott was tempted to punish her and say no, but instead, he blushed and whispered, “Oh, Mom, it’s great! It’s much more than I dreamed it would be.”

“Oh, so you have been dreaming about fucking your Mom?”

Scott nodded his head.

With a murmur of pleasure, she leaned forward and gently kissed Scott on his lips again. That simple action caused her butt to lift slightly, and as she sat back up, his cock fell out of her pussy and slapped against Scott’s six-pack belly. She began to slide the wet lips of her pussy along the length of his cock, coating it with the lubricating juices pouring from her vagina. She shifted her ass, dragging her pussy up to the head of his cock, then back down again. She repeated that movement a few times, slowly, watching the delight on her son’s face. Sliding her pussy along the stretch of his hard cock also sent tremors of pleasure through his Mom’s body. Scott moaned and twisted beneath his mother, not knowing what to do with his hands. But his Mom knew where she wanted his hands; she drew his hands to her, bringing his palms up to her inner thighs, then down again, urging Scott to feel and stroke and caress her hot wet flesh.

After a delightful moment of Scott stroking her inner thighs, she reached down and reinserted his cock back in her pussy. She fucked his cock slowly with her hot pussy. She shivered each time she felt his hands on her inner thighs moving from her knees up her goose-bumped skin to the wet hairs of her cunt. With a giggle, she asked, “Do you want to get fucked really hard, Honey?”

“Oh, yes, Mom!” He weakly whispered.

“Mmmm, then let me do all the work!” his Mom mewled. “You just lay still and let Mommy do all the work this time. Let me fuck you, Scott! Ooooh, baby, let me fuck your big, hard cock!”

With a breathless desire, his Mom began to plunge her cunt up and down on her son’s eight-inch cock, taking it deep into her wetness, making the hot lips of her pussy smack softly and wetly at the base of his shaft. She jiggled her ass, twisting it in tight twerking circles as she rose and fell. Scott gasped with ecstasy, clutching his mother’s hips tightly, lifting his hips into the air uniting with her downward thrusts. His balls throbbed with fullness, and his cock pulsated with renewed hardness.

Feeling each vein of his shaft and the throbbing sensation of his cock, his Mom began to squeal and bounce up and down briskly, fucking him. Her tits bounced wildly and heaved with each breath. She lifted her head toward the ceiling, closed her eyes, and licked her parched lips. She whimpered and panted as her cunt stretched around his thick cock, the friction becoming very intense. Her sensitive clit rubbed along his fabulous pubic mound, sending tremors of boiling desire through her entire body.

“Oh, Scott, baby! Oh, my God, Honey!” she squealed softly, grinding on his cock in a frenzy. “You feel soooo fucking good inside me!”

Scott beamed with pride and loved the idea that he was finally getting his wish and pleasing his Mom at the same time.

“Oh my God, Scott, I love to feel your hard cock in my cunt! Oooh, shit, sweetheart, Mommy is fucking her little boy! Your Mommy’s hot pussy is fucking your hard-teenage cock! Ahhh, I can’t believe my pussy is so fucking wet, and hot…your cock is so fucking hard! Oh my God, Scott, Scott! I think I’m gonna cum!”

His mother adoringly pounded her cunt up and down, throwing her shoulders back, and her tits pushed out for him to view. She cupped her breasts with her hot hands, her fingers digging into her firm flesh, her nipples burning against her palms.

Scott was making blissful incoherent sounds while gripping his mother’s thighs and guiding her moves. His eyes were staring at her magnificent cunt riding on his cock. The wet heat seemed to scorch his cock, but it was so delightful he didn’t want it ever to stop. There was a froth of juices forming on the base of his cock, coating his hairy balls. His Mom’s pussy dripped and seeped sweet juices around his cock as she thrust it up and down. Her head thrown back as she pulled at her stiff nipples and closed her eyes. She squealed and whimpered with the delicious sensations of fucking her son.

Scott still couldn’t believe he was fucking his Mom. She leaned over Scott, bracing herself with her hands on each side of his head. Her ass twisted and pounded in a frenzy. Her hair swirled around her twisting face. Scott watched his mother’s tits jiggling above his eyes, seeing her nipples get harder and harder with each bounce. He clutched her undulating hips and pushed upward with his hips, grunting with the downward thrusts of his mother’s engulfing cunt.

“Ahhh, I’m going to cum again, Baby!” His Mom cried out as her body stiffened.

“Do it faster, Mom; fuck me harder!” Scott urged breathlessly.

“Aren’t you about ready to come, Honey?” she asked in a throaty voice, her ass slapping up and down on her son’s meaty cock. “Is your wonderful hard cock going to squirt your hot sperm into Mommy’s starving pussy? Are you going to come in Mommy’s hot pussy, sweetheart?”

Scott was giving his Mom all he had. His youthful face grimaced with tortured ecstasy. All he could do was nod his head yes; his throat was parched and tense. He could feel his hot sperm boiling as it began its journey to his Mom’s warm womb.

“Do it, Honey! Cum for me, Baby,” His Mom murmured. Her ass began to plunge up and down faster, making circular motions. She hammered her pussy harder and harder onto Scott’s pulsing cock, shrieking as it went deeper into her wetness. She trembled and whimpered while grinding on his cock almost with anxious desperation. She pushed her tits into Scott’s face offering him another taste of her hard nipples. She slid her tightening pussy up and down his cock. She began gasping as she fucked him faster, her ass lifting and lowering swiftly in short, quick thrusts. She gasped and squealed as another orgasm continued swelling inside her pussy. Scott, no longer holding his mother’s thighs, threw his arms about her waist and held her tightly in place with his face buried between her soft tits. His Mom clawed at the sheets above his head, her ass whipping up and down feverishly, her cunt riding his cock rapidly.

“Ooooh, fuck,” his Mom squealed. “My cunt is on fire, Baby! My cunt is going to devour your wonderful cock, Honey! Mommy’s cunt is going to suck every drop of your sweet cum from your balls!”

Scott could feel his Mother’s pussy squeezing and sucking all the juices produced by his cock!

“Scott! Scott! Oh fuck, Scott. I’m coming! Ohhh, Sweetheart, am I coming! Scott, my cunt is vibrating, and…ahhh, God, it’s so fucking good!”

Scott could no longer endure the tightening sensation of his mother’s pussy as she exploded into orgasmic bliss. Each wet clutch of his cock brought him that much closer to discharge. His balls were churning, and he could feel hot cum as it began to travel through his cock.

“Now!” his Mom shouted. “Come in me now, Honey!”

With an unbridled squeal, Scott felt his cock gush, sending boiling squirt after squirt of his thick, fertile cum up into his mother’s welcoming womb. Time and again, his cock spewed, spraying hot cum and filling her soft, yet tight, pussy.

The gushing of his cum inside his Mom sent her into a series of intense orgasms. Orgasms that shattered her, making her scream out with the intensity of her ecstasy. She smashed her quivering pussy hard onto his overflowing cock, grinding as she shrieked with delight.

She collapsed onto her son’s chest as they both fought to capture their next breath. As Scott’s cock started to soften, the walls of his Mom’s pussy contracted and forced his flaccid cock to slid slowly out of her; followed by a cup full of his hot sperm. They fell into an exhausted slumber.

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