Spin the bottle – Adult version



Never allow your wife to chose the game.

I left it up to my wife to come up with a party game. I should have known better.

My wife Felicity and I (Rob) had been married 5 years. I knew she was pretty wild from day 1. Sex was an adventure to her and she liked it rough and often. After 5 years it had not tapered off. If anything it was even better. She was into dressing up and sex toys, both for her AND me. We moved into a new estate and struck up a friendship with another couple down the street. Andy and Babs were a couple of years older than us. The girls worked in the same office and Felicity would come home with stories about their sex life. I really didn’t need to know the ins and outs (pardon the pun) of their sex life and I was wondering how much she had told Babs about ours. Everything I suspect.

We started going out on Saturday nights with them. Just dinner and a few drinks. Like friends do. Then one Saturday Felicity said she had invited then to dinner at our place. “I don’t want just a boring meal” she said. Trying to be helpful I suggested she think up a game like cards or something to pass the evening. I failed to realise that my wicked wife would get us involved in a night not to be forgotten for a long time. Later I saw her madly cutting up cardboard and scribbling down stuff. I didn’t ask. After all, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Andy and Babs arrived, we opened the wine and Babs helped Felicity serve the food. I could see them whispering and chuckling. I had no idea what was going on. We had the meal and the wine flowed. We were all feeling pretty “relaxed”. Felicity kept topping up my glass. I didn’t worry. After all, we were at home and were not driving anywhere. Safe, right? We headed into the lounge and Felicity got us to sit cross-legged on the floor. She had two lots of cards and an empty bottle. I laughed. She has dreamed up “spin the bottle”. “What is happening Flo” I said “are we back in school”. I laughed, Andy laughed and the women remained straight faced.

Felicity explained that she would spin the bottle and whoever it pointed to would pick up the top card and follow it to the letter. Sounded simple enough. She spun the bottle and it pointed at Andy. He picked up a card and said “take off an article of clothing”. He didn’t even hesitate and I looked at Felicity who just smiled back at me. Andy then spun the bottle and it pointed to Felicity. She picked up a card and it said “tell your partner to strip”. “You have to be joking” I said then she looked at me. Andy and Babs laughed. “Spoil sport” they yelled and then began to chant “take it off, take it off”. In my mildly drunken state I thought “bugger it” and I stood up and stripped off”. By the time I was naked I had an erect. Babs turned to Felicity and said “wow you didn’t lie”.

Felicity said she felt uncomfortable with me naked and she wasn’t. Then all three stood up and stripped off. I sat shocked. I had always admired Felicity’s boobs but Babs was just as large with huge nipples. Her pussy was shaved bald like Flo’s as well. Andy was also bald “down there”. “Well I guess we should start on the other cards” said Felicity. “Yes good idea” said Babs. I began to realise what they were whispering about. This had been a set-up. Straight away I am thinking wife swapping. Why bother with any more cards? Felicity spun the bottle and it landed on Babs. The card read “lick a pussy”. Babs immediately advanced on Felicity. She spread her legs and Babs licked her a minute or so. “Damn” said Felicity “I should have put a time on that”.

Babs spun the bottle and it landed Andy. Another card and it also said “lick a pussy”. Felicity got a second licking. She looked at me and gave me a big grin. I was praying for a “lick pussy” card. Andy spun the bottle and it landed back on him. He picked up the card. It read “suck a cock”. I panicked. “Hang on” I said but Andy was already advancing on me. I looked at Felicity who whose smile was even wider. “Bugger” I thought “just let him”. I gave an involuntary moan as he sucked on my manhood. I was actually sorry when he stopped. The bottle was spun by Andy again and my prayers were answered when it landed on me. “Lick a pussy” it read and I looked up and Babs was already opening her legs. I pushed me face into her crotch and began to lick her. I wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a token lick either.

Babs was moaning and squealed “oh fuck that feels good”. I heard Felicity squeal and I knew what that meant. She was getting it to from Andy. Obviously the card game was forgotten. Babs started to tremble. My God she is going to cum I thought. Then I saw movement. I glanced up and Felicity had moved over and was sucking Babs’ right nipple, still with Andy’s head in her lap. It was so crazy. Then Babs moaned loudly and orgasmed. “Oh Rob that was so good” she whispered. Then Felicity orgasmed. Andy looked at me when Babs finally released my head from her vice-like grip. “I want to suck your cock again Rob” he said without any appearance of embarrassment. I didn’t have a chance to say no as he pushed me down and gobbled up my cock. The big shock was that I was loving it. I had never considered myself even bi-curious but I was having feelings I had never had before.

I looked at the girls and they were engaged in a noisy 69. Babs was on her back with Felicity parked over her. Each licking the other’s already pleasured pussy and Babs had two fingers poked in Felicity’s anal opening. At the same time Andy was pushing a finger into my arse. Suddenly it dawned on my addled brain. Andy and Babs were bisexual. “Holy shit” this night was going from wild to absolute madness. Felicity and I had begun douching every night as we were sometimes enjoying some anal pleasure. I was glad we were doing it. Andy now had two fingers up my bum and I was moaning like a whore. I could feel an orgasm building. “Stop Andy” I said “I am getting close. He stopped sucking. “We can’t have that Rob” he said “the night is still young. He pulled his fingers out of my arse. “Your turn to suck me Rob” he said “why don’t we ask the ladies to join us as well”.

It was if Andy’s cock had me hypnotised. Despite my non-bisexually I told him the girls appeared busy and I went down on his cock. He moaned as I just tried to do what he had done to me. “Yes Rob, that is right. It feels so good” he muttered. Then just as quickly he told me to stop. I was surprised until he pointed to the girls. Babs was now on top. “Look at that pussy” he said, pointing to his wife “I think it needs your cock mate”. I smiled, got on my knees and buried my cock balls deep with one thrust. She squealed as I began to hump her. My wife seemed unfazed as she alternated between licking Babs’ clit and my balls. I suppose I should had expected that I wouldn’t get to fuck Babs for free. Andy moved in behind me and started to shove his cock in my arse. There I was, a meat sandwich. Now I was also moaning as Andy grabbed my hips and fucked me.

It didn’t take long before my cock in Babs and Andy’s cock in me pushed me over the edge. My wife had got Babs off and when I came it also caused Andy to unload. The extra lubrication in my anal canal made Andy’s still stiff cock feel even better. All too soon he started to go limp and pulled out. The four of us disengaged with smiles all around. Felicity told me later she had cum twice. Babs smiled at me. “We need a shower” she said and grabbed my hand. We went into the ensuite and got under the shower. She hugged me and then kissed me, shoving her tongue halfway down my throat. “Your cock felt so good honey” she said “I want more” and she started to stroke my cock. It gradually began to stiffen. She ducked down and sucked it back to life. We got dry and fell onto the bed. She got her wish as I pounded her sweet pussy.

I rolled off her and then I heard moaning coming from the other bedroom next to this one. Obviously Felicity was enjoying sex with Andy. Babs and I cuddled and we fell asleep. It was about 4am I awoke with a hand fondling my manhood. “I want more” Babs whispered and we again fucked like rabbits. Falling asleep again I didn’t wake again until about 8am when again I feel my cock being fondled. “My God honey. You are insatiable” I mumbled and opened my eyes. “Yes I am” said a voice. It was my wife. Apparently Andy and Babs had left while I was asleep. Felicity rolled on her side and we spooned. She pulled my cock between her legs and used it to masturbate and then slipped it into her pussy. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could while she squealed and moaned.

After a nice hot shower we decided to stay naked and had brunch. I looked at my wife and she smiled. “You knew they were bi didn’t you” I said. “Oh course I did you silly man. Babs and I planned the whole night and Andy had already told me he wanted to peg you”. “You evil woman” I said “what did I do to deserve such a wonderful slut” and we got up from the table, kissed and we went back to bed. “Did you like a real cock in your bum instead of a dildo” she asked me later. I wasn’t going to lie “yes honey I liked it” I said. “Oh good darling” she said and smiled. I had a feeling that it would not be the only time I got pegged.

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