Mr. Henderson’s Trainee


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This story takes place in Missy’s world and involves the loved (and hated) Mr. Henderson. While this can be read as a stand-alone stroke story, it fits in Missy’s timeline after the barbecue on Day Fourteen. I hope you enjoy and if you do – let me know. I love to hear from you.

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“Grandpa?” my little girl grunted as I bent her over the sink, my cock sliding slick and deep in and out of her tight little body.

“Shut up Sandy,” I snapped and fucked her harder, her hands splayed out in front of her on the cutting board she had been chopping vegetables on. Her vegetables could wait, my cock couldn’t.

“But Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher are here and they could-“

I cut her off with a particularly deep thrust. My cock may be average in thickness, but it was long and Sandy wasn’t used to taking it so deep just yet. I loved a little pain for my sluts when I was fucking them so her soft cries as I hunched into the back of her cunt just made my cock harder.

“Let it happen baby, Grandpa needs to cum,” I said not caring that our neighbor was in the living room with his wife and mine.

The backyard gathering that Dorris and I went to yesterday made me realize my eighteen year old granddaughter Sandy needed more of my attention if I was ever going to get her to be more like Missy. That girl had quite the asshole on her. She didn’t like my cock in it, but she took it just the same, strangling the fuck out of it as she came. She had made her parents proud, that’s for sure. Soon, Sandy would make her family proud too.

A few minutes ago when I walked in to the kitchen to refill the lady’s drinks I saw her beautiful little body standing there and couldn’t resist. It’s what she was there for anyway, for me to fuck. For me to train.

In seconds I had myself pressed up against her, my hands under her tank top, squeezing and feeling her nice sized tits. She got those from her mama, full and ripe jugs for a girl her age. I knew from experience they’d grow a couple of more cup sizes before she could legally drink. God I loved her tits. Just this morning I had her riding me on the couch while I sucked and chewed on her nipples for almost an hour. Moments ago my hands were pawing at her teats, giving her nips a good pinching until she gasped.

“Gimme that cunt little girl,” I had whispered against her neck and she dutifully spread her legs apart as I held her against the counter. With a quick tug her skirt was on the ground, my pants were unbuckled and my cock was steadily pushing into her tight cunt as she squirmed in protest.

A wolf whistle from behind me brought me back to the present. I grinned, looking over my shoulder at Paul and didn’t slow my thrusts into Sandy at all.

“Damn man, you work fast,” he chuckled, taking a seat at the kitchen table to watch the show. For his benefit, and mine, I reached up and pushed her tank top up around her neck so her bouncing breasts were in full view.

“You just have to reach out take what you want man,” I laughed and grabbed a handful of tit, squeezing it roughly as my hips slapped against hers. “See?”

“No time for foreplay though, isn’t she dry? That’s gotta hurt your dick Henderson, I fucking hate that,” Paul mused as he took a sip of his beer.

I shook my head. “Nah, she knows her cunt’s got to be ready at all times,” I chuckled. “That’s what I love about young cunt Paul. After a few squeezes on her tits, her juices flow. She’s just a dirty little slut with a needy pussy.”

I slapped her ass, admiring the red handprint it left behind.

“Besides,” I continued, loving the feeling of my balls slapping against her wet cunt, “she’s still got a load of my cum in her from this morning. Isn’t that right baby girl?” I pushed her head back down when she went to lift it, no response was really required.

“You don’t use a rubber?” Paul asked, surprise in his voice. As a doctor, I knew he had concerns about inbreeding.

“No way man,” I said seriously, leaning back to enjoy watching her cunt lips stretch around my dick. “What’s the point of having a personal slut around the house if you can’t bareback her?”

“Well I just figured her being your grand-daughter and all, you wouldn’t want to risk it,” he explained.

I grunted, feeling her pussy clamp down on my cock. She was fixing to cum. “My Daddy fucked all his girls raw and I do the same.”

“She on the pill then?” he asked. “If not I can write her a pre***ion if you’d like.”

“Nah, I like keeping her all natural,” I said as she cried out softly, her mouth open wide as her body shook from an orgasm. “That’s the way now, cum right on Grandpa’s cock,” I said, holding it deep and moving my hips with hers so my cock stayed deep inside her body as it came over her in waves. “That’s a good cunt,” I praised.

“See?” I said once she was done cumming and resumed my rough pumping, wanting to unload now myself. “Her body knows what she needs. No way am I letting some pill fuck with her hormones when her body is begging for her to get fucked in the cunt for a good breeding.”

Paul nodded his head in silent agreement. “You gonna fill her up?” he asked, gesturing to my rapidly pumping cock. A man knew when another man was close.

“Fuck yea,” I said and trailed off, my balls drawing up and that tingle racing up my spine. My head tipped back and my eyes closed with the feeling. Just like my Daddy taught me, I held my dick deep inside her tight young pussy as I pulsed my hot cum into her. There was nothing better on this earth than pumping a load into a tight fertile cunt. Nothing. Unless that same cunt was also cherry of course.

I let my cock soak in her for a minute and then pulled it out with a wet plop, some of my cum immediately running down her thigh. She hadn’t moved from her position over the counter and was panting from the fuck. Sandy wasn’t the most eager cunt I’d ever trained, but she would learn to love it. When I was done with her she’d crave having her pussy filled at all times. Nothing but a bitch in heat with a wet cunt between her thighs.

I slapped her bare ass again, marking the other side and watched her titties jiggle from the impact.

“You want a go?” I asked Paul gesturing to her sloppy pussy and saw apprehension cross her face. She wasn’t used to taking strange cocks on demand yet, but she’d get there.

Paul shook his head and politely declined with a “Maybe later.”

“Cover yourself up when you’re cooking girl, I don’t want those teats of yours splattered by cooking oil,” I said as I sat down with Paul at the table. I left my softening cock hanging out of my pants though, I preferred to let it drip dry. You never knew when I might want to fuck a throat and it’s always good to get them used to the taste of pussy, even if it’s their own.

Sandy straightened her clothes and went back to chopping, stirring the onions on the burner occasionally. Paul and I chatted for a while, refilling the girl’s drinks forgotten as we debated who had caught the biggest fish the last time we went out on the lake. A few minutes later Sandy’s older brother, Xander, came into the room.

He was a big fucker. Lots of muscle on his frame with a sweet, naive disposition and a big cock that he got from his father. He loved to fuck and I sure loved watching him.

He leaned next to Sandy and started looking at her ass, not that I blamed him, she’s got a good one. He slid his hand under her skirt and Sandy stiffened immediately. A few seconds later we could hear the wet rubbing of his fingers against her bare pussy. She shuddered and tried to stay focused on her cooking tasks.

After a few moments we watched him unzip his pants and stroke his cock. She ignored him for a few moments and was just about to tell him no when I cleared my throat.

“What are you Sandy?” I asked her, my voice firm.

She turned her head looking over at me, her head bowed.

“A cunt Grandpa,” she said meekly.

“And what is a cunt for?”

Beside me, Paul grinned, knowing where this was going.

“Taking cock sir,” she replied.

“That’s right little girl,” I praised. “And what do you do when Xander wants to give you his cock?”

“I let him mount me,” she said, her shoulders hunched over in defeat.

“That’s right Sandy,” I said. “You let him fuck you like a bitch.”

“You don’t get to say no,” I said sternly.

She nodded and stepped out of her clothes. Sandy knelt in the middle of the kitchen and then got down on all fours and spread her skinny legs slightly apart. Xander immediately knelt behind her and licked her open pussy from clit to asshole. She shivered at the sensation and after a few moments he had had enough, mounting her with his larger, stronger body. I had trained the boy well.

We watched his hips make short jabs against her rear and thighs until Sandy cried out suddenly. He was in her. Just like me, he loved making cunts squeal on his cock. His hips pumped rapidly against her, driving his big prick into her pussy. Xander loved a good bitch’s pussy and Sandy had a tight one. He humped her for a bit, his body higher on her now so that we had a clear view of her open pussy taking his cock.

“Damn that’s a fine sight,” Paul muttered, taking out his thick cock to stroke. He wasn’t a big man length wise but he was thicker than a beer can. A chode the ladies called it. Paul was an OB/GYN and spent a lot of time “preparing” his patients for birth. He used his fat cock and then his fist to help stretch them out some to ease the way for the baby the week or so before they went into labor. He even offered day of service in the delivery room, using orgasms as a natural pain reliever for the mothers to be. It goes without saying that his practice was very popular.

“Ooooooh” Sandy moaned low as her thin arms tried to hold her weight and Xander’s. I stood up from the table and walked over to her, kneeling down next to her. I ran my hand down her thigh, watching his red angry cock fuck into her. Her pussy was flushed and puffy from the abuse, her bare flower coated in a mixture of his and my seed. A small amount was dripping down her inner thighs and from experience, I knew more would follow soon.

I brushed her blonde hair back from her face and then fisted it to lift her face up to mine. She was grunting softly as the beast of a man on her back continued to fuck her.

“Feel that cockhead pressing against your cervix?” I asked her.

She nodded, her eyes half closing.

“He wants to breed you,” I said matter of factly.

Her eyes widened in fear and she shook her head no frantically. She had taken his loads several times by now, but the reality of having her brother’s child scared her. This was a great teaching moment and I was going to take full advantage. I reached down and stroked her clit gently. It was swollen and hard under my fingertips. Just like I thought.

“How does your pussy feel?” I asked her.

She moaned and panted out “So, good.”

“That’s right,” I nodded. “Your cunt knows what it wants. It’s your brain that’s scared, your pussy knows just what you need.”

“Please,” she pleaded, I don’t know what for. We both knew what was going to happen.

“What are you?” I ask her again, sternly.

“A, ugh, cunt,” she grunts.

“So think with this!” I said, grabbing her meaty wet pussy mound and squeezing it. “Not with this!” I yanked her hair, shaking her head before letting it drop. She nodded slightly and stayed quiet.

Silently Paul and I watched as she arched her back and spread her knees wider, letting Xander fuck her deeper. My eyes were glued to his heavy balls banging against her cunt, his cock brutally pounding into her now. With strangled cries from Sandy, Xander fucked his bitch. After a few short thrusts to get it locked in where he wanted it, Xander settled and began seeding her, his burning hot cum flooding her young pussy.

“You feel that?” I gritted out, lifting her face again to stare into her glassy, watery eyes.

She nodded, dazed by her pleasure and pain.

“That’s what you’re for,” I said harshly.

I reached down to pinch her clit, tugging it slightly until her body shook and she convulsed into a huge orgasm.

“Look at her buck!” Paul said from the table, wildly jerking his cock now. I smiled back at him.

“You need your cunt full of cock, dripping with seed all the time,” I murmured in her ear softly now. “Doesn’t it feel good to be fucked like that?”

She whimpered as I pinched her clit again, I could feel it pulsing.

“This is what your purpose is,” I whispered in her ear. “To be bred.”

She shuddered and came again, barely holding herself up as she remained connected to Xander.

“Oooo!” came from the doorway. “We were wondering what was keeping you boys in here!”

“Melinda dear this is Sandy and Xander, two of our younger grandkids. Their parents dropped them off a few days ago to be with us this summer to train,” my wife Dorris explained.

“Oh yes, I can see that!” she giggled and sat next to her husband, taking over jerking his fat cock with her delicate hands. “How long has she been fucking?”

“Three weeks now,” my wife said. “She’s come a long way for sure.”

“I’m so jealous of your grandson Dorris,” Melinda went on to say, watching as I stroked Sandy’s mound.

“Isn’t he amazing?” Dorris said excited, and sat down at the table as well. “He’s got the most wonderful cock!” she said sighing.

“Well there’s not much to see of it,” Paul smirked. “Whatever he’s packing is buried deep in Sandy’s twat.”

Dorris laughed as I stroked Sandy’s limp, damp hair, her body shivering now as she came down from her orgasms, her body twitching as she felt Xander still pulsing dribbles of cum into her.

“How big is he Dorris?” Melinda asked eagerly.

My wife of many years was turned on by the scene before her. It didn’t surprise me, give her a couple of cocks to fuck and she was content for the day. She and Xander were very close, daily. We watched as she leaned back in her chair and pulled her dress up around her waist, her fingers spreading her pussy lips apart so we could see her clit. She took a moment to let us just gaze at it, the little exhibitionist hussy, and then licked her fingers to give herself a good rub.

“He’s nine and a half inches Mel and nice and thick, plus he cums like a geyser. Ugh,” she grunted, dipping two fingers into her hole, “his cock is huge.”

“Oh my,” Melinda sighed. “I’d be scared to take something that big.”

We could hear wet sounds now coming from Dorris’ pussy as she played with herself. “It definitely took me a while to take him comfortably, and even now there’s a twinge of pain. But that just makes it even more delicious don’t you think?”

Melinda nodded reluctantly, “I mean, I guess. I’ve been fucked by larger cocks of course, I mean everyone has now a days, but nothing that big.”

“Melinda, you’re married to a gyno, does he play with your cervix?”

Melinda blushed beet red and looked at her husband adoringly. “Why, yes, he does.”

“And you like it?”

“Oh yes, very much,” she sighed, clearly recalling some very hot moments with her husband.

“Well if you fuck Xander the tip of his cock will pound your cervix,” my wife shared.

“Really?! That’s fascinating!” Melinda said, her hands gripping her husband’s cock tightly.

“Absolutely, it’s how big cocks make sure they fully seed their partner,” Dorris explained. “It feels fucking amazing if you like that hard deep fuck.”

“Oh I can imagine,” Melinda said longingly. “Honey, can you open me up tonight before we fuck?”

“Of course baby, don’t you have time scheduled at the gym tomorrow though? I don’t want you to be so sore again you can’t walk,” he chuckled and rested his forehead against hers. “Remember how deep I fingered it last time?”

“You can finger fuck her cervix?” I asked, surprised. I had ticked my fair share of cervixes before, but never fully fingered one.

He nodded. “It’s a new cutting edge procedure in reproduction therapy. We dilate the cervix before a breeding. It’s had some amazingly great results. It can be painful for some, but those that don’t mind the edge can have cervical orgasms from it as well. Melly here loves being as open as possible don’t you baby?”

They grinned at each other like lovesick teens and I laughed.

“You should let Xander here fuck you then, you’d love his cock,” I offered, running my hand over his back as he caught his breath on top of a Sandy.

“I might just have to,” Melinda replied.

Xander shifted and Sandy cried out in surprise. He started to pull out his cock until it came free from her pussy as she shuddered in pain and pleasure. She stayed on her hands and knees, gasping through the sensations, her hole gaping obscenely wide as it gushed his cum.

Xander stood, letting his cock drip and leaned against the kitchen counter.

“Holy shit he’s huge Dorris!” Melinda said shocked.

My wife just nodded and continued to rub her clit. “Told you,” she said breathlessly.

Paul stood up from the table, his wife’s hands dropping from his fat cock. Without bothering to ask permission he knelt behind Sandy and quickly plugged her leaking hole with his fat dick. He grunted and started fucking her with short, shallow thrusts. Her mouth hung open wide in shock.

“Grandpa!” she cried, trying to get up and away from the cock invading her body.

“Shhh,” I soothed and stroked her hair, holding her in place as he rutted into her. “That’s a good cunt.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this little dirty story, hopefully you enjoyed it. Over the years my writing has improved and my mind just got dirtier. If you’d like to read more of my work, head over to and let me know what you think!

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