Richter Part One



So another (albeit short) Part One of a potentially longer story here. (I have a problem with too many ideas)

This story, as the themes suggest, will not be for everyone and also features some degree of vore.

As usual with my stories, I suggest not reading any further if you’re sensitive to extreme themes.

Richter stalked the mortal plane, looking for his next quarry. Sent from Hel to punish the perverts of Earth and collect their souls. The demonic manifestation taking the form of a large humanoid wolf. Bulging muscles under furry, thick skin. A large snout extending from his canid face, housing rows of enormous, sharp teeth.

His powerful sense of smell allows him to pick up and track the unmistakable scent of a perverse young woman. Her sexual fluids and sweat giving away to Richter, her insatiable lust and the demented fantasies her mind concocts, draw Richter in with potency.

His prey was 23-year-old Elaina. An athletic and pretty blonde girl who was comfortably in her bed, staring at a computer screen. Wearing nought but a night tee, she softly moaned as she stroked her exposed clitoris and buried available fingers inside of her wet and wanting vagina.

As her residence was quite far from others, it was easy for Richter to gain access to her unlocked home, and stealthily make his way straight towards the distracted girl’s room. As he approached the smells and sounds of his helpless and unaware target, he could feel his demonic wolf dick begin to awaken, slipping out of its furry sheath as it grew. At the door to her bedroom, Richter stopped and pressed his pointy canine ears against the wood. What he heard excited him further, the breathless moans of joy caused his still-enlarging prick to leak its natural lubrication.

He entered Elaina’s room at a most opportune time, she had peaked, achieving the orgasm she aimed for and had temporarily left this world to be lost in her own mind in utter bliss. Richter wasted no time in approaching her, standing right beside her, he was then able to see what this stoned solitary slut was getting off to.

The images on screen were degenerate. Computer graphics imagery of women in various sexual positions with big dogs. This confirmed to Richter that this girl was exactly the kind of disgusting freak that Hel desperately wanted the soul of. He looked down at the delirious girl in the throes of ecstasy as her eyes returned to a normal position.

Elaina’s initial reaction when she looked to see a strange, muscular figure in her room with a huge canine cock was to reach out and touch it. Dampening Richter’s fur with her pussy tainted hand, and feeling the slightly slimy and rock hard, pink shaft of his dick. A few seconds it took for Elaina to realise this wasn’t a normal orgasm induced hallucination, something was there, something had intruded. She let out a gasp and exclaimed “Oh my god, what!?” Completely helpless and exposed, she attempted to grab her quilt from beside her and throw it over her in a futile attempt to hide. A second later the quilt was ripped away and thrown across the room, once again leaving the blonde exposed and defenceless. She was paralysed in fear with the beastly intruder’s face inches from hers, his hot breath on her face and neck sent shivers throughout her body.

One big, clawed hand crashed down onto her midsection, pushing air from her body, and it grasped, scratching the tight skin on her abdomen, she let out a very small cry, trying to muffle herself as if being quiet would make the demon go away. Richter lifted, pulling the pink pyjama top of his prey and lifting her a few inches from her bed before the strain caused the fabric to snap, sending Elaina back onto her bed and exposing her small but supple breasts. Richter found that most of these sexual deviants were very easy to completely unclothe as most of his work had already been done by the time he found them. He smirked to himself before licking Elaina’s sweat beaded face, and running a clawed finger across the slit of her delicate and quivering pussy.

Elaina pulled her face away slightly and cried out in protest, but otherwise lay perfectly still. Richter moved his tongue down and around her body, slathering her neck, shoulders and chest in his warm saliva, and tightly ran his large, furry hands up and down her toned legs and abdominals. Elaina hoped this would be as far as it went, and silently begged that this beast would just leave her alone. Really she knew that this was just the start, and she had to do something if she wanted to survive. Without a choice, Elaina fruitlessly begins to try pushing the beast away with her arms. Not even gaining an inch, she starts kicking out and trying to hit the demon with her powerful legs. Richter’s dick hardened even more. He did so love when his prey fought back, and this is what he anticipated. The fear paralysis dies off and the fear fighting begins.

The gigantic eight foot werewolf from hell simply straddles the bed, Elaina fixed firmly beneath him, his dick resting between her legs and on her crotch and belly. The ungodly canine shaped dick was as long as Elaina’s arm and almost twice as thick. Its pre-ejaculate steadily dripped onto her, and she could feel the heat of the demon’s cum, almost burning her skin.

She continued trying to kick Richter, but her legs barely came an inch off the bed before the obstacle of the wolf’s own rock solid legs prevented her from gaining any momentum.

After tasting his prey, Richter finally spoke. “Hello, dog-slut” he said, mockingly, in a deep and rough voice. “Do you know why I’m here?”

Elaina shook her head, wide-eyed with fear.

“I’m here to reap your soul for my mistress. You have been a very bad girl, with your bad thoughts.”

Elaina sobbed gently, this has to be a bad dream, she thought.

“That means I must kill you. Are you excited?” he laughed as he slipped a claw into her pussy. “But first I’m going to play with you. For my pleasure and sustenance.”

Elaina shook her head and cried “no, please no. I haven’t done anything I swear!”

“Hel does not care about your actions, little morsel. Only about your thoughts.”

“please no, get off me, I can change!” she pleaded. “I promise I won’t think about anything like that anymore.”

Richter realised he could have more fun with the pleading bitch. “Tell me what it is you think of”

“but… but why?”

“Maybe I will let you live if you confess” Richter replied, full well knowing that is a lie. And couldn’t even if he wanted to.

“Please, I know it’s wrong to like that stuff. I know!”

“Tell me what you like.”

“D… dogs!” Elaina cried. “I like dog dick.”

“You mean like this one?” Richter said, pushing his cock up across her torso, pushing her b cup tits aside and resting between them.

“It’s huge!” Elaina exclaimed “Please, just let me go, I told you what you wanted to hear.”

“Yeah, I lied about that.” Richter said before sliding his dick back down and grabbing her neck with his left hand. Staring into her scared blue eyes, his dick slid off of her groin, and between her legs.

Elaina groaned a gurgled “no!” and slowly shook her head under the pressure of Richter’s grip. Her eyes widened as Richter thrust forward. Slamming his huge pulsing cock into her reluctantly waiting pussy. With such ferocity was the first thrust that Elaina felt her belly bulge forward. Looking down under Richter, she could see the shape of his cock stretching her skin slightly. And as he began to get into a thrusting rhythm, she felt the huge dog dick filling her entirely to abruptly leave and return.

Richter’s ferocious, canine head dove toward Elaina’s chest. His teeth plunge into the flesh of her left tit. His tongue lapped at her hard, nipple topping her small, round breast as he sucked with force.

Richter’s free hand clawed at Elaina’s beautifully toned legs as he frantically humped his victim. Elaina’s eyes rolled back as she felt the dog dick of her dreams burying into her, filling her up with bursts of hot, demon wolf cum. Her insides burned, adding extra sensation to the plethora this canine hell beast forced her to experience. Elaina looked at her computer screen for the last time, trying to take in the images as she was thrust up and down against her bed. Her arm slowly reached over to tap the right arrow key, swapping through her favourite images whilst Richter drove her to the heights of pleasure. This gallery, the cg girl looks a lot like her, she always thought. She marvelled at the positions she took with the big wolfdogs. Elaina slowly lost her mind. She looked up to see a handsome wolfdog, gently mating with her. She reached up, grabbing the wolf dog’s fur and embracing him, kissing and hugging her long-awaited mate as he filled her with their pups.

Richter smiled at the broken girl caressing him, and spurted his final load into her. He withdrew his teeth from Elaina’s tit, leaving puncture marks dripping with blood. Her left thigh was scratched to the bone and Richter released his hand from her neck. Only to roughly grab her neck again with his teeth. Puncturing her neck, but being careful not to kill her. He thrusted brutally into her, bending her back as he ripped upwards with his head, tearing Elaina in two between his solid cock and teeth. Her upper half dangled in Richter’s maw, and he gave Elaina a final viewing of his spiky canine dick protruding through her waist. As he fucked her pussy, her legs squirming, Richter continued to consume Elaina. Crunching through her chest and savouring her ripe breasts. He kept her head for his collection.

(To be continued…)

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