My Sister In-Law


Darlene’s sister, Paula (not her real name), was 28. 2 years older than Darlene and one year younger than me.

Paula was a very lovely woman. She had shoulder length blond hair, and her breasts were 30 or 32 C’s, larger than Darlene’s B cup mounds. Though I preferred smaller breasts, Paula’s looked pretty good on her.

Her body was lean. She didn’t work out as far as I knew, but she jogged regularly and when you saw her in her bikini by their parents pool, it was plain that she was in great shape, with a flat stomach and slender legs. The top edge of her favorite bikini bottom rested just above her vulva, and barely covered the camel toe provided by the thin silky material.

More than once I was busted when I looked up after staring at that view, to see Paula looking right at me, a knowing smile on her face.

I had more than one jack off session while fantasizing about her.

The following took place around 1978 or 1979 and is as accurate as my memory allows.

Paula’s husband, Ben, was career Navy, and often away on deployment. Darlene and I both knew that Paula hooked up with guys occasionally when Ben was away, and she was very open about it.

I didn’t think less of her for it. For one thing, I’d been screwing around with other men (and an occasional woman) since before Darlene and I got married and I was still doing so. Also, I knew that Ben also screwed around with hookers overseas. I was ex-Navy, and he and I had swapped tales of our adventures in foreign ports.

One hot August night, Paula and Darlene were going out bar hopping together like they did occasionally. When Paula arrived at our apartment, around 8 P.M., she looked HOT!

She wore a white short sleeved blouse, the tails tied in a knot just below her breasts. Her pants were denim bell bottoms that fit her snuggly and if the waist band had been an inch or two lower, her vulva would have been exposed. Her blond hair was in a ponytail.

Darlene looked equally hot, in a white tube top and denim wrap around skirt, the opening positioned at her right side so as she walked it opened up exposing her thigh all the way to her waist. Three years from now, she’d wear the same clothes as she seduced my brother.

As the girls headed for the door to leave I said ” Have fun girls, be safe and if you’re not safe to drive home, give me a call”.

Darlene said “O.K. Hon”.

Paula stopped at the door to say “Sis will probably be driving home alone. I’m horny as hell, and not gonna be real picky!”

I just thought to myself “WOW, someone’s in for a good night”. They disappeared into the night.

When I looked out the window and saw they were gone, I undid my pants and took out my cock. I was half hard already and it didn’t take long to get fully erect thinking about how hot my wife and her sister looked.

I let my mind run wild with a favorite fantasy of the two of them naked in bed, my wife on her back, knees raised up and spread apart with Paula’s face buried in Darlene’s pussy eating her to orgasm.

When I couldn’t hold back any longer, I shot my load into the palm of my left hand. When I was done cumming, I raised my hand to my lips and sucked the cum into my mouth, savored the taste of my own cum and then swallowed.

I zipped up my pants, and kicked back on the couch to watch T,V. and wait for a call or for Darlene to get back home. At some point, I must have dozed off.

I was jerked out of my slumber by the sound of pounding on the door. It was only 12:30. I opened the door to see Paula, She said, “Darlene’s in the car, help me get her in, she’s passed out drunk”!

I went to the car, pulled Darlene out to where I could lift her, and carried her to the couch and laid her down. I checked her over carefully to make sure she was O.K. Her breathing seemed fine, her pulse was steady and strong, she was just “OUT”.

I told Paula “I’m sure she’ll be O.K., but I’ve never seen her passed out drunk like this before, how’d she get this way”?

Paula said “I don’t know. You got a beer”?

I said sure, come on”.

We went to the kitchen, I got us each a beer and we sat at the kitchen table. Paula said “We hit a couple of bars that were pretty dead”. “She had a few long island iced teas”.

Paula sipped her beer, then continued “Then we ended up at the King Of Clubs”. Some guys bought us a few drinks”. “I was dancing with Steve, a guy I was thinking I’d go home with, and went to sit at his table”. “I’m not sure how long I was there when I looked over at the table Darlene and I had, and saw her drinking shots with two guys”.

Paula continued, “I was making out with Steve for a bit when I looked over again”. “Sis was sitting on this guy’s lap with her head resting on his shoulder, looking the way you see her now”. “The guy had his hand up her skirt”. “I said fuck no”!!,

I went over, told the guy to get his hands off my sister”! “Steve helped me get her to the car, and I brought her home.” She said, “I know I shouldn’t be driving, and should have called, but I didn’t want to leave her to go use the phone in the bar, I just wanted to get her here”.

We went to check on Darlene. She was laying as we left her. Her breathing was normal. I shook her, calling her name. No response.

I asked Paula, “You think that guy could have slipped something into her drink”? Should I take her to the hospital”?

She knelt down, stroked Darlene’s hair saying “I don’t know about the drink, but she seems O.K., just passed out drunk”.

I said, “O.K., I’ll keep checking on her during the night”. “You wanna grab a couple of large towels from the hall closet”? I picked Darlene up and carried her to the bedroom. Paula came in with the towels. I had her fold them in half and lay them where Darlene’s hips would lay.

I laid Darlene down, and Paula helped me take her clothes off. I positioned Darlene so she was laying on her side, and placed a small trash can by the bed in case she woke up sick.

Paula asked, “O.K. if I sleep in Ted’s room”? Paula was definitely on the tipsy side, and shouldn’t be driving. Our son was staying with Darlene’s parents.

I said, “Of course”. I stepped closer, put my arms around her and pulled her in tight. I whispered into her ear, “Thanks for taking care of Darlene”, and kissed her on the side of her neck.

Paula responded by squeezing me with her arms and said, ” I would never let anything happen Sis”. And added “You’d better be careful, brother in-law or not, kisses on my neck turn me on, and I’m still in slut mode”.

Sliding my hands from her waist, up her bare back to the bottom of her tied up blouse, I said “I’ll try to keep that in mind”, and kissed her on the side of her neck again.

She said, “You fucking tease”! and headed for our son’s room.

I checked on Darlene. She was still out, breathing O.K. I removed my shirt, and was taking my shoes off when Paula came back in. She said, “Someone’s scratching at the window”!

I went into Ted’s room. Silence at first, then a scratching sound. I said, “I’m pretty sure that’s the lilac bushes rubbing against the window in the breeze”. “I need to trim them back”.

She said “That sound creeps me out. Can I sleep with you guys”?

I said, “Uh, yeah, I guess so”. I looked back through my bedroom door at Darlene, laying naked on the bed, then back to Paula in those tight pants with her bare midriff. I said, ” It’ll be a little snug, but I guess it could work”.

Paula said “I like snug”! and began removing her blouse as she headed into our bedroom.

The bedroom light was controlled by a dimmer switch, which I turned down to very dim. I wanted to keep enough light to check on Darlene occasionally. There was still enough light to see Paula remove her blouse. She didn’t have a bra on. Her breasts were firm, with a barley noticeable sag, her nipples made my mouth water. She looked at me, and could see I was staring at her tits.

She smiled and said, “I wasn’t planning on a night where I’d need a nightie”.

I said,” I could get you one of my t-shirts if you’d like”.

She looked at her sister, naked on the bed, then back to me. She said, ” It’s too fucking hot tonight, would it bother you if I sleep in just my panties”?

I replied, “No, that won’t bother me in the least. I normally sleep buck naked myself, but guess I’ll leave my boxers on tonight”.

Paula kicked her shoes off and as she removed her pants said, ” You don’t have to leave them on on my account.”

She tossed her pants aside and stood looking at me. What she referred to as her panties was more like a G-string. There was just a small patch of materiel covering her pussy. I thought “Oh God”! I could feel my cock starting to firm up.

I said, “I’m gonna make sure the front door is locked”.

Paula crawled over the foot of the bed, toward the pillows, then turned to her left and leaned over Darlene’s still form. She placed her hand on Darlene’s chest for a few moments then looked at me and said “She seems fine”. “I’m gonna rip her a new one when she wakes up tomorrow, she scared the living shit out of me”!

I said, “Me too “! Then I said, “Paula”? She said, “Yeah”? I said, “I’m really glad you’re here”.

She smiled at me and said “Me too”. “Check the door and hurry back”.

When I got back to the bedroom, Paula was laying on her left side, propped up on her elbow, her back almost touching Darlene’s back. She looked like a dream come true. Beautiful and basically naked. I shed my pants and laid down on the bed. I don’t think my erect state was visible in the dim light.

Paula lowered herself down, and said, “You’re right, it is snug with three of us on this bed”.

I said, “I think I can move over a few more inches”. I started to slide to my left.

She said, “That’s O.K., I like snug!” as she laid her head on my chest and rested her right arm across my abdomen. I could feel her breast pressing against my right arm. She asked, “Is it O.K. to just snuggle”? “It’s been a stressful night”. She began rubbing my left side with her right hand. I worked my right arm free and placed it around her shoulders. I kept silent. My cock was becoming fully erect and was starting to make a tent of my boxers.

As Paula rubbed my side with her right hand, I felt her forearm bump lightly against the head of my cock. Could she feel that? Even in the dimmed light, I could see my cock pushing up my boxers. Paula’s face was looking in that direction. Her forearm bumped against my cock again. Paula said, ” You seem a little stiff John”.

Busted ! I said, “You think?”

She chuckled. She moved her hand to the bulge in my boxers and let it rest there. She said, “John”?

I said, “Yeah?”

She said, “I’m still horny, and in full slut mode”! She squeezed my cock with her hand as she turned her head to look at me.

I slid down to bring my head even with hers, turning my body slightly toward her. I kissed her lightly on her lips, pulled back, looked into her eyes then kissed her again. Her tongue met mine as we kissed long and hard. As we kissed, her hand released the bulge in my boxers and slid under the waist band to close around my bare cock. I broke away from our kissing and lowered my lips to her throat, kissing and sucking lightly.

She released my cock and began pushing my boxers off. I reached down with my left hand, worked the boxers off and tossed them aside. She was stroking my cock as I slid my hand along her thigh and up to her pussy, cupping it in my hand. She emitted a low moan as she lifted her hips pushing her cunt against my hand.

I slid my fingers under the materiel of her G-string. Her pussy was damp. My finger slid into her easily. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed, and just long enough to have a soft feel.

I pulled away from Paula, and knelt beside her. pushed my fingers of both hands under the straps of her G-string and slid it down her thighs and off. It joined my boxers on the floor. I grasped her by her hips and pulled her toward the foot of the bed so I could lay stretched out next to her. I placed my lips on her vulva, kissing and sucking gently.

I felt Paula’s hand stroking my cock again, then her lips sliding over the head and down the shaft. I moved over her into a 69 position. My right thigh was rubbing against Darlene’s back, and I’m guessing Paula sensed this, as she shifted herself a little to her left to allow more room between us and Darlene.

I was grasping Paula’s ass cheeks as I worshiped her pussy with my tongue. She was getting very wet, like her sister does when she is highly aroused. The moans coming from her cock filled mouth were muffled, but becoming more frequent. I don’t know how I kept from filling her mouth with cum.

She was a cock sucking pro, again, much like her sister. She seemed to have no problem taking all 7 inches. I don’t know how long we pleasured each other this way. Paula’s body was vibrating with spasms, and her moans were becoming non stop when she removed her mouth from my cock and almost screamed, “For God’s Sake, FUCK ME!”

I spun around, and she spread her legs wider. I knelt between her legs, grasped her by her hips and pulled her toward me. I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy. She thrust herself up against me and my cock slid into her a couple of inches.

Paula used her right arm to push herself to a half sitting position as she grabbed the back of my neck with her left hand. As she laid back down, she pulled me down on top of her and my cock slid all the way in.

We began kissing passionately, lips and tongues in constant motion as I began thrusting my cock into her. I fucked her slowly at first, quickly increasing the speed and strength of my thrusts.

Paula was moaning into my mouth, the muffled sounds triggering something in me. I let out a groan and thrust hard into Paula’s cunt, grinding my crotch against her.

I pulled my mouth from hers, as she started to scream, “Aahh”. She buried her mouth against my shoulder where it connects with my neck and bit down muffling the scream.

I was sucking on her neck as my orgasm filled my sister in-law with cum, thrusting in short violent thrusts, letting out a grunt with each one.

When my cock stopped pulsing and the instinctive thrusting ended, I raised myself up on my forearms, looked into Paula’s eyes and kissed her gently. I slid my arms under her shoulders and hugged her tightly and kissed her neck.

She said, “Oh my God”! “I needed that so badly”!

Still trying to get my breath, I said, “Glad I could help”. She let out a laugh, and said “Me too”!

I pushed myself up, easing my cock out of my sister in-laws pussy, and rested kneeling between her legs. She raised her knees resting her feet on the mattress. I placed my hands on her thighs, and caressed them slowly as I looked over the result of our infidelity. Cum was slowly oozing from her pussy. There was a large wet spot on the sheet under her ass.

Not moving from where I was, I leaned over my wife’s still form. Darlene looked peaceful, her breathing visible, but I reached over to place my hand on her chest anyway. Relieved to see that she still seemed to be in no danger. I settled back on my knees, between Paula’s legs. I looked at her, her stomach still heaving slightly from our activities. She was looking at me, smiling. I said, “God, you are beautiful”!

Paula pushed herself upright with her arms, wrapped her arms around my neck and scooted closer to me, hugging me close. In a low voice, she said, “You know, that’s the first time you’ve said that to me”? “If I’d known I have to fuck you to hear it, I’d have jumped your bones a long time ago”.

She leaned back, her arms still around my neck and looked me in the eyes. I looked back at her and told her, “I’ve thought about how beautiful you are every time I’ve looked at you”. ” And in the future, if you see me looking at you, I’m thinking about how beautiful you are”. I pulled her closer, intending to give her a quick kiss, but if turned into a short make-out session.

When we stopped kissing, Paula leaned a little to her left, looking down at the sheet by her ass. She said, “Looks like you made a bit of a mess”.

I replied, “I think I had a little help there”.

She smiled, and said, “Glad I could help”.

I said, “Me Too”! “How about a shower”?

Our shower included a lot of kissing, touching, sucking on those amazing tits. I fucked her again under the streaming water and eventually, we actually showered.

After the shower, I carried Darlene to the couch. Paula helped me change the linen on the bed, and put the ones we had soiled in the washer. When I picked up Darlene to carry her back to the bed, she moaned. I was relieved to hear her make a sound.

Paula asked if she should sleep in Ted’s room. I asked, “What about the creepy scratching”? She just smiled. I said, “Yeah, I kinda thought so”. “I don’t want to leave Darlene alone, but I want to be close to you. How about I find you one of my shirts, so you’re semi-decent in case Darlene wakes up”?

Paula put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She said, “Sounds good, I want to be close to you too”.

I found Paula a light weight shirt with tails that hung low enough to just cover her. I put on a pair of shorts. We settled on the bed next to Darlene, holding each other, kissing, and coming to an agreement that no one would ever know about our night together. We also agreed that if the occasion ever arose for another night together, we would fuck each other into oblivion.

Darlene came around late that morning. She wasn’t feeling great, but thankfully, there were no serious issues from her night out. She still doesn’t know about Paula and me.

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