Quarantined with My Mom and Sisters Chapter 1: My Loving Mother’s Naughty Relief



Being quarantined might not be so bad when his mom starts giving him handjobs. But that’s just the start!

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Quarantined with my mom and sis in a three-bedroom apartment…

Kill me now.

When I could go out and hang with my friends, even when I had to go to college five days a week, I could get out of the estrogen zone. So could my two sisters. Mom had to work. We all could leave. Now I was stuck in the house with them twenty-four hours. The four of us stuck in this tiny space.

No privacy. Nowhere to really go to escape. People were always around. It was nerve-wracking trying to rub one out with people moving about the apartments. I was nineteen. A ball of hormones. I mean, everything made me hard, and when my sisters—especially Auburn, my older sister—pranced around in shorts and a t-shirt…

Fuck, I had no other girls to stare at.

Auburn was twenty going on twenty-five. She looked so mature. So hot as she darted around in booty shorts that hugged her rump or yoga pants that hugged her rump or even just panties that hugged her rump. And those tits. She didn’t have tits as big as Mom, but she came close. Perky boobs that jiggled beneath her crop tops and belly shirts and tank tops and just her bra. She could be the cover model on Playboy.

Jamie was cute, but at eighteen she didn’t have the curves of our older sister. Still, she could be wearing a pair of panties and bending over, and there was a cute butt before me and… POP! Erection. A hardon. I had to go rub one out.

But how?

How could I get comfortable doing that? Mom was home all the time. Her bedroom had become her office, too. And guess who shared a wall with her? If I started jerking off, I just knew she could hear the springs of my bed creaking and groaning as I rubbed my cock. The whole apartment could probably hear.

They would know what I was doing. It was so fucking embarrassing.

“Don’t hog the shower!” screeched Jamie as I lay in my room, fighting off the latest urge to masturbate thanks to Auburn and those panties she had been wearing. They didn’t even cover all of her ass. Not a thong precisely. I didn’t know what to call them, but they left the bottom swells of her peachy rump on display.

I just wanted to grab my cock and—

“I know you’re jilling off with the shower massager in there!” Jamie hissed.

My cock twitched at that. Masturbating with the showerhead? Mom had gotten that a few years ago when we moved in. I didn’t know girls could do that. Suddenly, the images of Auburn, her dyed-blonde hair plastered wet about her shoulders and water dripping off her large, lush breasts filled my mind. She held the showerhead between her thighs, spraying her twat and rubbing it around.

“No, I’m not!” Auburn yelled back.

I shuddered at the comment, my dick throbbing as my two sisters argued. We had two bathrooms, but there was only so much hot water. My mind, however, drifted. I bit my lip, wanting to just shove my hand into my shorts and stroke one off.

Just beat off to the image of my older sister rubbing that shower head up and down her pussy. I groaned, hearing Mom having a Zoom meeting through the walls of my bedroom. She was just beyond my head.

I rolled over onto my side, buried my face in my pillow, and groaned out my frustration.

The image of my sister masturbating in the shower lingered for days. I had to wait until the middle of the night, when I was certain everyone was asleep, to spank it. I would plug my earbuds into my phone and go to PornHub. I'd find some step-brother/step-sister porn and jerk off.

I was so horny most of the time, I'd cum in a minute.

Relief. Blessed relief.

This night, I was waiting for that to happen. I was chilling, watching YouTube. It was nearly midnight. The apartment felt so quiet. This was it. My time to rub one out. I shuddered. I eased my hand into my shorts to grab—

My sisters' bedroom door opened. Auburn and Jamie had to share a room since the divorce. We went from living in a big home to this apartment. I knew Auburn couldn't wait to move out. The pair must be strangling each other in there.

Footsteps padded down the hallway and then into the bathroom. I had a feeling it was Auburn. It sounded like hers. Jamie usually had more pep to her steps. I pictured my little sister's petite body darting down the hallway, her braid of brown hair flying behind her.

I pushed up my glasses, my hand gripping my cock. I had to wait for my sister to finish peeing and go back to bed. I sighed, my dick throbbing in my hand. The ache at the tip was intense. I had to stroke one out. Mom had been wearing a pair of panties, too. She didn't do that often, but she had come out to get something and she had a nice ass, too.

Plump and so spankable.

God, I needed to get out of the apartment. Get around women that weren't related to me by blood. This was getting so fucked up. I bit my lip, waiting to hear the bathroom door open, the footsteps padding down the hall, and the bedroom door close.

Instead, the shower turned on.

I frowned. Why was Auburn taking a shower in the middle of the night? Unless...

Jamie's words had my dick throbbing even harder. Was my sister in the shower jilling off with the showerhead. Did she rub it between her thighs, jets of water squirting into her pussy. Her big boobs jiggled in my mind as she groaned.

Curiosity blazed in me. I bit my lip, staring at the door. The sound of the shower was so loud. Maybe she just needed to cool off or something. We were a month into the lockdown, April almost over. I had to find out.

I slipped out of my bed, my hand holding my cock. I padded to the door and opened it slowly. I winced at the creak then stepped out into the hallway. It was dark in the house. Light spilled from beneath the bathroom door. I crept to it and pressed my ear against it.

I listened for the moaning. I heard the water spraying. Lots of dripping. There was something about it that sounded... wrong. Different then it should. It was strangely muffled. Was she rubbing it against her pussy. My hand squeezed my cock in my shorts.

I closed my eyes, focusing all my will upon hearing if she was masturbating. I wanted to hear those moans. I had to know. My sisters got horny, right? Did Jamie masturbate? When I was eighteen, I was jerking off all the time. And Auburn was older. She had a few boyfriends by now. I knew she wasn't a virgin.

Was that a moan?

A whimper?

I swallowed, my heart thundering. The sound of the water spraying was muffled. It had to be pressed against her pussy right now. My dick twitched and throbbed as I listened to her masturbating. I could see her clearly now, her head thrown back, bleached-blonde hair swaying.

That was definitely a moan. She was building towards her orgasm. She was—

“Shhh,” a voice whispered behind me. “Don't yell, Rick.”

I froze. Mom was behind me. She had caught me listening to my sister in the shower with my hand... my hand down in my shorts. I swallowed, slowly pulling my hand out of my shorts. My entire body was stiff as fear swept through me. My cock...

Stayed hard.

I straightened, my heart pounding a mile a minute. I trembled, my mouth so dry. I could feel Mom right behind me. I turned slowly to find her wearing a t-shirt and those panties from earlier, her black hair falling about her round, pale face.

“I...” Words struggled to form. I had to come up with a lie. Something to explain what I was doing. “This... It's not...”

She put a finger to her lips and then she grabbed my hand. I swallowed as she led me down the hallway, past my bedroom, to her open door at the end of the hallway. I shuddered. I was so dead. She was about to yell at me. She just didn't want my sister to know I was perving on her.

My shoulders sagged as Mom pulled me into her room and then closed the door. I squirmed there. She had the biggest room in the apartment, but it was cramped with her new desk shoved against the wall our rooms shared, her bed pushed over, her dresser and end tables. Her own bathroom door lay open, a small nightlight glowing from in there that shed an amber light that fell across half her face.

“Mom,” I groaned.

“I know,” she said, her voice gentle. “Poor thing. You're horny. I can tell. And Auburn doesn't make it easy for you, does she?”

I stared in shock at her.

“It's okay,” she purred and then slid her hand into my shorts. I gasped as she grabbed my cock, her fingers so soft. I was still mostly hard but had started to finally soften. Now...

Now I sprang to full erection. I shuddered at the feel of her hand about me. I hadn't had a girlfriend yet. I was a nerd. Shy. I groaned at the feel of another person's hand touching me. Soft. Feminine. My heart pounded in my chest as she drew me out.

She stroked her hand up and down my shaft. I groaned, my toes curling as she worked her hand. She caressed up to the tip and then slid back down to the root. It was incredible. Her hand felt like silk about my dick. Her strokes were so much more intense than doing it myself.

“Mom,” I groaned.

“Shh,” she whispered. “Let's not let your sisters know. Mmm, just let your mommy take care of you. Poor boy. Stuck in the house with three women. I know. I had brothers. Just relax and cum.”

Hearing my mother say the C word had me groaning. It was hard to think that Mom knew anything about sex other than the missionary position. Giving handjobs and saying cum were just not things I associated with her.


My balls tightened. Her hand pumped up and down, her grip perfect. She massaged over the tip, my precum soaking her hand. I squeezed my eyes shut. I was building towards my orgasm so fast. I hurtled towards it.

“Oh, god, Mom,” I panted.

“Are you about to cum?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Oh, no,” she groaned. “I need something to contain the mess.” She shot her other hand out to her dresser, still pumping up and down my cock. She snagged out a pair of satin, red panties. She pressed the cool fabric into the tip.

I gasped at the feel of Mom's panties on the spongy crown of my cock. My balls burst with pleasure. I groaned and unloaded my cum. My body bucked and dick pulsed in her hand. Each blast of cum slammed ecstasy into my mind as my jizz splashed onto her panties.

Intense, insane rapture pummeled my thoughts. I swayed there as Mom pumped her hand up and down my spurting cock. She worked out the jizz from my balls, my spunk soaking her panties. I quivered there, my body shuddering one final time.

I hit the peak of ecstasy then panted.

“There,” Mom said and pushed my cock back into my shorts. She pulled them up and then patted my softening dick. “You don't need to go perving around your sisters. Come to mommy if you need relief. I'll take care of you.”

“Mom?” I groaned, staring at her in shock.

“It's just for the quarantine. I know you jerk off when you're alone in the apartment, but it's hard with everyone home, right?”

“Yeah,” I panted.

“So, until this lockdown ends and you can have your privacy back,” she said, smiling, “just come to me. I'll take care of you.”

“Mom?” I groaned. “What? Why?”

“Because I'm your mother,” she said, shaking her head, sounding amused. “And I love you. I want to make sure you're happy. Now, you don't need to be spying on Auburn when she's masturbating.”

My cock twitched at that. Even Mom knew what Auburn was doing.

I headed back to my room and sat down on my bed. I shuddered, lying down. I lay there, my cock getting hard again. I heard a buzzing sound from Mom's room as I lay there in a daze. Auburn finished up in the shower and headed to bed, satiated. I should be, too, but I kept replaying what happened.

How great Mom's hand felt and...

“Fuck,” I muttered. I was hard again. I could just stroke one out, but... Was Mom still awake? It was nearly an hour later, past midnight. I shouldn't wake her, but her hand had felt so much better than my own.

My heart pounding, I climbed out of bed. I padded down the hallway and knocked gently at her door, whispering, “Mom.”

“Come in,” she answered after a moment. “I suppose you are nineteen. Need more?”

I blushed with embarrassment as I opened the door and crept in. She sat up in bed and kicked off the covers as I padded to her. She had her thighs pressed tight together. I swallowed, realizing she didn't have panties on. Why had she taken them off? Did she not sleep in her panties?

On the nightstand, the pair I had cum in were lying there, matted in my drying jizz beside her back massager. She grabbed my cock and stroked me as she sat on the bed. I shuddered as she pumped her hand up and down my cock.

I lasted longer this time.

As I was about to cum, she grabbed the pair of panties she had been wearing earlier. They were in her sheets. She pressed them to my cock. I shuddered. These were panties that had been touching her. I groaned at the feeling of the wet cloth smearing on the tip of my dick.

I exploded.

Mom gave me a handjob every night for the next week. Sometimes, in the morning, too. Before her zoom meeting, she would jerk me off. She would be wearing a professional blouse from the waist up but would be in sweatpants or even just panties while I came. Her coworkers couldn’t see her otherwise.

It was incredible every time.

It was in the evening. I was watching TV in the living room, bored, when Jamie ran out of her bedroom in a tank top and a pair of panties. They were purple and frilly. She was no longer wearing her little girl panties but more adult affairs. Her braid swayed behind her. She reached the fridge and bent over, digging through the bottom of it.

I groaned to see how her panties had ridden up into the crack of her ass and pulled tight against her pussy. She wiggled around, shoving things around in the fridge. I swallowed, my heart pounding. My cock went leaden.

“Mom,” Jamie shouted. “Are we out of yogurt?”

“I’m buying some tomorrow,” said Mom, her eyes on me. I glanced at her and she stared at my crotch. She arched her eyebrow at me then motioned with her hand, that universal sign language for a handjob.

I nodded.

“Ugh,” Jamie answered and then pulled out an apple. She darted back to her bedroom. She went inside, and I heard Auburn growling something and Jamie snarling back.

Mom stood up. She sauntered by me, her ass clad by a pair of yoga pants. I groaned and followed after her. My dick twitched and throbbed, needing that burst of cum. I had to empty my balls. I couldn’t control myself.

“Are you staring at my ass?” she asked as we passed my sisters’ room.

“Yeah, Mom,” I said. No point in hiding it.

“Naughty boy,” she said. She opened her door and grinned at me. She had a mature and beautiful face. A woman’s face. A MILF. I had never been obsessed with MILFs like a lot of my friends. I had preferred girls my own age, but now…

I got it.

Older women could be so sexy.

I brushed past Mom, feeling her breasts through her t-shirt. Her nipples poked hard against the fabric. I shuddered at the feel of them. I entered her bedroom and just dropped my shorts. They fell to the ground, my cock popping out. Then I opened her panty drawer to pick out the pair to catch my cum.

“Mmm, I’m tired of washing my panties,” she said and fell to her knees before me.

“Oh,” I said, trying to hide my disappointment. “Kleenex then?”

She shook her head, her hand grabbing my cock. I frowned. She was right before me, my cock aimed at her face. She pumped her hand up and down my dick. I shuddered at how amazing her hand felt. This incestuous rush shot through me.

“Then how are you catching the mess?” I asked.

“Mmm, like this,” she purred, and then Mom kissed the tip of my cock.

“Holy fucking shit!” I gasped as her lips smooched at the crown of my dick, her touch hot and soft and amazing. “Mom!”

“Just easier than having to wash an extra load of panties a week,” she purred, her eyes staring up at me hot. “Just relax, Rick.” She winked at me.

Then she swallowed my cock and sucked.

How the fuck could I relax with my mother blowing me?

She had her mouth wrapped around my cock. She sucked on me with hunger. She nursed on me with passion. Her lips sealed tight about my cock. She bobbed up and down, suckling at me with this shocking amount of force. I groaned, my face contorting as I savored the feel of her mouth about my dick. It was this amazing, passionate, awesome sensation.

I groaned, my heart pounding as she nursed on me. She flicked her tongue around my dick. She swirled it about me, teasing me. It was awesome to experience. Then her cheeks hollowed as she nursed again.

“God,” I groaned, pleasure spiking through my body every time she suckled. “I mean… Mom!”

She slid her lips off my cock, caressing the sensitive tip.


A line of saliva connected her lips to my dick that snapped as she said, “Rick, honey, quiet. Your sisters can’t know. Now, just let Mommy take care of you. Mmm, just be a good boy.”

I nodded, my heart racing.

She swallowed my cock again. It was even better the second time. I shuddered and reveled in this delight. This warm and exciting pleasure encased my dick. She swirled her tongue around my cock’s tip. It was incredible to feel. I shuddered, loving every second of that naughty sucking.

My mom blew me.

My sexy, MILF of a mother blew me.

Her lips worked up and down my cock, sealed so tight about me. My hands balled into fists as I enjoyed every last second. Every last moment of her mouth suckling and nursing and worshiping my cock, her green eyes staring up at me.

I pushed up my glasses, my chest rising and falling. Her hand gripped the base of my cock. I hardly noticed with how amazing her lips felt around my dick. Her tongue stirred around my crown again, caressing the sensitive glans. It was amazing. Fantastic. I shuddered at how awesome this was. My heart pounded in my chest.

“Wow, Mom,” I groaned, keeping my voice low. “I mean… Wow, this is amazing.”

She winked at me.

It was so sexy to have her wink at me with her mouth wrapped around my cock.

I shuddered, my heart pounding a mile a minute. Blood pumped hot through my veins. I swallowed, savoring the heat of her mouth sliding up and down my cock. My toes dug into the floor. I whimpered and groaned.

Mom nursed with passion. She sucked with… with hunger. She moaned as she bobbed her head. It was like she enjoyed blowing me. It was crazy, and yet my dick was throbbing in her mouth. I shuddered, my heart racing with this wild beat. Her tongue danced around my cock. She massaged me with that wicked tongue, swelling my orgasm faster.

“Damn, Mom,” I groaned. “That’s… God, you’re amazing.”

She purred around my cock.

“Fuck,” I whimpered. “When you do that… It really, really feels good. Like it hums around my cock.”

She moaned louder, that buzzing delight of her voice massaging the tip of my cock. She slid her mouth up and down my dick faster, bobbing her head. It was amazing to feel. I loved every moment of it. I savored every last second of her nursing on my dick.

This was a wonderful delight. My nuts tightened with the passion of her nursing on my cock. She suckled with hunger, pulling at my cum. I swelled towards my orgasm. Towards that big burst of cum that would fire out of my nuts.

“Mom,” I groaned. “Oh, god, Mom! I’m going to cum.”

She sucked hard.

My nuts twitched. That ache itched at the tip of my cock. Her tongue caressed over it before her lips slid down my shaft. Then she sucked back up. She moaned as she did, all these wonderful sensations shooting down my nuts.

I erupted.

“Fuck!” I groaned.

My cum fired into my mother’s mouth. Spurt after wonderful spurt of cum exploded from my cock. I groaned, basting her mouth with my jizz. It was incredible. Amazing. I shuddered, my spunk spilling into her mouth. My entire body trembled with how awesome this was.

“Mom!” I groaned. “Oh, my god, Mom!”

I bucked, the pleasure way more intense than when she gave me a handjob. My cum flooded her mouth and she swallowed it. She nursed out all the spunk in my nuts. I shuddered and groaned as I did. This heady delight spilled over my thoughts. I shuddered, soaring so high through the ecstasy.

I fired the last of my jizz into her mouth. I panted, sucking in deep breaths. I rolled my shoulders as Mom nursed a few more times. Then she slid her lips off my cock. I shuddered as she climbed those last few inches and then…


“Damn, Mom,” I said. “That was amazing. I just can’t believe you did that.”

She just smiled at me. “This way is easier to clean up.” She licked her lips, gathering some of the cum that had leaked out. “There. All done. No more you getting my panties covered in your cum.”

“Yeah,” I said, not wanting to admit how hot that was.

Needless to say, Mom was swallowing several loads of cum from me every day for the next week. I would get my morning BJ from her while my sisters were still sleeping and before she had to start her zoom meetings. She would slide her lips, covered in her wax lipstick, up and down my cock.

I would have red or pink streaks on my dick. I didn't want to shower because it was hot to just pull my cock out and see the evidence that my mom had blown me. Most of my friends, nerds like me, had never had a girl give them a BJ.

Let alone their mothers.

It was a shame I couldn't brag about it.

At night, I would find her wearing her nightshirt or a bra and panties. She would be ready for bed, eager to send me off to my dreams with empty balls. She sucked with hunger, working her mouth up and down my cock.

I would go back to bed and fall asleep right away. Most nights, I heard this humming sound from her room. I didn't know what it was until I realized it must be her back massager. She had this wand massager made by Hitachi with a round end that she used for her lower back. I often saw it on her nightstand.

I would fall asleep to the buzzing sound, her bed creaking as she eased the pain in her lower back. It was probably caused by having to sit in her cheap computer chair all day doing her work.

As we were deep into the second month of quarantine, I was getting antsy again. The blowjobs were great, but Jamie and Auburn were always yelling at each other. They would fight in their rooms. Or in the kitchen.

Once, I slipped into Mom's bedroom to get away. She was in the shower, she liked to take one after work was over, and she came out naked. She froze, water beading on her nude body, her black hair wrapped up in a towel. I shuddered at the sight of her big breasts quivering and the soaked patch of pubic hair covering her pussy.

“Sorry!” I gasped. “I just...”

She smiled at me and shook her head. Then, her naked tits quivering, she sauntered to me, knelt down, and pulled out my cock. “Your sisters, huh?”

“They're killing each other right now,” I groaned as she stroked my cock. Then she opened her mouth wide and sucked my dick in.

I stared down at her bobbing her head like she always did. She smelled of lavender soap. So sweet. Her big breasts jiggled beneath my dick. They swayed and quivered, her dark-red nipples hard. I groaned as she sucked, staring at those tits. They were so big and lush.

I didn't last long.

“Fuck,” I groaned in less than a minute. I spurted hard, pumping my cum into her mouth as I stared at her quivering boobs.

They shook and rippled as they smacked into each other. I groaned at the wonderful sight of her quivering mounds of flesh as Mom sucked down all my cum. She nursed it out of me, my mind bathed in rapture. I groaned against the door, Jamie and Auburn still yelling out in the living room.

“Thanks, Mom,” I said as she slid her lips off.

“Mmm, you really must have needed it,” she said, standing up. Her big boobs quivered right before me. “Or...” She stared down. “Mmm, do you like staring at your mother's tits?” She cupped them. “They're not so firm any longer. Not after having three kids.”

“They're great, Mom,” I panted.

She smiled at me and then turned, heading to her dresser. I stared at her plump ass jiggling, my dick twitching. “You're sweet, honey. I know once lockdown's over, you'll be panting after those college girls.”

“Uh, yeah, right,” I said. “I shouldn't be staring at my mom's ass.”

“No, you shouldn't.” She looked over her shoulder at me with a flirty smile. “But it is nice to be appreciated and... Are you getting hard again?”

I nodded.

She turned around. “Well, I should do a better job this time. Make sure you're satiated.”

God, she did an amazing job.

For the next two nights, Mom blew me topless, her big tits quivering. It was such a sight to watch. An amazing delight to witness those big boobs jiggling as I did. I lasted longer and longer each time. Enjoying the sight of them bobbing. Then I would go to bed and fall asleep to her massaging her back.

It was after that second night, that I had my first sex dream since Mom started taking care of me. Auburn was sucking my cock and somehow saying, “I’m sorry for being such a mean sister and prancing around nearly naked.”

“It’s fine,” I moaned as she sucked at me. It was amazing. A warm, wet mouth. It was so intense that I shuddered. The dream started to fade. I knew it was a dream. I always became aware it was fake when things got sexy.

I wanted to stay in it as my sister just sucked and sucked, her blonde hair bobbing, but it was fading fast. I could feel myself coming awake. My cock throbbed in her mouth. The pleasure was so intense. So real and…

I opened my eyes.

A mouth worked up and down my cock. I groaned, my room still dark. The bedsprings creaked. I shuddered and then sat up to see my mom’s green eyes staring up at me as she worked her mouth up and down my cock. She was… naked. I could see her supple back rising up to the curve of her plump rump.

“Mom?” I groaned in shock.

She slid her mouth off my cock and purred, “I knew you would be hard when you woke up. I had to get your blow job in early. Auburn needs me to take her to the doctor during our usual time.”

“Oh, sure,” I said. “Thanks, Mom. You’re the best.”

She smiled at me then she shifted. “This position really isn’t comfortable for me.”

“Oh?” I asked. “Well, I can stand up so you can kneel.”

“No, no,” she said. “Just let me shift around.”

She moved on the bed, her breasts swaying. She was rotating, kneeling beside me for a moment and then her leg went over my head. I sucked in a breath as I stared at her black-furred muff. It was too dark in my room to see through her curls, but I knew her hot pussy lurked beneath. A tangy musk filled my nose.

“There,” she said and lowered herself down. Her big boobs piled into my stomach, nipples hard and her flesh soft. Then she kissed the tip of my cock, her bush coming closer to my face. Her curls just brushed my nose. “Better.”

She engulfed my cock as I breathed in her musk. She was wet. Aroused. I shuddered, realizing that my mother needed relief, too. She was a woman. She couldn’t go on dates. She must have to masturbate, too. And here she was spending the last month taking care of me.

Didn’t I owe her?

Trembling, my dick throbbing, I grabbed her rump and gently pulled her hips down. She didn’t resist me. In fact, she moaned in delight around my cock. Her bush settled on my mouth. Her curls tickled my lips. They spilled around me and then…

My mouth was on my mother’s pussy.

On the hole that birthed me.

My fingers dug into her naked ass. I breathed in her tangy musk. The liquid trickled past my lips and suffused my taste buds. I didn’t know how to eat a woman out. I had seen guys and girls doing it in porn, but this was the real thing. I was scared. What if I did it wrong.

Mom slid her lips off.


That sound made me shudder as she said, “Mmm, just lick up and down my slit, Rick. Please, please, I need it. You’re so sexy. You’re not the only one who needs relief. You’ll do fine.”

I swallowed as she sucked my cock back into her warm and wonderful mouth. Then I licked her. My tongue slid through her folds. I stroked her hot flesh. I groaned at the tangy juices that I gathered. She felt so silky. She had petals that blossomed out of her slit. I pictured the girls who had the thick labia, the ones that could be parted to show off pink.

I licked at my mother again. And again. I stroked over her folds, exploring her. I brushed her hole. The entrance to her pussy. I shuddered and then thrust into her, sliding back into the very canal that had birthed me.

My fingers dug into her rump. I swirled my tongue around in her. She groaned and suckled with passion on my cock. My dick throbbed in her mouth as she did. She moaned with more intensity, her hips wiggling.

“You like this,” I whispered, my fingers digging into her rump.

She just groaned around my cock.

My confidence swelled. I licked at her. Thrust my tongue into her snatch. I swirled around in her, teasing her. I wanted to give her so much pleasure. I wanted to make her cum. Just explode with rapture. This was incredible to enjoy.

I fluttered my tongue up and down, her ass clenching beneath my touch. My tongue explored her. I thrust as deep as I could into her pussy. I swirled about in her. I loved the taste of her. The tangy flavor of my mother’s pussy.

This was so wrong. Forbidden. Illegal. This was verging on real sex. On true incest.

I swirled my tongue through her folds, so excited. My balls tightened. Mom nursed on me. She ground her furred muff on my face. Her black curls tickled my nose and cheeks as my tongue plundered her folds. She moaned louder and louder around my cock, her pussy growing hotter and hotter.

Then I brushed her clit. I felt that hard point nestled in her folds. I slid my tongue over that naughty bud. She groaned louder. I loved the away my cock throbbed in her mouth. How she suckled on me as I brushed her.

It was incredible. I groaned, my toes curling. She suckled with such passion on me as I played with her clit. I sealed my lips around her pearl and nursed. She bobbed her head as I worshiped her bud. My balls tightened, my orgasm building and building.

I couldn’t last much longer.

This felt so wonderful.

The incestuous thrill of sucking on my mother’s clit swept through me. My fingers dug into her rump. She squirmed on me, grinding her bush into my face. She moaned louder and louder, suckling with all her force. My balls quivered.

I erupted.

My cum fired into my mother’s mouth. I growled around her clit. I suckled hard on her as she gulped down my jizz. Her ass clenched beneath my fingers as she did. Her body trembled, her boobs rubbing against my stomach.

Hot cream gushed out of her pussy.

I gasped in shock at the flood. Tangy juices poured out of her snatch. As the pleasure hammered my mind, I realized that she had just cum. My mother was having an orgasm. I gave her pleasure while she drank down my jizz.

“Shit!” I groaned, my mind drowning in ecstasy.

I gulped down my mother’s passion as she drank mine. We were cumming together. I shuddered, savoring that wonderful delight. Pleasure smothered my thoughts. My fingers dug into my mom’s ass. I held her tight as I quivered through the last of my orgasm.

“Oh, my god,” I groaned as she swallowed the last of my cum.

She slid her lips up my cock.


“Mmm, thank you, Rick. I really, really needed that. My massager just wasn’t cutting it.”

“Massager?” I asked.

“Mmm, what, did you think I used that on my back?” She giggled. “Wand massagers are a woman’s best friend.”

“Shit,” I panted as she slid off of me. I lay there, my face covered in her pussy juices.

She leaned over me and smiled. She stroked my hair, her face blurry without my glasses on. Then she kissed my forehead. I shuddered, feeling sleepy now that I had my climax. I groaned as she turned and grabbed her robe. She pulled it on and then slipped out of my room.

I lay my head on my pillow, panting. I fell into sleep quickly.

That night, we sixty-nined in her room. I made her cum. She swallowed my cum. I headed to bed. As I drifted off to sleep, I hoped she would wake me up with a blowjob and her pussy right above my face.

That would be hot.


The next morning, a warm, wet delight engulfed my cock, interrupting my dream. I was at school, but no one was there. Everyone was still at home. Only I had come in. But I kept searching and searching, getting more and more panicked and then…

Hot, silky flesh.

“Mom,” I groaned, cumming awake as I felt her mouth on my cock. She was sliding lower and lower, taking more and more of me than she ever had and she felt… different. No tongue. Tighter. Wetter. I opened my eyes and saw her fuzzy form over me.

She was sitting on me, straddling my waist. So what was sucking on my cock…

I thrust my hand out and grabbed my glasses off my nightstand. I pulled them on and saw her naked breasts swaying over me. I gasped as my gaze traveled down her lush body to see her black bush rubbing into my brown pubic hairs.

I was in her pussy.

“Mom?” I croaked.

“Mmm, sixty-nining is wonderful, but I need a cock,” she moaned. “It’s been two months.” She squeezed her snatch around me and rose on her thighs, sliding her cunt up my cock. “Your mother has needs, Rick.”

She slammed down my cock. Her incestuous pussy massaged my dick. I groaned at the silky embrace of her cunt. My back arched. My nuts tightened at how amazing it felt. This was so different from her hand. Her mouth. This was her pussy.

The pussy that birthed me.

“I tried so hard to resist you,” she moaned. “You were always around. Such a handsome, young man. So sexy. Like your father but not an asshole. Then I caught you in just your shorts spying on your sister and… and… I found my excuse. Still, I fought it so hard. I masturbated until my pussy went numb from the wand massager.

“I wanted you. I needed you. Yes, yes, I know this is wrong, but it feels so right to have you in my pussy again.”

“Mom!” I gasped and then I erupted.

My cock spurted jizz into her pussy. Hot blasts of cum that fired hard into her twat. I groaned, my dick twitching and throbbing. Pleasure slammed into my mind. Sparks flared across my vision. I bucked as she slammed own my cock.

Her hands rubbed at my chest as I quivered through my orgasm. The pleasure slammed into my mind. I groaned as I emptied my nuts into my mother. I shuddered, sucking in deep breaths. I swallowed, my heart beating so fast.

“Mom,” I panted. “Sorry. It’s just… I couldn’t…”

“It’s your first time,” she purred, leaning over me. Her breasts dangled. “I know you’ll get hard in no time.” She squeezed her pussy down on me as she pressed her tits into my chest. Her black hair fell around our face. “Let me give you some encouragement.”

She kissed me hard on the mouth. I groaned as her tongue thrust past my lips. Her hips shifted, stirring my softening cock around in her pussy. I groaned, my mother kissing me with such hunger. This was incredible.

A second wind already stirred in my cock. I swelled in her, twitching and throbbing. My dick’s tip felt so sensitive in her snatch. Her pussy felt extra delicious as she wiggled her hips and stirred her sheath around me. I groaned, getting harder again. I swelled in her.

She broke the kiss and smiled. “See.” She rubbed her nose into mine. “Now you’re going to last long enough for Mommy to cum, aren’t you?”

I nodded.

She smiled. “You want to feel Mommy’s pussy spasming around your cock, right?” She groaned and sat up, her big boobs jiggling. “Just want to feel Mommy’s naughty twat rippling and writhing and milking your cock, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I croaked, fully hard, my balls tight. My eyes stared at her tits as they swayed.

She smiled at me and then said, “Grab them. Squeezed my boobs, Rick. I love having a guy squeeze my tits when I ride him.”

“Shit,” I groaned. “You’ve ridden guys?”

“I’m also a woman, Rick.” She grabbed my wrists and brought my hands to her tits. “I’ve done lots of things.”

I shuddered as her pussy squeezed about me. She felt so incredible as she slid her cunt up my cock. I groaned, my back arching at the pleasure of her pussy gripping my dick. My sensitive crown ached. Then she slammed down my shaft.

I groaned and squeezed her tits. They were so soft and heavy. My fingers dug into them. They were so much fun to play with. She smiled in that same teasing fashion of Auburn. If Mom was a blonde, they would look so much alike.

“Oh, Rick,” she moaned, the bedsprings creaking as she rode me. She didn’t care about the noise that always had me afraid to really stroke my cock. Well, my sisters were asleep. “Oh, that’s so good, Rick. Mmm, I love having you back in my pussy. You’re so big. Yes, yes, you’ve grown into such a sexy, young man.”

“And you’re such a MILF, Mom!” I groaned.

She giggled. “Mmm, I know your friends like to stare at me.” She worked her pussy up and down my cock. “Yes, yes, I’m such a MILF, aren’t I?”

I nodded.

“You want to fuck your mother all the time, don’t you?” she moaned, her pussy massaging my cock.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my dick throbbing in her snatch. “All the time, Mom!”

She winked at me as she slammed her pussy back down my cock. I groaned, the pleasure swelling in my nuts again. This was incredible to enjoy. My heart pounded in my chest as Mom worked her pussy up and down my dick.

My fingers dug into her tits. I kneaded them as I loved the way that she held me. Her pussy massaged me with that wonderful, silky grip. She undulated her hips, stirring her pussy around my cock.

“Yes, yes, you like that,” she moaned, her juicy pussy sliding up and down me. “You’re going to fire another load into my pussy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mom!” I moaned.

“Good!” She slammed her cunt down my dick and ground into my pubic bone before she slid back up. “Mommy wants all your jizz in me.”

“You’ll get it!” I moaned, rising and rising towards that moment. My shoulders rubbed into the bed.

She rode me faster, her hands planting on my chest. Her fingernails scratched at me. Her green eyes had such a wicked gleam in them. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her snatch. Her pussy held me tight. My face scrunched up as her twat massaged me.

She wiggled her hips and my orgasm swelled faster. That ache at the tip neared that explosive moment. I wanted to feel her cumming. I kneaded her tits as I fought against my eruption, but her pussy felt so good.

“Fuck, Mom!” I groaned. “Oh, shit, I’m going to cum again.”

“Yes!” she moaned and slammed her cunt down my cock. “Cum in mommy, Rick!”

Her pussy went wild around my cock. I shuddered, her snatch rippling and writhing around my dick. The heat in my nuts swelled. My next load of cum fired out of my cock. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision.

“Mmm, you’re such a good boy!” she moaned, her pussy convulsing around my spasming cock. “Give Mommy all your cum!”

“Yes!” I groaned, trembling through the delight.

She milked my erupting dick with her spasming pussy as stars burst across my vision. This incredible bliss shot through me. It bathed over my mind. I groaned, my cock spurting over and over into her snatch.

I basted her twat. I flooded her cunt with every last drop of cum that I had in my balls. I quivered, my heart pounding as I pumped more and more of my spunk into her. I hit the peak of my orgasm. I fired the last of my cum into her.

“Mom!” I moaned.

She leaned over me and kissed me on the mouth as her pussy’s rippling stopped. I held my Mom, kissing her back while her breasts rubbed into my chest. I didn’t have another cum in me. Not right away. I wanted to fuck her again. Fuck her all the time.

She broke the kiss and purred, “Mmm, you’re going to have to take care of your mother. Quarantine could go on for a while longer.”

“I hope it never ends,” I panted.

She winked at me and then rose off my cock. I lay there as she sauntered to the door, my cum matting her bush. She snagged her robe and drew it on. She looked over her shoulder at me and winked at me.

I grinned, feeling like the world’s biggest stud. Quarantine wasn’t bad. And what did Mom mean by she knew other things? I couldn’t wait to find out. Auburn could run around in her yoga pants and Jamie could bend over in her tight panties all they wanted.

I didn’t care.

I had Mom to satiate me.

To be continued…

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