My Stepsister. Teen Sex Stories



There may be some spelling and grammar errors as I’m not the best proof reader so if you see any drop a comment and I’ll correct it.

Moving to a new town and a new school is one of the hardest things a teenage girl can do, to leave behind every friend I have made and have to start all over again, to make new friends, get used to the town, the school and the teachers. All of the things I would have to do just to regain a sense of normality was staggering and intimidating but the fact that we were having to move because my mom had remarried made things even more intimidating so when we arrived at our new home I was terrified.

Mom walks through the front door to a house that is more like a small cottage like she has lived here forever. We are greeted by a girl, she looks like she is the same age as me but that is where the similarities end, she has long wavy naturally blonde hair, bright blue eyes, tanned skin that looks natural and not like it has been sprayed on and a body that any girl would kill for, she is tall and skinny with long legs, a flat stomach, a cute round face with a large smile and what look like D cup breasts all wrapped up in a pair of short shorts and a bright pastel pink tank top.

We couldn’t be any more different as I was short with some fat on my stomach, small B cup breasts, long straight black hair and green eyes, while she seems to be perky and happy I am more lets say moody and usually dress in dark clothes, most people would probably call me a goth.

The girl runs towards us with a huge smile on her face and wraps her arms around both me and mom at the same time pulling us into a big three person hug, I’m shocked and more than a little bit uncomfortable, I don’t even know who this girl is yet she is hugging me and my mom with a huge smile on her face like we are best friends he hasn’t seen for a while.

“I’m Adrianna, your sister.” The girl says practically bouncing up and down in excitement with that huge smile still plastered on her face.

“Sister?” I ask confused and shocked, mom had never mentioned anything about a sister and this is not the most pleasant way for someone who isn’t generally fond of people to find out they are going to have a new sibling.

“Yes sister, did I not tell you that?” Mom asks before rushing on and not giving me any time to answer her, “well you’re the same age and will be attending the same high school. Oh you’re going to be sharing a room as well, how cool is that?”

I’m getting annoyed with mom because she hadn’t told me that I was going to have a sister let alone that I would have to share a room with said unknown sister, I really didn’t like this sudden turn of events but Adrianna seems all too pleased about it.

“Oh we’re gonna have so much fun.” She almost squeals linking arms with me and dragging me off towards god only knows where as I look back at my mom using my eyes to plead with her to save me from this insanely cheerful girl.

Mom doesn’t save me though and I get dragged through the small house, up a flight of stairs and into a large bedroom with two beds set up in it but I cant focus on anything because the room is painted in blinding shades of pink and everything in the room that can be pink is pink. I hate this so much, I don’t like having to share my personal space and I definitely don’t want to have to share a horribly bright pink room with this borderline insanely cheerful girl.

“So what do you think?” Adrianna asks looking even more excited than before, something I would have thought impossible.

“It’s urm, pink.” I tell her trying to inject some fake cheerfulness into my voice and facial expressions because in reality I wanted to tell her I hate it, that it is too bright and pink and the opposite of what I like but I also don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.

“I know, amazing right, it’s perfect.” She says in that aggravatingly cheerful voice.

I cant stand this girl, she is treating me like she is my best friend and has been for ages but she doesn’t even know my name, she hasn’t even asked me for it yet and that is annoying me too.

“Chelsea, Adrianna can you girls come and help me bring in some of these boxes.” Mom shouts from downstairs.

“Coming mommy.” Adrianna calls out before bouncing out of the room.

The rest of the day passes quickly with the three of us bringing in boxes of mine and moms possessions and then sorting them out so we know what rooms they need to go to, the whole time Adrianna excitedly talks about how much fun we are going to have and how we are going to be the best of friends, mom also has a smile on her face but I cant help but think that this is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

When night rolls around and it is time for bed because we have to get up early in the morning for school, the thing is I cant sleep, I’m just so wound up about everything that has happened today and how I hate all that is happening and how I already hate this girl who is now my sister. I pace around the bedroom we share mumbling almost silently under my breath about how annoyed I am and how I hate this situation I am now in.

Adrianna grunts in annoyance and rolls out of bed, I stop pacing and turn to face her wondering what she is doing as she advances on me with fire in her eyes, I don’t know what she is going to do but I actually feel a little afraid. Adrianna stops in front of me and while I’m still trying to figure out what she is going to do she reaches forward and pushes me against the wall of our bedroom, I gasp in surprise and the moment that I do Adrianna lunges forward and her lips meet mine. I’m stunned into silence by her actions and I don’t know what to do or think as her lips leave mine.

“Well that shut you up.” She says moving back to her bed and climbing under the covers, “now go to sleep.”

I stand there stunned and in shock from what has just happened, I reach up and touch my lips they feel bruised from the intensity of the kiss, I had always imagined that my first kiss would be magical and romantic with a boy that I was madly in love with, not like this, not with a girl and definitely not with a girl who is my stepsister.

I sit on my bed confused, why had she kissed me, why does it feel like my lips are tingling, why is my head spinning and why does my chest feel tight, I don’t understand it, I feel angry and confused and scared. I lie in bed unable to sleep and just look at Adrianna wondering what the hell had just happened and how I am going to survive in this place, I haven’t even met the man who is going to be my stepdad yet but if he is anything like Adrianna then I don’t know if I actually do want to meet him.

A week passes by quickly and I discover that Adrianna is a big deal at our all girl high school which isn’t surprising because with an overly cheerful personality like hers I would be more surprised if she wasn’t super popular, this is just another thing that highlights the massive differences between us because I was still pretty much friendless. Adrianna tried to be my friend and would always invite me along with her and her friends but most of them are like her and are bubbly, overly cheerful people that moody old me cant stomach for more than a few minutes at a time but that wasn’t the main reason I avoided her.

The main reason I avoid her is because of what had happened that first night, that kiss, I can’t get it out of my mind, every time I think about it my stomach clenches because I’m not sure how I feel about it, on one hand I feel like Adrianna had stolen my first kiss like some kind of violation but on the other hand I want it to happen again because I’d never felt like I had when she had kissed me.

I tried to put the thoughts of the kiss out of my mind and just focus on my school work and getting through living with and sharing a room with Adrianna who doesn’t seem to have any chill and is constantly bouncing around like a mad girl. I have actually started to wonder if there is something wrong with her because no one can be happy and upbeat from the moment they wake up until the moment they fall asleep, it just feels unnatural.

Its been almost one week since my mom and I moved into this house and this morning she had finally explained why her new husband wasn’t here after me asking her daily, she had told me that he was travelling abroad and helping to teach children in less fortunate countries and wouldn’t be back for a long while. Adrianna had been sitting at the table with us eating breakfast when mom had told me this and it was the first time I had ever seen her not happy and she had stormed off to our shared bedroom much to my annoyance because I have homework that I have to do but I don’t want to go anywhere near her because the idea of an annoyed or upset Adrianna frightens me.

I eventually head up to the bedroom I share with Adrianna because I do have to get the homework done before tomorrow, I walk into our bedroom and see Adrianna lying face down on her bed but a second later she moves and looks up at me. I feel a little afraid when she looks up at me because she has the same look in her eyes that she had the first night we had met, the night that she had kissed me, I wonder if she is about to do it again if she is about to kiss me, thinking about whether or not she is going to kiss me again has my head spinning and my stomach doing flips, I don’t know if it is something I want to happen or not though.

I quietly walk over to the small desk next to my bed, take my homework assignments out of my bag and sit at the desk ready to start working but I’ve hardly written a paragraph of my essay when Adrianna speaks.

“Did that make you happy earlier Chels?” She asks using the abbreviation of my name that she has started calling me that I hate so much, her voice is low and sounds aggressive which scares me just like the look she has in her eyes does.

“What do you mean?” I ask her confused, she seems really pissed off but I don’t understand why or what she is talking about.

“You just had to mention dad didn’t you, you just had to keep pushing, you couldn’t let it go.” She had stood up when she had first started speaking and had walked towards me as she spoke until she is standing next to me and glaring down at me.

“What…” I start to speak but I cut off with a cry of pain as she grabs a handful of my hair and yanks on it pulling me to my feet.

She doesn’t let go off my hair as I lurch to my feet trying to take the pressure off of my scalp but instead she drags me over to my bed where she finally let’s go of my hair and grabs my shoulders before pushing me hard and making me fall onto my bed landing hard on my back, she follows me down and crouches over me with her arms and legs on either side of me trapping me on the bed underneath her. I can feel my heart racing as she glares down at me with those bright blue eyes that are usually filled with happiness but are now filled with a dark expression that I can only think looks like anger.

“Mopey little Chelsea, always looking so sad, you drive everyone at school crazy with that look, you make them thing you’re so innocent but damaged, the cute girl who can do no wrong, who needs looking after and protecting.” She spits the words at me with spittle flying from her lips and landing on my face, I can feel myself close to tears but I don’t want to cry and give her what I think would be satisfaction at seeing me cry in fear and hurt from her words.

“But it’s all an act isn’t it so that when you do act like a bitch people just write it off as you having a bad day or something but that’s the real you isn’t it? You’re a spiteful bitch, you couldn’t bear seeing me try and be happy all the time so you just had to do something about it and dad being gone was an easy target wasn’t it?” Adrianna is practically shouting now but I can see and feel the tears falling from her eyes and merging with the tears leaking out of my own eyes.

“No I just…” I trail off nervously as Adrianna lowers her face closer to mine.

I think about telling her to get off of me and that she has it all wrong, that I hadn’t meant to upset or annoy her but every thought is wiped from my mind when she lowers her face completely and kisses me. The kiss is almost the same as the last one but with a big difference the last one had been intense and left me feeling like my lips were bruised but this kiss is a kiss of pure anger and it physically hurts me, I gasp in pain and shock but Adrianna takes this as an invitation and plunges her tongue into my mouth violating me and making more tears pour from my eyes. My head is spinning from the kiss because I know that a strange part of me had wanted her to kiss me again but I hadn’t wanted it to be like this but another part of me hadn’t wanted her to kiss me again at all either way I find myself pushing my head up and my lips further into Adrianna’s.

Adrianna pulls up out of the kiss and glares down at me all tear now gone from her eyes and replaced with a viciousness that I had only seen once before, the last time she had kissed me. I feel fear and panic as she moves one of her hands from her side and places it on my throat before lightly applying a small amount of pressure, I can feel myself shaking and I wonder if it is in fear of what she is going to do with her hand on my throat or if it is from a lingering perverse pleasure I have gotten from her kiss and her pinning me down on my bed like this.

After a few tense moments of Adrianna’s hand around my throat and me shaking in either fear or excitement or maybe even both Adrianna suddenly takes her hand from my throat and moves off of me and the bed to stand beside the bed glaring down at me.

“You didn’t ask about dad to upset me did you?” She asks quietly, I cant seem to find my voice so I shake my head, “god I’m such a fucking idiot.” She says quietly, I can now see tears falling from her eyes again, I want to move and wipe away her tears but I don’t think I can move and even if I could I would het the chance because a split second after the words have left her mouth Adrianna runs out of our bedroom.

I lie on the bed for a while after Adrianna runs out of the room, my head is spinning from confusion because on one hand I hate Adrianna, the things she had said to me today have just enforces my idea that her sweet cheerful personality is all just a front and underneath there is one seriously messed up girl that I wish I never had to see again in my life. On the other hand though my stomach is doing flips and my crotch is tingling and begging for me to touch it just like my lips that again feel bruised but are begging for the touch of Adrianna’s lips.

I lie on my bed agonising over these things I’m feeling about Adrianna eventually my feelings beat my sense, I lift up my hips, pull my dress up over my hips and slip my hand into my panties, I’m not new to masturbation and have done it before to boys and celebrities that my friends and other girls at my previous school thought were good looking but it always felt wrong thinking about these guys while I brought myself to orgasm. I hadn’t touched myself since moving here because I hadn’t had the chance to because of sharing a room with Adrianna but I am certain that she wouldn’t be back for a while and after what had just happened between us I am majorly turned on.

I know I’m turned on but I hadn’t realised how turned on I am until my hand comes into contact with my pussy and I feel how wet and sensitive I am, I let out a moan almost as soon as I touch my pussy and then I lose all sense and start to rub all over my pussy quickly and furiously before plunging two fingers deep inside myself with one hand and rapidly fingering myself as I bring my other hand down to my pussy and start to rub my clit. I arch my back and buck my hips up into my hands as orgasm hard to a mental image of it being Adrianna’s hands touching me and not my own, I even have to bury my face in my pillow to stop myself calling out her name.

I have the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had with wave after wave crashing me and making me bury my face further into my pillow to stop my cries of pleasure from reaching the ears of my mom or even worse Adrianna.

When I finally come down from my orgasm I lie there panting and trying to catch my breath while silently cursing myself, Adrianna and the world because my orgasm had brought with it an understanding, an understanding that I would much rather had stayed unknown, that I want Adrianna, my stepsister to fuck me.

Another week passed and the only things that had changed was the relationship between me and Adrianna and how I saw her, she had stopped trying to invite me to join her and her friends in whatever activities they were up to and left me to be on my own, all alone with not a single friend even the other students at our all girls school had started to avoid me like I am some kind of toxic wasteland. I had started to see new sides to Adrianna and I had noticed that underneath her overly cheerful personality was a cruelty that would rear its head some times around some of the other students that she would just completely ignore or make cruel comments about wrapped up in a sickly sweet smile, the main subject of her cruelty though was me as when we are at home she would some times just pretend I didn’t exist or she would make comments about me to mom who didn’t understand the cruelty behind Adrianna’s words. The other new side I saw of Adrianna was the deep sadness that was always just beneath the surface, I knew that any mention of fathers upset her as I suspected her dad hadn’t really been in her life at all and was always away working, I had actually heard her crying in the bathroom at home.

I want to try and cheer her up or help her out with her problems but I cant see a way of doing it that wont make her hate me even more or will hurt her even more because I am starting to actually care about her and want her to actually be happy, I see my chance when she falls asleep on Friday night and I lie in bed just watching her sleep and listening to her breathing, something I had started doing a few days ago.

“Daddy.” She mumbles in her sleep, “why don’t you love me? Why doesn’t anyone love me?”

Even though she is asleep and mumbling I can hear the pain in her voice which makes me feel sorry for her, I can even feel tears come to my eyes as I think about how hard it must be for her to act happy and cheerful all the time when she feels so sad and unloved so if I can I want to make her actually feel happy instead of just pretend.

I wake before Adrianna does and watch her sleep thinking about how peaceful and cute when she is asleep and not bouncing around like a maniac or kissing me with a violent intensity. Five minutes or so later she wakes up in the most adorable way possible, she yawns a soft, high pitched yawn and stretches her arms up towards the wall at the top of her bed with a small groan. I think about how I should talk to her about what I heard her say in her sleep but I cant think of a good way to say it and end up blurring out the first thing that comes into my mind.

“You were talking in your sleep last night.” I blurt out after spending minutes thinking about what to say to her.

“So what?” Adrianna snaps letting her cruel angry side show as she sits up in bed and glares at me.

“Well I just wanted you to know that people do love you.” I tell her half expecting her to explode in anger and start shouting at me but instead she just sits there looking at me her eyes and mouth wide so I push on, “mom loves you and so do I.”

“You don’t.” She says quietly under her breath kind of like she wanted me to hear her but didn’t want me to hear her at the same time.

“Yes I do, I love you Adrianna.” I tell her a little more forcefully than I had meant to and instantly start to blush so I look away from her towards my bed.

“You say that but you always look scared of me.” She says quietly and sounding hurt, she’s right though I am scared of her but not for the reasons she thinks I am because I’m not scared of her but the things I’m feeling for her.

“I’m not scared of you. I love you.” I tell her, I must have spoke in a different tone, changed my posture or something because I hear Adrianna gasp like she has just understood a huge which I guess she has.

“Oh, you don’t love me, you Love me.” Adrianna puts emphasis on the second time she says love like it has a capital letter at the start of it letting me know that she knows it isn’t a sisterly kind of love I feel for her but a romantic kind of love.

“I… I…” I stutter trying to say something, anything to try and argue with her and make her think she’s got it wrong but I know it would be a lie and even in my head it sounds like a weak lie.

I didn’t know that she had moved until suddenly one of Adrianna’s hands is under my chin and she is forcing me to look up at her, the second I make eye contact with her she lunges forward and her lips slam against mine knocking me off balance and making me fall onto my back with her on top of me. Adrianna is so much taller than me that her legs extend off of me and towards the edge of the bed but I can still feel her curves pressing down on me, her wide hips and her large breasts are pushed against me and I can feel my stomach doing flips and the tingling in my pussy as she kisses me with the same violence she has had when she has kissed me before. When she pulls her lips from mine I can feel myself breathing heavily from my arousal but I try to push my face up towards hers because I need to feel her lips on mine again.

“Is this what you want?” Adrianna asks her voice low and erotic as she places a hand on my chest and pushes me down preventing me from leaning up to try and kiss her, “is it? Do you want me to hold you? To kiss you? To fuck you?” She asks with her voice low and husky and making me more and more aroused.

“Yes.” I whisper breathlessly between panting breaths as I try to get my raging hormones under control but it isn’t working and I can now feel that I am so wet that I am soaking through my thin pyjama trousers.

Adrianna lowers her face towards mine and I close my eyes ready for the aggressive bliss of the kiss I know is coming but instead of feeling her lips against mine I feel them against my neck. I moan in pure pleasure as she kisses my neck a few time working her way back towards my ear which she softly blows on and then licks making me shudder and moan again, the kisses aren’t as aggressive as they have been but it doesn’t matter as my heart is beating rapidly and I’m that aroused I’m sure that any contact with my wet, sensitive organ would push me over the edge into what I’m sure would be an intense orgasm.

“But why should I make you feel good?” She whispers in my ear before pulling back so she is resting on her hands and knees above me and trapping me against the bed like she had the last time she had kissed me.

“Because I… You… I…” I stumble over my words knowing that because I love her wouldn’t be a good enough reason for Adrianna and I don’t know how to put into words that my body is so hot and I’m so aroused right now that it practically hurts and the only way to relieve it would be through an orgasm.

“What? Did you think you confessing your love for me would have me throwing myself at you?” She asks with a cruel laugh, “what would make you think I’m even mildly attracted to you?”

I can feel the arousal leaking out of my body and being replaced with a crushing sadness and pain, I can feel tears forming in my eyes and I know that any second now I’m going to be a sobbing mess and all because I had been stupid enough to tell my stepsister that I loved her.

“Did you think I was the kind of girl who would throw herself at the first person to tell me they love me?” She asks sounding cruel and vicious, “you’re pathetic.” She snaps as she climbs away from me and off the bed, “we are stepsisters that is all. Not lovers, not even friends.” She tells me before marching out of the bedroom.

I lie on my bed unable to move, unable to even see because of all the tears in my eyes as I cry silently and uncontrollably letting the tears roll across my cheeks and into my bed sheets. I feel like such an idiot, I should have know this is what would happen if she ever found out that I had feelings for her, I feel even more stupid because I had actually thought she had feelings for me too when she had kissed me and then trailed kisses along my neck.

“I hate her.” I whisper almost inaudibly between silent sobs as I try to convince myself that the words are true even though I know that they aren’t and that even though it feels like she has ripped my heart out I still love her.

I lie on my bed crying until my tears all dry up and I’m just sobbing silently and looking up at the ceiling, I had never in my life thought that having someone break your heart could hurt so much but now I know what all the stories meant when they talked about someone dying from a broken heart because right now I felt like I could die.

“Chelsea come on time for breakfast.” Mom says cheerfully poking her head through the doorway to the room I share with Adrianna.

I turn onto my side so that she cant see my eyes that are red and puffy from all the crying, I really don’t want to tell her that I had confessed my feeling to my stepsister who had then kissed me and turned me on nearly to the point of exploding with an orgasm before she ripped out my heart.

“I’m not hungry.” I mutter into my pillow just wishing she would go away and leave me to be alone with my misery.

“Come on, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” She says still sounding cheerful.

“I’m not hungry mom, just leave me alone.” I snap harshly, instantly regretting it but I’m angry, upset and heartbroken so I don’t apologise and mom doesn’t say anything apart from sighing as she gives up on me for the day and walks away no doubt to go and have breakfast with a smiling cheerful Adrianna who probably didn’t give a shit that she had just broken my heart.

I don’t leave my bed for the rest of the day except to use the bathroom and to get something to eat around midday but not because I want to but because I know I’ll make myself sick if I don’t and i don’t want to give Adrianna the satisfaction of knowing she had broken me. I spend the day listening to sad songs and thinking about how much I want to hate Adrianna but I cant hate her because I love her and I end up hating myself because of it.

Mom sees how obviously upset I am and throughout the week keeps asking me if I’m ok and what’s wrong but I just brush her off and give her nonsense answer about missing my old school and the small amount of friends I had there which gets her off of my back for a short while.

I lie in bed staring at the ceiling on the Saturday after everything had happened between me and Adrianna, I don’t want to look at her, I don’t want to acknowledge that she is there but I find myself drawn to her and I keep wanting to glance over at her to trace the curves of her body as she sits there quietly doing some homework assignment for a class she is no doubt passing with ease.

“Why do you think you love me?” Adrianna asks surprising me because I had thought she was on the other side of the room but is instead sitting on the edge of her bed closest to my own bed. I sit up and face her before thinking about my answer for a moment before I speak.

“I don’t know.” I say with a sigh before speaking again, “it’s just that every time I see you I get butterflies in my chest and I find myself admiring your body and I fantasise about you holding me in your arms and kissing me and yes even making love to me.” I speak quickly afraid that I will lose the burst of confidence and once I finish speaking I sigh feeling like a weight has lifted off of my shoulders.

“So it’s lust then, I can deal with that.” She says with a short laugh as she reaches for the bottom of my T shirt.

“No it’s not.” I snap still feeling the burst of confidence now mix with annoyance as I stop her hand reaching out for me, “because that’s not all I fantasise about, I have fantasies about us walking to and from school holding hands, stealing kisses from each other between classes, going on dates to the cinema or a restaurant or the beach, I fantasise about us just laughing together over silly things we see on TV or things people do on the streets and I fantasise about falling asleep at night wrapped in your arms and you being the first thing I see every morning when I wake up.”

I can see that my words are having an effect on Adrianna but I don’t know what effect and I can also feel tears forming in my eyes but I’m on a roll so I push on.

“It’s not just your looks that I love either but that even though sometimes your overly cheerfulness can overwhelm and annoy me seeing you smile can still make me smile and the fact that I’m one of the only people who get to see the other sides of you, the angry rage filled side that scares me and the side of you that is so vulnerable and filled with sadness it makes me want to cry for you. I love that you are witty and can be funny when you’re not using it to be underhandedly cruel, I love that you are so smart and intelligent and I love that even though you can be cruel you still care. I just love you.”

By the end of my rant my tears have spilled over and I’m crying but I don’t try and hide my tears or even feel ashamed of them and I let then fall freely trying to convey to Adrianna that I mean everything I have said and that I really, truly do love her.

“You.” She starts with a shaky voice but then quickly stops before wiping tears from her eyes and then after composing herself she starts again, “you really feel all those things about me?” She asks sounding so vulnerable that I want to lunge at her and wrap her in a hug but instead all I can do is nod my head.

“But I’ve been nothing but horrible to you since you moved in. I made everyone at school think you are crazy and then invited you to join us all the time so they would tease you, I tried to turn mom against you and make her think that you’re being horrible to me. I mean I kissed you just to shut you up and then again because I was angry and I thought it might cheer me up or make you angry too or I don’t know, I’m just a bitch.”

By the end of her rant Adrianna is crying along with me, we both sit there for what feels like a hour but in reality is probably only a minute or two just crying.

“I liked the kisses though.” I tell her wiping tears from my eyes, “I mean it wasn’t how I imagined my first kiss to be and I was angry at first but I liked it and I wanted you to do it again.”

“That was your first kiss?” She asks rhetorically looking even more ashamed of herself and annoyed with herself, “I didn’t even think, I’m such a horrible bitch.” She says bursting into a fresh round of tears.

“It’s ok I liked it and I wanted, no still want you to kiss me again.” I tell her reaching out and gently wiping tears away from her cheeks.

“But why? I’m a fucking bitch.” She blurts sounding so angry with herself and everything and everyone around her.

“I don’t care if you think you’re a bitch, I love you.” I tell her moving my hand from her cheek to her chin and forcing her to look up at me, “and I want you to kiss me again and again and again.” I tell her my voice becoming rough and husky as I get aroused from imagining her lips all over me.

Adrianna stands up and I prepare myself for what she’s about to say because I’m certain that she is about to tell me that she doesn’t love me and that she never will but the words don’t come and instead I feel her sit on my bed beside me, I then feel one of her soft, delicate hands against my cheek trying to turn my face to look at her. I turn to look at her and when I do I see fresh unwashed tears in her bright blue eyes matching the tears in my green eyes, the moment I notice her tears Adrianna leans forward and presses her lips against mine.

The kiss is completely different than the other kisses we have shared as her lips actually feel soft and gentle against mine not like she is trying to hurt me with the kiss like she had been with the other kisses. I feel Adrianna’s tongue brush against my lips which I quickly open to let her tongue slip inside my mouth, I cant help but moan as her tongue enters my mouth and as she explores my mouth I find myself wrapping my arms around her with one hand in her lower back and the other across her shoulder blades, I use my arms to pull her against me and when I do I can feel her body pressed against mine and I can feel how aroused I am, how wet I am and how hard and erect my nipples are.

Adrianna pulls back out of the kiss far too soon leaving me panting and wanting more, much more but the look on her face tells me that something is wrong and I instantly know that it is something I really don’t want to hear after our tender heart to heart talk and the passionate kiss but I cant speak to tell her not to say anything that will ruin this perfect moment but I know that I wont be able to stop her.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think I love you.” Adrianna says sounding sad and I’m pretty certain that I can hear and feel my heart breaking all over again as fresh tears fall from my eyes, “but.” She says before sighing and when I look up at her I’m pretty sure that through my tears I can see her smiling slightly, “but I think that in time I might learn to.”

I cant believe my ears I had thought that it was all over, that when she had told me that she didn’t love me that she was going to tell me that she never would meaning I would never feel that soft gentle kiss again or ever feel what it would be like for us to make love to each other and I would have to push it all into fantasies and dreams. Her words give me hope but also scare me because I half expect her to tell me she was joking or that she didn’t mean it and is trying to hurt me again.

“Please tell me you aren’t joking.” I say quietly and scared of what her reply will be.

“I’m not joking. No one has ever told me that they love me and I want to be able to tell you that I love you back and actually mean it so I want us to do things together like go on dates and spend time together just the two of us.” She tells me making sure that I am looking into her eyes.

I cant help myself as I squeal in excitement and happiness because of her words making Arianna laugh, her laugh sounds so different from the laugh I’m used to hearing from her and I realise that it is probably because her usual laugh is fake but this one, this laugh was real. I savour the sound of her laugh and the fact that I am the one who had made her laugh, I really want to hear Adrianna laugh again because she has the most beautiful laugh I have ever heard it is slightly high pitched and breathy while also being filled with joy, the laugh makes me grin madly because I’m just so happy that I have made her laugh.

“You have the most beautiful laugh.” I tell Adrianna who blushes adorably and smiles at me like I have just paid her the highest compliment possible.

“If we’re exchanging compliments then I need to tell you that your eyes are enchanting and your lips are so soft.” She tells me with her eyes flickering between my eyes and my lips.

“I’m not the only one with soft lips.” I tell her now unable to take my eyes away from her lips while also craving the feeling of her lips against mine again.

“Do you want me to kiss you again?” Adrianna asks softly, I try to answer her but my mouth doesn’t want to form words so I just nod my head letting her know I do want her to kiss me.

Adrianna leans forward and kisses me, the kiss is like the one earlier and is soft and gentle and as the kiss deepens and her tongue starts to explore my mouth one of her hands snakes its way behind me and she wraps her hand up in my hair holding my head against her own, at the same time I wrap my arms around her and pull her body against mine. I can’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather be than right here right now with Adrianna’s lips on mine, her hand tangled in my hair and my arms around her holding her body against me. Eventually we break from the kiss and lean back a little as we both are panting and trying to catch our breath from our long, deep kiss, I finally open my eyes to see Adrianna looking at me with a smile on her face, a real smile not the fake smile she usually wears.

“You look so cute after I kiss you.” She tells me before adding, “you get dreamy expression like you’ve just gotten everything you wanted and couldn’t be any happier.” She says with an expression on her face that looks much like the one she just described me having.

I don’t say anything to begin with and instead I lean forward and give her a quick kiss before I speak, “I did get what I wanted and I don’t think I could be happier.” I tell her unable to wipe the silly grin off of my face.

The rest of the day passes quickly as we push our desk together and set about completing our separate homework assignments with our hands, arms and legs brushing against each other occasionally and even stopping once or twice to kiss. I’m so happy about this turn of events that I can’t keep myself from smiling which is unusual for me, mom even comments on my smile and the fact that Adrianna and I are talking with each other without it sounding forced or awkward, she even says that she is glad that we are trying to work on our relationship, little does she know that that is exactly what we are doing just not our sisterly relationship but a romantic one.

Over the next week we spend a lot more time together with Adrianna even waiting to walk to and from school with me which she has never done before as she has always rushed off to avoid me, she even spends time with me at school, she doesn’t invite me to join her and her group of friends but instead leaves them to spend time with just me. I get a little worried about her isolating herself and not being around her friends but when I ask her about it one day while we are having lunch alone in one of courtyards at school she just tells me that they don’t understand her, they don’t know her like I do, I feel a little selfish but also so honoured that I am the only person that she feels that way about.

On the Saturday a week after our heart to heart and Adrianna’s decision to try and fall in love with me we go on our first date to see a movie at the local cinema, we hold hands on the walk there and I can feel my heart beating rapidly and I am fully of nervous energy the whole way to the point where Adrianna actually stops walking and tries to calm me down claiming that I am making her nervous as well. We buy a bucket of popcorn to share and two colas then choose seats towards the back of the theatre, we only actually end up watching about three quarters of the movie which is some romantic comedy because our hands keep meeting when we reach for the popcorn and eventually it is too much so we spend the last quarter of the movie until the lights come on making out with some over the clothes fondling that leaves us both a little breathless.

Neither of us want to head straight home after the movie finishes so we find the nearest park and spend some time walking around hand in hand before sitting down on one of the benches in what seems like a quieter area of the park. Adrianna puts an arm around me and pulls me close and I cuddle up to her feeling happy, content and like the luckiest girl in the world, I plan on telling her telling her this but as I open my mouth to speak Adrianna speaks.

“You know I said I might over time learn to love you?” Adrianna asks me, I find myself unable to speak scared that she is about to tell me that she was wrong and wont ever be able to fall in love with me but when she speaks again all of my fears are wiped away, “well I think that it might be sooner than I thought it would be.”

I let out a squeal of pure joy at her words which makes her laugh that amazing laugh that makes me feel so warm inside, I tilt my head to look up at her and see her smiling at me with her real smile and not her fake smile, her smile lights up her face and makes her looks so much more beautiful than usual and I cant help myself as I lean forward and kiss her loving the feel of her lips, the slight taste of popcorn and cola on her lips and the sweet smell of her hair.

“I love you.” I tell her when I pull back from the kiss and look into her beautiful bright blue eyes.

“I think I’m starting to love you too.” She tells me making me more happy than I think she realises.

We stay on the bench cuddled up to each other for a while before deciding that mom will start to get worried about us soon as it is getting late so we get up and start our walk home with our hands firmly clasped together. When we get home mom lectures us about being out late but I don’t let it get me down, it couldn’t because I’m in a state of mental bliss from what Adrianna had said about falling in love with me.

“Can I sleep in your bed with you tonight?” Adrianna asks softly like she is afraid I will tell her that she cant, there wont be much room but I don’t care because having Adrianna sleep in the same bed as me is like a dream come true.

“Yeah, I think I’d like that.” I tell her with a big smile on my face.

I climb into bed and Adrianna climbs in behind me and as soon as she is lying down I feel her one arm loop over me and her hand rest on my stomach, I shuffle backwards towards her and feel her body against mine, I can feel her curves, the rise and fall of her chest as she breathes and the warmth of her body, I then feel her other hand stroke through my hair and I have to stifle a soft moan.

“Your hair is so soft.” Adrianna whispers, I feel her breath tickle across my neck and ear.

I feel my breathing deepen and the now familiar tingling in my crotch which let’s me know that I am getting aroused and as Adrianna continues to play with my hair she moves the fingers on the hand that is resting on my stomach in a part tickling and part massaging movement that has me letting out a moan that I just cant stifle. I worry about mom hearing my moan and coming to investigate but my worries are washed away a second later when Adrianna speaks again, her voice is a low whisper dripping with sexuality.

“This is making you wet isn’t it?” She asks and all I can do is moan out a soft ‘yes’ as her hand on my stomach creeps towards the waistband of my thin pyjama trousers.

“I can sort that out for you.” She whispers making me shudder before she graces my neck with her lips and again all I can do is moan a long ‘yes’.

I lift up my hips and together we pull down my pyjama trousers and before I know it Adrianna’s fingers are on my pussy and her mouth is once again on my neck as she kisses and then uses her teeth to gently nibble on my neck. I try and stifle my moans as Adrianna’s fingers set to work running all over my wetness and teasing my opening before circling my clit and then slipping back down to my opening and gently driving one finger inside me making me moan and push my hips into her hand.

“I love your moans.” Adrianna tells me as she moves her finger in and out of me and then starts to again nibble gently on my neck.

Because of what she had said I try to let my moans out a little more without them being loud enough for mom to hear but my efforts are destroyed a moment later when Adrianna push a second finger inside me and her thumb brushes over my clit.

“Oh shit.” I groan at the feeling of her fingers inside me and her thumb on my clit, “please don’t stop.” I beg her as I can feel my orgasm approaching.

“Not until you cum.” She whispers in my ear before closing her lips around my earlobe and gently pulls on it making me moan again.

“Fuck.” I grunt a few moments later as my orgasm hits and I buck my hips into Adrianna’s hand as she continues to finger me and circle my clit with her thumb.

The orgasm is the strongest one I’ve ever had and lasts what feels like hours but is probably minutes as wave after wave of pleasure slams into me and leaves me as a sweat covered and panting mess.

“That. Was. Amazing.” I tell Adrianna between deep panting breaths, “now it’s your turn.” I inform her as I roll over to face her and see the huge smile on her face.

“Are you sure?” She asks gazing into my eyes, “you’ve never done this before.” She says giving me a quick little kiss.

“Well you’ll just have to tell me if I do something wrong.” I tell her returning the kiss but dragging it out into a long deep kiss filled with passion.

“Ok.” Adrianna says and I feel her shift so that her hips are lifted up and I can pull down the pair of shorts she wears to bed.

I lean forward and kiss her as I slip my hand between her legs and feel how wet she is and I start to do to her what she did to me, I trail my fingers around and across her pussy but I don’t get a response from her until my fingers lightly brush across her clit making her gasp softly. She doesn’t have to tell me that she likes that because her body is doing it for her with her getting even more wet and her breathing deepening, so I focus in on her clit and alternate between circling it and running my fingers over it, I kiss her lips as I do and savour the feeling of her lips and the taste of her mouth.

“Don’t concentrate on my clit, I want to feel your fingers inside me.” Adrianna tells me when we separate from the kiss.

I listen to her and instead of continuing to play with her clit I push a finger inside her eliciting the most intensely erotic moan I’ve ever heard with her eyes closed and her mouth open in an O shape, I can feel myself getting aroused again from just her moan. A moment later I shit my weight to free my other hand which I then bring down on her clit at the exact same time that I plunge a second finger inside her and start to fuck her with the fingers of one hand while the fingers of my other circle and brush over her clit, Adrianna has moved one of her own hand as I moving my hands and she pushes her hand up under my baggy T shirt and starts to squeeze and massage one of my small breasts.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Adrianna starts to repeat the word over and over again as she thrusts her hips backwards and forward to meet my fingers.

Adrianna orgasms hard with her pussy clamping down around my fingers as her back arches extremely and her hand squeezes my breast so hard it is almost painful but I don’t stop trying to finger her and rubbing her clit. It takes Adrianna a shorter amount of time than me to come down from her orgasm but when she does she move her hand from my one breasts to the other gives it a quick squeeze and massage before removing her hand from inside my T shirt and kissing me.

“You have the most amazing tits.” Adrianna tells me with a big yawn.

“But they’re small, yours are bigger.” I tell her, I’ve always felt self conscious about my breasts because of their small size.

“Size doesn’t always matter.” She tells me firmly, “yours are perfect, they’re the right size to fit in my hand, are supple and firm and have what feel like the most amazing little nipples.”

“I’ve always been self conscious about them so that means a lot, Thank you.” I tell her unable to stop myself from blushing deeply.

“You don’t see it but you’re actually really beautiful.” She tells me giving me quick kiss and draping an arm over me, “now go to sleep, I’m tired and we have homework to do tomorrow.” She says closing her eyes.

“I love you.” I whisper before closing my eyes and falling asleep too.

We spend Sunday doing our homework with our desks still pushed together so that our arms and legs brush against each other, we even stop working to kiss a few times. By the end of the day I’m having to massage my jaw because it has started to hurt from all the smiling I’ve been doing recently which is something my face isn’t used to doing.

School during the week feels strange because instead of spending lunch with either just me or just her friends she drags me along to join her and her friends, I don’t like the idea because I’m certain that her friends are going to tease me and just be generally cruel. On Monday when we sit at the table in the cafeteria where Adrianna’s friends are I feel a spike of anxiety and fear but she grips my hand and smiles at me like she is trying to silently tell me that it will be ok and that I shouldn’t worry, all conversation had stopped when I sat at the table and it doesn’t start until Emily, the girl that I had picked out as the particularly nasty one speaks.

“What the fuck is she doing here?” She snaps sounding partially pissed off and partially excited like she had a new victim.

“Chelsea and me are dating now, so if you don’t like it or cant accept it then you aren’t actually my friends and I will have to find other friends.” Adrianna retorts sounding extremely pissed off as she stands up still holding my hand and dragging me to my feet.

“No, it’s ok, its just that she is a little moody and we don’t know if she will be happy with us.” One of Adrianna’s other friends says.

“I’ll be ok.” I say quietly looking around the table at the other girls before looking at Adrianna who is smiling.

“Of course you will.” Adrianna says cheerfully giving me a quick kiss before letting go of my hand, taking out her lunch and digging in so I do the same.

They all start talking to each other again with Adrianna joining in and chatting away happily but I cant join in, I don’t have anything in common with them, I don’t think Adrianna does either and just joins in with their chatter about boys, TV shows and fashion so she wont be a friendless loser like me except I think she enjoys the fashion talks because she takes great care and pride with her appearance.

This happens all week with Adrianna dragging me along and having me spend lunch with her friends which is uncomfortable to begin with but by the end of the week is just plain annoying because I know that if it wasn’t for Adrianna then these girls would still be bullying me and I don’t want to have to put up with them and their sideways glances anymore. Friday after school I decide to tell her that I don’t want to hang around her friends anymore.

“Do you think it would be ok if I don’t hang around with your friends anymore?” I ask Adrianna as we walk home from school.

“Why not?” She asks looking at me with a frown and sounding a little bit annoyed.

“I have nothing in common with them, they don’t want me around and the only reason they’ve only stopped bullying me because they want you to stay their friend.” I tell her quickly wanting to get it off my chest.

“Ok, if that’s how you feel we can go back to having lunch as just us some days but other days I want to be with my friends.” She tells, “I would like it if you could get along with them too but if you cant well then I guess you cant.” She sounds disappointed and I hate that it’s me she’s disappointed in.

“I can try and have lunch with them like once or twice a week.” I tell her trying to make her not disappointed in me.

“You don’t have to but I would like that, I mean they’re my friends and you’re my girlfriend so I would really like it if you could all get along.” She tells me.

I can feel my heart start racing, the butterflies in my stomach and the smile creep back onto my face, I don’t think Adrianna realises the effect her words have on me, that was the first time she had ever called me her girlfriend and it is making me so excited that I am starting to feel dizzy. I can feel myself grinning like an idiot because of her words and I have to stop walking because I feel like I’m about to collapse so when Adrianna is pulled to a stop next to me I turn to face her and then lunge at her and kiss her. Adrianna smiles at me when we pull back from the kiss, she then pulls me into her and hugs me tight before giving me a quick kiss and then we start to walk home.

When we get home mom informs us that she is going on a business trip and wont be back until late on Sunday evening and is leaving us alone together. I feel so excited because with the advancements in our relationship, what had happened last Saturday and the fact that we will be home alone for the weekend I feel like this weekend could be exciting and I wonder what kind of things could happen.

We spend the rest of Friday evening after mom has left watching TV but instead of sitting on the sofa with a space separating us Adrianna had sat down in a reclining type position and then pulled me down on top of her. We stay like that for the rest of the evening with Adrianna half lying and half sitting and me lying down with my head on her chest as we watch TV and she runs her hand through my hair, I don’t think that I could be any happier than I feel right now.

“Come on there’s something I want to do before we go to bed.” Adrianna tells me after we both yawn deeply for like the hundredth time this night.

I’m reluctant to move because I’m enjoying how we are so much but then my mind goes through all the things she might be talking about and settles on the idea that she might want to have sex with me which would be the perfect ending to an already good night. Excited now I stand up and follow her upstairs where she starts to move the small bedside cabinet that sits between our beds.

“What are you doing?” I ask her as I grab the other and help her carry the small cabinet across the room.

“I want us to share a bed again but our beds are too small alone and last time I almost fell out more than once so I thought that pushing them together would give us enough space.” She tells me walking around to the far side of her bed and starting to push against it so that it will eventually be against mine.

I help her push against the bed to move it next to mine and after almost half a hour of straining we finally manage to get our beds together and when we do Adrianna starts to strip off. I cant help but check out her naked body, her long smooth, slender legs, flat stomach, large breasts and completely bald mound are all so beautiful and erotic that I cant believe that she is actually willing to be my girlfriend.

“Like what you see.” She ask with her hands on her hips and a cheeky smile on her face.

“You’re so beautiful.” I tell her stepping forward and trying to kiss her but she places a hand against my chest to stop me.

“Not until you’re naked too.” She tells me gently pushing me away and smiling at me with that cheeky smile.

I don’t hesitate for even a second and start to quickly strip off my clothing as well until I’m standing in front of Adrianna completely naked and feeling vulnerable under her stare as she takes her eyes over my body and then back up to my eyes with a big smile on her face.

“You’re gorgeous, you have such an amazing body.” She tells me stepping forward enfolding me in a hug and then kissing me deeply and passionately, “if I wasn’t so tired right now.” She says almost seductively.

“Are you sure I cant tall you into anything?” I ask pushing myself against her naked body hard and kissing her.

“Not tonight but we have the whole weekend to ourselves with no interruptions.” She says running a hand down my side to my hips, “just sleep like this tonight.” She says pulling me towards the bed.

“O-ok.” I stammer quietly as I follow her towards the two beds that are now pushed together.

We lie in bed with me facing away from Adrianna who drapes an arm over me before pulling me tightly against her body and kissing my neck.

“Good night Chelsea.” She whispers dreamily.

“Good night Adrianna.” I whisper back feeling happy and loved.

Waking up in the morning wrapped in Adrianna’s arms with her naked body pressed against my own naked body is like a dream itself and I’m scared to move and break the dream but eventually Adrianna is the one who moves and she kisses me on the neck.

“Morning.” She says sounding as happy as I feel.

“Good morning.” I say back feeling a little dizzy with happiness.

“Why don’t we have showers and something to eat then we can do what you wanted to last night.” She tells me with a soft laugh and another kiss on my neck, “only this time I want to see your face when you orgasm.”

I can feel myself getting aroused right now and would really like to make love to her right now but I also want to shower and use the toilet first so I roll over to face her and give her a big kiss and as I do my stomach rumbles loudly in hunger making Adrianna laugh with that real joy filled laugh that I’m almost certain only I have ever heard and that I could never grow tired of.

“Maybe we should eat first.” She says with another laugh before working through a list of things we could have for breakfast.

We roll out of bed and Adrianna doesn’t even get dressed before strolling out of our bedroom and down the stairs towards the kitchen, I don’t bother getting dressed either because I think I would feel weird being dressed while she isn’t. I follow her down to the kitchen and when she sees me walk into the kitchen naked she smiles broadly and then informs me that we are both going to have a big breakfast because we are going to need the energy for what she has planned today, her words cause butterflies in my stomach and my pussy quivers in excitement of what I can only imagine to be a day filled with orgasmic bliss.

We eat a large breakfast and then shower with Adrianna going first and me after her, I use the toilet and then shower quickly, I don’t want to take too long because I am just so excited about what is going to happen today. I finish showering and towel myself dry before strolling naked into the bedroom I share with Adrianna, I walk in to see Adrianna leaning back on our now pushed together beds with her legs spread wide giving me a perfect view up her body and of her beautiful, glistening dark pink pussy.

“What are you waiting for?” Adrianna asks with that cheeky smile on her face as I stand there mouth wide in awe of her beauty and unable to believe that someone this stunning would ever even think of being with me.

After a moment’s hesitation I climb up onto the bed and then peering up at her through half closed eyes I crawl up the bed until I am hovering over Adrianna, I have been watching and reading a lot about lesbian sex so I know how to properly pleasure her, I lower my mouth to her and kiss her deeply while at the same time I gently rake my nails up the side of her body making her moan into my mouth. I break off the kiss and then place soft kisses across her collar bone before lowering my mouth down to her breasts and running my tongue around one of her nipples before bringing one of my hands up and wet my fingers with my saliva and running it around her other nipple making her moan, I reach down with my other hand and run it up her thighs one by one before finally touching her soaking wet pussy.

Adrianna cant stop moaning as I use my tongue and one hand to play with the nipples of her perfect breasts while with my other hand I play with her clit, I remove my mouth from her nipple and kiss her and at the moment our lips meet I plunge two fingers fully inside her pussy making her gasp against my mouth. I start to push my fingers in and out of her tight wet pussy and instead of returning my lips to either her lips or her nipple I trail kisses across her collar bone and then down her body until I reach her pussy which I blow on softly making her shiver before I lower my lips and kiss her clit before sucking it into my mouth.

I suck and lick her clit as I continue to fuck her with my fingers, I keep changing the pace of my tongue and fingers which seems to be driving Adrianna mad as she keeps bucking her hips into my hand and face while moaning loudly and begging me not to stop so I don’t stop. I love the taste of Adrianna’s juice, the feel of my mouth against her pussy and the sound of her moans and I lose myself in my actions until suddenly I feel her legs clamp around my head and she starts to shake as an orgasm rocks her body making her cry out in pleasure, I don’t stop my actions until Adrianna comes down from her orgasm.

“Now it’s your turn.” Adrianna says getting up and pushing me down so I am lying on the bed underneath her and making me gasp.

I’m unable to speak as Adrianna kisses my lips and then trails kisses down my body heading straight for my pussy, when her mouth touches my pussy it’s like fireworks setting off all over my body and while I feel all of this I also feel Adrianna’s hands reach up and she pinches my nipples and gently pulls on them. I groan and writhe as she licks and sucks my pussy and clit and her fingers pinch and pull on the sensitive flesh of my nipples making me feel intense pleasure and some pain as well, the feelings are almost overwhelming but I don’t want her to stop and she doesn’t not until I feel my mind go blank and my whole body seems to explode, I know I’m having an orgasm but it is so different than all the other orgasms I’ve ever had even more different than the powerful orgasm I experienced from her fingers last week.

“Wow, you squirted a little bit.” Adrianna says sounding a little bit in awe of me.

I look down her face and see that she is covered in my juices so I pull her up my body and start to lick and suck my own juices from her face loving the combined flavours of my juices and Adrianna’s skin. When I’m sure that I’ve cleaned my juices off of her face I pull Adrianna down for a kiss, we kiss for a long time until we are both breathless when we pull away from the kiss.

“There’s something I want us to try.” I tell Adrianna as I reach for my phone to pull up some pictures and a video of what I want to try because I don’t know how to describe it to her, Adrianna looks over the images and video and smiles widely.

“I think I know what you want.” She tells me taking my phone off me and placing it out of the way.

I lie on my back and spread my legs wide for her and Adrianna lowers herself down on top of me with one leg underneath one of my own and her other leg on top of my other leg, I feel her wet pussy connect with my own and I let out a loud moan as she starts to grind against me. While still grinding against me Adrianna leans over and kisses me, she pulls back from the kiss and lets out a loud moan which I quickly follow with a loud moan, the room is now filled with the sounds of our wet pussies rubbing and slapping against each other and our loud moans of pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum.” I tell Adrianna who leans up to look down at me and speeds up her grinding motions.

“Yes, cum for me.” She moans progressively getting faster and faster, “I want to see you cum.”

I remember Adrianna saying that she wants to see my face when I orgasm so I make sure to position myself so that she can see me properly and a moment after I do I am hit by my orgasm which is even stronger than my previous one and leaves me shaking and vibrating which in turn seems to trigger Adrianna’s orgasm. We come down from our orgasms a few minutes later and lie there tangled up in each others arms and legs with our bodies pressed against each other, I can feel myself grinning widely as Adrianna moves and kisses me.

“I have something I need to tell you Chelsea.” Adrianna says making me feel anxious and a little bit afraid.

My feelings are in turmoil now because I had thought that things were going so well between us but every time someone has said that to me before whether it be mom or a friend it has always been something bad or important and I just have a feeling that this is going to be something bad. I cant bear to look at Adrianna for the fear that I will see something that I don’t want to see because I cant help but think that this is when she tells me that she has decided that she doesn’t actually have feelings for me and that this is the end.

“Hey, look at me.” She says cupping my chin with her hand and forcing me to look her in the eyes, I can see tears pooling in her eyes but she has a smile on her lips.

“Chelsea.” She says her voice shaky and nervous sounding but then she seems to compose herself and when she speaks again her voice is steady and filled with confidence.

“I love you.”

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