Qurantined with My Mom and Sisters 3: Caught in Bed with Little Sis



Things heat up in quarantine when Rick’s caught by his busty mother with his little sister in his bed! Quarantined with Mom and My Sisters

Chapter Three: Caught in Bed with Little Sis

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Jamie squeaked in fright as our mother loomed over us. She was naked, having slipped in for her morning fuck only to find my little sister in bed with me. I had taken Jamie’s cherry last night when she had blackmailed me into eating her pussy.

“I can’t believe you, Rick!” Mom hissed, her large boobs swaying as she put her hands on her hips. “You preyed on your sister? What is wrong with you?”

I had to think quickly. How to explain this and get out of trouble. Quarantine would be a nightmare with Mom angry at me for fucking my sister. I knew it. She had gotten jealous. She had me all to herself for weeks now, sucking my cock and riding my dick.

It had been wonderful.

More than enough for me, but my little sister had needs, too.

“Answer me, Rick!” Mom hissed. “How dare you—”

“Mom,” I growled and rolled out of bed, standing before her naked. That forced her to step back. “Take a breath and chill out.”

“Chill out?” she demanded. “You just… with your sister! Your sister, Rick!”

“Yeah, and what did you come in here to do?” I demanded and grabbed her naked tits. I squeezed them.

She gasped and then batted my hands away. “That’s… That’s different.”

“How?” I grabbed her breasts again. “Huh? You’re my mother. How’s it different when I fuck you than when I fuck my sister.”

“She’s eighteen! A child.”

“I’m not a child!” Jamie hissed.

“Yeah, she’s eighteen,” I said. “She’s old enough to come in here and demand that I eat her pussy. That I satisfy her the way I satisfy you.”

“What?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, did you think I was the only child you had that needed satisfaction?” I demanded. “Jamie was horny, too. She needed someone to help her out. It’s not like she can date.”

“She’s eighteen,” Mom repeated.

“Yeah,” I said, squeezing Mom’s tits. “She’s an adult, Mom. She’s not a child any longer. She’s grown up. She’s grown up and she’s horny. And you know what, Mom, you didn’t help her out. You didn’t offer to finger her twat or eat her pussy to help her out.”

“What?” Mom blanched.

“You started giving me blowjobs and handjobs to help me out,” I said, my fingers digging into her breasts. “But your daughter’s horny, too. She needs to have her pussy fingered and eaten. That’s why she blackmailed me into doing it. So, what are you going to do, Mom? You helped me out, but you won’t help out your daughter? That’s fucked up.”

“But she’s a girl,” Mom said. “I’m not into girls. I’ve never done anything with one.”

“And?” I asked and released her tits. I grabbed her by the arm and maneuvered her to the bed. I pushed her on it where Jamie lay on her back, her small breasts rising and falling. She looked so nervous, her hands clasped to her boobs, her legs tight, her brown bush matted with my dried cum. We had fallen asleep after I took her virginity last night. “Your daughter needs you, Mom. Help her out.”

I pushed Mom down onto the bed and between Jamie’s thighs. Mom didn’t resist. She glanced at me, her face so frightened. I didn’t care. She would eat out Jamie’s cunt. I had to make sure that Mom didn’t walk out of her jealous and pissed.

I had to make sure I could still fuck her. There was no way I could give up sliding into my mom’s pussy. It was such an amazing treat to enter the very cunt that had birthed me and spill my seed in her. But Jamie was delicious, too.

My sister… She was cute and adorable.

And we shared coming out of Mom’s snatch.

I knelt behind Mom, my cock pressing on her ass as I leaned over her, grabbed a fistful of her black hair, and pushed her head down towards my sister’s pussy. She whimpered as I did, but she didn’t fight me.

Maybe she felt that cock and was so horny to be fucked. Or maybe she realized it wasn’t fair that she had pleased one of her three children and not the other two. That she hadn’t offered to take care of Jamie’s itchy pussy.

“Eat her out, Mom,” I groaned. “Take care of her, and I’ll take care of you. Jamie likes having her pussy licked.”

“I do,” Jamie whispered, still looking scared. She stared up at me. I winked at her.

I pushed Mom’s head down the last few inches and let go of her hair. Her head didn’t shoot back up. Instead, Jamie gasped. She shuddered, and I knew that Mom had started licking and lapping. She was feasting on my little sister’s twat.

I smiled and slid my cock down Mom’s crack until I was nuzzling into the folds of her pussy. I pushed against that naughty slit. My cock pushed apart her folds. I shuddered as her cuntlips widened and widened. Then she gasped as my dick popped into her naughty, incestuous hole.

I slid into Mom while she ate out Jamie.

“Rick,” Mom groaned as I slid home into her pussy. “Oh, Rick, yes.”

“Mmm, Rick,” purred my little sister, her eyes so wide. “She’s licking me. She’s really licking me.”

“Good,” I groaned, my hands sliding down our mother’s side to grab her big breasts. I squeezed them.

She moaned her delight.

Holding onto her big tits, I drew back my hips. The friction was incredible. That wonderful, silky embrace gripped my cock. I groaned, reveling in that wonderful snatch squeezing about me. I slammed back into Mom. I buried to the hilt in her. It was incredible to enjoy. I shuddered, loving every moment of this bliss.

My hips pumped away at her snatch. I slammed into her cunt. I fucked into her hard and fast. I loved the feel of her twat squeezing around me. I growled with delight and pumped away at my mother’s cunt. I plowed hard into her snatch, fucking her with powerful strokes. My dick throbbed and ached in her twat’s grip. She felt incredible.

Jamie squirmed, her small breasts jiggling as Mom ate her out. Jamie’s cute face, a younger version of Mom’s ripe beauty, contorted with delight. She trembled and shuddered as our mother devoured her twat.

“Oh, Mommy!” Jamie moaned, her head tossing. Her back arched, small titties quivering. “Oh, yes, Mommy.”

“Eat her,” I groaned, thrusting hard and fast into Mom’s cunt, my balls smacking into her bush. “Devour her, Mom.”

“I am,” she groaned, clenching her twat around my cock. “Just keep fucking me with that amazing dick, Rick!”

I grinned and slammed hard into her. I buried to the hilt in her with my cock. I loved the way she squeezed about me. It was amazing, just a wonderful experience. She gripped me with that wonderful twat. She held me tight. I pumped away at her. I fucked into her hard and fast. I slammed to the hilt in her cunt.

Her pussy squeezed about me. It was amazing to feel. It was a true treat. Her cunt massaged my dick. I loved it. I savored every second of pumping away at my mother’s twat. I groaned, loving this passion. Her twat squeezed about me in such an amazing way.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, burying to the hilt in her twat. “Damn, Mom!”

“Rick!” she groaned, her pussy clenching down on me. “Oh, honey!”

“Mommy!” gasped Jamie. “Oh, Mommy, you’re going to make me cum.”

“Yes!” I groaned, plunging deep and hard into Mom’s cunt, her silky flesh clenching about me. She made this feel amazing. Just a wonderful delight. I groaned as her twat held me tight. She gripped me with such passion.

I loved every moment of it. My cock twitched and throbbed as I fucked into her twat. I buried deep into her snatch with every stroke. My balls smacked into her bush. I kneaded her tits. Squeezed them. Luxuriated in how big and soft they were.

Jamie squirmed more and more. Her back arched and head tossed back and forth. She whimpered while Mom groaned. Her incestuous snatch grew hotter and hotter. My balls tightened, hurtling towards my orgasm.

“Oh, Mommy!” Jamie squealed. “You’re tongue… So different from Rick’s… Oh, yes, yes!”

My little sister bucked in orgasmic delight. It was so clear she was cumming. Her body thrashed while her thighs held Mom’s face to her snatch. I loved it, the ache swelling at the tip of my cock. I buried into my mother’s incestuous depths.

“Rick!” she groaned, her voice throaty with delight.

Her pussy went wild around my cock.

“Yes!” I groaned as I drew back through my mother’s spasming depths.

It was incredible to feel. Just an amazing delight to have her twat rippling and writhing around me. I groaned, savoring every bit of delight I could. It was wonderful to plunge into her cunt. I buried to the hilt in her convulsing cunt, the pressure bursting in my balls.

“Fuck, Mom!” I growled.

My cum fired into her snatch. I pumped spurt after spurt of jizz into her cunt. It was a wonderful burst of rapture. This amazing moment of shuddering bliss. I groaned, spurting all that spunk I could into her twat. I blew my load and loved every minute of it.

Pleasure slammed into my mind. It was outstanding. I groaned, savoring this bliss. I shuddered, hitting the peak of my orgasm. I quivered there, my heart pounding in my chest. My cock pumped spurt after spurt of jizz into her pussy.

“Yes!” I groaned, trembling. “Oh, damn!”

“Mmm, Mommy!” gasped Jamie.

“Rick!” Mom groaned, her pussy milking out the last of my cum. “I…”

“Loved eating Jamie’s pussy?” I asked, squeezing her tits.

“Oh, god, it was nice.” She looked over her shoulder at me. “Having you in me when I did it…”

I grinned at her. “I’m a horny guy. I can satisfy you both. So don’t be jealous.”

She smiled and licked her lips. “I have to get ready. I have an early zoom meeting.”

That was Mom’s life now. Working from home. Having zoom meetings. I had zoom school. So did my sister’s. Our three-bedroom apartment was our universe now.

I pulled out of her twat and she climbed off the bed, her big tits jiggling. She glanced at us. Mom swallowed, then she grabbed her bathrobe, pulled it on, and slipped out of my room. I sat on the edge of the bed, still breathing heavily and feeling amazing. Euphoria wreathed me. It had been so hot fucking Mom.

Jamie sat up. “I thought we were so dead when Mom walked in, but you…” My little sister stared at me in awe. “You just took charge of her. She wasn’t Mom any longer.”

“What was she then?” I asked.

“Your woman.” She swallowed. “Like me.” Then she darted her head down to my lap and sucked my softening cock into her mouth.

I got real hard, real fast as she suckled on my dick.

I groaned and leaned back on my hands as my sister gave me her first blowjob. She sucked Mom’s tangy pussy juices off my dick. I groaned and smiled. This was a hot treat. My little sister nursed on my cock as I swelled to my full erection.

I was still sensitive from cumming in Mom, but that didn’t matter. I just leaned back, drew in a deep breath, and let my sister go to town on my cock. She suckled on me. She nursed with hunger. It was an amazing pleasure. It loved every second of her nursing on me. I savored having her mouth suckle on my cock.

I could just die happy.

She bobbed her head while I groaned. I ran a hand down her long braid of brown hair draped over her supple back. I gripped it, holding it like a leash as my little sister worked her mouth up and down my cock.

“Damn,” I groaned. “Where did you learn to suck cock?”

She slid her mouth up my cock and popped off. She stared up at me, spit running down her chin. “I share a room with Auburn. She tells me things.”

“Damn,” I groaned, thinking of our older sister. Twenty-one going on thirty. She was a girl with a reputation. Busty and sexy, her tits nearly as big as Mom’s. Listening to her masturbating with the showerhead massager had started this wonderful life of incest.

“Enjoy, big bro,” Jamie cooed and swallowed my cock again.

“Fuck, yeah,” I panted, my dick throbbing in her mouth.

It was such a sweet delight feeling my sister working her mouth up and down my cock. She suckled on me with hunger. She nursed on me with passion. It was such a treat. I groaned, loving every moment of her lips sliding up and down my dick. It was fascinating. A treat. I groaned, my dick throbbing and aching.

Her mouth was delicious, too. Just a marvel to enjoy. I loved every second of her working her mouth up and down my cock. She made my dick feel amazing. Just the best. I felt like such a champion with her mouth sucking and slurping on my dick.

“That’s it,” I groaned. “Just like that. Oh, damn, just like that.”

Her mouth bobbed with hunger. She suckled on my dick with such passion. It was a wonderful treat. I felt dizzy from that wonderful mouth working up and down my cock. She suckled on me with such passion. Such hunger for my jizz.

My balls tightened as she sucked Mom’s pussy cream off my dick. That just made this hotter. The hottest blowjob yet. It was doubly incestuous. I groaned, loving my little sister’s hot mouth and naughty tongue.

She didn’t have Mom’s skill, but Jamie was enthusiastic.

“Damn, damn, damn,” I groaned.

My little sister just moaned around my dick.

“Yeah, yeah, keep doing that,” I panted as her tongue darted around my crown. “I’m going to give you a mouthful of cum.”

She purred in delight and suckled hard.

I closed my eyes, the pressure rising to the tip of my dick. My hand tightened its grip on her braid. I held her tight as she slid her lips up my cock, her cheeks hollowing. Her slurping suckles echoed through my bedroom.

I groaned at her enthusiasm. I savored how good her mouth felt. I licked my lips, drawing in such deep breaths. It was awesome. I swayed there for a moment as I savored every last moment of having my dick sucked on by her hungry mouth.

“Yes!” I groaned. “Oh, damn, yes!”

My little sister was amazing.

“Fuck!” I groaned and erupted.

My cum fired out of my dick. Spurt after spurt of cum pumped into my sister’s mouth. The pleasure slammed into my mind. It was exquisite. Amazing. I shuddered, loving every moment of her nursing on my dick. She suckled down all my cum.

It was awesome.

I kept cumming and cumming

My cum fired into her mouth. Powerful blasts of taboo bliss shot through me. I groaned, my head throwing back. She gulped it down with noisy passion. My little sister swallowed my seed. I shuddered, my nuts unloading into her mouth again and again.

The pleasure slammed through me with each eruption. I growled as I basted her mouth. She swallowed down every drop of cum I had. My balls emptied my incestuous seed into her mouth. I unloaded every drop I had.

“Fuck,” I groaned and fell back. “That was great, Jamie.”

She slid her mouth off my cock with a wet plop and grinned at me. “I’m glad. You’re… You’re cool, Rick.” She blushed brightly. “I, uh, I should get to my bed. Auburn has to be wondering what happened to me.”

“Yeah,” I said as she rolled off the bed and headed for her discarded clothes.

I fell back on the bed, sleep pulling at me again. Mom always came in so early. I just closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep thinking about my older sister.


For the last three days, I had been fucking Mom and Sis. Sometimes together, other times apart. It was hot watching one of them lick my cum out of the other’s pussy. But the more I enjoyed them, the more I was thinking of Auburn.

She was exercising like she did most mornings. I was pretending to eat cereal as my older sister sweated her ass. Her big boobs bounced in her sports bra, her bleached blonde hair dancing. Her dark roots were really showing. Like the rest of us, she needed to get a haircut.

She followed the perky woman on the exercise video. Auburn’s body had a delicious sheen of sweat on her. I ogled her, wanting to think of the perfect way to seduce her. How to get her in bed. She had shown no interest in me.

In fact, she let out a snort of disgust. “Do you have to stare at me?”

“You’re distracting,” I said and stirred up my cereal.

She hissed like an angry cat and turned to grab the remote. She turned off the TV and marched down the hallway muttering about how I was a pervert. She burst into the bathroom to take a shower. I sighed and was about to finish off my cereal when Jamie darted up.

She turned around, dropped her shorts, and bent over, thrusting her cute rump and furry muff at me. She wiggled it, looking over her shoulder at me with this look of horny passion on her face. I couldn’t help but smile and pull out my cock

As I slid into her cunt, she moaned, “How’s anal?”



That night. Mom straddled my waist and slid her pussy down my dick. I groaned at the feel of her cunt engulfing my big dick. I throbbed, savoring the feel of her wonderful cunt hugging my cock while my thoughts were wrapped up in Auburn.

I wanted my older sister more and more. Now that I had Jamie and Mom, it just seemed right that Auburn should join the fun. Why should she be excluded? She was a member of the family, too.

“I don’t get at all how sitting on Rick’s cock is going to help him fuck me in the ass,” Jamie said. She was here to learn how to do anal.

“Well, your brother’s cock needs to be lubed,” Mom said, her large breasts swaying as she squeezed her cunt around my dick.”

“Okay,” Jamie said, “but isn’t this going to be a bit awkward?” Jamie stood on the bed, the mattress sinking in around her feet, her head nearly brushing the ceiling. If she wasn’t so short, she might have had to duck.

“Nonsense,” Mom said. “Just brace your hands on the top of the headboard and thrust that cute ass at me. I’ll make sure you’re nice and ready for your brother’s big dick.”

Mom had really changed after eating out my little sister’s cunt. She was so into our incestuous threesome now. It was like I had opened a door in Mom. She had found this new delight: pussy. She would happily munch on Jamie’s muff, especially if my dick was involved.

I loved it. Our threesomes were hot, but I just couldn’t help but think that a foursome with all the women of my family would be amazing. Quarantine with my mom and sisters would be outstanding if we were all just loving each other.

No more sneaking around. No more worrying. Just open sex. Auburn could do her exercises naked. I could be blown by Jamie while watching TV. Mom could just impale her pussy on my dick when she had that horny itch.

It would be perfect.

Jamie straddled me, standing up. She leaned over and grabbed the headboard, her small titties quivering. I loved the sight of them. She thrust her ass out at Mom. She moaned, her pussy clenching on my dick. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I knew it.

She was about to lick out my little sister’s asshole.

“Oh,” gasped Jamie. Her blue eyes widened. Delight slid over her angelic face. “Oh, my, that’s so dirty, Mom. Wow. You’re just… Ooh, wow!”

“What?” I asked, my cock throbbing in Mom’s pussy. She wasn’t really moving, but she was shifting around enough to make it exciting to be in her pussy.

“She’s got her tongue swirling around my butthole,” groaned Jamie. She bit her lower lip and then squealed. “Now she’s pushing on my anal ring with her tongue. She’s trying to slide it into me and… and…” Her eyes widened. “Oh, my god, she’s in me, big bro. Mom’s tongue is in my butt. She’s swirling around in my butt!”

“Good,” I groaned, watching the pleasure flowing over my sister’s face.

Jamie shuddered. The headboard creaked. She gripped it tight, her small titties jiggling. She whimpered. Groaned. Sounding so cute and adorable. I watched her, my dick throbbing in Mom’s snatch. Her juicy pussy clenched down on it.

The mattress shifted as Jamie squirmed. My gaze slid down to her brown bush. Her juices beaded the curls. Then a rivulet spilled down her right, inner thigh and worked down her flesh. I groaned at the sight and breathed in.

I smelled Mom’s tangy musk and Jamie’s spicy delight.

Mom brought her hand up to Jamie’s pussy and then slid in several fingers. My little sister gasped. Her face contorted as Mom worked her digits in deep and then left them to soak in there. It was such a hot sight to witness.

I licked my lips, loving the sight. That was so hot. It was amazing to watch my little sister squirm. Those fingers covered in cream to get her asshole ready for my big dick. My cock twitched in Mom’s cunt, soaking in her incestuous juices.

Getting nice and lubed for Jamie’s ass.

Mom pulled those digits out of my sister’s cunt. They dripped with cream. I licked my lips as Mom shifted her weight. Those fingers vanished out of sight. My sister gasped. She whimpered and then squeaked out in delight.

“She’s sliding her finger into my butt, Rick!” Jamie moaned. “Oh, wow, she’s just… I mean… Wow!”

“Enjoy,” I said, staring at her with a big grin.

“I am!” Her blue eyes widened. “Oh, wow. Oh, that’s so naughty. It feels wicked to have her finger into my butt, big bro.”

“Mmm, so wicked,” moaned Mom. “Wait until your big brother’s cock is in your ass. That’s a treat.”

“I bet!” my little sister moaned.

Mom thrust her fingers back into Jamie’s cunt. My sister quivered, her small boobies jiggling. Her braid slipped off her shoulder and dangled down at me. It swayed back and forth as she trembled. Mom pulled her digits out of Jamie’s pussy.

“Here comes two,” Mom cooed.

Jamie’s face tightened up. She whimpered and groaned as Mom worked those two digits into my little sister’s cute asshole. I pictured Mom violating her daughter’s asshole with juicy fingers. It was such a hot mental picture. It had my dick throbbing hard in Mom’s pussy. Jamie then groaned, her body trembling.

“Oh, oh, she’s got her digits in me.” A smile spread on her lips. “Wow, this is amazing. You know that, big bro? It’s so amazing having Mom’s digits thrusting into my butt.”

“I bet it is,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in Mom’s pussy. “Wait until it’s my dick.”

“I have to be ready for his dick, Mommy!”

“Mmm, do those two fingers feel anywhere near as thick as his cock?” Mom cooed.

“No,” pouted Jamie.

Mom just worked those fingers in and out of Jamie’s asshole, getting her nice and loose for my cock. I was so ready to fuck my sister. So eager to slide my dick into her asshole. It would be incredible. Just an amazing delight. I would have such a mighty orgasm fucking her anal sheath. I couldn’t wait to fire my cum into her bowels.

Mom pulled out her digits and plunged them back into Jamie’s cunt. My sister whimpered, her head tossing and braid swaying. This would be the last time. She would be ready after this. Three fingers and then my cock.

“They’re soaked,” whimpered Jamie. “Finger my butt, Mommy. I want his dick in my ass. Autumn loves anal.”

“Does she,” Mom said, sounding not shocked but displeased. “That girl…”

Autumn and Mom had had some epic fights in the last few years.

Mom ripped her fingers out of Jamie’s pussy. This time, Jamie’s eyes bulged. She whimpered. Groaned. Her jaw clenched. She started breathing heavily. Mom worked those three digits into her asshole. I just pictured that puckered hole swallowing them.

“Oh, god,” Jamie groaned, the tension in her expression relaxing. “Oh, wow, that’s thick. Ooh, ooh, but I like it. Oh, Rick, your cock’s going to feel amazing in my butt.”

I know,” I groaned. I smiled up at her. “I know. You’re going to enjoy it.”

She nodded, her blue eyes twinkling.

Mom worked her fingers in and out. I could see her body moving. Her breasts swayed, heavy and delicious. Her pussy squeezed and relaxed about me, the silky sheath shifting around my dick. I licked my lips, waiting for her to proclaim Jamie’s asshole was ready. Eager to slide into my sister’s bowels.

Mom kept fingering her. Pumping her digits in and out of her asshole. Jamie bit her lip. She groaned and shuddered. She wiggled her rump and furrowed her brow. She looked impatient. Annoyed. She wanted my dick in her asshole.

“Mom!” she gasped. “I have to be ready. Your fingers are sliding in with ease.”

“Oh, well, I just wanted to make sure,” Mom said lightly.

“Liar! You just want to enjoy Rick’s cock in your pussy for longer.”

“Guilty.” Mom giggled, her cunt squeezing down on my dick. “You can’t blame your mother for enjoying his cock.”

“Fine, fine, but I’m ready!”

“You are ready, Honey.”

Mom rose up my cock. I groaned as her silky cunt massaged me with a tight grip. Her pussy felt amazing. I groaned, my back arching. Her twat was amazing. Then she popped off. I shuddered at that sound. I was free.

She laid down on the bed beside me, her legs spread wide. Jamie squealed and didn’t so much as kneel between Mom’s thighs as throw herself down on the bed, bouncing with her excitement. She bent over, thrusting her ass up in the air, and buried her face into Mom’s snatch.

As Jamie devoured our mother’s hair pie, I rose and moved behind my sister. Her cute tush wiggled at me, her asshole gleaming between her butt-cheeks. I shuddered at that naughty hole. My dick twitched and throbbed as I brought my dick towards her.

“Fuck my ass!” moaned my sister, her voice muffled by hot cunt.

“Mmm, yes, yes, fuck her,” Mom moaned, her boobs quivering. They jiggled. They were such delicious sights to witness.

I pressed my cock into Jamie’s butt-cheeks. I drilled right against that naughty hole. She whimpered as my pussy-lubed crown pushed against her asshole. Her sphincter widened and widened. I felt her relaxed anal ring sliding over my dick.

She whimpered. Groaned. More and more of the tip of my cock slipped into her bowels. Her velvety flesh engulfed the sensitive part of my dick. Her supple back arched as I slid into the velvety grip of her bowels.

It was incredible to enjoy.

“Mommy!” she squealed. “Mommy, he’s in my butt.”

“Mmm, he is,” purred Mom, her green eyes staring at me with a naughty glint in them. “Enjoy. Your older sister isn’t the only woman in the family who loves anal.”

“Me!” Jamie’s bowels clenched down on my cock as I slid deeper and deeper into her cunt. It felt wonderful to enter her. Just amazing to slide into her tight asshole. “I love anal!”

I bottomed out in my little sister’s bowels. I broke her in and loved every minute of it. My dick throbbed in her butt. Her hot, velvety flesh held me tight. She felt amazing. I groaned, loving how she gripped me. How she held me tight. It was fantastic to enjoy. I smiled, savoring this wicked delight.

I was balls deep in my little sister’s bowels.

I drew back. She squealed into Mom’s cunt. The incestuous bliss of this moment shot through me. Mom’s big boobs jiggled as she squirmed, humping her cunt against Jamie’s licking mouth. My hands held my little sister’s hips as her bowels massaged my dick.

“Fuck!” I growled and thrust back into her.

I buried to the hilt in my sister’s bowels. My cock, lubed by our mother’s juices, pumped away with ease at Jamie’s velvety asshole. That wonderful grip massaged my cock. Pleasure swept down my dick. I groaned, loving every moment of it.

I buried into my sister’s asshole again and again. My balls smacked into her taint, heavy with the cum I’d dump into her asshole. I would fire so much into her. I would baste her. It would be incredible. I wanted her gasping and moaning and crying out her ecstasy.

It would be fantastic.

I plunged into my little sister’s bowels again and again. I held her hips as I fucked her asshole. She feasted on our mother’s cunt. She licked and lapped at our mother’s twat as I sodomized her cute ass. Her bowels gripped me. Massaged me.

“Shit,” I groaned, in anal heaven.

“Yes, yes, fuck my butt, big bro!” moaned Jamie, her voice muffled by hot muff. “Ooh, Mom, I love anal.”

“Good, you take after Mom, Jamie,” I groaned.

“Mmm, you do, honey,” Mom moaned. “Oh, Jamie, that naughty tongue.”

“What’s she doing to you?” I asked, thrusting away at my sister’s bowels. My balls drank in the heat flowing down my shaft.

“She’s got her tongue swirling about in my pussy,” groaned Mom. “She’s caressing my walls and making me feel amazing. It’s fantastic. Oh, yes, yes, she’s just enjoying my pussy cream.”

“So yummy,” my little sister moaned, squeezing her bowels down on my cock. “If only there was some cum to lick out.”

“Damn,” I groaned, thrusting away at her asshole.

The ache built and built at the tip of my dick as I ass-fucked my little sister. I drove my cock deep and hard into her bowels. I plunged to the hilt in her. I shuddered as I savored this wonderful ecstasy. This amazing heat swelled in my nuts.

I wanted to cum in her. But I wanted her gasping and moaning.

I slid my right hand around her hip and followed it down to her pussy. I slid through her bush and brushed her clit. She gasped, her bowels clamping down hard on my dick. She squeezed her asshole down around on my cock.

“Big bro!” she moaned. “Ooh, Ooh, big bro! Finger my clit! Yes, yes, I’m going to cum!”

“Mmm, speaking of clits,” Mom purred.

Jamie giggled. Then she started suckling.

Mom started groaning.

I shuddered, rubbing my sister’s bud as she nursed on our mother’s. My balls tightened. They smacked into Jamie’s taint as I hurtled towards my orgasm. Her juices coated my digits as I pumped away at my sister’s asshole.

I fucked her hard and fast. I buried into her again and again. She groaned, squeezing her bowels down around my dick. It was an amazing thing to feel. I loved every moment of it. I savored every last second of burying into her asshole.

“Oh, god,” Mom groaned, her face contorting in bliss. “Jamie! Jamie!”

“Make Mom cum!” I panted, slamming into my sister’s bowels. My finger massaged her clit.

Jamie squealed and suckled with such noisy passion. Mom’s face contorted. Her big boobs jiggled. She arched her back, tits heaving. I groaned, staring at the amazing sight as I drilled into my sister’s bowels. Mom whimpered.

“Yes!” she gasped.

Her body bucked as she came. Jamie must be drowning in our mother’s incestuous passion. I shuddered, rubbing hard at her clit. My sister’s bowels squeezed down hard as I drew back. I gasped, the pressure almost exploding out of my cock.

I slammed forward into her depths. Jamie squealed and then her bowels convulsed around my cock. Pussy cream soaked my fingers and ran over my hand. My sister moaned her climax into our mother’s cumming snatch.

“Fuck!” I gasped and erupted.

My cum fired into my little sister’s bowels. I groaned as I pumped spurt after spurt of cum into her twat. I basted her asshole with my jizz, shuddering through the rapture of my orgasm. It was incredible. My eyes squeezed shut. I growled through clenched teeth.

It was amazing. Just a fantastic bliss to fire my cum into her convulsing bowels. I shuddered, loving every second of her asshole writhing around my cock, milking out my cum I fired into her. Pleasure slammed into my mind.

“Damn!” I groaned, emptying my nuts into her asshole.

“Ooh, ooh, that’s good,” gasped Jamie. “Mommy! Mommy! I got a butt full of Rick’s cum.”

“Mmm, I bet you do,” Mom cooed. She glanced at me and winked.

I shuddered, panting.

I pulled out of my sister’s asshole with a wet plop. She sat up, whirled around in place, and threw her arms around my neck. She kissed me with such hungry passion, Mom’s tangy pussy cream staining her lips.

It was quite the treat to enjoy.

I kissed my sister with passion. My tongue danced around in her mouth. I licked and lapped at her with hunger. My tongue danced with hers. I loved how she kissed me back with such passion and enthusiasm.

Then she broke it and grinned at me, my dick throbbing. She licked her lips and purred, “So… What’s the verdict?”

“You have a sweet ass,” I said.

“Yep!” she squealed. “Ooh, we have to do anal again. And you have to fuck my pussy. And lick it. I like it when you lick it, big bro.”

“Mmm, well, I have an idea,” Mom said. “Is your brother hard?”

Jamie grabbed my cock. “Yep.”

“Okay, why don’t you sit your butt on my face,” Mom purred. “Let me lick the cum out of your asshole while your big brother eats your pussy and fucks my cunt with his dirty dick.”

My sister and I both gasped in shock. The look of surprise on Jamie’s face had to be mirrored by my own. It was the filthiest thing I had ever heard. The most depraved act. I could imagine. And Mom wanted to perform it.

“You’re such a perv, big bro,” Jamie purred. “I felt your dick throb in my hand. That turned you on.”

“Guilty,” I groaned.

She winked at me then she moved. In moments, she was sitting her butt on Mom’s face, leaning back to rest her shoulders against the headboard. Her butt-cheeks seemed to engulf Mom’s lower face while her pussy was thrust at me. Mom’s tongue licked at my sister’s asshole, this time full of my cum.

My dirty dick throbbed. Mom’s legs were spread wide in welcome. I could slide into her and feast on my little sister’s snatch all at the same time. It was a kinky sight. Something that had my dick throbbing so hard.

I moved between Mom’s thighs and guided my cock to her pussy. I pressed into her black curls and found her pussy lips. From ass to cunt. I couldn’t believe this depraved and forbidden act. I thrust into my mother’s snatch, sliding back home.

“Yes!” she moaned.

“Ooh, ooh, clean your dick in Mom’s cunt!” Jamie moaned, her little titties jiggling.”

I swallowed and nodded, leaning forward. Mom squeezed her cunt around my dirty dick as my lips came closer and closer to my sister’s snatch. The tips of Mom’s boobs grazed my chest. I leaned my weight on my elbows and dove into my sister’s snatch.

I pressed my face into the silky curls of her bush. Dripping with her spicy excitement, they tickled my face. A heartbeat later, I kissed directly at her cunt. My lips smooched up and down her pussy while my cock throbbed in our mother’s cunt.

“Mmm, pump away,” moaned Mom, her voice muffled by my little sister’s asshole.

“Yes, yes, polish your dick in her cunt while she licks all your cum out of my asshole.” Jamie whimpered. “Oh, she’s doing that.”

Licking at her cunt, I drew back my dick. Mom’s pussy clutched about my shaft. She held me tight. It felt incredible. I groaned as her pussy squeezed about me with such pleasure. My cock throbbed in her snatch.

I slammed back forward. I buried to the hilt in my mother’s cunt. Her pussy held me tight. She gripped me with that wonderful twat. It was an incredible delight to feel. I groaned into Jamie’s twat, savoring Mom’s cunt holding me tight. I loved every moment of it. This was incredible.

My mom’s pussy polished my dirty dick while I devoured my little sister’s cunt.

“Oh, Mom!” gasped Jamie. “Get that tongue in my asshole. Yes, yes, scoop out that cum.”

“Scoop it out!” I groaned, my dick aching in her cunt. I thrust my tongue into my little sister’s spicy depths.

“Rick!” she gasped, her small tits jiggling.

I pumped away at Mom’s pussy. Jamie moaned, her fingers digging into my shaggy hair and pulling me tight into her furred muff. I licked and lapped at her. I caressed her twat, gathering up the spicy juices leaking out of her.

It was so hot eating out her cunt while fucking my mother’s pussy with my dirty dick. The depraved delight of her silky walls buffing my cock clean swelled the pressure at the tip of my dick. That explosive release would soon fire out of me and baste her cunt.

“Yes,” I groaned between licks of Jamie’s twat.

“Mmm, that’s so good,” she whimpered. “I have both your tongues in my holes.”

She gripped my hair while I plundered her cunt. I plundered both their cunts. My tongue swirled through Jamie’s snatch while my cock pumped away at Mom’s pussy. She squeezed about me, polishing my pole.

I groaned, burying into Mom’s twat. I shuddered, savoring the feel of her snatch squeezing down around me. It was fantastic to experience while feasting on my little sister’s twat. I groaned, savoring every thrust. Every plunge. Every last thrust into my mother’s pussy while I lapped at my little sister’s twat.

“Rick!” Mom moaned into Jamie’s twat. “Oh, Rick, yes!”

“Mmm, fuck her hard!” Jamie groaned. “And lick my pussy. Oh, yes, yes, that’s so good.”

I fucked into Mom hard, my balls smacking into her taint heavy with my load of incestuous cum. I buried into her depths while feasting on Jamie’s cunt. Her silky curls rubbed on my face. My nuts tightened, drinking in the friction of Mom’s snatch.

I enjoyed her pussy squeezing about my dick. Her silky flesh massaged me. I fluttered my tongue up and down Jamie’s slit while burying my cock to the hilt in Mom’s cunt. I plunged deep and hard into her, my balls smacking over and over into her flesh.

“Oh, I’m so close!” Jamie moaned.

“Me, too!” groaned Mom, her cunt clamping down on my dick.

“Yes!” I growled.

I licked up to my sister’s clit. I sucked on her bud as I buried my dick hard into Mom’s cunt. Jamie gasped. Her face contorted in bliss. Then she squealed. Her head threw back and her small titties jiggled over me.

“Big bro!”

Her pussy cream gushed out into my hungry mouth. I drank down my little sister’s spicy cream. I reveled in her passion gushing out and soaking my lips. I pumped away at Mom’s cunt, the pressure in my balls building and building.

“Oh, god!” Mom groaned, her cunt squeezing down on my dick. “Yes, yes, yes!”

I slammed into her and gasped as her pussy went wild around my dick. Her hot flesh convulsed. Spasmed. I savored the feel of her snatch rippling and writhing around my cock. She sucked at me as I drank down the flood of Jamie’s passion.

“Mom!” I groaned into my little sister’s natch. I plunged to the hilt in my mother’s convulsing twat.

I erupted.

My cum fired into Mom’s twat. Pleasure shot through my body. My mind reeled from the bliss. My balls emptied themselves, spurt after spurt of cum firing into her snatch. I quivered atop my mother, my cum unloading again and again into her snatch.

Over and over again, I flooded her pussy with my cum. The pleasure raced over my mind. The rapture shot across my thoughts. It was amazing to experience. It was fantastic to enjoy. I groaned, loving every second of her pussy rippling and writhing around my dick. I groaned, my spunk firing into her twat.

“Oh, Rick!” Mom moaned.

“Yes, yes, big bro!” my sister gasped, grinding my face into her twat. I licked at her as I erupted a final time into Mom’s pussy.

I groaned, my pleasure peaking and dying. I rubbed my face into my little sister’s furry twat. I breathed in her spicy aroma. It was such a wonderful delight. I licked at her cunt and she gasped. Then she slid to the side, panting.

Mom grabbed my face and pulled me down for a kiss. Her big boobs pressed into my chest. She tasted Jamie’s spicy cunt while I tasted her sour asshole. I groaned, kissing Mom with hunger, my cock softening in her cunt.

“Okay,” she said. “That’s enough for tonight. Off to bed. And separate beds, young lady.”

“Fine, Mommy,” she said and scampered off of the bed.

I slid out of Mom and off the bed, too. I grabbed my shorts and shirt. Jamie pulled on a tank top and a pair of panties. Mom rolled over on her side, hugging a pillow, looking so out of it. I grinned and opened the door.

Jamie sauntered out and then I followed. I closed the door and then noticed the light coming from beneath the bathroom door. The hiss of the shower. I glanced at my sister. Jamie grinned back. Auburn was in there masturbating.

I couldn’t help but press my ear to the door and listened to the spray of water getting muffled as our older sister rubbed the shower head against her snatch. I wanted to hear one of her sexy whimpers, my dick getting hard.

“You want to fuck her, don’t you?” Jamie whispered.

I pulled my ear from the door. “Yeah. But that’s not happening. She hates me.”

“You sure?” asked Jamie and then she grabbed the door and turned the knob. The lock popped—it wasn’t that great—and my little sister flung the door opened, grabbed my hand, and dragged me inside.

Through the fogged glass, the blurry figure of my older sister jumped.

To be continued…

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