Online Adventures Vol. 01: Monica


Greetings readers!

Two years ago (shortly after my 30th birthday), I got out of a (too) long relationship with my ex girlfriend Amanda. I had spent the better part of my twenties with her. There were plenty of good times, but as the years went on, our sex life became less and less eventful. Sadly, it wasn’t particularly eventful to begin with. When we ultimately broke up, it took a few weeks for me to get my head (and the whirlpool of emotions spinning around therein) back on track. With Amanda in the rearview, I had realized that I had YEARS of good sex to catch up on. In particular, I realized that it wasn’t just sex I was looking for but some reasonably light kink, intrigue, adventure– something different from the vanilla I’d been living with for nearly a decade.

I had discovered the personals section of a popular online classifieds while selling a guitar Amanda had bought me a few birthdays back. Out with the old, I figured. For anyone who’s ever browsed this section of the classifieds, you know there is quite a range of listings. Some with photos, some that get right to it, some a little less aggressive. I had never been on an online date but as I had been in the market for a little excitement and intrigue, Online personals seemed like a good place to start. As a New Yorker, there was no shortage of listings.

In the two years which followed my breakup from Amanda, I met approximately 15 different women of various backgrounds and ages (ranging from 27-58). I discovered a lot about myself during these encounters, particularly that I have a seemingly bottomless appetite for BBW.

What follows are true accounts of my favorite encounters with 8 of these women. Names and certain details have been changed, but the plot of each of these stories is accurate or VERY close. I hope you all have as much fun reading these accounts as I had writing them. Enjoy!

Volume 1: Monica

“In for the weekend. Latina BBW seeks company!” the advertisement read.

Online personals is all about the law of averages. Lots of fake ads. Lots of BS, scammers, what have you, so for every 10-15 ads I replied to, I’d be lucky to get some type of response.

I had come home from happy hour on Friday afternoon a bit tipsy as I normally would after a Friday happy hour with my coworkers. I opened my email and was delighted to see that I had one reply to over a dozen emails I had sent out over the past couple of days. As I opened it, I hoped it wasn’t fake. Latina? BBW? Both would be a new experience for me. The vast majority of sexual encounters I had in my life had been with skinny, uptight girls, so this would be something new. I had found that a lot of the porn I had indulged in recently had been BBW porn, not exclusively, but I found that I definitely enjoyed it a whole lot. I NEEDED to find a big, sexy, jiggly woman to play with, and when I opened my email, I could not believe my luck.

“Hi Jay! So much bullshit in my inbox, but you came across as probably the most normal person to reply (maybe the ONLY normal person?). Also pretty cute. I’ve attached a couple of pics. Message me back if you think we might be a good fit” – Monica.

Monica was a stunner and at least from the photos was VERY much up my alley. She had attached two photos from the shoulders up. Monica had long, dark black hair, perfect teeth and a gorgeous smile. I couldn’t see much of her body from the photos, but it was clear she had a big frame. I began imagining a giant pair of breasts and matching ass, thick thighs the whole deal. I emailed her back immediately, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. As her posting referenced being in for the weekend, perhaps this was time sensitive?

Ten minutes later, my crossed fingers paid off. She emailed me back. Maybe I was getting ahead of myself, but I could feel my dick hardening.

We emailed back and forth a few times and pretty much figured out that we were both looking for something similar. Some no strings attached fun and as Monica lived in Philly, this would likely not be a regular thing, but who knew. After being reasonably confident that neither of us were psycho, we exchanged numbers and began texting.

We exchanged a few more photos. I was in luck. Monica did in fact seem to have the giant breasts I had hoped she would, though I was not able to see what she was working with in the rear. The photos were G-rated but her rack was unmistakably large. After bombarding her with compliments, she felt comfortable enough to send me a slightly more scandalous photo of her on the beach in Cartagena, wearing a lavender bikini that was a bit too small for her. She had quite a tan and her thong bikini bottom was all but swallowed up by the juiciest thighs I had seen in awhile. I was hard. I was drooling. I was sold.

I sent Monica a beach picture as well. At 5’11”, 180lbs, I’m in decent shape and certainly wasn’t showing off a man-candy, beefcake physique, but she seemed to be into me so far. I expected her to reply with something like “cute!” or “sexy!” but Monica was clearly done with tact.

“Can I bite your nipples?” was her reply.

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I wanted to say everything to her all at once. But I wasn’t sure where to start.

“Can I bite YOURS? =)” I replied back, hoping this would kick our conversation into higher gear. And it did.

We spent the next hour or so texting back and forth about turn ons, curiosities and the like. I was delighted to find that she LOVED that I was very much into bigger women and that we were both insatiably oral, among other things. She was also 41 years old, which was something new for me. But at 41, I had a feeling she knew exactly what she was doing, what she liked and how she liked it. That only added to the intrigue for me.

When we had exhausted this part of our courtship, it was time to discuss the weekend. Monica was in town till Monday morning, at her sister’s brownstone in Morningside Heights, birdsitting her sister’s parrot. A bit of an unusual circumstance, but that was the last thing on my mind at the moment. We decided to meet at a cafe a few blocks from her sister’s place the following afternoon for a few drinks, meet face to face and see if we really did want to have the kinky fuckfest we had been texting about for the past hour or so. If that went well, we’d meet up later that night.

My mind was swimming. From her pictures, Monica was sexy as hell and she was into me.

“See ya tomorrow”, I wrote. She replied with the lipstick/kiss emoji.

At this point, I absolutely had to jerk off. Having such a sexually charged conversation with such a beautiful woman, combined with that photograph of her in that lavender bikini was enough to have me on the brink for the past hour. I pumped my shaft for like three seconds before I came all over my hand. With my post-nut clarity, I had a minute to think about if I were really ready for this. Again, having not had any sort of similar experience, I felt a bit in-over-my-head, but THIS was what I had been deprived of for YEARS, in my dead-end relationship with my loser ex-girlfriend. Within minutes, my cock was hard again and I had my answer.

I showered, got dressed and met a few friends in the upper west side for dinner and a couple of drinks. My mind was elsewhere. My friends seemed to notice and asked more than once if everything was ok. In reality, everything was MORE than ok. I brushed them off and tried not to be so wrapped up in the raunch that I was anticipating 24 hours from then. I kept taking out my phone because I wanted to text Monica telling her how I was thinking about her, but we had such a nice end to the chat earlier, I didn’t want to bother her or risk coming across as too eager. But as I went to put my phone back in my pocket, she texted me. As I went to open my messaging app, I had hoped that it wasn’t her cancelling on me. Much to the contrary. Monica had sent me a close up photograph of her giant breasts. And they were everything I had hoped they’d be. They were ENORMOUS and they looked fucking DELICIOUS. Monica’s areolas were the size of drink coasters– easily the biggest I’d ever seen. They were dark purple with little dots and wrinkles and I was speechless. And at the center of each one, Monica’s big, fat nipples stuck out, what appeared to be an inch or so from her massive breasts. A mouthful to say the least.

“Did you say you wanted to bite these, baby?” the accompanying message read.

“Yes please!!” was all I could muster up.

Monica was a Goddess. And she had me hook line and sinker. We exchanged a few more texts and confirmed the plan was still to meet at a cafe for lunch around noon tomorrow and take it from there.

“How was I going to make it till then?” was all I could think, until my friend Paul snapped me from my reverie, calling me over to the bar for a round of shots. My brain was soup at this point. Drunk, horny, excited. At the moment, I was in overload and nothing had even happened yet.

By midnight, I was a bit too drunk and began making my way back to my apartment. I collapsed in bed with plans to jerk my cock one more time but I passed out instead.

I woke up at 10am with a hard dick. No surprise there. I’m usually pretty horny in the morning, but today I was ready to GO. My lunch date with Monica was two hours away and I could not have possibly been any more excited. I wanted to jerk off, but I held off, fantasizing about cumming buckets when Monica and I finally got it on. Even if I were going to cum quickly with her, I knew from our conversations that she claimed to LOVE heavy cummers and I certainly didn’t want to disappoint. Plus, if this worked out, I had a feeling we’d be up a better part of the night, having multiple rounds. So as much as it left me in discomfort, I would not be cumming until later, one way or the other.

I showered up, threw on some nice jeans and a button down shirt and hopped on the subway. I figured I’d get there a little early, get a table and just mentally prepare for what was to come. Fortunately, the cafe wasn’t particularly busy and the host told me to grab any available table. I chose a booth in the corner, out of the way as I figured it’d be a bit more private; and a few minutes after I sat down… there she was.

I saw her enter and raised my hand and waved. She saw me, smiled and walked over. I got up to greet her and suddenly became aware that I wasn’t sure whether we were hugging, shaking hands, kissing? I went for it. We hugged and kissed on the cheek.

“Hi Monica” I said, attempting to sound comfortable.

“Hi Jay” she replied, perhaps a bit shy herself.

Everything about Monica was big. Perhaps even larger than life for a skinny white boy like me. She was wearing a purple blouse and dark jeans, which fit her perfectly.

At 5’10” and what I guessed to be about 225lbs, Monica was way bigger than any female I’d dallied with in the past. Her long, dark black hair looked like it had been straightened and her smile was even more perfect than it was in her photos. Her lips though. I had perhaps gotten so drunk on thoughts of her gigantic breasts that I hadn’t even paid much mind to how big and full her lips were.

And speaking of her breasts. There they were. Big and round. I knew what was inside that blouse. I had seen a picture of them. I wanted to touch them. To hold them right there at the restaurant. But we weren’t there yet and I had a good feeling I’d be doing that and more with her titties all I wanted later if lunch went well.

“It’s very nice to meet you. I’m very glad you wrote me back” I told her.

“Well I’m very glad you wrote me.” she smiled, as the waiter came by to take our order.

We spent almost two hours at lunch, enjoying some pretty normal date conversation– what we do for work, for fun, our annoying families, while we’re still single, and such. Monica was a professor of education at a prominent college in the Philly area. She had her PhD. which I thought was pretty cool. Monica had it going on, both physically and intellectually.

Despite the dirty conversations, we had shared via text, our in person conversation was not so brazen, save for a few clever teases on both our parts. A few times there was that awkward silence that happens from time to time. Each time, we’d make eyes at each other until someone said something.

Aside from this flirtation being so intrinsically hot to begin with, there was something so illicit about this for me. I hadn’t told anyone about this, nor was I planning to. I liked this feeling. A lot.

We got up from the table and walked outside.

“This was nice. We should do it again sometime.” I said as we walked towards the subway station on the corner.

“How does 8pm tonight sound?” she replied, smiling. “I’ll text you.”

“Can’t wait.” We hugged and kissed on the cheek as I walked down into the subway station.

I was home by about 3. I was jittery, excited and immensely horny. It took everything I had not to squeeze my cock.

Monica texted me a half hour later. I don’t have the text, but it read something like this…

“Well Mister =) I was not expecting you to be even sexier than you are in your pictures and such a nice guy (Dare I say gentleman?). Thank you again for lunch! I have early dinner plans tonight with some family. But perhaps you’d like to come over afterwards for dessert…

How could I refuse?

“It was my pleasure and I should say the same of you too Ms. Monica. Or is it Doctor? =) I’d love to join you later, if you hadn’t already figured that out!”

“Lol. One more thing… thong or g-string?” she asked.

I wasn’t certain what she meant by this. For me? For her? But I just went with it… “G-string, for sure” I answered, pretending I understood.

She replied with the blow a kiss emoji face. Someone was wearing a g string tonight. I suppose it only added to the intrigue tonight.

Monica gave me her sister’s address, which wasn’t more than about 20 minutes on the subway and a five minute walk.

It was 5pm and I figured I’d better shower up and do a little manscaping. I trimmed up all around my cock, using electric clippers and cleaned up my balls as good as I could. In our conversations, Monica had told me she likes the pornstar shave, so I took it as short as I could. I definitely have an above average sized cock, not huge, at just around eight inches hard and reasonably thick. I’ve never had any complaints. But my balls… a normal size and shape, but they hang LOW. Low enough that most of my sexual partners seemed surprised and/or commented. Some loved my low hanging balls, but most women I’ve encountered would tend not to pay them much attention. I told Monica about my cock in our conversations but I hadn’t told her about my low hanging balls. I figured, she’ll like ’em or not, but let’s not give her a reason to back out now.

With my trim complete, my cock looked even bigger than usual, and because I was BEYOND horny. It was definitely not limp. I admired myself in the mirror. I felt sexy. I swung my cock and my balls around, admiring myself. I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, nor did I have any sort of stripper fantasy (at least that I was aware of) but dancing around in the mirror, letting it all shake, I felt HOT. And I knew I wanted to do this for Monica. That is of course if watching me pose or dance naked for her is something she’d even enjoy in the first place

I jumped in the shower and took extra special care of myself, leaving no crevice unscrubbed. I scrubbed myself head to toe, taking extra special care of my asscrack and of all my goodies. If Monica were as oral as she claimed to be (or even as oral as I am) I had a feeling she’d have her mouth everywhere and I didn’t want to disappoint.

Squeaky clean, I got dressed. Boxers, jeans, a clean shirt and I was out the door just after 7:30. I was a bit in shock. Was this really about to go down? If tonight were going to be even half as hot as the conversation we had yesterday, how does one mentally prepare? Years of vanilla sex with Amanda passed through my mind. I smiled as I boarded the subway.

When I exited the station, it was go time. It was 8:03 and I was just fashionably enough late that it wouldn’t look like I had shown up early and waited till 8 on the nose. I walked three blocks and there I was outside her sister’s brownstone. I knocked on the front door. It opened. And there stood Monica in a white terry cloth bathrobe, the kind you get a nice spa or hotel. Immediately I could smell her. Fresh out of the shower. Delicious. Her hair looked dry, so perhaps she had been out of the shower for sometime, but regardless she hadn’t gotten dressed.

“Hi there” I said to her, trying to disguise my nervousness.

She pulled me inside without saying a word. With the door closed behind me she wasted no time leaning in and sliding her tongue down my throat. She put her arms around me and we sucked face. Monica was a great kisser. Wet. Passionate with just the right amount of sloppy. Those lips…

“Hi baby” she mustered, breaking our kiss.

“You smell fucking delicious” I told her, trying to sound sexy.

“I taste even better”, I’m told.

Monica took me by the hand and led me from the entrance hallway into her sister’s living room.

“Sit.” She instructed me, pointing to one of two sofas in the room. I sat.

She walked across the room and turned back to face me. “The g string you voted for earlier?” She undid her robe and it dropped to the floor.

Monica stood there in nothing but a skimpy g string and a smile. Her big beautiful tits staring me in the face and those areolas big as coasters. Her g string barely visible, hidden even more so in those tree trunk thighs of hers. She had a big stomach, but not too big, accentuated nicely by her g string, showcasing a VERY plump pussy. Though she was several feet away, it was clear Monica packed a meaty cunt.

“Your move” she said.

I stood up and was stripped down to my boxers in seconds. “I have something for you Monica”.

And with that I dropped my boxers and stood there naked for her.

“This is YOUR cock”. I lifted it and showed her my balls, which were so heavy at this point, they hung almost halfway to my knee. Inside I hoped she liked them. Knowing what I did about her, I had a feeling she would. And did she ever.

“Holy shit” she said. She had this googoogaga look in her eyes like a child who just saw a toy she absolutely needed her parents to buy for them.

“Your. Balls. Are. Fucking. Perfect” she remarked. “Ohhh am I going to have some fun with you” she went on.

“As I was getting ready, I was getting so turned on thinking about you seeing me naked, and here we fucking are” I said to her, giving her a nasty look.

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah”, I replied. With that I put my hands behind my head and began to gyrate my hips slowly in a circle, swinging my cock and balls around for her. She immediately grabbed her pussy and that’s when I realized as much as I wanted to put on a show for her, I had to fuck her right this second…

I walked over to Monica. I grabbed both her tits with both hands and squeezed as I put my tongue in her mouth.

Her hands found my cock and she squeezed. And there we were making out like two horny fucks, hands squeezing each others parts. Her tits felt so fucking good in my hands. I pinched her big fat nipples, lightly at first and then with growing strength till I got a whimper out of her.

I broke our kiss and picked up one of her giant breasts with both hands. Her giant areola, big as a drink coaster, maybe bigger. I stuck my tongue out big and flat and gave her areola and nipple a big, broad lick. I licked it up and down and took her fat, sausage-thick nipple in my mouth. As if my dick couldn’t have gotten any harder, her nipple felt so good in my mouth. I suckled it, bit it just a little and went for a nice hard suck, increasing pressure till again I got that same whimper.

By this point, she had moved from my cock to my balls, lightly squeezing my sack, not the balls, but just above, massaging with her fingers. I was in heaven and we had only just begun.

“Don’t forget the other one baby” she cooed.

How could I? I repeated the process on the her other titty. I wanted to spit on her nipple, but I didn’t want to be disrespectful. Something told me all that would be fair game as the night progressed.

I put my hands under both breasts and just held them for a minute, feeling their heaviness, squeezing them as she and I looked at each other; all the while her hand still on my cock. They were heavy and felt SO big and full.

“You like my titties?” she asked innocently.

“I fuckin LOVE your titties, Monica. Can I see you shake them for me a little?”

“Like this?” She backed up a bit and did a little Harlem shuffle as they wobbled and bounced.

“Mmmm baby yes. You are so fucking sexy.” I gave each nipple one more big wet kiss and began kissing down her body as she stood in the middle of the living room. I kissed her belly. I licked it. I kissed her all over. I got down to her g string and kissed the string, licking around the side, pulling it with my teeth and letting it snap back.

I could smell her pussy. Obviously I could barely wait to taste it, but this level of teasing for both of us was too much fun. And once again, we had all fucking night.

I continued kissing her. I kissed her thighs, tasting her skin. I moved towards her pussy, but stopped short. I’d get there. I made it as low as her knees before reversing course. I moved behind her and got my first good look at her big, beautiful round booty. Big. Round. Surprisingly firm. I kissed each cheek, licked them, sucked on them, feverishly, as Monica made the most adorable “mmmmmmmmm” sounds.

Her ass smelled great too. Shower fresh, but definitely with a blend of the delicious feminine musk that drives men wild. Her g string was riding up her asscrack. I was about to dive in with my tongue to pull on it when–

“Stop.” she said.

Before I could apologize for perhaps overstepping, she continued.

“Let me help you with that.” She bent over slightly and with both hands, reached behind and grabbed her asscheeks and spread them wide for me.

Goddamn. With her ass spread wide, her g string sat nicely, just covering her asshole. I could see her skin tone darken inside her asscrack. This was a moment. This big beautiful woman stood before me, slightly bent over, her ass spread in my face.

“You gonna kiss this too, Mister?”

At this point, I didn’t think there was anything I wouldn’t do for Monica. I leaned in and just as I was about to plant my lips on the string covering her hole, she pulled away.

“Uh uh”, she said. “Not yet, baby. Follow me”

She took my rock hard cock by the hand and led me down a hallway into her sister’s bedroom. She had a nice big bed, freshly made with clean sheets and some bourbon and Coca-cola on the nightstand, sitting on ice. I was almost sad that our little walk was over. There was something about being walked around the house by my cock that I found very hot. Perhaps we’d be able to do more of that I wondered.

“I really liked that– you walking me around by my cock. Please feel free to do that again anytime you please” I said. “Maybe walk me by my balls too?”

“Baby. We’re gonna do it all. And we’re gonna do it over and over and over. And please feel free to tell me anything else you like. Doesn’t mean we’ll do it. There are limits of course…”

“Of course, baby”

We had already discussed our limits and neither of us were into anything that might cause any sort of concern, but this was nothing compared to some of the wacky shit some people are into. “Lets have a drink” I said. I picked up the bourbon and was about to grab the soda, when Monica took the bourbon from me and poured a gulp straight down her throat, straight no chaser. “Your turn” she said.

Liquor straight up for me is a bit rough, but at this point that was exactly what I needed. Trying to show off, I took an even bigger gulp.

“Drink up, baby” she said to me as I shook off the bourbon coursing down my throat. “Now, where were we? Oh yeah… right about here” as she got on the bed on all fours with her giant ass in my face. This time, I spread her asscheeks and dove in for a kiss. I kissed her g string and licked up and down. I grabbed it by the teeth and pulled it out of the way, revealing her wrinkly, dark brown butthole.

“Do it.” she said.

Without hesitation, I dove back in and gave her butthole a big fat kiss. And then another and another. I grabbed the string, I had pulled out of the way and pulled it even further. The kisses became licks, and within seconds I found myself slobbering, essentially having a full blown make out session with her delicious butthole. With her ass in my face, I ate hungrily, moaning and gasping for air, not wanting to stop for even a second. She just tasted so fucking good.

“Mmm Monica. Your. Asshole. Tastes. So. Fuhh-fucking. Good” I could barely get the words out. And I meant it. Her dirty hole tasted so fresh and musky with her scent, I was under her spell.

Her pussy was SOAKED at this point and dripping down her leg. I knew that’d be my next stop, though I was surprised to find myself face deep in her asscrack having not eaten her pussy yet. But nothing about this hook up was conventional and who the fuck cared? This was incredible. If she hadn’t pulled away, I could’ve been there all night.

“I need to taste your cock right now. Right now.” she said with conviction. “Lie down on your back.”

I lied on my back as she settled in on the bed in front of me between my legs.

“Spread em. Wide”.

I spread my legs as far as they could go. Monica squeezed my cock as she had earlier. She smiled at me and took me in her mouth. She moaned. She grabbed my sack and massaged my balls with her fingers, while she began to move up and down on my cock.

“Monica, you know I haven’t touched my cock since yesterday. I’m not gonna last long they way you’re doin’ this, baby.”

“Good” Monica replied, pulling off my cock. “That’s the plan, stud”

And with that, Monica got back to work, licking and sucking in a rhythm, getting deeper and faster. I could feel myself switching gears, the orgasm building. And with that I was over the edge. Spurt after spurt after spurt blasted into Monica’s wet mouth. I was expecting her to pull off, knowing how much cum I had just blasted, but she stayed right where she was, groaning and swallowing and groaning and swallowing.

Just as I was done cumming, Monica released my cock from her lips and opened wide for me. “Fuck, baby. You didn’t tell me your cum was so yummy…”

I had tasted it before but didn’t seem to have an opinion on it. I was glad she liked it. And I knew she’d like what I did next…

“And you didn’t save me any?” I said as I swooped in to kiss her.

She saw this, and smiled just as I stuck out my tongue and slid it into her mouth and kissed her.

“Mmmmmmmm… you’re such a good kisser” Monica groaned.

“Stick out your tongue so I can taste my cum” I replied.

Monica stuck out her tongue. I stuck out mine and we licked tongues for the next minute or so while I came down from the monstrous orgasm she had brought me to.

“Monica that was fucking incredible, but you haven’t cum yet. Shame on me!!” I said.

“Oh my dear… don’t you worry about me. Get on the fucking floor next to the bed.” She pointed toward the spot and I had a feeling I knew what was about to happen.

I laid on the floor on my back as Monica stood over me. Monica slowly descended over me till she was in a nice wide squat, with her pussy inches from my mouth.

“Dinner is served, bitch”.

As she said this, her soaked cunt smushed into my lips and tongue. Monica grabbed onto the bed and began grinding her fat pussy all over my mouth. It was difficult at first to keep up, but we got into a nice rhythm. I suck out my tongue as far as I could, kept it firm so she could really get her grind on. She grinded and grinded and I drank her up. Monica’s pussy was very creamy and tasted like good fucking pussy.

Monica moaned as my tongue hit every spot. She stopped for a moment and sat on my chest.

“You like my clit, baby?”

Her clit was average in size and had that little mushroom head they sometimes have.

“Mmmmmm…I LOVE your clit, baby” I responded. “So pretty and sooooo yummy, Monica” I moaned.

“Good. Suck on it till I cream” she said, smiling.

I took her engorged clit between my lips and began sucking firmly. Monica got back to work, grinding and this went on for a good couple of minutes until Monica’s panting became clear she was about to nut.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh” she groaned as I sensed her getting close.

“You want it baby? You want my cream, baby?” She cooed as I sensed her orgasm building; this big beautiful woman, squatting on my face, using my tongue as her personal toy.

I could only respond with some garbled mush, as my mouth was occupied and, filling with her cream.

“Open wide baby. I’m going to squirt in your mouth and there’s gonna be a lot” she said with growing intensity.

I opened my mouth wide, as Monica rubbed her clit to orgasm

“Here it comes, babyyyy!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she yelled.

Monica delivered on her promise as a torrent of girl cum sprayed directly into my open mouth. I had licked up pussy juice before but spurts like these were something new. And it was SO fucking hot. Most of it made its way into my mouth, but plenty of it sprayed on my face. My first facial, I thought to myself.

Monica, slid back till she was straddling my chest, to look down at the mess she had made on my face. “Ya know, you look even sexier covered in my cunt juice” she said to me.

My mouth, still half full of her juice, I couldn’t say much. “My turn for a taste, she said” leaning over and sticking my tongue in my mouth.

“Here, sit up and we can do this properly.” She said.

I sat up and went right for her mouth with mine. As soon as our open mouths made contact, she began drinking her cum from my mouth and swirling it right back into my mine. And from mine back into hers, as we both swallowed our share. We licked tongues, as we had earlier; Monica coming down from her explosive orgasm.

We sat naked next to each other on the floor next to the bed, breathing, sighing, coming down from the insanity that just went down. I was about to reach for the bourbon, when–

“I missed a spot,” Monica said, sticking out her tongue and licking me from my forehead to my nipple. “There was some nut on your face,” she said “And I didn’t want it to go to waste.”

“Thank you baby.” I sat, still somewhat in shock that this was all really happening. I grabbed the bourbon bottle and took a swig. Monica did the same. At this point, I was ready to go again and I’m sure Monica was too, but this could be a good time to take a small break.

We stood up and stretched. “Mmmmm… your pussy Monica.” So fucking yummy… Your cream too.”

“Baby. You can eat me out anytime you like.” she replied, winking.

Just standing there looking at her naked and standing there naked in front of her was making me hard again. I reached over and squeezed her tits again with both hands, as she grabbed my cock again.

“In case I didn’t say it before… I fuckin love these. They’re so big and juicy.” I was definitely getting a bit looser with the dirty talk. It felt good.

“Thanx, she replied, coyly. I grew them myself.”

I was so turned on, I felt like I’d keep going.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear. “And I love your cunt and butthole too, Monica” I licked her ear while I said this and let out a little groan. She squeaked as I did this and had a feeling our next orgasm would be even more insane than the last.

“I have an idea” she said. “Let’s try to tease each other and build the tension and see who cracks first.”

“Love it”, I replied. “Whatcha have in mind?”

“You tell me, lover. Name something you wanna see. Not touch yet, but see. Remember this is all about the tease!”

“Yes baby. Do I get to play with my cock while you tease me?”

“Only if I say so. Remember! Teasing!”

I smiled. Monica was too much.

“Lemme see you get back into a nice wide squat– like something real raunchy, like you might see on the cover of a filthy porn DVD. Put both your hands behind your head and say something filthy to me, while I look at you.”

“That’s an easy one” she replied. And with that Monica walked across the room. She stood facing me, spread her legs and dropped low so her pussy was wide open. I could see how wet she still was.

Monica interlocked her fingers behind her head, and what I was looking at was the image of perfection. This big, fat, gorgeous woman, with giant titties and a fat juicy pussy, hanging from these meaty thighs, posing for me, showing off her parts for me.

“Hey there stud.” she said seductively. “Is this what you wanted to see? My big fat titties hanging for you. My juicy pussy dripping for you? You wanna eat this some more, baby? You wanna taste my creamy nut? Maybe if you’re a good boy…”

She moaned and sighed as she continued to show herself off. “Am I driving you crazy baby?” she said smiling.

“Mmmmm baby, you’re gonna make me cum and I’m not even touching myself. Turn around and bend over and spread your asscheeks wide like you did before. I wanna admire your butthole again.”

“Dirty boy” she said turning around and bending over. She grabbed both cheeks and spread for me.

“Hiiiiiiii baby. You wanna come eat this butthole baby?” Monica said, sounding like such a slut. “You wanna put your tongue inside my brown hole and taste what I’m all about? It feels so sexy on your tongue, doesn’t it baby?”

Monica had ALL the right things to say.

When Monica stood back up, I had a feeling it was my turn to do what she said. And I could not wait to find out what it was.

“Let’s get back to that part where you were gyrating your hips for me earlier. I want that show. But I don’t want the boring stripper version” she said. “I want the porn stud version.”

This kept getting better and better, I thought to myself. I was immediately transported to several hours earlier when I was dancing for myself in my bathroom. But now I could unleash my inner nasty, and had the PERFECT audience for it. “But first, put this on.”

Monica picked up her soaking wet g string she was wearing earlier. Still wet, she appeared to be about to hand it to me, when–

“Uh uh. Open up.”

I opened my mouth and she stuffed her balled up g string into my mouth. Monica backed up to study her work– her porn stud standing naked, her wet panties in my mouth, my cock hanging. My balls hanging even lower. I went to squeeze my dick.

“Hands off, motherfucker.” she interrupted.

I tried to mumble “sorry” but obviously couldn’t get the words out.

“That’ll do.” she said. “Now wear my panties.” I pulled them out of my mouth, dropped them on the floor and slid them up. I wouldn’t have thought her g string would fit me so well, but it was clearly a size or two too small for her, so it actually worked. I was wearing Monica’s g string and never felt sexier. I walked over to the full length mirror to admire myself. Yes. This. Was. HOT.

The fabric barely covered my cock and my balls, but that was the hot part.

“Now dance, stud.” Monica, commanded, sitting on the bed. She spread her legs wide and was about to touch her pussy when I reminded her of our rules.

“Fuck you and the rules!” she interjected. “My pussy is calling the shots here.” Monica licked her fingers and began twiddling her clit.

I placed my hands behind my head in that same interlocking finger manner I had asked her to and I began to gyrate and squat, turn around, shaking my ass for her, swinging my balls for her and telling her how sexy she was. It may have looked and sounded ridiculous, but Monica and I were having the time of our lives, being comfortable and sexy with each other.

“Play with your balls for me, baby” I squeezed my sack, above the balls making them bulge for her.

“You like my balls baby? You wanna suck on these? You want a mouthful of my sack? Maybe I should just come over there and dunk them in your mouth and drop my cock on your face.”

“Maybe you should” she said with a smile. And with that, our game was over. I climbed up on the bed and stood over her as she lay flat on her back. I looked down at her as she stared up at my low-hanging balls and hardening cock.

“Now it’s your turn to open wide, lover” I said, as I slowly began to squat, lowering my balls toward her open mouth. I stopped just an inch above, prolonging the tease.

“You want these, baby? You want my sack, baby? There’s so much cum in there for you. All for you baby. Are you ready?” I teased, in the throatiest voice I could muster.

At this, Monica grabbed my cock and pulled me closer to her and my balls dropped into her wet mouth. At first she took just the balls. She closed her mouth, making a tight seal and sucking. The tugging I felt in my balls was incredible. Tight. Warm. Wet. My dick went hard, as she opened her mouth and began taking my whole sack into her mouth. At first, I didn’t think she’d be able to fit both nuts and my entire sack into her mouth, but she had just about done it. There wasn’t much room, though for her to do anything with it, as it occupied her entire mouth, but I’m pretty sure she was smiling.

I gradually stood up and she released. My scrotum was nice and wet and Monica was gasping for air. “I hope that wasn’t too much for ya, baby,” I said.

‘Not at all, stud.” She grabbed my sack again and lowered my balls into her waiting mouth. She was practically drooling over them. It was a sight. She licked my balls, kissed them, spit on them, slobbered ALL over them and then went for my cock again.

Her extra wet mouth felt fucking incredible. “It’s time to fuck. Right fucking now” I said to her, while she was slobbering away.

“Oh you want this pussy? How do you want it, stud? Fuck it. It’s how I want it. And I wanna fuck YOU. Lie on your back, fucker”. Monica was clearly in control here.

Still wearing her wet g string, I lied on my back. Monica grabbed me by the balls as she “pulled” herself toward my cock. She climbed atop and spit all over my cock in three big gobs. Straddling me, on her knees, Monica guided my spit-soaked cock to her clit and proceeded to rub herself to a mini orgasm, before guiding me to her wet hole and sitting down to the hilt. That’s right, I was hard as fuck and 8 inches deep inside her creamy hole.

Monica leaned over, grabbed my arms and pinned them out to their respective sides of the bed as she began to ride my cock, not going up and down on it, but just wiggling around on it, gyrating, grinding, the whole deal. It was very slowly at first. We were clearly just enjoying ourselves in the moment.

As she fucked me so slowly, her giant titties were everywhere, and she would periodically lean in to kiss me, slide her tongue into my mouth or tease me in some nasty way. We stared into each other’s eyes, making this intense eye contact like we were daring the other to crack first as we fucked and fucked and fucked. We alternated kissing with titty sucking as she intermittently would drop a fat nipple into my mouth.

“Suck my titties baby” She held her nipple just out of my tongue’s reach, chuckling as I begged for it, only to stuff it in my mouth as I sucked on it hungrily.

Monica came three times, each time I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and I could feel her creamy girl cum on my cock. When I finally couldn’t hold out any longer, I could feel the eruption building. As she felt me build towards orgasm, she leaned over and slid her tongue down my throat and began tongue fucking my mouth as I panted like a little bitch. Her bitch.

I sucked her tongue as I came HARD. And it was incredible. Again, spurt after spurt . And it was just what I needed. Monica and I collapsed on the bed. Sweaty. Drained.

We fucked three more times that night in a variety of delightful positions.

Each time we both came hard. I was surprised I had any cum left. But Monica was determined to squeeze the last drop. And that she did. The last thing I remember through my drunkenness was falling asleep a twisted mess on her sister’s bed, my soft cock, firmly in her hand.

When we awoke the next morning, we could hardly look at each other without being like “we did WHAT?!”. It was a little awkward, but that didn’t stop us from fucking one more time.

I looked at the clock. It was almost noon. I suppose we could’ve fucked all day, but I had NOTHING left and Monica had plans for the afternoon. I really could’ve used a shower. I couldn’t smell it, but I’m sure anyone I came in contact with would be certain I smelled overwhelmingly like pussy. Monica’s pussy. The thought made my cock tingle. I liked that.

“You wanna see something pretty cool?” Monica asked.

I could not fucking imagine what she was going to show me, at this point, considering the raunch we had engaged in last night. She led me down the hallway to the other bedroom. She opened the door and turned on the light. And there was her sister’s parrot. I can completely forgotten about that! “That is cool! What’s his name?” This is Arturo, she said putting her finger in the cage to pet his beak.

“Well, bless you Arturo for getting me and Auntie Monica together!” I said.

Monica giggled. “I guess you’re right. That’s why I was here in the first place!”

Monica saw me out the front door. We looked at each other. “This was pretty incredible” I barely got the words out. “You are amazing” I said to her.

“You!!” she replied. “You’ll have to let me know the next time you’re in Philly.”

I leaned in and gave her a VERY passionate kiss. I wanted her to feel special, maybe even loved? I didn’t want her to think she was just pussy to me. I mean, that IS how it started, but Monica and I definitely connected. My mind was still soup and I definitely needed some fresh air.

I walked down the front steps of the brownstone and looked back just in time to catch Monica’s big booty disappear as the door closed behind her.

“What a night” I thought to myself as I walked toward the subway. I took out my phone to text Monica telling her some sweet stuff about how much I enjoyed last night, but she beat me to it.

“Miss you already, stud” the text read, accompanied by a closeup shot of her wet pussy.

My dick hardened. I had a good feeling I’d be seeing Monica again sooner than later.


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