Online Adventures Vol. 04: Kristin. Ch. 1


Greetings readers!

Four years ago (shortly after my 30th birthday), I got out of a (too) long relationship with my ex girlfriend Amanda. I had spent the better part of my twenties with her. There were plenty of good times, but as the years went on, our sex life became less and less eventful. Sadly, it wasn’t particularly eventful to begin with. When we ultimately broke up, it took a few weeks for me to get my head (and the whirlpool of emotions spinning around therein) back on track. With Amanda in the rearview, I had realized that I had YEARS of good sex to catch up on. In particular, I realized that it wasn’t just sex I was looking for but some reasonably light kink, intrigue, adventure– something different from the vanilla I’d been living with for nearly a decade.

I had discovered the personals section of a popular online classifieds while selling a guitar Amanda had bought me a few birthdays back. Out with the old, I figured. For anyone who’s ever browsed this section of the classifieds, you know there is quite a range of listings. Some with photos, some that get right to it, some a little less aggressive. I had never been on an online date but as I had been in the market for a little excitement and intrigue, Online personals seemed like a good place to start. As a New Yorker, there was no shortage of listings.

In the three years which followed my breakup from Amanda, I met approximately 15 different women of various backgrounds and ages (ranging from 27-58). I discovered a lot about myself during these encounters, particularly that I have a seemingly bottomless appetite for BBW.

What follows are true accounts of my favorite encounters with some of these women. Names and certain details have been changed, but the plot of each of these stories is accurate or VERY close. I hope you all have as much fun reading these accounts as I had writing them.


Volume 4: Kristin

“BBW in Search of Smoking Buddy For Good Times!”

Kristin was the first girl I had invited to my place. She was insanely cool and super sexy.

Her posting listed her as a 30 year old grad student, dark skinned, Mediterranean BBW. That all sounded good to me, and the fact that she was looking for a smoking buddy, would do nicely. My prior three adventures in online dating had warmed me up considerably to the fun I could have with the right partners, and while my buddy Kimmy liked to smoke, Kristin’s post advertised smoking as a focal point in the relationship so I had a feeling this might be a bit more smokey.

Kristin and I exchanged a few basic emails and brought our conversation to text pretty quickly. She found me VERY handsome and I loved her photos. After a bit of banter about yadda yadda, we got right to the dirt– something which put me very much at ease since we didn’t have to dance around the pleasantries. We were both searching for some fun, dirty, fantasy-grade playtime.

From her photos, Kristin was a bit shorter than ideal for me, but that wasn’t a problem. She had very long, straight, dark hair that went down almost to her ass. She wore glasses in most of her photos and had a lovely smile. She had chubby everything and HUGE breasts, which in conversation she had told me were size F-cup. Clearly VERY proud of her body, she sent me a whole photo set of her modeling skimpy bikinis in her bathroom mirror.

“Like my curves, baby?” She’d ask after sending.

Did I like them? Was she serious? For a guy who loves seeing a big girl in something skimpy, I was pretty much in heaven. My favorite photo of her featured her in a super skimpy, hot pink string bikini, smiling right at the camera she held in the mirror to take the selfie. The bikini held in pretty much nothing, barely covering her enormous areolas. Her bottoms were swallowed whole in her thighs. I drifted off to thoughts of perhaps meeting her at a pool or the beach, like you might see in porn… this tan BBW Goddess with her F-cup titties and massive thighs. We’d flirt and head back somewhere private. And while that exact scenario wasn’t happening, a rendezvous at my place would have to be sufficient. “Bikini optional” I told her, flirtatiously.

“Oh, you don’t want me prancing around your apartment in my bikini?” she said, coyly, calling me out.

“Babe” I replied, trying to think of a way to one-up her. “All I meant was you don’t get to wear a g string if I don’t!” I shot back at her.

“Ooh baby!” She replied. “I love when a man is confident enough to be comfy like that with me.”

We chatted for almost two weeks like this, before finding an ideal time to get together. We’d chat several times a day, on our phones, sending filthy texts, and some photos. If there were ever two people who wanted each other more than Kristin and I by the end of two weeks of this, I’d be curious what that even looked like. We chatted about real stuff too. Kristin was recently out of a long, unfortunate relationship– something she and I immediately bonded over. We had both promised the other we would make each other forget about our exes. We also seemed to have a lot in common. Kristin was highly educated, loved to travel and shared my love for vinyl records. An evening of red wine, vinyl records and a big, dank blunt was very much on the agenda for when we finally found the time to get it on.

As for the dirty stuff… Kristin and I seemed to both be VERY orally fixated. We LOVED to 69. We were both VERY into facesitting. We clearly had quite the appetite for one another.

“You’ll have to tell me what positions you like for that.” She said. “I love getting a cute face soaked with my juicy juice.” She said. “Do you like to drink juicy juice?” She asked playfully. I assumed she was talking about her squirt.

“I won’t miss a drop.” I responded back to her. “Keep me well fed and you’ll be a very happy woman” I went on, practically drooling at the thought of both of us with a mouthful of each other’s parts.

“Keep ME well fed and you’ll be a very happy man.” she shot back.

Our conversations were filthy and built lots of delicious tension– tension I knew would be explosive when we eventually got together.

Among the many things I was excited about, was Kristin’s large clit.

“Oh it’s big, baby.” she told me. “You can see big clits in porn, but in real life you’ll likely never see one as big as mine.”

THIS, very much got my attention.

“You can, like actually suck on it, like a dick, baby. And if you’re as oral as you claim to be… you’ll be in big clit heaven. I’d love to say more, but I wouldn’t wanna ruin the surprise.” she teased.

If you’ve read my other entries, you know I’m VERY oral and LOVE sucking on a nice fat pussy. A pussy with lips I could really indulge in… but a big fat clit… this would be something new. And I couldn’t wait. So much so, that I began searching big clit porn on the internet. This became my new indulgence until I would get to suck on, and otherwise worship Kristin’s.

Most of the big clit porn I watched were just women showing off their clit, playing with it a bunch. These meaty clits were mouthwatering. My favorite video, one that kept me coming back and back featured this GORGEOUS Brazilian blonde BBW with the most beautifully meaty pussy, and the fattest, juiciest clit I think I’d ever seen. After squatting and playing with her clit closeup for the camera, this lucky dude who’s been sitting on the sofa, butt naked, watching her play with herself, crawls over to her and lies down on the floor facing up as she squats above him, lowering her giant clit to his waiting mouth. He reaches up and grabs her giant tits as she goes on to fuck his mouth with her swollen clit. Her orgasm builds and just as she is about to climax, lifts her pussy just inches from his mouth and squirts all over his face.

Of course, I had to link Kristin to this video… and eagerly await her reaction.

“Mine’s bigger.” she said teasingly, accompanied by some emoji smileys. “And don’t you worry…” she went on. “I can put on a WAY better big clit show than that bitch. Especially since you’ll be the director, so to speak… You just tell me what positions and poses you wanna see and we’ll make it happen!”

I’ll start making a list” I joked.

“Now you’re talkin! “She replied. “Let’s both make lists of everything we wanna do together. Like a checklist! But instead of chores it’s kinky shit we wanna do. Whaddaya think?” She asked.

I was falling in love with this chick! This type of kink was SO up my alley.

Over the course of two weeks, we compiled quite the list, starting with our decision to dress nicely, meet at a restaurant, have an expensive meal with expensive alcohol and tease each other mercilessly throughout. If all went well, we’d be back at my apartment a few blocks away shortly thereafter.

We had a few other fun things planned for each other too…

We both had agreed not to touch ourselves for three days leading up to our encounter.

“I want us to be ravenous for each other. And when we cum, I want us to explode all over each other” she had said. And I couldn’t help but agree, though it would be torturous to not touch my cock, seeing as how I was so insanely hot for her.

Kristin had also requested that I completely shave my pubic hair and my balls. I was used to keeping it very short, but shaving completely bald would be a new thing for me. In return, Kristin happily agreed to trim herself down to a nice pornstar landing strip with some nice fluff– not too shaven. She also claimed to have a g string which made her pink bikini bottoms look big on her.

“You’ll definitely be able to see my fat clit, poking out” She said. “If seeing a big bitch in a skimpy bikini is your thing… boy have you come to the right place.” She went on.

Kristin’s confidence drove me wild. In my experiences, most bigger girls tended not to like wearing tiny lingerie, but that Kristin was down to wear a skimpy g-string for me– was super hot.

Memorial Day Weekend finally came and all day at work I could barely concentrate. I was super excited about getting together with Kristin, but I also hadn’t jerked off since Wednesday. My cock was ready to explode.

The day passed slowly, but soon enough I found myself showering up and performing my usual pre-hookup rituals– cleaning everywhere and putting on a little show for myself in the mirror. Shaving took some time though. I had never completely shaved my parts smooth, but I had agreed to and wasn’t going to back out. I took my time, making absolutely sure not to cut myself at all. It took almost half an hour but I did a job that I knew Kristin would approve of. When I was all done, I was so smooth and my cock and balls looked bigger than ever. I felt VERY porn star and it felt great.

I arrived at the pub ten minutes early and was very pleasantly surprised to see that Kristin was there waiting for me. She smiled.

“Hey there…” She said, smiling and leaning in for a kiss.

I leaned in. Our lips met and we kissed. No tongue, but our lips definitely locked for a moment.

“Hey.” I replied nervously.

“You are even more adorable in person.” She said, giggling at me. “Shall we go in?”

“After you!”

She walked in as I held the door for her, keeping in mind the romantic aspect of this. All our mental foreplay had led in the direction of a little romance adding A LOT of heat. And it sure did.

The host sat us and for the first time, we both had an opportunity to take a good look at each other. Kristin was sexy as hell. Big, lusty eyes, her makeup bangin, her gigantic breasts sitting, heavy in the top of her blue sundress. Her teeth were perfect. Her smile was perfect. In person, she reminded me of a more exotic version of Alex from Modern Family

We kept the chatter very casual, as we flirted. She knew I was looking at her tits intermittently throughout dinner. What she didn’t know was how often my mind would wander back to the filth we were planning on for dessert. Or maybe she did.

Countless one liners and legs rubbing under the table had us ready to go. We could see it in each other’s eyes. We were ready to be naked together.

With the check paid, an awkward silence and smile ensued.

“Shall we?” I asked timidly.

“Let’s.” She replied, blowing me a kiss which made my cock tingle.

We held hands leaving the restaurant. It felt good to hold her hand, knowing what was to come. I couldn’t believe I was gonna get to play with her massive titties, suck on her big clit, drink her ‘juicy juice’.

Holding hands, we walked at a reasonable pace a few blocks before stopping to make out furiously.

“Let’s go.” She looked me squarely in the eyes. “Now.” She meant it.

A few more blocks had us at the front door to my building. In the elevator, we once again grabbed each other and went at it. Kristin’s tongue was deep in my mouth and mine in hers, both my hands squeezing both her tits. They felt incredible. I reached down and squeezed her ass. Our breathing increased. We were animals.

We both let out this little sigh of disappointment when the elevator binged as we reached my floor, as our frenzied make out would have to be put on hold for the 30 seconds it would take to get from the elevator into my apartment.

“Wowee…” she said looking at me as we stepped from the elevator into the hallway.

“Ummmmm….. Yeah.” was all I could muster, my brain racing. This was already up there with the hottest encounters I had ever had and we had hardly done anything. We entered my apartment, closing and locking the door behind us. We got right back to it.

After 30 or so seconds, we broke the kiss as Kristin reached into her handbag and pulled out a vanilla dutchmaster cigar and a pretty nice sized bag of some wonderfully smelling weed.

“Why don’t you start rolling this up? And point me to your bathroom, baby?” She asked sweetly. I pointed down the hall and she sauntered away, giving her ass a noticeable shake in the process.

With Kristin in the bathroom, my mind was once again racing. I went to my record player and tossed on Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” and pulled a bottle of red wine off the top of my fridge. I poured us two glasses and sat down on my sofa, placing the two glasses on the coffee table, next to the weed I was breaking up to roll. I’m not the world’s best blunt roller, but I was able to put this one together pretty quickly. The water began running in the bathroom, the food opened and I could tell she was on her way out.

“Perfect tim–…” I began to say, being cut off by the sight in front of me. Kristin emerged from the bathroom in the skimpiest leopard print bikini I had ever seen. Either it was just a bit too small for her, or this was the kind of bikini you saw in porn, worn by women who weren’t trying to cover anything, but rather just look like a freaky bitch.

Clearly, Kristin was the latter. She had even touched up her lipstick and makeup for me. And there she was… standing before me, this tan BBW Goddess, her massive titties practically begging to burst out of that top– a top which barely covered her equally massive areolas and thick nipples. She looked so fucking hot, and I’d swear I could smell her wet pussy from several feet away.

“Figured I’d get comfortable.” She said before I had a chance to clear my mind of the million dirty things I couldn’t wait to do with this big titty Goddess standing almost naked in my living room. “Here, let me give you the tour.” She said chuckling, sexily. She put her arms in the air and began shaking her ass and hips a little to the music, as she started twirling for me, giving me my first view of her ENORMOUS ass and the string running up her crack.

“Goddamn, you are sexy Kristin.” I said, trying to give the most predatory look with my eyes that I could. I wanted to see her clit, but I knew that was coming soon. Without another word, Kristin sashed over to where I was sitting on the couch. She sat down next to me, putting one of her large thighs over mine, in a half straddle. She picked up her glass of wine, prompting me to pick mine up as well.

“Cheers!” we said, clinking glasses and taking large gulps of what was inside. Kristin’s face was inches from mine. Her pussy was smushed on my leg, and her giant tits were EVERYWHERE, but still somewhat covered by her tiny bikini top. We shifted just a bit to get a bit more comfy and I was able to get my arm around her just enough to grab a HANDFUL of titty, which I promptly began to squeeze and knead.

I looked her in the eye “Stick out your tongue.”

“With pleasure, baby.” She replied, sticking her tongue out nice and long and rigid. I stuck my tongue out and gently touched our tips together, triggering one of those “i’m so fucking horny” whimpers from both of us. The kind you might hear during some sexy foreplay. I slid my tongue up and down the length of her tongue, tasting the red wine, mixed with her delicious saliva.

My hands were squeezing her tits. Our gentle tongue licking turned into the sloppiest french kissing fest I’d probably ever be lucky enough to be a part of. Our tongues licked each other’s.

We paused for a moment, pretty much thinking the same two things: First, are we gonna smoke this blunt? And second, why the fuck was I still fully dressed?

“Let me get a bit more comfy too then.” I said, standing up, stripping down to my boxer shorts.

“Why stop there, baby?” She asked with a smile. “I wanna look at some big dick.” She went on.

“Well since you asked so nicely, baby.” I said, dropping my boxers to the floor.

Immediately, my swollen cock bounced into view. But as always, my low hanging balls (see earlier chapters) stole the moment.

“Baby, baby, baby…” She cooed. “You are fucking scrumptious!! Look at those balls!!! And that dick!! My, my… Where the fuck have you been all my life baby? You’ve been hiding those balls and perfect dick from me this whole damn time?” She asked, almost sounding serious!

Standing there naked before her with her kind words, my already mostly hard cock hardened and stood straight out at almost full capacity. Kristin licked her lips.

“Well…” I began to reply. “If there were some way I could make it up to you, I certainly would.” I said flirtatiously.

“Uhhhhhhhh… yeah you will.” She answered back immediately, giving me that same predatory look I had shot her before. “Now let’s smoke this motherfuckin blunt before we get distracted again!” She went on. “But first let me take this off, seeing as how it’s only become a nuisance at this point.”

Kristin took off her top and her honeydew sized tits swung free. She raised her arms above her head and gave me another shake and twirl so I could really see them swing. I’ll tell you this, for giant big girl boobies, they definitely hung nicely.

“You like my big fucking titties, baby?” She asked in this super innocent tone. “You wanna lick my sexy areolas and suck on my big nipples?”

“Get over here and smoke this blunt with me and then we’ll both lick and suck EVERYTHING. Sound good?” I shot back.

Kristin got back into more or less the same position we were in before, except now we were both naked, except for her wet g string at this point. She took a firm grasp of my cock, her thumb resting in a good spot to gently massage my sack.

I knew Kristin planned to keep her g-string for a bit because she wanted to make a big deal of revealing her clit to me. This was something I found VERY hot.

With Kristin’s hand on my now throbbing cock, I lit the blunt and was immediately impressed with how dank Kristin’s weed was and it was clear we were not going to need to smoke the whole thing. We took turns hitting the blunt, blowing shotties into each other’s mouth and kissing intermittently. It was hot.

When our kissing became more passionate, I realized it was time to put the blunt down and really get to business. I placed it in the ashtray on my coffee table, almost half left and we got right back to it. All the while, her hand never left my cock.

I continued squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples, grabbing her love handles and squeezing everything, working my way downwards to her pussy. Just as I approached…

“So… was there something you wanted to see, baby?” She asked sweetly, looking directly into my eyes. “Maybe, something you’ve been thinking about licking and suckling on for two weeks now? Huh, stud?”

“Baby… it’s all I’ve been thinking about.” And I meant it.

Kristin stood up and walked a few feet away from me, facing away. She slid her thumbs under the waistline of her g-string and shimmied out of it with a few wiggles of her fat ass. I could see from behind she had both her hands on her pussy. At this point, it was also clear that Kristin’s pussy was soaked and had dribbled halfway down her thighs.

“Here she is, baby.” Kristin said as she turned around.

With her pussy in view, Kristin spread her legs a bit and began to squat. As she did, I saw what actually looked like a 3 inch dick pop out of her pussy. I actually had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t an actual dick. It wasn’t (don’t worry). What it was, however was a big fucking clit. It had to be the size of a legit wine cork.

“O. M. G.” I mumbled, in disbelief. “She’s gorgeous!” I said to Kristin. I grabbed my cock and walked over to her for a better look. I immediately got on all fours, more or less in line with her pussy and went to take this gorgeous clit in between my lips. God, she smelled so fucking good.

Just as I was about to make contact with this giant clit, Kristin pushed my head away.

“Oh, you thought you were gonna just suck on my big fat clit? Just like that? You think you’ve earned this privilege, stud?” She teased. “I don’t think I’m done teasing you yet. Go sit on the couch. You can touch your cock, but don’t you dare cum baby. Your first load is going down my throat.”

“Yes ma’am, I replied obediently.” We had plenty of time. No reason to blow the wad just now. I got comfy on the couch with my cock in my right hand, massaging my balls with my left. Kristin smiled as she began dancing to the back half of Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue”.

“Spread your legs wide for me, baby.” She said as she began dancing. ” I wanna really see you indulge in this, like an indulgent bitch.” She said with a smile.

I spread my legs wide on the couch, my eyes fixated on the wine cork clit sticking out at me, What went on over the next 15 or so minutes was one of the most erotic experiences I can remember.

Kristin was completely naked. Her giant titties swaying this way and that, as she interlaced her fingers behind her head. She swayed her hips. She got into a nice wide stance and slowly began to squat, forcing her wet pussy lips wide open and her fat clit straight out like a small erect cock.

Seeing me fixated on this delicious display, Kristin asked “What’cha gonna do, baby? You gonna come eat my wet pussy? You gonna suck on my big fat clit? You wanna put your tongue up my asshole?”

“Yes, yes and yes to all of that.” I responded, as seriously as one could to a series of questions like that.

“I think I’ve tortured you enough for now. Why don’t you come over here and dance with me, baby?” She motioned for me to come towards her as she began to sway her ass and titties for me.

My cock rock hard at this point, I got up from the couch and walked over to her. I stopped at arms length from her, savoring the image in front of me. As she reached out to grab my hard dick, I grabbed both her titties with both hands and immediately plunged my tongue into her mouth. We made out like horny fucks for the next minute, standing there in my living room. Our tongues were everywhere, licking each other’s tongue and lips. My hands made their way to her gigantic ass and I could not help but grope and squeeze.

“Your ass if so fucking juicy, baby.” I panted at her as our tongues licked each other with a fury.

“Mmmmmmm…” She replied. “I’m gonna shove it in your fucking face and you’re gonna eat it till you’re fucking full, baby.” She went on. “I know how much you jacked off the past two weeks, thinking about eating my booty. Haven’t you?” She finished.

“Oh God yes, baby.” I interjected, as I could feel myself about to cum from her hand squeezing my cock. “But I’m gonna cum soon if you keep that up.” I said, referring to her hand on my cock.

“Well in that case…” She said, breaking our kiss and dropping to her knees. Kristin spit a HUGE wad of saliva on my cock and squeezed it again, rubbing in her saliva. Taking my sack in her left hand, Kristin immediately throated my fully erect cock and began bobbing back and forth, like a depraved slut who showed no shame about giving a sloppy blowjob.

Not far from cumming, I reached down and ran my fingers through her long hair as she licked and sucked and slobbered away. I whimpered and moaned as my orasgm built and built. Her left hand was still massaging my balls. Her back and forth bobbing increased. I reached down further and was able to lift up both her titties and squeeze them as I began to peak. “Here it comes, baby.” I said with an urgency. Kristin’s pace increased. Within seconds, the biggest load I had let go in quite a while BLASTED forth from my mushroom head, filling her mouth with three days worth of my cream.

Even then, Kristin didn’t stop. When the tip of my cock couldn’t handle it anymore, I lightly nudged Kristin off. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue for me Kristin had swallowed it all.

“THAT was fucking delicious.” She moaned at me.

“You’re fuckin delicious…” I replied to her. “At least what I’ve had the pleasure of tasting so far.” I went on.

“Oh? You like my taste?”

I nodded with a smile.

“Well you haven’t tasted anything yet baby. I’m about to sit on your fucking face. Because you’re a sexy pervert and all you’ve been fucking thinking about for two weeks is eating my ass and pussy… So guess what… Look me in the eye. Right now.”

I did.

“I’m about to stuff my fat vagina into your mouth. You’re gonna suck on my clit and I’m gonna cream in your mouth. Then you can tell me how delicious I am. Got it, stud?” She went on.

I grabbed the blunt from the ashtray, grabbed Kristin hard by on her left tit and walked her by her tit down the hall to my bedroom. Without a word, I laid down flat on my back on my bed, my legs spread, my semi flaccid cock already showing signs of coming back to life. Kristin got on the bed, standing over me, looking down.

“I’m bout to go in for the kill, baby.” She said to me, knowing I knew exactly what that meant. Kristin squatted and dropped that enormous cock-clit right into my mouth. A million sensations gripped me at once as I felt that muscular piece of meat between my lips.

For a guy like me, this was heavenly. Kristin slowly bounced up and down, grinding and grinding as her clit practically stirred the saliva in my mouth like a fucking stirrer. I sucked it like a big nipple. Like a small dick. Like whatever it fucking was. It felt incredible. Kristin’s pussy drooled and my face welcomed her wetness.

“Reach up and play with my titties, baby.” She cooed as she rode my face. I reached up and obliged, squeezing them both, turning her fat nipples like radio dials.

Kristin was having the time of her life clearly, but I wanted to make sure she was being eaten correctly. I mean, she knew how much I loved having my face sat on, but knowing this might not be the most comfortable position for her to cum, I did the chivalrous thing and suggested she lay on her back and get comfy so I could really eat her vagina the right way.

Kristin got off me and before laying on her back, lowered her face to mine and began licking her juiciness off of my lips and face. She got comfy and spread her legs for me, motioning with her finger for me to get my face exactly where it belonged.

I took Kristin by both ankles and spread her legs wide, spreading her creamy pussy wide open, her clit sticking prominently out. I lowered my face to her crotch and licked her from the bottom of her pussy to the top, up and down back and forth as she moaned. Each time I arrived at her clit, I would do some combination of licking it, sucking it, kissing it, worshipping it. Her pussy tasted so fucking good too. Her cream was thick and there was A LOT of it. Every so often, I’d pull my face out and make out furiously with Kristin, something that drove her wild– the taste of her pussy on my lips and tongue. And the fact that I clearly enjoyed eating her out so much drove her even wilder.

Kristin’s orgasm was building and I knew just what to do. I took some of her cream and began massaging it into her asshole. She shifted her position in response, just a little, to give me better access to her crinkly brown hole. She moaned like a bitch, as I slid the entirety of my middle finger up her ass.

“You want my squirt, baby? You wanna drink my pussy, baby? Open up baby!!!! Here it fucking comes….Unnghhghhgh!!!!!!” Kristin yelled as a geyser of girl cum erupted from her vagina, spraying me square in the face and open mouth. I tried to catch as much as I could in my mouth. I wanted her to see my mouth full of her creamy goo… My mouth full of her.

When she came to, I was about to swallow for her and make a sexy show of it. But before I could do anything, Kristin lurched forward and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Most of her juices dribbled out onto both our chins as we made out like the kinky fucks we were.

“Open up.” She said authoritatively. “You’re getting tonguefucked.”

I opened, but just enough to make a hole for her tongue to slide in. She made her tongue rigid and began fucking my mouth with it like a cock jackhammering a pussy. Her tongue felt so good fucking my mouth, it took all my willpower to get her to stop so I could put her on all fours and fuck her pussy from behind like the animals we were.

I grabbed her by the shoulders aggressively and threw her off me.

“Get on your hands and fucking knees.” I commanded. “I need to be alls deep in your fucking vagina. Right. Fucking. Now.”

A smile widened on her face as she saw me take this initiative. I moved off to the side of the bed as Kristin settled into the sluttiest, face down, ass up doggystyle position she could get herself into. On her knees, she spread her legs nice and wide, shoving her ass prominently into the air with her face stuffed into the pillows.

I couldn’t help but admire the sight in front of me. Kristin’s giant ass, slightly spread in my face, her gigantic breasts smushed into the mattress. As much as I couldn’t wait to fuck her, I had to taste her asshole. I grabbed her by both asscheeks and spread them wide, while bringing my outstretched tongue to her chocolate hole. We were way past the gentle licks at this point. I was SLOBBERING all over her sweaty butthole, soaking it with all the sloppy licks I could. I licked her from her butthole to her clit, back and forth as she groaned and squirmed.

Her asshole tasted very clean with a delightfully mild bitterness. The natural scent of her tight brown hole was very much there. Kristin was enjoying my tongue, but growing impatient.

“Fuck me!! You fucking big dick motherfucker!!!! Right now!!!” she yelled through the pillow as I sucked and slobbered all over her cunt and butthole. I got on my knees with my cock at full capacity, bringing my pulsating tip to her soaking wet lips. I teased her for a bit, rubbing the head of my cock everywhere. I rubbed her clit, her pussy lips and of course all over her sweaty asshole, eliciting a moan.

“My pussy first, baby. We have all fucking weekend for you to fuck my asshole, but right now I need you to fill my pussy. baby. Fuck my pussy baby. Pretty please baby… right now…” She purred in the sexiest possible way.

I didn’t respond. I just began slathering my mushroom head with saliva as I slid into Kristin’s juicy vagina. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh….” and a gasp was all she could muster as I entered her.

I fucked her pussy from behind, bringing her to orgasm pretty quickly. After her first climax, she got a bit more into control. “Play with my clit, baby”. She told me.

I took a hand off her ass, licked my fingers and reached around for her engorged clit. She came as soon as I touched it. I smeared some of her cunt juice that had dribbled out of her pussy, all over her clit.

As she could feel my orgasm building, she lurched forward and my cock came loose from her warm, squishy pussy. “No cum in my pussy.” She said. “…But anywhere else is fair game, stud. And you better choose soon if you want your first choice.” She began to speak with an urgency that indicated she knew I was about to blow momentarily.

Was she fucking kidding?! I was about to have the most insane orgasm of my life!! I thought quickly and immediately lay down on my back on the bed. “Squat on my face and jerk me off!!” I panted.

“You dirty boy. You and the facesitting… I fuckin love it.” She replied with a chuckle, getting up and squatting over my face. She lowered her pussy and clit to my waiting mouth.

With Kristin in position, my face was completely smothered in her freshly fucked pussy. Her hand firmly grabbed my cock and began jerking slowly, and then building speed. This would not take long.

Kristin giggled and cooed sexily as all I could do was slurp and grunt. When Kristin lowered her tits to my cock and rubbed a nipple on my mushroom head, I lost control. I came everywhere.

Kristin raised herself off me and began inspecting the mess I had made all over myself. With two fingers, she scooped some of my cum off my belly and instinctively brought it to MY mouth.

“Open up, baby.” She cooed. I opened and she fed me my cum, fucking my mouth with her fingers. In and out. In and out. Sensing I was about to swallow, she stopped.

“Nuh uh.”, She said, shaking her head. “Not till we kiss!”

She scooped the rest and fed herself with it. Kristin opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, showing me the creamy goo sitting on top of it. I stuck out my tongue and we french kissed. My cum passed back and forth between our two wet mouths. Kristin squeezed my cock. I squeezed her titties and we both collapsed on the bed.

Kristin and I were SPENT! We still had a lot to do, but I could see us both drifting off. I went into the kitchen to grab us some water. We lay in bed smoking and pillow talking while fondling each other to sleep. Neither of us had plans the next day and, while we were so horny, we were also exhausted.

“Soooo…. Tomorrow?” Kristin began.

“Yes. Tomorrow” I replied.

“I was thinking… that if you enjoyed tonight, maybe we keep it going tomorrow. Like, what if tomorrow, we spent literally all day sucking and fucking and smoking and being like total sexual freaks. No shame. No awkwardness. Nothing. Just the juiciest fucking sex we can handle? Thoughts, baby?”

To me that didn’t sound much different than what had happened tonight, but who was I to argue? “That sounds fucking perfect.” I replied as I felt myself begin to doze off. Kristin’s hand was firmly wrapped around my hardening cock as we fell asleep.


I awoke the following morning to the most delightful sensation, as I soon realized Kristin was sucking me awake. As she saw me coming to, she smiled at me with a mouthful of my shaft.

“Morning baby.” I said as I began to form the words.

Kristin didn’t reply. She just went back to work slobbing on my erection. I began to feel my orgasm build. She felt my orgasm build, but showed no sign of stopping.

“Swing around, baby. I wanna suck that clit while you throat me.” I groaned.

Without taking her mouth from my cock, Kristin swung around and laid down on top of me in the 69 she knew I liked so much.

Kristin’s clit was swollen, wet and standing out at what had to have been a good 3 inches. I wrapped my lips around it, as the rest of Kristin’s ass settled into my face. We adjusted a bit and got nice and comfy. Her thick clit in my mouth, my rock hard meat down her throat, I wrapped my arms around her legs and grabbed her asscheecks hard as we got into a delightful rhythm.

I was in heaven. I was in the world of her pussy and ass. Reality disappeared and my world became the tastes and smells and squishiness of her fat pussy and fat ass stuffed in my face. My mouth watered. It FILLED with saliva as I sucked her thick wine cork clit. I licked it from base to tip. I sucked it. I kissed it. All the while, Kristin was hard at work slobbering all over my hard dick.

I wanted to eat it ALL, but I could tell Kristin was getting close and I didn’t want to mess up her orgasm by sliding my tongue up her ass (something I planned to do plenty of later). I continued my clit sucking and clit licking as her breathing increased. I could feel myself getting super close again. Maybe I would be able to time this so we both explode into each other’s mouth at the same time? We would soon find out.

Her breathing increased. She was panting. My lips and tongue were on an all out assault on her fat muscular clit.

She was on the brink. I wrapped my lips TIGHT around her clit and sucked, as my tongue flicked the very tip. Kristin bucked and squirmed, not for one second breaking contact with my cock. I let go, and with a mouthful of Kristin’s clit, felt one of the most earth shattering, satisfying orgasms I can remember.

My cock EXPLODED in Kristin’s mouth, clearly pushing her over the edge. As my second, of what ended up being several thick ropes of cum, erupted from the tip of my cock, Kristin’s vagina burst open SOAKING my face with juicy girl cum. I knew Kristin could squirt, but I did not expect the dam to break open like that.

At the first opportunity I had, I took my lips from Kristin’s clit and opened wide to drink in as much of her vagina juice as I could.

The taste was pure. Delicious. Vagina juice. Enough came out of her to nearly fill my mouth, matching the above average load I had erupted into her wet mouth. And like that, we drank each other’s cream and it was among the most intimate moments of my entire life.

I wanted Kristin to see me swallow her girl cream, but her butthole and stiff clit were still staring me right in the face and I was still hungry. I swallowed her load, letting out a nice “ahhhhhh” when I was done, hoping she would understand what that meant.

“You greedy bitch” she said. “Swallowing my juicy juice like that…without offering me any.” sShe went on.

“You swallowed all my cream. I swallowed yours. ” I replied back, smiling at her.

“It was gooooood too…” was all she could reply with, immediately returning her lips to my softening cock and sucking up whatever was left.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and began licking her sweaty butthole. I really couldn’t get enough.

But, before I could really get going, she stopped me.

“Hey!” She said with a bit more enthusiasm than I would’ve thought she would have after those twin orgasms. “Let’s eat some breakfast, shower up and get all clean. We have a full day of fun ahead, stud.” She continued.

I tapped her ass, indicating she could get off of me. She swung around, got off the bed and stood there naked in front of me. “Get me a pen and paper. We’re making a fantasy to-do list!”

“Love it.” I replied, getting out of bed and motioning for Kristin to join me on the way to the kitchen.


We sat at my kitchen table, naked, eating cereal with milk, sliced fruit and some very strong coffee. Aside from us being completely naked and making a couple of silly jokes about the milk/cream in our coffee, breakfast was pretty normal.

“Ok. Let’s get this list going.” I said, grabbing the notepad and pen I had retrieved from a drawer upon entering the kitchen.

“Let’s!” Kristin replied, smiling, reaching under the table to touch my stiffening cock. “What’cha got?” She asked.

“Well… To start with…”, I began. “Today, we are straight up porn stars. No cameras. Just the attitude.” I chuckled.

Her smile widened. “Go on…”

“I want us to be hardcore, grunting, making nasty faces at each other, calling each other names. If I tell you to get into a position, you do it. If you tell me to get into a position, I do it. We boss each other around. We grab and grope. We take what’s ours. We empower each other and we cum like crazy.”

For the first time in our encounter, Kristin was speechless.

After a moment, she found the words. “Yes to ALL of that.” She smiled as she replied. “Add some master/slave role play to that too. But I think it’d be fun to switch back and forth. I want to experiment owning you and being owned by you.”

“Yes to ALL of that.” I replied, echoing her earlier response. “But only if I get to wear your g-string around my neck.” I went on, thinking back to my time with Tamara (see Volume 3).

“Oh baby”. She smiled at me. “Oh, you’ll be wearing my fucking panties all over that body of yours.” She went on, reaching for my balls this time. “Specifically though… Let’s talk about some specific things you want. Tell me.” She said, locking into eye contact with me, grabbing my sack a bit more firmly. “Be dirty. Use any words you want. Be such a fucking pervert for me.”

Kristin was saying all the right things.

“Well… I think you know what I’m into at this point. But let me see if I can be a bit more specific as you say….” I said, winking at her.

“Your clit. I want to suck on it in every position. I want you to give your clit a blowjob. I want you looking at me and talking dirty to me while I suck on it. I want you squatting on my face, dropping your huge juicy clit into my mouth. I want us to play with your clit together. I wanna rub my cock all over it and cum all over it and then I want to lick it off and spit all of it into your mouth. How’s that for a start?” I asked after delivering this delicious speech to her.

“Oh that’s easy.” She said. “And I LOVE the cumswapping. And I LOVE that you love it.”

“I do love it.” I responded. “I loved when we 69’d and came in each other’s mouth at the same time. Next time we do that– and we are DEFINITELY doing THAT again, we need to really make out with a mouthful of each other’s cream.

“Mmmmmm…” She purred.

“Just imagine how that will feel…” I continued. “Our lips meeting, opening and feeling all our warm goo, oozing back and forth between our mouths. My thick, gooey cream and your juicy juice, mixing together in our mouths, our tongues fighting back and forth while we each swallow little by little till it’s all gone…”

“We’d be cum drunk!” She interjected.

“Exactly.” I nodded.

“Oh, and somewhere in the mix I plan to worship your ass.” I said.

“You’ve been doing plenty of that already, stud.” She shot back.

“No. I mean, I am going to WORSHIP your fucking booty.” I shot back just as quickly. “You can plan on feeding me your butthole in every position we can come up with.” I continued.

“Done and done.” She nodded smiling.

“And what about you? Or should I be scared to ask what specifics you have for me?” I asked, nervously.

Kristin responded by lifting up both of her enormous breasts, resting them on my kitchen table. “You can start right now by standing. Why don’t you stick out your tongue and jack off for me while you stare at my fat nipples?” She asked. But she wasn’t asking. This was a demand.

“Yes baby.” I said, standing up and pushing my chair in. I stepped to the side and grabbed my hard cock. I stuck out my tongue and ogled her fat nipples while I stroked my cock like a pervert. Kristin licked her fingers and began pinching her nipple, moaning and smiling at me, all the while.

“Ok. Stop it.” She said, giggling. “This is gonna be fun… having you do what I say… on cue.” She continued, giggling. “Let’s jump in the shower and clean up before we get super dirty.”

“But baby… I was about to nut for you.” I said in a disappointed whine… knowing the best was still yet to come.

Kristin grabbed me firmly by my hard shaft and walked me into my bathroom. “Mmmmmm……” I groaned, loving the feeling of being walked around by my hard dick (See Volume 1). Kristin opened the glass door of the shower and turned on the water, not taking her other hand off my cock. While we waited for the water to heat up, we made out like crazy, her hand still on my cock. I reached around and grabbed both of her jiggly ass cheeks. I spread them WIDE. My fingers began inching their way into her crack.

“Mmmmmm… Yes baby… I LOVE how much you love my ass.” Kristin murmured to me between groans.

“Mmmmmm….. I do baby. In fact…” I got on my knees. “Turn around and bend over and grab the edge of the sink.” Without question, she obliged. “I need a REAL taste of you before we get all clean.” I slid my middle finger in and out of my mouth till it was soaked in saliva and brought it to her tight, wrinkly butthole. I placed my wet tongue on her butthole, giving it a big wet lick, tasting as much of her natural taste as I could. I then placed the wet tip of my saliva soaked finger on her hole and rotated it as I slid in as deep as I could. Kristin groaned with pleasure.

After a couple of pumps, I slid my finger out of her dirty hole. I stood up and motioned for Kristin to turn around. I looked her square in the eyes.

“I just put my finger up your ass and I can’t fucking wait to taste it. Watch this…” I said boldly.

I took my finger and slid it deep into my mouth and sucked it like a dick while she watched. “Mmmmmmmmm…. Kristin your ass is so delicious.” I added.

“Call it my shithole baby.” She cooed back to me. “Look me in the eye and tell me you love the taste of my shithole.” I knew where she was going with this and I loved it. We had talked about a lot up till this point, and I thought I may have caught a couple of references to shit coming from her dirty mind, but we hadn’t discussed it explicitly. Nonetheless, I played along.

Looking at her, I said “Kristin… I LOVE the taste of your shit…” I paused and shot her a sly smile… “hole.” We both took a deep breath. Kristin took my hand and licked the finger that had just been up her ass.

“I love the taste of my shit…” She paused too as we both waited for her to say “hole” but she didn’t. I shoved my tongue into her mouth. I was so horny for her. “We’ll continue this conversation later.” Kristin said, grabbing my rock hard cock again and shooting me a wicked wink and a smile. With that, she led me by the dick into a very steamy shower.

Our shower together was a bit vanilla, relative to the rest of our time together. We soaped and groped each other, cleaning top to bottom. I bent over slightly as Kristin washed my body, every nook and cranny. “Can I finger fuck your shithole, baby?” She whispered into my ear.

“Yes please, baby.” I replied. Without a moment’s delay, I felt her corkscrew a soapy finger in and out of my tight asshole… errr shithole. With her other soapy hand, she worked my shaft slowly, knowing we had lots of time ahead of us and LOTS to do. I groaned in delight as she worked my hole and my cock in rhythm. I made sure to return the favor, cleaning her inside and out. I washed her legs and her feet, sucking her clit while I crouched down to wash her bottom half. I turned her around and buried my face in her soapy asscrack.

We washed off and exited the shower, toweling off. “Grab me my handbag from the living room?” She asked sweetly. I grabbed it and handed it to her as she kicked me out of the bathroom. “Also, I believe I left a wet, leopard print g-string on your floor. Go play with it on the sofa while you wait for me. I’ll be out soon. And I wanna walk in on you doing something nasty…” She said with that same sly smile I had been seeing a lot of.

All dried off, I made my way back to the living room and located her print leopard g-string. I tried it on. Kristin definitely had a bigger waist than me, but I found a way to make it work, as I shimmied it around my hips. I adjusted it so it was barely holding my throbbing erection and the string was resting nicely up my ass crack. I took a look at myself in the mirror. I was fucking sexy, I had to say. Now, I had to figure out what nasty thing I wanted to be doing when Kristin walked in on me. And what exactly was she doing to get ready for me in my bathroom?

I decided I’d ball up her g-string and basically make out with it while jerking off when she walked in on me. I’d act like I thought I was totally alone and just letting my inner nasty come out. I had a few minutes, so I practiced in the mirror. I was naked with a hard dick, her leopard g-string in my hand and I gave it such nasty licks. I moaned and sighed in the mirror. I felt sexy as fuck and couldn’t wait for Kristin to see me. I couldn’t wait to see her…

I went back to the living room floor and sat down with my back against the front of the sofa, my legs spread. I put her leopard g-string around my neck with the string that went up her asscrack, sitting nicely in my mouth. The taste of Kristin’s ass was very much present on the fabric. The bathroom door opened. Perfect timing.

“Ready or not, stud… Here I come” Kristin shouted playfully, as I heard her footsteps in the hallway. I made sure I was in the perfect position. Kristin entered the room. I almost came on the spot.

Kristin had reapplied her makeup, put her hair in teeny-bopper pigtails, and stood there completely naked, except for an even tinier hot pink g-string than the one in my mouth. It took me a second to process the fact that Kristin had shown up to our date with multiple panties. What a girl.

As she came into closer view, I could see the word ‘vagina’ written in glittery calligraphy on the front where her clit was noticeably hardening underneath. Kristin’s oversized clit poked hard through the front of her skimpy g-string. I swore she looked like she had a cock.

“Mmmmmm…. Look at you… with my ass crack string in your mouth… jacking off like a dirty boy.”

A groan was all I replied with. I grabbed my cock with both hands and gave her a dirty two handed pump to show her I was all in on her… that she could see me at my most vulnerable. I moaned and groaned… “Kristin, your fucking panties taste so fucking good.” I purred like a bitch as I pumped my shaft with two hands.

“Get on all fours and crawl over to me.” She barked at me. I got on my hands and knees and slowly crawled over to her, my eyes level with the word ‘vagina’ beautifully written on her g-string. “You like my vagina g-string, stud?” She asked innocently.

I kissed her right on the word vagina as a reply. I could feel her hard clit beneath the thin fabric.

“Put your panties on, now.” She instructed. I stood up and removed her g-string from around my neck and shimmied it on, the same way I had earlier during my “practice” session while Kristin was in the bathroom.

“Oooooh baby….” Kristin reacted, sitting down on the couch. “Now dance for me, you fucking stud.”

I backed up and began shaking my hips, while Kristin grabbed her phone from the end table. In a moment, Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” began playing.

“Lemme see you shake it off, stud.” Kristin went on, turning the volume up on her phone, giving her her shoulders and giant titties a nice shake in the process. Kristin put the phone down on my coffee table and spread her legs wide, getting nice and comfy. I danced like a pervert for Kristin. It musta looked awfully silly, but I felt hot as fuck and Kristin was clearly enjoying herself. With her legs spread wide, the front of her g-string didn’t cover much. Kristin made nasty faces at me, as she made a big show of licking her fingers slowly and sensually, and ultimately sliding her hand down the front of her tiny g-string to play with her pussy.

My cock was rock hard as I danced for her in her leopard g-string. I played with myself. I motion for her to join me. Kristin got off the couch and slowly approached me, shaking her ass and titties for me as she neared me. “Now, stud… Let’s dance like no one’s watching. Let’s shake it ALL off…. ” She said with a devilish grin.

My dick was at FULL capacity at this point, sticking straight out like a fucking torpedo. I grabbed her phone and brought it over to a speaker I used for amplifying music on my phone and TV. I plugged it in and turned the music up louder. I found the rest of the blunt we had last smoked. I lit it up, took a huge puff and passed it to Kristin who did the same. After a couple of puffs, I looked at her. “Ready to shake it off, bitch?” I asked. She looked at me, barely able to hear what I said over the music.

Kristin grabbed my cock, pulling me towards her. She stuck her tongue down my throat and immediately turned around and dropped into a squat. She began twerking. The string on the back of her g straight was GONE inside her ass crack as she bounced and shook her ass up and down.

“Put your face in my asscrack and I’ll twerk in your fucking mouth.” She panted, bouncing up and down, holding onto my couch for balance. I got back on my knees and placed my face in her asscrack as Kristin began to grind up and down, back and forth while “Shake it Off” continued to play. I stuck out my tongue as Kristin continued to twerk in my fucking mouth, as she so appropriately put it. I grabbed the string from her asscrack and pulled it to the side so I could put my tongue right on her hole as she danced. She let out a moan as my tongue made contact. This was hot. And it went on till the song ended. Kristin had some great dance moves too. She knew how to twerk that big juicy booty of hers. She knew how to make it sway just right. I’m sure her titties were shaking nicely in front of her. “How lucky are you, stud? You get to put your tongue on my shithole while I dance for you… I know you fucking love that, bitch.” She said, as the song came to a close.

“Mmmmmmm… I love it, Kristin. And I want more…”


I got up and lit the rest of the blunt. We passed it back and forth, blowing smoke in each other’s mouths as we finished it.

“I’m high as fucking hell and I’m horny as fucking hell” I said, putting out the roach.

“Well good. That makes two of us.” Kristin smiled back at me, licking her lips.

“So let me tell you baby. I absolutely ADORE your vagina g-string.” I said to her. “It’s so skimpy… I can totally see your clit poking through it.”

Kristin looked me in the eye, and in the throatiest, most sultry voice she could muster, she uttered the word printed on her g-string…

“Vagina.” She said to me. “Vaginaaaaaaa. Mmmmmmmmm… motherfucking fat, juicy vaginaaaa…” She continued, sticking out her tongue and licking my face from chin to ear.

Hearing her say this was insanely hot.

Kristin grabbed my cock with one hand, my balls in the other and whispered into my ear.

“Stud… You LOVE my fat, juicy vagina. You fucking love it.” I almost lost it right there.

“I love your fat, juicy vagina, Kristin. I’m such a fucking bitch for your fat, juicy vagina.” I said to her.

“And what else baby?” I knew where she was going with this. My hands began wandering to her giant ass cheeks, wandering to the center, playing with the string that had found its way back up her ass.

“And I LOVE your delicious Goddess shithole. Your shithole is the most delicious fucking thing I’ve ever put my tongue on and I can’t wait to put my tongue inside it.” I said, looking into her eyes as my two middle fingers twiddled around the very shithole of which I was just praising.

“Mmmmmmmm… Good answer, stud.” She replied, throaty as ever. “So what are you waiting for, stud? You gonna worship this juicy ass? You gonna eat my shithole, stud?”

“I’m gonna eat FROM your shit hole.” was what came out of my mouth, without even thinking. We both paused. What did I just say?

Kristin wiggled out of her g string and sat on the floor. She leaned back, spread her legs and held them back as far and wide as she could with her hands behind her knees. Her pussy was spread wide. Her clit was fully erect. I could almost see it throbbing. Her cheeks were spread. Her shithole winked at me. She licked a finger and slathered some saliva on her wrinkly shithole and brought it back to her lips for a taste. “Ooooh….” She purred. “That’s tasty, baby… Come ‘n get it…”

I got back on my knees and crawled over to her. I stopped to admire the sight before me. Her nipples were hard. I could have cum right there. I dove in and began lapping at her shithole, hungrily. I spread her legs even more to get better access. She adjusted herself, realizing as sexy as this position was, there were way better positions for me to have full access to her delicious hole. “What position do you want me in, stud?” She asked, standing naked in front of me.

“Get the fuck onto all fours, face down, ass up.” I replied. Without hesitation, Kristin dropped into position. I got into position behind her. I spread her legs wider, grabbed her cheeks, spanking them both at the same time and burying my face in her crack.

“Damn baby… now I know what you meant by worship…” She purred as my tongue slathered her shithole. “Worship me, bitch…” I continued eating with a fury.

In this position, Kristin’s clit was hanging from her pussy like a small cock.

“Eat my shithole, stud.” Kristin commanded, as I furiously lapped, kissed and sucked at her hole. Her pussy was dripping, and in this position I could see her juice gathering at the tip of her clit and dripping off. I HAD to be part of that. I licked her from the top of her asscrack, down her crack, kissing her yummy shithole and down to the tip of her clit, which I took fully in my mouth. This drove her wild.

Kristin was getting close to orgasm and I had to have a mouthful of throbbing clit. I got off my knees and laid on my back underneath her, reaching around her thighs, grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her juicy vagina toward my mouth.

“I NEED a motherfucking mouthful of your clit right now baby. I need it.” I said with a frenzy. Kristin adjusted her weight and stuffed her throbbing clit into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around this meaty piece of muscle and sucked and sucked and sucked while Kristin gyrated her hips above me.

“Unnnnnn–uhhhnnnnnn…” Kristin groaned, as she exploded all over my face once again. My lips didn’t let go of her clit and I took the entirety of her milky treat all over my face. As her climax ebbed, I grabbed her even more forcefully and continued to suck her clit and her entire pussy, slow and hard. Kristin was enjoying this, but her next orgasm would be as she desired, even if I couldn’t get enough of her pussy. After a moment, I let go and Kristin got up.

At this point, I was ready to cum like a motherfucker and Kristin knew it. “Looking sexy with my girl cum all over your face, stud.” She said, pointing to my shiny face. I licked my lips in response.

“How does my shithole taste, baby?” She asked in that innocent voice of hers again, a tone that belied just how nasty that question was.

“Like the shithole of a Goddess.” I responded. “Real talk though, baby… As ass tastes, yours actually tastes fucking good as hell.” I went on. “And I love how it feels on my tongue.”

“Right answer again, stud. Told you I’d keep you well fed.” She responded, winking at me.

“What’s next?” I asked.

“Next?” She smiled. “Next I’m getting back on all fours and you’re gonna get balls deep in my shithole. That’s what’s next, stud. You clearly know how to eat the booty, now show me you can fuck the booty.” She answered right back, while getting into position once again on my living room floor. “But first, I wanna suck some dick…”

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