Stepson Fantasies – Chapters 10 and 11 Epilogue


Peggy said nothing to her blackmailer as they drove in his vehicle to their ultimate destination. It was several minutes away, but with her vision obscured she really had no idea where they were. She wasn’t about to talk to this creep, either. They pulled in and parked, then walked a bit, and came to what sounded like a heavy metal door. So, she guessed they were not in someone’s home. She was led down a hallway and put in a room to wait.

“Have a seat. There are refreshments. Maybe it would improve your mood to have a drink or two while you wait”. He laughed, put her purse on the table, and apparently left the room.

“What a prick”, she thought to herself. A drink did sound like a good idea to calm her down. She worked the hood up over her face enough to see around the room. She was in the kitchen area of a business. There were several bottles of bourbon and vodka, and a few mixers. She grabbed a glass and quickly poured some bourbon over ice. She tossed it down. Then had another.

She could hear several muffled voices in an adjoining room. She guessed maybe a dozen or more, so she pulled her hood back down to conceal her identity. It also kept her from knowing who her blackmailer was, which was intentional. She did not want him to feel threatened by her knowing his identity. The voices were getting more animated and a cheer or two was heard. “Somebody’s having a good time”, she thought.

Suddenly a door flew open, and the voices sounded much louder. She heard her blackmailer’s voice, saying “Showtime, Slut! Time to suck a few dicks”. He grabbed her leash and let her into a large room, like a conference room, or something. The room was buzzing with voices but when she was led in, the place got immediately quiet. Then an uproar started. They all were telling her blackmailer what a great job he did getting the entertainment. They were very complimentary about her; even thought they could not see her face. “Killer body! Whoo, hooo! Look at that ass! let’s see her tits!”

Someone started playing some cheesy dance music as Peggy was led to the center of the room. She could barely see the shadowy figures thru her hood, but that was OK with her. She didn’t want to know who they were. She decided to play along, and make them think she was a pro, so there would be no suspicions as to her identity. She started to move to the beat of the music and after a song or two, decided to rev up the party. She unzipped the short skirt and let it dangle on her hips. The voices of the men became much more agitated, in anticipation of what would happen next. She then started to pull at her tank top. It was clingy, and already exposed every curve of her chest but the men wanted to see her skin. She gave them what they wanted and pulled the shirt off. She shimmied out of the skirt and except for her shoes and the hood, was totally naked. Her pulse rate rose as she paraded around the room, randomly touching the shadow figures of her audience. It was a surreal situation. She was completely naked but surrounded by men whom she could not see. It was a turn-on for her to be just inches from this group but remain completely anonymous. Her internal Dirty Little Slut could really come out and play.

The group of men began to crush in around her, and she was being groped in every intimate spot. This was expected and she liked the attention. She felt a hot breath on her neck, hands squeezed her tits, and fingers explored her ass crack and pussy. She was slowly being eased to the floor when someone said, “time for blow-jobs!” Suddenly a circle of hard dicks was pressed against the hood covering her face. Her mouth unexpectedly was filled by one of the random erections. She worked the dick in and out of her wet mouth as she tongued the underside of it. A pair of strong hands held her head as he steadied himself in her mouth. It was not long before she felt the familiar sign that the dick was about to climax, and her mouth was soon filled by the evening’s first orgasm. The men cheered as she swallowed the load, after which she enthusiastically said “next!”. There was a clamber to be the next one inside Peggy’s lovely mouth. She was made for sucking dick. The more she sucked the wetter her cunt got. She knew she’d be dripping with pussy juice before long. A hard dick was too much of a turn on for her not to physically react to it. And tonight, she had a roomful of them.

The next man quickly ejaculated into her mouth, and the one after that pulled out to shoot his load all over her hood covered face. The contrast of the black cloth and the white globs of goo where very nasty looking. Someone pulled her neck down with the leash, which forced her ass up. She was now on all fours, and someone eased in behind her and entered her pussy. This caught her by surprise. For some reason she was thinking this would just be a blow-job party. Guess not. Another dick was shoved into her mouth and the sensation of two dicks in her was too much. She had an unexpected orgasm. The audience went crazy watching her cum. She shook all over and groaned out loud. “What a nasty slut! Yeh, baby! suck that dick” and other obscenities were hurled out by the participants. Peggy’s libido was being powered by semen and hard dicks. The more cum that was deposited in her or on her the higher her sexual energy level increased. She was like the Energizer Bunny Fucking Machine.

She was picked up and laid on her back on the conference room table. Her mouth was plugged with another ready penis, and her cunt was filled with one too. Her ankles were draped around the shoulders of the guy fucking her and he was really pounding away. As he finished, he pulled out and shot his load on her belly. She played with the goo while the next guy shoved his dick in her. This process continued for quite a while. Her body was coated with splatters of white creamy cum. The grateful audience started tipping her by slapping her skin with $1, $5, and $10 dollar bills. The cum acted like a glue and soon she was papered in currency. She had another huge orgasm.

Suddenly, as she had one dick leave her mouth, she caught a glimpse of the guy who was next in line to fill her pussy with his dick. Looking out thru the haze of the stretchy material she could see enough of his shape and stance that made him seem familiar. When he inserted his dick into her cunt she gasped. Her legs went stiff, and she was almost paralyzed with astonishment and concern. Her husband had just started fucking her.

“OH, MY GAWD”, she silently screamed. “This is his Project kickoff party! Why did I not figure this out sooner!”. She made no noise, no grunts or anything that would give her identity away. The only reason he probably did not recognize her body was he apparently was very drunk, and she was covered by the money. She let him pump away but played no part in his enjoyment. She could not risk a familiar movement that would trigger him into awareness that his wife had fucked his entire project team. This was the most Super-Secret thing she had done yet.

Peggy prayed that he would hurry up and finish so she could get out of there. He must never know what she was doing. He started breathing hard as he stroked in and out of her swollen pussy. She knew from experience that he would shoot his load very shortly. It suddenly became urgently important for her to cum when he did. She frantically began rubbing her clit to climax with her husband. He bellowed something nonsensical as he erupted inside her. She felt him spurt several jets of cum, filling her already loaded vagina with his sperm. This forced her over the edge and Peggy climaxed once again just as Hubby was finishing. He reluctantly pulled out and staggered off. He was done for the evening. She had seen that look before.

By now the crowd had thinned and no one else was waiting to fuck her. She was helped off the table and steadied as the blood flow returned to her legs. Someone brought her purse, skirt, and the tank top. She peeled the dollar bills from her skin and got dressed. Her black hood was still coated with a white slimy goo and her wife-beater stuck to the semi-dried cum on her breasts as she tugged on the flimsy garment. She overheard a familiar voice speaking to someone else in the room saying he was calling his wife to come pick him up. He was too drunk to drive. Just then, the phone in her purse began to ring. Her hubby looked at his phone, then looked at her holding the ringing phone she just pulled from her purse. It just kept ringing as her hubby stared, dumbfounded, at her and her ringing device. Thru his drunken haze, he intuitively knew who she was under that black hood. Her most Super-Secret thing ever was no longer a secret.

Chapter 11: Epilogue

Peggy and her husband rode home in the same cab together. He had almost instantly sobered up when it dawned on him that it was his wife who had been the entertainment at the Project Kickoff meeting. He was shocked, and surprisingly aroused by her performance. He had his own guilt about the evening since he willingly fucked the entertainer, but neither he nor Peggy brought that up.

She told her hubby the abbreviated version of the entire story starting weeks ago when she and Steve started playing around. She told him about bandaging Joey’s knee and how it later escalated to the four boys on the basketball court. And how she was blackmailed by the unknown father who saw the photos. Which finally led to her performance at the kickoff meeting.

It was an unbelievable story that actually made sense once the whole chain of events was linked together. If her hubby had not been so impressed and turned on about her sexual performance at the work meeting, he might have been furious. But he could not help but be proud of her. Since her identity was a secret, except to the blackmailer, there was no real harm. The project team would forever remember that night of debauchery. Hubby would deal with the blackmailer in his own way, eventually.

Peggy made a promise to leave all the boys alone until they were 18. She said that was going to be very difficult “with all those horny young studs “playing ball and hanging around all the time. What about an occasional blow-job?” she begged.

“No, If I am going to handle the blackmailer, I need to know that your under-aged antics have ended”. She reluctantly promised.

“So, we are good?” Peggy was almost afraid to ask.

Hubby said “yes, you are beautiful, seductive, and apparently very horny. I am lucky to have you. Now that my project is under way, we will be able to spend more time together. In fact, tomorrow, let’s go fishing. I know a ‘clothing optional’ spot on the river. “She punched him in the shoulder and gave him a hot, deep kiss.”


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