Mom’s lockdown fun with my friends



This is the story of my mom getting fucked hard by my friends at the time of lockdown.

Hi this is Vijay and am 22 years old and am from kerala and we mom dad and my sister were in family.My dad is in abroad working in Rig and my mom is a housewife.Sister is studying bds in delhi.Me and mom live together in our house.Am doing my BE mechanical engineering at a private college.Telling about my mom she is a typical mallu women.Her name is Velamma and she is 40 years old.She is so fair in complexion and 5’4 feet height and her long hair is so good to see.She looks like 30’s and she had good physique her boobs are so huge in size round and big like a watermelo.She does all the house works and farm works too and she is super fit.Her sexy waist have some curves at both sides and her fatty ass giggles when she walks aroun.Her sizes are 36-38-46 and her melons are 36dd sized huge ones.She normally wears white saree of kerala tradition and some times costly silks when she goes out.She wears chudithar too sometimes and at home she wears nightie mostly and she dont wear bras.The men around our place usually flirt with her a lot .Neighbour uncles,shopkeepers,vendors and dad’s friends too.Even boys of my age.She have limit for them.She wears transparent saree mostly and her huge cleavage will be visible for peoples who see her.She flaunts her sexy navel some times and it will be treat for the horny men around our home.

I am nerdy guy of type and i dnt have much friends.But i have few 4 friends and they stay in hostel.That was at time of corona pandemic and lock down was intense for 15 days.I was struck at banglore due to project works and my friends were stuck at hostel.They havent aware of lockdown and they were sort of food.So I told them to stay at my home which was near by few kms from hostel.As the hostel was closed as per rules.I told mom about this and although she is helping type women she agreed.And they all vacated their rooms and came to my house.

They reached my house and hit the calling bell and they have a surprise for them today, Mom was wearing a white nightie and she opened the door.All the four of them was seeing her first time and they were amazed to see such a hot maal and too my mom.Her huge elevation over her chest was seen and her pink lips and blue eyes made them go crazy.She welcomed them and they went inside the house.she walked in front and they enjoyed the sight of her huge fatty ass and they were imagining how big it is.She told them to use my room in the upstairs and she went to kitchen.

About my friends one among them was Babu and others are Suman,Ajmal,Saurab.We all will chat lot about sex and porn movies and they share their experience with their gfs and they had fun with call girls and prostitues too.Babu was from village and he shares his sex tales with the aunties in village and he is milf lover had fucked many aunties he know how to seduce them and make them his fantasies.Mom told them to use the toilet of my room my sist room,her room and dads room.All of them went to freshen up and Babu went to moms bathroom and when he entered the room he saw her bras and panties were in the bed and he started to smell them and her heavenly smell made him go mad and he saw her hige cup bra and he started to imagine the size of her melons and he went inside the bathroom and he found her smell everywhere and he started to mastrubate in imagination of moms hot body.

Then he hit the shower and dressed up came out and the others too came and mom asked them to eat the lunch and she started to serve them food.While serving she bent over and her nightie came down a bit and her huge cleavge was visible to them and they all have seen it and have a hard on.Though they all have dirty imagination they didn’t showed to each thus being my mom.They enjoyed a delicious kerala type rice and chicken and they saw some super view of her huge cleavage.While others are enjoying the view but Babu had other ideas and she wanted to seduce her and fuck her.But he was eager to see her hot body before.After meals everyone went to my room take some rest.But Babu was downstairs and he was watching tv.Now mom started to clean up the room and now she rolled up her nightie upto her thigh and now Babu could see her sexy legs and her milky thighs too and he got erosed and now she bend over and her huge melons was bulging out and he could see them ligtly and she doesnt see that Babu has an eye on her melons and she showed her beauty nd this made him hard on.Babu wanted to jack it now urgents before he explodes and he went into her bathroom and started to fuck her imaginary.He wanted to see her hot body and he now had a plan he placed his mobile in the bathroom ventilation and started the video camera and he came out and now he saw mom was inside the room and he was shocked to see her she was wearing the inskirt barely covering her boobs and he could see her huge bulging melons and big cleavage and he told him hey Babu did u used the room and he said yess aunty and she told him i gona take bath.And now she entered the room and he went out and started to watch tv.

Hi this is the continuation of the first part of story.Babu was watching tv in the hall and he was eagerly waiting for mom to come out of bathroom so that he can see her beauty then in the recorded video of her bath.She cane after 1 hr of bathing and now mom wore a white coloured nightie and she didnt wore bras and she was wearing a robe over her head and now she came inside the hall and now she removed the robe and her hairs are so long and is wet.She bent over and started to rub the hairs.When she bent over Babu watched her huge cleavge and he had a hard on watching her huge melons and now he enjoyed the full view of her huge tits and he badly wanted to suck them well and good.Now he went inside the bathroom and he took the mobile phone and still the video was recording and he stopped it and saved it.Now he went to gallery and opened the video and his heart was pumping very rapidly and he was so eager to see the video.Mom was entering the bathroom and she closed the door and now she removed her nightie and her sexy waist and huge boobs are barely visible and now she was wearing a black bra and now she unbuttoned the bra hooks and now her 36g melons popped out of bra and was free now it was so huge and big like a watermelon and her areola is so dark and bigger round of dark circle around it and her nipples are so dark and are erect and it was big like a grapes.Seeing this babu has a very hard on and he started to stroke his cock and now mom removed her skirt and her sexy milky thighs was so sexy to see and her sexy fatty navel was so beauty and it was curvy.Now she was wearing a pink panty and now she removed it too and she was full naked now and Babu was so aroused seeing my mom naked and he was seeing the most beautiful maal ever he have seen.She looked like a sex godess and now she removed the hair band the long hair fall down and she was so beautiful to see.Her pussy was so pinkish and it was clean and shaved and her ass was so huge and fatty and it need to be spanked so hard.

Now she opened the shower and started to take bath and her body was so wet and seeing them all Babu was so mad and he was shouting ahhhhhhhhhhha and he cummed a huge load of cum and he had a feel of pleasure and he cleaned his cock.Now he continued the video and now mom applied soap all over the body and she cleaned her boobies and her armpits with scrubs and now she applied soap to the pussy and she started to finger her pussy and she was moan ahhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhh and she was so much horny and seeing this Babu was amazed and he had other plans now and he wanted to fuck her so badly tonight and make her his fantasy for the rest of all days in lockdown.He assumed that mom was aching for a good fuck and she needs a good cock to satisfy her sex urges and she badly wanted to be fucked hard.

At evening mom prepared coffee for everyone and they had and she gave snacks to them all and Babu was ogling at her body and he was tearing her clothes with his eyes.And he was imagining how to fuck this hot maal tonight and after some time every boys went outside for a walk but Babu told them that he was tired and he would help mom for dinner.They all went out and now mom asked Babu why he havent went with them and he told no aunty i wanted to help you and mom smiled at him and told no need Babu i will manage it and she went to the kitchen and Babu was watching tv.And at night she prepared chapathis and chicken gravy for them all and they all enjo the delicious meal from mom.

After some time the boys went to the room and Babu too went along with them and he was so confused what to do to fuck mom.He was afraid of the boys too what if they caught him and what if i get to know about this.But he badly wanted to fuck her.And it was 12 pm and the boys were still chatting with their gfs and Babu was not and he wad thinking an idea to fuck mom tonight.And after some minutes every one started to sleep and now Babu wants to see mom now and he went into her room slowly and he peeped through the key hole and mom was lying in her bed with legs spread and she was shouting ahhhhhhhhh aooooooohhhhhhh and she was squeezing her melons too and she is inserting her finger into her pussy and seeing this Babu was so happy and this is the correct time to fuck her as the oven is so hot to make cake.

He slowly opened the door and he went inside her room and he was so happy to see her sexy thighs and she was moaning like a slut and now he came near her and she didnt noticed it and taking it as adavantage Babu sat near her in bed slowly and placed his arms over her breasts and started to press it slowly and mon was enjoying it and she responded it slowly and she opened her eyes and she was shocked to see Babu near her and she suddenly woke from bed and asked Babu what are doing inside my room you idiot and Babu had smile over his face and he told her that he went to kitchen to drink water and he heared some one moaning inside your room so he came inside and now Babu told mom that aunty why are u suffering alone you are so beautiful and your body is aching for good fuck and you need to get fucked good and why dont i satisfy ur urges and hearing this mom was shocked hey what are u telling what if the boys caught us and am like your mom and how can it possible and am married too and its impossible.Babu smiled at her and told i know how ur feeling and now you want to be fucked badly.So better use this chance wisely and you can really enjoy this with me.This will a secret between us.

Mom thought for a while and then she said ok to him and Babu was amazed thay she is gone fuck this hot maal now.He started to kiss her forehead and mom got erosed by the kiss of him and now he kissed her cheeks and now sucked her pink lips and sucked it so good and sucked her honey.He bite her lips and kissed so forcefully and she cant breathe for sometime.Now he sucked her ear and licked her neck and started to bite her neck mom was enjoying a lot and she was so aroused by his act.Now he removed her nightie and now mom was wearing a white bra and her hige melons were visible in front of him and he squeed it so hard and he removed her bra hooks very fast and her huge melons jumped out and now he started to suck her nipples and he squeezed her melons like a squeezer and she was enjoying it a lot and she was moaning with lot of pleasure ahhhhhhhhhshshshshsshshsshshhs he went on sucking both her melons and he bite her dark nipples and he manhandled both her melons.Now he kissed her belly and removed her skirt he could see her milky white thighs and he kissed it and now he remvoed her panties and he could see her beautiful pink pussy all wet and ripen to be get fucked well and good.

Now mom was naked infront of Babu and he was shocked to see the whole beauty of mom ans he told her that she was the most beautiful women he had ever seen and mom started to smile at him.Now I want to tell about Babu.He was little tanned but good looking and not so muscular but strong body as he worksout regularly and he maintained some physique to make milfs and girls ho crazy for him.Now he removed his tshirt and mom could see his hairy chest and now he removed his pants and mom could see a huge bulge over his shorts and now he removed his shorts too and mom was shocked to see his huge thick cock 9 inches long and so thick like a black rod.Now both were naked and he started to come near her and mom had an eye over his cock and now he made her to kneel down and he stood over the bed and he stroked his cock near her face and he told her to suck it and fuck and now mom started to stroke his cock and the soft hands on his cock made him so he wild and now she removed the foreskin and started to suck it like a ice cream.Now like a pro slut she took his cock inside her mouth and gave a nice blowjob and he controlled not to cum in and now he made her lie over the bed and he came near her thighs and went near her pussy and the smell of the pussy made him wild and he started to lick her pussy so well and mom was enjoying a lot like a whore and he started to eate her pussy with his mouth and he bite her clit and she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooo loudly He inserted his finger inside her pussyyyy hole and she was breathing heavy this tym and she rubbed his head and she moaned ahhahahahahaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooand she cummed over his face and its so hot and tasty he licked her pussy juices and now the oven is ready for cooking.

Now he came up and jumped over her and he smiled at her and told aunty you gone enjoy this for your whole life and he soaked his huge cock into her pink pussy and mom was gasped as her hole became tight as it havent get fucked for many years.He slowly entered her pussy and started to fuck her now he sucked her big boobs and bite her nipples.She was enjoying a lot and she closed her eyes and hugged him so tightly and he went on digging her pussy so deep and good and slowly he increased the thrusts and he went on a full rhythm as her pussy juices are flowing it maked her pussyyyy well lubricated and maked easy for his cock to go so deep and he hit the gspot so many times and he fucked her in full speed now her melons were jumping here and there like bells.Now he made her to sit over his cock and ride in cowboy position and he started to suck her boobs so well and his cock hit the spot so many times and he was about to cum now and he made her missionary position and now he plowed so hard and his cock just teared her pussy so hard and she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssshhahhh loudly.Now after 30 min of hard fuck his body was shaking a lot and now he kissed all over her face and she also sarted to moan louder this time and both orgasmed same time and he dropped a huge load of cum inside her pussy and her pussy is loaded with lot of sticky cum.Her pussy is dripping lot of cum and now he kissed her and both smooched for sometime.

After some minutes of smooching he got second wind and got a hard on and now he made her suck his cock well for some time and she fucked like a pro slut and after some time he fucked her in standing position for sometime and he really nailed her pussy so well that his cock went so deep into her pussy.After sometime of fucking hard he toom her in his arms and ploughed her very hard she was shouting ahhhhhhhoooooooooossssss with lot of pleasure.Now after some time he made her doggy position and started to band her pussy so hard and he spanked her ass so hardly her melons were runnig here and there like a pendulum and he bite her back and he fucked her so hard now.Her pussy juices were flowing a lot.After a 45 min of hard fuck in various positions he was about to cum and now he Inserted his cock into her asshole and ot was so tight and barely she got fucked there so its so tight and only half of his cock went in and now he is about to cum and he made her kneel down and suck his cock and he released a huge load of cum into her mouth and she drank it like a slut.

Babu fucked her so many till morning and she get fucked so well and good in all holes and she was lying naked with cum all over her boobs face asshole and pussy.In morning Babu took mom to shower and both cleaned up each and he fucked her again in tub and shower for a quick fuck.Mom was so satisfied and she dressed up and came to do breakfas.Babu somehow went to the room and the boys were still sleeping and he pretended to be sleepy he also laid over the bed.The boys went for a outing and now Babu refused to come with them as get a chance to fuck mom.They all went out and Babu went to kitchen and mom was wearing a yellow nightie and he came behind her and he pulled her bene down and her inserted hic cock into her pussy and he ploughed her so hard and his cock just banged her pussy so well and he squeezed her melons and he pulled her hairs and went on fucking and now he was about to cum and he made her to kneel and gave his cum to her and she drank it and now he started to unbutton her top and he pulled her melons out and sucked it so well like a hungry child.And now both were on the floor and now mom sat over his lap and she ride over his cock and he sucked her melons so well.

The boys went to the near by shop and they smoked cigarettes and had a tea and they were walking around and now Ajmal started to tell about vela aunty is so hot and what a fuckable maal she is.Wow if i het a chance to fuck her.Now suman told yes dude had a great pair of boobs and sexy ass and need to nail it so hard.Saurab told them what if our friend find to know about this.Now Ajmal told him that yes but am damn sure that aunty is aching for a good fuck but she is an orthodox so it wont be happening for us dudes.Meanwhile Babu is making mom her slut and he went on pumping her and squeezing and sucking her boobies.Mom told him that to make cum faster so that both get caught in this pose.And now he made her missionary position and ploughed her so hard and he released his cum into her pussy and he kissed her and both corrected their dresses.Babu came to the hall and now the boys arrived inside the room.Mom asked them to have their breakfast and all of them had it.Later after the lunch mom went for shower and Babu too foll her and fucked her in the shower and after dinner all of them went to sleep and after theu slept he went to moms room and he fucked her whole night.This continued for 2 weeks and Babu was fucking mom secretly and both enjoying a lot.One day night when all were sleeping Babu came to mom room and started to fuck her and Now on a sudden Ajmal woke from sleep and he found Babu was not there and he roamed around and he was searching for Babu and he heared some moaning sound near the kitchen and when he crossed mom room he heared the sound getting louder and he peeped through the key hole and he was shocked to see Babu was fucking mom so harder and now he got angry and he suddenly opened the door and aksed U mother fucker Babu what are u doing here.He had a big eye over moms huge melons were naked and now they both caught redhanded.

Now Ajmal had other plans well why i cant fuck her from now as you are fucking her and why not me.And now Ajmal was having a smile over his face and he removed his shirts and Ajmal was well built and muscular among all the boys and he had a toned body and now he removed his pants too and mom now noticed a huge bulge over his boxer and now he removed it and mom was shocked to see his cock which is 11 inches long like a horse penis and is so huge and bigger than Babu cock.Hey aunty how is my cock u will definitely like it so well when i make ur pussy sore.Now he came near her and started to kiss her lips and he bite her neck so forcefully and he bite her pink lips and now he started to squeeze her big melons and he told wow aunty you have some epic tits and he started to suck it and he bite her nipples so well and he sucked both boobs so eagerly and he told her it was so amazing and now he made her kneel and take his huge cock in her soft mouth and mom took his huge cock in her soft hands and it was so big and he had circumcision an so it was so nice to see it and he sucked it like a pro and he plucked her tuft of hair and he started to grunt ahhhhhhh in pleasure and now he started to fuck in her throat and she was gagged by this huge cock and she was suffocated and After some time he took out his cock and now mom had a sense of releif.

Now he smiled at her and made her lay over bed and came near her thighs and now he started to lick and suck her pussy and he bite her clit and mom was moaning ahhhhooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssssssand he inserted a finger inside her pussy and he started to eate her pussy so well and good and mom was enjoying it and after few min she orgasmed in his face and now he smiled at her and told her get ready aunty my cock gona plough your pussy till it get sore and now he made her lay over bed and came near her and inserted his huge dick in her pussy and mom was feeling something bigger into her pussy and now he started to fuck her slowly and his cock went sliding easily into her pussy as it was so wet and his cock went so deep into her pussy he slowly increased the speed of his thrusts and he is so powerful than Babu.His cock went so deeep and he pounded so well and good and mom pussy was dripping a lot of secretion and it made things easy for his cock and now he is in full swing and with full power he fucked her so well and faster and her melons were jumping and down and is uncontroallable and he went on kissing her lips and sucking her nipples.

After some time he made her doggy position and started to fuck her so hard the speed of his thrusts were felt by mom over her belly as hot over the lower belly region and her melons were hanging like a bell.He spanked her ass so hard and slapped her ass and told i need to het punished my slutty milf tell me that i need spanked hard and she told that and now he was about to cum and now he inserted his cock into her assholes and it was well worked up by Babu and yet his cock is bigger than the hole and Ajmal somehow managed to insert his dick into her assholes and banhed hard only half of his cock went in and now he was about to cum and now he made her kneel and she sucked his cock and he released a hige load of thick cum in her mouth and she drank it like a slut.Though after a huge oragasm his cock is still hard and now he started to fuck her in upright position for sometime and then he took her in her arms and fucked her so hard against the wall and he fucked her like a animal.After sometime he made her to ride over his cock and he sucked and manhandled her melons so well and her pussy is dripping lot of cum And after 40 min he made her missionary position and pounded her so hard and she was moaning and screaming like a slut in lot of pleasure and she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhsssssssshhshshshsooooooooooolloudly and both orgasmed same time amd he kissed her vigorously all over her face and tits.After some rest he started to fuck her in doggy style and pounded her so hard Babu was watching all these scenes as he was stroking his cock.

After some time he released his cum inside her pussy and he started to kiss her all over face.After that both Ajmal and Babu started to fuck her as tag team both stuffed and pounded her holes with their huge cocks mom was sanveged between both of them and they fucked her nut of it.They continued fucking till morning.Mom pussy and assholes were ripen by them.Then Babu went to room and Ajmal took mom to shower and they both cleaned and he fucked her once again and he shoot his cum into her pussyyyy and both dressed up and he came out.As usual she prepared food and saurab and suman dont know about their secrets.Both Babu and Ajmal fucked her whenever they get a chance and Ajmal just enjoyed fucking her in shower and this continued for a few days.

Suman and saurab had known something is fishy about mom and Ajmal as they watched both of them came from kitchen many times and both go for bath same time.One evening Babu suman saurab went out and now Ajmal was fucking mom in the hall itself and mom was fully naked and he was fucking in cowboy position and both are enjoying a lot.Suman and saurab had kept the purse in the room and they told Babu to stay there and they will return shortly and they came inside an they was totally shocked to see mom was nude and was riding Ajmal cock and they both entered the hall and shouted at them what the fuck is going on here and they both enjoyed the nude body of mom and she Went on riding his cock so well and now Ajmal told them hey budyy just chill dudes and come and join the party and fuck this hot maal and she is our slut from now and they now had a joy and they removed their shirts and pants and the both have good cocks too on have 7 inches and other had 6 inch and they came near her and they both sucked and squeezed her melons so hard and they bite her nipples and now suman inserted his dick in her ass and saurab came near her mouth and they fucked her all holes one by one bu taking turns and they now called Babu to come to home and he too came and shocked to see them in party and he too joined the party and the four of them fucked her for 2 hrs very hard and nailed her holes They went on fucking her by taking turns and they ordered food and they fucked her solo or as dp or all of them in a stretch.

Each have their turns and they fucked her whole day and night as fun. Mom was fully naked everyday and they fucked her like a animal and banged her so hard.They stayed in home for almost 6 mon and they enjoyed fucking her a lot.After 6 mon i came. Home and at that time they cant able to fuck her.They reached their home now but they cant forget mom and she too had a great fuck of her life from them.May be they may come back and make fun with her after lockdown endsss…

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