Online Adventures Vol. 04: Kristin. Ch. 2


I was already hard, but she clearly wanted me rock-hard. On her knees, she began slurping and sucking and slobbering. She grabbed my sack and that’s all it took. I had to get her to stop before I nutted in her mouth. This load was going up her ass.

“Now go to my purse. There’s a small bottle of lube.” She told me, turning back around and presenting her big fat ass to me.

“You really come prepared, baby.” I said to her, rummaging through her purse for the lube.

“Wait till you see what I bring over next time…” She replied, her face down towards the ground, awaiting a slathering of lube on her shithole. I’m sure she was smiling.

“Can’t fucking wait.” I replied, trying to one-up her boldness. I found the lube and got on my knees right behind her waiting ass. She was swaying it side to side, in a rhythm, almost dancing while she waited. I flipped the lid off and squirted a whole bunch into her ass crack and slathered away. This was some slippery stuff. I squirted a whole bunch down the length of my cock and rubbed it on. It felt fucking incredible.

I slid two fingers into her tight shithole, eliciting that same groan I had gotten quite used to at this point. This lube was fucking slippery. After a couple of in-outs, I grabbed my shaft and rubbed my lubed mushroom head up and down her ass crack. I made contact with her rock hard clit, sending a shiver through both of us.

“You ready, porn-slut?” I asked.

“Bring it, stud.” She insisted back.

And with that, my slippery cock made its way balls deep into her shithole in one thrust, thanks to the slipperiest lube I had ever been in contact with. Her ass felt incredible. I quickly bottomed out inside her, my cock reaching the end, or at least something very soft and squishy blocking my way. I began pumping. In and out. In and out.

Her insides felt so warm, so squishy. I was certain my cock was swimming in her shit, but it felt so good, so nasty.

“How’s my shithole feel, baby?” She purred.

“Unngnngngng…” I groaned in response. “Squishy… and nasty… and delicious.” I panted back at her.

“Mmmmmmm…. I was hoping you’d notice.” She responded, giving her booty a little wiggle. “You fucking love my shithole… and I know you love what’s inside, don’tcha you dirty boy?” She continued to wiggle, driving me crazy.

“I do, baby.” I said between moans and thrusts.

“Say it. Say Kristin, I LOVE your shit. Do it, stud. I wanna hear it.”

I could barely get the words out. “Kristin… I. Love. Your. Shit. It’s so squishy and warm and it feels SOOOO fucking good all over my fat dick.”

“Good boy.” She cooed. “You ready to cum all up in this fat booty, baby?”

I pumped and thrusted. I switched gears. I could feel it. And it was a big one.

When the exact moment arrived, I reached around her and squeezed one of her tits as I erupted deep inside her shitty shithole. What had to be seven or eight enormous spurts rocketed through my shaft and deep inside her, prompting a whimper from me. This orgasm was shattering. I collapsed on her back. Kristin hadn’t climaxed from this anal, but she was super happy to have shown me a good time. And I had a feeling, she’d be cumming like crazy before the afternoon was over.

“Holy shit.” I panted, my cock still deep inside her, shrinking and plastered to the walls of her rectum.

“Pull out slowly, baby. Be gentle.” She said, sensing me begin to withdraw from her ass. I looked down at my cock, noticing it was pasted with Kristin’s creamy shit.

“How’d we do?” Kristin asked as she turned around to admire the mess she had made all over my cock.

“Ummmmm—” But before I could finish…

“Perfecto!” Kristin interjected, answering her own question having seen my cock covered in a thin layer of her chocolatey goo. At that moment, the smell of cum and shit and sweat and pussy juice was EVERYWHERE.

“Shower time?” I asked, knowing this wasn’t a question as much as what was obviously happening. Without a word, Kristin grabbed me by the sack this time and walked me back to the bathroom and ran the shower. I walked over to the toilet, lifted the lid and grabbed my shit covered cock, aiming straight for the bowl. I noticed from the corner of my eye Kristin dropping to her knees and crawling over towards me.

My piss in full stream, Kristin grabbed my shitty shaft and held it in place as I pissed into the toilet. I was waiting for her to turn my cock towards her but she didn’t. I think she just liked holding my cock like a fire hose.

I flushed the toilet. Kristin and I made our way into the shower and had probably our least sexual few minutes of the entire weekend as we just focused on getting each other clean. We kissed as we scrubbed each other, but this was clearly all about getting clean. I had a feeling we probably could’ve gone another round or two, but at this point, we had spoiled each other way too much (if such a thing were possible).

“You know all that cum you blasted into my shithole, baby?” She whispered in my ear.

I nodded.

“I’m gonna leave it in there for a little bit. And maybe later when I’m home and missing you, I’ll get nice and comfy and play with my pussy while it oozes out… Sound good, baby?”

I nodded again. Kristin was too much.

We finished up and toweled off. I put on my robe as Kristin began gathering her stuff. I grabbed her two g-strings from the floor, handing them to her.

“Keep one.” she said. “You might miss me too much. Your choice.”

I looked at both. The choice was easy. Obviously I was keeping the pink ‘vagina’ g-string. My dick began hardening at the very ideas I began to have of playing around in it all week while I waited for our next get together.

“Obviously, this one.” I said, handing her back her leopard g-string and bringing her pink ‘vagina’ g-string to my face and inhaling.

“I had a feeling you’d choose my pink vagina.” She said, sounding like such a slut. “Your dick is hard again already?” She asked, sounding surprised.

“You drive me WILD.” I said, dropping her g-string to the floor and stepping into it.

“Sexy boy.” She replied, gathering her things and getting dressed. She put her leopard g-string in her bag and threw on her dress from last night.

“What are you up to next weekend?” I asked, hoping we were very much on the same page.

“I’m out of work around 5:30 on Friday. If I run home, shower, and gather my stuff I can be over by 8pm. You wanna order some dinner, guzzle some red wine, get really high and…?”

“You took the words right out of my mouth” I said, somewhat dumbfounded that we were in fact on the next page. “Not sure I’ll be able to last till then.” I said with a smile.

Kristin grabbed my hard cock through her g string which I was wearing, to see her out the door. We shared a deep kiss. “This was amazing.” I whispered into her ear. She groaned in response. “Next weekend will be even better.” She said. “Now I know what does it for you. Now you know what I’m all about.” She went on. “We’re gonna have oh so much fun.” She finished with a slutty giggle. “Now give my clit a big fat kiss and tell her how much you’ll miss her.”

I dropped to my knees and put my head inside her dress, face to face with her clean pussy. I slid my tongue between her meaty lips and her clit began to surface and harden. I kissed and sucked and licked as her vagina began to drool. I grabbed her hips, encouraging her to turn around. She turned around and bent over slightly as I put my face between her asscheeks and gave her butthole (err– shithole) a big fat kiss.

“Mmmmm baby.” Kristin moaned.

I stood back up and kissed her mouth one more time before escorting her to the door.

“Friday?” I asked.

“Friday, baby.”

With one more kiss, I opened the door, saw her out and closed the door behind her.

Wow… What the fuck. What a fucking night. What a fucking almost 24 hours. I thought these things as I stood in the entrance hallway to my apartment wearing only a terry cloth robe and a hot pink, fat-girl g-string with the word ‘vagina’ written on it. My dick was hard again and I could not believe that I actually HAD to jerk off after the several loads I had blasted in the last 24 hours. I dropped the robe and went over to the mirror and admired myself again. I made all sorts of sexy poses in Kristin’s g-string. I smiled at myself in the mirror, stuck out my tongue and took my time stroking my hard dick as I entertained myself in the mirror. I went over to my phone and cued up “Shake it Off” and really went for it. I danced and stroked, putting on such a show for myself, imagining Kristin (who had JUST left) was with me, watching me, cheering me on, playing with herself. How the fuck was I gonna make it almost a week without seeing her?! My cock was rock hard and I exploded.

The exhaustion hit me. I texted Kristin to tell her I was going to sleep, but wanted to say goodnight first and tell her how I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was VERY happy to hear from me.

“Still wearing your vagina g-string, stud?” She texted.

“I had to take it off if I were ever going to break your spell, you sexy bitch.” I replied, hoping she’d be ok with being called that.

“You LOVE being under the spell of a sexy bitch.” She wrote.

“I’m YOURS.” I wrote back.

“Sleep well, stud.” She texted, accompanied by a topless selfie, blowing me a kiss. God she was sexy.

I jerked off and passed out.


Throughout the week, Kristin and I texted frequently and had some insanely hot phone sex. We talked all about the last weekend, in freaky detail and made a little game out of going back and forth playing a little truth or dare with pictures and dirty ideas. Kristin drove me crazy all week with nasty photos of her in lots of nasty positions, including one I didn’t request. This particular one featured her wearing a HUGE strap on cock. That caught my attention…

“Nice dick.” I texted her.

“Awwwww… Gee thanks, stud.” Was her reply. “I had a feeling you’d like it. I figured since you gave my big clit such a good blowjob, you could probably suck my cock pretty good too…” She continued.

At this point, the door was open and she was inviting me in. We hadn’t talked about my experience with strap ons and fake cocks, but my time with Tamara (again, see Volume 3) was very positive.

I played along. “Well, I supposed I’d drop to my hands and knees and crawl over to you and stare straight into your eyes and ask you, as innocently as possible if I could please suck your big dick.” I wrote.

“Good boy. I know from all those fucking blowjobs you gave to my clit, you’d be such a good dick sucker.” She wrote back. This was REALLY turning me on. I went on to tell her about my hook up with Tamara, how she had me worship her BIG black strap on, and buttfucked me with a smaller one. I told her how I had jerked off to thoughts of that encounter countless times since.

“Ohhhhhh… Well in that case, we’re gonna have SO MUCH fun…” She wrote. “You’re gonna suck my dick. You’re gonna slobber all over it. And I’m gonna cum ALLLLLLLL over you…” She went on.

“Tell me you’ve got one of those squirting dildos…” I said to her, wondering if that’s what she had meant when she talked about cumming all over me.”

“You’ll find out…” She replied. “Don’t be surprised if I show up to your apartment on Friday with a bigger bag.”

Obviously, this type of talk had me cumming like crazy all week to thoughts of what had happened last weekend and what was to come. With Friday approaching, we once again revisited our agreement not to touch ourselves for a couple of days leading up to Friday. I knew I couldn’t torture myself for too long, so Wednesday night was the last time I jerked off, prior to Friday night. We knew this would lead to quick cumming, but we wanted our first nut to be explosive.

I was actually pretty excited to really experiment with Kristin’s strap-ons. I was excited for her to cum all over me, and perhaps in me too. I made up my mind to completely let myself go down this rabbit hole and Kristin would be the one to take me there.


Friday rolled around and could not have come soon enough. I woke up to a text from Kristin. “Hey stud. Any special clothing requests for tonight?” I sent her back the devil emoji along with “I will think about that and get back to you, even though you already know my tastes…”

“You and your skimpy g-strings…” She wrote accompanied by a smiley face.

“Got any more with dirty words on em?” I asked.

“Hehe…oh I just might.” she replied.

“How about some sneakers and knee highs too? That’s some kinky porn star shit I like.” I wrote to her.

“You got it, stud. See you 8ish?”

“I’ll be in my robe with a rolled blunt and glass of red wine in hand…” I replied.

The day passed slowly. I was pleasantly distracted.


I left work and had a couple of drinks with my coworkers. Still very distracted, but having a couple of drinks was nice. I had another marathon ahead of me with Kristin, and this time she was coming even more prepared than last time. I left the bar and put in a food order at an Italian restaurant a few blocks away. A large pie, some pasta, salad and bread. I had plenty of red wine at home.

I was home just after 6:30. The restaurant was cooking up the food, and I had enough time to shower, shave and make myself perfect Kristin. I gave myself a very thorough cleaning and trimmed my balls and my cock down as low as possible. I dried off and put on my robe. The buzzer sounded, alerting me to the food’s arrival. I buzzed up the delivery guy, who was at my door a minute later with a whole heap of Italian food. I set the kitchen table extra nice tonight and took out two wine glasses and chose one of the nicer looking bottles of red wine I had in my cabinet. The clock showed 7:35. Almost showtime.

I grabbed my weed jar and a box of vanilla Dutchmasters. I grinded a whole bunch of weed and rolled a pretty serious blunt. This was gonna be a good one. I lit just the tip to take a puff and take a bit of the edge off. I grabbed my ashtray and set it on the coffee table by my couch and put out the blunt after a couple of mild hits. I sat on my couch, wearing only my robe. The calm before the storm.

I grabbed my phone and began thumbing through all the delicious photos Kristin had sent me throughout the week. My cock responded immediately. In all, Kristin had probably sent me about 10-12 photos, my favorite of which found Kristin naked, positioned in a nice wide squat, her erect clit hanging inches from her juicy vagina. She held two fingers in a V in front of her mouth with her tongue out with a hint of saliva dripping off– the universal gesture for pussy eating. Kristin was a Goddess.

The door buzzer disrupted my reverie. Kristin was here. I buzzed her up and just as quickly as the delivery guy arrived, Kristin was at my front door.

“Hey baby.” I said, with a hint of passion in my voice, as I opened the door.

Kristin didn’t respond. She just came in for a wet kiss. Her tongue was in my throat before I even knew what was happening.

“Heyyy baby.” She finally responded, breaking our kiss. We looked at each other for a second and went right back to kissing, after I shut the door behind her. Kristin had a bookbag with her and was dressed pretty normally. I grabbed both her tits with both hands eliciting an “Mmmmm…” from Kristin and a wiggle from my cock, which was swinging very freely in my robe.

“Safe to say you missed me, eh stud?” She asked, putting her bag down on my living room floor and picking up the blunt from the ashtray. I took her coat and handed her the lighter. Kristin took a seat on my couch as I went to grab her a glass of wine from the kitchen.

We sat and smoked and finished a glass of wine, lightly petting each other, not getting too ahead of ourselves. After we had finished half the blunt, it was obviously dinner time.

“Awww… you really did it up…” Kristin said to me, noticing the tablecloth and nicely set table.

“I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all week!” I replied with a smile.

“Well I’m very happy to be here, baby.” She answered right back.

We smiled at each other and sat down to dinner. We enjoyed the pizza and pasta. The sexual tension was insane.

“We’re gonna get SO fucking freaky after dinner, stud. And I cannot fucking wait.” She said at one point, drawing attention to that very palpable tension.

“You make me feel so comfortable, Kristin.” I said to her. “Shameless and bold, even.” I went on.

“That’s why you couldn’t wait to see me all week. Once shame, and norms and decency are replaced by comfort, all that’s left is pleasure. And that’s what tonight and tomorrow, and perhaps Sunday will be ALL about… if you have anything left in the tank, that is…”

“It’s true.” Was all I could say.


With the table clear, Kristin excused herself to the bathroom to prepare for whatever she had planned. We had decided that before things got crazy, we would just have some normal fun on my bed to get our first explosive nut out of the way. I dropped my robe, got into bed, lit what was left of the blunt and waited for her to emerge from the bathroom. After a moment, Kristin emerged completely naked.

“Figured my clothes we’re coming off anyway. And honestly, I just need you too badly right now.” She said as she hopped into bed to join me.

Kristin pushed me on my back and got on top of me, shoving her tongue forcefully down my throat. I grabbed her ass and her tits. I squeezed and groped as we made out, rolling around naked. We moaned and groaned about how we fucking needed each other so fucking badly, how much we missed one another. I sucked her nipples, one then the other, back and forth, up and down. I licked her areolas. She grabbed my cock hard, knowing it wouldn’t take much for me to burst.

“Slow down baby. I’m not ready to cum quite yet.” I said.

With that, Kristin let go of my cock and crawled back on top of me, sidling her juicy pussy up to my mouth. In position, Kristin began riding my face, as I reached around her and grabbed both her ass cheeks bringing her swollen clit into my mouth. It didn’t take long for her to cum all over my face.

“I tried to swallow as much as I could, baby.” I said looking up at her, my face soaked.

“It’s my turn to swallow, stud.” She replied instantly, switching positions to lay on her back. “Now squat above me and lower those big man nuts into my mouth.”

Kristin opened wide as I got into position above her. “You ready to suck this fucking bag, baby?”

“Ahhhhhhhhh…”. She said, opening her mouth even wider. I dropped both nuts into her mouth, causing her to drool. She began slobbering them as she grabbed my shaft which was hovering above her face. Over the next few minutes, Kristin’s warm, wet mouth made out with my sack, as if she were nursing. I was ready to blow.

“Get on the fucking floor on your fucking knees, now.” I instructed her.

She excitedly got off the bed and got onto her knees. I stood in front of her and she throated me to the balls. She sucked. She licked. She spit. She slobbered. She squeezed my sack and with one last deepthroat, I exploded in her mouth. She moaned as my cream filled her mouth and swallowed immediately.

“Sorry, I couldn’t show it to you or share it. I needed to drink that and I can be a greedy bitch sometimes.” She explained, wiping a glob of cum from her chin and eating it off her finger.

“THAT was a fucking blowjob. Holy shit.” was all I could say.

“Well, again I needed to drink your cum. I’ve wanted to drink your cum all fucking week, baby. I’ve wanted to suck on your big fat balls and fucking drain them. And I’m just getting fucking started.” Kristin said, as she got up and walked to her bag and grabbed some of her weed.

We sat on my couch, poured another glass of wine, and smoked another blunt.

“You ready to get fucking crazy, stud?” She asked, looking directly into my eyes. “You ready to suck my big dick?” She went on.

I nodded. My cock went hard.

Kristin got up from the sofa and grabbed her bag. “Put on your vagina g-string and stroke your dick slowly on the sofa.” She said. “I’ll see you in a few minutes.” She went on, closing the bathroom door behind her.

I retrieved said g-string from my dresser drawer. I had worn it several times during the week and could not be any more excited about wearing it again while I played with Kristin. I threw on a random jazz record and took a seat on the sofa, took a sip of wine and got back to squeezing my cock in anticipation.

My bathroom door opened (a sound that at this point, which began to trigger a Pavlovian twitching response from my cock). “You ready for your Goddess, stud?” She asked, sauntering down the hallway. “Yes baby… So ready…” I said in response.

Kristin turned the corner and entered my living room. She was wearing a small silk robe she had apparently brought with her. It barely made it down past her waist. Not covered by the robe, were rainbow patterned knee high athletic socks and some teeny bopper Nike sneakers with pink streaks. Just below the bottom of her robe, the head of what appeared to be a large strap on cock poked out. Before I could say anything, she dropped the robe.

Kristin stood there in her sneakers and rainbow knee high socks with what had to be a 9-10 inch THICK cock, strapped to her crotch. Her titties proudly on display, she raised her arms in a V above her head, striking a pose. “Hey stud.” She said, licking her lips seductively as she saw me begin stroking my cock harder in response to the glorious vision before me. “I know you love my big fat clit, but tonight I have a big fat dick for you.” She stood with her legs spread at a medium distance apart. Her giant dick hung straight down the middle.

I was speechless– something I was accustomed to with her at this point. She looked incredible. The socks and sneakers, her giant areolas on her giant tits, her nipples obviously very hard. I got off the sofa and onto my hands and knees and crawled towards her. Kristin took her big dick in her hand and held it up, stroking as I approached. It was super realistic looking, muscular and veiny as hell, with a VERY pronounced mushroom head.

“Urrrnnnrmrmrmm….” Krisitn groaned as she spit on her hand and stroked her cock for me, putting on quite the show.

On all fours right in front of her, I looked up. Our eye contact was intense.

“Is there something you’d like to ask me, stud?” She asked innocently.

As innocently as she asked, I replied. “May I please suck your big dick, baby?” I batted my eyelashes at her.

“Yes you may, stud.”

I turned my head sideways (the way I’d seen many porn sluts take a cock in their mouths without the use of their hands), opened wide and took her fat mushroom head into my mouth. It didn’t taste like much, but it actually felt pretty good in my mouth.

“My big dick is in your mouth, you fucking bitch…” Kristin said, talking down to me, literally and figuratively. “Suck it like a bitch.” She went on, lightly grabbing the back on my head, cradling my head as I bobbed. I reached up and grabbed both titties, one in each hand, and played with her nipples as I sucked her dick. After a moment, Kristin redirected my hands to her shaft.

“Two hands jacking my shaft… Now.” She commanded.

I cooed in delight as I looked up into her eyes. I began jacking her shaft and licking the fat tip of her mushroom head. “Jack me faster, stud.”

I jacked her faster. This was a frenzied blowjob.

“Ready for your first facial, stud?” She asked, indicating this was in fact one of her squirting dildos.

“Cream me, you fucking bitch.” I panted back at her.

“Oh fuck yeah…” She said, pulling back a few inches and grabbing the squeeze pump tucked in the strap with one hand. Her other hand was frantically pumping her shaft in my face.

“Open wide, bitch.” She said, breathing heavily, her fat mushroom head 6 inches from my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

“Here it comes baby…” Was all I heard as her cock ERUPTED in my face. Gobs and gobs of cream landed all over my face and tongue. It had a delightful consistency and tasted of strawberries and cream. I looked up at her as she continued this completely gonzo eruption of goo.

“My my. You look fucking yummy, baby.” Kristin said, taking her finger and scooping some of her cream off my cheek and having a taste. I went to the mirror. I looked like a guy who just took a huge load to the face. “Well? Are we having fun yet?”

I looked at her with my cummy face. “I have no interest in sucking a man’s dick, but I’ll suck yours all day and night, baby…”

“You fuckin better…” She said, taking her cock in her hand and jacking it some more. She began to shake her ass and titties to the record that was still spinning on my turntable. I walked over to her and grabbed her cock. She grabbed mine. We swayed together to the music playfully, holding each other’s cock. We began kissing, which quickly evolved into Kristin licking all the fake cum off my face. We licked each other’s lips and tongues while we held cocks.

After a delightful few minutes, Kristin went and grabbed her bag. She opened it and took out 3 more very realistic looking cocks. One was the same cock as the one she was wearing, but smaller. I had a feeling I knew where it was going. The other two were black dicks. One was the same size as the smaller one I had just described. The other was what you see if you search for porn with giant black dicks. This was at least a 12 inch black dick. Again, realistic as hell. Veiny, rippling, the whole deal and of course also a squirter. I picked it up. It even felt like flesh too.

“Ohhh… you like THAT one, eh?” She said with a sly smile.

Rather than answer, I walked over to the middle of my living room, holding this monster cock. I began dancing, jacking the entirety of this enormous shaft, and licking it like a kinky slut. I took it with both hands and stuck it maybe 5 inches into my mouth, in and out, as saliva dripped from my mouth. At this sight of this, Kristin grabbed her pussy and let out such a moan.

“Kristin. You are a fucking Goddess.” I said, as I danced for her. “I love your big fat dick and your juicy vagina, your gorgeous titties, your delicious cum…” I moaned for her.

“Go sit back down on the couch and watch this.” She replied, getting into position in the middle of the living room floor. “The show is about to begin.”

For the next few minutes, I watched as Kristin danced like a slutty pornstar, in her rainbow socks and sneakers. She shook her titties for me. She swung her big dick this way and that, she stuck her tongue out and blew kisses at me. She bent over, reached around and spread her cheeks wide, proudly showing off her shithole to me. “You love that shit, don’t you, stud? You love when I show you my shithole, stud. Don’tcha?”

“Mmmmm…” was all I said back in return.

“Let’s suck some dick together.” Kristin said to me, putting an end to this awesomely perverted show I was being treated to.

I got off the couch and joined Kristin at the table where the rest of her strap on cocks were. She grabbed the smaller black one, which was still about 7 inches long, but not nearly as thick as the monster I was just playing with. She attached a suction cup to the back and walked us over to the full length mirror in my bedroom. Kristin gave the suction cup a big, sexy lick and stuck the cock about knee high on the mirror. She and I both got on all fours on either side of it.

“Spit on it.” She instructed.

I gathered as much saliva as I could and spit all over it. Kristin did the same. It was fucking sexy. With both our spit dripping off the tip, Kristin and I both went in for the kill, our tongues meeting at the tip of this realistic looking and feeling cock.

“Mmmmmmm… doesn’t it feel so good to lick a big dick together, baby?” She asked, as our tongues continued to lick the tip. We made out on the tip of the cock, feverishly.

I nodded.

“Deepthroat contest?” She asked, pulling back for a second.

Without a word, I went first, taking almost 5 inches, intentionally gagging like a pornstar on a mission. I pulled off. The cock was shiny with saliva.

“Not bad, bitch…” She said, before immediately throating it to the balls.

“You win.” I said, excitedly. “Now get behind me and throat me the same way.” I said, motioning with my hand for Kristin to get behind me on all fours and suck my cock from behind.

Kristin got into position behind me. We were both on all fours. I got back to sucking her big fat dildo, suctioned to my mirror, as I felt Kristin grab my shaft and took both my balls in her mouth. Kristin jacked my dick slowly as she got into a rhythm, soaking my balls in her wet mouth.

“Lick my asshole, baby.” I purred.

Kristin released my sack from her wet mouth and placed her wet tongue on my hole and just left it there. It felt warm and wet. “Say it like you fucking mean it, stud.” She growled at me, her wet tongue motionless on my hole.

“Eat my fucking shithole, bitch.”

“Yes sir.” She replied, as she began slobbering all over my hole and my asscrack from my balls to the top of my crack. Her hand continued to pump my shaft and I sucked her suction cup dildo like a bitch. After a few insanely hot minutes, Kristin took her face out of my ass. I took my mouth off the cock. We looked at each other and without a word, we switched positions. Kristin got on her hands and knees and went to town on the dildo while I got in place behind her and slid my tongue deep into her asshole. I grabbed my cock with one hand and groped an asscheek for balance with the other as we sucked and licked and slobbered.

“Enough teasing bitch…” She panted. “You ready to get fucked like a bitch?”

“Yes, but not with that one.” I replied, pointing to the monster she was still wearing. “Go grab that medium sized black one from the living room. And obviously as much lube as you have.”

Kristin smiled as she went to go switch cocks to something a bit more manageable. I remained on all fours, unable to stop sucking the dildo which was still firmly affixed to the mirror. I wanted Kristin to walk in on me throating her dildo. This was so fucking hot.

Kristin came back in with the smaller of the two black cocks she had and a jar of lube.

“This is gonna be soooooo fun” She giggled, as she applied a VERY generous amount of lube to her muscular black cock. I didn’t even respond. I just kept sucking dick.

“Good boy.” She responded, getting onto her knees and slathering a big fat wad of lube all over my hole. She slid a lubed finger deep into me. It felt so fucking good.

Kristin grabbed my hard dick with one hand and used her other hand to guide the tip of her caramel cock to my lubed hole. I groaned in anticipation.

Kristin rubbed my hole with her tip, driving me crazy. I began grinding my hole against it, as she held my cock, keeping me in place. We grinded and grinded and after a few moments, my ass slid back and began eating her cock. I went back and forth a few times, easing myself onto her before I was able to get her balls deep inside me. Holy shit, this was incredible. Her cock fit so nicely inside me.

I grunted and groaned. I wiggled and squirmed. Kristin began pumping my shaft. Her lubed cock was sliding in and out SO nicely. I was not going to last long.

“My big black dick is up your ass, bitch.” Kristin growled at me.

“Right where it should be.” I barely got the words out.

“Let me know when you’re about to cum, stud.” She said between thrusts. “I’ve got such a load for you.”

I nodded in response, not wanting to take her suction cup dildo out of my mouth. I looked up at her in the mirror and smiled, my mouth full of cock. She was about to cum in my ass. The thought alone sent me over the edge.

“I’m about to cum…” I said frantically, trying to get my mouth back on the cock as quickly as possible. Kristin pumped my shaft harder and faster. My cock pulsated. “Herrrrre we goooo……” I whimpered. As the first wave of orgasm washed over me, Kristin squeezed the hand pump, triggering the release of a MONSTER eruption of creamy goo through her shaft and deep into my ass. As I felt her cum blast into my hole, my orgasm intensified.

“Uhhhhahhhhhhhh…” I screamed in delight, as Kristin continued to pump my shaft and buttfuck me through the entirety of my orgasm.

Kristin pulled out of me very slowly. And I collapsed on the floor, breathing and panting.

“Are we having fun yet?” She asked again, facetiously.

My brain was mush. I could barely respond.

“Well you just lay right there. I need some fat dick too.” She got up and took off her strap. She went to the living room and came back with the BIG black one and attached the suction cup. Kristin stuck the suction cup to the floor right next to me and stood over it. “Watch this, bitch.” She said, lowering her creamy vagina onto the tip. She lowered her head and spit on the tip, as she placed the fat, black mushroom head at the entrance to her creamy hole. She sat on it and 7-8 inches immediately disappeared inside her. Her pussy GUSHED, as she moaned and groaned up and down this caramel monster. As I began to get my bearings back, I got back on all fours and sucked on her nipples as she bobbed up and down in a nice wide squat.

“Yeahhh… Suck my tittties, baby. Bite my nipples.Just like that” She moaned.

Her nipples were hard. Her areolas were so chewy and wrinkly and felt incredible between my lips. Kristin held my shoulders for balance as she neared orgasm.

I’m about to explode…” She muttered, as my right hand found its way to her erect clit.

Kristin dropped as low as possible, sending her big black cock deep into her pussy… “Unnhnhngngnggnhh!!!!!” She bellowed as her orgasm took hold. I pinched her clit and rubbed it between my fingers, sending her over the edge.

Kristin collapsed onto her back, the big black cock inside her, sliding out, covered in her creamy pussy slime. Without a pause, I grabbed Kristin by both ankles, spread them and ate her slimy pussy like it was my last meal. She had just creamed like crazy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm….” was all she said as I lapped at her swollen pussy lips and fat clit. I grabbed the slimy black dick and did the same, licking and sucking it clean for Krisin to watch. After a moment, she grabbed the cock from me and tossed it to the floor. I got on top of her and we made out passionately.

Exhausted, I got up and ran us a shower.

We kissed in the shower and cleaned up nicely. It was midnight and we were SPENT. My asshole was very tender, but felt good. I knew that tomorrow would bring more buttfucking, and we both needed a rest.

We dried off, put our respective robes back on and got comfy on the couch. Kristin rolled another blunt and we snuggled, watching a movie until we passed out. At some point in the middle of the night, we got off the couch, got naked and crawled into bed together, petting each other till we dozed off.


I woke up before Kristin this time. She was laying on her side, with her ass towards me. Remembering the blowjob I awoke to last week, it seemed only fitting that I return the favor. Not wanting to rouse her just yet, I gently kissed her shoulder and licked down her back, kissing along the way. I made a trail of kisses down her back, towards her asscrack. Kristin began to wiggle and coo, as she awoke to my licks and kisses. I kissed and licked her asscheeks as my tongue began to find its way into her asscrack.

“Mmmmmmm….” Came that groan I had grown accustomed to hearing.

Kristin, still laying on her side, grabbed her upper asscheek and pulled it upwards, exposing her beautiful, brown butthole to my hungry mouth. My kisses and licks soon turned to slobber as I feverishly licked and sucked and tonguefucked her hole.

“Mmmmmmmm… yeah… put your tongue inside my shithole. Yeah… Just like that… mmmmmmm…” She continued to groan. “You love my shithole, baby…. You love to feast on it… You know you wanna eat from it…”

I didn’t stop. I continued to eat her. She wasn’t gonna shit in my mouth, but I didn’t have a problem with her talking about.

“Yeahhhhhhh…” She went on. You want a face full of it, don’tcha?” She giggled a bit. “That’s why you didn’t even flinch when I said what I just said.”

She was right. I didn’t stop. All this talk had my head reeling and my cock hard as a stone. My licks and kisses and tonguefucks gave way to sucking, as I wrapped my lips around her shithole and began sucking. Her anus puckered as I sucked it, tonguing it here and there every few seconds.

“Mmmmmm…I could see waking up with your tongue up my ass more often.” Kristin purred, as she turned over and pushed me down on my back. Kristin mounted me, dropping her huge titties in my face and her piping hot vagina onto my cock. I grabbed her ass with both hands and began slobbering all over her big nipples. Her big titties swung in my face as I tried my best to latch onto one of her nipples.

Her pussy was soaking. It was so warm. It was so juicy. I grabbed her titties and pulled her face to mine. We made out furiously, as she rode me.

“Spit in my mouth.” I panted at her, opening my mouth wide.

Kristin wasted no time pursing her lips and dropping a big wad of saliva in my waiting mouth. She swooped in for a big wet kiss immediately and we made out like kinky fucks with saliva everywhere.

“Vagina…” She whispered into my ear, licking my lobe with a VERY wet tongue. “Creamy fucking vaginaaaaaa…” She purred. “My vagina is so fucking juicy and ohhh so creamy, stud…” She continued, in that same sultry voice, tonguefucking my mouth as she bounced up and down on my rod.

This next level dirty talk had me switching gear. I knew Kristin didn’t want me cumming in her pussy, although at this point it seemed like she couldn’t get enough. I warned her anyway.

“I’m about to blow, baby.”

Kristin promptly leapt off of me and replaced her pussy with her wet mouth. She took my nuts in one hand and throated me to orgasm. As usual, multiple spurts of creamy goo rocketed from my pulsating shaft into her hungry mouth. Without a word (and with good reason), Kristin crawled up my body, immediately locked lips with me and opened her mouth. A torrent of my warm cream, fresh from my nuts, flowed directly from her lips and tongue back into my mouth. Kristin grabbed my shaft and squeezed, milking the last drops as we passed a big wet wad of my warm cream back and forth till it was all swallowed and gone.

“Good morning, bitch.” She said to me, smiling.

“Mornin’, bitch.” I said back, returning the smile.

“Says the guy with a mouth full of his own cum… the guy who worshipped my big black cock last night… the guy who took my big dick up his ass last night…”

“The guy who’s hungry for another buttfuck bonanza today…” I cut her off, finishing her little speech for her.

“Oh is that right, bitch?” She asked, playfully.

I nodded.

“Well now that you’ve had a taste, why don’t you tell me what you REALLY want then.” She responded.

I was speechless for a moment. “Well right now, I think I should put together a little breakfast. Why don’t you roll us another blunt? We can shower up and talk about it on the couch.” I finally said.

“Perfect.” Kristin replied, giving me one last deep kiss before she got out of bed. Before grabbing her weed, she went and collected all her big strap-on cocks from the various locations they were strewn about. It was quite a sight to see Kristin walk around my apartment butt naked carrying 4 big rubbery cocks. She pulled a big ole bottle of sanitizer from her bag and spent the next few minutes vigorously and meticulously cleaning every nook and cranny.

Still naked, I set the breakfast table nicely. I poured some cereal, made toast, took out butter, jelly and made some very strong coffee. I put on a McCoy Tyner jazz record on my turntable as Kristin sauntered into the kitchen in her silk robe tied at the waist. Her cleavage looked incredible.

“I’m surprised you still have an appetite, after all that ass you ate this morning.” Kristin said to me, half jokingly as we took our seats at the table. I placed both my hands on Kristin’s meaty thighs, under the table and kneaded and rubbed and squeezed. I couldn’t stop touching her. She spread her legs a bit in response. The scent of her freshly fucked vagina began to permeate the room.

We ate. We drank coffee. We touched each other. We talked. We joked. The way this was going, I was going to end up with a wife.

“Shower time?” Kristin asked, as we cleared the table.

“Yes!” I replied emphatically. I was sticky and caked with goo all over, from our wake up fuck this morning. I imagine Kristin was as well. The smell of her gooey pussy was still very much there.

Kristin and I took a quick shower without playing around too much. Of course our hands were everywhere and we made out with a fury, but probably weren’t in the shower for more than five minutes.

After toweling off, we plopped back down the couch naked and rolled another blunt.

“So stud… I asked you what you really wanted before… But I think we both know what you want.” And she was serious.

Again, I nodded in response. After a few puffs each, we put the blunt in the ashtray. Kristin went to her bag and came back with all four cocks and the lube. “You loved being a fucking bitch last night, didn’t you?” She asked, placing all four cocks on the coffee table in front of me.

“So much, baby.” I answered.

“I like being your bitch too.” She said in response.

I picked up the bigger of the two lighter skin cocks in front of me (the one she was wearing to start the night last night) and licked the tip, while looking into her eyes. I brought it to her lips and she gave it a big kiss. We made out on the cock together. We playfully fought over it, playing a bit of tug-o-war trying to suck it. “Well, I guess if you’re gonna suck my cock, I’m just gonna suck yours.” Kristin said. She stopped fighting over the cock with me and immediately dropped her head to my lap and started sucking with a frenzy I had come to expect from her at this point. I could sense this was getting out of hand quickly. I lightly grabbed Kristin by the hair and lifted her off my cock.

“Buttfuck bonanza? Remember?” I said to her.

“Let’s do it, bitch.” She responded without hesitation.

She grabbed the smaller of the light skin cocks on the coffee table and the accompanying strap. She had it on within seconds. I got on all fours and couldn’t wait.

“On your back, bitch.” Kristin barked at me.

I flipped onto my back and began squeezing my cock. I was so fucking horny. I watched as Kristin, loaded the fake cum into the pump. “You’re gonna get filled with cum, baby. And you’re gonna love it.” She said, tucking the pump into the strap on her side, and reaching for the lube. She COVERED her cock in a generous quantity of lube and just like last night, slathered an even more generous load onto my hole and all up and down my asscrack.

Kristin got on her knees, took me by both ankles and spread my legs wide. With her hands firmly on my ankles, I grabbed her 7 inch cock and guided the rubbery tip to my hole. Once there, she did the rest of the work. Kristin began to grind the slippery tip against my hungry anus, which felt a bit more relaxed than usual (with good reason). Once Kristin’s cock slid right in, my hands were free to stroke my cock.

“Hands off.” Kristin interjected, sharply, pulling my hands away from my throbbing cock. “I want your full attention on me and what I’m doing to you. Eyes on me. Enjoy the view. Enjoy my slimy cocoa shaft sliding in and out of you in long, slow strokes.

All I could do was groan in response.

“Put your hands behind your head and interlace your fingers.” She instructed. “Get into that ultimate relaxation position and just zone out. Just watch my titties jiggle as I buttfuck your shithole.”

Kristin, as usual, had a way with words. I put my hands behind my head as she commanded. Without a hand on my cock, I was free to truly focus on the feeling of her sliding in and out, as well as the visual treat of her gigantic breasts swaying this way and that.

Time seemed to disappear, but at some point, Kristin took my legs, which she still had by the ankles and brought them together, resting them over her shoulders. This was a position I was very familiar with, but of course only from being in her position. As my legs came together, my asshole tightened around her cock. The sensation increased. I reached up and aggressively pinched both of Kristin’s nipples. She let out a little shriek of delight. I let go of her nipples and put my hands in her face. Kristin immediately slobbered all over my fingers, deepthroating a couple of them in the process. I brought my wet hands back down to her titties and got right back to pinching her nipples, squeezing her titties, caressing her areolas. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“I wanna finish on all fours.” I muttered between thrusts.

“Of course you do, bitch. You want me to spit roast you again. You haven’t stopped thinking about it. Have you, bitch?”

I shook my head. “No ma’am.”

“Good boy.” She said, as I crawled over to the mirror. The cock was still there from last night, waiting for me.

Kristin lubed her cock again and filled the cum pump to the brim. I could hear the lube squish as she slathered it all over her big dick. “I hope your shithole is hungry, baby… it’s about to get fucking FED…”

“Mmmmmmm… So fucking hungry baby.” I said.

“Good boy. I’m gonna fill the mirror cock with cum too. We’re gonna try something fun here.” She said, as if the events of the past two weekends weren’t by far the most fun I’d ever had.

Kristin filled the mirror cock with cum. The cock’s pump lay on the floor. The pump for the cock Kristin was wearing was tucked into her strap, ready to be squeezed at the right time. I couldn’t help myself and began throating the mirror cock, as I waited for Kristin to slide up and enter me with her slippery cock.

“I could watch you suck dick all day, stud.” Kristin said, as she got on her knees, positioning her mushroom head at the entrance to my hole.”

“Get your fucking dick inside me, bitch… Right now.” I growled at her, letting the mirror cock slip from my mouth for a brief moment.

I got right back to throating this big dick as Kristin wasted no time getting balls deep inside me.

“Now, here’s how we do this.” She said. “I’m gonna stay still and you’re gonna move forward and backward. When you move backward, you will impale yourself on my cock, balls deep. As you move forward, my cock will slide out of your ass and you’ll move into a deepthroat position for the cock in your mouth. As you move back and forth, pay attention to the feeling of one sliding in and one sliding out. Get into a rhythm that works for you.”

I nodded my head as we adjusted positions slightly, just enough so I could slide back and forth on all fours to get a good dose of both cocks. We got into rhythm. I closed my eyes as I slowly slid back and forth taking a mouthful of cock and an ass full of Kristin’s cock. The rhythm was hypnotic. Kristin grabbed my cock with a wet hand as I rocked back and forth. She didn’t move, allowing my cock to just slide through her hand, back and forth.

Not being able to take much more of this, I slid back on her cock and stayed there, feeling the balls of her dildo rub up against my sack. I just stayed there and began grinding slowly. With her free hand, Kristin took the cum pump out from her strap, her other hand pumping away at my cock while we grinded together, her cock balls deep inside me.

“You just tell me when, stud.” She said, sensing I was getting close.

A few more pumps on my shaft. A few more grinds against her slimy cock… and here it came…

“NOW!!!!” I screamed, just as the orgasm began to take hold. Kristin squeezed my cock even harder as she felt it about to erupt. And with her other hand, gave the cum pump a series of hard squeezes, sending what had to have been at least a full shot glass of creamy cum deep into my hungry ass. As quickly as she could, Kristin dropped the pump and picked up the other pump. She gave it a squeeze and my mouth filled with another shot glass of creamy goo. I swallowed it all. The sensation was insane. Cum rocketing up my ass, blasting me in the mouth, oozing down my throat, filling me at both ends. I came like fucking crazy onto the sheet we had lay on the floor before we even got started last night.

Kristin pulled out of me, and once again we collapsed on the floor.

“My turn!” Kristin said, enthusiastically.

Was she serious? I could barely move! Was I supposed to hit her with the goods now? There was no way. And I think Kristin could see that in my lack of response. I just laid there.

“I’ll tell ya what…” Kristin began, positioning herself in front of me at this point. “Just eat my vagina till I cum in your mouth. We’ll call it even.”

Kristin spread her legs in my face, as she lay on her back. Her pussy was SOAKED from the mania we had just created. Still laying on my belly, I picked up my head and dropped my face into her juicy pussy. I slid my middle finger up her ass and began lapping at her cunt with a fury.

As always, her pussy tasted incredible. My finger jackhammered her shithole while I licked and sucked and slobbered. Her clit was at full mast and I sucked and sucked on it, savoring the pleasure her erect, muscular provided in my mouth.

Kristin bucked her hips as her orgasm neared. I ate her faster and faster, my middle finger pumping her tight brown hole.

“I’m gonna nutttttttt!!!” She yelled, holding my face firmly in place, as her squirt came out in full force. I received my second facial in twenty four hours. This was a big one too. Kristin sprayed my face with her sweet and smelly girl cum. None made it into my mouth this time as I refused to let go of her clit till she made me.

My face was dripping. We both collapsed.

After about a minute or so of catching our breath, we got up and made our way to the bathroom. We were both so sore. But a good sore.

“Sore?” She asked, practically reading my mind.

“Very.” I replied. “But good sore.” I said to her, echoing my own inner monologue.

“Good. That’s how you’re supposed to feel after the best sex.” She answered right back.

In the shower, again, we got ourselves all clean and agreed this would probably be a decent spot to part ways for the weekend. We had both had enough, at least for today.


Toweled off and dressed, we drank some coffee and smoked a little pot on my couch.

“Soooo… What are you up to this week? Next weekend?” She asked

“Do you even have to ask?” I replied, sarcastically.

She smiled. “Question for you.” She went on, rummaging through her bag. She pulled out her phone and scrolled through some photos before handing it to me. “What do you think of her?” She asked.

On the screen was an image of a Kristin with a tall, very beautiful and very thick black woman. Compared to Kristin, this woman had to be almost six feet tall. She was just as thick as Kristin but from the way she held herself in the photo appeared to be pretty tone. In the photo, they appeared to be somewhere tropical, based on the sun dresses and Kristin’s tan.

“Ummmmm….” I said. “You’re both stunners.”

“Duh. I know you think I’m stunning. But what about her?” She asked. “I know you enjoy my big black cock. How about some delicious black pussy?”

“Um. Yes. Very much.” I was struggling for the words. Was this conversation really going where I was hoping it would?

“Well then, this is Tasha. We went to college together. We fuck around from time to time.” She went on.

“Well that sounds like a lot of fun.” I replied, sincerely.

“Figured you’d say that.” She went on. “We’ve never had a threesome, but we talk about it a whole bunch… among other things. You wouldn’t even know what to do with the two of us.” She joked. “But I’m not against finding out…” She said, winking at me. ” I have a feeling the two of you would hit it off, swimmingly.”

Again, I was speechless.

“Why don’t I put the three of us on a group text?” She asked, knowing the answer already.

“Yes please.” Was all I could say, already a slave to this idea.

“Well then.” She said, getting up off the couch and grabbing her stuff. “See you soon?”

“I hope so.” I replied as we walked to the door. “Looking forward to our group chat. Maybe some other group activities too.”

Kristin didn’t say anything, but rather, reached for my cock through my pants and stuck her tongue down my throat. We kissed deeply.

“Bye stud.” She said as she walked out the door.

“Bye baby.” I said, shutting the door behind me.


*Part 2, featuring Kristin AND Tasha coming soon. I assure you, it’s very much worth the wait.

*PLEASE shoot me some feedback too! All comments and criticisms are strongly encouraged!

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