My Daughters Best Friend 2. Teen Sex Stories



I hope this chapter holds up to first.

I was fucking Selina again, we were fucking hard with our bodies pounding together filling the room with loud slapping sounds, my moans and Selina’s groans of pain and pleasure.

“Yes, make me your slut daddy.” Selina says pitching her voice to sound like my daughter, Clarissa, on the last word.

I don’t speak but just keep pounding into her, slamming balls deep and pulling almost completely out with each thrust.

“Fuck my whore pussy daddy.” The voice of the girl below me has changed and so has her appearance. It’s no longer the dark haired and tan skinned curvy beauty of Selina below me but the tiny blonde haired and blue eyed form of my daughter.

I don’t stop fucking her even if the body below me looks like my daughter, I’m sure it’s not her. The sounds she is making, the feeling of her small body beneath me and the tight grip of her hot wet pussy make up my mind, I don’t care if it is my daughter or not I’m going to fuck her and I’m going to make her cum again and again.

“Yes daddy, I’m going to cum.” Clarissa screams thrusting her hips up to meet mine.

“Yes baby cum for daddy.” I groan trying to up the speed and ferocity with which I’m fucking her.

Her back arches and she groans loudly, I feel her pussy start to contract around my cock and I feel my own orgasm quickly approaching.

“Oh fuck.” I groan right on the edge of blowing my load.

I moan and slam balls deep and just as I’m about to orgasm spraying a huge load of cum deep inside my daughters tight wet pussy, I wake up.

My mind is hazy as I wake up with the dream images of Clarissa beneath me her face contorted in pleasure as I fuck her hard bringing her to orgasm, I think about how much she looks like her mom had at that age. As I wake up I slowly become aware of a sensation I haven’t felt for a long time, a mouth around my cock. I look down the bed and see Selina on her hands and knees between my legs with my cock in her mouth.

“Good morning.” I manage to say before moaning loudly as her tongue runs around my cock while I’m still in her mouth. A moment later she takes my cock from her mouth and looks up at me with a big wide smile.

“Morning.” She chirps looking pleased with herself, “Clarissa’s in the shower so I thought I would wake you up properly.” She tells me before lowering her mouth back to my cock.

Her mouth is magical and I’m sure she has done this before because she is way too good at this for it to be her first time but even if it was her enthusiasm would more than make up for it. The way she is sucking my cock is almost as hot as the actual action itself, it’s like there is no place she would rather be than right here with my cock in her mouth.

I watch in amazement as this gorgeous tan skinned teen looks up at me and then while holding eye contact starts to lower her head onto my cock, lower and lower until there is nothing left, I can feel her throat vibrate as she moans softly around my cock.

“Turn around. Bring that delicious pussy here.” I order her when she comes up to breathe after my cock had been in her throat.

She instantly complies and turns around crawling backwards up my body giving me a perfect view of her ass and tight wet pussy. I don’t hesitate and as soon as her pussy is above my face I attack, I wrap my arms around her hips and pull her down to me, I lick and suck on her pussy like it’s the end of the world. Selina writhes on top of me as I focus in on her clit, sucking and licking it as she takes my cock back into her mouth.

The sounds of her moans and slurping on my cock fills the room and combine with my own moans and slurping noises as I furiously eat her pussy.

“Oh fuck yes, don’t stop.” Selina moans taking my cock out of her mouth for a moment before quickly stuffing it back inside her mouth.

I can tell that she is close to an orgasm so I focus completely on her clit, licking and sucking on it while she pushes and grinds her hips against my face. Her legs clamp hard around the side of my face and my cock falls from her mouth as her orgasm hits her, I can feel the exact moment her orgasm subsides because her body stops vibrating on top of me.

“Now time for you to cum.” She says repositioning herself so she is once again on her hands and knees between my legs.

She takes my cock back into her mouth and starts to give me the best blowjob of my life, I’m pretty certain that this isn’t the first time she has had a cock in her mouth. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t her first blowjob, I’ve seen the effects she has on men of all ages and she obviously enjoys sex.

“I’m close.” I tell her giving her enough time to move away in case she doesn’t want my cum in her mouth.

“Give me your cum, I want to eat all of your tasty cum daddy.” She tells me taking my cock out of her mouth for a moment so she can speak before putting it straight back in.

Part of me hates it when she calls me daddy because that’s what Clarissa has always called me and it makes me think of Clarissa as the one doing these things with me, but another darker perverse side of me loves it for the exact same reasons.

I groan loudly as Selina takes my cock all the way down her throat right as I cum. I moan loudly as I spray rope after rope of cum down her throat.

I sit up, pull Selina up my body and kiss her hard, she practically melts against me and I wrap my arms around her naked body. I really enjoy the feel of her bare body pressed against mine, a guy could get used to the feel of such a beautiful teens body against them.

“That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” I tell her giving her a quick kiss.

“Thank you.” She says nuzzling against her head against my neck.

“Clarissa wants to spend the day in the pool again.” She tells me lightly trailing her fingers down my side, “I want to spend the day in here though, with your cock in all of my holes.” She adds before gently nibbling on my earlobe.

I like the sound of her idea I wouldn’t mind staying here in my bedroom all day fucking every one of Selina’s holes and bringing her to orgasm over and over again until she can’t take anymore and begs for me to stop. I would love to spend the day in here but I wouldn’t know how to explain to Clarissa that I was going to spend the day fucking her best friends.

“I’d love to but I couldn’t explain it to Clarissa.” I tell Selina.

“Well we could always get her to join us.” She says and when I open my mouth to tell her that I wouldn’t fuck my own daughter she interrupts me, “you don’t have to fuck her, I know you don’t want to, so you could fuck me while I eat her out, or me and Clarissa could fuck while you fuck my face.”

I actually spend a minute or two thinking it over, technically I wouldn’t be touching Clarissa but it would feel weird to be fucking Selina while she licks my daughters pussy. Suddenly the images change and now Selina is the one getting her pussy licked while Clarissa is the one that I’m slamming my cock into over and over.

I shake my head trying to clear the last images from my mind, I can’t think about fucking Clarissa, she’s my daughter and it would be wrong on so many levels. But I think some sick part of me does want to fuck Clarissa.

“No, no.” I mutter, “I can’t Selina.”

I look over at Selina and I’m slightly taken aback by the look of sadness on her face. I don’t understand why does she want me to fuck Clarissa? Does Clarissa want me to fuck her? Is that why Selina wont let it go? Because she is trying to help Clarissa out and hook her up with me.

“Ok.” She says softly.

I hear the shower shut off and watch as Selina stands up and pulls the oversized T shirt she uses as pyjamas over her head. She looks around at me with what looks like a sad smile on her face.

“You need to stop lying to yourself Logan.” She says in tone way beyond her years, “she’s not your innocent little baby girl anymore.” With that parting comment Selina walks out of the room quietly closing the door behind her.

I reel from her words, they felt like an almost physical blow. ‘Lying to yourself’, ‘not your innocent baby girl anymore.’ Selina’s words swirl around my mind like a hurricane, was she right am I lying to myself? Do I actually want to fuck my precious daughter? I don’t know. I can’t think straight. Her comment about Clarissa not being innocent anymore makes me think of all boys and men out there who would do whatever they could to get into her pants. I’d had the talk with her before but did I do enough to teach her properly, after all it is a parents job to teach their children.

I shake my head trying to clear my thoughts but I can’t so I get up, pull on a pair of joggers and head towards the bathroom. I can hear the girls giggling with each other down in Clarissa’s bedroom, I wonder what they are talking about, is Selina reporting back to Clarissa, telling her about all the thinks I had done to her or are they coming up with a new way to try and get me to fuck Clarissa?

I have to stop thinking about this so I lock the bathroom door behind myself and turn on the shower. I wince as I have a cold shower trying to push away the thoughts I’m now having about my daughter.

The shower doesn’t help so when I exit the bathroom I’m a mixture of horny, annoyed and confused with two questions running through my mind. Should I fuck Clarissa? And could I fuck Clarissa?

I walk into my bedroom and see a note on my bed from the girls telling me that they’ve headed out to the pool. I decide that I’m going to join them so I throw on a pair of shorts and head down to the back garden where the girls are doing laps around the pool.

The girls spot me as I sit down at the edge of the pool and just dip my legs in, still too on edge to go for a real swim. The girls swim over and stop in front of me with one either side of me looking up at me with big smiles.

“Good morning daddy.” Clarissa says cheerfully.

“Good morning daddy.” Selina says with a cheeky wink.

“Good morning girls.” I can’t help but smile at them.

I sit for a moment before dropping into the pool and swimming laps. At some point I end up in a competition with Selina again and we try to see who can do the most laps the quickest, unlike yesterday we don’t have a judge because Clarissa is busy swimming, so when we stop we don’t actually know who did the most laps.

I tell the girls that I’m going to head inside and prepare breakfast for the three of us, I had expected them to stay in the pool relaxing but instead they follow me inside and decide to help me. The girls are actually big helps to me and breakfast is cooked in half the time it would have taken alone.

When we finish eating breakfast we head back out to the pool but not to swim, the girls want to sunbathe and I want to read some more of the book I’m currently reading.

I’m sitting closer to the pool than the girls are but I can’t take my eyes off of them in their skimpy bikinis, Selina meets my gaze and smiles at me.

“Come on, we can’t have any tan lines.” Selina laughs before taking off her bikini top and quickly leaning over to pull off Clarissa’s.

Clarissa squeals when Selina pulls off her bikini top but then they look at each other and start whispering. While they whisper my eyes are fixed on Clarissa, she is really beautiful, her breasts are perfect little things that stand perky on her chest with lovely pink nipples. If she wasn’t my daughter then I probably would have tried to fuck her already.

The girls stop whispering and start giggling to each other, Selina looks over at me and winks. Selina and Clarissa both stand up and face away from me and in a move that seems rehearsed they both simultaneously bend over and slowly pull down their bikini bottoms. They stay bent over for a moment and I get a nice view of their asses and pussies before they move back to their loungers and lie on their backs, Clarissa keeps her legs mostly closed but Selina leaves her legs open so I can see up her long legs to her beautiful pussy.

I want nothing more than to rush over there, leap onto Selina and eat her pussy before fucking her senseless, with how aroused I am right now I might even be convinced into fucking Clarissa too. They both turn over at the same moment hiding their breasts but putting their asses on display.

While both of the girls are absolutely stunning if I had to choose which one I find more attractive on a purely aesthetic level I would have to choose Clarissa, she looks so much like her mother. Plus I’m more of an ass man than a breast man and Clarissa has the most amazing ass.

After almost an hour Selina stands up still completely naked and walks towards the pool gesturing at me to follow her. I finish the page in my book, mark it and put the book down before strolling over to the pool and then slide into the pool next to Selina.

“I need you to fuck me right now.” Selina growls quietly directly into my ear before softly biting my earlobe.

I don’t reply to her but just look her in the eyes, I can see the massive amounts of lust and need in her amber eyes but I don’t think I’m comfortable doing this in front of Clarissa.

“Not with Clarissa right there.” I tell her.

“Why not? She knows everything that has happened between us.” Selina blurts out obviously without meaning to.

“When did you tell her?” I ask her.

“Right after it happened.” She tells me looking sheepish, I look at her sternly and she quickly tells me the rest, “we had talked about it and she gave me permission but with one condition.”

“What condition?” I ask her feeling a bit annoyed.

“That I try and talk you into fucking her as well.” She says quietly and looking down ashamed.

I had already thought that this was what was going on but to hear it makes me feel a little bit betrayed and angry. Without saying a word I climb out of the pool and walk towards the house.

“Logan, please, I’m sorry.” Selina hurries after me sounding like she is close to tears.

“Just give me a minute Selina.” I snap at her when she catches up to me.

I walk inside the house and not caring about getting the furniture wet I sit in one of the chairs and place my head in my hands. I had only just mentally recovered from this morning but now that Selina had told me that Clarissa wanted me to fuck her my mind was once again spinning.

“Why don’t you want to fuck me daddy?” Clarissa’s voice asks timidly from the doorway behind me.

“Am I not pretty enough? Are my tits too small? Is my ass too fat? Is my skin too pale? Why wont you fuck me?” Her voice rises in pitch and volume and becomes more frantic with each question until by the end of the last question she is in tears.

“You’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.” I tell her truthfully as I move to wipe away her tears.

“Then why wont you fuck me?” She cries moving away from my touch.

“You’re my daughter, it’s wrong.” I tell her.

“Why because society says so?” She snaps, “well society isn’t always right, slavery was once legal, was that right?” She says using one of my old arguments of legality vs morality.

“Because it’s an abuse of power and trust.” I counter her argument.

“It would be if you were trying to fuck me but you aren’t, I’m trying to fuck you.” She explains.

I don’t know what to say to her, I don’t know how to explain to her all of the reasons that this is wrong or all the ways this could go wrong with the potential to ruin our relationship as father and daughter or the potential to ruin all future relationships for her. I try explaining all this to her but she just shakes her head and then looks me in the eyes.

“Do you know what I did last night when Selina came back to my room filled with your cum?” She asks me, I shake my head and she continues, “I practically dived on her and ate her pussy furiously just to get a taste of your cum.”

Her words make my cock twitch with arousal, Selina had spoken of getting Clarissa to eat her out but I thought that it was just a way to try and convince me to bring Clarissa into my bed but now I was being told that she had actually already eaten Selina out and all just to taste my cum. I don’t know how to process everything she is telling me and all I feel right now is aroused, Clarissa takes a couple tentative steps forward towards me and sits on my lap.

I had been too focused on our argument to pay any attention to her nakedness but now I can feel her body pressed against mine, her tiny breasts against my chest and her damp pussy against my shorts and lower stomach. I’m certain that she can feel my hardening cock trapped between our stomachs.

“Please daddy, please will you fuck me.” She begs looking up at me with those big blue eyes. I sigh knowing what I’m going to do next and the consequences it could have in the future.

“Stand up.” I order her and she does although hesitantly and looking dejected with her face turned to the floor.

“Follow me.” I order her and walk out of the room I don’t check to see if she is following me as I walk through the house and up to my bedroom. I walk into my bedroom and look around to see Clarissa standing in the doorway looking nervous and a little bit scared. I walk over to her, cup her chin with one hand making her tilt her head back and look me in the eyes while my other hand softly takes one of her hands.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask her, she doesn’t speak but slowly nods her head.

I lean forward and kiss her, the kiss starts off soft and gentle but Clarissa quickly deepens the kiss and I lose any shred of self control and push her down on the bed falling on top of her quickly taking my hand from hers to hold myself up and stop myself from crushing her underneath me. She gasps when she lands on the bed but quickly recovers and a split second later we are kissing again.

I stop kissing her and start to move up off her, she tries to follow me but I place a hand on her chest and hold her down as I trail quick kisses down her body until I reach her thighs. I move my head away slightly and admire her pussy, she is completely shaven and has the most perfect little pink pussy I have ever seen.

Clarissa moans loudly as I run my tongue up her pussy, I then start to lick and suck all over her pussy as I lose myself to the unknown lust I had been feeling towards my daughter. A couple of minutes later I capture her clit in my lips and at the same time that I suck her clit into my mouth I push a finger inside of her tight wet pussy.

“Oh fuck yes daddy.” Clarissa moans as I assault her clit with my tongue and start to thrust my finger in and out of her really tight pussy.

I fuck her hard and fast with my finger as I tease her clit with my tongue and lips, loving the wet sounds from her pussy and her loud moans of pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum daddy.” Clarissa moans.

As soon as she tells me that she is about to cum I pull my finger from her pussy and then quickly reinsert it along with a second finger. The second my fingers enter her Clarissa screams, her back arches, her pussy clamps down around my fingers and her thighs tighten holding my head against her pussy.

She is still twitching and panting from the after effects of her orgasm as I move back up her body and position my cock at the entrance to her tight wet pussy. I hover over her waiting for her to fully recover from her orgasm.

“Ready for daddy’s dick baby?” I ask Clarissa when she finally recovers from her orgasm.

“Yes give me your cock daddy.” She softly and seductively.

I gently thrust forward pushing my cock inside her glad that she is so wet because otherwise I would have a hard time fitting my cock inside her tight pussy. I push my length all the way inside her and stop so she can get used to the feeling of my cock stretching her.

“Fuck me daddy, make me your little slut.” Clarissa groans looking into my eyes.

I kiss her as I start to fuck her, slowly at first with long deep strokes giving her my whole length with each thrust. Her moans and groans of pleasure are combined with pleas for me to go harder and faster, I slowly start to fuck her harder, getting harder and harder with each thrust until our bodies are slapping loudly against each other.

“Hit me.” Clarissa growls as I fuck her hard.

I look down at her not really comprehending what she had just told me to do, I stop fucking her for a moment as my head spins because of her words but a split second later I start fucking her hard again.

“Slap me daddy.” She basically orders me, “slap my tits, slap my face please.”

I slap her lightly across the face while still fucking her hard slamming my cock in and out of her tight pussy.

“Harder, hit me harder.” She growls at me looking at me wildly. I listen to her and slap her face harder knocking her head to the side, I worry that I had hit her too hard but when she looks back at me she is smiling dreamily.

“More, don’t stop.” She tells me.

With every other thrust I land a slap across her face which seems to bring her even more pleasure because every time I slap her she moans even more loudly. I start to alternate between slapping her face and slapping her tiny breasts but after a few slaps to her breasts I realise that she finds the slaps to her face more pleasurable so I stop slapping her breasts and focus on fucking her hard and slapping her face.

“Oh I’m so close daddy.” Clarissa moans loudly.

I slap her once more and focus on just fucking her harder and faster because I can feel my own orgasm welling up and I know that I’m close too.

“Choke me daddy.” She growls, “I want you to choke me when I cum and you fill me with your hot cum.”

Her words almost push me over the edge but I listen to what my daughter wants so I wrap a hand around her throat and choke her as I continue to pound into her. She smiles up at me and then her mouth opens into an O shape and her eyes roll into the back of her head, for a split second I worry because of my hand around her throat but then I feel her body start to shake and her pussy contract around my cock. I know that she is having a very powerful orgasm.

I take my hand from around her throat but keep on fucking her for about four more thrusts and then I feel my own orgasm hit me. I slam deep inside her and unload rope after rope of cum deep inside her.

I come down from my orgasm and look down on Clarissa who is still shaking in the throes of her own powerful orgasm. The realisation of what I’ve just done hits me, I’ve just filled my teenage daughters tight pussy with my cum.

I pull my rapidly softening cock out of Clarissa and clamber off of her backing away from her shocked and scared at what I’ve just done. I don’t care that I have fucked her anymore, in fact I want to do it again if she wants to as well but what is worrying me is the fact that I filled her with my cum and I don’t know if she is taking any contraceptives.

“Don’t worry, she’s on the pill, we started taking them at the same time.” Selina tells me as she walks into the room.

“She’s right daddy.” Clarissa’s voice comes from the bed sounding dreamy and breathless.

I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I’m not going to get my daughter pregnant with my incestuous seed. I then look over at Selina and see her standing there still naked with a hand between her legs and playing with her pussy.

“I knew you were a little freaky Clarissa but not like that.” Selina says with a soft laugh, “slap me daddy.” She moans imitating Clarissa.

I look over at her and see a dreamy smile on her face, I watch as she brings a hand up to her breast and starts to play with her nipples alternating between the two hard nubs while her other hand continues to stroke her pussy.

“That was so fucking hot.” She says with a soft moan.

“You were watching?” I snap annoyed with her.

“Only since she asked you to slap her.” She tells me with a smile, “I might have to get you to do the same to me.”

“If you want me to.” I tell her.

“I do want.” She walks toward me slowly, “so it’s my turn now.”

“I need some time to recover first.” I tell her as she wraps her arms around me and presses her body against mine.

“In the meantime how about I get a taste of daddy’s cum.” She says giving me a quick kiss and then looking over at Clarissa.

“Come and get it.” Clarissa laughs opening her legs.

Selina rushes over to her and plunges her head between Clarissa’s legs and I watch in amazement as Selina starts to lick and suck Clarissa’s pussy.

“Like what you see daddy?” Clarissa asks with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Have you girls done this before?” I ask breathlessly watching Selina devour her best friend and my daughters pussy.

“Mmmm, a few times.” Clarissa hums, “usually it’s the other way around though.” She tells me with a smile.

“Can you push some of daddy’s cum out?” Selina asks taking her mouth away from Clarissa’s pussy.

I watch Clarissa strain as she obviously tries to push my cum out of her pussy and into Selina’s mouth. The sight of my daughter being eaten out by this tan skinned beauty is massively erotic and I can feel my cock hardening.

“Stop.” I tell Selina as I walk over to the bed, she stops licking Clarissa’s pussy and looks up at me a little confused.

“Lie down on your back.” I order her as I grab a couple of the thick pillows, “lift up your hips.” She does as I say and when she does I slip the pillows underneath her so her hips are lifted into the air.

“I like it when you boss me around.” Selina purrs biting her bottom lip seductively.

“Remember what you said this morning?” I ask before quickly answering my own question, “you said I could fuck you while you eat out Clarissa.” I smile at Selina and the at Clarissa, “well that’s what we are going to do.”

“Yes, that sounds amazing.” Selina says looking up at me.

“Ok, baby come sit on this little sluts face.” I say to Clarissa and watch the excited look on Selina’s face grow, “I’m going to fuck you and your gonna make my baby here cum.” I order Selina and then smile at Clarissa.

“Have fun baby.” I tell Clarissa giving her a deep kiss as she positions herself above Selina’s face.

“You too daddy.” Clarissa says with a smile as she lowers herself onto Selina’s face.

I move up onto the bed and position my cock at the entrance to Selina’s wet pussy and rub it over her pussy a few times while I watch Clarissa’s face as she feels the pleasure Selina is making her feel by using her tongue. I suddenly bury the full length of my cock straight into Salina’s pussy. I hear Selina groan into Clarissa’s pussy and then like a domino effect Clarissa moans from the vibrations of Selina’s groan.

I start to fuck Selina hard and fast making the bed rock and her breasts jiggle. I lean forward over Selina’s body, reach out, pull Clarissa towards me and kiss her, she moans into my mouth and leans further into me pressing her body against me hard. I can feel her hard nipples rubbing up and down my chest as I pound into Selina.

“Oh fuck.” Clarissa groans, I can feel her almost collapse against me as her body starts to shake and an orgasm claims her.

I can feel Selina start to struggle as Clarissa’s hips and pussy cuts off her breathing, I grip Clarissa by her thighs and pull her up off of Selina’s face so that Selina can breathe again. Clarissa shudders and shakes for a moment as I hold her up but then she collapses onto the bed next to Selina. I smile down at Clarissa who is lying there with her eyes closed and panting as she recovers from her third orgasm since we had came to my bedroom.

“Slap me daddy.” Selina moans trying to imitating Clarissa.

I tear my eyes away from Clarissa and focus on Selina, I listen to her request and slap her across the face gently to see if she actually enjoys this or just doesn’t want to be shown up by her best friend, her moan tells me everything I need to know. I do the same as I had with Clarissa and alternate between slapping her face and breasts to see which she prefers and I quickly find out she is the opposite of Clarissa and prefers it when I slap her breasts instead of her face.

I hadn’t realised she had moved but suddenly Clarissa’s face is down by my crotch and her tongue is running all over Selina’s pussy and my cock, when it isn’t buried in Selina’s pussy.

“Oh my god. Fuck yeah, don’t stop.” Selina practically screams as I continue to hard fuck her and Clarissa’s tongue teases her clit.

Selina screams loudly, arches her back violently and starts to shake as an orgasm hits her. Her pussy contracts around my cock and I feel Clarissa’s tongue move from Selina’s pussy and to my balls, the mix of the two sensations is too much and it pushes me into an orgasm and I shoot a smaller load deep inside Selinas pussy.

“Holy shit, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” Selina pants minutes later when she recovers from a particularly violent orgasm.

I lie on the bed recovering from having two orgasms so close together when I feel the amazing sensation of lips and tongue on my cock but this is different than I’ve ever felt before because instead of one tongue and one set of lips there is two.

I reposition myself so I can look down my body at the two teenage mouths and tongues worshipping my flaccid cock. I watch in amazement as both Clarissa and Selina lick my cock, almost like they share one mind they change from licking my cock to kissing each other just with my cock between their lips.

“Fuck, if you two keep that up you’ll get me hard again.” I tell them with a chuckle.

“Does that mean you’ll fuck me again daddy?” Clarissa asks looking up at me with her big blue eyes before bringing her tongue back into contact with my cock.

“If I’m going to fuck you again it will be in that perfect ass of yours.” I tell her and watch her flinch at my words, “but I’m done for now, I need a real rest this time. So unless you want to please each other I think we are done for now.”

Both girls take their mouths away from my cock at the same time and look up at me with pouty faces.

“Are you sure we can’t convince you?” Selina asks leaning over and passionately kissing Clarissa.

“Unfortunately not. I think you’re the only one who wants to go again.” I tell Selina with a chuckle as Clarissa climbs up the bed and snuggles up next to me.

I wrap an arm around Clarissa as she presses herself against me and yawns deeply. I hold out my other arm to Selina who moves up the bed and cuddles up to me on my other side. I love the feel of the naked bodies of two young, beautiful girls pressed against my own body, I like the fact that I know I can fuck either one of them even more, even if one of then is my daughter. I don’t care about the fact that I’ve fucked my own daughter or plan on doing it again, and again, and again because she isn’t that little girl running around with her best friend scraping her knees anymore. No, she is now a beautiful young woman and one of my two newfound teenage lovers, along with the same best friend who she used to run around with as a girl.

“I love you baby.” I tell Clarissa giving her a quick kiss on the forehead.

“I love you too daddy.” She says looking up at me with a huge smile.

“What about me?” Selina asks and I don’t even need to look at her to know she is pouting.

“I love you as well baby.” I tell her calling her by the same name I’ve always called Clarissa and giving her a quick kiss on the forehead just like I had Clarissa moments ago. I thought it was only fair since Selina had started calling me daddy too.

“I love you too daddy.” She says with a big smile.

I pull the two girls closer to me and couldn’t help but smile and think that I had to be the luckiest man alive.

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