The first part of what has turned out to be a very interesting family dynamic…

So…it happened. I was the guys who was safe, wore a mask everywhere, washed my hands a million times a day. And I was diagnosed positive with the Covid.

Let me back up and tell you about myself. Firstly, my name is Kale, yes like the vegetable. My wife is Maria, and our son is Kevin. My parents had divorced when I was in my early teens and my Dad, Kane, had married my step-mom Karen. Anyways, we live in Tennessee and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Nashville life. Growing up my parents traveled a lot, but after the divorce my Dad, all of us kids and his new bride settled in Nashville. I have 3 other siblings who live in other states, but that is another story.

Back to the present, my step-mom Karen was diagnosed with the Covid two days after we had seen them at a local park.

At the park had been wearing masks, but due to the heat and not being able to hear each other, we had removed them. We all kept our six-foot distance at all times, except the time Karen was walking toward a bench and she tripped, I caught her mid-fall. I have always thought Karen was extremely good looking with her Auburn hair, swimmers’ figure and her nice perky tits. It was by complete accident that I had grabbed her breasts as she fell, confirming they were “more than a handful”. She glanced up at my in that moment, a slight grin came across her face. My wife, son and Dad did not see this as they were walking toward the Parthenon at this Centennial Park. As we stared into each other’s eyes, I could feel the heat rising in my body. I was slightly embarrassed, but Karen simply said “Thank you Kale, I appreciate your hands”. We got up, dusted ourselves off, laughed about the situation and walked toward the others.

Later that day, Karen called and said her boss had been diagnosed with Covid. Karen had been working from home, but had attend a meeting with her boss and twenty others on Wednesday. We had seen them at the park on Thursday, so we had to be tested. All 3 of us in our immediate family were tested, and I was the only one positive.

So, I was going to be quarantined in our bedroom for 2 weeks…ugh. After my diagnosis I called my parents and let them know. Karen was already quarantined in one of my sisters old rooms set up with her computer so she could work from home. My Dad was staying in the rest of the house, delivering things to Karen as she needed them.

Karen called me within an hour of me telling them of my diagnosis and asked if we could talk. She explained that she and my Dad were going through a rough patch and this isolation from him was helping since they could not fight. During our conversation, she asked me something that would change my life forever.

“Kale, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything”

“Do you think that Maria would be OK with all of you quarantining with us? I mean, our house is too big for just the two of us and Kevin has always enjoyed the media room to watch movies or play his PlayStation”.

“Ya know, I really don’t know if they would go with that. Maria still has to work, BUT Kevin would love the media room. Plus, it is on the opposite side of the house from where we would be, so no contamination.”

“My thoughts exactly” she said.

Just for reference, my parents have around a 5000 square foot house, with 6 bedrooms, a media room, pool and even a little sauna. My interest was really peaked about this, because my house is over twice as small as theirs, and Kevin would love the media room and pool. Maria would take some convincing, since she was working from home and would need a place to do that.

She continued, “Also, since there is an office on the other side of the house, Maria could use that to work from. Your Dad has his own office that he works from, so they won’t bother each other. I am sure Kevin would enjoy the time at his Nana and Pop-pops. We have plenty of food for all of us for 6 months, even a small stocked kitchenette on this side of the house.”

This sounded like a great idea, I was having to still go into work because I was “essential”, but with this two-week quarantine I would be able to just relax on that side of the house.

“I will talk to Maria about this and see what she says. Have you asked Dad about this? Was he OK with it?”

“Oh, it was partially his idea. He was talking about how quiet the house was since we were having to stay separated. Plus, he and Kevin could spend some quality time together. There’s not pressure, just thought it would be a nice gesture. I am in the corner bedroom, the one with the small office area, and you could have the adjoining room with the QLED TV.”

These rooms were huge 20’ x 20’ with tall ceilings and their own bathrooms. These 2 rooms were my sisters, being more high maintenance than myself they had insisted on larger rooms. Their former rooms were fully stocked with all the latest gadgets a kid could need, and had an adjoining door. This was a perfect room for two twins. When Dad put up the QLED in Keira’s room I was really jealous. Our home was a modest 2200 square feet, but Dad’s house was like a mansion to me.

“Oh yeah, that is what I am talking about! I can watch ESPN all day in super-duper high def!”.

Karen laughed hysterically knowing I was telling the truth.

“Let me talk it over with Maria and I will let you know”.

“Ok Sweetie, call me tomorrow night. Love you”.

As soon as I got off the phone, I called Maria on her cellphone, just to make sure we kept our social distancing intact.

“So, Karen just called and asked if we wanted to stay at their house for the next couple of weeks and quarantine together. You and Kevin would have full run of the house with Dad, and I would be staying in Keira’s old room”

“Hmmm, that is a great idea, we always love going to your parents’ house. So, where would I do my work, and what would Kev do, and what would your Dad be doing? Plus, what would you be doing, watching ESPN all day?” Again, someone laughed about how much Sports I watch.

“Honey, you know me too well. Karen said you could use the old office, the one with the hookups for all your computer gadgets. Kevin always likes the media room and the pool; he and Dad can hang out there when Dad is not working. Their kitchen is stocked, and that little kitchenette in the hallway across from the girl’s old rooms is full as well, so that is where Karen and I would get our food. I think this would work out great, and feel like a vacation while we are in quarantine”.

“Let me think about it, and talk to Kevin, if I can pull him away from the PlayStation. Love you.”

“Love you too, just let me know. I have to go; Dad is calling me”.

“Hey Dad, what’s up?”

“Hey Son, did Karen ask you about coming over here? I think it is a great idea, I mean I can keep Kevin out of Maria’s hair most of the day. My work has slowed down a lot, and we can watch movies or play his fancy Play motion game.”

“Yeah, she asked and I discussed it with Maria. She is supposed to call me back to let me know what she thinks. OH, and it is a PlayStation Dad, not Play motion.

“Yeah, well whatever it is, we can hook it up in the media room and play some Centipede or Frogger. I know he plays the new games but the old ones remind me of when I was younger. Anyway, just let me know either way, we would love for you guys to stay with us. There is plenty of food and more rooms than we all need. I do have to warn you, Karen snores, so keep the door between the twins room closed at night”. My Dad belly laughed so hard I think he fell out of his chair. “Whoops, damn chair”.

A few hours later, my phone started ringing, it was Maria

“Honey, I think it is a great idea to go to your parents’ house. Kevin is beyond excited; he is packing is PlayStation as I speak. I guess we could head over there tomorrow around nine or so, I don’t have any meetings so it should be alright. Get some rest, it’s going to be an interesting wto weeks” What she said would almost be prophetic, as these next two weeks changed a lot for our whole family.

Early the next morning I could hear Maria and Kevin getting things ready, so I got up and showered and packed some things for myself. We headed out around 8:30 after some much-needed breakfast. I drove my Toyota and my wife drove her Honda, parking on different sides of the property. I waved and blew kisses as I entered the east end of the house. As I entered, I could smell the lavender plug ins that Karen was so fond of.

“Is that you Kale? I hope so, because this is the sick side of the house.”

I peeked my head into Kara’s old room and there was Karen wearing a partially sheer kimono and some bright pink lingerie, not leaving much to the imagination.

“Oh, umm…sorry” I stammered just to get the words out, and keep my eyes from drifting.

“Oh, you have seen me in much less you goofball”. She was right, last summer at the beach house, she had a bright green thong bikini that made even my wife blush.

“So, I am going to unpack and just get used to being here.” I told her.

“Make yourself at home, be sure to call your Dad”.

So, as I unpacked my things into the dresser, my phone rang, it was Dad.

“Hey son, just wanted to make sure you were settling in. Did you speak to Karen, she said she was working when I called her? Well, me and this Grandboy are going to watch the new Keanu Reeves movie, and I think Maria is going to be taking advantage of the pool. Let me know if you or Karen need anything.”

“Ok Dad, we really appreciate it. Talk to you soon”.

I spent the next 2 hours watching a show about the GOAT of Basketball, Michael Jordan.

I heard a “thud” on the adjoining door so got up to investigate.

I slowly opened the door and laying just on the other side was a bright pink dildo. I froze, I did not know what to do. My eyes seem to be mesmerized by this, not noticing, my step mom completely naked on the bed.

“Oh my God Kale, I am SO sorry. Sometimes I just get carried away.” She quickly pulled the covers over her and tried to get dressed under the sheets. When she stood, I could see her rock-hard nipples poking through her lingerie as well as other varying size sex toys under the sheets.

“Oh, um, that is Ok…” I was still in shock after seeing all of this.

“Oh Kale, I am sure you have seen all of these things before. I bet you and Maria have even used a few of them.”

“Oh, yeah, umm…we have…” That is all I could get out of my mouth as Karen spoke up.

“Well, well, well, looks as if your friend down there likes what he sees”.

I could feel a cool breeze as the head of my dick poked out of my shorts. Oh crap, what should I do?

“Karen, I am SO sorr…” She moved closer and grabbed my dick with a fervor I had not felt in years.

“You know, I have always thought you were really handsome. I once walked in while you were in the shower and was amazed by the size of your penis”.

Wait, what? This totally caught me off guard, almost as much as Karen dropping my shorts and now stroking my cock as if she were milking a cow.

“Oh…my…GOD..Karen….that feels so good. Don’t stop”

“Oh, I won’t, but we have to be quick”.

She picked up the pace, and it did not take long before I was ready to burst.

Karen must have sensed it because she enveloped my love muscle with her warm, soft, wet mouth. She sucked me dry as I shot hot cum down her throat. She took every last drop with out missing a beat.


I was like a teenager again, feeling the angst of a first blow job.

She seemed quite proud of herself as she licked her lips, having tasted my cum for the first time.

She gathered herself, looked me right in the eyes and said “Well, looks like you and I will have an interesting 2 weeks Kale.”

And with that, she slowly closed the adjoining door to our adjoined rooms. I soon heard the moans of a woman pleasuring herself behind the door.

Should I go in, should I stay here…my mind was a flutter.

Just then, the phone rang, it was Maria.

“Hey Honey, how are things going on that side of the house? I just spent quite a while in the pool and then the sauna. I hope you are not too bored over there”.

“No, I have been watching a Michael Jordan show, and I actually fell asleep earlier”. It’s not like I was going to tell Maria what had JUST happened.

“Have you and Karen talked much? I know she is working, but hopefully you can spend some time together”.

Time together? Oh yeah, if she only knew what had just happened….it would NOT be copasetic.

“Yeah, we have talked some, but she is pretty tied up with work”

“Ok, well, just wanted to check on you. Kevin and your Dad are battling it out on the PlayStation…hahaha”.

“That sounds great Honey, I think I am going to watch some more TV then hit the hay”

“Ok, sounds good…talk to you in the morning. Love you”

“Goodnight, love you too”

As I got off the phone, I felt really guilty for what had just happened with Karen. Should I tell Maria, should I tell Dad that Karen pounced on me like a cheetah in heat? Too many things to think about…I need to go to bed.

I drifted off to sleep, wondering what the next 2 weeks would be like….

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