Summer Switch Ch. 01


This series was extremely hard to categorize. As a whole, it fits under many categories: Mutual Masturbation, Exhibition/Voyeur, Group Sex, Gay Male, and BDSM. Each Chapter is categorized according to it’s most prominent theme.

Here’s the basic plot: A group of 4 best friends head up to a cottage for the week to celebrate their high school graduations and kick off the summer. They confess their fantasies which leads to a whole ton of exploration and re-evaluation of sexual orientations!

* Any character in any type of sexual situation is AT LEAST 18.

* Story characters don’t get STDs or unwanted pregnancies. In real life, use protection.

* In Canada, pot is legal and the legal age for purchasing alcohol is much lower (18 or 19) than in the US.

Chapter 1

The four best friends were sitting on the dock, still drying off from an afternoon spent horsing around in the lake. They had spent many a happy time here together and now the final summer before their university years stretched ahead of them. They were enjoying their first beers as the sun set.

It was Tuesday night and they had already enjoyed 4 days up here at the cottage, spent rehashing and recovering from the past few weeks. Having been so busy throughout the month of June, the friends could now relax, pat themselves on the back for the work they’ve done getting their high school diplomas. To start off the summer, there was nothing to do but catch each other up on the many things that had happened to each of them during exams, graduation, prom, and afterwards.

As it turned out, all four of their respective girlfriends had just called it quits in the couple of weeks since prom. But this only served to hasten the inevitable break-ups come September; none of the ex-couples had been destined for the same city. None of the relationships had been serious enough to call for broken hearts over the split-ups but still, it stung a little. A couple of the relationships had been going on for half of Grade 12, which was a long time in high school.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, prom night was amazing!” enthused Jake. “It just feels a bit like she was saying `hey thanks for that but now that I’ve had my cherry popped in a respectable way, I can move on to the joys of casual sex’, am I right?!”

“Seriously!” agreed Nolan who had been in the exact same situation with his own girlfriend and prom date. “You gotta wonder if they like, planned it or something. Some chicks can be totally manipulative.” He darted a look at Cam. “Uh, no offence.”

“Jeez, none taken!” she waved off the apology with her beer bottle. “They can be! I don’t know your exes super well, but based on what I do know, I’d say it’s quite possible. You guys are such super nice guys and everyone knows it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d picked you out specifically to lose their virginity to at prom. But hey, why not take it as a compliment?”

“Pfft!” Jake brushed off her comment. “Sometimes being known as a sweet and respectful guy sucks.”

“Makes me glad I’m not in your guys’ shoes! At least there were no virginity pressures with my prom date.” Cole chimed in, relieved. “What about you, Cam? Did you expect the break up?”

“I don’t think Lisa planned anything ahead of time… the breakup was pretty sudden. Could’ve been she wanted to retreat to the safe waters of heterosexuality after experimenting. Or maybe she feared falling in love with me over the summer and wanted to get out with her heart in one piece!” She produced this last theory with a cocky smile.

“Wouldn’t be surprised!” laughed Cole. “With the `fans’ you’ve had all through high school.”

“Agreed… you’ve dated more chicks than any one of us!” Nolan complained.

“Well now we are free for the summer! I propose we enjoy our summer to the fullest, especially now that we have zero chance of getting roped into anything serious.” Cam said, raising her beer in salute. The guys toasted back in hearty agreement.

They continued their reminiscing over past girlfriends, a kind of recap of favourite high school moments. The foursome had been friends since Grade 7 and best friends since they’d ended up at the same high school to take advantage of a special program, leaving behind many of their peers at the main high school for their area. It was true they were known as “nice guys” who treated their girlfriends with respect and kindness. As such, they got their fair share of attention. Their good looks didn’t hurt either!

Nolan was your classic Greek God type – blond hair and blue eyes, 5’10”, with an impressive physique. But those who assumed he was a stuck-up jerk or dumb as a rock (or both) were proven wrong time and time again. He was actually super smart – a secret geek under the “pretty boy” exterior. And he was extremely down to earth, having experienced a lot of hardship in his family. His sweet nature was in part due to his role as the oldest in a family of 4 kids raised by a single disabled mom. His asshole dad had abandoned the family once she got sick and though everyone agreed that they were much better off without him, it was tough going for the first while. Now, Nolan was a great caretaker to his mom and sisters. He was sometimes shy, but wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for anyone that needed it. Because of his looks, he was often chased by many of the high school girls, but had actually had the least experience in relationships of their group. He lacked the cockiness that other guys with his looks usually projected and instead had a quiet confidence – steadfast and sure, confident that he would eventually find what he needed out of life. The oldest of them all and the first one to have reached his 19th birthday this year, he projected both leadership qualities and a bit of wisdom and someone who was more comfortable in his skin than many other teens.

Cole was a huge solid jock of a guy, at least 6’2″ tall, and extremely muscular from the many sports he played. His dark brown hair fell around his head and neck in tight curls. His eyes were a bright blue-green, startling in their intensity, especially with his darker complexion. As currently evidenced by the hairy chest and legs on display as he sat in his red swim trunks, he had a very testosterone-fuelled body. Despite being only 18, he sported an obvious 5 o’clock shadow by mid-afternoon. He had been raised by his grandparents, a sweet British “Nana” who had immigrated to Canada with her African-born husband when they were expecting their first daughter, Cole’s mother. She had then been a pregnant teen with a rebellious personality and too-wild lifestyle. She had died before Cole was even 5 years old; his grandpa had died when Cole was ten. Cole’s father hadn’t ever been in the picture so Cole had been cast in the role of “man of the house” early on. He was close to (and close in age to) his 3 aunts who were always around even after moving out of the house officially. He was the joker of the group with extra energy to burn, always looking for laughs (and always getting them!), enthusiastic to the last.

Also 18, Jake had a lean swimmer’s body, muscular but lanky in his almost 6″ frame. His chocolate brown eyes were very soulful, especially when he got a serious or dreamy look on his face. He was sometimes quiet but had an amazing bright white smile when you could coax it out of him. These friends were some of the few who were able to do so. He had very long dark hair, usually kept in a braid down his back as a nod to his First Nations heritage (from his mother’s side). Jake’s father was a serious man but in more of a strict and cautious way. Jake’s mother had moved back to live with her family on the reservation where she’d grown up, wanting to be close to them and help her community as a lawyer. Jake, his father, and his older sister still went to visit her and that side of the family sometimes. He had breezed through his classes, able to pass tests with hardly any studying. He was a skilled musician, playing clarinet in the school music program and guitar and piano just for fun. His singing voice was pretty damn good too. He was a bit of a joker too and he and Cole often got competitive about their jokes (and about just about anything!).

Given their own family issues, it was no wonder the three guys had enjoyed being adopted into Cam’s family, spending many many weeks here at the cottage over the summer and even weekends during the late spring and early fall. Cam’s parents were pretty hippie-like, looking the part with her dad’s pony-tailed hair and her mom’s flowing outfits. Cam’s full name was actually Chamomile (her older sister Sage got off pretty easy there). The Barrows believed in free-range parenting and were quite permissive; they mostly left Cam to make her own choices and figure things out on her own. But they were always there for her (and her best friends) emotionally. With the freedom to always be herself, tomboy Cam had explored her sexuality early on and had figured out that she preferred girls over guys by middle school. In high school, she was one of the most “out” teens of her peers, which was part of the reason she was so attractive to other queer classmates (especially those who were in the closet or merely curious to try things out with committing to a label). She had personally escorted about a dozen chicks down the rainbow path with her much-discussed women-pleasing skills. She was straight-talker, very direct but in such a friendly way that no one ever took offence.

Of course, she was also in demand due to her hot body and unique style. Her parents had allowed her to start getting tattoos and piercings early on, so even though she’d just turned 18, she had a head start on her peers in the tats and piercings department. She frequently experimented with all sorts of hair cuts and colours. Currently, her thick auburn hair was dyed a bright pink on one side and the underneath was shaved. The hair on top was long enough that she could pull it all back in a ponytail (her usual style) or leave it loose and a little wild with it’s natural wave. Her eyes were an interesting colour of blue (dark almost to the point of being sapphire), very huge and expressive, and framed with naturally long lashes. She barely needed makeup but would jazz up her eyes with eyeliner and always slick on some flavoured and tinted lip gloss – her faves were cherry and strawberry. She had a half dozen piercings in each ear, including unique ones such as her daith, conch, and tragus. She had one side of her nose pierced as well as her septum. Her lower-most ear piercings were stretched to a 15mm gauge and she switched out her plugs and tunnels regularly. Her arms were covered with colourful tattoos, a sleeve on each arm with flowers and interesting patterns.

Her skin was quite pale, with a typical Irish/British fair complexion with just a few freckled areas. And she had killer curves – an impressive set of natural D-cup breasts, a cute waist with a soft smooth belly at the front, and generous hips. Due to her interest in swimming, biking, casual sports, and weight-lifting, she had solid muscular arms and legs. She hadn’t been slim since well before puberty but her confidence in her body allowed for no doubt she felt as sexy as she looked. She was glad her height of 5’8″ wasn’t super short so she didn’t have to feel dwarfed by the tall best friends she was constantly around. She was less of a tomboy at 18 years old than she had been at 8, but still wore a lot of gender-neutral clothing like T-shirts and jeans (or jean shorts), sneakers, and bathing suits like the two-piece she currently wore – boy short bottoms and a tank-style top with wide straps that showed only a slice of belly.

By the time Cam and her friends had downed their second set of beers on the dock, the sun had set and the mosquitoes were coming around more aggressively. They all decided it was time to head inside for cards or maybe a board game at the table along with more drinking and endless joking and talking.

Cam’s parents’ cottage was really nice. It had been built by her grandparents and modernized since. The long great room had a huge sectional couch with a fireplace, an entertainment console with built-in shelving for games and books. There was a long table for playing games or having a meal with a larger group. To that side was the kitchen space (a smaller table in the eat-in area); to the other was a full bathroom with a large shower and the laundry room. Upstairs, there was a spacious kids’ room in the middle, which contained two twin beds on each of the long walls of the room, with a little couch and bookshelf area on the wall with windows. There were dressers and closets on the fourth wall which led to the hallway and stairs. Over the kitchen was the master bedroom and master bath, and over the laundry room and downstairs bathroom were the guest room and upstairs bathroom. It wasn’t super fancy but it was large and comfortable. And the best part was the back porch. It was screened in against the bugs and had a kick-ass Jacuzzi.

They often went out there to relax after their evening’s entertainment and before going up to bed. Tonight was no exception. This unique time felt like a special bubble of safe conversation – no topic was too heavy or silly or weird. Many a secret had been shared between the four of them in this very place. Sometimes they would do some pot but passed on it for this evening. They settled back into their previous conversation about their newly single status, this time focusing on what was next for each of them.

“So Cam, who’s up here for the summer?” Jake wanted to know. There was a community here – other families who owned cottages – that the teens had gotten to know over the years.

“Oooh are the Nelson sisters around?” Cole cut in before she could answer.

“You horndog!” Nolan smacked his friend on the arm. “They’re like 16 aren’t they?”

“Something like that.” Cam confirmed. “A little too young for you even if they were around! We’re nearly university people now, in all our maturity and wisdom.”

“Yah but they’re twins!” protested Jake, as if that somehow would make his chasing them justified.

They all sighed simultaneously, picturing the hot young sisters and then dissolved into laughter. That was probably the thing the guys loved best about Cam’s sexual orientation – she could drool over girls with them, and often did.

“Seems like we’d be fighting over them anyways!!” Cole remarked with a huge grin.

“Too bad they’re not quads, we could all share.” Jake flashed his perfect smile and played up a predatory expression.

“Right, this why we need to figure out our next moves. No use stepping in each other’s attempted territory.” Nolan pointed out in all seriousness, leader and peacemaker.

“Well unless your prospect is bi, you don’t need to worry about me elbowing in.” Cam remarked, holding her hands up as if she were out of the competition.

“That would maybe be a comfort to us if you hadn’t single-handedly converted half the chicks in our school to the… colourful side of life, shall we say?” quipped Jake.

“Nuh uh!” she protested, allowing a pause before continuing, “It’s at most 40%.” She grinned as she sat back in her seat, arms spread out over the edges of the tub, looking cocky and proud. The guys reacted as expected, feigning insult, defending their own sexual prowess.

“Actually, I’ve been thinking…” she continued, turning more serious but keeping her relaxing lounging pose. “I might remove yourself from any competition whatsoever for the summer. You guys would not have to worry about me – I’d be a non contender for all your potential chicks.” Three pairs of eyes focused on her after that strangely hesitant comment. She looked a little… shy despite her outward posturing. Which they all knew almost never happened – Cam had confidence for days, especially when it came to sex and picking up women.

“What?! You’re going to give up sex for the summer? Are you nuts?”. Jake reacted, sitting up straighter with a splash.

“Or do you have a particular chick in mind already that none of us stand a chance with?” Cole jumped on her subtle statement, trying to guess at the hidden meaning behind it.

“God no! I don’t think I even could give it up! You know how crazy horny I am.” Cam scoffed.

“And kinky.” added Nolan, wiggling his eyebrows with mock suggestiveness.

“That too.” she allowed with a wry smile in his direction. “But um… I think this summer I’m going to finally let myself explore the straighter side of life.”

The guys were completely stunned. No one spoke for a count of at least 30 seconds.

“But – but you’re a lesbian!” Jake pointed out, none to eloquently.

“Am I though?” Cam asked pointedly. Each of the other guys were wracking their brains, trying to remember back to middle school when they’d first met Cam. You could practically smell the metal burning as their mental hamster wheels turned and Cam couldn’t help but grin at their predicament.

“Holy crap. Everyone just assumes since you’ve had a never-ending line of girlfriends! But I don’t think you’ve never actually come out as any particular label.” Nolan observed, putting it all together.

“And we’ve been just as bad at assuming. I’m so sorry Cam!” Jake said sincerely, looking genuinely guilty.

“Oh my God you guys, don’t freak out – this one’s on me. I let everyone make that assumption, including you! Actually, especially you because I didn’t want to risk losing… this.” She waved her hands around to indicate their tight-knit group of four. “What we have, our friendship, is just too special. I can’t imagine having experienced high school without having been `one of the guys’. Can any of you honestly say it wouldn’t have changed things – not one little bit – if you’d known I have the capacity to be attracted to guys?”

They all gave that some thought and each one had to admit, at least in their own private thoughts, that she was right. It would certainly have changed things. There had been so many conversations and situations during which they would have acted different. Times like this when they’d been hanging out, half naked, cuddled up together in a hot tub or on a couch. There had been many times they could say anything they felt like because they were confident that it wouldn’t be perceived as flirting.

“OK, you’re right.” Jake was the first to say what the guys were all thinking.

“So are you going to try to like, have a boyfriend or something? Oh my God, have you had a boyfriend? Like in secret!?” Cole asked her.

“Nope, totally inexperienced in that department! Kind of hilarious really when you consider my experience with women.” Cam joked.

“Well, it’s the fault of all those women lining up to date you! They haven’t given you time to even think about boys.” Nolan pointed out.

“True.” Cam conceded. “It was pretty continuous! And to answer your other question, Cole, I don’t want a boyfriend. Honestly, I still really prefer women. Like, by a lot. I don’t think I could be like, in love with a man or anything like that. But there’s… stuff I’ve always wanted to try. So I thought this summer would be a good time to get it out of my system.”

The guys had become more still and quiet as they started to see their best friend in a completely different light. Each one was trying to imagine what all this “stuff” could be.

“OK I gotta ask…” Cole threw himself on that sword to find out what they were all thinking. He leaned in to her, intensely focused. “Do you mean like regular stuff or like, your kinky kind of stuff?”

They knew Cam was hands-down the kinkiest of the four of them, based on what she had revealed during all of their conversations about girls and sex. They had discussed what women liked to have done, what they had done to girls, the whole nine years. She’d had her girls tied up, slapped around, two at a time, on a dildo, in public… you named it, it was likely Cam had tried it to fulfill any number of fantasies her women asked her to. But, as the guys were all starting to realize, they hadn’t heard much about what Cam’s own fantasies were.

“Well, I’m certainly not the type to be trying out missionary sex! Just because I want to try cock doesn’t mean I’m becoming straight or vanilla or anything!” Cam scoffed at the idea. “But, it does allow me to try out a different role maybe…”

If Jake, Cole, and Nolan had been puppies, they would be frozen in attention, their ears completely perked up, tails wagging. Because of course, the more they talked, the more images flew through their heads, the harder their own cocks got, and the more they needed to know. It was open season on imaginations running wild, but instead of shooting them down, they wanted to catch some to put in a cage to examine in great detail.

“Mmm hmm, like what?” Nolan grinned, nudging her in the arm. And to their absolute shock, Cam actually looked down and blushed, nervously fiddling with her hands in her lap! They exchanged looks, certain that this was a completely new expression they hadn’t seen on her face, even while talking about sex (hell, especially while talking about sex) in the history of ever.

“Wow, now you have to tell us!” Jake quipped, leaning forward eagerly.

Cam looked at her three closest friends, all leaning forward, literally on the edge of their seats. She would have laughed at their eager expressions if she weren’t so nervous about this. She took a deep breath – she knew these guys, they wouldn’t judge her! They’d heard it all, she reassured herself.

“OK. I know you guys are not going to like, react badly. Or blab. Or judge me. But I’d feel better if you promised me you wouldn’t do any of those things.” Her eyes solemnly met each of her friends’. They all quickly agreed, nodding enthusiastically.

“So you know how I tend to be very… dominating?” Again, silent and attentive nods. “It really suits my style with women, you know? Like I was one of the first who’d figured out I was queer out of all our classmates. So I had more… confidence from the start. And quickly gained more experience than most of them. As for most of the guys at school, well, you’ve all been getting this experience while I’ve been busy with the chicks. And I feel like being this awkward blushing virgin is so not my style at all, know what I mean?” Again with the nodding. The guys seemed completely transfixed.

“So one of my fantasies when I picture myself with guys…” she trailed off, noticing her blunder. Thankfully, her friends didn’t pick up on it. “Well, I’ve kinda had these fantasies being dominated. Then I don’t have to figure out how to act, I don’t have to make decisions in the moment. I can just… be.” She looked up nervously, awaiting their reactions.

They kept nodding, their heads getting stuck in the repeated motion as their brains churned furiously. They were clearly trying to be supportive as possible, but it was just as clear they were slightly confused.

“That probably doesn’t make sense does it? Are you picturing me just lying there like an unresponsive lump? You are, aren’t you!” By laughing along with the description she gave, she was giving them space to not feel embarrassed about their lack of full comprehension.

Meanwhile, their minds were short-circuiting. They didn’t know how to picture this scenario because they’d never pictured Cam that way at all! I mean, sure, they’d reconstructed her sex stories in their brains but that felt very generic – they were always clearly on the outside of any scene she described. Whereas this? Picturing Cam with a guy? Doing things that involved parts they actually had, where they could potential picture themselves as an active participant? It was a total mind fuck.

“Hmm…” Nolan tried to puzzle it out, the first to respond from the guys’ end. He cleared his throat. “I guess… Yes, I’d say I’m having trouble imagining how that helps your situation. Doesn’t being… passive kinda kill the mood?”

“Hopefully not… But who knows if these fantasies will stand the test of reality! I think a huge part of it for me is playing around with the opposite of my current identity. Like you know how they say if a man is super homophobic it might be because he’s gay? My fantasies are very… non-PC, very different from my actual feminist views about women and sex, my hatred of like, the slut-shaming culture.”

“Yep, still need more deets please!” joked Cole, his hands making the gimme motion in front of her to help keep the mood light.

Cam took a deep breath. Time to ‘fess up. She didn’t plan to paint a complete picture of her fantasies, just enough to allow them to get the gist. She knew their minds would reject some of her desires too much so she kept her description narrow.

“So um, in this type of fantasy… I picture being like, totally restrained. Literally tied up. And just… completely owned. Used. Lifted, tossed around, ya know? Almost like I’m a sex doll. And beyond the use of a safe word, I’d have no choice but to just follow directions – get fucked any which way, give blow jobs, whatever.”

“Holy fuck.” breathed Nolan.

“That is… the kinkiest thing ever!” Cole said, his eyes lighting up.

“So hot!” agreed Jake, his sexy teeth biting down into his bottom lip.

She could tell their bodies were completely tense by the taut muscles in their necks, collarbones, and shoulders. She hoped they were genuinely turned on instead of repulsed. She tried to get a peek under the water to see if her friends were sporting boners, but wasn’t able to make a clear determination.

“OK so yep, that’s what I’m going to be chasing after this summer. Probably won’t happen but hey, a girl’s gotta dream eh? Shall we go in?” She hopped up over the side of the hot tub and quickly headed for the door to the house. The guys hesitated and she hoped that was a good sign.

“Uh, you go ahead, we’ll be there in a bit.” Nolan stammered on their behalf.

“OK sure, I’ll go grab a shower before bed.” She padded off into the house, all eyes on her retreating form, waiting for the door to close so they could process all of this together.

* * * *

“Anyone ready to go in yet?” Cole teased.

Jake looked pointedly at his lap, then at Cole’s and Nolan’s. “Nope!”

And so, in an explosion of excited and eager chatter, the discussion began. Jake, Cole, and Nolan all confirmed none of them had ever had any notion of this aspect of Cam’s sexuality, none had flirted with her in the past or been flirted with. All three guys definitely found Cam really attractive to them on levels other than those previously explored.

“But would one of us ever want to be the guy she’s looking to try stuff out with? Do you think she would even want that?” Jake asked the others seriously.

“It’s irrelevant! Even if we did or she did, it wouldn’t work.” Nolan protested, his mind made up.

“Why not?” Cole wanted to know. He had already started picturing himself in the scenarios Cam had described; they were so hot, he couldn’t help it!

“You guys are my two of my three closest friends in the world. But even so, I would be crazy jealous of whoever got to be with Cam. Because not only is it the experience of sex with Cam fucking Barrow, desired by nearly all the guys at school and probably more than half the girls! But it’s also…” Nolan struggled to explain the sheer magnitude of this event. “OK listen, it’s like all the amazingness and taboo of sex with a best friend combined with the hotness of sex with a virgin added to living out this type of insanely sexy domination fantasy! On top of all of that, there’s also the limited-time-offer nature of it – this may be her reverse equivalent of everyone else’s brief dip into gay experimentation during uni! What if this summer is the only time in her whole life she tries out sex with men and then that’s it? Back to women for the rest of her life!”

“Shit, you’re right.” Jake agreed immediately, his face falling into an expression of disappointment. Yep, Nolan was a genius and he’d put it all together very succinctly. If Cam were a bottle of sweet sweet wine from a famous vineyard, limited edition, one summer only… collectors were surely pay mega moolah for a taste.

“Yes but couldn’t those reasons all be counted as points in our favour?” Cole’s eyes pleaded with Jake and Nolan to see his point. Also, he still wasn’t ready to give up the idea of playing a role in this situation. “Like, do we really want her grabbing some random idiot to try this with? All the points you made Nolan – it’s her first time, might be her only time, the fantasy aspect – I’d say that that makes it even more important that it be one of us! Shouldn’t this be special? With someone that already cares deeply for her?”

Nolan shook his head “no”, standing by his argument but now Jake looked unsure.

“I think it could go either way.” Jake allowed. “But really, this is all up to Cam. We can share our opinions but they aren’t what counts – and of course we’re all fucking biased! I don’t think we should try to influence her one way or another. Especially if she does decide it should be one of us. It’s totally her choice.”

“I can agree to that. No competition over her or any of that bullshit. It could start tearing at our own friendships with each other.” Cole replied.

“I agree too.” Nolan contributed, also adding, “I want things to keep going as they have been and I think that will show Cam we don’t judge her or feel differently. Well I mean, we kinda do feel a bit differently but we shouldn’t act like we do.”

“Good point.” Jake agreed and Cole nodded as well.

“Next on the agenda, do we ever want to dig into the subtle indications this is only one of her fantasies? Or that she’s not telling us the whole story?” Cole made a yummy sound like you would after tasting something delicious. “I want to know what else might be locked away in that hot little kinky brain of hers!!”

“Let’s not even start – we’re already going to be embarrassingly late getting inside. She’s going to know that either we were out here gossiping about her or trying to get our boners to deflate!” Nolan pointed out.

“Or both!” quipped Jake.

“Or both.” Nolan repeated. The guys grinned at each other and climbed out of the hot tub.

By that time, Cam had already finished her shower and was tucked away in the master bedroom. But she was still awake and heard them come back in. She smiled to herself in the dark of the master bedroom. So far, so good.

* * * *

“Lucky bastard!” Jake commented as Nolan went to take his turn showering and they started opening up their beds in the shared space of the kids’ room. It was Nolan’s turn for the guest bedroom this time up so he let Jake and Cole shower first in the two available bathrooms before they had to head to their shared sleeping quarters.

“Yah, don’t remember the last time I needed a private space as badly as I do tonight!” Cole commented, slipping in between the covers of his bed, one of two twins on that wall. Luckily the cottage had air conditioning so at least they didn’t have to cope with the muggy heat of summer nights.

“Tell me about it! Cam’s told us about a lot of kinky shit over the past couple years but wow, this tops everything.” Jake commiserated as he turned off their light and got into bed as well – he was in one of the two twin beds on the opposite wall. “Goodnight.”

“Yah, goodnight. And good luck getting to sleep!” Cole said dejectedly.

“You and me both, dude.”

The two friends lay in the silent dark room for a bit, moving restlessly every minute or two. Jake was the first to cave into what seemed like the inevitable jerk-off-while-pretending-to-be-oblivious-to-your-friend-also-jerking-off situation; Cole could hear the rustling of fabric that indicated his friend was getting comfy and getting his cock out. `Thank God!’ he thought as he quickly did the same thing. The feel of his strong fist stroking was an immediate relief and he couldn’t help let a small moan escape. Soon after, the guys each kicked off their covers, their bodies furnaces of heat production along with all the hormones.

Both guys inserted themselves into Cam’s domination fantasy – thinking about what they would do to a woman who had given them carte blanche to use her, to fuck her any way they desired. Both felt guilty about picturing their friend like this, using her imagined body as material to jack off to, but this forbidden quality to their thoughts only served to turn them on more.

Soon they had both abandoned any efforts to censor their noises as it had become too difficult. And why bother? They both knew what the other was doing (and what Nolan was most likely also doing or about to do!). Their eyes had now fully adjusted to the dark room and there was just barely enough light that they could see each other’s shadowy forms across the room. When Cole realized he didn’t have any tissues handy, he pulled off his shirt so that he could use it. Jake did the same, catching on to the likely motivation for Cole’s choice to go topless.

Neither would allow themselves to admit it consciously, but the mutual masturbation session was itself a massive turn on. They were hearing each other’s grunts and groans, the squeaks of the mattresses and the simple metal frames; they could sense the movements of busy hands nearby. They could even vaguely smell each other – scents of fresh soap mixed with sweat and arousal; they could hear the sloppy sound of dicks lubricated with pre-cum echoing across the room.

When Cole accidentally uttered “Oh fuck!” as he headed into the home stretch, it was instinctively echoed by a louder groan from Jake, which Cole responded to. Jake felt like they had created their own feedback loop but instead of amplifying more and more noise, they were becoming hornier from the sounds of the other man getting more turned on. By the time they started to orgasm, they were both thrashing and vocalizing as much as they would have with complete privacy – actually, probably even more than given the fact that they’d tapped into the exhibitionist and voyeuristic pleasure of the moment. Jake won the race to come by about 30 seconds – his sharp cries as he emptied himself into his t-shirt pushed Cole over the edge very quickly. They both had very intense and lengthy orgasms.

Laying there afterwards, sweaty and panting, completely aware of each other sexually in a way they hadn’t been ever before, they remained silent. To have to verbalize what this experience had awakened would be too threatening to their carefully constructed straight male personas. But within their own minds, they could acknowledge that Cam’s fantasy about uncharted sexual territory had led them along in new discoveries of their own.

As they drifted off to sleep, they wondered where this summer might lead them…

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