Sex Stories. Stepson Fantasies – Chapter 8, the morning after


Peggy slept late. She was exhausted after her day with Wanda and then last night with Hubby. She did not even remember falling asleep. Her body felt ravaged and abused, but at the same time felt spectacular. She still felt a twinge of pleasure in her lady parts as she recalled all that she did and had been done to her. A slutty smile creased her face.

She had been in a deep sleep when Hubby woke up and headed into the office. She was surprised he could get up and out so early but that big project he was awarded had him very energized. She climbed out of bed and grabbed Hubby’s dress shirt from the night before and slipped into it. She only bothered to fasten one button, just to keep it on. She staggered into the kitchen hoping the coffee was still hot. She needed some. She poured herself a big steaming cup, then decided to pour one for Dana, too.

When she got to Dana’s room, her hands were full, so she could not knock. The door was slightly ajar, so she just nudged it with her knee and pushed thru the opening. The room was dim, but it sure looked like too many arms and legs were sticking out of the bed covers. Peggy set down the coffee mugs and turned on the lights. It was then she realized who was in bed with her daughter. “What the hell? Get up! All of you! Joey … Steve … Dana! wake up!”

All three kids were naked and a mess. It looked like they had wrestled with alligators all night. After a moment they shook some awareness back into their brains and realized they’d been caught. They all tried to explain at once, but Peggy held her hands up and said “Stop! I don’t want to hear about it! Just put your clothes on and go home, Joey. And you, Steve, what the hell? Fucking your stepsister? Get out! Go to your own room.” As the boys were getting dressed, Peggy also told them “You know this is super-secret, right? No one better learn about this if you get my drift”. The boys quickly glanced at each other and could not suppress a sly grin. They had both heard those words before.

After they were alone, Peggy handed Dana her coffee and sat on the edge of the bed. Dana was still wrapped in the sheets, hair a mess, and with a sleepy look in her eyes. They both took sips of the barely warm brew before anyone spoke. Peggy broke the silence by simply asking “well, how was it? Two guys? At the same time? Really?” She was a bit jealous, and it came out in her voice. “Well, it just sorta happened”, Dana sputtered out. “We had a really bad thing that almost happened last night but both boys kept me safe.” “At the movies?” “No, Mom, we didn’t go to the show. Nothing good was playing,” Dana explained. She then went on to tell Peggy about going to the pool hall ‘just to play pool’, when they ran into the hole in the pavement, and had the encounter with the rough looking guys inside. And how Joey came with the truck and pulled them out and they drove home as fast as they could. Dana left out the part of stripping on the pool table.

“Wow, that was quite a story. You could have been hurt. Or worse. Good thing the boys were there.” “Yes”, Dana admitted. “I was really scared. But both Steve and Joey are sweethearts and protected me. That is how we all ended up in bed … as a thank you.”

“I see”, said Peggy. “But did you use protection?” “Uh, no.” Dana admitted sheepishly. “OK after you are showered and dressed, we will get you to the Pharmacy for a morning after pill. And then get you on birth control. If you are going to fuck, you gotta take precautions.”

They both continued to sip coffee without speaking. Then Peggy broke the silence by asking “I just have to know. How was it with two guys at the same time? Did it hurt? Was it good?” Dana was relieved by the question since she was dying to talk about it. “Oh, Mom, it was the best thing ever! I never felt so full or so satisfied. It was awesome! One in my pussy and one in my ass. It was like nothing I ever imagined!”

“But Joey is … so big! How did…” Then Peggy realized she had just let her “super-secret” cat out of the bag. “Mom, how do you know about Joey’s big dick? Was he one of the guys in the photos I saw on the basketball court?” “You saw photos of that? Oh shit. I wonder who else has seen them.” “Don’t worry, Mom. I am sure no one else will see them.”

Peggy put down her empty cup and leaned over and gave her lovely daughter a big, loving hug. She could still smell the intoxicating aroma of a man’s sweat on Dana. She lingered. And then caressed Dana’s bare back lightly with her palms. “You have turned into such a lovely girl. The boys will be all over you from now on.” Peggy pulled back and stared into Dana’s face, then inexplicably leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips. They stayed locked together for several moments, then Dana opened her mouth, and they began passionately tongue kissing.

Dana reached up and took Peggy’s face in her hands as they both continued to deeply kiss. Peggy shimmied out of her shirt and tore back the sheets covering her naked daughter. She slithered into bed and straddled Dana and then continued to kiss her. Their naked bodies were pressed together. This went on for several minutes. The two were boiling hot and gasping as they explored each other. Peggy worked her way down her daughter’s neck to her chest. She could not believe how large and perfect Dana’s tits were. Much bigger than Peggy’s. So much fun to play with.

She methodically kissed and licked her way down Dana’s belly until she reached her freshly fucked vagina. The erotic scent of sperm was evident as her tongue spread her daughter’s delicate pussy lips. Peggy was imagining Joey’s erection, being right here, just a few hours ago. Her cunt flashed with wetness at the thought that she was licking his cum out of her daughter’s snatch. She worked a few fingers into Dana’s cunt as she delicately tongued her clit. She could feel the slimy cum coating her fingers. She withdrew them and sucked them clean. She rolled Dana over on her side to get access to her asshole. She wanted a taste of the spunk from that hole too.

Dana groaned that she needed to cum. “Please lick my clit!”. Peggy promptly complied. Her face was buried between her daughter’s thighs and the combined scents of her, and the boys was pouring out of her. Dana hunched her abdomen up into Peggy’s face to hasten her climax. She was so turned on she thought she’d explode if she did not come soon. Peggy shoved several fingers into Dana’s vacant pussy as she sucked on her clit. This pushed Dana over the edge to a huge squirting orgasm. She doused Peggy’s face with her juices as she cried out in ecstasy. Dana gently held her mom’s face against her pussy until the sensations subsided, then she relaxed. “Oh, my gawd, Mom! That was incredible”. You do that better than any boy does.” “That’s because women know what it feels like down there, Hon.”

They lay, entwined together, skin to skin, until Dana recovered and pushed Peggy over. It was her turn to make her mom cum. She started the same way, sucking those lovely mommy titties and working the nipples until they were swollen and hard. Then she started south. By the time she was at Peggy’s crotch she was in a world all her own. She suddenly realized that she loved being with a woman even more than being with a man. This was a new revelation to her, and she was savoring the discovery. She carefully used her lips to play with Peggy’s clit. It got larger as she caressed it. Peggy guided her head so that Dana got the touch exactly right. Dana loved the taste. Then she realized she was licking the cum her dad had deposited in her mom last night. That was hugely erotic for her.

Peggy started imagining that she was fucking Joey and that huge prick of his. She whispered his name subconsciously. Dana picked up on the cue and said, “pretend this is Joey’s dick” and she began working more of her fingers into Peggy’s hungry pussy. Peggy began oozing a constant stream of juice at the thought of Joey being inside her. Dana now had her entire fist in her mother’s snatch, while continuing the attention on her clit. She pounded her fist in and out. Going deeper each time. She did not know how far or hard to shove her fist, but her mom was delirious with pleasure, so she kept pushing harder. Soon, a trigger went off in Peggy’s head as she imaged the cum spurting from Joey, and she had a tremendous orgasm. Her cunt spasmed and clenched her daughter’s fist as she climaxed. It was a fantastic finish.

Dana carefully pulled her hand from her mom’s cunt and gently kissed her pussy. It was a beautiful thing to stare at as her labias began to close back up after the fisting. Dana crawled back up on to Peggy and the two women kissed like lovers do. They snuggled together until sleep overcame them.

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