Stepson Fantasies – Chapter 2, Joey. Female exhibitionist


A few days after Peggy broke the taboo ice by fucking her new stepson, she was anxious to share the event with Wanda, her college girlfriend. Wanda was the one person she could tell anything to and would not get any condemnation from. In fact, it was quite the opposite. She and Wanda had an unspoken competition between them. Each wanted to outdo the other with the dirtiest stories and nastiest desires. There was always a hazy line between what was real and what was fiction between these two. Just because an idea was nasty or kinky did not make it off limits. These two ladies were very flexible in their view of personal behavior and physical desire. They each knew how to act but were not afraid to admit what really got their juices flowing.

A week after Peggy seduced her stepson, another incident happened that was a “Wanda Worthy” story. Peggy could hardly wait to tell her about the latest carnal experience with her stepson. It seems that the episode with Steve, put her hormones into overdrive. She seemed to stay perpetually revved up. She started wearing more revealing clothes around the house, and in public, and was a bit flirtier to her stepson’s high school friends when they came over. Their house was the gathering spot for her stepson’s buddies. Peggy’s husband was a nut for basketball, and he turned part of their back yard into the ultimate basketball court. Their yard became the hangout for the guys to play. Another reason for the boys to want to hang around at their house, Peggy assumed, was Dana, Peggy’s teenage daughter, who was developing a feminine body, and boobs that the boys seemed to gravitate to.

It was a typical hot summer day and Peggy was in the kitchen doing the dishes. This day was kind of slow and uneventful. Even for Wisconsin it was pretty hot, so she chose to go bra-less, and was only wearing a loose tank top, and shorts. It was her thought that if she had to wear clothes, she could at least keep them to a minimum and be comfortable. She was almost done in the kitchen. She could hear all the young guys out back having fun shooting hoops. She was wiping her hands dry when she heard the sliding door open. In came Joey, a cute, tall buddy of her stepson. He was all sweaty but the reason he came inside was his knee was bleeding.

He had stumbled while chasing a rebound and fell and cut up his knee. Peggy got a little frantic at the site of the blood, so she quickly told him to sit down, while she went to get the first aid kit. She came back and started cleaning up his wound, which looked worse than it was. Peggy was kneeling on the floor in front of Joey, who was sitting on a kitchen chair. She was intently focused on properly attending to his knee, but she noticed that he had started to get an erection, right in front of her face.

She tried to ignore the bulge. But after a while, with Joey fidgeting and it was growing so much, she no longer could ignore it. She looked up at his face and it was bright red with embarrassment. By now he has a full blown stiffy, and it was a noticeably big one at that. It was straining to get out of his shorts. “What’s going on Joey?”, she asked. “I can’t help it,” he said, “I’m sorry but I can’t help but look down your blouse!” In her haste to get his knee cleaned up to she forgot what she was wearing. Joey was getting a full view of her magnificent tits! Every time she moved as she tended his knee, her tits would shift back and forth. Her nipples were large and prominently protruding from the thin material. From Joey’s angle he was seeing bare tits as if she did not have a shirt on. The scoop neck of her top, as she bent over, exposed every lovely inch of her breasts to his young eyes.

For some reason she immediately got really turned on knowing his erection was because of her. She loved knowing she could still turn on a young man by just letting him see a bit of her skin. She told him it was not his fault, that it was hers. She should have worn something a little less revealing since all the boys were around. Joey told her he was glad she did not dress differently, but it would not have mattered. He confessed he’d probably have gotten aroused anyway. “It happens a lot when I see you”, he said.

“That’s genuinely nice of you to say that Joey”, she said, “I will take that as a compliment”. After getting his knee patched, Joey’s dick was still hard and stiff, and Peggy was still pretty worked up. She did something without even thinking. She looked up at his face and asked in a quiet and seductive manner, “would you like to feel them, Joey?”

She did not wait for the obvious answer, she slid her spaghetti straps down over her shoulders. Her breasts popped out from the loose shirt material right in his face. Her nipples were swollen and sensitive as a result her seeing that huge young cock grow right in front of her. He did not hesitate and reached up and fondled her breasts. Her skin was like silk. The breasts were firm but soft as he kneaded them with his palms. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and index finger, and it sent a current of electricity directly to her rapidly moistening cunt. She softly gasped with pleasure.

As he fondled her breasts she boldly reached up and pulled his dick out of his shorts thru one of the leg openings. His erection was hard, warm and throbbing. His whole body was trembling. “What are you doing?” he asked, “As long as I’m fixing your knee, I might as well fix this too!” Joey was dumbstruck at her boldness. She used both hands to stroke his shaft. His pre-cum was flowing out of the tip like a trickling garden hose. She looked up at him then smiled as she licked a bit of the yummy dribble oozing from his cockhead, she could tell he was going to cum quickly so she massaged his shaft slowly to extend his pleasure. But before she really started to pump his big boy cock, he squirted his cum all over her white blouse. Massive amounts of cum spewed all over her breasts. “Well, that didn’t take long, did it hon,” she stated. Joey was almost speechless. “That’s the best thing that ever happened to me” Joey said, after he recovered his senses. “Really, that was the best ever!”

It took a while for his cock to go soft, maybe because she was still massaging it. It felt so good her hands. She reached down with her tongue and licked his shaft and cockhead clean of all his boy cum. She made him promise to keep this a super-secret, “No one must know, especially Steve, my stepson! And maybe we can do it again … now go back and play like nothing happened”. He promised her he could keep their little secret.

After he left, she touched between her thighs where a big wet spot had formed, then went up to the bedroom to take care of her needs. She played with herself with that large penis shaped dildo as she thought about having Joey’s big, young cock to play with. Peggy pulled out the fake penis and shoved 3 fingers inside her wet slit. She was fixated on Joey’s cock. It was so much bigger than her hubby’s. She was drifting off as she imagined having that dick to play with. She was still wearing that cum covered blouse, so she pulled it over her head and draped the wet spot right over her face to smell his semen and taste his cum. She rapidly fingered her clit and pumped her hand into her cunt to finally bring herself off. As she came down from her orgasmic frenzy, she could hear all the young guys in the back yard, still playing ball.

A week earlier, when she said to her stepson that this was going to be a great summer, she had no idea how great it was going to be.

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