Sex Stories. Anything for money (1)


He had needed money to buy food, and this modeling gig had promised 10 dollars an hour. Ever since his parents kicked him out, he had been struggling for money and food, being unable to survive on the high school lunches.

Now, he found himself looking at about 10 cameras, each manned by a photographer, and who Simon had presumed to be the manager, Steve.

Unsure of how to position himself, Simon awkwardly stood in his new outfit, while the team aimed their cameras toward him. One stepped forward, and, grabbing his thigh, moved him to be facing outward with more confidence. After several photos for taken, a new set of underwear, shorts, and pants were brought forward. Confused, Simon looked at them inquisitively.

“Here’s next. Go ahead and get changed.”

Simon looked around hopefully, but the eyes of the photographers all stayed on him, making it apparent what he was expected to do.

“Yep, right here, this is how it’s done everywhere.”

Unsure of whether this was true, Simon carefully pulled off his shirt, revealing a tight stomach and thin but not skinny arms and chest. With the onlookers’ gazes penetrating, he slowly lowered his shorts and slid them off his ankles until he was just in his underwear.

Steve gave him a look than shut down Simon’s last hope, and so it was in front of plenty cameras and more than twice as many eyes that the teen latched his fingers into his waistband and slid his underwear off. Now displaying his youthful body in all its might, he quickly reached for the new clothes, but not before several photos were taken of his boyish cheeks and hardening member.

Now adorned in a pair of tight-fitting shorts and tee, Simon posed proudly for the cameras, eager to make a good impact. Steve smiled, admiring the outline of the boy’s junk through his shorts.

After the photographers dropped their lenses, Simon relaxed, looking up inquisitively.

“How much will I make from this?” He asked pleadingly. He remembered what they told him about when he agreed to start, but was hoping by some miracle the number might increase for some reason or another.

“About 10 bucks per shoot”, Steve answered, knowing this number meant only a minuscule amount of the money paid to him by the clothing companies would be carried on to the model teen.

Simon sighed, dejected.

“Is there any way to make more money, like doing more outfits or something?”

“We only get a couple outfits each time.” Steve responded, goading the teen into asking again.

“There really isn’t anything else I can do?” Simon asked.

“Well as a teen like yourself, lots of people find your body attractive. So far you’ve just been a clothing model, but there’s other ways to display yourself that can really rake in some profits.” Steve replied.

“Like what?” Simon said, his naivety showing.

“There’s plenty of people that would love to see your entire body, with no clothes.”

Simon stood, eyes agape, thinking through Steve’s words.

“If you strip here, right in front of us, and let us take pictures of you, we can probably get you another 50 dollars by next week.” Steve proposed.

Still shocked by Steve’s idea, Simon prepared himself to respond.

“Well, I guess I’ll give it a go, I really don’t have any other options”. Simon offered, disappointingly.

Steve tried hard to conceal his smirk.

“Great, go ahead and take off your clothes and hand them to me.”

With a shaking hand, Simon pulled his shirt over his shoulders and head, and handed it to Steve. Then he pulled off his shorts, leaving him in just a pair of briefs.

Overjoyed internally but ostensibly impatient, Steve gestured for the final article or clothing.

Looking around to see just how many cameras were pointing at him, waiting eagerly to capture his naked body, Simon lowered his underwear and slipped his ankles through the bottom.

Steve took the outfit and tossed it offstage, admiring the teen’s ass and genitalia.

“Alright, now posing for this is going to be a bit different. You’re going to want to show off your body, especially your butt.” Steve explained.

With his hands over his privates, Simon remained inert, petrified and immobilized by the embarrassment.

Steve pulled the boy’s hands over his head, and turned him so he was standing to the side, then grabbed his leg and pulled it out so his ass stuck out behind him.

“There, looking great.” Steve was pleased with his work and stepped back so the cameras could shoot at the posing twink.

After 30 seconds or so, Steve moved back to reposition the boy, this time spreading his legs apart and pushing his back so he was bending over slightly at the waist.

Although the teen had little body hair, it was still enough to bother Steve, and so he brought out some cream which he began applying to Simon’s bare skin. When he reached for the boy’s balls and ass, Simon grimaced but allowed Steve’s hands to work the cream in. Steve took this opportunity to fondle the boy’s balls and pumped his dick several times. He also stuck a knuckle into the boy’s ass, inciting a yelp from the boy.

“You’ve got hair there too I’m afraid.” Stew explained.

Once the cream began to sting, Steve made sure the cameras got plenty of shots of the boy flexing in discomfort, before hosing him down.

Now hairless below the eyes, the teen could have passed as much younger than he really was.

“If you want, jerking off will also make some more money, but you’d have to swallow it too.” Steve was proud of this idea, knowing the boy would likely agree.

After thinking about it for a couple seconds, he assumed a more natural position and took a breath in.

Simon wrapped his fingers around his boyhood and began stroking up and down, Steve making sure the cameras caught all of it.

Although he was surprised how willing the modest boy was to engage in sexual acts in front of so many cameras, Steve knew he was in some trouble and that the offering of money was too overpowering.

Videoing the boy sliding his hand up and down his shaft, the photographers began to get hard themselves, and Simon noticed bulges forming in their pants.

Meanwhile he continued stroking himself, his boyish dick now rock hard.

“Play with your balls,” ordered Steve.

Simon grabbed his nutsack with his other hand and began massaging his testes.

Shortly after he reached orgasm, his taught body twitching with each shot. Making sure to catch his entire load, he looked at Steve, as if to make sure he had to do it.

“Swallow it all,” Steve ordered.

Simon brought his hand to his mouth, pouring his own boy juice onto his tongue and licking up the remnants.

“Good boy,” cooed Steve.

Now standing there, naked, having just swallowed his own cum in front of a load of people and being filmed the whole time, Simon stood still as a statue, incredulous to what he had just done.

“You’ll get about 70 dollars next week for this, nice job,” Steve added.

Too stunned to speak, the boy just nodded, and went over to collect his clothes.

Steve watched as he pulled his briefs over his ass, staring at his behind as the teen hopped on his bike to head home.

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