My Night at the West Lake Inn, Part 1. Exhibitionism stories



The number of times I have had sex, the number of different men with whom I have had sex, the number of different locations in which I have had sex, the number of people I have watched have sex, all of it, in my twenty three years of life, had not prepared me for this. For this night. For the sex on this night. The situation on this night during which sex was had, was beyond anything that my life up to this point in time, could have, would have, or should have prepared me to possibly imagine.

The number of times I have had sex, the number of different men with whom I have had sex, the number of different locations in which I have had sex, the number of people I have watched have sex, all of it, in my twenty-three years of life, had not prepared me for this. For this night. For the sex on this night. The situation on this night during which sex was had, was beyond anything that my life up to this point in time, could have, would have, or should have prepared me to possibly imagine.

“I want some more Chinese food!”

That was Ken, Kenneth Winters. He had been taking fentanyl during the concert we went to. My friend, Marie Cloverfield, and I went to see a band that Ken likes. Marie and I had smoked marijuana. Chinese food is what he calls fentanyl because most of what he uses comes from China.

Ken and Marie were sort of an item, sort of going out together. Marie told me that they had dated for a while several years ago but broke up when their lives went in different directions. Their lives happened to cross recently after they both had ended relationships. At the time of this concert, they were deciding whether or not to be girlfriend and boyfriend. That made me feel like a third wheel. I think I would have preferred to skip any drama that might have arisen between the two of them. I am seriously drama-phobic. I like things, especially my life, to be calm, chill, uneventful.

But Marie is my friend. I like her a lot because she is smart and has a good heart, at least with me. She has helped me deal with some issues in my life. I value our friendship. Marie asked me to accompany the two of them to this concert in some town an hour away from where we live. Actually, she unnecessarily twisted my arm to go with them. My gut told me not to go. Driving to a place I didn’t know, to see a band I didn’t know, with a man I have never met before, seemed a really good way to have an eventful, uncalm, unchill adventure. But I wanted to show appreciation for her friendship with me and loyalty to her, so I agreed to go. Anyway, Ken wanted more fentanyl, so off we went in search of it instead of walking straight back to the motel.

“You know, I feel like some beer too.” So the fentanyl wasn’t enough. Ken wanted more beer too. Off we went on the beer run. “You guys should try this, you know. Chinese food is great!”

“I’m fine with my marijuana,” I replied. I had never tried harder drugs like fentanyl. I had seen others use fentanyl and seen the drama that quickly surrounds them. My chill was pricked by a sense of unease.

“I’ll try a little bit, just a little bit,” Marie chimed in. “Fentanyl is strong, very strong. It is easy to overdose. Frankly, too easy.”

Now Marie was doing fentanyl too. I began to wonder what exactly I let Marie drag me into. The extras were supposed to be just marijuana. Now it’s fentanyl and beer too. The concert was okay, even good. I liked it. But now my unease was morphing into worry. Finally arriving back at the motel, we were not in the room for ten seconds before Ken is breaking out the fentanyl and setting up a line to snort.

“Oh, yeah!” Ken drooled over his drug. He set up a line for Marie.

“That’s too much for me. I said a little bit.”

“Fine.” Ken snorted half of the line he had set up for Marie. “Here.”

“Thank you,” Marie replied.

Ken turned towards me. “Are you sure you don’t want any – uh – what’s your name again?”

“Sarah. My name is Sarah. And I am very sure I don’t want any of your Chinese food. I am fine with weed.” My full name is Sarah Highsmith, but I thought Ken could only handle my first name.

“I’ll do your line then.” Ken snorted what he had set out for me.

“Be careful, Kenny! Fentanyl is strong!” cautioned Marie. “You’re taking too much.” Marie showed the good head on her shoulders. Showed one of the things I like about her, why I value our friendship. She is three years older than me in time, but ten or fifteen years older than me in life smarts.

So Ken had his Chinese food and beer. Marie had her Chinese food and beer. I had my weed. We were listening to music playing on Ken’s smartphone and the portable speaker gizmo he brought along. We were chilling. It was a good vibe for me despite my current sense of unease and worry, as slight as it was. My curiosity got to me because I needed to know more about the situation I was in. I turned to Marie.

“Are you and Ken a serious thing, a couple?”

“We are working on it. It’s complicated.”

Ken was lying on one of the two queen-sized beds in the room, listening to the music, enjoying his high. Marie and I were sitting in chairs. I gazed at Ken lying there and wondered yet again, as I had repeatedly throughout the evening, what Marie saw in him, what made him so attractive to her.

“Marie, it can’t be that complicated. Either Ken turns on in you enough important things for you to want to be around him more, or he doesn’t. What things in you does he turn on?”

“It is that complicated. It’s not just an on or off thing for me. It is a cold, cool, warm, hot thing. And the stuff that is important to me changes from time to time. Ken can be great in my eyes one day, and a loser on another day.”

“Oh. Maybe it can be complicated. … Ken has fallen asleep,” I remarked, watching him zonked out and snoring on the bed. Marie looked at Ken too, but with an expression of confusion on her face that very soon turned to worry and even fright.

“That’s not snoring.” Marie went to Ken’s bed and shook Ken to rouse him. He only flopped like a rag doll. “He’s not asleep. Kenny’s unconscious! He’s not breathing right! Sarah! Help me!” I jumped up and flew to her. “Help me carry Kenny to the bathroom.” We carried Ken to the bathroom and put him in the tub. Marie turned on the cold water for the shower and aimed it on Ken. “Sarah, take the ice bucket and fill it with ice from the ice machine down the hallway. Do you remember where it is?

“Yes, I do.” I ran to get the ice, thinking that it had not taken long for drama to crash through and wreck my chill. I returned with the ice to find Ken completely undressed and Marie showering him with cold water. She took the ice bucket from me.

“Hold up his legs,” she instructed. I held Ken’s legs towards his torso as best I could. Marie then took an ice cube in one hand and Ken’s butt in her other hand and shoved the ice cube into his ass. Ken didn’t move. Marie did it again, and then a third time. Ken started to breathe more and move around some. Marie put more ice cubes into him and he came around more and more with each one.

“Ooooowwwwwwwww!” Ken screamed after Marie shoved the seventh ice cube into his ass. Ken jumped up, noticed he was naked, and exclaimed “Where are my clothes? And what the fuck are you two doing to me when I am fucking buck naked? And why does my ass hurt? I gotta shit!” Ken ran to sit on the toilet and let fly a string of “Aaaahhhh. Fuck! Aaahh, aaahhh, fuck, fuck, fuck. I am shitting ice cubes and it fucking hurts! Aaaahh! Shit!”

“You are very welcome, Kenny,” Marie interrupted sarcastically.


“Marie saved your life,” I explained.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about what Sarah just said. I saved your life. You overdosed! I told you that fentanyl is strong! I told you that you were taking too much! You came too close to dying for comfort!”

“Really? You’re not shitting me?”

“No,” Marie replied with more than just a trace of impatience. “You really overdosed and you really nearly died!”

“Oh. Well, thank you.” Ken was quite sheepish when he answered Marie. It was clear he didn’t know what more to say. Marie spoke for him.

“You can thank me by fucking me. Give me a couple of orgasms, strong orgasms.”

Ken acquiesced with a quiet “Okay.”

I was not sure I could believe what I just heard. I mean WOW! Marie and Ken were about to fuck! But what about me? Was I supposed to get another room just for me? Was I expected to just disappear until they were finished? I saw myself as being neck-deep in the type of drama that I work pretty hard to avoid. I could barely comprehend how things got to this state so fast. This situation just couldn’t hang about unresolved. I made my presence known. “Ahem.”

Marie looked at me blankly. I was completely confused about what was going on with her. She then turned to Ken and asked him “Kenny, do you mind if Sarah watches us? Please say no.”

Ken looked at me, at Marie, at me again, and finally back at Marie. He answered, “All right, no. I don’t mind.”

“Thank you,” Marie said to Ken. She turned to me and said “I don’t mind either, Sarah. You can watch me and Ken fuck, if it doesn’t bother you.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was relieved that I didn’t have to go off by myself to a different room. I decided the simpler my response the better. I answered, “Thank you.”

So it was settled. Ken and Marie were going to fuck and I was allowed to watch. I went into the room, settled into a chair, and prepared a joint. Ken and Marie took a hot shower together to get him warmed up to the normal body temperature.

After their shower, Marie and Ken sauntered past me still drying themselves with their towels. They flopped onto their bed and started to kiss and fondle each other. I leaned back in the chair, listening to the music, and just chilling with my weed. I was not thinking of anything in particular, but after a few minutes a disturbing thought, created by my sense of unease and worry, abruptly intruded and disrupted my chill. My weed keeps me high for hours. Ken snorted a lot of fentanyl. Is he really going to come down in the half-hour since getting those ice cubes up his ass? Does his so-called Chinese food wear off that fast? That easily? I didn’t know. But it seemed strange to me.

Ken and Marie continued their foreplay with some oral sex. Marie licked at and kissed Ken’s cock. It got pretty good and hard. And it seemed to be quite the mouthful when Marie sucked it. Ken was talking a lot. I guess he was the vocal type during sex. He gave Marie instructions and encouragement between his groans and moans.

“Yeah, babe. That’s good, that’s good. Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh,” and “Can you get more tongue on the head? A little higher … ohh, ohh. Right there! Right there! Right there! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh!”, and “Okay, okay, okay, okay. Ease up a little bit, just a bit. Ease up just a bit more, just a bit. Okay, okay. That’s good, that’s good, yes, right there, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good. Oooohhhhhh. Ooooohhhhhh.”

At the times Ken was on the quieter side, and I could hear Marie making gargling, gurgling sounds. Curiously, it was at these same times that Ken moved around more. He caressed Marie’s breasts, he threw back his head, he arched his back, he even opened and closed his legs, often clamping his thighs around Marie’s head, neck, and shoulders. When Ken closed his thighs around Marie’s head and arched his back, it looked like he was doing a wrestling headlock with his legs. Then it was back to the instructions.

“Marie, clamp your lips around the base of my cock. Can you do that for me? Clamp your lips hard and tight around the base of my cock? Get enough of my cock in your mouth for your lips to reach the base? Can you try? Please try. Try to get my whole cock in your mouth and then clamp your lips around the base.” So Marie tried. Ken went into his quieter mode. He was just breathing very hard. His head was thrown back, his mouth was wide open, and he was panting. I could hear Marie make those gargling, gurgling sounds again. And I heard another sound. Marie was making a sound that seemed to come from deep in her throat. It reminded me of that tantric yoga meditation chant, the ‘omm’ syllable.

“Marie, can you go balls deep? Can you take my cock into your mouth, all the way to your throat, and clamp your lips around the base of my cock next to my balls? Can you? Can you? Please, can you? Can you go balls deep? Can you go balls deep? I need it balls deep, Marie! I need it balls deep!” So Marie tried again. Ken didn’t go into quiet mode, at least not right away. He continued his groan, moan, and instruction-laden vocal mode. “Good, good, good, good, good good. You’re getting there. You’re getting there. You’re getting there. You’re getting there, Marie. You’re getting there. Good, good, good. Ooohhhh. Oooohhhh. Ooooohhhh. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re getting there. Can you clamp a bit harder? Can you clamp your lips around the base of my cock a little bit harder? Can you purse your lips tighter? Can you squeeze them around my cock harder? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it! That’s it! That’s it. That’s it! Ooooooooooooohh. Oooooooooooohh. Yes! Yes! Yes, Marie! Yes, yes, yes!” Then Ken went quieter. He was only making the sounds of heavy breathing. I could hear Marie making her sounds again. The gurgling, the ‘omm’ syllable, and a new one. It was whistling! Her nose was making a whistling sound as she breathed. Of course! She had to breathe through her nose because her mouth was too occupied being filled with Ken’s cock.

I didn’t know what to think about what I was witnessing. I couldn’t believe that Marie intended or wanted me to see this. To see her sucking cock like this. Or maybe she wanted me to see Ken like this. To see Ken getting his cock sucked like this. To be perfectly honest, Ken was entertaining me. I actually enjoyed watching his body movements and listening to his sounds. I was most entertained, fascinated even, by his facial expressions Ken made when he groaned and moaned. I don’t even have the right words to describe it. Extreme is too harsh. Expressive is too mild. Passionate is too romantic. Intense might work, but it is not the right word. It can be applied to too many other situations that could confuse this purely sexual one. Fervent might also work, or not. I have mostly seen that word applied to religious contexts, not sexual ones. Animated might work too. It is not the best word for the situation, but it is the best word I can think of. Ken’s facial expressions were animated. I am using that word in the context of bringing something to life. Ken’s facial expressions brought to life the sexual act he was experiencing and the sexual sensations he was feeling. That’s the best I can do.

When Ken closed his eyes, they were not just shut, they were shut tight. When he opened his eyes, they were not just open, they were wide open. When his mouth was closed, his lips were pursed tight. When his mouth was open, it was wide open; head thrown back with mouth wide open, as if at the dentist. His nostrils flared constantly. Was it the fentanyl? The beer? Both? Was it because of me watching? Was he playing to an audience? I don’t know. I only know that he was unlike any guy I had ever seen before in a sexual context.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! Marie, stop! Stop! I’m going to fuck you! I’m going to fuck you! I’m going to fuck you now! Right now! I’m going to fuck you right now! I’m going to fuck the shit out of you! I’m going to fuck the shit out of you right now! Right fucking now! I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you right fucking now!” Ken had suddenly exploded with this outburst of directives to Marie. He abruptly took his cock out of Marie’s mouth, jumped up, and let fly more directives. “We’re doing it doggy style! We’re doing it doggy style! Come on! Come on, Marie! I’m going to fuck you doggy style! I’m going to fuck the shit out of you doggy style! Come on! Now! I’m going to fuck the shit of you doggy style right now! Right now! Come on, Marie. Bend over! Show me that ass! I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you doggy style right fucking now! So show me your beautiful ass and get fucked!”

Marie obeyed Ken’s commands. She got on the bed, on her knees, bent over, and rested on her elbows. Ken looked admiringly at her hips and ass in that position. “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Beautiful ass! Beautiful ass! And beautiful pussy! Beautiful pussy! What a beautiful pussy!” Ken exclaimed as he stood at the foot of the bed. He gripped Marie by her hips and pulled her towards him, towards his cock, towards the cock made hard by Marie’s mouth, and slowly pushed it into her. “Oh yeah, that’s it! That’s it! Hot, wet pussy all over my cock! Fucking hot, wet pussy all over my hard cock! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.” Then Ken started thrusting into Marie with greater speed, force, and urgency.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Marie let out a long sigh. It seemed mournful to me, as if she had lost something that was greatly cherished. Yet it also seemed to exude a sense of relief, as if she had just found a needed something that had been long misplaced. “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Marie let out more long sighs. She got off of her elbows and laid her head and shoulders directly on the bed. She stretched her arms out in front of her. I could see that her left hand had a firm grip on the bedsheets. It looked like Marie was bracing herself against Ken’s thrusts, strong thrusts, into her. Marie’s sighs morphed into moans. Shorter moans that timed with Ken’s thrusts. “Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm.” I wanted to see the expressions on Marie’s face that went along with her moans and sighs. But she had turned her head away from me. I could only see, but I could fully appreciate, her entire body, arms outstretched, head and shoulders down, ass up in the air. What I saw reminded me of a cat stretching.

Ken was enjoying himself. He would thrust hard and fast until he tired, then slowly but still deeply while he caught his breath. Then he would thrust hard and fast again. Then slow down while he rested up for the next burst of hard and fast thrusting. And he kept yammering away. Ken was indeed quite talkative during sex. “Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man oh man oh man. Your ass is fantastic! Your ass is fantastic! Marie, your ass is so fantastic! You have a fantastic ass. Your ass makes me hard, Marie. Your ass makes me so fucking hard! Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. Your ass jiggles when I smash into it. It’s awesome! The way your ass jiggles when I smash into it is awesome! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

“And your pussy feels so good! Ooooh, ooooh, Marie! Your pussy … it’s … it’s, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. It’s fucking great. It’s fucking great! Your pussy is fucking great, Marie! Your pussy is fucking great! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Squeeze my cock! Squeeze my cock, babe, squeeze my cock! Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh! Your pussy is fantastic! Your pussy is fantastic! Keep squeezing! Keep squeezing! Keep squeezing your pussy, Marie, keep squeezing! Squeeze my cock! Squeeze my cock! Yes! Like that! Like that! Yes, yes, yes! Just like that! Ooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh!”

Neither of them seemed to care that I was in the room. Neither of them ever glanced my way. Or maybe they did care, and they liked that I was there. I didn’t get it, but I wasn’t interested in psychoanalyzing them right then. I just wanted to chill out. I rolled another joint for myself and settled into my chair to enjoy the music and their sex show. But after a few minutes, that thought from before intruded again. Ken snorted a lot of fentanyl and overdosed. That ice cube enema roused him, but for how long? Could it really counteract all that fentanyl? Ken was going strong. He was seriously fucking the living daylights out of Marie. I decided that I was wrong. Ken didn’t do too much fentanyl, or those ice cubes worked very, very well, or some of both. I only had one word that could sum up what I was seeing; WOW! I closed my eyes and just chilled out grooving on the sounds.

I was feeling very chill, very relaxed, very serene even. I found the whole situation very calming. I had not felt this calm and relaxed in a long time. Hearing the sounds of honest, sincere, genuine lovemaking was incredibly soothing to me. That is something I cherish in my relationships. The sounds of Marie and Ken were not only soothing and relaxing in a physical sense, but also in an emotional and spiritual sense. It felt like the stresses in my life at the time had gone away, far away. I felt a sense of complete freedom. It was limited to that night and it was limited to that motel room, but I felt it. Or maybe it was the marijuana? I don’t think so. I didn’t get this type of feeling in other highs. This high was special.

“Ooooh! … Ooooh! … Ooooh! … Ooooh! … Ooooh! … Ooooh! Oho, oho, oho, oho, oho, oho, oho, oho, oho, oho!” I was suddenly and brutally jerked out of my chill groove by a long series of loud, high-pitched, almost yipping-like sounds. I couldn’t understand what it was because I had never heard anything like it before. I wondered if someone was being attacked outside the motel. I sat right up, looked around to get my bearings and to see what was going on. I saw what was going on. It was Marie!

Ken’s fucking of Marie, alternating hard and fast thrusts with slower deep thrusts had brought her close to orgasm. She was getting herself over the hump by rubbing her clit with her right hand. She was still using her left hand to grip the bed sheet as leverage against Ken’s thrusts into her. She was rubbing herself fast and hard. It seemed like Marie was going to orgasm very soon. Ken reacted to Marie’s moans and yips with his own commentary. He was trying to hasten her orgasm.

“Are you cumming, Marie? Are you cumming? You sound like you’re cumming! Tell me you’re cumming! Tell me, babe! Tell me there’s a motherfucker of a cum in you that about to explode out! Tell me, babe! And that’s the way to tell me. Groan, babe! Moan, babe! Groan loud, babe! Let me know! Let me know you’re cumming! Let me know you’re cumming! Moan loud, baby, moan loud! Let everybody know you’re cumming, let everybody know! That’s right, babe, that’s right! Moan loud! Let everybody know what my cock is doing to you! Let everybody know! Groan some more babe! Let ‘em know! Let ‘em know my cock is making you cum! Let ‘em know, Marie, let ‘em know!”

Ken was now thrusting into Marie’s pussy hard and fast all the time. There was no more alternating with slower, deep thrusts. All his thrusts were hard, fast, and deep! And Marie was feeling it! She was very close to her orgasm, too close even. She was too close to orgasming to keep control, and she soon lost control. She lost leverage with her left hand. Her knees collapsed. Ken’s next few thrusts sent Marie forward, pushing her body down, fully prone, into the bed. Ken fell on top of her. His cock didn’t leave her pussy, and he kept thrusting into her!

With that loss of control, Marie stopped making those high-pitched yipping-like sounds. I could see her lying under Ken, not breathing, not moving, not anything. She was tensed up. All her muscles, from her feet to her legs and hips, to her back and torso, to her arms and hands, were tensed and taut like muscles are when a person is having a seizure. I worried if Marie was okay. Then she let it out. Marie was able to take a breath and let it out. The orgasm, that had built up in her and that Ken had told her to let out so everyone could know what his cock was doing to her, came out. It was a loud, long, and, again, high-pitched moan.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Marie inhaled again and let out another moan. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And another one, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Another breath, and another moan. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And again, and again and again. With each inhalation, Marie exhaled a loud high-pitched moan. In addition to breathing again, she started moving again. Except she was not moving normally, as if under some sort of control. Marie’s movements were jerky and haphazard. Her entire body, arms, back, hips, legs, and feet were doing these random, jerky movements. She looked like she was having convulsions. And I think she was. I think that was the way she has orgasms, or at least the way she has strong orgasms. Marie was indeed letting everyone know what Ken and his cock had done to her. And Ken kept on thrusting. Thrusting that prolonged Marie’s orgasm in that it subsided more slowly.

When her orgasm was over, when she was done with all the moaning and convulsing, when she recovered enough to breathe normally again, Marie tried to tell Ken to stop thrusting. But his response was “Hold on, baby, hold on. I’m getting there. I’m getting there. I just need a bit more. I just need to thrust a bit more. I just need a little more of your pussy, just a little more. So hold on a bit more, okay? Just hold on a bit more, Marie. Just hold on. I’m getting there soon. Just hold on. Just hold on. Just hold on. ” I wondered if I needed to rescue Marie. But she managed to crawl towards the headboard of the bed enough that Ken no longer had enough room to fuck. Ken is taller than Marie so he needs more space. She was able to talk now.

“Ken, Stop! I need to rest! I need to get some strength back. You carried on about fucking the living shit out of me and you did. Getting fucked the way you just fucked me takes a lot out of a woman. Give me a few minutes, please!”

“All right.” Ken grudgingly acquiesced. “We’ll take a break.”

So Ken and Marie took a breaking from fucking – serious, passionate fucking. I finally got a good look at Marie’s face. She was flushed. I thought I saw tears, but I soon realized I was seeing beads of sweat. Sweat had run down from Marie’s hairline into her eyes and down her cheeks. There were more sweat beads on her neck, shoulders, breasts, and stomach. She had sweat so much that I could see the outline of her torso where the bedsheets had become moist. That pussy pounding that Ken gave her was some workout! The heavy breathing and the glistening sweat on her breasts made Marie look very sexy. I started to understand why Ken was so urgent in his fucking of Marie.

I finally got a good look at Ken too. He was all sweaty as well, but it was his cock that drew my focus and attention. When Ken was naked in the shower getting ice cubes up his ass, I got no impression of the size of his erect cock. I now had an unobstructed and lengthy view of his entire cock in its fully erect state. And that view confirmed that Ken’s cock is bigger than average. His cock would fill a woman’s pussy quite nicely. If that woman liked his personality then she could have a marvelous time with Ken. I now understood why Marie had as strong an orgasm as she did. She did indeed have the shit fucked out of her and she enjoyed it immensely.

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