New office patient 22



Mother daughter session.

Sue do we have anyone else today? Yes Master you have a young lady and her mother coming in this afternoon at 2:00. Do we know anything of what is bringing them in to see me? Some and also this is a referral from one of your other patients, it would seem that your practices is getting good reviews from the patients and they are recommending you to their friends. I know I do when I hear of friends having problems. Thank you Sue, so what is going on with the mother and daughter I am seeing this afternoon? Well I spoke with the mother last week when she called to make an appointment. Her name is Jasmine Cater and her daughter’s name is Windy. It would seem that mom caught her daughter sucking off two boys in her room after school last week. Not only did the daughter not stop sucking the boys dicks, but told her mother to either continue to watch or leave. According to Mrs. Cater she stayed the whole hour watching her daughter suck off two boys. And get this master the mom said she was sadden that the boys dicks were small and not very impressive and thought she should be doing better than two small dicks, but all she really wants Windy is to behave better is what she would like to see happen. Ok call my wife let her know about the 2 o’clock appointment and see if she wants to sit in on this one? Also when are you and your husband coming back in for another session? I not sure Sir, you see he was promoted two weeks ago and has to travel a lot more now and it has been hard to get together to come in.

I see, well you know my door is always open.

Thank you Master. Could I ask a favor from you if I may?

Of course you can Sue what is it?

Would you mind if I was in the secret room with your wife this afternoon while you help out Mrs. Cater and her daughter?

No problem with me, just need to call my busy wife and see if she can make it in such short notice.

Thank you Sir I will call her right now.

It’s almost 2 and the front door rings. My wife Joan and Sue are in the secret room doing who know what and to who is fucking whom. I head to the front to see who came in. As I enter the lobby I see two woman one in her teens 17 or 18 and a woman in her early 40s. I extend my hand and introduce myself as Doctor Wentz. As I shake Mrs. Cater hand I take a close look at this woman, not much in the body department, short black hair, little makeup, small mouth, pointy nose. Tits might be B cup size, skinny waist and short legs. Like I said not much to look at. As she introduces herself I get the feeling I am shanking the hand of a principal or leader of something, she has this feeling about her. She than introduces her daughter Windy, I smile as I extend my hand to shake Windy’s hand. Seeing a big difference between mother and daughter. As I look Windy over like a hungry wolf that has not eaten in a week, I see she has long black hair, beautiful green eye, a lovely face, soft and warm. Her body is one to talk about, shoulders back, chest out kind of stance. Tits were above a C cup for sure, flat stomach and much longer legs than mom has. She is still in her cheerleading outfit as they must have come straight from practice or something. So I ask, are you on the cheerleading squad Windy. Mrs. Cater answers with a sharp no, she is not on any squad, she likes to dress this way to make me upset. Windy just stands there and giggle some as her mother tells me these things.

I escort them back to the office, as we enter I point over towards the couch for them to take a seat as I need to take down some notes before we get started with today’s session. Without looking up I ask how did you hear about me? I already know the answer as I was looking to get Mrs. Cater relaxed some with her talking about something positive. She mentions one of my patients by name. As I recall thinking about them that she is having issues with her son, something about him wanting to fuck her in the ass, but mom is only going as far as sucking his dick before any sports games he is involved with. I found out that her son was a skinny little geek boy before she offer him some motivation to get out for a school sports team and that he can fuck her whenever his team wins any games. Knowing it was early in their session I fucked the mother in the ass to show her son just how their relationship with each other help the team win a game.

As I put my pencil down and look up I see Windy sitting there with her legs spread out some showing me that she is not wearing panties under her cheerleading white with a red strip skirt and with another look at Windy’s tits, she not wearing a bra either. So I ask straight out, Mrs. Cater do you want to suck your daughter pussy and Windy do you want your mother to lick you up and down that wet pussy that you like to play with in front of others?

Could she, Windy ask.

Not yet anyway for now Mrs. Cater why don’t you stand in front of my desk and lean over. And Windy why don’t you come around back here. As these two get moving to the places I pull out handcuffs, a gag ball and a wooden paddle with holes in it which makes a nice swishing sound when moved through the air. As Mrs. Cater bends over my desk I take Windy by the wrist and spin her around placing the handcuffs on her. Of course she protests and screams why are you handcuffing me, why are you treating me this way. Without saying anything I push Windy over my desk next to her mother, face to face kind of way. Holding Windy down I take the gag ball and place it in Windy’s mouth shutting her up some. She still screams but it is muffled a lot. I tell the Mrs. Cater as she is looking into her daughter’s eyes that the gag ball she is now sucking on is one I use to pleasure my wife’s pussy and ass with. Just last night I had her screaming with that ball shoved into her pussy. She must have come a dozen times all over that ball. Now normally I would have cleaned it once I was done with it, but I was just a bit tired last night and just left it in my desk to clean later. But when Sue, my Receptionist told me about my afternoon appointment with a mother who seems not to be able to control her own daughter, I thought why not use this time to get this gag ball cleaned with Windy’s nasty little teen slut mouth. I see mom likes this form of punishment. Is that true mom are you enjoying seeing your daughter bent over my desk with a gag ball that I use to pleasure my wife’s pussy with shoved into her mouth. Oh yes sir was all mom could say while smiling at her daughter who is screaming. As I move around to the front of the desk I see Mrs. Cater bent over my desk with her right hand shoved down her pants masturbating herself. I lean over Mrs. Cater’s back and ask, are you about to cum mommy slut? She moans with her eyes closed I stand back up and grab the paddle. I pull back and take a good hard swing down on Mrs. Cater’s ass. She screams so loud and jumps up asking what the fuck was that all about while rubbing her ass yelling at me. I see the start of a small tear drop from her right eye. Again without another word I swing Mrs. Cater back around bending her over my desk again and giving her three more spankings with the paddle, not as hard, but firm letting her know I mean business. As I spank Windy’s mom, I see Windy smile watching her mom get spanked like a little girl. As I finish the spanking, I tell Mrs. Cater to strip all her clothes off and stand over by the mirror facing it. She does so slowly as her ass is hurting some, she continues to rub the pain away. As Mrs. Cater is taking her clothes off I go around and pull Windy to her feet and walk her back over to the couch, pushing her down some as we reach the couch, she lands in a laying down seating kind of position which looks very uncomfortable, handcuffed still and with the ball gag in her mouth I tell her mother to keep watching her daughter in the mirror while I preform mouth to pussy fuck session sex on Windy. She only ask if she can masturbate while I tongue fuck her daughter. She knows some of want is happening and is going along with it. I wonder, thinking to myself if she was trained to be submissive. She did not move when I abused her daughter, and telling her what I was going to do to her did not trouble her either and after the first spanking she laid there receiving those other slaps. So I go up behind Mrs. Cater and reach around grabbing her nipples hard I twist them offering her some pain and she moans with a smile looking straight into my eyes. I whisper how long have you been a sub, and all she said was not long.

Well I head back to the couch I lift up Windy’s skirt and suck the young wet pussy dry. It did not take long for her to start having multiple orgasms and hearing her mom scream out in orgasmic sexual release unlike I have ever heard before. She release so much of herself that a small puddle formed on the floor between her legs. I reposition Windy on the couch removing the ball gag from her mouth I tell her mother to join us at the couch. Standing there Mrs. Cater asked if we were done for the day I said we have one more exercise to complete today. And that is you have to use your daughter mouth to masturbate yourself off. She smiles and just straddles Windy’s head and just start s rubbing her pussy back and forth, telling her daughter what slut she is and that she will continue to be used by her mother when they get home. In the meantime while Mrs. Cater is using her daughter’s mouth for her own pleasure, I lift Windy’s skirt up, drop by pants and insert my cock in what I found to be a virgin pussy. After breaking her womanhood I fucked the little slut for almost an hour before letting her up from the couch. So when the session truly ended I told Mrs. Cater she was to where her daughter’s outfit next week without panties as I was going to fuck her pussy while she licks and sucks her daughter’s asshole. I escort the ladies out and return to the office and opening the door to the secret room I see Joan in the doggie position with Sue wearing a strap on dildo just pounding my wife with the last of her will power. As they both collapse to the floor in utter exhaustion I ask Joan what’s for dinner tonight I’am starving.

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