Shoe Store Salesman sells more than shoes



Jim was working the noon to closing shift when she walked in. She was a OLDER woman but she looked good and besides she was a CUSTOMER and service was his job. Oh what service Jim was about to provide. Sales at the shoe store.

Story is in the 60’s before cell phones and PCs when small stores actually had sales people that serviced clients. This is a close to true story, well sort of the mature fuck is real.

As part of his high school business class requirements, Jim had gotten a job at a local shoe store.

The owner had gone out for the afternoon and left Jim to stock shelves as it had been a slow day.

He was in the back when the bell rang telling him someone had entered the store and he went up front. He stopped half way up as the customer was a woman in her 30’s or 40’s but no matter she was very good looking. She had a very styled hair do and wearing a silk blouse and a very skirt that was sort of a wrap around plaid. The blouse was a very fitting one and showed off her nice breasts and just right amount of cleavage. The legs was beautiful and she was wearing very high heels.

Sue wanted some more comfortable shoes as her feet were killing her. The young man that came from the back of the store had stopped half way up and just stared at her.

MMMM well someone thinks this old woman still has some appeal. Looking him up and down with a different perspective now she notice he was well built and tall.

Jim found his voice, “Hello and welcome, how may I help you?”

“Well may feet are killing me and I would like some comfortable shoes I can wear at the office under my desk.”

“I am sure I can find you some thing. Come here and sit down and I will check you for size.”

She sat in one of the chairs and he sat on the stool that was made for shoe store.

I took the measuring tool and then picked up her right foot slipping off the heel and putting the foot in the scale.

As he did her skirt parted and slid above her knee giving him a very nice view of a rather sexy leg in nylon.

It set his mind to thinking some rather different thoughts besides finding shoes for her.

He brought back 3 boxes of shoes and then took her foot in both hands as he started to put the shoe on.

“Oh man your hands feel so good and my feet are killing me.”

He stopped with the shoe and for some unknown reason started to massage her foot. He had given is mother foot massages after her work days so he had a good idea of what worked, he had also read some books in the special section of the main library that got into massages of a different nature so his hands knew just what to do.

As he massaged the ball of her foot and then the side and back of ankle, he noticed her relax in the chair and let her legs spread apart. It was still to dark to see much but his mind started imagining all sorts of things. He could see the top of her thigh high stocking and it made he horny. He felt his cock pulse and start to get hard.

Damn it she is sexy and what the hell is this. Oh man a hard on.

MMMM his hands feel so good and my feet feel so bad. Ohh look at him staring at my legs. Hehehe I wonder if he can see much. Oh lets tease him a little. She parted her legs and watched him react as his hands squeezed her foot more. Then she felt something, different sensation run up her leg and into het pussy and a tingly sensation as he hit certain places on her foot.

“Oh my you are really good at that massage, you can keep that up. Oh how about the other one.”

He picked up the other foot, taking off the shoe and massaging it. As he lifted this foot up higher that the other one he was able to see up her skirt to the white panties and is cock got very hard.

She notices the fact that he now had her foot up higher and was looking up her skirt. The feel of his hands on her foot touching certain places was sending sensations thorough her body like never before. She was actually getting turned on by this young man massaging her feet. Her pussy was getting wet and she wanted to rub it in the worst way.

He moved a hand to back of ankle and then up to massage her calf. She actually gave a little moan when he did and spread her legs wider.

He could see her panties clearly now as the skirt had ridden up to almost midthigh. Switching back to the other foot he massaged the calf and then move up to almost the knee.

Not sure what more to do or how far he could go he stopped and put on one shoe and then the other.

“Get up and walk on those.”

She got up and walked up and down the aisle and he stood up. She turned and looked back and saw him standing up with a very big hardon down his pant leg.

Jim realized what she was looking at and quickly turned to try and hide his bulge.

She smiled at him, “Oh these feel really good and I think you made a sale but let me try the other.”

She sat down and he went through the whole process again and saw her panties get wet or at least that is what he thought he saw.

She squirmed in the chair as he again massaged her feet and calf and felt his hands move higher up her leg. She actually wanted his hand to move all the way up as she was now turned on to the thought of this young mans hands touching her all over. She wondered how they would feel squeezing her tits and fingering her pussy.

“Oh my I have to get back to work. I will take all three pairs. I can only take one with me now but will come back for the others.”

Jim was turned on and wanted this woman so he offered, “I could drop them off on my way home later. I get off at 6.”

She was horny and without thinking, “Oh that will be nice.”

She paid for the shoes and left. Jim notice the nice swing of her butt as she left the store.

He pulled into the drive way and went to the door with the shoe boxes.

She had sent her daughters to a restaurant to eat and bring back something for her so there were out of the house. As a divorced woman there had been few men in her life for a couple of years.

“Well Jim thank you for bringing them. Come in and mmm would you mind rubbing my feet again that felt so good.”

“Oh not at all. If you have some lotion it will work better.”

She had put on a house dress that buttoned down the front, top to bottom, and had left the bottom button open so when she sat down the dress parted and exposed her legs to mid thigh.

Jim got a hard on instantly and started to rub her feet. She had parted her legs and now he saw a pair of black panties. He knew she knew he was looking and so he figured she wanted it.

His hands move up her leg massaging her calf and then over the knee and massaged the thigh. His finger tips got almost to her panties before he moved back down to the other leg.

“OHHHHHH your hands feel so good and my legs really NEED you touch.” MMM I need your touch I need your finger in my pussy I need you now.

Jim’s cock was pulsing now with every squeeze of her legs. His hands were not up to inner thigh and finger tips just brushing the edge of the panties.

“OHHH yes mmmmmm your touch is so nice yes.”

He ran finger up along edge of panties and then slipped middle finger under the edge and move down. He felt the wet pussy lip and her body tense and wiggle as he did.

“Oh yes yes finger it now.”

Jim pushed his hand into the pantie and pulled down. She lifted her hip and the panties came down and off. The game was on for real now.

Jim was not totally new to sex. His fingers probed her pussy and he spread her legs wide. Then he kissed her knee and move up licking and kissing the inner thigh until her found her pussy. Parting the hair and licking up and down the lips.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH of god that feels so good yes yes lick it suck you oh you naught boy.”

He let his tongue tease her clit while he put two fingers into you and wiggled them seeking the g spot.

She bucked her hips up and pulled the dress up then unbuttoned the top. She took one of his hands and pushed it into her bra to squeeze her tit.

The feel of the hard nipple made him get harder and his cock was going to explode.

He stood up and dropped his pants. His cock was a good 8” x2” and she gasped at the sight.

He spread her legs wide and rubbed the head against her pussy and then drove into her hard and fast.

“OHHHHAHHHH yes fuck me fuck me hard yes yes.”

“AHHHH yes I am going to.”

The feeling of the big hard cock spreading her pussy wide and the mushroom head sliding deeper into her sent electric sensations all through her body.

She grabbed his head and pulled it to her tit forcing him to suck her nipple.

“AHHHH yes suck it suck it hard oh you dirty boy fuck me fuck me now ahhhhhhhh”

Jim had not had sex in some time and so he was about to shoot his wad. He bit her nipple and pulled with teeth and then drove hard into her. He reached down taking both legs and lifting up as he did.

His cock went balls deep and hit her cervix just as he exploded.

She shivered as she felt his cock hit her cervix and then the feel of it pulsing as he filled her cunt with cum.

The feel to the warm cum flooding her sent her over the edge and she squeezed his cock with all her muscles.

He felt her pussy squeezing his cock and it made him push harder.

He let go of her tit and his cock went soft and then slip out of the very slick wet cunt. She smiled at him.

“You are one very special shoe salesman. That was one very special fuck.”

“Oh hell we better get cleaned up my daughter will be back.”

He cleaned up and so did she. He looked at her in a totally different way now and notice with a very sexy woman she was. MMMM I think I want to see a lot more of her.

“Hey I really like you and would like to see you again. Soon if I can.”

“MMMM well I did have a really wonderful time and you do give great massages so I think that can be arranged. “

Just then a car pulled into the garage.

“Oh my daughter.”

Jim went out the back door. ”Girls this is Jim from the shoe store. He just dropped off some shoes I got today”.

The girls, both teenagers looked at Jim with smirks. Jim notice the looks but then noticed the older girl had a nice body just like her mothers.

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