Stepson Fantasies – Chapter 5, Peggy’s Hubby


When Peggy got home from Wanda’s place, she was exhausted. The bike ride, the rain, the incredible lesbian sex she had with Wanda, combined with all the wine made her desperate to go to bed. But hubby had other ideas. When she walked in, she looked pretty worn out. Her hair was a mess, her clothes were wrinkled, and she looked like she just woke up. The remnants of the little make-up she did wear was smeared on her face in an odd way. She also smelled like pussy. She had dried juices all over her face and neck. When her husband got close, she tried to wave him off from his hello embrace. He would not have it and gave her a deep, slow kiss.

He didn’t seem to notice her disheveled appearance or the odd scent as he excitedly told her about the events of the day for him. That big construction project bid that he had been working on for weeks, and occupied his mind, was awarded today and his company got the project! This was a huge construction job that would take months to complete, but worth the effort. Her husband told her he sent Dana and Steve out to the movies so he and Peggy could have a nice, intimate evening at home to celebrate. The look on his face did not mean celebrate by having cake. It only meant one thing, serious fucking.

The news of his company winning the project was awesome, but the idea of her poor, worn out pussy getting more attention was almost too much to contemplate. She knew it was going to be nearly impossible to get out of this. It would not be fair to him. She told him she wanted to take a long hot bath and be fresh and ready for him. He liked that idea and told her to take her time. The warm sudsy water did make her sore cunt feel a bit better, but she did not know what it was going to feel like with a hard dick ravishing it. She dried off and prepared for the onslaught. Her husband could be quite aggressive in bed when he was worked up and tonight, she assumed he was raring to fuck. So, she would have to be pro-active.

He was waiting for her in their bed. The lights were dimmed, and he was already naked and sporting a hard-on. She went to him. Peggy told him how proud she was of his accomplishment, and she was going to reward him by giving him a special treat. Tonight, it would be nothing but mouth and ass for him. No normal pussy fucking. That was for ordinary guys. He deserved a great night of debauchery, which meant oral and anal sex, and she was going to give it to him right now. She told him to lay back and enjoy.

Peggy kissed her way down his chest, past his flat hairy tummy, and continued to his crotch. His erection was pointed up and her delicate fingers found it first. She tongued his lower belly as her hand caressed his pulsing member. Her tongue dragged a trail of spit on his skin until she reached his dick. Then she ran it up the length of his shaft till she arrived at the velvety smooth head. He spasmed as her mouth encircled the end of his penis. It had been so long since they had made love that she knew he was dying to come. But she was in control and would decide when and how he climaxed.

She worked his cock in and out of her mouth, letting it slide down her throat as best she could. She knew he loved the feeling of her tongue tickling his scrotum when he was fully down her throat. He never could figure out how she did that, but it was a special talent that he loved.

Peggy’s mouth began to tire, so she switched to her alternate hole. She got into a reverse cowboy position, which meant she was facing away from hubby, and squatted above his crotch. She grabbed his protruding member and smeared it with her slobber. She positioned her asshole over it and slowly settled down on top of him. She could feel her anal muscles relax as the hard penis penetrated her hole. Hubby had a hand on each of her butt cheeks and helped guide her down on to him. She paused to allow her rectal muscles to adjust to the throbbing erection that was being buried inside. She looked over her shoulder and casually asked “how does that feel, big boy?” “It feels fucking wonderful” he managed to grunt out. Her knees were on each side of his thighs and she used the palms of her hands on his legs to steady herself. Then she slowly raised up her backside until her hubby’s erection nearly popped out. She then slowly eased it in and started over. The slow cycle of her tight asshole milking his dick put Hubby on the edge of a climax. He did not want to finish, so he fought the urge to cum in her ass.

He held her tight, then used his body weight to flip her over. Suddenly Peggy was on her knees on the mattress and Hubby was behind her, with his cock still buried in her ass. Peggy loved doggy style fucking. It was so submissive. She loved “being taken” that way. Her face was buried in the sheets and her husband was tightly pressed behind her with his hands on her waist. He kept up the slow pace and was in no hurry. One of his hands crept down to her crotch and found her slick, unoccupied pussy. His fingers smeared the juices on her clit. He massaged her growing bud with the tips of his fingers, and it was having an effect on her. She did not think it possible, after all the day’s sexual activity, that her body could still respond to more attention. Her cunt was drooling juices, as usual, so Hubby wiped some on his dick for better lubrication.

Peggy was really getting into fucking now. As her husband began to pick up the pace her anal opening was even more accommodating. It was relaxed enough that the sensations emanating from that tender area were building up in her loins. She suddenly needed more in her. She wanted to feel even more full. She arched her back and hoarsely whispered to Hubby “to stick a finger in my ass, next to your dick”. He was surprised but thought this was all part of her special gift for the evening. He did not hesitate and inserted his middle finger in her snug bung hole. It was very tight and warm. He continued his slow assault in her.

“More … I need more in me” she managed to spit out, as she raised her face from the wad of sheets she was clutching. “Stick more fingers in me!”. He reached around and swabbed up as much pussy juice as he could on his fingers and shoved three fingers into her, on top of his dick. The sensation of such fullness in her ass made her almost black out with pain and pleasure. She ordered him to fuck her hard. Hubby was stroking in and out of her at a fast pace. “My fingers … are stroking my dick … like I am jacking off … inside your ass.” He told her, between grunts. She loved that imagery.

She could feel his tension begin to build. She knew it would not be long before he climaxed. She began to think of all those nights that had passed since they last made love and knew he had a huge load of cum stored up for her. She wanted to taste it. She needed to be fed his sperm. She was a true cum slut, so Peggy roughly barked at him to “feed me your cum” It was just a few strokes more when he choked out the words “Almost there”, and he quickly pulled his erection and fingers from her asshole. Peggy spun around and engulfed the length of his slimy prick with her mouth. Her pussy and ass juices made a delectably filthy coating on his swollen cock. She slurped on the head of his dick as he proceeded to jack off in her mouth. His load was huge. Still, she was surprised that he could produce so much. A lot of it dribbled out of her mouth. She shoved his dirty fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean too. The very act of her taking his dick from her ass and cleaning it with her mouth put her over the edge and she had a huge orgasm without ever touching her clit.

Peggy lay on the bed, completely exhausted. What a day her body had experienced! She was nearly asleep as she felt her husband’s warm body spoon against her. He draped an arm over her chest and palmed one of her breasts lightly as they both drifted off. His penis, still a bit stirred up, twitched lightly against her ass cheek. She savored the cuddling, then drifted off into a deep sleep. It never occurred to her to wonder what was happening with her daughter Dana, and stepson Steve, who were out together.

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