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I’ve always wanted to try a science fiction story – so here it is!


“Damn it Jimmy, what’s the problem? If you don’t get this heap running we’re never going to make it to Darlon!”

“I know, I know,” he said wearily. “Jesus Jerry, it’s not like I don’t want to go; I just can’t figure out why the converter panel won’t work.”

“Maybe you don’t understand why we need this so badly. Or more accurately why you need this so badly. How long has it been since you got laid?”


“Have you ever even been laid?”


“I thought so. Now, let me refresh your memory. Mulae are 4 ft. tall and weigh less than 90 lbs. But they are unique because they have sex organs built into the front of their chest. And they have a tongue at the entrance that they can move just like your tongue. Think about this.” I could tell he was. “Sex with them is unlike anything you’ve ever felt because it is absolutely the best of oral and regular sex at the same time!” Jimmy blushed an impressive shade of crimson.

“And if you happen to bring a girlfriend with you they can flick these tongues out of their bodies like a frog. They can drive a woman absolutely crazy. Mulae are known throughout the Galaxy as the best sex you’ll ever have. Even though the federation has outlawed them, I happen to know where a few are. They are on Darlon! Any questions?” Properly motivated by his 22 yr old hormones, he suddenly he got up.

“Let me try one more thing…”

Descent into Darlon

The approach into Darlon went off without a hitch and soon we were skulking through the fetid mess of pathways and alleys looking for a bar called Aquica where the Mulae used to hang out.
After stomping around for an hour, I gave up and pulled Jimmy into a bar for a drink.

“Try not to order something you can’t pronounce,” I said quietly. “Some of this stuff will knock you on your ass for a week and I need you to watch our backs. Got it?”

“Why is that? Do you have some history here that I don’t know about?” Jimmy’s eyes got big and I thought he was gonna puke right then and there.

“Uh,” I said, trying to figure out how to explain the several outstanding warrants for my immediate death that I’m sure were still valid.

“Let’s just say that I’m glad I don’t look like I did the last time I was here. And whatever happens, don’t let me get my head shaved no matter how drunk I get. That’s all I’m going to say.”

“Great, you drag me a bazillion miles across the galaxy to some fucking dive of a planet, and NOW you tell me the chances of us getting back home are based on your not looking like your poster in the post office? Do they even HAVE post offices out here?!?”

I could tell Jimmy was getting worked up and I didn’t want us to attract any undue attention our way.

“Bartender! How about a shot of Lantero for my friend! He needs to unwind a bit.”

The bartender looked at Jimmy, then at me. “I’ll give you your shot, but he’d better drink it quick. I want the both of you on your way before I remember why I swore I’d kill you the next time you set foot on Darlon.” He was fat, smelly and surly as hell. And big enough I didn’t want him remembering either. What the hell had I done to him back then? The last few weeks on the planet were a bit of a drug and woman induced blur. But damn, it had been fun right up until the Planet Police got involved.

Jimmy slammed his shot, and I watched the heat in his cheeks just melt right off his face, replaced by a silly grin and a much calmer demeanor. Just what the doctor ordered!
I left a large pile of bills on the table, hoping it might cover whatever transgressions had transpired years earlier. We slipped back out into the dank alleyways while I searched for a glimpse of something familiar.

We wound up and down the wet, twisty streets looking for Aquica. Each shop sold something different, and I had no idea what most of them were. There were apparently some 6-legged puppies with multiple heads and tails (I wouldn’t want to have to clean up after one of THOSE when they got big!), a spider the size of a chimpanzee (What the hell do you feed one of those? A small cow?!?), clothing of every shape, style and color you could imagine and another hundred you couldn’t.


We finally found the entrance to Aquica, barricaded by several working girls. None of them were Yisani however. They elbowed each other vying for a shot at our fresh meat.
“Looking for a good time?” The leader of the pack wiggled several fingers, motioning us inside.

“Sure are.” I motioned for Jimmy to follow us. “We might as well start here.”

The place was a galactically classic dive, like almost any seedy bar in any port in the known universe. Dirty, noisy, smoky and filled with charlatans and thieves. It smelled like home.
“I used to know a Mulae named Yisani. Does she still work in here?”

“No Mister,” said the girl closest to me. “We are not allowed to work in the bars since the incident. Although some of us still work out on the street.”

“Jimmy, pay attention here,” I said poking him hard in his gut.

“Uh! Yeah, yeah, okay,” he said, trying to break the spell of the Mulae purring next to him. She’d been leaning heavily against him slowly massaging his inner thigh. She was plotting to ask Jimmy if he’d like to see a private room knowing soon he wouldn’t have the control to say no. Once the girls got their hooks into him he’d end up on the street at 3:00am, temporarily happy and permanently penniless. I’d seen it happen repeatedly. If there was a way to separate a greenhorn from their money they knew it. Some of them were legal, some were less so. I was pretty sure I knew what these two were planning to do to Jimmy.

“Ladies, you are both very lovely, but I’m an old friend of Yisani’s and I’d really like to see her again. As a friend.” I winked at them.

One of the girls spoke up. “Mister, if you give me fifty Credits (easily a week’s wages, I figured) I’ll find Yisani for you.”

We certainly weren’t having any luck on our own. After some careful consideration I slid the money across the table under my palm. She vanished into the back of the bar with my fifty. Watching how quickly she left, I was only half expecting to see her again.

Yisani Arrives

We had just finished buying the remaining girl her 4th drink when Yisani and a friend slid quietly into our booth. The remaining girl slurred a “Thhhhanx U…” while her friend carefully supported her as they teetered back out into the back alley.

“Jerry!” She said. “I’ve missed you. This is my friend Cielia; I hope you don’t mind me bringing her along.” She hugged me hard, rubbing her scent all over me. She smelled the way all Mulae smell. Like a woman in heat. Let a Mulae get in close to you and you just couldn’t help yourself; you simply had to have them. They knew it and charged appropriately. The other working girls hated them for it, and used their collective might to get them outlawed. The ‘incident’ was the perfect ruse to get rid of them for good. Several years ago a group of rich college kids snuck onto a freighter headed this way. They couldn’t just jump on a transporter, as it would have immediately reported back to the school that there were minors aboard. So they’d made the trip over a school break, telling their parents they were ‘going camping’. And they were, of sorts, since stowing away on a freighter for a week certainly wasn’t easy.

They’d found the Mulae all right, or maybe they’d found them. Either way, a couple days later the whole lot of them woke up dead with all their parent’s credits used up. They were however found smiling…

Yisani continued rubbing against me, cooing and purring like a cat. The room was getting hot in a hurry.

“It’s been way too long since you’ve been here.” The hurt in her voice was real.

“I know it has, dear,” I said, stroking her hair while she rubbed her chest against my side. “I just don’t get into this part of the Galaxy much anymore. Too many people are still looking for me here. But right now I think we need take this to another room.” I suddenly realized that Jimmy was sitting there speechless. He was looking at Yisani’s friend while trying to undress her with his eyes. Yisani caught it too. I spoke up.

“Girls this is my friend Jimmy and I’ve been telling him about you all the way over here. I hope he enjoys your company as much as I do.” They smiled graciously at us, knowing they were about to make a month’s wages. Maybe two.

Separate Rooms?

Yisani watched my face for a signal. “Shall I get separate rooms?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” We all laughed knowingly. Jimmy swallowed hard since we were all looking at him.
In minutes we were in a private room with the girls undressing us. Cielia undid the buttons on Jimmy’s shirt, slowly kissing his skin as it came into view.

“You are a very big man,” she said looking up at him with large brown eyes. What guy can resist that? Jimmy sat there grinning like an idiot. Her hands were slowly rubbing the front of his pants while she cooed and purred against him. Even though he was blushing like a sailor on shore leave, his pants were pushing back.

“Do you like this so far?” I asked Jimmy.

“Uh huh,” he croaked. He watched Cielia kiss her way down his stomach. Meanwhile he slowly undid her blouse, exposing a perfect set of little breasts.

“Oh my God, they’re beautiful!” He said breathlessly.

“Trust me; we haven’t seen the best of them yet.” I said. Yisani was running her hands across the front of my jeans trying to undo my belt. I gently held her hands.

“Not yet. I want to watch Jimmy first. This should be great entertainment!” Yisani turned around and sat on my lap, squirming and wiggling her butt against my hearty erection while Cielia slowly unbuckled Jimmy’s belt with her teeth. His member sprung free, hard and ready for action.

“Mmm,” purred Cielia.

Because of its concentration, human semen is a major delicacy for the girls, especially after being banned from the street. Cielia was making sure she was going to get all she could. Jimmy marveled at the sight unfolding in front of him. Think of a human woman with a vagina under her ribs and a tongue for a ‘taint’. Marvelous!

Cielia stood up and put her arms behind her head, spreading her arms wide. Her sex yawned open, both tongues undulating invitingly as she slowly danced around the room, much like belly dancers of thousands of years ago on earth. Her swayed her hips, tossed her hair and every once in a while would look shyly at Jimmy, as if to ask if he was interested in her.

“You like me?” Cielia said gazing deep into his eyes.

I knew she was getting to him. With raw lust in his eyes he stood up, dropped his pants and pulled Cielia to him.

Mulae are warmer than humans and the heat is just amazing when they rub themselves on you. It is like getting wrapped in a live heating blanket. One that touches you back…

Cielia wrapped her arms around Jimmy’s waist, slowly rubbing her chest and stomach up and down his raging erection. Her lips parted with each pass, slowly spreading her growing wetness across his length. Finally neither one of them could take it anymore. She pulled back from him, allowing his cock to jut out from his body just enough. She leaned back into him, slowly directing him into her wet steaming folds. Jimmy’s eyes rolled back into his head as her heat and wetness and desire greeted him. After a few long strokes she slowly unrolled her tongue to tease his balls. It was almost too much for him to bear. Knowing he was close she leaned toward him, engulfing his hardness and leaving herself impaled upon him. After giving him a few minutes to calm down she started up again.

Jimmy said “Uhhhh! Fuck, that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt!” Slowly Cielia backed away from him, and then leaned onto him again. She continued to fuck him slowly, letting the sensations build. Meanwhile Yisani was rocking back and forth on my legs, rocking her steaming sex against me. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I lifted her off my lap.

Time to join the party

I whispered in Yisani’s ear. “Baby, I think it is time we joined this party.”

The girls stripped me in nothing flat. They grabbed our penises and pushed us back against the wall. The girls entwined their arms and slowly leaned onto us, impaling themselves. The feeling was exquisite but I knew Jimmy was in trouble so I put a hand on Cielia’s shoulder.

“Hang on sweetie. I want this to last.”

She held still for a few moments to give Jimmy a chance to regain his composure, but I could feel Yisani flexing her internal muscles. I was pretty sure Cielia was doing the same to Jimmy. I knew one thing for sure! Yisani’s tongue felt so good I was beside myself. I looked over at Cielia and nodded, urging her to continue working on Jimmy.
I took Yisani’s delicate face in my hands. “You’re fabulous, but now it is my turn to fuck you.”

I spun her around and lifted her off the ground with my cock still deep inside her. I pinned Yisani to the wall and pounded into her while Jimmy followed suit.

Yisani unfolded her tongue and ran it under my balls, flicking the tip all the way back to my ass. Cielia saw it too, and started doing the same thing to Jimmy. I knew neither one of us could take much more.
“Yeah, baby!” I hollered.

Jimmy's thrusting became frantic. “Oh my God, oh my God!”

I went over the edge and came violently. Jimmy screamed that he was coming too. I held Yisani tightly against the wall and unloaded deep inside her. The girls screamed in glee, and then started making strange gurgling sounds in their throats. Suddenly our semen shot out both of our girl’s noses!

The look on Jimmy's face was priceless, as I had neglected to warn him what might happen. Remember back in the 4th grade when someone laughed so hard milk came out their nose? It is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. With Mulae, if you’re long enough and you come hard enough your seed would do likewise. The girls of course loved it. They leaned in together and kissed each others' faces licking off the precious goo. It is the hottest memory I have of that trip.

We all relaxed for a while, chatting and letting Jimmy get better acquainted with the girls. We were in the middle of getting dressed again when there was a violent pounding on the door…

Uh Oh…

“Yisani! You’d better not be in there,” boomed a deep, gravelly voice in the hallway.

“Oh my God!” said Yisani.

“Who the hell is that?” I asked, afraid to know the answer.

“It’s our boss. We’re not supposed to work today. He is going to be very angry.” Suddenly we could hear a key turning the lock. The door burst open and the boss stepped inside. He was huge, ugly and pissed. He reminded me of the bartender, without all the charm and charisma.

“I thought I told you, you can’t work today!” He scowled at the girls.

“And as for you two,” he growled, looking directly at Jimmy and me. “You will regret being caught with my girls.” He lunged at Yisani, but Jimmy reached out and kicked the boss right in his upper kneecap, bending his leg backwards against all his knee joints. The boss pitched towards the floor screaming in pain. I stepped out of the way and gave him a savage karate chop on the way down knocking him out.

“Come on girls let’s go!” I said. We threw our clothes mostly on and ran like hell.

It took several hours to get back to our ship and we wasted no time lifting from port. Once we were sure there were no ships lifting from Darlon in chase, we all gave a visible sigh of relief.

“Thank you for saving us and taking us with you!” Cielia said quietly. “We would probably have not been allowed to live through another transgression. Our boss has a very heavy hand when it comes to disobedience.”

Jimmy piped up, his small head doing the thinking again. “Well we’d be glad to take you anywhere you’d like to go. Do you have family somewhere?” he said, hoping beyond hope that they’d have nowhere to go.

“No, we’ve never lived anywhere else. Can we just – stay with you? We’ll help with the cleaning, and cooking and…” She let her sentence trail off as she snuggled in close to Jimmy. I could almost see his higher brain functions stop working as her scent enveloped him.

Yisani jumped in with another offer. “You know, we could help you in your merchant business. Most places don’t know about our, uh, special talents. We can be very persuasive negotiators!” The smile she gave me was so wicked it almost made me wonder what we’d gotten ourselves into.


Freedom Feast

“Tell you what boys,” she said. “Let me make a ‘Freedom Feast’ for all of us. Cielia, why don’t you find a way to properly repay our knights in shining armor?”

Cielia grinned and took us both by the hand and led us back to the sleeping quarters. She stripped everyone and herded us into the shower.

“Mmmm, my strong and valiant men! How will I ever repay you for your gallantry?” With that she slipped between us and slowly lathered up her long black hair, making sure plenty of suds slid down her stomach and onto her front pussy lips. Slowly taking our hardening cocks in her hands, she looked up at us with large black eyes. “Are these for me?” she cooed.

Then she turned towards Jimmy and rubbed her sex up and down his shaft. She reached behind her and grabbed me, pumping my shaft while she slid Jimmy’s hot tip around her slippery opening. With her back to me, I leaned up against her, deeply impaling her on Jimmy. Cielia squirmed between us, making those noises that only an aroused Mulae know how to make. It drove Jimmy and me wild with desire. We all tired of the shower at the same time. Jimmy picked up Cielia, still impaled on himself and walked over to the padded bench at the foot of the bed. He fell backwards, landing with Cielia straddling him. With his knees over the end, it put Cielia’s back side at the perfect height for my need. Mulae have sex organs where a human woman does too. That is the one used to procreate. Apparently millions of years have made the frontal one just for pleasure and acquiring precious semen for their diet. And as fun as that one is, it is the real one that is so tight and hot and wet that most men can’t last more than a few seconds inside. Since I’d already had several orgasms today I was determined to take my time. Holding myself in my hand, I worked my tip up and down her soaking lips. The heat radiated off her like a hot pad, roasting my head as I played along her length. With gentle deliberation I eased myself down until I was centered at her opening. With a quick nudge, Cielia backed up against me, driving my tip inside. Her muscles pulled at me, wanting more of me inside her. I sank in inch by inch until I was buried to my pubic bone.

“Uhhhhhhh!” Cried Cielia. “Yisani was right! The two of you together feel like nothing else I’ve ever had! God, I’m so full…”

With that I started stroking my whole length into her. Jimmy was flexing his hips and I could just feel my tip brush against his base as our raging erections fought for the same space inside her tight little body. I could feel Jimmy’s flexing increase in speed and intensity, so I picked up my thrusting as well. Cielia was making one long, wavering scream as her orgasm approached. When it hit her, her body convulsed around us and we both went off within a few seconds of each other filling her with our seed. I crashed down on top of Cielia who was on a thoroughly squished Jimmy. Not that he cared! Soon we regained some semblance of strength and crawled up onto the bed. We slept in a tangle of limbs until Yisani came to get us for dinner. The feast she’d prepared was indeed a feast for a new Holiday. We just hoped the girls would decide not leave…

Our wishes came true, and the girls stayed with us. We found out quickly that they really are quite good negotiators. Whenever we need to trade, whether it is for food, fuel or profit, we let the girls do their thing. Invariably they have sex with the people we are trading with, but at least this way they get to choose who they sleep with and they also get to participate in the spoils. From their perspective their lives haven’t changed that much because they still get paid for sex. But they have much more control than they’ve ever had before, they get to see the Galaxy and of course Jimmy and I love having them around. One of these days we may be able to help them get back on their feet and start another bar somewhere. It really is where their hearts are and as much as we will miss them, it is what they are destined to do. In the mean time Jimmy and I spend half of our time walking around with our knees so weak we can hardly stand. The girls are getting nice and plump too! So far our situation is working out just fine. It may take us several years to get the money together to start that bar.

At least I hope it does…

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