My Night at the West Lake Inn, Part 2. Exhibitionism stories



The number of times I have had sex, the number of different men with whom I have had sex, the number of different locations in which I have had sex, the number of people I have watched have sex, all of it, in my twenty three years of life, had not prepared me for this. For this night. For the sex on this night. The situation on this night during which sex was had, was beyond anything that my life up to this point in time, could have, would have, or should have prepared me to possibly imagine.

“Are you rested up now, Marie? Can we start up again? Marie? I’m still hard and I’m still horny. I need to get my rocks off too! Marie! Are you rested up enough? Come on, Marie. I’m talking to you. You need to talk to me too. Marie! Marie? Marie! Marie! Marie! Marie!” Marie had crossed her arms across her chest and turned toward the wall away from Ken. He was poking her in the shoulder, calling her name, childishly trying to get her attention.

“STOP!” Marie turned and shouted at Ken, “If you want to fuck me more, it will be on my terms! I’m on top! I will control how fast, how hard, how deep your cock thrusts into me! Those are my terms for you to fuck me. Don’t look at me like that! Okay? Don’t! If you want to pound my pussy the way you just did even more, then you can wait another hour, or two, for me to recover and rest up for that! Or maybe even three hours. Will your cock still be hard three hours from now? Will you still be horny three hours from now? And I saved your life too! You overdosed! You were unconscious and barely breathing. I roused you to consciousness again. I saved your life! You need to treat me and my pussy with a bit more respect! And another thing —”

“All right! All right! All right! You’re on top.” Ken yielded with a sigh of defeat, as if there was some sort of contest going on between them.

“Good! And why are you so grumpy about it, Kenny? You know you’ll enjoy yourself. You always have before. You know I’ll make sure your orgasms are good and strong. And you know that it is a matter of womanly pride for me. I am one of those women who greatly enjoy and take great pride in making a man as excited as you are, in making his cock as hard as yours is, and giving a man as long, as strong, and as ball draining an orgasm as you want to have. You know that about me. So trust me, you will enjoy sex with me on top this go-around.

“Okay then. Let’s get started! We’re going to have a little bit of fun first. We’re going to kiss a bit.” Marie pushed Ken onto his back and mounted him. She sat astride his waist with his cock against, but not in, her pussy. She plunged her tongue into Ken’s mouth and ground her clit against his cock. I could tell from her grunts and pelvic thrusts that Marie was really enjoying herself. After several minutes of that, Marie came up for air. “Actually, we’re going to kiss a lot first! Hee hee hee hee hee hee!” When her giggles finished, Marie attacked Ken’s mouth again, with her tongue leading the way. She ground her clit against Ken’s cock even faster and harder than before.

Ken kissed Marie right back with just as much fervor, urgency, and even passion, as she was kissing him. He ran his hands along her back down to her hips. Gripping them, he helped Marie grind herself against his cock. He ran his hands up along her sides to her breasts. Ken spent time on them. Alternating between first gently caressing and then roughly squeezing them, first sweetly persuading her nipples to show themselves fully erect and then, once erect, pulling, twisting, pinching them until Marie’s squeals were long enough, loud enough, and shrill enough to let everyone know what Ken’s hands and fingers were doing to her breasts and nipples. Ken moved his hands to Marie, neck, head, and face. He played with her hair, running his hands through it. He rubbed her neck, caressing the nape, massaging up and down between her shoulders and her hairline. He carefully cradled Marie’s face in his hands like a precious work of art, to bring her mouth close to his for a long, deep kiss. Marie reciprocated those face caresses. It was a memorable sight for me, the two of them deep kissing, cherishing each other’s faces, each trying to tongue the other more deeply, and Marie rubbing herself against Ken, fast, hard, and excitedly. And the both of them sweaty again, sweat beads reflecting the lamplight like bright stars.

I don’t know how long they kissed like that. I lost track of time from just watching. But after some time, Ken lifted Marie up by her hips with both his hands, worked his cock to the opening of her pussy, and then let Marie’s body collapse on him, his cock impaling her, all without missing a beat with their kissing. They both let out long, throaty moans as they each felt the warmth, hardness, and stretching open of Marie’s pussy by the thrust of Ken’s cock, and the warmth, wetness, and envelopment of Marie’s pussy around Ken’s cock.

The two of them really went at it. They were utterly oblivious of me. Their sex show had gained greater interest from me, and I soon became very interested. I had never been fucked the way I was seeing Marie be fucked. I felt myself becoming envious. I wanted to feel what she was feeling. I wanted to physically feel hands all over my body. I wanted to physically feel a hot, hard, good-sized cock deep in my pussy and stretching out my pussy muscles. I wanted to physically feel a mouth against mine, a pair of lips against mine, a tongue sparring with mine. I wanted to emotionally feel the deep connection of souls that comes when two people can shut out the rest of the world, and feel safe enough with each other, feel free enough with each other, to let down their defenses and allow unfettered, unbridled passion to flood out of one and into the other.

To get a better idea of that, I crept up to their bed and watched them fuck from up close. I settled on my knees at the foot of the bed. I leaned forward so that I was only a couple of feet (less than a meter) from the action of Ken’s cock pushing into and pulling out of Marie’s pussy. It was fascinating! I gazed intently at the cock and pussy. I listened closely to the groans. I was mesmerized by the coordination of the thrusts and groans. I have seen this exact same viewpoint in porn movies. I had never been turned on by it, and I had never understood why men so much enjoyed seeing this. But I was turned on then! I was turned on from watching this! I was very turned on! I am still not sure why men get so turned on by that, but I do know why I was turned on so much. I was so turned on because I cared about Marie. I cared about seeing her pussy being fucked by cock. I cared about hearing her groans and moans and squeals and yips. My arousal intensified. My nipples tingled as they became erect and pressed against my bra. My clit and my entire region down there let me know that it had woken up and wanted attention. I felt my pussy moisten as I imagined myself in Marie’s place being well-filled with and well-fucked by warm, hard cock.

“Aaaahhhhhh, aaaahhhhhh, aaaahhhhhh, aaaahhhhhh, aaaahhhhhh, aaaahhhhhh!” Marie’s groans were suddenly louder. I looked towards their faces. They were no longer kissing. Ken was sucking at Marie’s breasts like a starving infant. Marie looked like she was well on her way to another orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her mouth wide open. She was breathing hard. Each exhale was a groan that sang to me. I wanted to groan like that. I wanted to be made to groan like that due to the pleasure I was feeling. Marie’s breathing quickened, her groans quickened, rose in pitch, and took on a character of exigent need that made my own heart beats speed up. I was compelled to gaze again at the action of pussy and cock to see what was happening to make Marie groan and moan the way she was. Frankly, stare or gawk would be better words than gaze. I was that absorbed by their lovemaking.

Marie had gotten much wetter. Her pussy juice was making streaks on Ken’s cock. With each out-stroke, the streaks on Ken’s cock changed. They moved to the left or right on his cock and became broader or narrower. With each in-stroke, the pussy juice on Ken’s cock was pushed to its base. A ring of pussy juice had encircled the base of Ken’s cock and was growing larger, thicker, foamier. Some was dripping down off his cock onto his balls. I could tell that if this kept up, if Marie stayed this wet, or got even wetter, her pussy juice would run off of Ken’s balls and onto the bed. I so wanted to see that! The idea that a woman could and would get so aroused, get so excited, get so wet, that her pussy juice would run down a man’s cock and balls, onto the bed, and make a puddle, made me wet, made me crave cock, made me ache with a hunger for sexual release. I wanted to see that happen with Marie and Ken! I wanted to see Marie’s pussy juice run down Ken’s cock onto the bed and start a puddle. I wanted to see that puddle grow, and grow big, as it happened. I wanted to see, see and hear in real-time, Marie get so excited and so wet that her pussy juice would make a big puddle on the bed! Their fucking was making me hot, very hot, very hot and very horny.

A glance back to their faces showed that they were back to deep tongue kissing. Ken ran his hands down Marie’s back to her ass. He gripped her ass cheeks, pulled them apart, squeezed them together, and pulled them apart again. He went down to the bottom of her ass where it meets the top of her thighs. He gripped her ass there and used that grip to help Marie quicken the pace of the thrusts. Ohh! Ohh! A lot of pussy juice just oozed out and down onto Ken’s cock. It globbed and a globlet ran down Ken’s balls and dripped on the tho bed. The puddle started! The puddle has started! I could tell from Marie’s suddenly louder groans that they had stopped kissing. Ken was probably sucking on Marie’s nipples hard again. But I kept staring at the cock and pussy action. I just could not break my stare. Ken must have stopped his nipple sucking because I heard him start to encourage Marie to orgasm.

“Are you going to cum, Marie? Are you ready to cum? Go ahead and cum! Go ahead, girl, cum hard. Cum hard, babe, cum hard. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! You are so wet! Your pussy is so wet and it feels awesome! Your wet pussy feels awesome! It’s awesome how wet you are, Marie, it’s just awesome! Do you need to squirt? Do you? Cum hard and squirt! Cum hard, Marie, and squirt your wetness all over my cock! Go ahead! Don’t hold back. Don’t hold back! Don’t hold back your cum, Marie, don’t hold back anything. Just let yourself cum! Just let yourself cum! Just let yourself cum! Just let yourself cum! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Cum like you have never cum before! Cum hard like you have never cum before! Cum hard! Cum hard like never before! Cum hard, Marie, like never before!

“Do you feel my cock in you? Do you feel my cock in you? Do you feel my cock in you, Marie? Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Do you feel my cock thrusting into you? Do you feel my cock pounding into you, Marie? Do you feel my cock making you cum? It’s my cock that’s making you cum, Marie! It’s my cock that’s making you cum! Go ahead and cum! Go ahead and cum! Go ahead and cum, Marie!”

She was affected by Ken’s encouragement. Her groans quickened, grew louder, and gained in pitch. They started sounding like the yipping sounds she had made before. Marie was close to cumming, close to cumming hard. She reached around to her ass and grabbed one of Ken’s hands. She took his index finger and guided it into her asshole. Ken didn’t any more encouragement than that to take it from there. He rammed his finger even deeper into Marie’s asshole. Her groans became full yipping sounds, loud, long, and high-pitched. “That’s it, Marie, that’s it! You can cum, girl, you can cum and cum hard! Cum hard, babe, cum hard. Let me feel you cum hard! Squeeze my cock when you cum hard! Let everything go, Marie! Just cum hard!” Ken gave her more of his encouragement. I thought that Marie wouldn’t last much longer. I craned to look at her face. I had to. I just had to. I had to see, to bear witness to, her facial expressions during her orgasm! And I am very glad I did because Marie looked ecstatic! Her eyes were open this time, wide open. But they were not looking anywhere! They were simply staring off at something. In fact, they even seemed to roll into her head and show almost only the white part. Wow! I have said that word before. But it is the best word I can think of for right now. Just wow!

Ken went back to Marie’s nipples, sucking them hard again. He was fingering her ass pretty hard and fast. He was pounding her pussy, hard and deep. Marie was clenching the muscles of her ass cheeks hard, but Ken was pulling one ass cheek back just as hard. It had to be real soon now because the tension on Marie had to be too much to bear. She had to cum soon and very hard. Suddenly, Marie stopped yipping and groaning. She stopped thrusting her hips too. Only Ken was thrusting. She tensed her back, arms, legs, her entire body. Ken kept fingering her asshole, sucking her nipples, and thrusting deeply into Marie’s pussy. It seemed Marie was getting serious, vigorous, intense fucking for a couple of minutes. But she wasn’t breathing so it couldn’t have been that long, but it was for a good while. Then it happened.

“Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. … Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. … Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. … Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. …Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Marie let out her orgasm cry, loud high-pitched groans. The first few were long, separated by gulps of air to refill her lungs for the next loud groan. Then her breathing became shallower but faster, the groans changed to shorter but one after another. A whole bunch of them. The tensing of Marie’s body eased up, alternating relaxing and tensing, becoming more like spasms. Her entire body spasmed. Her toes curled tight, her feet seemed to vibrate, her legs bent and straightened repeatedly at the knee in fast succession. I was careless in that I was close enough to Marie for her to kick me twice. Her ass muscles were flexing, at least to the extent that Ken let them. He was still pulling on one ass cheek and fingering her asshole. Her back, torso, and arms strongly flexed and relaxed, now more like a convulsion than a spasm, in a rhythm to her groans. In fact, Marie’s convulsions and the groans were almost synchronized.

What’s more is that Marie squirted, I think. Her pussy erupted in wetness and made a puddle in the bed. I think it was because she squirted. Ken didn’t let up with his thrusting and Marie’s pussy juice flowed out, all over Ken’s cock, and down onto the bed. Ken’s thrusting was still so hard and fast and Marie’s pussy so wet that when their groins collided pussy juice splattered all around, including some on me. I didn’t mind, though. What I was watching was simply awesome to me. It was the first time in my life that I had ever eye-witnessed a strong orgasm like that, and I loved it! I loved watching Marie cum! It was fantastic, just breath-taking. Wow! That is still the best word for it.

It was Ken’s turn now. He had been ready to blow for a while. He was putting his all into Marie’s pussy. Each thrust of his splattered pussy juice about the bed. Each thrust of his elicited a throaty groan from Marie. Each thrust of his was one thrust closer to his own orgasm. I sensed that orgasm would be explosive. Ken’s mouth released Marie’s nipple.

“I’m getting there, Marie! I’m getting there, Marie! Awwwwhhhh! Awwwwwhhhh! Awwwhhhh! I’m close! I’m close! I’m close! I’m close! I’m close! Marie, I’m close! I’m cumming soon! I’m cumming soon! I’m cumming soon! I’m cumming soon! Real soon! Real soon! Real soon! Real soon! I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there! Awwhh! Awwhh! Awwhh! Awwhh! Awwhh!” Ken bent his knees to put his feet flat on the bed. I guess it was to get more leverage. He then went into thrusting very fast, a thrusting frenzy. With each thrust, he pushed himself, his hips and back, completely off of the bed. And lifted up Marie too! It was like hyperdrive pounding, jackhammering Marie’s pussy, for his paradise strokes. Ken would power his thrust into Marie with his legs, lifting her and him off the bed. He then would lower himself back onto the bed. Marie would come down as well. But Ken would power thrust upward again and meet Marie while she was still coming down. There would be a hard collision of groins! A clap signified cock having made its way deep into pussy. A spattering of pussy juice signified how wet Marie was. Simultaneous groans from Ken and Marie signified the extent of their mutual enjoyment. “I’m there! I’m there! I’m there! I’m there! I’m there! I’m there! I’m there! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Awwwwhhhhhhhhhhhh! Awwwwhhhhhhhhhhhh! Awwwwhhhhhhhhhhhh! Awwwwhhhhhhhhhhhh! Awwwwhhhhhhhhhhhh! Awwwwhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhh yeahhhhh! Ohhh yeahhhhh! Ohhh yeahhhhh! Ohhh yeahhhhh! Ohhh yeahhhhh! Ohhh yeahhhhh! Ohhh yeahhhhh! Oooohhhhhhhhhh! Oooohhhhhhhhhh! Oooohhhhhhhhhh! Oooohhhhhhhhhh! Oooohhhhhhhhhh!”

“Oohhh, oohhh, oohhh, oohhh, oohhh, oohhh, oohhh.” Marie had continued her high-pitched yipping-like moans. To me, they harmonized with Ken’s lower-pitched orgasm groans. I loved it. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I more than loved it. I relished it. I was taken with it. I got off on it. I savored the sounds of orgasm the way a sommelier savors the aroma, taste, swirl of a fine wine. I adored hearing them fuck! I adored seeing them fuck! I continued to stare, rapt, as Ken’s orgasm subsided. He continued to thrust into Marie, but much more slowly and with much less force and urgency. A frothy mixture of Marie’s pussy juice and Ken’s sperm seeped out of her pussy, slowly ran down his cock, further down onto his balls, and then dripped onto the bed. They started kissing again, embraced each other again, caressed each other again, pressed their sweaty, energy-spent bodies against each other again. For all of what I had witnessed, the passionate, shameless, guiltless, fucking, this seemed intimate. It was too intimate, too private. It made me uncomfortable to watch. I was embarrassed to watch it from right beside them. I slipped back to the chair I was sitting in before I had crawled to their bed for my close-up look.

Ken and Marie continued their after-play for many more minutes, until they slowed down to what was in effect a stop. After several minutes more, Marie got up and walked gingerly towards me and the bathroom. I marveled at the aftermath of their passionate sex; the last of sweat beads still trickling down her face, breasts, stomach, and arms, traces of pussy juice still trickling down her inner thighs, and the spent look on her face. Marie had left it all, all her sexual energy, all her sexual passion, on the bed with Ken.

“Are you okay? I inquired with a degree of hesitation.

“ Yeah, yeah. I’ll be all right. I just need to … rinse off … catch my breath .. regain my bearings.” Marie went and showered. I looked at Ken, splayed out on the bed, frothy pussy juice all over his groin, sweat on his stomach, chest, neck, throat, face, everywhere. Eyes closed, mouth wide open, breathing as if he was still catching his breath. He also left all his energy on the bed with Marie. She returned from the shower in a towel.

“What’s up with you and Ken?”

“What do you mean?” I was surprised how nonchalantly she replied to my question, as if she was as innocent and chaste as a devout, young novitiate to a convent.

“What do YOU mean by what do I mean?” I retorted!

“Sarah, I really don’t know what you mean. I need a bit more explanation.”

“Marie, don’t do that. Okay? Just don’t do that. You know exactly what I mean. Nobody, absolutely nobody fucks the way you and Ken just fucked without something – something big – going on between them. So I ask again; what’s up?” Marie looked at me with an air of exasperation. She sighed.

“Ugh. It’s complicated. Okay? It can’t be explained in five minutes.”

“Oh, no? How about one minute? Ken’s cock is a good size. Big enough to fill a woman up and make her feel some stretch, some tension. Not so big that it needs to be shoe-horned in and is nothing except uncomfortable.”

“It is not all about the sex, Sarah.”

“Please, Marie. You can’t tell me that you don’t love having sex with Ken! Not with the orgasms you had! I saw you have them! I heard you have them! And you know that because you practically invited me to watch! And what is that all about anyway? Don’t tell me my eyes are lying to me!”

“It’s too complicated to get into right now. We’ll talk about this kind of stuff some other day in some other place, okay? … Has Kenny been like that long?”

“Since you went to shower. I think he fell asleep. Lots of men fall asleep after sex. … If Ken was willing, would you be cool with me and him doing it?” I asked that question slowly, quietly, gingerly, hesitatingly. Marie turned to me and gave me ‘the look’.

“Now it’s my turn to ask what is up with you and Kenny.”

“Nothing. It is more like what is up with me and you. I mean you’re the one who first brought up you and Ken having sex in front of me. What was up with that? Why did you want me to see you and Ken have sex?”

“Why are you asking me this”

“Do you want to have sex with me?”

“No. Do you want to have sex with me?”

“No. But honestly? I want to have sex as if I was you. I want to have sex like you just had with Ken. So? … If Ken was willing, would you let him fuck me the way he fucked you just now?”

“It’s not that simple. You and your sex partner need to have a very positive and very strong emotional connection. The two of you don’t have to love each other, don’t have to be in some sort of deep romance. You don’t need to be whatever mainstream society says what two people need to be this month for them to have good sex with each other. But you do need to have an emotional connection to your sex partner that is positive enough and strong enough for you to care A LOT about his or her sexual pleasure. That is where the passion lies! In caring enough about your partner’s sexual pleasure that you yourself get pleasure from causing your partner to enjoy him or herself with you.

“Have you got that with Kenny?”

“Of course not.”

“Then the sex you have with Kenny may not be like what you saw me have with him. If he wants to, I’ll let you have sex with him. But I think you will be disappointed.”

“Thank you, Marie.” We then both gazed at Ken. I remarked “Ken did fall asleep. He’s snoring again.” Marie walked to Ken on the bed. She shook him.

“Kenny? Wake up!” Ken didn’t respond. His arm flopped when Marie lifted one of them. “Kenny is not asleep and he is not snoring. He’s unconscious and having difficulty breathing. He’s overdosing again. Help me get him to the bathroom.” We carried Ken to the bathroom.

“How long does that ice cube enema thing work for?” I asked.

“It depends on the amount of drugs. Sometimes it’s not that long. Fentanyl, heroin, morphine, and other opiates depress the central nervous system. They slow down everything, like breathing for example. The ice cubes shock the body and make it release adrenaline, a stimulant. That counteracts the depressant and makes breathing easier. But not forever. Longer when less opiate is taken, but shorter when more is taken. I knew Kenny was taking too much fentanyl. I guess the sex added to his adrenaline and help him stay conscious longer. When the sex ended, the fentanyl still in his system was enough to make him overdose again.” We put him into the bathtub. “Get ice again please, Sarah,” instructed Marie as she turned on the cold water in the shower. I got a full bucket of ice. I held Ken’s legs up as Marie put ice cubes in his ass. Like the first time, Ken came around after seven or so ice cubes.

“Oww, oww, oww, oww, oww, oww, oww.” Ken was conscious again. “The fucking ice cubes again? What are you women trying to do to me? — “

“We are succeeding in saving your life, again!” Marie replied. “You didn’t clear enough fentanyl out of your system for you to not overdose again. And so you did overdose again. You are welcome.”

“Oh. Okay. Thank you. I really OD’d again? I don’t remember doing any more Chinese food. I only remember fucking you.”

“You passed out after we finished. You had a lot of fentanyl in your system from before. You did a lot of fentanyl at once, too much. Are you all right?”

“Yeah. I feel okay. I can tell the fent is wearing off.”

“Wearing off because of the ice cubes, or wearing off because his body is getting it out of his system?” I asked. I was not familiar with the use of harder drugs. My intoxicant of choice is marijuana, and I generally hang with people who also prefer weed. This was my first experience with a serious overdose.

“Both, a little of both the clearing out of it and the counteracting of it,” Marie explained.

“I’m all right now. There’s not going to be any more overdosing tonight.” Ken added.

Marie looked at Ken with an expression of concern on her face. Then she looked at me. Then back to Ken.

“What? I’m okay.” Ken was puzzled by Marie’s gazes, as was I. Marie looked at me again and I realized that her facial expression was not one of concern. She returned to Ken and said to him

“Sarah has something to ask of you.” I was dumbfounded! I had no idea Marie was going to spring that on Ken, or on me. I was so embarrassed. Then Ken looked at me quizzically and expectantly.

“What???” I wanted to disappear. Marie spoke up again in my stead.

“Sarah, if you don’t speak up for what you want, you won’t get it. The squeaky hinge gets the grease. The spread legs and open pussy gets the cock. So, ask!”

“What’s this about pussy getting cock? I’m the only one here with a cock. And Marie’s pussy has already gotten some cock.” Ken then looked at me. “Are we talking about your pussy?” Marie answered for me, yet again.

“Yes. We are talking about Sarah’s pussy. She liked what she saw when we were fucking. She liked how you fucked me. She wants to be fucked the way you fucked me. … She would like you to fuck her as if she were me.” Ken looked like he didn’t know what to say. He looked at me with an expression of confusion on his face. He looked at Marie with an expression of bewilderment. He looked at me again this time with an expression of disbelief. Back to Marie with an expression that seemed to say ‘Tell me what to do.’. And back to me and so forth for a minute or two. Finally, he spoke.

“Are you two shitting me? Is this a joke? Are you pranking me, Marie?” I decided to speak for myself this time. I took a deep breath for courage, looked at both of them, and answered Ken.

“No. It is not a prank. It is not a joke. I am envious of what Marie has with you. I wanted to experience it. So I asked her if she would mind if I had sex with you, if you were willing.”

“And she likes your cock. She is impressed with it!”

“Marie! — ”

“She likes how big it is, likes how well you use it, and very badly wants to feel it inside her.”

“Marie, stop!”

“She wants to feel your hot, hard cock thrusting into her wet pussy.”

“Marie, why did you say that? I said those things to you privately, in confidence. You weren’t supposed to tell anyone. Or at least you were supposed to ask my permission first.”

“I’m sorry, Sarah. But in the circumstance, you needed to be clear and to the point. You weren’t. You were hesitant and embarrassed. And you shouldn’t be. I’m your friend. I’m not judging you. Kenny is not going to judge you either. You can be open with us.”

“So you two are serious? Marie, is your friend serious about fucking? And are you serious about being cool with it?”

“Well, Sarah? Are you serious about fucking Kenny? Speak now or forever hold your peace and your regrets. … I’m cool with it, Kenny. Sarah’s my friend.”

“All right. I’ll fuck your friend. Just don’t get jealous and shit if she likes it.” Ken stared at me and asked, “What’s your decision?” Marie stared at me too, awaiting my decision. Did I ever feel on the spot! Despite Marie’s words, I felt judged. I felt embarrassed. I felt regret for sharing my feelings and desires with Marie. I also felt the potential of the moment, the potential in a once-in-a-lifetime decision.

“Are you guys going to tell anyone about this, about me?” They shook their heads. Marie added,

“No more than you are going to tell anyone about what you saw between me and Kenny.” That sealed my decision. My lips were sealed about what I had witnessed earlier.

“All right then. I’ll have sex with Ken. Thank you.” And thus, it was on! Ken and I showered together to get him warmer and refresh him from the sweaty sex with Marie.

Now I got to do more than just look at Ken’s body. I could touch it, feel it, caress it, hug it. I soaped him up, starting with his back. I liked his back, shoulders, and arms. Ken had some, but not a lot of, body fat. I could feel the muscles in his back and shoulders quite well, and very well when he flexed his muscles at my request. The V-shape of his back from his shoulders to his waist was very apparent when he flexed his back and shoulder muscles. It was arousing to me to bathe Ken. Washing his chest was exciting. Ken didn’t have huge pectoral muscles or six-pack abs. But his stomach was flat, his chest not extremely hairy, and his muscles felt good when flexed. I washed lower, to Ken’s cock and balls. It was fun, mesmerizing, exhilarating, and exciting to watch his cock harden from my soapy caresses. I knelt down in the shower, rinsed his cock, and took it into my mouth.

It was right then that I realized that I must be dense. I had seen Ken’s cock for a couple of hours now. I had taken it into my hands and washed it. I had knelt down in front of it to rinse it off. Cock was directly in front of my face. But it was only when it was in my mouth that I realized Ken is uncircumcised! I played with his foreskin. He moaned quietly and ran his hands through my now wet hair. I played with his foreskin more as I tested how far I could take his cock into my mouth. In the shower, not that far. I decided to try again later on the bed. I turned Ken around so I could wash his legs and ass cheeks. I liked Ken’s ass muscles. Gripping his ass cheeks as he flexed made me impatient to hold his ass as he thrust into me. I quickly washed his legs and feet so I could get him into bed faster.

“Now you.” Ken stopped me. He indicated that it was his turn to wash me. Oh. I had forgotten and suddenly felt very self-conscious. I knew he was going to compare my body to Marie’s, or at least might. Marie was taller and curvier than me. She is 5’ 10” to my 5’6” (1.78 m to 1.68 m) and around 145 lbs to my 115lbs (65.9 kg to 52.3 kg). Her breasts are larger than mine, C cups to my B’s. We have close to the same size waist, but her hips are wider than mine, 42” to my 37” (106.7 cm to 94.0 cm). I am rather petite compared to Marie. I was not sure Ken would be into me because I didn’t seem to be his type. Ken is tall too, 6’3” (191.5 cm) and fairly slim at 200 lbs (90.9 kg). Marie matches him physically pretty well, better than I do.

I was nervous as Ken started to lather me up. He started with my shoulders and arms. As he slowly washed my neck, shoulders, and upper arms, he brought himself closer to me, close enough that his cock, semi-hard at the time, pushed against my lower back. That felt good. It excited me. It also made me realize that I had not pushed my breasts against Ken and rubbed them against his back and chest. I would have really enjoyed that. I made a mental note to rub myself, my breasts, against Ken’s body when we got to the bed.

Rather than continue with my back, Ken moved his lathering hands to my front. He washed my chest and caressed my breasts. He lifted my arms and washed my armpits and sides. Then round to my front again. He washed my stomach and abdomen. I hoped that Ken liked that it was flat. I think so. He continued washing my front, moving up to my chest and breasts again. He lingered on my breasts, paying more attention to my nipples than he did the first time. I was thinking, more like wishing, that he didn’t mind that my breasts were not as big as Marie’s. I think so. Because all the while he was pressing his now fully hard cock into my back.

I decided to take some initiative. I swayed from side to side and wriggled about so Ken’s cock would not just push against me but also rub against me. I even stood on my toes so I could feel his cock against my ass. I didn’t quite get there, but I got close. Close enough that Ken realized what I was doing. He lifted me up enough for his cock to impale my ass and rub against it. I couldn’t contain a gasp. Nor could I stop my pussy from getting much wetter very fast. Ken lowered me back down so he could wash my groin area. I trim my pubic hair so there was not much impediment to getting my entire nether region very clean. He was able to spend more time washing my clit and pussy lips. Basically, he masturbated me. Ken’s hands felt great on my pussy, though I was fantasizing that his cock would feel even better. I turned around so that I was face to face, chest to chest, and cock to pussy with Ken. I was on my toes again to get high enough to rub my clit against his cock. It felt great! A not so quiet groan escaped my throat and mouth. Ken soaped one of his hands and washed my ass with it, while his other hand lifted me up so I could rub my clit better, harder, against his firm cock. I couldn’t hold back my moans and groans. I couldn’t hold back my hip thrusts against his cock, hip thrusts aided by Ken’s hands. I was feeling an orgasm coming on. I just couldn’t hold back anything anymore. I wrapped my arms around Ken’s neck and kissed him on the mouth. Ken kissed me back. I orgasmed! It was not a very strong one, but it was still an orgasm that felt good. I kept kissing Ken, holding on to him tightly for dear life. I kept on pushing and rubbing my pussy against his cock. Ken kept on gripping and squeezing my ass cheeks with both hands this time. Everything felt so good!

I really looked forward to getting fucked! When the orgasm subsided enough, I loosened my grip around Ken’s neck. I stood on my feet, not my toes, and hugged Ken around his waist. Ken got down on his knees to wash my legs and feet. While he was down there, he licked my pussy, and didn’t ignore my clit. My knees weakened and I couldn’t concentrate on not falling down in the shower. I had to lean back against the wall of the shower and hold on to one of the bars that had been installed precisely to prevent people from falling in the shower. I closed my eyes, guided Ken’s head with my free hand, and just enjoyed the feeling. But it got too intense for me, standing in a shower. I needed to be lying down.

“Let’s towel off and go to the bed,” I said to Ken.

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