StepDaddy. Erotic diary



“I just wanted to take care of my sweet little babygirl…and yet, she keeps being the the one taking care of me…”

Chapter 1

Kara’s mom, Sandra, was at it again. She was so fake around men that it was disgusting. She had her already DD breasts stuffed so tightly into a push up bra that was way too small. Her silk button down top was unbuttoned just enough to reveal her cleavage, that jiggled as she did that overdone laugh she always did when she was flirting. Kevin, her new boyfriend was eating it up. He couldn’t stop staring at her full cleavage and kept his hand gripped on her mother’s thigh as he drove; looking over every half second to watch the bumps in the road make her breasts shake and bubble. Kara sat in the back seat trying to focus on the cars and trees that passed on the way to the restaurant. Kevin had made reservations at the fancy seafood place a week in advance and he had been boasting about it since. He did seem to like to show off. “Just like the boys at school”, Kara thought to herself. All of them acted as if they had never seen a pretty girl, a set of legs, or in this case, a nice set of boobs. Come to think about it, Kevin could very well pass for a senior at her school or maybe a big football jock. He was very handsome and looked young although he was a little over 30 which was half her mom’s age. Sandra had been chasing the cradle ever since she had her surgery. Although she was very gorgeous, she had gotten her boobs enlarged and her tummy tucked, making her already flattering shape, even more drastic. Sometimes she could pass for Kara’s older sister seeing as though she was always dressed very young and revealing to be 60 years old.

Kara on the other hand, was very developed for her young age. She was 17 but had ass and hips like a grown woman, perky breast, and plump lips that she kept glossy. It was only when she dyed her long hair, funky colors, that people really noticed how young she was. She looked down at her hair thinking she should go pink next. Keeping her bone straight hair, brown like it was, had begun to get boring, but her mother had forbidden any bright colors before tonight’s dinner with Kevin.

They pulled up to the large building and and vallet parked the car. Inside, everyone was so quiet and nicely dressed that Kara still felt out of place although they had reservations at the nicest table. They followed the nice blonde waitress to a small booth towards the back and Kevin insisted that he sit between her and her mother. Kara rolled her eyes. She was more so looking forward to the food, than listening to Kevin’s long stories about him knowing this person or going to that place.

The waitress brought them a lemonade and two glasses of wine, then a refill. Kevin and Sandra were already sounding tipsy when Kevin asked Kara about school.

“ So how are your studies Kara?”, he smiled over at her. She was shocked they even remembered she was there.

“ Oh, they are good”, she replied softly.

“ Kara, go ahead honey. Tell him how smart you are! She was just nominated homecoming queen you know? She got a 3.8 gpa and ain’t ever dropped a point below it! Tell him Kara. My baby is so smart!”, Sandra cackled.

Kara just smiled. She really didn’t like talking about herself.

“ Oh I bet all the boys will be fighting for your arm at prom then”, Kevin smiled and placed his hand on her thigh just like he had done with her mom. Kara’s heart jumped. She looked up at him smiling, and she felt proud. Though she didn’t pay much attention to the silly boys at school, guys really were crazy about her.

“ I already have a date actually”, she said with a smirk, feeling slightly confident.

“ Oh really? Well there you go then. Who’s the lucky guy?”, Kevin asked.

“ Oh just this guy, Kingston. He plays basketball for my school. He’s the captain too. Everyone knows him”, Kara blushed.

Kevin patted her leg and nodded. He really was genuinely happy for her. Kevin had always wanted a daughter of his own. He had been so caught up in work for so long that, before he knew it, he was 30 and had no family, not even a girlfriend to spend lonely nights with. Meeting Sandra was like a flame igniting in his bland life. She was always so fun and flirty, as if she was the one blissfully living her 30’s and he was the 60 year old single mother.

Kevin honestly always wanted to bring Kara along when he and Sandra went out, but Kara always declined. He’s assure her that it’d be fun, after all Sandra had a young spirit and would have him take her places he wouldn’t have ever expected someone her age to want to go. They’d go to the go cart tracks, the local fair, putt putt golf, the beach, just anything that could make her feel young again as long as the tab was entirely on Kevin. They’d been having a blast and Kevin knew he wanted Sandra in his life, he just wanted to make sure Kara was comfortable. He figured that she just needed to warm up to him a little more so he made sure to insist that she join them tonight. He wanted so bad for things to work out with Sandra that he was willing to pull out all stops. His wallet could handle it. Although he was still considered a babe in the business world, he had a pretty high position in a company dealing with property management and residential affairs. He was always surrounded by powerful men who did nothing but compare the wellness of their families and estates to each other, the moment they weren’t huddled in a conference room together. Kevin was tired of having to be the one listening and nodding, he was bored with having success by himself. He planned to make this his new family. Sandra would be the token wife, and Kara, the all star student. He had lucked up that such a risque mother had somehow raised such a good girl. Kara was the type of girl that you could leave at home for a weekend and come back to find all the closets, color coordinated, instead of traces of a house party. He could hear himself now, bragging to his colleagues about Kara graduating top of her class or showing Sandra off at his evening banquets. He turned his focus back on Sandra, and Kara retreated back into herself until the waitress came with their meals of lobster and crab.

Ten months had passed and Kara thought back on that day at the restaurant, while eyeing Kevin from her window. He was cleaning out their pool, shirtless. His large frame was chiseled and ripped, and his sweat made him shimmer in the sun like a freshly licked lollipop. Kevin and Sandra had gotten married 2 months ago and Kevin moved them into his large house. It was more than enough, filled with flat screens and fancy gadgets. His fridge was touch screen and he had a tiny robot to vacuum the floors. However, they didn’t have a pool boy anymore. Kevin had fired him a week ago, because he thought that Sandra was getting a bit flirty with him. He was right.

Once, Kara had seen the skinny boy groping her mothers breast from behind as she stood by the pool, on a hot afternoon. Kevin wouldn’t be home for another two hours and Kara went unnoticed as she peered down from the same spot at her window. She watched on, confused as her mother rubbed on the small boy until his pants perked up like a tent. He was nowhere as attractive as Kevin, and clearly not as wealthy or manly. Yet, this was just how Sandra was, always wanting to be wanted. She didn’t really care how or by who.

Kara licked her full lips as Kevin bent backwards to stretch out from bending over the pool for so long. In almost a breath she had appeared downstairs with a towel and a cold water bottle, just as Kevin came through the back patio doors.

“ Oh wow. Here you go Kevin. Is it hot, or hot as hell out there?’, she smiled big handing him the towel. Kevin took it, wiped his brow, and breathed deep.

“ Thanks babygirl and you need to watch your mouth”, he smiled and whispered,” But it is hot as hell out there”.

They giggled and he took the water from her, turning it up, and downing the whole thing right then.

“ Well you should probably shower. That will cool you off for sure”, Kara said, turning away quickly to his bedroom.

“ Well yea that does sound good”, Kevin said, following her upstairs. He wiped his face and chest and glanced up, accidentally catching a perfect view of Kara’s ass in her tight shorts. He quickly lowered his eyes in shame. It wasn’t his first time eyeing her like that, but he couldn’t help it really. Kara was beautiful and had a figure like 20 something, year old. Her skin was tight and smooth over her curves. Her long brown hair was up in a bun, revealing her sleek spine that he just wanted to trace his fingers along. It didn’t help that Sandra hadn’t turned him on in weeks. Lately she was always out, or passed out. They used to have lots of sex, but ever since he had gotten upset with her about that horny poolboy, Sandra seemed to had checked out. Kevin didn’t push the issue, he’d give Sandra the space she wanted. He knew he just needed a release, that’s all. Kara was like a daughter to him.

Sandra was passed out in bed when Kara slipped in and went to the bathroom to run Kevin’s shower.

“ Aw babygirl, you don’t have to do all that”, Kevin said from the bedroom. Kara heard his pants unzip and fall to the floor.

“ Oh it’s no problem. I don’t mind at all. Least til Mom gets up”, Kara said trailing her words at the end.

“ Well it will be awhile for that to happen” Kevin said entering the steamy bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist. Kara wanted so badly to just grab him right then, just like her mom did to the pool boy. She wanted to make him feel good, like he always made her feel. She turned and looked him over in a way that made Kevin’s dick jump. He grabbed his towel tight and thanked Kara before he shooed her away. He hated himself for being a man, he had to find a way to control himself. Sandra wasn’t pleasing him, so he had to figure out how to curb his cravings. He stepped into the nice, walk in shower and sighed. The water passed over his body and he looked down to see his dick fully erect. He sighed again before grabbing his hard, 9 inches. This would have to do. Kevin stroked himself slowly at first, searching his mind for thoughts of Sandra, but he kept seeing Kara’s ass in those tiny shorts, climbing the stairs. He shook the image away, but then he saw her juicy lips curling around the head of his dick. He moaned, feeling her wet mouth sucking him deep. In his mind, she was looking up at him with those pretty brown eyes, and gagging herself on his pulsing dick head. He pumped his hand harder and harder. He envisioned her kissing all over the sides of his shaft, and then the tip. It was too much for him to hold out. He wanted to cum in her mouth. He wanted to nut all over her face.

“ Kara”, he whispered before he blew a large wad in the palm of his hand first then letting the rushing water wash it down the drain. He leaned on the wall of the shower to compose himself. Wrong as it was, he had to admit he felt better now. He promised he would keep his sick thoughts of Kara out of his mind.

A month passed and Kara had been keeping out of the house lately. Sandra finally started trying to make things right with Kevin, after the pool boy incident, and Kara couldn’t bear seeing them so lovey dovey. She really didn’t know when she had started being so jealous of them, jealous of her own mother. Lately, anytime Sandra touched Kevin or sat by him or even said his name, it made her cringe. She would leave the house to go out with friends, who mostly just drank and got high. It was senior year after all. School would be out soon, so there was always a house party or something fun going on. Of course her mom didn’t care what she was doing or when she came home. Sandra assumed her darling Kara was just an innocent angel. She didn’t even know that Kara was no longer a virgin. She would’ve never thought Kara was at some guys trashy house party, wasted out of her mind right now. She had been there for hours now and was starting to feel a bit nauseous from drinking so many beers. Kara decided that it was about time she headed home. She was noticeably drunk and guys were hitting on her the more they saw her guzzle down. She headed to the door, nodding to a homegirl that had invited her and then slinked her way out to the sidewalk. It was dark outside and she had a ways to walk but it wasn’t too far. At least it didn’t seem that way until the rain started.

“Shit!”, she said under her breath as she started to jog lazily. She really didn’t mind getting her hair wet but she still unwrapped the plaid button down from her waist to hold it over her head as she rushed up to her block. Her tank top was soaked and her light blue, jean shorts, were dark blue and heavy by the time she made it up the driveway. Using her key to get in, she immediately stiffened up from the cold, air conditioned house.

“Fuck…Fuck..Fuck”, she whispered with every step as she slid out of her wet shoes.

“ I’m home!”, she shouted out into the house, with no response, as always. Kevin and her mother must’ve been asleep by now anyway. She shed her wet socks, then her tank top that rolled up into a ball as she slid it over her head and hit the floor with a thud. She left on her wet blue sports bra, that showed her erect nipples clearly now, and peeled off her shorts. It took so long to pull the tight jeans over her hips that when they dropped she just stepped out of them and continued up to her room. She stopped at the linen closet in the hallway to grab a big fluffy white towel. Just as she turned to go to her room, there was Kevin staring down at her.

“ Oh shit! Jesus you scared the shit outta me Kevin”, she gasped pulling the towel over her breasts.

“ Language! Kara where have you been? It’s 1 o’clock in the morning!”, he said sternly. Kara twisted her face and headed around him.

“ Um none of your damn business-”, she started before Kevin grabbed her arm.

“ I asked you a question Kara and I’m not gonna tell you again to watch your mouth”, Kevin snapped back at her. Kara yanked free from him.

“ Man you ain’t my daddy”, she winced, waving him off and continuing to her room. Kevin snatched her back making her drop her towel. He leaned close to her.

“ Have you been drinking?”, he asked, glaring into her eyes. Kara couldn’t breath. She was pissed drunk, and scared but still his eyes made her yearn for his approval.

“ N-no!”, she said weakly, still trying to pull away. He grabbed both her shoulders to hold her still.

“Kara are you drunk?”, he gritted at her.

Kara looked away. Kevin let her go and she stood there, staring into the floor. He had been so upset he didn’t realize she was wet, and pretty much naked. He could see her nipples firm through her bra and she only had on a tiny thong that would’ve almost been too sexy for her age if it weren’t covered with little blue kittens. Her skin shined in the hallway light making her look like glass covered in gloss. He knelt down to pick up her towel. Mostly to hide his growing member. She looked up at him, and for the first time, she caught him eyeing her breasts. Though he darted his eyes away quickly, she knew what she saw. It was the same way he would eye her mother.

Kara had goosebumps all over but she started to feel a heat from inside her. She ignored the towel in his hand and went into his arms instead, squeezing him tight.

“ I’m sorry Kevin. I don’t know what I was thinking. It won’t happen again”, she said burying her face into his chest. Kevin wanted to embrace her and hold her. He could feel her breasts moistening his shirt. He placed his hand on the back of her head and kissed her forehead.

“ Oh babygirl it’s ok. We all make mistakes”, he moaned.

He tried to lean away so that his erection wasn’t pressing against her, but it was too late. Kara held him tighter and gazed up at him.

“ Are you mad at me Kevin”, she asked innocently.

“ No, no babydoll. I just don’t want you getting hurt. You aren’t old enough to be drinking sweetie. You can’t handle it”, he said stepping back from her and holding her shoulders.

“ I’m not a little girl Kevin!”, she steamed, breaking from him and going to her room. Her ass, jiggling as she walked. Kevin couldn’t help but follow her.

“ You aren’t a little girl anymore but you still aren’t old enough to drink. There are rules in my house Kara, even if I’m not your daddy”, he said, stopping in the doorway.

“ Don’t you wanna be?”, she asked, turning around to face him.

“ What?”, Kevin asked confusingly.

“ Don’t you wanna be my daddy?”, she asked intently, stepping to him slowly.

“ What do you mean? Of course I do babygirl”, he replied, watching her walk all the way up to him, until she was so close that he felt the tips of her nipples graze his shirt. Kara reached up and rubbed her hands over his broad chest then down his arms to his hands. Kevin didn’t know what was going on but his arms went limp as she guided his palms up to her chest.

“ Kara, what-”, Kevin stammered but cut himself off as he watched her grope his hands over her breasts.

He was screaming to himself to stop. His insides jolted trying to shake him but he was like puddy in her hands. His thumbs instinctively went to circle her hard nipples and she let out a soft gasp. She dropped her hands, letting him explore her for himself. Kevin’s hands were heavy and firm but his touch was light and gentle on her soft rack. He moaned as he traced the straps of her bra to the back and unhooked it in one snap. Kara closed her eyes as her bra fell and her chest burst free. Her nipples looked up at him. He met them with his mouth, warm and soft. He flickered his tongue on her left nipple, then the right.

Kara inhaled and cradled his head as if she were a feeding infant. It felt so good that her knees buckled and Kevin scooped her, walking her over to her bed. He laid her down gently and hovered over her a moment before she pulled him down to kiss her. Kevin groaned into her mouth as she slid her tongue across his lips. He responded with his tongue dancing back and forth with hers. His hands began to roam over her body, reaching around to cuff her ass pulling her up to meet the bulge in his thin, pajama bottoms. Kara felt her body taking control as he grinded against her twitching cat. She reached and pulled his shirt off over his head revealing his flawless body. She ran her fingers all over him. Exploring all of what she had been dreaming about this whole time. Kevin was no longer present, lost in the ecstasy of the moment, caressing and squeezing Kara’s ass more vigorously. He grinded himself onto her as if he was fucking her slow and deep. She was so wet and gushy that each motion felt like heaven as he hunched her into a frenzy. She wanted more. She wanted him to have all of her. Kevin read her mind and her body language, as she pushed herself harder up to him, arching her back. He slid her thong to the side and lightly slid a finger over the crease of her pussy lips. Even without entering her he felt her juices leaking over, so he slid his finger into her making her whimper with pleasure.

“ Kevin please”, she begged, arching her back even more. Kevin slid in another finger and began to finger fuck her. She was very wet now. Her walls clung tight to his fingers as he moved faster. Kara began to moan softly, looking him in the eyes the whole time. Kevin was fingering her hard now, causing her pussy to suck and gush on his hand.

“ Oh Kevin. I’m cumming”, she whispered softly. She grabbed his face and pulled him to kiss her as she climaxed on his fingers. He felt her walls squeeze them tight before he slid them out and sucked them clean, then burying his face into her neck; breathing with her as she panted from the rush of it all. He laid there on top of her until she fell asleep. Kevin easily slid her underneath her fluffy covers and tucked her in. Then kissed her forehead before turning off her light and slipping into the hall. He stood there for a moment, recapping what had just happened, then sprinted down the hall to peek in on Sandra who was completely passed out and snoring. He eased into the room and slid into bed without disturbing her. Once he had laid there for a while staring at the ceiling in shock, he turned on his side facing away from Sandra, holding the fingers he’d just had inside Kara to his nose and fell asleep.

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