Stepson Fantasies – Chapter 4. Sex Stories


After the incident of the face painting orgy on the basketball court by her stepson and his buddies, Peggy had to take a break from the boys for a day or two. It had been a surreal, totally spontaneous, and wonderfully sordid event. She loved the eroticism but felt it would be awkward to be around them so soon after it happened. So, Peggy called Wanda. She just had to meet up and tell her partner in ‘Prurient Interests’ her recent tales about the boys. Wanda was a friend from college, who never married, but always seemed to have a man around when she needed one. She was sure that Wanda would not believe her but would still be a good audience.

Peggy and Wanda thought it would be refreshing to be outside and take advantage of the summer weather. They planned to ride bicycles to the city park near Wanda’s apartment. They met at the apartment and rode off together. They planned to make an afternoon of it, so naturally Wanda packed a bottle of wine and some glasses. They found a nice, secluded spot where not much foot traffic would pass by and uncorked the wine. Wanda was dying to hear the nasty details of Peggy’s sordid activities.

First, they got caught up on each other’s social and family life before they started in on the juicy stuff. This also gave Peggy time to finish a couple of glasses of wine so her story would not be watered down by sober inhibitions. She began describing her stepson, Steve, and how she, and her teenage daughter Dana, had to adjust their life as a blended family now that there was a young man in the house. He was still a teenager but was maturing into a real hunk. Peggy supposed that this would be an explanation for her to have thrown caution to the wind and seduced the boy. After all, if he had been some poor fat slob, she probably would not been interested. But he was not, so she was.

Peggy told Wanda about all the mornings where she used her vibrator on herself, knowing that he was watching. This really got Wanda excited. Then she went into the sordid details on how it felt the first time she hold his young, firm erection in her hand. It was electrifying. Wanda poured more wine and listened intently. When Peggy spoke about how it felt to straddle him and lower her pussy on to his shaft, Wanda just about lost it. “No! I can’t believe you did that! How was it?” “I would say it was one of the sexual highlights of my life,” confessed Peggy. They continued with back-and-forth questions and answers until the wine was gone. Then Peggy came to the story about Joey and how bandaging his injured knee led to another sexual encounter. “You did another boy!? Oh, my gawd, girl, you are such a nasty slut!” exclaimed Wanda. “I love it! Is his dick really that large? When can I see it?” And that is the moment when rain came pouring down.

The ladies were so intent on the stories that they had not paid attention to the storm clouds boiling in and were caught in a sudden downpour. They gathered up their stuff and rode back to Wanda’s place, but not before both were soaked to the skin. When they got into the apartment, both quickly shed their cold, wet clothes. Wanda loaned Peggy a robe and they both began a new bottle of wine. Being naked in front of Wanda was nothing new. They had been occasional lovers in their college days, but that was a long time ago. Peggy had not seen her friend naked in years. Wanda had kept herself in great shape. She had some Italian ancestry in her bloodline and her olive skin glowed like velvet against the short white robe she was wearing. Her full breasts and rich dark nipples stood out in the coolness of the apartment. It brought back all Peggy’s memories of the two of them, entwined together in their college dorm room.

Peggy kept the story going. She told Wanda of the day when she took the lemonade out to the basketball court just to do some innocent teasing. She inadvertently became the center of attention when she sucked the cocks of all four boys as they surrounded her on the court. She then went into graphic detail about how it felt as each boy unloaded his spunk on her face. Wanda was just beside herself in jealousy and lust. “That was the most amazing story I have ever heard” Wanda said. “I can’t believe it really happened!”

By this time, a second bottle of wine was empty, and the girls were recounting all the erotic details once again. Wanda broke away and came back in a moment with a double ended dildo. She said “I am too worked up from all these sex acts that are happening to you. I need some relief. I think you understand.” She shed her robe and lay back on the carpeting. Peggy took the signal, and disrobed too, then crawled on top of her friend. Peggy kissed Wanda passionately on the lips and let her fingers wander down to those luscious breasts. They were big and bouncy and quite a handful. Peggy then slowly kissed her way down her partner’s neck and chest. She took one of nipples between her lips and delicately sucked on it. Wanda held her head and caressed Peggy’s damp hair as she was being suckled.

The two immediately became intimate lovers again, picking up right where they had been years ago. Each knew what the other girl wanted. Peggy felt the fingers of Wanda exploring her pussy. Wanda had a closely trimmed snatch which felt completely different than Peggy’s smoothly shaved one. Wanda took the lead and flipped over to ride Peggy’s face as she dove into her friend’s wet cunt. The two were locked in a 69 position and eagerly lapped at each other’s clits and labias. Wanda used Peggy’s chin, mouth, nose as her own personal sex toy. She rocked her pussy all over her willing partner’s face. Peggy would try to keep up by using her tongue and lips to reach inside Wanda’s cunt when it was positioned right over her mouth. Otherwise, she just laid there and enjoyed the feeling of being a face for Wanda to hunch. It was not long before they each had a spectacular orgasm. Wanda blasted her orgasmic squirt all over Peggy’s face, almost like the boys did on the basketball court. Peggy was in heaven. That had not happened since college. Peggy returned the favor, as she crawled up and squatted over Wanda’s face, forcing her to lick her swollen cunt. Peggy frantically rubbed her own clit and released her squirt juices in Wanda’s open and ready mouth.

Wanda was not done. She grabbed the double ended dildo and positioned her crotch to line up with Peggy’s. She inserted one end into her pussy and eased the other end into Peggy’s sopping cunt. The girl’s vaginas were connected by this flexible sex toy. The trick was to have strong enough abdominal muscles to be able to hold the dildo in their own cunt to pull it from the other girl’s cunt, but then be able to release it so that it could be drawn back out by the grip of her partner’s snatch. Peggy was surprised she could still do that. She guessed that her exercise and stretching really paid off. This sweaty tug of war between these two hot pussies gave both girls a rough workout. Thrusting the pelvis and gripping the long rubber toy with their vagina muscles was grueling, but each lady was desperate to have an orgasm when her pussy was filled. They both ended up with another roaring climax. After the two lovers caught their breath, they curled up together, kissed, and drifted off to sleep.

When they woke up, it was nearly dark. Peggy knew her husband would be home soon, so she gathered her dried clothes, dressed, and kissed her old lover goodbye. This afternoon’s sex romp was another great story for Peggy’s memories, but this time she did not have to wait tell Wanda, since they were both together when it happened.

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